Best Ways To Clean A Bong – Tips To Properly Clean Your Bong

best ways to clean a bong

So much about the cannabis industry has changed in the last few years. Local laws are changing nowadays in favor of legalizing marijuana. As its legal status changes, using cannabis no longer carries the kind of stigma it used to. Using bongs is one of the most popular ways to enjoy smoking weed. People are recently purchasing best bongs for party purposes. In many ways, bongs are a healthier way to smoke a joint while bypassing some of the health implications that come with smoking your weed as a joint.

However, bongs could present a health hazard if they are not properly cleaned. Using a water pipe, whether as a newbie or old-timer, it’s important to keep your bong in good working order. Not only will your weed taste more flavorful, but you’ll also reduce your chances of experiencing unpleasant effects. Regular maintenance is key to increasing your weed experience and avoiding health issues. Thus, knowing when and how to clean your bong is essential. 

What’s the Best Time to Clean Your Bong?

Cleaning your bong often will not only improve your smoking experience but could also severely reduce your risks of developing respiratory issues caused by mold or bacteria. How often you wash your bong might also depend on how much you use it. Some experts recommend washing your bong once a week or more often.

However, to play safe, make a habit of washing your bong after every use. When the resin from your cannabis accumulates in your bong, it creates a gooey residue inside it. Cleaning a bong after each use reduces the chances of all the resin and gunk building up. When you notice a ring forming at the line of your bong water, then it’s time to give it a deep wash. Also, if you notice debris floating on top of purified water you just added to the bong, that’s another sign your bong needs a deep clean. This debris could be resin, weed, or other residues. Ignoring it and using the bong anyway could lead to serious health issues down the road.

Generally, the color of the water in your bong should be the first indicator of when it’s time for a clean. If your bong water appears dark after replacing it, you’re way behind on your bong cleaning schedule. Many bong users use the device for its water filtration. Thus, if the water filtering your weed is contaminated, you inhale potentially harmful substances. Thus, it’s in your best interest to become obsessive about cleaning your precious bong. If possible, throw out the water after each use and clean the bong.

How To Clean a Bong In Less Than 3 Minutes?

Cleaning a bong does not necessarily require any fancy solvents and equipment. With some common household items, you could have your bong looking brand new in just a few minutes. A simple mixture of the right alcohol product and salt will do wonders for your bong, and have it in the perfect condition for your next session.

To start the cleaning process, dissemble the bong as much as you can. Make sure to remove the bowl, stem, and any other removable part. The bowl and stem are the parts of your bong that holds your cannabis. Try not to get any water in the bowl during the process. You’ll need rubbing alcohol like isopropyl alcohol as a cleaning agent and some coarse salt as an abrasive.

Firstly, dispose of the old water inside your bong. Remember that this water is full of resin, so you should be mindful of how you dispose of it. If possible, avoid pouring it down the drain. It’s best to throw it outside, in a sealed container or trash bag. Note that it’s not a good idea to use dirty bong water to water any plants. It could form mold or bacteria that can be harmful to your plants.

Next, pour 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol into the bong. After it settles, add salt to the alcohol in the bong. For this, you can use a coarse salt like Epsom salt or rock salt. Even though the alcohol is enough to clean the bong well, the salt helps to scrub off any residue from the walls of your device. Then, thoroughly shake your device for five to ten minutes. Ensure that this part of the process is carried out in your sink or with your bong in a zip lock bag or trash bag.

Consider wearing disposable gloves before undertaking this process. After shaking the bong vigorously, wash with dish soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water. You can also replicate this process using vinegar and rice. You will also find some commercial bong cleaners on the market. However, depending on their ingredients, they may not be the most earth-conscious choices. Without these fancy products, coarse salt and alcohol will do a great job cleaning your device.

Best Cleaner For Bongs

All you need to wash your bong will probably be sitting in your pantry or other parts of your home. Or, you could get these at a supply store near you. We included some DIY options to make your salt and alcohol mixture on our list. We also included store-bought bong cleaning solutions.

  • Higher Standards ISO Pure 99%  Isopropyl Alcohol

This isopropyl alcohol is great for washing your bong thoroughly. It’s preferable to 91% alcohol as it is more effective for killing bacteria. This concentrated rubbing alcohol is if you use a glass bong. This product is specially formulated to break down tough residues on glass bongs, allowing for an elevated smoking experience. The formula quickly evaporates after cleaning, leaving no moisture on the surface of your bong. The manufacturers also state that it is ideal for cleaning silicone bongs. To use this product, simply pour it into your bong, add some salt, and shake as we described earlier.

