Best THC-P Products For Sale: Top 3 Hemp Brands In 2022


If you haven’t heard about THCP, you’re two years behind. THCP(Tetrahydrocannabinol) is THC’s newest relative that promises an amazing high with a significantly more potent punch than THC. According to ongoing research, THCP features 30 times the strength of THC while remaining safe and sound in a legal gray area.

So to cut to the chase, THCP promises all that THC has to offer while claiming it has 30 times its horsepower. And if that fueled your curiosity and appetite, wait until you see our recommendations for the best options for legal THCP for sale.

Best THCP Products for Sale

  • THCP Gummies by Bees Knees: Overall Best THCP For Sale On The Market
  • THCP Chocolate Bars by Bees Knees: Most Popular, Organically Made THC-P Product
  • THCP Cartridges by Binoid: Leading THC-P Vape Cartridges Brand

#1. THCP gummies by Bees Knees: Overall Best THCP For Sale On The Market

If you’re looking for a fun edible to help you experience the thrill of the new cannabinoid, Bee’s Knee’s provides you with the chance to munch on some delicious THCP gummies. This manufacturer states that these tasty treats are entirely legal, safe, and fun for consumption. They are handcrafted and manufactured using only premium quality indoor-grown hemp.


  • THCP + CBD

These amazing gummies feature an incredible strength of THCP, followed by a hint of CBD, for the best hemp-derived experience ever. Each gummy contains 10 mg of CBD and 1 mg of TCHP. And we know what you’re thinking – 1 mg looks like a pretty modest concentration. But worry not, since TCHP is pretty potent by itself, and a single milligram of the substance is more than enough to take you to the clouds. Therefore, the manufacturer’s recommendation is not to consume more than a single gummy within 24 hours.

  • Cruelty-free gummies

As a responsible manufacturer, Bees Knees sources all its ingredients from reliable sources and insists on working with only 100% natural and organic compounds. But with gummies, the major concern is no other than the gelatin, so Bees Knees avoids any animal-derived gelatin and features a plant-based alternative in its gummies. That way, you can enjoy the euphoria caused by these gummies in a guilt-free experience.

  • Precise dosing

Since THCP is considered to be far more potent than regular THC, you wouldn’t want to experiment with high doses of the substance. That is why Bees Knees uses a state of the art technology to evenly distribute THCP throughout the gummies, resulting in a perfect concentration for each candy. To ensure this, all products undergo rigorous potency tests at third-party laboratories, and you can easily find the results by visiting the company’s site.


  • Naturally flavored without any artificial sweetener or colorings
  • Vegan friendly with a plant-based gelatin alternative
  • An impressive blend of THCP and CBD
  • Free USPS shipping on all orders
  • Flexible 30-day refund policy


  • Doesn’t ship outside the United States

Why do we recommend Bees Knees’ THCP gummies?

Thanks to the precise potency and the fantastic taste of these gummies, we strongly recommend them as the first THCP product you should try out. Judging by customer feedback, which given the novelty of the product is more than abundant, users have reached amazing heights with the help of these gummies. Compared to other products, customers claim that these gummies exceed the efficiency of Delta 8 and 9.

Because of the impeccable blend of THCP and CBD, these gummies come with a potent punch of health benefits and an incredible high. So whatever it is that you’re looking for, these gummies will definitely deliver.

#2. THCP chocolate bars by Bees Knees: Most Popular Organically Made THC-P Product

Bees Knees is an absolute leader in the exciting new THCP industry. Apart from its mouthwatering gummies, the company features a wide range of products, including absolutely delicious chocolate bars. Thanks to the manufacturer’s thoughtfulness, these deserts are handcrafted using sustainably sourced milk chocolate and 100% natural and organic hemp.


  • Premium hemp

Bees Knees is a family-owned business with tremendous devotion for its customers. The company carefully monitors every process from seedling to the complete end product. To provide their customers with the ultimate products, Bees Knees source all of its hemp plants from their very own family farm. That way, you can rest assured that the hemp extracts in its products are entirely 100% organic and bred with the ultimate passion and care.

  • THCP + anandamide

Thanks to anandamide or the bliss molecule, infusing THCP into chocolate can be pretty amazing. Apart from chocolate, anandamide is also an endocannabinoid found in hemp. It can bind with the cannabinoid receptor in the brain and is responsible for the neural generation of motivation and pleasure. So with the help of the fantastic THCP – chocolate combo, you’re bound to have a pleasurable experience like no other.

