5 Best Weed Grinder For Bowls And Blunts In 2024

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Indeed, the cannabis industry has boomed exponentially within the past few years. The general public has started gaining huge interest in cannabis after the softening of federal and state laws for its usage. Such an overwhelming boost in cannabis usage paved the way for the development and progression of everything related to cannabis.

The weed grinder is among these popular items. These grinders make weed grinding quick, hassle-free, and efficient. Nowadays, numerous companies are making various types of weed grinders varying based on the material type, size, mesh screen, and compartments.

The vast collection of weed grinders makes it challenging to choose the best. Here we have picked the best weed grinders available in the market with varying qualities.

Check out the highlighting features of these weed grinders and pick the one you like the most.

Top 5 Weed Grinder For 2023

  1. Booglass Reeling Glow In The Dark Grinder : Overall Best Weed Grinder

  2. Booglass Classic Wooden Herb Grinder : Best Easy-To-Use Weed Grinder

  3. TokePlanet GRAV 3-Piece Grinder : Best Pro Level Grinder

  4. Marley Natural Wood Grinder : Best Large Grinder

  5. Santa Cruz Shredder Large 3-Piece Herb Grinder : Best Small Grinder

1. Booglass Reeling Glow In The Dark Grinder – Overall Best Weed Grinder

Booglass Reeling Glow has added fun, funk, and colors to the cannabis industry with its attractive and vibrant products. You can expect something unusual and out of the box while maintaining high standards and premium quality from Booglass.

The best feature of this brand is that it keeps experimenting and launching new products. This Reeling Glow in the Dark weed grinder is an excellent product from Booglass. As the name indicates, this weed grinder gleams in the shade, making it an interesting product to flaunt before your friends at nighttime gatherings.


Unique Prints: The most highlighting feature of this weed grinder is its unique pattern. For instance, the skull’s print all over the outer surface looks cool and interesting.

Easy-to-Grind Lever: The manufacturers have added an easy-to-use lever on the lid. This feature makes the grinding process quick and hassle-free.

Equally-Distributed Teeth: The diamond-shaped teeth are equally distributed throughout the grinder’s surface, ensuring maximum efficiency.


    • Lights up in the dark
    • Attractive patterns on the outer surface
    • Fine mesh screen to collect fluffy grind
    • Premium quality material
    • Easy to carry around


    • Not suitable for people looking for plain weed grinders

=> Click here to visit the official website of Booglass Reeling Glow In The Dark Grinder

2. Booglass Classic Wooden Herb Grinder – Best Easy-To-Use Weed Grinder

This herb grinder is another attractive gem from Booglass’s collection of grinders.


Sharp Metal Teeth: Booglass Classic wooden herb grinder best-selling feature is its sharp metal teeth. The manufacturers have made a separate metallic plate with these teeth, ensuring the best quality and maximum grinding efficiency.

Fine Quality Materials: Booglass has used first-grade wood and metal to manufacture this excellent product. You can wipe, scrub, or wash this grinder with water without worrying about losing the quality.

Metallic Inner Rim: The interior of this grinder contains metallic rims that not only look great but also improve the product’s finesse


    • Premium quality manufacturing material
    • Durable interior and exterior
    • Metallic teeth guarantee an efficient grinding process
    • Looks chic and classy
    • Great for grinding herbs


    • Slippery surface
    • Nothing to hold the grinder in place

=> Click here to visit the official website of Booglass Classic Wooden Herb Grinder

3. GRAV 3-Piece Grinder – Best Pro Level Grinder 

GRAV 3-Piece Grinder is among the most prestigious and reputable brands for manufacturing premium instruments used for cannabis. This brand produces high-quality products that are top-class in design, precision, and efficiency. Some best-selling cannabis instruments available at GRAV are round base water pipes, classic sherlock, medium upright bubblers, and weed grinders.

This 3-piece grinder depicts the high standard and premium quality GRAV is famous for. The best-selling feature of this best weed grinder is its affordable pricing without compromising the quality.

This weed grinder is convenient to hold and easy to use. The length of the weed grinder is 1.25″ with two compartments. The first compartment of the weed grinder catches the ground cannabis bud, and the second compartment collects the pollen. If you wish to have finely powdered weed, choose this GRAV 3-piece weed grinder.


Aesthetically Appealing: GRAV 3-piece weed grinder is the best grinder for people looking for an aesthetically pleasing product with maximum efficiency. The manufacturers have used CNC aluminum material to make this product.

Unlike cheaper grinders, this grinder features a luxurious and shinier upper surface. The glossy appearance of this weed grinder also offers discretion. Hence, you can flaunt it in public without worrying about weird looks.

Sharp Teeth and Holes: The upper compartment of this 3-piece weed grinder features fifteen sharp teeth. And the second compartment of the weed grinder has six teeth positioned at an alternate place than the upper compartment’s teeth. The alternate positioning of teeth maximizes the efficiency of the grinding process.

