Best Torch Lighters For Every Occasion In 2022


A torch lighter is one of the most important pieces of equipment a cigar lover shouldn’t miss. They are more important when you need to light your cigarette and help perform other functions. That is, chefs can use them when glazing or searing foods, artists can use them when making jewelry, and they also help get bubbles out from acrylic poured on a canvas.

Furthermore, a torch lighter is a handy tool when hiking, camping, or any other place where you will require a continuous flame. In addition, cigar lighters also form a hotter strong flame; some have a triple flame, which is more reliable, unlike other normal disposable lighters.

Lighting up a cigar should be a peaceful experience and done with a gentle flame. When done correctly, the cigars will taste and smoke better. A torch lighter is suitable for use on both thinner and thick cigars. Nevertheless, cigar lighters are also wind resistant.

Our Top Picks For The Best Torch Lighters

  1.  Blazer Big Shot V3 Torch Lighter: Overall Best Torch Lighter, Editor’s Pick 

  1. Blazer Hot Shot Micro Torch: Premium Refillable Torch Lighter 
  2. Newport Jumbo 10″ Torch Lighter: Pocket Friendly Lighter With Safety Lock
  3. Dunkees Custom 6 Inches Torch Lighter: Most Innovative Lighter With Variable Flame Control Option 
  4. Yocan Torch 2020 Edition: Double Flame Torch Lighter 
  5.  Big Buddy Torch Lighter: Precision Flame Control Torch Lighter
  6. Blazer GB2001 Electronic Torch Lighter: Sleek Diamond Grid Design Lighter
  7. Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch: Luxurious Leather Flint Lighters 

#1. Blazer Big Shot V3 Torch Lighter: Overall Best Torch Lighter, Editor’s Pick 

Brand: Higher Standards

Number of Flames: Single Flame

Flame Type: Torch

Visible Reservoir: No

Warranty: 30 Days

Price: $89.98 at Tokeplanet


Blazer Big Shot V3 Torch Lighter is one of the most powerful cigar torch lighters made with high-grade material. Moreover, this powerful torch lighter is available in a compact size, making it portable. This anti-flare butane gas torch lighter can burn as high as 2500 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 35 minutes.

In addition, the light comes with a detachable base and a strong brass nozzle which offers a steady soft flame and allows precision adjustable flame height control. You can also turn this cigar torch lighter upside down, minus worrying that the jet flame will blow out.

Blazer Big Shot V3 Torch Lighter has a big fuel capacity; therefore, the cigar torch will burn for a long time. It’s easily refillable, making it more convenient. Higher Standards manufacture several torches in Japan with a lot of precision and craftsmanship, making them reliable.

With the help of a piezo crystal igniter, the Blazer Big Shot V3 torch lights up immediately with just a push of a button. In addition, this compact lighter is simple to use. All you have to do is manually open the safety cap, which covers the ignition.

Furthermore, you can adjust the adjustable flame size to low by pressing the ignition switch and then readjusting the jet flame to what you need. To switch the unit off, turn the gas knob to the closed position. Before packing, always ensure that the adjustable flame is fully extinguished.

Higher Standards makes a product that meets all customer’s needs, and they never compromise on the product’s quality. Furthermore, the Blazer Big Shot V3 Torch Lighter is suitable for numerous uses.

On top of lighting cigars, this butane lighter torch is also suitable for braising, kitchen use (melt cheese, sear meat, char vegetables, caramelized sugar, etc.), soldering, lighting candles, welding, etc. At Tokeplanet, this product ships for free within the US, and you will have a 30 days money guarantee.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Blazer Big Shot V3 Torch Lighter

#2. Blazer Hot Shot Micro Torch: Premium Refillable Torch Lighter

Brand: Blazer

Flame Type: Torch

Price: $32 at Dopeboo

Visible Reservoir: No

Number of Flames: Single Flame

Warranty: Lifetime


Blazer Hot Shot Micro Torch Lighter is a refillable gas cigar torch with a precise jet flame. This cigar torch light emits the flame from a nozzle head. Moreover, the nozzle head allows direct heat use to an object.