  • Farm Bill compliant chocolate

Bees Knees’ THCP milk chocolate features an incredible blend of your favorite, exotic cannabinoids and terpenes. However, cannabinoid concentration is strictly determined and monitored for safe consumption and legal compliance. If you want reassurance that you can legally consume the product, make sure you check out the Certificate of Analysis featured on the site. There, you’ll find out for yourself that each chocolate bar comes with 3 mg of THCP and less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.


  • Sustainably sourced milk chocolate
  • Free of gluten, GMOs, and any artificial ingredients
  • An abundance of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other hemp-derived ingredients
  • Third-party tested for quality and consistency
  • Free economy shipping on all orders


  • Might take a couple of hours to produce effects, which is the case with all edibles

Why do we recommend Bees Knees’ THCP chocolate bars?

If gummies aren’t your thing, you will definitely enjoy Bees Knees THCP infused milk chocolate bars. These chocolate bars retain the same THCP quality as the gummies but are free of CBD and come with slightly higher potency in each serving. However, you’ll still be able to feel the incredible strength of THCP in a safe and legal product you can enjoy nationwide.

These chocolate bars are handcrafted using sustainably sourced milk and 100% organic hemp, so if you’re interested in responsible manufacturing, Bees Knees will check off all the requirements on your list.

#3. THCP cartridges by Binoid: Leading THC-P Vape Cartridges Brand

If you’re looking for a more traditional way to enjoy THCP, but not to the extent of rolling your own joint, vape cartridges are the next best option, and Binoid offers some of the best ones on the market.

The company uses a scientific approach to hemp and works devotedly to finding the best genetics for its hemp plants. Therefore, they grow their own stain of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp plants.


  • Product variety

If you’re looking for a vape cartridge, get ready to indulge in Binoid’s extensive offer. The company offers a variety of innovative THCP vapes. In its convenient webshop, you can find a variety of unique hybrids, as well as many popular Indica- and Sativa-derived strains, including Fruit Loops, Amnesia Haze, Thai Chai, and Train Wreck.

For extended convenience, all cartridges feature a single-word explanation, so you can find out how each product is intended to be used without googling individual strains for hours.

  • THCP + Delta 8

Binoid blends all of its THCP vaping cartridges with an extra dose of Delta 8 THC distillate for the best possible effects and a strong and potent buzz. That way, you will get the best of both worlds and experience both a body and a mind high.

  • Fast-kicking effects

Thanks to the potency and the nature of Binoid’s vaping cartridges, you won’t have to wait and anticipate the THCP kick for hours. Instead, these cartridges will provide you with rapid physiological effects in as little as 10 minutes, which many satisfied customers have already experienced.

With the variety of strains, you can choose between relaxing or uplifting effects, but regardless of your choice, you’re in for a smooth vape followed by fast-kicking results.


  • An exciting blend of Delta 8 and THCP for an amazing high
  • Incredible savings on bundled orders
  • Fast, discreet and free shipping
  • Premium THCP distillate, safely extracted from hemp
  • Flexible 30-day refund and return policies


  • A battery is not included in the package

Why do we recommend Binoid’s THCP cartridges?

Binoid’s THCP cartridges are an excellent opportunity to cut to the chase and go straight to the point of experiencing THCP for the first time. According to customers, vaping these cartridges is very smooth and pleasurable, and vaping the slightest amounts of the cartridge is guaranteed to provide you with some striking results and effects.

Given the novelty of the substance, Binoid is rated high among the very few reliable brands offering THCP cartridges. It features an incredible variety of strains, so you can definitely find your personal favorite in its webshop.

Buying Guide for Best THCP Hemp Derived Products

The striking statement that THCP is far more potent than your regular Delta 9 THC has attracted the attention of many hemp enthusiasts. But given the substance’s novelty, you have to be very careful about what you’re buying. So if you’re looking to find THCP for sale from reliable sources, we have a couple of things you should consider before making a decision.

Farm Bill compliance

THCP is relatively new, unexplored, and unregulated. Both legal authorities and the FDA are still unclear about the substance and have made no claims about it. So going by the 2018 Farm Bill, THCP is just another cannabinoid, and as long as a product doesn’t contain over 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, it can be federally legal to consume it.

However, with ongoing research, this may be about to change, so you should hurry up if you want to catch the train and experience the heights that THCP has to offer.

Lab results

Impeccable lab results or Certificates of Analysis are a must for any reliable hemp-derived product, and THCP products are no exception. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you’re purchasing 100% genuine and safe products, you’ll have to look for Certificates of Analysis that validate what the manufacturer had to say.

