38 Best Weed Games For Parties (2022)

Nikhil Goswami

Weed games are a great way to enjoy a couple of joints while playing exciting and creative games with your stoner buddies. If you are a marijuana user, you know that smoking it with friends can make some of the best memories.  People who have a high tolerance for weed find it far more relaxing to engage in the weed games. On the other hand, some people might turn down the weed games because they do not feel comfortable playing or are just beginners. Hence, we chose weed games that both beginners and experienced users can enjoy. You can elevate your next marijuana experience to new levels with weed games. All in all, it is also an activity that smokers can enjoy together, which is an excellent source of connection among friends. People who smoke tend to slow down, relax, and become more open to sharing.

The Best Weed Games To Play: 

Before giving you some ideas for the weed games, we recommend staying cautious with this kind of risky game. Use caution as you light up, especially when getting stoned for the first time. Everyone reacts differently to weed, and being unprepared can put you at risk of feeling strange, sick, or unwell. Also, make sure not to drive after drinking alcohol or smoking weed. Stay safe and be prepared. Have a safety plan for getting home and a backup CBD product to control THC intoxication. One way is to use a breathalyzer to gauge your intoxication level. You can play the following weed-related games at your next gathering:

Ash Bomber

Ash Bomber is one of the most popular social stoner games played with people brought together by the shared love of cannabis. If you have never smoked weed before, Ash Bomber can be an intimidating experience. The first time you play, you might feel overwhelmed or lose control of yourself. You might feel a little uncomfortable, but once you get used to the feeling, you will be able to concentrate much more easily. The game usually involves a lot of laughter and raucous cheering and includes many of the same elements as other stoner games, such as rolling, joint-rolling, and pool-rolling.  To play this game, first, you must ensure you have all the supplies. The supplies include a cup, a rubber band, tissue paper, a penny, and a rolled joint. First, you have to cover the cup with the tissue paper securing the rim with the rubber band. Next, you have to place the penny on top of the paper and light the joint. Each player must consume a few puffs of smoke, burn a hole through the tissue paper and exhale.  The player who causes the penny to fall to the ground is considered the loser. The loser is given two options: roll another joint to play again or take on the punishment imposed by the other participants.


To pay tribute to the great marijuana lover Bob Marley, weed enthusiasts created the game Jammin’. This game is simple, but everyone has to roll a separate joint. Put on the legendary song, Jammin’ Bob Marley and The Wailer, and take a hit every time he says “Jammin’.” In this game, the goal is the same – to get as high as possible before the song is over – but instead of easing out after a Jammin’, you have to keep going, keep hitting. You are literally jamming to Jammin’. The players would then compete with others to see who could score the highest.  You will need to be comfortable with how to count your hits and keep up with the beat. You will also need to be comfortable vocalizing lyrics to the music to cover the backing vocals if necessary. Many people are unaware of Marley’s role in popular music culture. They will be surprised to learn that the legendary reggae icon was a lifelong stoner who cherished the psychedelic experience. His popular hit, “Jammin’,” is a testament to his love of the high.


The mythical beast from Greece, Medusa, was usually depicted as a woman with a serpent tail, wings, and snakes for hair. As Athena’s punishment, anyone who looks at her becomes petrified or turns to stone. The snake hair would have been a nightmare to tame. The wings are equally terrifying. They are so large that they would have prevented the creature from flying.  To begin this game, all the players sit in a circle around a table. Each player prepares their joint and turns their heads down to their feet. Then three players look at each other while others keep their eyes shut. If you accidentally look at someone and meet their eyes, you must shout ” Medusa!” and take a hit. Once a person is stoned, they will stay that way until the game ends. The game carries on until each player gets stoned.


This one is similar to Traffic Lights but is more fun with a large number of players. To play Taxi, all the players gather in a circle. As a rule, the smaller the circle, the better chances to win. The first player hits the joint or bond and passes it to the next player, holding the smoke as long as possible. You must hold the hit until the joint or bong comes back to you. The person who fails to keep it loses the game. It is why only a handful of people can handle the Taxi game for long, so plan accordingly.  It can become even more hectic when four or more players are playing or if you suck at holding your breath. Using a small amount of weed is best and not getting your whole stash all at once. The game can be endless and is definitely not for the beginner. Its addictive nature may mean you should wait a while before going through the process again.