This makes it suitable for other purposes besides cigar lighting like brazing, soldering, plumbing, culinary, and jewelry making. Furthermore, it’s also suitable for dental and other lab use.

The lightweight design of this butane lighter makes it the best tool for people who do some quick touch-up jobs. Furthermore, this cigar torch offers a strong blue flame of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. This leak-free product comes with a distinct body with ridged grip and is available in either red or yellow color.

Moreover, this compact lighter offers a continuous burn time of about 35 minutes when at maximum fuel amount with the capacity of 8 grams. Blazer Hot Shot Micro Torch Lighter jet flame ranges from 0.75″ to 4.0″. The butane refillable lighter measures 6.0″ L x 3.0″ W by 1.5″ D. Its total weight is 5.0 ounces.

Blazer Hot Shot Micro Torch Lighter is best used in industrial and professional environments. This tabletop lighter is superb for fuel-efficient use since no one likes wasting fuel. Moreover, even when the butane runs low, its adjustable flame doesn’t start to sputter and constantly burns when the fuel is fully exhausted.

A blazer makes their butane cans with a gas inlet valve. With this, you will never require adapters when refilling your torch and the refill process is easier with no or minimal waste.

The brand started back in 1985, and they make their perfect lighter with high-quality materials to guarantee durability. The brand is in Farmingdale, NY, and apart from Blazer Hot Shot Micro Torch Lighter, the company also manufactures other micro torches plus ultrasonic cleaners.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Blazer Hot Shot Micro Torch Lighter

#3. Newport Jumbo 10″ Torch Lighter: Pocket Friendly Lighter With Safety Lock

Brand: Newport

Number of Flames: 1

Flame Type: Torch

Visible Reservoir: No

Price: $60 at Newport

Warranty: 30 Days


Torches lighter from Newport are among the best quality torches available on the market, and they are suitable for use together with quartz bangers. Moreover, the new cigar lighter from Newport Company features a huge gas can capacity.

The flame lighter also offers an immediate start with the help of its piezo ignition. Moreover, this product features an adjustable flame together with a flame lock. In addition, it also features a stable base, making it convenient and suitable for several occasions.

This butane torch has a quick and simple refill design. Moreover, with this effective tool, you will have a higher concentration of heat, making it convenient and effective. In addition, Newport is an American brand with a skilled team of professionals who helps make durable products that are safe and easy to operate.

Newport Jumbo 10″ Torch Lighter has a cordless plus lightweight modern design. It’s also available in several colors: black, gold, gray, silver, and rose. Moreover, its 360-degree jet flame works at every angle; hence convenient.

This cigar lighter is simple to use, and all you have to do is release the child’s safety mechanism and press the ignition switch to create a flame. Maintaining this product is simple: keeping the flame torch filled with butane through the refill port at the bottom.

This cigar lighter has a flame that reaches a maximum temperature of up to 1300 degrees Celsius. This makes it suitable for caramelizing sugar, glazing baked ham, roasting bell peppers, searing steak, toasting bread crumbs, and melting cheese.

Moreover, apart from lighting cigars, this product is also useful when lighting candles, fireplaces, DIY projects, welding, jewelry-making applications, etc. Tokeplanet ships this product for free within the US, and you will get a 30 days money guarantee.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Newport Jumbo 10” Torch Lighter

#4. Dunkees Custom 6 Inches Torch Lighter: Most Innovative Lighter With Variable Flame Control Option 

Brand: Dunkees

Number of Flames: One

Flame Type: Torch

Visible Reservoir: Yes

Cost: $59.99 at Dopeboo

Warranty: Lifetime


This is the best quality dab torch with every standard feature, including piezo ignition, child safety lock, flexible flame control, and removable base for hands-free usage. Dunkees Custom 6 Inches flame lighter is best for people looking to have funky plus artsy elements to their torch selection.

