Best Survival Food: Top 5 Must-Have Non- Perishable Foods of 2022


Campers, hikers, backpackers, and emergency preppers all have one thing in common – the need for high-quality survival foods with many nutrients that will sustain them for long periods. If you are one of them, you are at the right place. Here we will give you a list of the best survival food brands that provide the best emergency food kits; we will inform you about their rewards program and other benefits that we think you will find helpful when purchasing their products. So buckle up; there is some helpful information coming up next!

The reality is that earthquakes, hurricanes don’t discriminate; anyone can become a victim of a natural disaster. Most people do not consider natural disasters as an event that can happen to them, and because of that, they don’t find preparation for that kind of situation necessary. Long term food storage is the best way to survive through these tough times.

What are essential survival products to have at hand before going camping or facing survival situations?

You should start with stocking water and food as the two essentials present in the survival food kit. Do not try to improvise and drink water from natural sources; you can’t know if it is safe, and it can cost you your health, if not your life. So, start with water and then our favorite part, the food! We will show you how to select the food and store it in our guide for beginners, but first, let’s see the best survival food brands and their features! Let’s dive in!

Top Emergency Food Supply List Of 2022

  1. Survival Frog LLC: Overall Best Survival food, Top Pick
  2. OpticsPlanet: Wide Variety Of Flavored Food Supplies
  3. Ready Wise: Best Flavored Emergency Canned Food For Survival 

#1.Survival Frog LLC: Overall Best Survival Foods, Top Pick

Campers, backpackers, hikers, and emergency preparedness all have one thing in common: they all need high-quality food and gear that will keep them going for extended periods. Companies such as Survival Frog are dedicated to creating and selling these types of products, with a vast selection to meet nearly every need. While their primary focus is on survival and emergency preparedness products, they also have a section dedicated to campers, as well as bags, shelters, radios, and other items.

Survival Frog is your one-stop-shop for all things survival. They have everything you need to be self-sufficient, whether it’s survival tools or emergency food supplies. Shop Survival Frog today and rest assured that you’ll be ready for anything.


Long shelf life

All Survival Frog products are made to last a long time and can be stored without spoiling. Survival Frog canned meats, for example, have a shelf life of more than 25 years. Because the raw food is processed and sealed without the use of chemicals or synthetic preservatives, it can last for a quarter of a century on the shelf.

Satisfaction guarantee

All Survival Frog products come with a money-back guarantee. They have an extremely generous return policy, allowing you to return any product within 6 months of purchase for any reason. In addition, Survival Frog will match any competitor’s price. If you find the same item for a lower price at another store and notify Survival Frog within 30 days of your purchase, they will match that price.

Help & Support

Customer service is available via phone, email, and social media channels at Survival Frog. You can also browse the survival blog. It can generally answer all of your questions, and it’s also ridiculously entertaining! Buyers Club members can also get VIP support from Survival Frog.


  • Expansive Product Catalog
  • High-Quality Equipment & Tools
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Different Brands Of Food Available


  • Only Ships To USA & Canada

=> Click here to visit the official website of Survival Frog LLC

#2. OpticsPlanet: Wide Variety Of Flavored Food Supplies


OpticsPlanet has been around for two whole decades; so far, they are the best brand for ready to eat survival food. Why do we say the best? Because of their assortment of products and because of their recognitions.

They offer the most diverse product selection from optics, gun parts, ammunition, hunting gear, outdoor, food, and hundreds of other categories. This company is stationed in Northbrook, Illinois, but they also operate from several online destinations and their leading store

In 2020, OpticsPlanet was recognized by Internet Retailer Magazine as one of the top 200 e-retailers in the US. They have also made a list by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 5000 fastest-growing brands in the country. OpticsPlanet, Inc. and its parent Ecentria have made a list in 2018 and 2019 as one of the best places to work. So reliable? Definitely!


This brand currently offers over 1 million items from over 4003 brands, and they are in 627 specialty categories. To find your wanted product, they have made a filter option, and you can shop by rating, price, brand, item, color, fabric/material, gun-type (for accessories), and deals.

