Best Vape Mods In 2022: Top 5 Online Weed Dispensaries For Weed Vapes

Nikhil Goswami

Due to the recent rising trend of cannabis products, many brands emerged to bring new ways of cannabis intake to human life. Apart from edibles products, the manufacturers started to introduce new ways of cannabis consumption like vape mod, box mod, vape pen, or vape cartridges. The manufacturing of such products increased the number of brands that started offering different types of other best vape mods.

A vape mod is a new technological way to consume THC and cannabis materials and get high in the most convenient way. Each vape mod brand offers various box mods with unique features. The best thing about vape mods is that they don’t smell smoky. They have a pleasant and calm scent due to their vaporizing properties. They come in different flavors and nicotine levels.

You might feel stressed and want to relax your mind conveniently. If you feel this way, then try the vape mod kit of any below-mentioned best vape mods brand list. Most vape mods come in different varieties such as a mechanical mod, regulated box mods, battery mods, DNA vape mod, dual battery vape mods, and single battery mods.

The market is full of vape mod products, but it is not an easy task to choose the trustable one. Don’t worry! You don’t have to struggle because you will get all the necessary details if you keep reading our list of the best vape mods. We analyzed several brands for our list of best vape mods and selected five of them for you. Let’s start discussing the details of vaping mod.

Our Top 5 PicksFor Best Vape Mods On The Market: 

Before moving towards the detailed analysis of each box mod brand, we want to tell you the best attribute of each brand for your convenience. The five best brands of box modes are given below:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Vape Mods, Editor’s Pick 
  2. DopeBoo – Most Potent Vape Brand For You 
  3. BudPop – Most Recommended & Affordable Weed Brand 
  4. TokePlanet – Most Popular Dry Herb Vape Pen Collection
  5. Hollyweed CBD – Highly Rated Vendor For Selling Weed Vape Mods

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Vape Mods, Editor’s Pick 


Exhale is a relatively new company relative to many other businesses. Due to its high-quality products, it quickly rose to the top. Exhale Wellness is a great option for individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of time researching the top vape mod. Additionally, they maintain fair rates for their goods so that anyone can benefit from them. Additionally, they provide a sizable selection of multifunctional vape mods that aid in relaxation, sound sleep, and stress-free daytime functioning.

The brand offers ten types of strains to give a better experience to users. As this brand primarily operates online, there is a delay in receiving the merchandise. Except for places where THC is prohibited, the brand provides speedy delivery throughout the USA. Free delivery is available; however, it may take as long as five days for the item to get to you.

You can purchase expedited shipping for about $5, but to use this service, your order must be over $50. The business will send the package to your door if THC is legal in your region. If not, you can inform them, and they’ll set up a location for you to collect up the item.

All of their vape mods use 510 threaded vape cartridges, making it simple to swap them out. Such vape mods merely need the head to be taken off, another vape cart to be attached, and you may resume smoking. The vape cart can be changed in less than 10 seconds. You don’t need to look further because the website has a wide selection of naturally flavored vape carts.

To receive a refund, you get 30 days to send back the box mod in its original packing along with the receipt.


Easy Usage: Exhale Wellness vape mods are simple to use because there is only one button on each device. To activate the vape, push the button three times. To smoke, press and hold the button. If you are not inhaling, don’t keep pressing the button because doing so will cause the cart’s oil to burn. Always turn it off if you aren’t using the vaporizer for four to five hours.

Simple and Minimalistic Design: Exhale Wellness vape mode has a simple and sleek design in addition to being simple to use. They are a wonderful option for traveling because they are portable, lightweight, and small enough to fit in a regular pocket. The business chose against using garish patterns or motifs to draw in clients.

Reasonable Price: They preserved the design to keep costs low for the brand and prevent price increases because they wish to offer items at fair prices. Simply remove the tank, insert a new one, and start smoking to change their vapes.

Simple Charging: Exhale Wellness vape mode can be charged through a USB port. This makes it stand out from other vapes that need a special charging cord. Since they use less electricity, you may even charge them using your laptop.

