Best Under Sink Water Filters & Countertop Filtration System Installation In 2022


Buddy, you can work out, sweat, eat veggies and fruits, take supplements, and do a zillion other things to improve your health and life. But, eventually, none of those things matter if the water you’re drinking is, in fact, not water.

This odorless and tasteless liquid has the utmost importance, almost like the air we breathe. But, let’s face the truth that fluid coming from our faucets is far away from what normal water should look, taste, or smell like.

On top of that (like if that’s not enough), we have trouble finding a proper water filter that won’t cost much, take a lot of space, and will effectively purify our water. Well, the problem is solved for us because we found the best under sink water filter, and we don’t have to face a nightmare every time we use tap water.

If you want to improve the water quality in your household, we have prepared a detailed review of two excellent filtration systems that can fit in the corner of your under-sink cabinet. We’re going to talk specifics and features here, so prepare your jaw to drop.

Top 2 Best Under Sink Water Filtration Systems For Effective Reverse Osmosis:  

  1. Clearly Filtered – Best 3-stage Under Sink Water Filter System For Better Tasting Tap Water
  2. Waterdrop – Popular Under Sink Water Filter For Well Water

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Clearly Filtered – Best 3-stage Under Sink Water Filter System For Better Tasting Tap Water

Brand overview

We have two outstanding companies that offer under-sink water filters with unparalleled quality. Clearly Filtered is the first manufacturer that we’ll talk about and review its amazing Affinity filtration technology.

This company was founded in 2011 with a goal to deliver one-of-a-kind filtration systems that can provide households with clear water without any harmful contaminants. Now, the company’s system has one of the best technologies globally, filtrating water much better than the other systems.


Affinity filtration

The first reason why we love Clearly Filtered is that it uses advanced technology that’s superior to the others. This technology is called Affinity filtration and is a product of more than a decade of research, analysis, and testing.

The system uses a second to none dual-technology approach, which can remove or reduce up to 99.9% of more than 365 known contaminants. The system uses two methods to filter your tap water.

The technology has a unique physical structure that disables the water to flow in a straight line. Because of this structure that contains many twists and turns, the water has a longer path to reach the filter. Thus, the magnets included in the system have more time to act.

Besides the structure filled with obstacles, the second part of the filtration system is a series of contaminant magnets. These magnets work to “catch” the contaminants. Specifically, the magnets are built to recognize the ionic characteristics of harmful and dangerous contaminants.

After detecting these compounds, the magnets draw and lock them in the filter. Thus, the water you’ll receive is contaminant-free.

3-stage under the sink water filter system

Here we are! This is the best under sink water filter you’ll find on the market! Why? Let’s see!

The 3-stage filter from Clearly Filtered it’s an amazing DIY system. You won’t waste countless hours on installation, and you won’t even notice that it’s working. After placing it, the only thing you’ll get is fresh and contaminant-free tap water.

This water filter has a discrete and space-saving design. It’s only 3“ deep, so you won’t need to build a special cabinet or place for it, and it won’t take a significant space in your under-the-sink cabinet. Moreover, the system is portable and doesn’t require permanent installation. This is an excellent feature if you want to move the filter to another place.

Furthermore, this 3-stage filter is easy to install. You don’t need to call a professional or use advanced or complicated tools. Moreover, when the time comes to change the filters (at every 2.000 gallons), you won’t need tools at all.

The filter has a tool-free system when it comes to changing new filters. You’ll only need to screw off the old ones, screw in the new filters, and you’re good to go.

Let’s check the system stages!

Stage 1

The system contains three filters that are already assembled and are made in the US. The first stage uses granulated coconut carbon, which is responsible for getting rid of water odors, tastes, colors, and chlorine. This stage also removes VOCs and other chemicals commonly found in the water.

Stage 2

This special-blend stage is responsible for getting rid of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and contaminants, including but not limited to arsenic, lead, chromium, radiation, PFAS, and many more. It successfully removes up to 99.9% of these harmful contaminants.