All doctors, technicians, nurses, firefighters, medical researchers, EMTs, law enforcement, active-duty military, and veterans are eligible for discounts — call the phone number listed on the website to apply for your discount.

  • Rewards, shipping & returns

If you sign up for an account, you will earn rewards. It’s free to sign up to earn points and redeem rewards! Shipping is free on orders over $49. All returns are free. Return the item within 30 days of receipt, and they will cover the cost of return shipping.


  • Their Mobile app is suitable for Android and iOS
  • They offer free shipping on orders above $49
  • 30-day-money back guarantee
  • Rewards program
  • Military and health worker discounts
  • Sign up and receive 10% Off, also get exclusive access to promotions, sales events, pre-order sales, and so much more!


  • It doesn’t ship to all states

=> Click here to visit the official website of OpticsPlanet

#3. Ready Wise-Best Canned Food For Survival 

Ready Wise is ready when you are ready when it comes to emergencies. This brand specializes in freeze-dried and dehydrated foods. They don’t limit themselves to the usual oatmeal mix or dried scrambled eggs; their products also include preserved fruits, dairy, and vegetables.

It was founded just in 2008, but Wise Company is one of the leading brands in the industry. They are some of the first emergency food brands that moved from canned food to convenient packages. This space-saving innovation helps you bring more food in the same backpack.

Their dinner options are really something special, from Still Lake Lasagna with Sausage, Old Country Pasta Alfredo with Chicken, Backcountry Wild Rice Risotto, to simple Golden Fields Mac and Cheese. For breakfast, we recommend Sunrise Strawberry Granola Crunch, desserts Trail Treats Mango Sticky Rice, and for vegans and people that like gluten-free meals – Treeline Teriyaki Chicken & Rice. Delicious? It sounds like!


Their food is divided into three main options: a la carte, starter kits, and long-term storage kits. What you choose depends mainly on what you are trying to accomplish and how much you want to spend. Those on a budget will likely prefer the a la carte options.

  • Rewards, shipping & returns

When it comes to their rewards program, you can earn points in various ways, including signing up, making purchases, and referring friends. You can redeem vouchers that take money off of your next purchase with the points. It is a great way to save some money in the future.

The brands mentioned above limit shipping only to within the United States, but Wise Company sends their products worldwide. They are shipped via FedEx or LTL Carriers; the cost and time depend on where you are located.

As for their return policy, they are incredibly generous; if you are unhappy with your order, you can send it back with no questions asked. You can do that within 90 days from when you purchase the product.


  • Budget Option – Starting at $1/serving
  • 25-year shelf life
  • Emergency kits over 4000 servings
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Convenient Pouch Packaging
  • Blend of Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Foods
  • All Ingredients Sourced in the USA
  • Gluten-Free Options
  • Great Rewards Program
  • Website is Easy to Navigate
  • Free Samples Available


  • Products are a little bit pricey

Guide To The Best Survival Foods  

Having a large food stockpile is a must for everyone; unfortunately, many newbies think they just need to go to the store and buy canned foods in case of emergency. Buying so many products at once can be costly and not practical. So we advise you to start on time.

If you decide to buy these kinds of products, beforehand you need to figure out what foods to store (what your family prefers), and also, you should also be careful because there is a certain way to store the food.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommends having at least three days’ worth of non-perishable food stored at all times for your whole family. That is the minimum requirement. In this beginners guide, we will speak mostly for emergency cases. Still, you will also find information about practices that will be good if they are implemented in camping situations.

Basic survival supplies

Most important when there is a case of emergency, or if you are a camper, is to remember to pack some basic supplies, such as medicines, matches, blankets, and food bars. A disaster kit contains items no more than a complete kit; just have enough supplies to last at least for three days. Remember that natural disasters such as hurricanes do not discriminate, and anyone can become a victim. Prepare one kit with all the essentials and another with items that you can add depending on the situation. If you travel regularly, or go camping occasionally, pack this kind of emergency supplies in your suitcase or bag.