The Number of Puffs: The vape mod charges completely within three hours, and you may use it for as many as 300 puffs or more. Do not inhale for more than three seconds at a time if you wish the battery to last a long time. Shorter puffs also prolong the life of the vape coil and prevent the e-liquid from burning.

Excellent Battery Life: typically, a charge may support up to 300 blows. Additionally, start charging it at 20% and stop when it charges to 80%.


  • Provides the adequate high feel
  • Good flavor
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy button activation
  • Variety of flavors
  • Natural ingredients
  • Free shipping
  • 25% off on a subscription
  • 20% on first order
  • Refill is convenient


  • No choices for color

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. DopeBoo – Most Potent Vape Brand For You


DopeBoo is a company for vapers with previous experience. If you like vapes with lots of functions and have money to spare, this is the brand for you. The company is an established cannabis brand, but in 2017, when it introduced weed vapes, vape mods, and vape carts, it really started to take off. You’ll spend a lot of time looking over their extensive selection of vape mods. Their website features a simple layout so users won’t become lost when searching.

On the internet, you can explore by category rather than spending a lot of time looking for a specific vape. We suggest looking through their “vapes” category if you’re looking for a straightforward and affordable vape mod.

In this store, you may find a wide variety of vape mods and pens, including large-size vapes for heavy smokers, beautiful digital designs, and simple straight designs. You will need to explore the internet for vape carts because this brand doesn’t sell them. You can buy a fancy vape from DopeBoo and acquire vape carts from another company on our list because some of their vape pens allow 510 threaded carts.

There are physical DopeBoo stores in a few locations, and you can also get the e-cigarettes online. If there is no local physical store, the order will be processed in around 24 hours, and you will receive the vape mod in three to four days. Within 48 hours of processing, people who have a physical store in their state can receive the box mod.

It’s simple to request a replacement or to return the item. Visit their store, explain the situation, and they’ll alter the merchandise. However, it must be undamaged, come in the original box, and include the original receipt.


Variety: If you want to browse a wide selection of vapes before making a choice, this company has a huge range. For individuals who want to smoke in groups, they now sell desktop vaporizers in addition to vape pens. Vapes used on desks don’t need to be charged. To heat the coil, you must instead provide them direct power. These vapes may be pricey, but they are practical for a group of six to seven individuals.

Affiliate Program: DopeBoo offers an affiliate program where you can make money while utilizing their products. You can receive up to 35% commission on each sale. If your YouTube channel or Instagram/Facebook page is active, you can make a lot of money from this scheme. You will receive an email from the business, a link, or a URL that you can share with your followers or with anybody else. You will receive 35% of all sales made through your link or promotional code if someone uses them to purchase on the website. Register for an account on the website to keep track of your earnings and sales.

Excellent Service: If you experience any issues with the vape mod, get in touch with customer service. Anyone who needs assistance utilizing their vapes can always get it from their tech team.

Massive Deals: DopeBoo provides discounts on every item; these savings can be as high as 50% during special occasions. Additionally, they provide daily discounts on various products so that individuals new to the market can buy effortlessly. Additionally, new customers get a 15% discount on their total order. If you combine all of these savings, you would only have to pay 50% of the original cost.


  • Several colors option
  • Highly quality
  • Design options available
  • Secure and tested vape mod
  • Durable and guaranteed
  • Convenient usage
  • Big discounts and deals
  • Affiliate Program
  • Excellent customer service


  • Expensive vape mod without discount

=> Click here to visit the official website of DopeBoo

#3. BudPop – Most Recommended & Affordable Weed Brand 


The most recent brand we decided to add to our list is BudPop. This company began operations in 2021 and is currently one of the leading hemp brands. The potent e-liquid cartridges they provided were the key to their success. BudPop has the strongest hemp products available among all other brands. The lab reports have made reference to the possibility that the actual potency may be higher than what is stated. BudPop is your brand if you want a great vaping experience.

Even their vapes contain substantial e-juice that is robust enough to provide you with a noticeable buzz even when you only take a few puffs. To see the actual potency, consult their lab results. You can access the lab results on the website to learn more about each product.