Stage 3

This stage uses the Affinity filtration technology, and it’s primarily focused on removing Fluoride in the tap water. This stage has a 90.7% success removal rate thanks to its proprietary breakthrough Fluoride removal technology that doesn’t include bone char or alumina.


Besides getting clean water and saving your life, another excellent thing about the Clearly Filtered 3-stage filter is that you won’t need more than about 15 minutes to install the system. Moreover, you won’t have to call a plumber and pay extra money for their services.

The installation process is pretty straightforward. Since the filter is portable, you won’t need to drill a hole or use many tools. On the contrary, you’ll need two wrenches and about 15 minutes of your time.

  • Turn off the water and open the faucet to flush out what is left of it
  • Disconnect the cold water line
  • Connect the outlet filter hose to the faucet inlet hose and tighten them up with two wrenches
  • Turn on the water
  • Flush the system for several minutes

The package contains extra screws if you want to attach the system to your sink cabinet. The package also contains three already assembled filters, a mounting bracket, stainless steel hoses, and an instruction guide.

When it comes to changing the filters, the process is even more straightforward. You won’t need tools at all. Simply screw off the old filters and screw in the new ones, and you won’t even have to close the water supply. Clearly Filtered 3-stage system has a capacity of about 2.000 gallons, meaning the filters will last around a year.

Additional information

Clearly Filtered has an excellent 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try the filter system, and if you’re not satisfied with it, you can request a refund. Of course, the guarantee applies only to the system, so you can’t get a refund for the filters. They’re changeable, and the company offers subscription options that can save you up to 10%.

Furthermore, the company offers free shipping for US customers. You’ll receive your shipment in about 5-7 business days after the processing period. International orders don’t have free shipping, and the charges are calculated at checkout.


  • US-made
  • Removes or reduces 99.9% of more than 365 known contaminants
  • Dual filtration technology
  • Straightforward installation
  • Non-permanent
  • No-tools filter change
  • Tested by EPA-accredited labs
  • Free US shipping
  • 30-day refund policy


  • Filtration takes time, so the system may reduce the water pressure

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Clearly Filtered

#2. Waterdrop – Popular Under Sink Water Filter For Well Water

Brand overview

The second water filter we’ll review is manufactured by Waterdrop. This company was founded in 2015 in California, after the public health water crisis started in Flint, Michigan. The founders of Waterdrop believed that they could develop a solution so that US households could receive clear water as it should be.

We can say they accomplished their mission because, today, Waterdrop is one of the best companies for filtration products. The brand has invented and manufactured more than 200 authentic water filters and purification products. Therefore, it has one of the broadest product ranges on the US market.



Waterdrop is an all-in-one-filtration company that meets and even exceeds the industry standards. The manufacturer is widely known for its work and quality products because it uses durable and high-quality materials. Also, the Waterdrop’s filters are famous for their design, ideally crafted to fit even small places.

The Waterdrop filtration systems are made by professionals and experts who test each material and ensure it meets the standards. Almost every product has a certification for its quality, including NSF, CSA, UPC< WARS, WQA, UL certificates, and FCC tests.

As we said, the company created over 200 filtration products, including:

  • RO systems
    • Portable RO
    • Remineralize RO
    • RO replacement filters
  • Refrigerator filters
  • Countertop filters
    • Gravity-fed
    • Water pitcher
    • Faucet water
    • Portable
    • Coffee
  • Under-sink filters
    • Single-stage
    • Multi-stage
    • Ultrafiltration
  • Outdoor filters
    • RV filters
    • Pool and spa
    • Garden filters
  • Whole house filters
    • Pre-filtration systems
    • Shower filters
Under sink water filter – direct connect

Since our article aims to find the best under sink water filter, we’ll check out the features of this amazing filtration system by Waterdrop. Before we begin with the characteristics, you should know that this product comes in three sizes with 8.000, 16.000, and 19.0000 gallons coverage.