Where to store your food

Before you start buying food, consider where you will put it. The place you will choose for storing will affect how much you will be able to store, and with that, how many products you will need to buy.

Here are some features that your food storage space should possess:

  • Airy, good ventilation
  • No direct sunlight
  • Temperature controlled – Make sure it is below 80 degrees F (70 degrees or lower if you want your food to last longer)
  • Dry
  • Pest free, if possible

Where not to store your food

Although you don’t want your food stockpile on sight, you don’t want to put it just anywhere. If you live in a humid area, you should always avoid:

  • Garages
  • Outside Sheds
  • Laundry Room, Bathrooms
  • Attics

Freeze-dried food

So why are freeze-dried foods better than other dried foods? They are actually flash frozen. Their process allows the food to retain more nutritional value than the canning or drying process. It keeps the food close to its original look and flavor, only needs to be reconstituted with a little water. The only drawback to freeze-dried food is the cost.

What food is a MUST

Food that you must have are:

  • Bottled water
  • Canned or boxed milk
  • Canned meat
  • Packaged dried meat like beef jerky
  • Canned fruit in juice or water, not syrup
  • Canned vegetables in water
  • Canned low-sodium soup
  • Protein bars
  • Granola bars
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly
  • Canned pasta
  • Boxed pasta and jarred sauce
  • Dried fruit
  • Dry cereal
  • Unsalted nuts
  • White rice

Foods you would want in your stockpile

You should consider keeping a few “luxury” food items in your stockpile because they can help you deal better with stress and keep a positive attitude during emergencies or unexpected events during camping. Those items can be:

  • Cookies
  • Powdered drink mixes
  • Instant coffee mix
  • Instant tea mix
  • Instant hot cocoa mix
  • Hard candy
  • Fruit juice
  • Fruit snacks
  • Specialty crackers

Food storage mistakes

When storing the food, keep in mind:

  • To Store food in food-grade containers
  • Include desiccant packs in the food containers
  • Label the date when you stored the food
  • Don’t store food outside or in sheds
  • Store food that you like
  • Dry your food before storage
  • Seal your mylar bags with heat
  • Store your older food in the back
  • Don’t store all of your food in the same location.
  • Include condiments or spices

What if you have kids?

If you’re a parent with young children, you would like to buy natural disaster kits that are gender-friendly. Buying gender-friendly gadgets means you should purchase ones explicitly designed for young children. For example, ones that include things like pink or blue color-coded water bottles. You can also add other items such as Velcro straps and sturdy straps and your children can easily hang them on their backpacks. Because when young children play outside, maybe you would want them to sit very close to you.

  • Sirens and Strobes

Another type of natural disaster kit is a battery-operated siren and strobe lights. A siren will alert people of your location, and strobe lights are another popular product to consider.

  • Other essentials of a Survival Kit

Make sure you have plenty of water. Consider having a gallon of water per person per day as a minimum when calculating. One of the best investments you can make is having a reliable water purification system.

Next, buy a multi-tool; they are designed to provide various types of help in an emergency. Finally, we recommend investing in emergency first aid kits; some examples include: removing bandages, sterilizing sponges, cleaning sponges, treating minor wounds, and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

Of course, you may need to communicate, so get a good set of two-way radios and a crank radio. You can also get a signal mirror kit.

How We Choose This Emergency Food Supply List?

When researching, we considered all of the mentioned above in the beginner’s guide, and we chose just brands that have:

Products with a long shelf life

We choose only brands with many products with a long shelf life. The longer the shelf life, the larger the window you can consume the product, and we want you to have a product with the longest possible usage; that is why we selected just brands that have at least 25 years of shelf life. Mountain House is the leading brand in this category with 50 years of shelf life.

Nutritional products

As we mentioned above, these brands offer food with many vitamins that will keep you energized and healthy. Not everything needs to be “healthy,” but when in mental/emotional comforts, you don’t want to make things worse by trying to live off junk food.

If you choose these brands, you will get the needed nutrients because their products are made with freeze-drying, and that is the best method for these kinds of food, as you don’t want all the essential nutrients destroyed in the process of extending their shelf life, and preparing them for transport.