A simple vape mod from this brand supports 510 threaded carts, and the carts are available online. About 1 ml of fluid with 800 to 950 mg of delta-8 THC can be found in each cart. The carts are simple to attach to the vape head, and you can begin smoking through the cart’s mouth. Avoid overheating the vape cart to avoid getting lip burn.

Although the shipment time for BudPop is five to seven days, you can have the item with expedited shipping in just three days. Orders are often processed on the same day. However, if many orders are in line, it could take up to 24 hours.

Product returns to BudPop are simple thanks to their simple return policy. Send pictures of the vape mod along with the completed return form. They will examine the pictures and inform you if you qualify for a refund. This saves you the time and expense of returning the item.


Usage of the Device: We advise utilizing a high wattage mode setting on the vape mod to get a lot of smoke if you want to take one puff throughout the day. Otherwise, continue using it three to four times daily at a reduced voltage. With such great strength, two or three puffs from one of their vape carts will be sufficient to relax you.

Longer Battery: When compared to vape mods from other brands, BudPop has the biggest battery. One charge lasts for up to 700 brief puffs, and the entire charge process only takes about two hours. Once fully charged, the clever charging system will stop providing power to the vape. You can use it all day long while charging it at night. However, frequent use can shorten its battery life, so avoid using the battery every day. Additionally, since vape carts are costly, you’ll need to schedule your usage so that a cart lasts longer than two weeks.

Simple Discounts: BudPop offers flat discounts on every transaction, unlike other manufacturers. 15% off your initial purchase and an additional 15% off each subsequent transaction are also available.

Voltage Adjustment: This is another useful function of the vape pen from BudPop. Their vape pens include a rotating disc on the bottom that you can turn to change the voltage. Lower voltage contributes to less liquid turning into vapors, which results in less smoke and longer battery and cart life.

Safe and Secure Network: BudPop takes pride in providing a secure platform for the storage of its customers’ data. Because you’ll be entering your credit card information to make transactions, this platform deters hackers. Additionally, their tech support does daily security checks to eliminate any possibility of a security breach.


  • Provide Quick charging
  • No additives
  • Amazing discounts
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • It easily fits in your pocket
  • The USA made
  • Flavor options available
  • Free shipping
  • All functions in One button
  • 510 thread cartridge support


  •  battery swelling issue after more usage

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#4. TokePlanet – Most Popular Dry Herb Vape Pen Collection


One of the top vape retailers in the United States of America is TokePlanet. They have the top dry herb vapes with the strongest and longest-lasting effects. Since this firm exclusively sells powerful items, it might not be appropriate for beginners. If this is your first time vaping, you might want to start with a lesser dosage and observe how you respond if a low potency doesn’t give you the effects you want, up the potency until you start feeling wonderful.

The inexpensive portable vape mods with 1 ml of e-liquid are available from this brand. These pocket vapes are appropriate for individuals who want to try vaping before investing a lot of money in it. Although these portable box mods are excellent, their professional box mod offers the true vaping experience. Those box modes offer many customizable features, making them a great alternative for seasoned users.

Since TokePlanet has no physical locations, you must buy vapes online. Given that this brand has been operating for some time, they can supply the product fast thanks to their numerous logistical partners. The order processing time can take up to two business days, which is the sole drawback. Your order will be packed and shipped around 24 hours after the order has been processed.

The delivery of the box mod via normal economy shipping takes about ten days. It could require more than ten days if there are any problems. The goods are delivered via expedited shipping in around five business days. Inform the company if you haven’t received the merchandise after two weeks, and they may send another one or return your costs. The goods may be returned within 30 days for a full refund, without any question.


Excellent Return Policy: Of all the brands, TokePlanet has the finest return policy. You can return the used and opened box mod, and the business will give you a complete refund. If you are unable to return the item within 30 days or it is delivered late, you have 15 further days to send the item along with a 100% refund. It usually takes the business two to three days to process your return request and issue a refund. Meanwhile, you can contact customer service to request an alternative product if you’d prefer to have one instead of a refund.