You will have about twenty-five distinct custom designs to choose from the original torches by Dunkees. You can select from cartoon pop culture tributes that induce nostalgia and make one giggle. Others include Pooh’d Adventure, Microverse, Meltdown, Snowball, Dawgs, Daddy issues, etc. Every torch includes Dunkees’ logo and his signature, inscribed at the bottom of the torch.

Moreover, this cigar lighter is approximately 6″ tall, together with the stand. The lighter and the butane are sold separately, and all the operation guidelines are at the back of the package. Daniel Militonian (Dunkees) is an artist behind the custom designs of these cigar accessories.

He was born in Russia but immigrated to the US as a child and began selling his art on the Venice Beach boardwalk. In 2016 Dunkees attained one of his life dreams: opening his first art gallery. After a few years, he opened another art gallery on a similar boardwalk. Since this is what he likes doing full-time, Dunkees always hopes to create distinct artwork.

The flame produced by Dunkees Custom 6 Inches Torch Lighter operates at any angle. Moreover, you can also self-start the piezoelectric lighting system. This cigar lighter features a flexible gas flow control switch. With this, you will be able to control the flame length. In addition, the product also comes with a custom handle and features a quick refill design making it convenient.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Dunkees Custom 6 Inch Torch Lighter

#5. Yocan Torch 2020 Edition: Double Flame Torch Lighter 

Brand: Yocan

Number of Flames: One

Flame Type: Torch

Visible Reservoir: Yes

Cost: $55.99 at Dopeboo

Warranty: Lifetime


The new Yocan Torch lighter was more awaited and anticipated by cigar lovers. It’s back with a bang with more improved features, which makes it better than the previous version.

Yocan Torch lighter 2020 version comes in various colors, including black, azure green, light blue, and sakura pink. Moreover, this e-nail features a compact and small size; therefore, you can move with it anywhere, and it doesn’t have fragile glass; hence safe. In addition, this torch can operate with Regen Triple quartz or evolve plus coils.

Yocan Torch will allow you to pack an enormous hit on triple coil plus water filtration to have a nice and smooth hit. Moreover, this product also features an innovative plus handy airflow switch that you will only need to push down and up to allow air inside the rip or less air in. The product features metal and glass tubes, and you will have a continuous hit of 15 sec. Both the female and male attachments are nicotine free.

Interchangeable coils are one of the major features available in Yocan Torch. With this, the user can switch between the quartz tri coil and the quartz dual coil. Moreover, the coil contains a metal wire wrapped in small quartz rods.

Unlike ceramic, the coil will heat up quicker and form a thick and dense vapor. The product comes with a pre-installed stainless steel cover. At the top of this cover, you will get an airflow control switch. This product is simple to use. Just press and release the spring-loaded carb for you to feel an intense hit.

Nevertheless, this cigar lighter comes with a rechargeable battery that offers 1100 mAh. The battery is charged with a normal micro-USB plug. A fully charged battery offers about 11 minutes of constant use or 45 puffs, and it takes a few hours to fully recharge.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Yocan Torch 2020 Edition Torch Lighter

#6. Big Buddy Torch Lighter: Precision Flame Control Torch Lighter

Brand: Blazer

Number of Flames: One

Flame Type: Torch

Visible Reservoir: No

Cost: $39.98 at Tokeplanet

Warranty: 30 Days


Big Buddy Torch Lighter by Blazer is a dab torch that will stand with your side through thin and thick. However such brands also offer other Delta-8 products including Delta-8 disposable or d-8 gummies and other edibles. This quality lighter is available in several color options. These include black, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, purple, white, green, stainless steel, etc. Besides Big Buddy Torch Lighter, Blazer manufactures other cigar lighters, including whip-it cigar lighter.

This flame lighter measures 7″ tall, plus it has a stand-alone base plus a locking switch which allows a hands-free operation making it convenient. Moreover, this cigar lighter also offers a strong turbo flame which heats to about 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Big Buddy Torch Lighter features a refillable butane, and the product can offer a constant flame of about 60 minutes. In addition, this cigarette lighter also features precision flame control and piezo self-ignition, and its butane tank has a capacity of 30 ml. Big Buddy Torch Lighter is suitable for different applications, including retail and industrial hand tool markets.

