4 Best Trans Dating Apps to Try in 2024: Top Transgender Dating Sites


Traditional dating spaces can be unwelcoming, especially for transgender people. They are often misjudged and face discrimination when trying to find love or companionship. Therefore, online trans dating apps have emerged as a perfect solution to this problem. 

These online apps and sites provide a safe and welcoming environment for transgender individuals to connect with others who understand and respect their identities. But among the myriad of options available, choosing the right platform can still be challenging.

But we’ve got your back! After strictly researching and testing 100+ trans dating apps, we have curated a list of the best 4 transgender dating apps you can trust. These apps have been praised for their commitment to making it easier for you to make meaningful connections.

So, read on to find out which one best suits your needs and find the love of your life on one of these apps!

Top 4 Best Trans Dating Sites 2024

Best For People Looking For an Open Relationship


Best For LGBTQ Community


Best Site For Ladyboy & Shemale Dating


Best Site Transgender Dating


User-Friendly Interface For Shemale Dating

Regarding trans dating apps, Adult Friend Finder (AFF) stands out as a distinctive and unconventional option. While primarily catering to individuals seeking sexual partners and swingers on the best hookup sites online, it also results in long-term relationships.


For several years, this well-established online trans dating platform has provided a welcoming place for the transgender community, and it continues to do so even today.


You’ll be able to upload videos and participate in real-time video chats, a unique feature because you’ll be the only person on the Internet with this capability.


Adult Friend Finder’s user-friendly interface and various communication tools, such as text and instant messaging, facilitate seamless interactions—whether you’re looking for casual hookups, meaningful relationships, or especially welcoming transsexuals.


It emphasizes user privacy and security, creating a supportive environment for all members on their exciting dating journey.


  • Very well-established trans dating site
  • Great for swingers and open relationships


  • Premium memberships are quite expensive.

Most Secured Transgender Dating Site For Trans Men & Women

Butterfly is undeniably the premier transgender dating site for men and women, non-binary individuals, and others. Overall, trans people account for 34% of the user population, cis users account for 43%, and cis women account for 23%.


Even though most of the user base is heterosexual, additional safeguards have been implemented to protect trans people online.


The Butterfly trans dating app, for example, has a feature that mutes phrases like “shemale” and “tranny” automatically.


One of the site’s standout features is its commitment to fostering a supportive environment for all users, including those interested in trans dating. Butterfly actively promotes inclusivity, respect, and understanding, discouraging discrimination or harassment.


Strict verification processes, especially important for a trans dating site, ensure the authenticity of profiles, giving members peace of mind when engaging with others.


In addition to dating, Butterfly offers a vibrant community with forums and chat options, allowing users to share experiences, seek advice, and forge lasting friendships.

  • Pros
    • Excellent protection from hate speech or offensive terms
    • Large user base looking for long-term love


  • A large number of Cis users

Best Trans Dating App For Ladyboy & Shemale Dating

Ladyboy Kisses is our third pick on the list of the best trans dating apps, and it has a mobile-friendly site, too. It offers 557,168 active members but is limited to a niche dating area. You can find real dates for ladyboys, women, and men worldwide. You can search using advanced filters such as gender, age, photo only, online now, and region.


The site promotes casual and serious dates, so you can browse profiles on this site and find lifelong relationships. This dating website has provided a platform for transgenders and transvestites who are interested in trans dating to find their next date. 


You can explore this trans dating site for free, and users can access features like viewing profiles, searching for matches, reading and writing their success stories, browsing photo galleries, liking others’ photos, and adding favorites. 


Paid members can message and use exclusive chat tools, with a contact limit based on membership packages. Another unique feature is the translation options, which allow you to communicate easily with international members.


  • Affordable membership of $12.24 per month
  • Mobile app available


  • Anonymous payment options are not available

Overall the Best Transgender Dating App, Editor’s Pick



Next we have TS Dates, a free trans dating app with a Gold Membership that offers additional features to the site’s members. You can even check out its mobile-compatible website for easy access on the go. 


The primary objective of the website is to foster connections and provide dating opportunities for crossdressers, trans women, and trans men, helping them meet like-minded individuals within their community. Currently, there are over 90 million transgender members in over 100 countries.