Curved Edges: This weed grinder has curved edges on both exterior and interior parts that fit perfectly with each other.


    • Manufactured using CNC aluminum
    • The upper chamber contains fifteen sharp teeth
    • Perfectly spaced teeth prevent clogging
    • Comes with a premium aluminum scraping tool
    • Available in various beautiful colors with shiny finishing


    • A bit difficult to operate for people with large hands
    • Does not come with a screen

=> Click here to visit the official website of GRAV 3-Piece Grinder

4. Marley Natural Wood Grinder – Best Large Grinder

Marley Natural is a trustworthy American cannabis brand founded by Bob Marley. This brand has beautifully combined nature’s treasure with mankind’s creativity. You can observe the sophistication, class, and authenticity of all cannabis products available at Marley Natural.

This brand offers pure and premium cannabis products, including whole cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, and cbd vape cartridges. In addition to the high-quality natural products, Marley Natural exhibits weed accessories to make your smoking and vaping experience more lavish and soothing. Some most significant weed accessories include a walnut rolling tray, smoked glass bubbler, and crystal ashtray.

The wood grinder by Marley Natural is among the top-selling products at the brand. This 4-piece wood grinder looks classy and appealing and functions amazingly well. Marley Natural is the only grinder in this list made with walnut wood.


Black Walnut: Marley Natural wood grinder is made using black walnut wood. This wood is among the world’s most popular and premium-quality woods. The manufacturers have further improved the aesthetic appeal of this wood grinder by adding finishing touches to the product. This wood grinder has a smooth mat surface that looks classy.

Diamond-shaped Teeth: Marley Natural wood grinder has diamond-shaped sharp teeth, equally distributed through the grinding area. The diamond-shaped teeth guarantee maximum grinding of the cannabis bud until fine grind collects in the compartment.

Durable: The manufacturers have chosen premium-quality wood to make this product, ensuring maximum durability of the wood grinder.


    • Efficient grinding process
    • Durable wood material
    • Looks stylish and beautiful to carry around
    • Separate compartment to collect kief
    • Easy to clean


    • Expensive compared to other grinders
    • Grinding compartment becomes gummy quickly

=> Click here to visit the official website of Marley Natural Wood Grinder

5. Santa Cruz Shredder Large 3-Piece Herb Grinder – Best Small Grinder

Santa Cruz primarily manufactures premium weed shredders. The brand has patented its sharp tooth design, ensuring the best grinding process only possible from the Santa Cruz shredders.


Premium Build Quality: Santa Cruz is famous for producing thoughtfully-designed and masterfully-engineered designs in the industry. This herb grinder’s first and middle chambers connect through small holes, easing the passing of ground herbs or weeds. Then the second and the third chambers have a mesh screen in between. The bottom compartment is deep, allowing the easy scooping of the ground product.

Smooth Operation: This herb grinder is easy to hold and seamless to operate. You will not need extra effort to grind herbs or cannabis flowers.

Square Teeth: One of the most highlighting features of the Santa Cruz shredder is its unique and distinguishing teeth. This shredder has square teeth that offer more mechanical power for efficient grinding.


    • Features an anodized aluminum body
    • The company offers a lifetime warranty
    • Textured surface offers a firm grip
    • Available in eleven brilliant colors
    • Easy to use


    • Generic design
    • Does not have a kief chamber

=> Click here to visit the official website of Santa Cruz Shredder Large 3-Piece Herb Grinder

How We Selected The Best Weed Grinders?

The cannabis market offers an exponential number of different types of weed grinders. All weed grinders seem to offer premium quality and get things done efficiently. However, many low-quality weed grinders are available at some brands that do not offer premium grinding services.

Our team analyzed various weed grinders on strict criteria to enlist the best products. We checked different weed grinders following crucial factors.

What To Look For In Good Quality Weed Grinders?

    • Brand’s Reputation: The first thing we checked when choosing the best quality weed grinders was the brand’s reputation and reliability. Though numerous brands offer weed grinders, not all offer the best products. Reputable and prestigious companies offer guaranteed best products.
    • Size and Material: Generally, weed grinders vary based on the manufacturing material and their diameter. The most common manufacturing materials are plastic, wood, and metal.

Plastic weed grinders are the cheapest and have low quality. Therefore, we picked the wood and metal weed grinders. The metallic and wood weed grinders offer the best grinding performance with sharp metal teeth; they last longer than the plastic ones.

    • Grinding Performance: The most crucial factor when choosing the best weed grinders is checking the grinder’s grinding performance. Indeed, the quality and efficacy of the grinding depend on the sharpness, shape, and quality of the grinder’s teeth.

The brands manufacture grinders with differently shaped teeth. However, we chose the weed grinders having pyramid or diamond-shaped teeth as they offer the most efficient grinding process.

    • Affordability: The quality and price go hand in hand. Typically, the higher the price, the better weed grinder quality you will get. Generally, the minimum price for a good quality weed grinder is around $40 and can go as high as $170.

