Best Wall Art For Every Budget In 2022


Plastering and painting your walls is not enough to provide you with that homey and welcoming vibe. Instead, wall art that fits your style and aesthetic takes the beauty and look of your space to a higher notch. But the problem is, where can you find the best wall art that perfectly fits and creates aesthetic beauty without costing you much?

Of course, blueprint online galleries or urban outfitters are not the only places you can find good artwork. Also, many online vendors are true gems for decorating living rooms and other spaces with wall art. But still, there is a need to separate the wheat from the chaff!

This guide will unveil where you can buy high-end yet affordable artwork crafted by famous and experienced artists. Also, if you’re still getting started with wall art, we will cover the best artwork ideas and key things you should consider while buying artwork.

Our Top Picks For The Best Wall Art 

Before we discuss our findings in detail, here is a quick overview of our online stores, where you can shop tons of custom pieces of art.

  1. ArtSugar – Overall Best, Fine Wall Art, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Redbubble – Most Recommended Brand With Accessible Prices 
  3. Artexplore -Brand With Limited Edition Prints & An Array Of Colors

#1. ArtSugar – Best Overall Fine Wall Art, Editor’s Pick 

One of the largest and most famous online marketplaces out there, ArtSugar is a true gem with numerous framed art collection options. From exceptional top-notch painters to established creators, nearly anything with fine and abstract art is present on the site.

Since the launch of ArtSugar in 2017, the company has grown globally in servicing a global audience with a curated selection of rare posters and framed prints. For instance, Violet Spark by self-motivated photographer Hanna Panchenko is one of the ArtSugar paints printed on satin paper and framed in solid wood, ready to hang. Besides, the print features a low glare of satin finish and is crafted to last longer.

But Hanna is not the only ArtSugar artist. In order to offer a wide variety of beautiful and quality wall art, the company has brought together a pool of famous and independent artists. These artists are undoubtedly experienced in their work and come from different places, ethnicities, and cultures to bring out the best of it.

Moreover, ArtSugar is your one-stop shop for buying wall art at discounted prices. In fact, the company offers exclusive rewards every time you shop from them and redeemable bonus points during special accessions such as birthdays, first-time sign-up, and writing a review, among others.


Top-Notch Artists: ArtSugar is a pool of highly experienced and emerging artists who take pride in their groundbreaking artwork. Thus, nothing can stop you from enjoying a personalized space featuring the perfect wall decor.

Customer Service: If it’s your first time looking for wall art decorations, the ArtSugar customer care team is always available for ideas. Besides, the site has informative blogs where you can learn more information related to home decorations using paintings.

Discounts And Rewards: There are numerous sweet rewards when you buy your wall art from ArtSugar. For instance, you are given bonus points on your first-time sign-up and birthday parties that you can use to buy art. Besides, the online store offers free standard shipping, free product discount, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Variety Of Original Paintings: ArtSugar provides a vast variety of authentic paints and ready-for-use wall hangings. So, it is your one-stop shop whether you are looking for limited-edition paints of colors, abstract paintings, vintage posters, or anything else to do with complete wall home decorations.


  • Expansive selection of art pieces
  • Affordable prints
  • Free returns
  • Original artwork
  • Exclusive rewards


  • Free shipping is only limited to orders above $250
  • Fixing the paints on the wall can be a bit tricky, especially for beginners

=> Click here to visit the official website of ArtSugar

#2. Redbubble – Most Recommended Brand With Accessible Prices

With thousands of independent artists, Redbubble practically has everything you need when it comes to wall art. So, whether you’re looking for vintage art, animal art, or a minimalist gallery wall for your bathroom or living room, here is a treasure trove of beautiful pictures to consider.

For instance, Tokyo – A Neon Wonderland Metal Print is an excellent example of Redbubble art products. The art is made of durable, lightweight aluminum and has a black mount fixture to support it firmly on the wall. Besides, the wall hanging has an excellent finish with brilliant colors and gently rounded corners to bring creativity and a stylish look to your space.

On the other hand, this company also gives all types of artists with a creative streak of their own the opportunity to earn from their creations through paid commissions. So, you can open your Redbubble shop in minutes for free and begin earning from your talent by uploading your original paints.


Worldwide Shipping: You can buy your favorite art from Redbubble from anywhere around the world. This is because the company offers global shipping through standard and express delivery.

Secure Payments: While shopping from Redbubble, there is no need to worry about losing your money. The company offers a variety of payment options, guaranteeing a 100% secure payment process with its 256-bit SSL encryption.

Expert Customer Support: If you have a problem placing your order or navigating through the web, Redbubble has a 24/7 customer support team to help you. You can submit your request via email or reach them through live chat.

Variety Of Experienced Artists: Unlike other online art marketplaces, Redbubble has over 700,000 independent artists to ensure everyone gets what they are looking to decorate their space.