  • Member’s Mark 91% Isopropyl Alcohol

In the absence of a 99% Isopropyl alcohol solution, you can opt for a 91%. It’s just as effective if you follow the necessary steps. For better effectiveness, you’d need to soak the bong parts in the solution for longer.

  • Higher Standards Salt Rox

These coarse rock salt granules were specifically formulated to remove buildup from your bong’s hard-to-reach areas. The salt acts as a mild abrasive that, in conjunction with an isopropyl alcohol solution, is effective in removing tough gunk and stains.

  • Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner

This bong cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable, and ideal for cleaning glass bongs. The product tagline is “No soaking. No scrubbing. No waiting”. Based on user reviews, this pipe cleaner from Formula 420 seems to be the ultimate all-in-one cleaner. This easy-to-use cleaner is specially made to clean bongs in under a minute. This solution also does not leave any residue or aftertaste. To use this product, just pour, shake and rinse, and your bong will be good as new.

  • Organic Chlorine- and Plastic-Free Organic Cotton Swabs

You’ll need q-tips for areas such as the bowl or other equipment parts to clean your bong properly. These cotton swabs from Organyc are free from chlorine, dyes, wood pulp, and fragrance. These swabs are soft enough to do the job and strong enough not to fall apart when wet. They are also super absorbent and biodegradable.

  • Public Goods Dish Soap

Experts recommend using regular dishwashing liquid when cleaning your bong. This biodegradable dish soap from public goods is plant-based. It’s made with bacteria-fighting agents that are tough on grime and gentle on your skin.

  • LA’s Totally Awesome  Cleaning Vinegar

In the place of alcohol and salt, you could use vinegar to wash your bong. This white vinegar from LA’s Totally Awesome is steak-free and is great for cleaning bongs. Simply pour it into your bong, add some rice and vigorously shake. Also, you can use vinegar and baking soda to clean a bong. To do this, simply fill it with vinegar and a few tablespoons of baking soda, then cover all the holes of the bong, shake and rinse with warm water.

  • Headie Eddies Glass Cleaner

This product is great if you live in an area with hard water, and it’s telling on your bong. Unlike the other cleaners on this list, this is powder-based and requires using hot water. It’s an effective product for removing hard water stains from your bong. Traditionally, users soak their bong in vinegar for days to remove these stains. However, with this glass cleaner from Headie Eddies, you’ll have those stains gone in a snap.

  • DC Clear

This powerful cleaning agent is made from all-natural ingredients. This product does not use an isopropyl alcohol base but uses plant extracts instead. It’s a great eco-friendly option to consider when cleaning your bong or pipes.

  • Orange Chronic Super Hero Bong Cleaner

This is one of the most popular bong-cleaning solutions on the market. It is versatile and works great on bongs, whether silicone, metal, rigs, and ceramic. It is an alcohol-based cleaner that doesn’t leave a bad odor or taste. Also, this cleaner is more eco-friendly than most other cleaners. If you are going for quality and consistency, then Orange is the choice. Use Orange with a mixture of hot water to remove resin buildup easily. We recommend it for daily or weekly use. However, it may not be very effective on gritty pieces.

  • Randy’s Black Label Cleaner

Randy’s Black Label is popular on the market for its effects on stubborn stains. It is a fast-acting cleaner with an acetone and alcohol base. It can take off even the toughest stains. This cleaner will make your old bong look new again. It is great for heavy-duty cleaning but may not be advisable for daily cleaning. An advantage of this cleaner is that it is fairly inexpensive for its potency. However, it is not environmentally friendly like other cleaners. Conversely, because of its acetone base, we advise you to rinse thoroughly after use and don’t do your nails.

  • Piece Water Resin Prevention

Piece Water is an all-natural water solution that prevents resin buildup. It’s to be used as an alternative to the regular water you put in your bong. It acts as a pre-cleaner and not an actual cleaner. It features a mix of all-natural minerals, fruit, and vegetable extract in a unique blend. Piece Water thus works by preventing resin formation on your bong, rig, or bubbler; this keeps it from getting dirty. Piece Water also filters particulate matter, which may help purify your smoke. Adding Piece Water to a clean bong keeps it free of resin formation. When you want to change the existing Piece Water, rinse it away from your pipe with tap water and reapply.