Weed Jenga

Weed Jenga is just like the traditional Jenga. Players take turns moving their Jenga pieces one at a time. The simple rule is to set the blocks one at a time, working your way up or down in difficulty level. When you have the blocks set up, get your marker, write the rules on the blocks and get those Jenga blocks ready to go. You have to be creative while writing the rules like “take three hits,” etc. When a player pulls the block, they must do what was written in it. You must keep a balance of strength and have a good eye to be able to support the frame with the Jenga blocks.

Bong Pong

In the 1990s, the introduction of “table-top” beer pong for kids was a hot new trend. Their game included table-top cups of beer, flip-flops, and a ping-pong ball. The game was straightforward as cups were laid out in a row on the table, filling the cups with water, and the players simply had to knock them over using a semi-spherical object, usually a ping-pong ball. The Bong Pong has its roots back to the classic Beer Pong. It is an appropriate introduction to cannabis for beginners. The game is simple enough: throw a ping-pong ball so that it bounces back and hits a target. The player who lands the ball into the cup takes a hit. In the case of Beer Pong, the winner takes a shot of a drink instead of the bud. The winner can also change the rule and make the opponent take a hit instead.

Never Have I Ever

This lively game gives the players a platform to publicly express their experiences while adding cannabis to it. As with the old game, in this version, the players will have to make statements that begin with “Never have I ever” about their experiences. For example, you will hear someone say, “Never have I ever been in handcuffs.” All participants who have done the action will take a hit, and the game continues. Like any classic game, it is up to the players to challenge each other to a “weed war,” which can lead to some fantastic arguments. This one will require a lot of thought and perhaps more examples than the old game had. In this case, each player tries to out-weed the opposing player by offering the most bizarre statements. The challenge is fair since no one will not be bogarted with the joint at some point during the game.

Video Games

There is nowhere better than getting high and hanging out with your friends. It brings back memories of childhood, of getting stoned with friends, and the ensuing good feelings. Select the game of choice- Fortnite, Mario Kart, or Super Smash Bros. The one who wins, in the end, gets to enjoy the hit.  However, you must be cautious and set the pace so everyone can enjoy the games and the blunts. Also, make sure you do not give it all at once since you could miss out on many cognitive activities under the influence of a cannabis high.

Obstacle Course

You can adjust the difficulty of the obstacles as much as you like. Try not to make it too dangerous to cause an injury. All you have to do is create obstacles in your living room, backyard, or any other space you prefer. You can use any item on hand to create various obstacle courses. Make use of blankets, chairs, water bottles, etc. You have to use your imagination and create your own obstacle courses. The fastest one to reach the end can enjoy the weed items they grabbed while going through the course.

Last Man Standing

This one is as chaotic as it sounds. As the name suggests, this is not suitable for weak stoners. This game is suitable for only heavy hitters out there. It is more fun when a large number of players are involved. The players who quit smoking will be the losers of the game. The game continues until no one takes another joint or bong. If you want to play a mild game version, you set a duration of about half an hour between the smokes to give everyone time to recover. Even then, some players will try to escape. This game is better played at the end when everyone has settled or has mellowed down.

Hours of Power

This game is similar to the drinking game in which you have to take a shot of beer for a whole hour. The power hour involves random songs which are played in small intervals. When the song changes, you have to take a hit. This weed variant gets more chaotic when you have to take a hit every sixty seconds for an hour straight. With that said, this game is not for beginners.

Wasted Places

This game is similar to the band name game, but in this game, you have to name the continent or country where cannabis is legal. This game is for cannabis enthusiasts who are passionate about cannabis legalization. When one person names a continent, country, or city, the next person has to give the name of another place (continent or country) that begins with the last letter of the previous place. The one who messes up will take the toke. 

