4 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes To Know About In 2022

Nikhil Goswami
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The fashion and style industry has come a long way since its inception. Back then, all the fun belonged to regular shops and boutiques. However, the introduction of subscription box plans changed the game. Nowadays, the best way to get entertainment is to subscribe to a monthly box plan.

One very good quality of these subscription services is that you can choose the best plan that works for you. Additionally, these subscription box plans cover many categories, including butcher box, personal style, clothing box, and beauty box.

Blue bottle coffee and wine club subscribers can enjoy the best entertainment when they subscribe. Cat lovers can consider the meow box, while others could go for bump boxes. With subscription boxes, you can enjoy a lot of cool stuff.

We know how important subscription boxes are to several people. It may not be for you, but your family or friends may cherish a themed box subscription. Getting them this gift box subscription could be the right way to a deeper emotional connection you have craved for a while.

Another good thing about these boxes is that they do not go out of season. Hence, they will always remain the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Although using such boxes for the best entertainment is a good idea, you may encounter several hitches picking your first box. Also, you may have issues with your previous boxes and need a new and perfect subscription box.

We understand how tough it is to pick out your subscription box plan. Thus, we have outlined the best subscription boxes you could consider for the best entertainment options.

Our Top Picks For The Best Subscription Boxes 

  1. Cratejoy – Overall Best Subscription Boxes, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Breo Box – Most Popular & Excellent Quarterly Subscription Box
  3. Blu Atlas – Best Supreme Subscription Box For Men’s Skincare Brand
  4. Kevia Style – Highly Recommended For Their Outstanding Jewelry & Accessories

#1. Cratejoy – Overall Best Subscription Boxes, Editor’s Pick 

Founded in 2014, Cratejoy is one of the best monthly subscription boxes you will see on the market. The all-in-one subscription box has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. You can use this subscription service to start and develop your box business. A good thing about this service is that you do not need any plugins to start. In addition, this service suits entrepreneurs who want to break into the subscription box market.

This platform is especially helpful for business people because it is the only service built for recurring revenue businesses and subscription boxes. Another interesting thing about this service is that it has every possible category you could want. Some categories that may fancy your attention include wellness, self-care, beauty, geek, gaming, etc.

You need to understand that the brand does not sell its products. Thus, the amount you will pay depends on the seller’s subscription box price. Although the prices vary depending on your subscription plan, some customers find the pricing quite flexible. The best feature of this brand lies in the services on its website. You can use the brand’s site builder to set up your business as a business person or retailer.


Site Builder: Since Cratejoy is a marketplace for businesses, influencers, and other entities, it has a site builder for a businessperson to create their subscription box website. The website gives a typical e-commerce vibe and contains the best-selling boxes of the week and several other picks. Additionally, you will find the gifts section helpful in picking out gifts for your loved ones.

Subscription Costs: Cratejoy does not have any subscription plan. The brand does not have a subscription plan because it is a marketplace that helps businesses/people to create subscription boxes. Once you find your subscription box, you can subscribe to them directly. The brand acts as a middle person between businesses and people looking for monthly subscription box plans to use.

Subscription Management: Although your subscription is with the seller and not Cratejoy, the brand allows you to cancel your subscription plan anytime. However, the brand does not offer refunds. Instead, it prevents the seller from billing your credit card every month. Sellers will refund your money through their portal if they deem it fit.

Packaging And Shipping: Since Cratejoy is not the one marketing the subscription box, it does not pack or ship any product. Instead, Cratejoy’s platform sellers manage, package, and send your themed box themselves.

Free Trial: You will get a 14-day free trial on the subscription box of your choice. You can discontinue the service if you do not like the benefits after that period. Additionally, the brand allows you to track your order option once you decide to subscribe to a seller’s package.

Membership Option: There is no membership option on this service. Thus, you can use the website to get the best monthly subscription deals without any restrictions.