Reliable manufacturers go for lab testing at independent laboratories, as that’s the only way you can be sure that the results aren’t favored or tempered. So that’s another little detail you should look for.

Hemp sources

The hemp plants are pretty delicate and have to be handled with the ultimate care for anyone looking to take advantage of their full potential. That’s why they have to be carefully bred, harvested, and transported.

Transportation is another crucial factor that will reveal many truths about a product. If a company sources its hemp plants locally, you can rest assured that your product is manufactured using fresh ingredients.


Regardless of your product of choice, you should always insist on high-quality ingredients for the ultimate THCP experience. While searching between products, make sure you find ones that are manufactured using natural and organic ingredients that are safe to consume and avoid any sketchy or unfamiliar ingredients until you explore them better.

Brand reputation

Since THCP is relatively unexplored, there aren’t a lot of things you can do to ensure the quality of a product, so a smart thing to do is check out the product’s manufacturer. Reputable brands wouldn’t risk their reputation by offering a low-quality product that’s underdeveloped, which is why in this case, you’re allowed to judge a product by its manufacturer.

Customer feedback

Similar to the company’s reputation, you can also use customer feedback to your advantage. By reading comments from users who’ve already tried out the product, you’ll get valuable insight and determine whether a product can satisfy your THCP appetites and cravings before you even buy it.

FAQs: Buy THC-P Products

Is THCP stronger than Delta 9 THC?

Until recently, Delta 9 THC was considered the most potent psychoactive cannabinoid. That changed with the discovery of THCP or tetrahydrocannabinol. According to research, THCP may be 30 times more powerful than your regular THC, at least in terms of activating the biological receptors in the body.

How is THCP different from THC?

Apart from the expressed potency, it is believed to have, THCP features a slightly different chemical structure to THC. THC was thought to have the longest carbon alkyl chain consisting of five atoms which is now topped by THCP’s 7-carbon chain.

Is THCP legal to consume?

This question is quite challenging to answer. This newfound cannabinoid isn’t yet regulated by the legal authorities or the FDA, leaving enough room for its legal consumption. But given its expressive potency and massive popularization, this may change soon.

What are the benefits of taking THCP?

Given the vast similarity between THCP and THC, these substances are believed to provide similar benefits. Therefore, during research about the THCP effects on human cannabinoid receptors, the team discovered expressive pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, but with an added strength. Additionally, studies and user experiences also suggest that THCP may be a potent remedy for people suffering from insomnia.

And if you’re after the fun side of THCP, you’re in for a treat. THCP features an improved potency and will provide you with a pretty strong high. When paired with other cannabinoids or terpenes, these effects may be favored to be more sedating, energizing, or soothing.

Are there any side effects of taking THCP?

Yes. Similar to the way THCP has inherited many of THC’s benefits, it also retains a couple of its adverse effects. These include paranoia, anxiety, panic, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, and temporary memory loss.

Given the novelty of THCP, there aren’t many reports of adverse effects from the substance.

How is THCP made?

THCP initially starts as a substance called cannabigerolic acid, CBGA, or the “mother cannabinoid.” When the plant is heated, the carboxyl groups form a THCA, CBDA, or other acid based on the enzyme with which CBGA interacts. Analog to the previous process, heating up TCHPA and CBDPA results in THCP and CBDP, accordingly.

Will THCP show up on a drug test?

Given the fact that THCP is still fairly unexplored, there’s no conclusive evidence to indicate whether a conventional drug test will be able to detect the metabolites of THCP, nor how long the substance remains in the body. So if you need to undergo a drug test in the next couple of weeks, your safest bet is to restrain from using THCP and avoid any inconveniences altogether.

What’s the best way to consume THCP?

That depends solely on your preferences. With all the physical buzz and excitement about THCP, the market features a wide variety of THCP products for your extended convenience. Therefore, you can choose between many different edibles, tinctures, vaping cartridges, flowers, and so on.

Conclusion: Top Brands of THCP Products

If you’re looking to experience the legal hemp excitement past Delta 8 and 10, HHC, and CBD, THCP is the brand new addition to the team. Thanks to a couple of legal loopholes, Delta 9 THC’s little cousin managed to still remain in a legal gray area where it can be consumed besides being 30 times as potent.

So if you’re looking to experience a strong punch of legal euphoria, you should hurry up in finding the best THCP for sale and give some of the above products a try. Waste no time, as the legal loopholes are already starting to get tighter, and you may miss your chance to reach the highest high. Just remember to be safe and responsible on your trip.

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