Straight Face

The name speaks for itself: do not smile, or you will be in trouble. Straight Face is the best game for first-time players. If you have been smoking weed for some time, you know it is hard not to smile or keep a straight face when the high is just right. The goal of the game is clear from the name itself. Get everyone high enough where it becomes impossible not to smile. The one who gets caught smiling will face the penalties. Choose a penalty that you think is fair, e.g., make a prank call, wear unusual clothes, post something funny on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Traffic Lights

The Traffic Lights game requires you to increase the number of hits one at a time when your turn comes. You also must hold the smoke inside until it is your turn again. The one who holds it in longer is obviously OG in the weed games. It is a thrilling game that encourages its players to stay alert and involved and provides them with the ability to keep playing even as they sense they are close to “hitting bottom.” This game will need a lot of strength and discipline, especially if you know what you are getting into.

Band Name Game

This one is similar to the Film Name game except for the musical element. Players can name one musician, band, singer, or musical performer in each round. Then, the second player will name a musician or group whose name’s the first letter that matches the last letter of the previous name. For example, if the first player said Led Zeppelin, the second player could say Nirvana, and the third player could say Aerosmith. Once a player fails to utter a single name, they have to take a toke. You can change these game rules by naming football teams, actors, countries, celebrities, etc. 


Blunts is a great variant of the classic basketball game, Horse, strengthening your sportsmanship. Needless to say, you lose the game when you miss the first six shots. You have to spell out each letter of the word “blunts” for every shot you miss. 

Running Man

Can you think of a game that combines the fun of weed with the exercise of winning races? The only way to find out is to play a game that keeps you active and on your toes. It is a perfect outdoor weed game to play outside with your friends. Form a line with the members and take a deep hit as much as possible. Then, everyone races towards the target point as fast as possible. You can decide if the loser or the winner takes another hit.

Push-up Challenge

The good old push-up challenge. Another one after Blunts and Running Man, which involves getting physical. To play, take a big hit, hold it inside and do as many push-ups as possible. Whoever does the most push-ups while holding the smoke in is the winner.

Seven Tokes to Infinity

The Seven Tokes to Infinity game might feel like Seven Minutes in Heaven. In this game, each player has its own seven bowls packed full of weed. It becomes a challenge for each person to finish all the seven bowls in one hit. Not only that but to get through smoking all the seven bowls of weeds without choking. Hence, to make the game more tolerable, you can change the game to maybe five tokes or four tokes.

The Wheel Of Weeds

If you enjoy creating art and crafts games to play with your friends, then the wheel of weed is for you. Be creative in making The Wheel of Weeds with whatever materials you may have, and label each part with different tasks. The tasks include taking two hits, passing the toke to the right, truth or dare, spinning again, etc. Your friends can take turns in spinning and performing the task. You can decide the number of rounds or play until all weed is consumed.

Strip Choker

This game is just like Strip Poker but with getting stoned. Everyone has to take a hit simultaneously and hold it in as long as possible. The first person who exhales has to remove an article of their clothing. Note that this game requires everyone to own their weed supply, so prepare accordingly.

Nug Hunt

Nug Hunt is the weed version of the Easter Egg game where instead of eggs full of chocolate and money, we search for eggs full of weed. Enjoy the fun activity with your friends and hide the buds, a few joints, and bongs all over your place. You get to keep and enjoy whatever you grab in the hunt.

High Card

Keep up with the card games; High Card is one of the weed games you will enjoy with friends. First, you have to shuffle a full deck of cards thoroughly. Then, place one card face down in front of each player. The game continues by adding another round of cards on top of the original, and each player has to guess whether the card number is lower or higher than the original card. If you guess them correctly, you are the winner who gets to take a toke. 


This game is almost the same as the Blackjack game with weed as the reward. It creates a good combination of weed and money. Everyone plays the game of Blackjack, but instead of money, players get the tokes or the entire stash.

Film Name Game

The first person names a film that randomly comes into his mind. The next person has to name a film that starts with the last letter of the previous film’s name. When a person fails to name a film, they get to take a toke. 

Stoned Musical Chairs

The Stoned Musical Chairs is inspired from a joyful children’s game, except this one is reserved for weed smokers only. To relive your childhood memories, play the game just like the traditional one, but those who take the chair will have to take a hit.

Name That Tune

The Name That Tune game is a fun variant of the popular name games. Each player has to play a song of their choice to the entire group. The more difficult, the better because those who cannot guess will take a toke. However, if two or more players can guess the name right, the song player has to take a hit. 