Whichever size you’ll decide to buy, Waterdrop’s under sink filtration systems have an ultra-long service life. For instance, the 8.000 gallon filter will serve you for around 12 months, give or take.

The filter employs an advanced multi-stage filtration placed inside the product. It can effectively reduce or may even remove chlorine, odor, heavy metals, sediment, and other contaminants. The filter possesses confirmation from third-party labs that prove its effectiveness.

This under-sink filtration system is made from high-standard lead and BPA-free materials. Unlike the first product we reviewed, Waterdrop has only one tube to filter the water. However, this system has five stages of filtration.

Moreover, this filtration system doesn’t slow down the water flow. You’ll be able to fill an average-size glass with water in about two seconds because the filter can provide filtration at two gallons per minute.

As we said, Waterdrop has five layers of filtration. Let’s check them out!

Stage 1

The polyester membrane makes the first layer of filtration. It can remove contaminants, including sediment, dust, dirt, sand, rust, and other large particles.

Stage 2

The second stage is focused on removing unpleasant odors and tastes, chlorine, VOCs, chemicals, and other smaller particles.

Stage 3

This stage is called Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. It’s responsible for getting rid of heavy metals, such as arsenic, mercury, and lead. It also inhibits bacterial growth.

Stage 4

In the fourth stage, the filter removes fluoride. This layer has an important impact on the water filtration process.

Stage 5

The last stage is called scale inhibitor and disables scale buildup.


Another great thing about the Waterdrop’s under sink water filter is its installation process. This system won’t take you much time to install. Well, it wouldn’t be in our article if it was otherwise.

The product usage is not limited to one type of faucet. In fact, you can connect the filter with your original faucet, your refrigerator, a dedicated Waterdrop faucet, or an ice maker.

It will take you a couple of minutes to connect the hoses with your water lines. Also, you don’t have to be a professional plumber or have a garage full of tools. You’ll only need wrenches to secure the place where the inlet hose connects with the system, as well as when the outlet hose connects with the faucet hose.

Furthermore, changing the filters in your Waterdrop system is a piece of cake. You don’t need tools at all. You won’t even have to twist or screw the filters. They have a push-to-connect fitting system, meaning you’ll need a couple of seconds to change the filter.

Additional information

Waterdrop has some excellent policies and offers that make its products very cost-effective. New customers who want to subscribe to the company’s newsletter have a chance to spin the prize wheel and win free items, discounts, coupons, or price-offs of up to 99%.

Furthermore, the company offers an excellent shipping policy. You can buy items and choose economy shipping free of charge with estimated delivery times from 4 to 10 business days. Moreover, you can choose standard or express shipping with estimated delivery times of 3-6 and 2-5 business days, respectively.

Waterdrop ships to most of the states in the US. The company doesn’t ship to American Samoa, Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. It also doesn’t ship internationally.

Additionally, the manufacturer offers a 30-day refund policy. You can return items if you receive them damaged or change your mind and request a refund. If you want to return the product because you changed your mind, you’ll have to pay 20% of the original order. But, if the item arrives damaged or has quality issues, the company can provide free service, issue a new replacement, or refund your money.


  • Five layers of filtration
  • It doesn’t disrupt the water flow
  • Made from BPA and lead-free materials
  • Three capacities are available
  • Straightforward installation
  • Hassle-free filter replacement
  • Available discounts


  • No international shipping
  • A refund policy is available, but you’ll have to pay 20% of the order if you change your mind.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Waterdrop

How We Choose These Best Under Sink Water Filters For Clean Tap Water

So, you probably ask yourself why you should proceed with reading our article. That’s understandable, given that every other review claims to have found the best water filters on the market.

But we’re not here to waste your time. We’re here to present you with two excellent filtration systems that can save your life. Moreover, we don’t sell these products, and we don’t have any problem listing their drawbacks.

After exhausting and never-ending research that involved more than 20 filters with, apparently, unmatching quality, we concluded that the market is full of crab. You’ll pay a lot of money to place a nonfunctional toy under your sink. And that’s a problem!