TS Dates has garnered a significant fan base as a trusted trans dating site due to its exceptional ability to connect individuals with similar interests. This makes it a highly effective platform for meeting like-minded people interested in trans dating.


Over 60 million users have profiles featuring photos and videos, and they often resort to text or instant messaging as their preferred means of communication.

  • Pros
    • Established in 1996
    • TV, TG, TS, people who identify as the third gender
    • lots of different people using it
    • Let us see multiple photos


  • Free accounts only get limited messaging.
  • The paid account is quite expensive compared to other trans dating sites.

How to Be Safe on Forming and These Trans Dating Apps?

Couples are rapidly forming and digitally connecting in today’s fast-paced dating world. This is especially true in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Before the pandemic, 30% of all American adults said they had used these trans dating apps.


However, this figure has risen to 52 percent among those who have never married, and it is also higher among adults currently living with their partner, reaching 46 percent.


According to the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of people believed online dating was an excellent way to meet friends and maintain good mental health in 2015, whereas only 44 percent agreed in 2005.


Of course, going online to find a date, whether for a casual hookup or a more serious relationship, is risky, but it can be a fun and stress-free way to meet a potential match if done correctly. Here are some pointers for having a safe online dating experience.

Look for well-established trans dating sites with a reliable track record of prioritizing user privacy and security. Take the time to research user reviews and feedback to understand how dependable the website is before creating an account.

Exercise caution when revealing sensitive details like your home address, phone number, financial information, or workplace address, especially in the context of trans dating. Only share this information once you have established trust and feel comfortable with the person you interact with.

Online trans dating platforms make it easy for trans people to misrepresent themselves, so be vigilant about suspicious accounts. Look for trans dating sites and apps that verify profiles or request additional verification from those you communicate with. You can ask for video calls or perform social media profile checks to confirm their true identity.

Spend time getting to know the person before joining a face-to-face meeting. Exchange messages, chat, and understand their intentions and personality. Building trust and connection can lower the likelihood of encountering dishonest people. Avoid rushing into personal meetings too quickly.

For added safety, it is essential to always inform a friend or family member about your plans, including the meeting date, time, and location. It would be best to meet someone in a public place, like a coffee shop, restaurant, or park, rather than inviting them directly to your home or agreeing to meet in a secluded location.

Trust your gut and proceed cautiously if suspicious behavior or red flags arise. If you feel uneasy or notice unsettling vibes, don’t hesitate to cut ties or block the individual.

FAQs Regarding Transgender Dating

A TS girl is a transgender woman, assigned male at birth, but identifies as female. Some have identified as female since childhood; not all undergo surgery for a more feminine appearance.

Sexual orientation is based on the gender to which one is romantically or sexually attracted. Dating a transgender person doesn’t determine someone’s sexual orientation. If someone identifies as gay and dates a transgender person, they are still considered gay as long as they are attracted to the same gender.

Specific trans dating sites like Transexual Dates and TSdates are designed with cisgender heterosexual men in mind, catering to their interest in meeting transgender women. While other trans dating apps like Transdr and Butterfly also offer options for the trans community, apps like Butterfly primarily focus on serving the needs of transgender individuals.

Trans dating sites generally offer a safer, more inclusive environment for transgender and other gendered individuals to connect. Most sites on our list implement strict security and privacy measures. However, like in any online dating scenario, users should still exercise caution by protecting personal information and practicing safe online communication.

When engaging in online dating, including on a trans dating site, it’s crucial to be honest in your profile, respectful in your interactions, and cautious with personal information. Meeting in public places for initial dates and informing a friend about your plans can enhance safety. Being open-minded and patient also leads to a more positive online dating experience.

A TS male, or a transsexual male, is an individual who was assigned female at birth but identifies and lives as a male. A lot of people may undergo medical or social transitions to align their appearance and lifestyle with their gender identity. Understanding and respecting their identity is key in interactions.

Concluding On The Best Trans Dating Apps In 2024

In conclusion, navigating the online dating scene as a transgender individual can be daunting. Still, thankfully, there are trans-friendly websites and lesbian dating sites that provide a safe and supportive environment.

AdultFriendFinder and Butterfly are among the top highly recommended transgender dating sites, offering non-judgmental spaces for trans singles to find loving companions.

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