Blog With Useful Information: On the website, there is a blog with useful information if you want to learn more about marijuana vapes. There, you may get all the most recent information on vapes, new products, and the advantage of using box mode. Additionally, those articles will teach you about marijuana dosage so you don’t overdose and encounter negative side effects.

Availability of Vape Accessories: Accessories are readily available, so there’s no need to look elsewhere if your vape is damaged or its heating coil is burned. You may get any part required to fix your vape pen on the TokePlanet website. Although they are more affordable, you must buy a package of these parts. If a specific item you’re looking for isn’t listed on the internet, you can request it, and the business will locate and deliver it for you, sometimes for a slight premium.

Available Vaping Guidelines: On their website, you can get vaping guides and a repairing guide to assist you in replacing any broken components of your box mod. These recommendations can also save you time by assisting you in making an informed decision.


  • Wide variety of box mods
  • Reasonable shipping charges
  • Free return and exchange
  • Amazing discounts on bulk orders
  • Informational blog
  • Available in many colors
  • Vaping guidelines
  • Different shapes and models are available
  • Rechargeable
  • 30-day refund option


  • Not good for newbies

=> Click here to visit the official website of TokePlanet

#5. Hollyweed CBD– Highly Rated Vendor For Selling Weed Vape Mods


Cannabis use is now legal in the USA, thanks in large part to Hollyweed CBD’s creator. In reality, he was among those who demonstrated to the world the advantages of marijuana and hemp. The company was founded ten years ago, but it only gained widespread recognition in 2017 when hemp became legal. This was the only company offering genuine hemp products. The ideal brand for beginners is Hollyweed CBD because it makes the best portable vape mods.

This company decides to craft its cannabis box mods with more finesse, giving them a smooth touch with vinyl. The main drawback is that they only offer white for their rechargeable vape mods. So, there is a significant likelihood that they will become dirty. On the other hand, the box modes are difficult to clean if you spill e-liquid on them because of the texture of the rubber and vinyl.

The affordable rate of portable vape mods is another distinguishing feature of this company. If these portable vape mods capture your heart, you’ll know which flavor it was because the firm is kind enough to include every flavor in them. Since this company only sells THC e-liquid, which is appropriate for their vape pens, they don’t offer dab pens or dry herb vaporizers. Although the business allows simple returns within 30 days, you cannot get a refund if you have a broken and used vape pen.

The ten varieties of 510 threaded carts are offered on the Hollyweed CBD website and are compatible with their rechargeable vape mod. The business processes orders about 48 hours before shipping them out the following day. Therefore, you might have to wait five days to receive your package.


Variety of Strains: The rechargeable vape mod comes empty. However, their portable vape mods are available in a variety of strains. To use a vape cart with the cannabis mod, you must purchase one of the ten varieties that are offered.

25% Off on Subscription: The greatest way to save money at Hollyweed CBD is to sign up for their subscription service. You can subscribe for free and receive a flat 25% discount on your entire order. Additionally, once you sign up for their service, you can activate this option if you desire automatic monthly delivery. The membership also offers prompt customer service. When customer service is overloaded, this brand prioritizes its subscribed clients and tends to them first.

Detailed Analysis of Every Product: Hollyweed CBD is an open brand, and test results show that all of its products are risk-free for users. Each of their vapes has a lab report since the e-liquid is already pre-filled. To determine whether the manufacturer is concealing anything, you can compare the substances listed on the label and those in the lab report.

Durable and Effective Vape Mods: Hollyweed CBD vapes are constructed from sturdy materials, so they won’t break easily. Additionally, it has a lengthy battery life that, on average, lasts up to 500 puffs, and the smart coil technology prevents liquid burning. For the vaporizer to function, you must maintain your tongue contact with the cart head. Without power, the vaporizer won’t be able to heat the coil. Doing this can prevent your kids from grabbing them and accidentally pressing the power button on vape pens. The coil will heat the liquid and turn it off automatically to prevent burning.