So, we decided to go a step further (miles, to be specific) and learn all about these systems, including why they’re important and how they can help us. After that, we spend a lot of time determining the standards which have to be met by these products in order to be functional.

Finally, we don’t know if it was luck or something else, but we managed to find the best under counter water filters. Before you read their features, check the criteria we used to ensure they deserve to be on our list.

Trustworthy manufacturers

One of our criteria was for the companies we choose to be reliable and trustworthy. We didn’t want to end up buying from manufacturers that use unchecked materials and sell filters that don’t work.

Choosing a product from an unreliable company is a waste of money and time. Worst case scenario, these filters can contain mediocre-quality plastic that eventually dissolves and contaminates the water even more.

However, the brands in our article use approved and tested materials. They also send their filters to third-party labs that confirm their effectiveness. Moreover, these companies work and manufacture in the US using US materials and checking their products in US laboratories.

Multi-layered filtration

We chose these filters because they provide multi-layered filtration. Yes, we know that there are whole-house filter systems but installing one of them is a huge investment. So, we looked for small systems that are crafted with multiple stages of protection.

Thus, you’ll be able to place them in your bathroom or kitchen and improve water quality. These filters can reduce or even remove contaminants from the water you use for drinking, cooking, and personal cleansing, eventually leading to improved health.

Installation process

Water filters are not the same as buying a pitcher. So, logically, they require installation before you start to use them. The difference between the systems reviewed in our article and those found on every market’s corner is in their installation process.

While many filters take the whole day to assemble and install, you’ll need a much shorter period to make these systems run. They have a hassle-free and very straightforward installation process, and you won’t even need a plumber to do the job.

Moreover, the companies that created these filters kept in mind that customers will have to change the filters once in a while. Therefore, their products have easily changeable filters that everyone can replace.

Excellent customer policies

Of course, we can’t put a price on our health. The improvement that these filters can make in your life is unparalleled, given that you won’t consume contaminated water anymore. However, quality filtration systems aren’t cheap because they’re made from high-grade materials that cost money. So, not everyone can afford them.

That said, we chose these companies because they have excellent and cost-effective offers and policies. Even though the prices of the filters are average for the market, you can take advantage of their policies and discounts and buy filters at reduced prices.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Effective At-Home Water Filtration System: 

Buying water filtration systems isn’t something we want to buy because we’re spoiled, and we don’t know what to do with our money. These products are essential for your and the health of your beloved families.

We consume water every day. Plus, we use it for washing fruits, vegetables, dishes, taking a bath, skincare, house cleaning, and many more activities. We can’t even think of a situation where water doesn’t take place.

Therefore, if you want to improve the quality of your tap water, it’s important to install an effective filtration system. If you buy a filter made in China that contains low-quality plastic, you won’t get filtered water. The contaminants will still be there, and you may even get a few more toxins when the mediocre plastic starts to dissolve.

That said, we think that you should consider several factors before making an order. We created this section with multiple tips and advice on how to find the best under-sink water filter. These recommendations can help you make a better decision and choose the right product for your home.

Consider your needs

Before you start looking for a water filter, we recommend you consider your needs. We think that you’ll get the best product if you’re aware of your home’s water consumption. If your family uses more than 2-3 gallons of drinking water per day, under sink filtration is a much better choice than buying a portable filter, such as a pitcher.

Moreover, with these systems, you won’t have to wait for the water to filter. You should consider the filtration period because you won’t use filtered water only for drinking. Just imagine refilling a pitcher to fill out a pot for cooking pasta. It’s a waste of time.

However, under-counter filters take more space than a simple portable filter. You should find a new space for your stuff found in your under-sink cabinet before buying the system. This leads us to the next section.


If you’re determined to buy an under-sink water filter, first, you should calculate the free space you have. Under-sink water filters usually are placed in under-counter cabinets. But, you can put them beside your sink if you need the cabinet to store some stuff.