We have picked multiple premium-quality weed grinders in both expensive and affordable ranges.

    • Customers’ Feedback: The best method to find out the authenticity and the quality of any product is reading what the previous customers have to say about that. Therefore, we went through the customer reviews of each weed grinder; and picked the ones that have earned positive customer feedback.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Weed Grinders

    • Size

You may find differently-sized weed grinders in the market. If you wish to grind large quantities of weed buds, go with a large-sized weed grinder with about  3 inches or bigger diameter. However, if you are a solo smoker, or have a small group of people, choose a small-sized weed grinder with 2.5 inches diameter.

    • Material

Generally, you will find three types of weed grinders in the market based on the material, wood, metal, and plastic. All these weed grinders work fine. However, the metal weed grinder offers the best quality, better weed grinding efficiency, and lasts long. Simultaneously, the metal weed grinder is the most expensive one. The plastic grinders are the cheapest and have the lowest quality.

We advise you to choose metal grinders for their premium quality and durability, regardless of the expansive price tag. Many people prefer wood weed grinders for their elegant and classy look. The wood weed grinders have sharp metal teeth and offer comparatively better durability than plastic ones.

    • Teeth

The grinding teeth of a cannabis grinder are among the crucial things to check before making a purchase. You must check the teeth’s number and their equal distribution throughout the grinder’s diameter.

Typically, the higher the number of teeth, the better grinding performance they’ll offer. However, you won’t get finely ground weed if the teeth are haphazardly distributed. On average, a weed grinder with a 2.5-inch diameter should have thirty to forty sharp teeth.

Additionally, look at the teeth’s shape. Pyramid or diamond-shaped teeth offer the best grinding performance.

    • Compartments

The weed grinders also vary based on the number of pieces or the compartments. You can find two-piece, three-piece, and four-piece weed grinders at various brands. The two-piece grinder has one compartment collecting both the ground and unground fluffy cannabis buds.

If you wish to separate the ground cannabis from the unground, choose the three-piece weed grinder. The four-piece weed grinder has three compartments. This additional compartment collects the pollen or kief.

All these grinders do a fine job of grinding weed. However, if you do not wish to collect the kief separately, choose the two-piece or three-piece weed grinders and buy the best weed online for a great smoking experience.

    • Mesh Screen

The mesh screen separates the ground cannabis bud from the kief. This mesh screen is available in the four-piece weed grinder only. The quality of mesh screens is assessed based on the threads per inch. Typically, this number varies from forty to one hundred.

Medium-quality weed grinders have mesh screens with forty to sixty threads per inch. However, if you wish to get fine and well-sifted cannabis, choose the premium quality grinder with eighty to one-hundred threads per inch.

    • Manual Or Electric

Most people use manual weed grinders. You only need to twist your hands a few times to ground the cannabis buds in the hand grinders, and you get the fine product. However, the boom of technology has also touched this little device.

The electric weed grinders reduce your time and effort in the weed grinding process. So, if you wish to get things done quickly and can go over budget, you should choose an electric grinder.

FAQs On Best Weed Grinders

Is A Metal Grinder Better Than A Wooden Or Plastic Weed Grinder?

Wood and metal grinders are better than plastic grinders. Plastic grinders have low quality and do not last long. Most people prefer metal grinders over wood grinders as they are less expensive than the others. We also prefer metal grinders for their quality and efficiency.

Is An Electric Weed Grinder Good To Use?

Yes, electric grinders can be highly beneficial for people who wish to use less manual force. The electric grinders offer a seamless, effortless, and efficient grinding process. However, the final ground cannabis product will be the same from both weed grinders.

What’s The Best Way To Store My Weed Grinder?

You can store the weed grinder at any dry place after thoroughly cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol. Avoid keeping the wood or metal grinder in damp places. The moisture in the air can negatively affect the quality of the material.

How Often Should I Clean My Grinder?

Proper cleaning of your weed grinder after using it a few times is essential. The ground cannabis buds remain stuck around the weed grinder’s wall, causing a hindrance in rotation. Consecutive cleaning will improve the weed grinder’s grinding performance.

Can I Grind Other Materials With A Weed Grinder?

Yes, you can grind herbs, spices, and other similar materials in your weed grinder. Many people use their herb or weed grinders to grind black pepper, garlic, and leaves. However, cleaning the weed grinder after grinding these materials is advisable.

Conclusion: Which Weed Grinder Is Best?

There you go! We hope you have found this read helpful and informative for your shopping spree for the best weed grinders. Indeed, the availability of an expansive collection of weed grinders seems overwhelming, making it difficult to choose the best product.

This extensive range of weed grinders varies based on the manufacturing materials, number of pieces, number and shape of teeth, and pricing. Analyzing all these qualities is a time-consuming task. Therefore, we have cut short the overwhelming range of weed grinders to the five best ones.

All these grinders offer a premium grinding process, are easy to use, and have maximum durability.

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