  • Free of cost shipping
  • Effective customer service
  • Bright screen lights
  • 25% discount on subscription
  • Natural flavors
  • Rechargeable
  • Flavor options available
  • Single-button activation


  • No adjustment for hot air
  • No options for international shipping

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

How We Made This List Of The Best Vape Mods? 

We formulated some requirements for selecting the best box mods for our list of best vape mods. The factors necessary for box mod differ from regular vape pens and other pod-style vaping devices. They usually come with sub-ohm tanks. So, we checked the ingredient properties and box mods’ physical properties.

We made sure that any of the mentioned brands do not violate the limit of THC concentration and make users addicted to the vape mod. Furthermore, we looked at the overall brand reputation and battery life to ensure better and longer opportunities for getting calm. The temperature control level was also an important criterion in judging the quality of vape mods. If you want to know other important factors we used to make this list of best vape mods, then read the section below.

What We Looked For?

  • Brand Reputation: The likelihood is that purchasing goods from unreliable brands will end up costing you a fortune and ruining your experience. As a result, we selected companies that have been in business for a long time and have gained consumers’ trust. They offer consumers high-quality, safe items and are always willing to assist them.
  • User-Friendly Functionality: People who have vaped before may not have any trouble using any vape, but a novice may become perplexed. We selected vapes that are simple to use and have a manual to assist beginning users. Additionally, replacing the oil tank to refuel is simple. These vape pens function by employing a coil in the heating chamber to burn the e-liquid within the cart. These manufacturers provide coil-replacement vapes that are simple to disassemble. For those who like a more elaborate experience, these brands also provide wax and dry herb vape pens.
  • E-liquid Flavors: A variety of flavors, including tobacco flavor, sour peach flavor, and other food-grade flavorings, are available. However, the quality is more important than the number of flavors. To avoid endangering consumers’ health, we searched for the best vape juice tastes that are clean and safe. We also thought about how strong the flavors were and how they tasted.
  • Price: A person trying vape pens for the first time may not even feel comfortable spending such a high price. Vape pens may cost hundreds of dollars. As a result, we identified companies whose superior products were priced lower or offered discounts for vape pens.
  • Design: Since most people vape while traveling, a vape pen needs to be both sturdy and lightweight. The companies we selected provide portable vapes for people who want to travel and enjoy light smoking.

Buying Guide For Beginners: Factors To Remember Before Buying The Best Vape Pens:

Here are a few things to think about while choosing the best vape mod as per our vape mods buying guide. Vapes will cost you money.

There are several kinds of carts suchs as thc carts & delta 8 carts.

Therefore it is advisable to conduct some research before wasting any of it.

  • Timing of the Battery Mods

For users who vape frequently, maximum battery life is important since they don’t want the battery to run out while they are vaping. If you frequently travel, you should invest in vape mods with long battery life and power output for travel. However, if you want to charge your vape mods while driving and use them while you’re relaxing, you may also choose a model that allows USB charging.

Additionally, remember that vape mods with larger batteries cost significantly more than slim vape pens with standard battery sizes. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, we advise getting two mini box mods so you can use one while the other charges. Instead of buying a single battery mod, you buy dual battery mods. You can also buy spare batteries that are easy to use with most vape mods or removable battery mods.

  • Vape Size

You cannot vape somewhere without drawing attention to yourself. Getting a large vape mod and smoking in public will attract much attention. On the other hand, since there won’t be anyone else there to disrupt your experience, you can try any box mod at home. So the size of the box mod is quite important depending on where you want to vape.

A little box mod will do if you only want to vape sometimes. Get a box mod with a large battery that can last up to five or six days if you are going on a journey where you might not be able to find electricity to charge the device.

  • Purchase From a Reputable Seller

We strongly advise purchasing your box mode from a reputable source if you want to prevent problems with it after purchase. The businesses we’ve listed above provide the best vape mod and support clients with their box mod.

This might not seem like a big deal, but the box mod manufacturer knows more about how it works than any repairman you might hire from outside the company. It is better to ask for their assistance because they can help you save time and money and will appropriately direct you.