Be as it may, you should be certain that there is enough space to place the filters. And if you want to put the filters beside the sink, you should calculate the length of the hoses and see if they’ll be long enough to connect with the faucet.

Just a reminder, the filters we reviewed don’t take much space. Even the first product that has three separate filters can fit into small spaces. Both systems are solid proof that the filtration system doesn’t have to be enormous to work.


Once you determine your needs and measure the space you have, we think that you should pay close attention to the installation process of the water filter you want to buy. If you want to buy a whole-house filtration system, you’ll, of course, need a professional to install the whole thing.

However, placing an under-sink water filter shouldn’t be too demanding. You should be able to install it by yourself and thus, don’t spend additional money on a plumber’s services.

Luckily, companies that employ customer-centric practices provide easy-to-do filter systems. They’ll also send you a guide with installation instructions in the package. At least, that’s the case with the companies that we have reviewed in our article.

There are multiple methods to install under-counter filtration systems. Companies sell them already assembled so that you’ll only need to attach the hoses to the water line and faucet. You won’t need too many tools for the process. Two wrenches will do the job.

That said, we recommend you buy systems that won’t cost you extra money or time. If the instructions require a plumber or too many tools, we advise you to avoid those filters.

Filter replacement

Even though filter replacement isn’t related to the installation process, we place the procedure under this section. That’s because you’ll have to change the filters once in a while, depending on their capacity.

First, we recommend you buy filters with a bigger capacity. That way, you won’t have to replace them each month. However, we think that the replacement process is more important than the capacity.

Changing the filters won’t take you much time if the company offers systems with hassle-free filter replacement. For instance, if you pick some of the products we reviewed, you’ll be able to change the filters with the speed of the light.

Customer experience

Finally, we recommend you read other customers’ reviews about the filters you want to buy. You can find reviews on forums, reviewing platforms, social media, or blogs, and check the people’s experiences.

However, keep in mind that some filters may not work because of misuse or damage. Moreover, you should also check the customer location because some places require more powerful filtration systems due to invasive water contamination.

FAQs Regarding Under Sink Filter

Q1. Will under-sink water filters improve the taste of the tap water?

Yes! Under-sink water filters are a very efficient way to purify tap water. They usually have multiple filtration layers meaning the water will filter and get rid of most of the odor, color, and taste.

However, it’s important to buy and install systems made from quality materials, multi-layered filtration, and stainless steel hoses. You should avoid filters made from questionable and not checked materials because they’re ineffective. Moreover, they can even be dangerous.

Use the best water softeners to soften hard water.

Q2. Can I install an under sink water filter on my own?

Yes and no. Purchase filtration systems from reliable companies that use quality materials and have hassle-free installation procedures like the ones we reviewed in this article. You’ll be able to install the filter by yourself.

However, some systems require a plumber’s services too. If you buy those best whole house water filters, you’ll have to spend more money and wait for hours for the system to start working. So, before making any decisions, we suggest you research your options.

Q3. How can I know that I need a water filter?

Well, there’s a report called CCR, Consumer Confidence Report, that you can request. This report contains information about the contaminants found in the municipal water supply in the past year.

However, don’t get your hopes up. Even if the CCR doesn’t show some significant contaminants, you may still consume contaminated water depending on your building, especially if your home was built before 1986.

You can buy water-testing kits. They’re not expensive and are easy to do. Or, you can visit a lab that can test a sample of your water.

Concluding – Best Under Sink Water Filters To Remove Toxins Completely

Given the fact that more and more Americans are drinking chemically contaminated water each day, having filtration water systems has become a reality in almost every household. Of course, as the need expanded, the market went in the same direction, offering millions of filters to the customers.

However, many people ask themselves if the product they want to buy will help them at all or the only difference it will make is in their paychecks. Therefore, we’re glad that after many days of hard work and research, we managed to find two excellent companies where you can find the best under sink water filter.

We hope that our article will help you in your decision and answer some questions you had related to under-counter filtration systems.

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