Mentioning Marijuana

Mentioning Marijuana is as simple as it sounds. You have to take a toke whenever someone mentions marijuana, weed, or grass. You will find plenty of opportunities to get stoned when you have fun with your stoner pals.

One Word Story

This game is a good example of how you can use weed to accentuate a performance or create a unique creative atmosphere. Each person has to speak a word that forms and completes the whole group’s story. Also, the next word has to make grammatical and logical sense. You have to take a hit if you do something that does not add clarity to the story. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors

A classic game that is good for large groups, but two or three people are also enough. In larger groups, it will take time to get to one on one. In the end, the opponents will throw their choice of rock, paper, or scissors; the winner will take a puff. This fun weed game is perfect for playing anytime and anywhere.

Smokin’ Dice

Smokin’ Dice is a great way to get high while the dice rolls. Buy your favorite Smokin’ Dice set, pack a bowl full of weed and get ready to roll. The four different dice combinations have different tasks written, such as taking a puff and start singing or taking two tokes and start spinning in a circle. Enjoy the high, and then do as many tasks as you can until you run out of weed.

Movie Time

The Movie Time game is made for those who want to stay on the couch while getting high. First, choose a movie and then make a rule about taking a hit every time something is said or happens in the movie. You do not have to choose only stoner movies. You can pick horror, where you have to smoke weed whenever you see a ghost. Or, choose an action movie and take a puff every time some fight scene erupts.

Ghost That Hit

This game holds the same elements as Traffic Lights or Taxi. Except this one is reserved for those who have great lung capacities. As with the last two games, this is best to play in larger groups; everyone should gather in a circle. In Taxi, you have to hold your breath until it is your turn. In this game, you must keep the game going until only one person is left standing.

Truth Or Toke

If you are a fan of Truth or Dare, this will be easy for you. Gather your friends in a circle and take turns asking questions to the person sitting on the left. The person decides whether they want to answer the question or take a hit from the bong.


Cannagories are the cannabis version of the game Categories in which you have to name the members of a certain category. For example, movies that start with S, singers, actors, Harry Potter characters, etc. You can choose a broad category to increase the difficulty level. The participants also have to give an answer that begins with the last letter of the previous answer. The first person who misses takes a hit. The second takes a double hit. When two people miss, the next person changes the category and starts over.


It is yet another game for those with a high weed tolerance. When you are in a circle of four or five players, one person shouts “Chicago,” and everyone starts the game. Each player must take a hit and hold it inside until the bong returns to you. This game carries on until everyone quits or passes out of intoxication. Thus, Chicago is a fun but also risky game to play.

Rolling Competition

It is time to find out who is the king of joint rolling in your friend group. Two players are playing against each other; each player has the same amount of weed and rolling paper. When the announcer gives the signal, the rivals roll the joint as fast as possible. The first person to finish joint rolling is the winner. The winner gets the weed or any other prize you decide. You can make the game more interesting by dividing the tournaments into joint and blunt rolling. Referees are encouraged to find ways to make it more interesting by using timers, using different tools, or choosing the best sober or tipsy roller.


You will need at least four players to play this fun game. You can choose common words like “pot,” “weed,” and “joint” to play the Buzzwords game. Also, you can use pronouns like I, me, and my as buzzwords. The player caught using one of these words must take a hit. 

Conclusion – Would You Enjoy These Weed Games?

Weed or drinking games can be a great way to spend time with friends, but you must choose them wisely. Moreover, it is a great way to bond and get to know new faces. It is important to use common sense when playing these games. For example, start with a small amount of weed and gradually increase the amount as you become more comfortable with the game. Because marijuana affects people differently, it is difficult to predict how someone will react to it.  Weed smoking games can also be a gateway to other, more risky drugs. Remember to drink plenty of water and take enough breaks between the hits. If the group has several newcomers, choose more appropriate games so everyone can enjoy a more memorable time. By trying some of the games listed above, you can experience the enhanced enjoyment that comes with using weed in a group setting. You can even get creative and come up with your own weed-smoking game. Creating a contest around your interests and making it fun gives you a new opportunity to connect and get to know your friends and family. It can be as simple as a word game, a scavenger hunt for weed items, or as detailed as a maze. If you feel like having some crazy fun, go ahead and try the more daring and fun weed games on this list.  

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