  • Flavor

Identifying your preferred taste is the most important factor to take into account when purchasing the best vape mod. You must conduct a study to find the flavor of the vape mod that works best for you because they come in various flavors.

You are encouraged to get simply a basic vape juice as a beginning and observe how your body responds. Additionally, make sure that your preferred e-liquid complies with all requirements.

  • Single-Use Vape or Multi-Purpose Vape Mod

Some vape mods can only use e-liquid, while others can only use wax or dry plants. Some mechanical mods, however, handle both of these features without degrading the product’s quality or user experience. You will stop using e-liquid and shift to dry herbs or wax for more intense effects if you want to vape for an extended period. You must bear this in mind when purchasing a vape mod so that, should you become weary of using e-liquids, you won’t need to buy another vape mod.

  •  Concentration of Nicotine

Another factor you should think about when purchasing a vape mod is the nicotine content after choosing your preferred taste. Today, some vaping mods include nicotine salts, which should be used cautiously because nicotine is a highly addictive substance.

  • Vape Cart Support

There isn’t a common vape cart size that you can purchase, connect to any vape mod, and start puffing. Finding the appropriate vape mods is essential since different vape cart connectors waste vape carts.

While some brands only sell box mods and require you to search for the carts, others only sell box mods and provide them on their websites. Therefore, when choosing box mods, make sure that they accept such carts, which are easily accessible and come in various flavors and potencies.

  • The Budget

Before buying box mods, you should choose a pricing range. If you only want to vape sometimes, there is no reason to invest in expensive box mods. In contrast, if you vape frequently, you must boost your budget and purchase box mods that can withstand daily heavy use.

  • Maintenance

If you use your box mods carelessly, you must clean them once a week. While replenishing, the wax or liquid leaks out, requiring cleaning; otherwise, it begins to smell. On the other hand, you must detach it to wipe the coil and eliminate any possible liquid messes. To maintain box mods without hassles, buying one that is simple to open and reassemble is preferable.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Vape Pens & Mods

  1. Are box mods preferable to pens?

No, as everything is dependent on what the buyer wants. Because disposable box mods are simpler to use, they are preferable for novice vapers.

Box mods are a better option for vapers who have been using vaporizers for a while and desire more than simply nicotine hits. Vaping is more enjoyable with box mods, thanks to their many settings for example, a mod automatically detects vape tanks attached to them. These settings are not available on disposables.

  1. How Durable Are Vape Mods?

Disposables are only useful for a few weeks, sometimes much fewer. Many pre-filled and refillable box mods share the same characteristics.

Although a box mod with an inbuilt battery can operate for longer, the battery eventually starts to deteriorate. The whole vape will be worthless if the battery cannot be changed.

The ability to swap out the batteries in vapes that are using 18650/20700/21700 batteries is a benefit. Therefore, you can use the vape until it breaks or the batteries run out while vaping.

  1. Are there any negative effects of vaping?

You won’t experience any negative side effects from vaping if you utilize CBD or low-concentration THC in your products instead of nicotine. Higher THC concentrations, however, are addictive and can have negative side effects like anxiety, nausea, and headaches. On the other hand, smoking for an extended period might harm your lungs. Thus we advise not using vapes more than three times each day. This means that during the day, you only take three whole puffs.

Conclusion: Which Brand Is The Best For Mod Pens? 

The vape mods are gadgets that resemble boxes! Many vape mods are rather sophisticated. Making the greatest vape mods selections might be very challenging. There is a large selection, and they all essentially have the same appearance. What matters most is what is inside the vape mods.

Vaping is fun and is much safer than smoking. There are several kinds of weed vapes that you can try like thc vape pens.

Most high-wattage mods are designed to automatically detect the vape tanks you attach to them. They also come with an external battery charger along with a vape tank. You can see a variety of regulated box mods in our list, and all of them have rechargeable batteries.

There are far too many subpar products on the market that are made with inferior components and firmware. The top vape mods in various categories have been put in a list of best vape mods by our team. Whatever your vaping preferences or requirements, you’ll find something that works in this cheap vape mods list.

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