  • EYCE Silicone Cleaning Solution

This alcohol-free cleaner is perfect for cleaning silicone bongs and pipes. It is plant-based, non-toxic, and excellent for removing grime and buildup in your silicone bongs. It’s free from dyes and other substances that may be harmful to your silicone bongs. This top-notch cleaning solution will keep your bong clean and fresh.

  • Kryptonite Naked Klear Kryptonite

Klear Kryptonite is a natural, multi-purpose cleaner that can take care of resin buildup. It is effective on resins and oil globs. In addition, it works without leaving the cleaning chemical smell and is mild on the hands. The product is made as a thick gel, making it easy to dispense.

  • Bong Blaster Bong Cleaner

Bong Blaster is a multi-purpose cleaner that is fairly easy to use. It does not require much agitation like many other cleaners. To use, simply fill your pipe with hot water, pour in some Bong Blaster powder, and let it work. The powder and hot water cause a reaction that removes the grime and resin buildup. 

  • Straw Brush

A large straw brush or some other pipe cleaners are essential cleaning tools when you own a bong. It provides an effective and efficient means to scrub the inner crevices of your equipment.

  • If You Care Organic Unbleached CheeseCloth

This cheesecloth comes in handy if you ever have to reuse alcohol. If alcohol is hard to get in your area, you can choose to store used alcohol in a mason jar for future use. You can use the cheesecloth as a filter to remove any debris from your used alcohol. Simply secure the cloth to the top of the jar with a band and pour in the alcohol.

  • Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker

If you’ve observed stains on your bong that seem permanent, it might be due to a poor-quality product. When it all comes down to it, you might need to invest in a higher-end product for the best smoking experience. This heavy-duty beaker from Higher Standards is the perfect upgrade. Their sleek glass bongs are made from medical-grade 100% borosilicate glass. It is specially designed to preserve and deliver the best quality flavorful smoke experience for users. Clean this beautifully crafted piece with the brand’s isopropyl alcohol and Rox Salt frequently to keep your bong clean and fresh.

How to Clean a Silicone Bong?

Several bong users prefer silicone to traditional glass ones. Also, they are more durable and simpler to clean than glass ones. Here’s how to keep your silicone bongs clean:

  • Soap and Water Method

This is a basic cleaning method to keep your silicon bong clean. First, remove all the removable parts of your bong and set them aside. Then, rinse it with hot water before pouring some dish soap into it. Then, shake the bong thoroughly. If necessary, use a bottle brush to get to the hard-to-reach places of your bong. Then, rinse off with warm water and place it on a dish rack to air dry.

  • Dishwasher Method

Before using the dishwasher on your silicone bong, ensure you’ve removed all glass attachments. Then, take apart the bong and place the parts in the dishwasher. Ensure you place them on the top rack. Run the silicone bong parts through one wash cycle and remove them from the dishwasher. After removing them, give them a rinse with clean water to remove any soap residue. Then, clean the glass attachments separately.

  • Freezer Method

Freezing your silicone bong is a great way to remove built-up dirt. To use this method, first, rinse your bong and ensure there’s a coat of water on it. Then, place in the freezer for several hours. Then, take it out, and bend the silicon to dislodge frozen dirt from the sides. After taking out all the frozen gunk, you can choose to clean it further. You can choose to let it go through a wash cycle in the dishwasher or wash it with soap and water for a more thorough clean.

  • Use Specialized Cleaning Products

Even though household cleaning items are great, specialized cleaning products also do a great job cleaning your bong. Thus, you can purchase a cleaning product specially made for silicone bongs to use.

How to Clean a Latex or Acrylic Bong?

To clean a latex or an acrylic bong(also called a plastic bong), you must take extra care to avoid damage. For these kinds of bongs, alcohol could do a lot of damage to the material. Hence, it’s best only to use hot water and a straw brush or pipe cleaners.

To do this, pour hot water into the bong, rinse it, and pour it into the sink. Repeat this process until you notice that the water has become clean. There are also cleaning agents made especially for these types of bongs. Also, some companies run specialized cleaning services for bongs. All you need to do is call and arrange a pick-up of your bong and let the professionals clean it.