Free Returns: Redbubble promises a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not impressed by its products. Also, you can get a replacement for your order if you need something different from what you ordered.


  • Quality and modern art
  • Worldwide fast delivery
  • Durable and easy-to-fix wall arts
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support
  • Free shipping on bulk orders
  • Affordable art with custom framing


  • Confusing customer reviews
  • Free shipping is only limited to bulk orders

=> Click here to visit the official website of Redbubble

#3. Artexplore  – Brand With Limited Edition Prints & An Array Of Colors

Our last pick in our list is Artexplore, established to change the entire art industry. The company consists of over twenty diverse artists with different stories to tell. Besides, Artexplore offers high-quality, hand-painted wall art with the best size and prices.

Artexplore is also determined to change how people discover and acquire original art in all parts of the world. This has made collectors, corporate buyers, interior designers, and architects trust their services.

Apart from that, Artexplore has a design trade program created by art professionals. The program’s primary goal is to assist members by providing meaningful support to their businesses, whether big or small. Through the program, members can access Artexplore trade perks like commission art.

Further, the company offers different types of famous works of art prints you may need. They also offer excellent customer care services to their customers. Thus, if you have questions about Artexplore, you can contact them via email or live chat.


Good Packing: The company ensures that they pack the wall paintings well before shipping to ensure the product is not unframed or unstretched in the process. They use hard tube papers that are also easy to unwrap.

Free & Fast Shipping: Artexplore offers free shipping anywhere in the world. The shipping is fast, so your order gets to you as soon as the next business day.

Professional Painters: Another amazing thing about this company is that it comprises professional painters with enough experience in the art world. Therefore, they supply the market with top-notch wall art worth your money.

Different Secure Payment Options: Artexplore allows different payment types like Credit Cards and PayPal. So, you can choose the payment that fits you.


  • Professional painters
  • Different payments
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Quality artwork
  • Free shipping
  • Good packing


  • Wallpaper-applying process can be time-consuming
  • Numerous wall art that can confuse art lovers when choosing

=> Click here to visit the official website of Artexplore

How We Made This List Of The Best Wall Arts? 

Choosing ideal art fairs can be tricky with so many mixed media pieces and upcoming artists. So, it took us several hours to perform in-depth research so that we can bring you quality wall signs and paints from top-notch artists.

At first, we selected dozens of popular online vendors in the world market. However, we wanted to shorten the list as much as possible. So, we held each online marketplace art print seller against several parameters, including customer satisfaction, artists’ experience, creativity, and cost. As a result, we narrowed down the list from dozens to only eight places that won our trust according to the said factors.

But that wasn’t enough. We wanted to be precise enough by narrowing the list down further. So, we factored in the kind of artwork offered by each vendor regarding color scheme, size, shape, and style. As a result, three artwork providers that offered a variety of artwork options based on these parameters won our trust the most.

What We Looked For? 

While hunting for the best place you can buy wall art online, we looked for numerous factors that helped us compare different options that manifested in our research. Some of the key things we considered include but are not limited to the following:

  • Customer Reviews: With so many art lovers, it is almost impossible to lack someone with past experiences to guide you while buying your art online. Indeed, an idea from past customers sheds light on the type of brand you can trust regarding credibility, trustworthiness, and reliability. So, we also looked for customer reviews for various artwork providers to evaluate the level of customer experience they offer.

While most artwork providers had numerous customer reviews, we prioritized providers with both negative and positive reviews. This is because some online stores are not authentic; thus, they edit negative reviews while others get fake reviews to lure buyers. Besides that, we considered providers with many five-star ratings and the most authentic positive reviews compared to negative ones.

  • Network Of Artists: Artwork companies cannot be complete without artists. However, it should not be just artists but those who have experience making sensitive realistic artwork containing dripping textures, colors, and a sense of humanity. Therefore, our selections have nothing less than world-market professional yet experienced painters who make waves in the art world with their groundbreaking original paintings.
  • Customer Services: As a customer, you must be treated well so as to have a smooth and memorable shopping experience. So, we looked for companies with several initiatives to promote good customer service ethics. For instance, our choices offer free shipping, money refund policies, inspirations, and trade programs, among other customer services.

Apart from that, you don’t have to struggle while in need of information about artworks from our providers. This is because they have expert customer care teams available 24/7 to support their customers. Besides, the providers have inspirational blogs to educate customers, especially newbies, on various artwork ideas to help them buy what they love.

  • Cost: The cost of the artwork is yet another essential factor to consider when buying your ideal art print. With so many different media selling wall hangings, it is possible to have low-priced artworks but low quality. So, even though we didn’t want to have premium prices, we chose quality yet affordable prints.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Aesthetic  Wall Art

Choosing the perfect wall art to complement your entire room can be tricky. This is because you must ensure that the wall decor you choose elevates your existing interior. For that reason, you must be creative when choosing your wall art.