The strong turbo flame can burn continuously for up to 60 minutes. Its base is also detachable to offer you hands-free work. Moreover, its lightweight design makes it more portable.

This flame lighter has an attractive outer finish plus all other values you anticipate seeing with blazer products. Moreover, the product also features a handy child-resistant lock mechanism, making it safe for use in any environment. Big Buddy Turbo Lighter operates with a normal butane canister sold separately.

You can use this cigar lighter to heat your creme brulee or titanium nail since it has all the power you require. Nevertheless, it comes with pinpoint accuracy, enabling precise heating. Operating this torch lighter is easy. You need to lower the child-safety mechanism and press the ignition switch, and that’s all. The switch to adjust the flame is at its side.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Big buddy Torch Lighter

#7. Blazer GB2001 Electronic Torch Lighter: Sleek Diamond Grid Design Lighter

Brand: Blazer

Number of Flames: One

Flame Type: Torch

Visible Reservoir: No

Cost: $74.99 at Dopeboo

Warranty: Lifetime


This is a handheld butane with a refillable micro torch that features the piezo quartz immediate ignition. Its piezo ignition system functions all through, plus it doesn’t need to have an external flame igniter.

Furthermore, the tabletop stand of this torch lighter is attachable to offer you a hands-free operation hence best for cigar smokers. This torch lighter head features a fixed angle of 90 degrees. You can adjust the flame length of this cigar lighter from 0.5″ to 1.25″. The manual lock makes this tool safe when it’s not in use.

In addition, this GB2001 features a very strong blue flame which heats to about 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, this product also features an airflow dial knob which will allow you to regulate the flame to have pinpoint accuracy.

You can easily adjust it from yellow to blue hotter and very precise flame. The hottest temperature is 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, and the butane will burn for 1.5 to 2 hours from a 26-gram gas capacity. Its major tank body features a diamond grid design to offer you a safe and comfortable grip.

When filled with butane (26 grams), this product will heat for about 30 minutes to 2 hours when operated at different flame lengths. GB2001 Torch Lighter offers reliable performance for lighting cigars and when brazing, soldering, plumbing, jewelry making, automotive, culinary, dental lab, etc.

Moreover, you can refill butane to this torch by removing its base and inserting a gas canister into the nipple available at the base. The tool is simple to operate, even if it’s your first time. You can comfortably use it in various positions, including upside down and sideways. In addition, the product measures 12″ x 6″ x 6″ and weighs about 6.9 ounces; hence portable.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Blazer GB2001 Electronic Torch Lighter

#8. Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch: Luxurious Leather Flint Lighters 

Brand: Blazer

Number of Flames: Single Flame

Flame Type: Torch

Visible Reservoir: No

Cost: $39.98 at Tokeplanet

Warranty: 30 Days


Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch lighter is also a great product that the Blazer brand has to offer. Moreover, this tool offers a very hot flame that can go up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, this product can continuously burn for 60 minutes.

This butane cigar lighter features an improved flame height adjuster, which allows users to adjust depending on their needs. That is, you can enjoy a smaller plus more flavorful smoke with a lesser flame or choose to have a big flame with higher temperatures. To achieve this, you must slide the accuracy adjuster and view the flame growing or shrinking with precision.

This product is available in different colors, including yellow, pink, purple, orange, green, blue, etc. This equipment features a compact and lightweight design hence portable. With this product, you will have all the power that’s reliable in every lighting. The child-resistant trigger feature makes it safe for use. Above all, this torch lighter is suitable for quick and efficient dabbing.

Its detachable stand makes this torch stand upright when in between dabs. Furthermore, this torch lighter features a larger nozzle size plus butane capacity, unlike several other dabbing torches. This makes it more powerful plus convenient. Its small plus lightweight design makes this product portable.

With an ignition button, no lighter is required. All you have to do is to push the ignition button while the safety lock is off. This tool is best for quick plus hassle-free dabbing. Moreover, the igniter button is comfortably placed at the back of this torch’s head. After lighting your cigar, you are free to engage a childproof safety lever. Moreover, the safety lock will also prevent this cigar lighter from accidental ignition when it drops.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Torch Lighter

How To Choose The Best Lighter? 