Tips for Having a Clean Bong

Always Take out The Old Water

Dumping out the water in your bong after every smoke session is essential. If you don’t want to see grime or gunk buildup, you must take out old water with every use; even if you can’t clean it immediately, first dump the water. However, if it’s possible, ensure to clean your bong immediately.

“Salt” Your Bong

We’ve established that salt is a great abrasive when cleaning your bong. However, some experts suggest that salt might also be helpful before your smoke session begins. It’s believed that dissolving salt in your bong water might make some harsh ingredients stick to the salt molecules and not the insides of your bong. Thus, this might lead to less residue being stuck inside your bong after every session. If you use this method, you might only need to rinse your bong after every session to keep it clean.

Alternatively, you could opt for adding fresh lemon juice to your bong water before your session. Lemon juice contains some enzymes that can help prevent resin buildup in your bong.

Keep Your Bong Away from Sunlight

Leaving stagnant water in your bong makes it susceptible to bacteria and algae formation. Don’t leave your bong sitting in the sun for prolonged periods. This can cause harmful bacteria or algae to form inside it. To slow down their formation, keep your bong away from the sun.

Use Filtered Water

To avoid unsightly marks on your bong, it’s best to always fill it with filtered water. Using unfiltered tap water can leave stains in your bong if it has high mineral content. Also, opt for Filtered water while cleaning your bong if possible. If not, ensure to use filtered water for the final rinse.

Why You Should Clean your Bong Frequently?

There are many upsides to cleaning your bong as often as you use it. Here are some benefits of cleaning your bong often.

    Taste and Flavor

Using a dirty bong can harm the flavor profile of your weed and give you a horrible experience during your bong rip. You may not know it, but your weed has a taste and flavor profile. Just like any edible thing we ingest, weed molecules interact with our taste buds to add to the complete cannabis experience.

If you use a dirty bong, the gunk and sticky resin buildup will start to give off their own taste and flavor. This will definitely disrupt every prospect of an enjoyable bong session. Thus, to enjoy the best taste of your weed, ensure to keep your bong clean at all times. The less frequently you clean your bong, the worse your weed experience will get.

    Bacteria and Mold

It only takes some hours for bacteria to start growing inside a dirty bong. Just leaving your bong overnight without dumping the water can create a breeding ground for bacteria by the next morning.

There are many reasons you shouldn’t want bacteria forming in your bong. They pose many health risks, and it’s not great to suffer from something you could have easily prevented. Dirty bongs increase the possibility of your being infected with pneumonia. Several health issues can result from inhaling mold or bacteria. Thus, to avoid them, just wash your bong often.

Social Implications

Dirty bongs are often not a pleasant sight. They are discolored and unsightly and can tell very poorly of you if you use your bong socially. Choose not to be the person that pulls out a filthy bong in public.

    Foul Smell

The smell of a dirty bong is horrible and unpleasant. If you let water sit in your bong for long without washing, it may start to smell bad. The stagnant water and gunk buildup can cause a swamp-like smell that’s foul and off-putting. To avoid this, wash your bong regularly.

Difficult Buildup

One advantage of cleaning your water pipe regularly is that you’ll save yourself from having to deep clean often. If you let residue build up over time, you could end up with hard-to-remove dirt that needs specialized tools to remove.

If resin bakes onto your bong, you’d need to use a bottle cleaner to get to it. But if you habitually clean regularly, you’d save yourself the stress of hard cleaning in the future. Which would you prefer: A few seconds of cleaning with hot water after every use or hours of trying to get your bong clean?

Conclusion: Best Ways To Clean A Bong!

When you clean a bong often and properly, it gives you a better experience and ensures your bong’s longevity. There are several ways to clean a bong. Using an alcohol and salt mixture is a popular DIY method of cleaning your bong. For these, you can use a salt and alcohol mixture or a vinegar and baking soda mixture. However, there are also several cleaning agents on the market that do the job as well.

The benefits of frequently cleaning your bongs cannot be overemphasized. Not observing frequent cleaning may result in unpleasant health problems that are avoidable. Thus, it’s best to ensure proper bong hygiene if you’re going to be at your best.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the essential things you’ll need to clean your bong. We’ve also included tips on how to keep your bong in perfect condition at all times. Whether a heavy smoker or a casual one, it’s best to clean your smoking equipment with every use. 

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