Money-back guarantee

All of the brands offer a money-back guarantee. So that must say something about these brands. Although the time frame varies, and it can vary from product to product, having a satisfaction guarantee can make you feel safer, right? Survival Frog is the leading brand in this category, and they offer a six-month money-back guarantee.

Rewards program

Maybe this kind of food is quite expensive, that is why we considered just brands that have rewards programs, as any discount can mean a lot. You can redeem rewards by referring a friend, buying goods, sharing their products, or posting reviews. Every brand is different, and we covered the basics. We hope you feel more informed about which brand is the best choice for you. However, Survival Frog has the most benefits with its rewards program.

Free shipping

Last but not least, we inspected further just brands that offered free shipping with their loyalty program or free shipping after a reasonable product purchase. When it comes to free shipping, you got the best offer by Nutrient Survival as it offers free shipping on all orders in the US.

Impact on the community

Besides their great products, some selected brands offer benefits for certain groups of people or donate money to charities. This is an essential factor as these companies have stuff that sees beyond profit and stands for something greater than themselves.

For example, OpticsPlanet offers Military and health worker discounts, and Survival Frog, since 2012, has been part of charity auctions.

A diverse assortment of products

All of the brands mentioned above have so many different products that can be overwhelming. For example, OpticsPlanet has 1700 products. Also, Ready Wise has 224 items that you can choose to go for. So, maybe it is tiring, but we advise you to spend some time inspecting different products, not just what you have been eating so far, you might get surprised by these brands’ product tastes. Maybe you will even use them as a daily meal if you don’t have time to prepare a meal. They are a fast and delicious solution.

FAQs About Emergency Foods 

What is the difference between freeze-drying and dehydrating?

Freeze-drying may not be as common of a technique as dehydrating. Freeze-drying, put it simply, is a process that removes water from a frozen material, and that is done via sublimation. What is sublimation? It is the direct conversion of ice to vapor. Freeze drying is considered the “Gold Standard” when it comes to dehydration and drying processes.

The downside to the dehydration process is that dehydration relies on heat, unlike freeze-drying, which uses cold air, and the heat destroys about 50% of all the essential nutrients. In that way, reducing the nutritional value, you end up with food that just won’t give your body the nutrients needed in a survival situation. Choosing food that has been freeze-dried guarantees you will get more nutrients for longer survival.

What advantages does freeze-drying have over other drying processes?

  • Low temperatures ensure that nutrients and color are not lost and proteins are not denatured.
  • The product’s original shape is kept after the process without shrinkage or toughening.
  • The product is easily rehydrated due to micropores created by the sublimation of ice from the product.

How long should you store food for?

Start small with a 72 hours (or three days) emergency kit if you are a beginner. Every household must have a minimum of 72 hours worth of emergency food. As you need that food for power outages, storms, etc. Then start storing for 3 mounts, then 6 mounts, etc.

It will be good if managing an emergency food stockpile is a one-time action, but it is not. It can take days, weeks, or even months to gather everything you need for a good stockpile. Once it’s created, check it out every 6 months to ensure foods aren’t about to expire. Also, make sure you keep some manual can opener and eating utensils with your food stockpile.

How to choose the food that you will store?

The first thing that you should do is to consider what you, and your family, eat. Make a list of the most often consumed food in your house. Also, keep in mind how you prepare those foods, how many people are in your family, and how much you eat in a typical day. Also, pay attention if everyone has the same dietary restrictions or needs? Consider the calories per day. Most adult diets have 2000 calories per day. However, in an emergency, your caloric needs may actually increase due to increased activity or stress. And last but not least you’ll want to consider having a variety of foods, so you have different nutrients every day.

Consider the brands mentioned above for “Best survival food,” and shop with ease through their straightforward websites and their most diverse assortment, and get the best survival food out there.

What kinds of food is a must-have?