  • Fuel Capacity

When choosing the best cigar lighter, you can choose one with a higher tank capacity. You will spend less refilling fuel to larger tank cigar lighters, unlike lighters with a small tank capacity. That is, you will have more constant burn time.

  • Construction

Some cheaper tools come with a plastic casing. However, the stronger and more durable product is made with strong casing material and filled with industrial-grade butane gas. Furthermore, some of the best material to make the case includes heavy-duty alloy steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum alloy, etc. These metal models may be very expensive, but they are made to last longer, unlike those made using plastic.

  • Operation

Several butane torches come with a push-button system. The major difference is that some lighters need you to hold down their button to offer you a constant burning flame. This can make it hard when using this tool for soldering or welding for longer periods. Moreover, other tools come with a lock that keeps the flame burning without continuously holding the ignition button. Other butane torches can stand upright on their own. These two features combined will allow you to have a hands-free operation.

  • Ignition System

There are butane torches that feature piezoelectric ignition. This ignition forms its electric voltage by hitting some quart element when its push switch is pressed. Therefore, this leads to igniting the butane fuel. In addition, there is another butane torch ignition technique which is the electric ignition. This is achieved using a battery that forms some spark required to ignite butane.

  • Flame Length, Power, And Numbers

Torch lighters come with flames ranging from 1.5″ to about 5″ long. There are other lighters with flexible flame lengths; therefore, you can adjust the torch flame depending on your requirements. Some cigar lovers need a torch lighter with multiple soft flames.

Torch lighters with more than one flame are more beneficial to use on larger cigars, though it isn’t a necessity. Always choose a torch lighter that always offers the best quality and powerful hot flame. Remember that torch lighters with multiple flames need more refueling; therefore, you need to match this factor with your requirements, and continuous refueling your torch is more pricey.

  • Safety

Another vital factor to check out when searching for the best torch lighter is its safety features. Some common security features on these lighter include safety locks, childproof triggers, and child locks. In addition, the user needs to lower the precaution when utilizing these torches. They must also keep them safe, be careful when refilling them, and wear proper protective gear.

  • Price

We all operate on different budgets, and we need to get products that fit our budgets. To ensure you get the best deal, you should compare the quality and cost of products from different brands. With this, you will have the best quality product which suits your needs within your budget.

  • Customer’s Review

Getting the best torch lighter can be hectic, especially for a novice user. Moreover, you should visit the customer’s review section when making a purchase. This is where you will get to know if the product works as the brand advertising. Genuine users will explain the practical knowledge they gained when using the product. With this knowledge, you will know what you will get.

  • Size Plus Model

Butane torch lighters are available in different sizes. There are models which are explicitly suitable for crafting or cooking. Lighting a cigar with this model looks absurd. Moreover, if you need a lighter you will be moving around, you can consider purchasing a small pocket-sized torch lighter instead of a big one. Conversely, a small torch won’t get your soldering on jewelry. Therefore, you should choose the model and size accordingly.

Getting The Best Cigar Lighters Which You Can Depend On

You should consider their functionalities and design when looking for the best cigar lighters. Various lighters suit different functionalities. A soft flame is more likely to be unable to burn what you are lighting.

Moreover, the aesthetic of a torch lighter is also a great consideration when it’s intended for outdoor use. You can choose a torch lighter that offers a wind-resistant flame most of the time, and you will use it outdoors. If you don’t need a hot flame all the time, you can choose a torch lighter that features an adjustable flame.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Torch Lighter? 

There are several torch lighters available on the market; that allow you to light your CBD Cigarettes or HHC Cigarettes.whether you need a triple torch flame or scorch torch skyline, they are available in different sizes and models to suit different functions. When buying the best torch lighters which suit your requirement as a serious cigar smoker, you should check on their flame size and power, safety features, cost, size, etc. With a portable torch lighter, you can enjoy your cigar at any time.

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