Remember, there is an expansive selection of many styles and paintings of art prints in the world market, and selecting the right wall print can be confusing to art lovers. But that should not worry you because we have listed a few tips to help you choose the perfect wall art.

  • Existing Room Aesthetic

The first thing to consider when choosing ideal wall art is the existing aesthetic of your room. I am sure that you don’t want your home decor to look sophisticated or childlike, right? So, avoid this by examining your room’s design elements and then choosing the wall paintings that match it.

Also, don’t forget to be selective when choosing prints and patterns. This will help you follow the same theme, and all your interior will match. To elaborate more on this, if, for example, you want an earthy look to match the interior, you can add wall art that resembles nature.

  • Wall Size & Shape

The size and shape of your wall also matter a lot when it comes to wall art. Having said that, you must know the right size or shape that can fit well with the chosen wall art. For instance, if your wall is narrow, you can choose a wall decor with a portrait orientation.

On the other hand, if the wall is large such as the living rooms including projector for home theature and many more. However, big wall art can be ideal in such a scenario. Further, if your wall art is small or mini, you can group them in three or four pairs to maintain balance and then place them on your console units. If they are large, you don’t have to group them because they can maintain balance. Instead, you can place large art anywhere in your room.

  • Wall Type

Apart from aesthetics and wall size and shape, wall type is yet another factor to consider when choosing good wall art. This is because wall decor ideas can be different for different rooms. For example, your living room ideas can differ from those of the dining room.

Therefore, choosing the best wall decor that matches your room type, whether bathroom or kitchen, is significant. This will help the wall print to resemble the interior of that room.

  • Different Wall Art Styles

A beautiful room is a dream for everyone and can be achieved by choosing different wall art paintings, forms, and shapes. For instance, you can pick rectangle, circle, or triangle shapes. Moreover, you can choose nature-like shapes such as clouds or depict serenity which can transform your room, making it more attractive.

  • Price

Lastly, the wall art cost is yet another important factor to consider. Note that, while hunting for an affordable price, don’t overlook the quality of the wall art for the price. For instance, you may find that a painting is sold cheap but of poor quality, thus buying it will only waste your money, however cheap it is.

On the other hand, a painting can be a bit pricey but very superior. So, if you choose such a picture, it can do justice by staying for a long time without falling off or fading.

FAQs Regarding Wall Art 

What are the advantages of wall art?

Wall art has countless benefits, such as giving your home a focal point. When you walk into a room with beautiful wall art, your eyes are automatically drawn to some specific spots. These points draw attention and can be used to highlight a certain feature. Unfortunately, without good wall painting it is hard to deliver focal points in your house.

In addition, wall art adds texture to your home decor, especially if your walls have the same texture. Wall art uplifts the dull texture making it attractive. Besides, the paintings portray your personality. For example, if you love nature, you can bring this element into your house with natural wall paintings like national parks.

Lastly, wall art completes a space. If you walk into a house with zero decorations or no wall art, you will notice some incompleteness.

What are the types of wall art?

There are numerous types of wall art, like canvas art prints, vintage prints, and metal prints. Additionally, there is also framed photography wall art where you can put your photos or your family photos. In addition, the tapestry is another wall art type, usually in fabric designs.

Do wall art fade away?

Yes, wall art fades away after some time. This is due to the pigments used in crafting, which makes the art turn dark over time. Besides, UV rays also make the wall art fade easily, while others, like watercolors and dyes, also contribute to this. Fortunately, there are techniques that one can use to prevent wall art from fading away, like using UV-proof glasses.

How do I clean my wall art to remove dust?

If you want to clean your wall art, you can begin by brushing the surface of the wall art gently. After that, use a damp cloth to wipe its surface, and finally, remember to polish the frames of your wall art. However, do not use a wet cloth when wiping because water can easily damage the surface of the wall art.

What material can I use to clean my wall art?

The materials used to clean wall art are:

  • Dish soap
  • Microfiber cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Sponge or clean cloth
  • Warm water

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Brand To Buy Aesthetic Wall Art?

In summary, wall art plays an important role in our life by making our lifestyle more stylish and modern. Apart from that, it helps raise functionality in our lives and portray our personalities.

However, choosing the right wall art that matches the rest of your home decor can be very hard despite all the benefits. This is because there is a plethora of wall art in the market with different styles, colors, and shapes.

But that should not worry because we have listed some factors that can help you choose the best wall art for your entire home. The factors include considering your existing room aesthetics and wall type. Other factors, like wall size and shape, are also good to factor in.

We have also listed the best online marketplace where you can buy wall art, including ArtSugar, Artexplore, and Redbubble. Now, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of these online artwork stores and gift yourself stylish art that perfectly fits your personality and decor. But if you are stuck, you can always consult your interior designers.

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