As we mentioned, store just food that you and your family actually eat. However, everyone needs food from the following categories:

  • Dried Goods. Such as lentils, rice, pasta, beans, sugar, and flour. Most of them have an indefinite shelf life if stored correctly.
  • Canned Goods. They generally consist of fruits, jams, jellies, vegetables, and some meats, which have a much shorter shelf life.
  • Dehydrated Foods. When processed correctly, they can last up to five years.
  • Freeze Dried Foods. Usually, freeze-dried foods have a 25-year shelf life.
  • Water. You need to rotate about every 6 months.

Should You Store MREs?

MREs are a great option for your emergencies. The benefits to MREs are that you have an almost ready meal under less than ideal conditions. However, the downside is that they are expensive and not as tasty as homemade food. While it is ok to incorporate MREs, don’t make the entire stash just from this kind of food.

What is HOLT?

HOLT is an acronym that stands for humidity, oxygen, light, and temperature. These are the critical components if you want your food to last for a long period. You need low humidity levels, oxygen absorbers, light, and temperature to help keep your food safer.

What kinds of containers should you use for your storage of food?

Thin, plastic containers just won’t do the trick. Consider using glass for liquids. Also, foods preserved in mylar bags should be put in five-gallon buckets with gamma lids for extra protection.

Once you have opened it, how long will the food last?

Most emergency food storage will last as long as normal food once the package has been opened. Storing it in the fridge (if possible) will help it keep longer.

Where is the best place to keep survival food?

The ideal condition for storing your emergency food is a cool, dark, and dry place where the temperature is relatively consistent, like a closet, basement, or cold storage unit. When possible, avoid hot places, such as a shed or garage.

Does cold affect the food?

Cold won’t do any damage or hurt the packages. In fact, it is best to store your survival food supply in a cool space if possible.

What food to take on camping?

Preferably, items should be non-perishable. In other words, they shouldn’t rely on refrigeration to stay safe for consumption. Also, focus on foods that take up minimal space.

Don’t get too much junk food. Ever wonder why potato chips don’t make you feel full? It is because the Leptin or also known as satiety hormone, which is responsible for making you feel full doesn’t recognize junk food. That is because that kind of food has no nutrient value. Maybe they have a lot of calories, but you don’t get any nutrition from it. So, instead choose  foods with protein that are perfect for this, and that send no hunger signals- like tuna, almonds, avocados, etc.

How much food should you take when camping?

It varies from person to person, but just an example, and for you to get the idea:

If you want to maintain the same weight: if you are a 165-pound male that hikes 8 miles per day, you would need about 4000 calories per day. If there is not much physical activity involved throughout the day it is recommended you to take only 2000 to 3000 calories per day. These numbers should be taken lightly, as everyone’s body is different, and it needs a different quantity of calories per day. However it is up to you, to plan your activities ahead and take a bit more than you think you’ll need. You can never plan every step of the way in advance, and it is better to be prepared than hungry. Afterall, we all think better when full.

Our Final Word: Should You Stockpile These Survival Food?

In summary, you probably want to buy foods that aren’t going bad anytime soon; the later, the better, right? You also want something that will be registered by your satiety hormone, so you don’t feel hungry – a good pail of nutrients. And finally food with a lot of vitamins that will boost your energy levels. There are so many brands, and with each brand, so many products. Start with what you and your family eat the most. Buy a stock of that for three days, maybe a small start, but you will have food if the electricity goes off for a day or two. So it is not a waste of money; it is better to be prepared than be caught by surprise.

Camping. Well, don’t forget that Survival Kit, and of course the food. We advise you to take only food that you need, nothing more or less. Plan the days of the camping trip and count the meals you are planning to take.

All of the brands mentioned above have their benefits and drawbacks; choose one that fits your preference or maybe your values, as if you buy with Survival Frog, you donate to charities as part of their profit goes for that purpose.

We hope you get a better idea of what foods to bring on your next camping trip or stock for emergencies. Don’t be that kind of person “It won’t happen to me” type, be prepared and help your family pass with ease any kind of difficult situation that you might (hopefully not) come your way in the future.

Be always prepared and buy some of the best survival food today!

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