  • Several boxes and sellers to consider
  • 14-day free trial
  • Efficient monthly delivery
  • Excellent curate boxes
  • Affordable shipping around the world
  • Helpful search filters


  • No refund policy on the website

=> Click here to visit the official website of CrateJoy

#2. Breo Box – Most Popular & Excellent Quarterly Subscription Box

Breo Box is an excellent quarterly subscription service for everyone. The service has the coolest and most entertaining products you will ever find. With this service, you can discover the latest gadgets, tech, home goods, recipe cards, decorative trays, pillow covers, and lots more. Overall, the brand helps you to enhance your lifestyle with its highly informative boxes, which come at an affordable price.

The brand has sent packages to its customers since 2016. Interestingly, the brand sends themed packages around the four seasons in a year (that’s why it’s a quarterly subscription box).

A good thing about this service is that it does not limit itself to a few categories. What the brand does is that it searches for the coolest stuff you cannot find commonly and then makes them available to you, at a fee, though.

Each subscription box has at least five to eight products with an excellent retail value. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the value you will get for your money. As if that’s not enough, the brand makes its boxes so interesting that you crave the next box while enjoying your new box.

The latest box the brand released is the summer box. The package contains four items you could use in the heat. You will get an Inflate R Portable Pump, MeatStick Mini, Corkcicle Mini, Corkcicle Decapitator, Proud Grill Q-Swiper + Wipes, and an Empower 3 Speed Cool Breeze Neck Fan. Comparing the next box to its previous boxes, you will find that the brand builds on its prior successes.

It will interest you to know that the brand got featured int eh Business Insider, GQ, and New York Magazine in recognition of its successes. The brand also won awards from BuzzFeed, Subta Cube Best Box Design, Reader’s Choice, and other reputable organizations.


Exclusive Discounts: This brand offers exclusive discounts when you sign up to use its service. You could get up to a 20% discount when subscribing to its box-based services.

Value For Money: Breo Box ensures you get value for your money. You will typically get everything the brand advertises during marketing. In addition, you will get more than you expected, which makes it even more interesting.

Subscription Benefits: The brand offers discounts for users with an annual subscription plan. Additionally, you stand to enjoy free shipping as part of the benefits. You can also send the subscription to a family or friend as a great gift option for the holiday season or birthday.

Send By Season: This brand allows you to leverage the “send by season” feature when sending its products as a gift. Hence, you can conveniently schedule a summer, winter, spring, or fall box gift without worrying about the content of the package.

Cancel Your Subscription At Any Time: This brand allows you to cancel your subscription anytime. Alternatively, you could choose to skip a box. Thus, you can always avoid a particular season if you don’t like its contents. This brand has flexible subscription plans and options that make life easier for everyone.

Seasonal Shipments: As you’d expect, this brand only ships once each season—the boxes ship in March, June, September, and December. The shipping schedule allows you to get your products right at the start of each season. Hence, you won’t miss out on any fun.


  • Excellent tech collections
  • Free shipping on all its packages
  • Helpful customer service
  • High TrustPilot rating
  • Unique products
  • Season-friendly packages
  • Quarterly box


  • You may not fancy everything in the box

=> Click here to visit the official website of Breo Box

#3. Blu Atlas – Best Supreme Subscription Box For Men’s Skincare Brand

Blu Atlas is one of the most successful men’s skincare brands in today’s market. Each box includes essential products needed to make your life easier. Additionally, the brand only uses natural ingredients to deliver the best product results.

Although the brand comes off as a male product line, females can also use the products. The products work just as well for women’s skin as men’s. Additionally, women looking for minimalist skincare with the best all-natural ingredients can count on products from Blu Atlas. The brand produces products with a vegan formula to make things even more interesting. Blu Atlas uses less bothersome and irritating ingredients to make its products.

We don’t know about other brands but purchasing from Blu Atlas means a lifetime of happiness. The brand has several customer-friendly policies that help you to enjoy its premium skincare products. Blu Atlas uses a minimalist design on its bottles, tubs, and tubes because it prefers to allow the products to do the talking, not the packaging.

Although the brand’s products are all effective, some outstanding products are worthy of note. One product you cannot pass up is the Blu Atlas morning routine (Taylor Edition). The product has a shampoo, body wash, and conditioner. Other additions include the aftershave, vitamin C serum, deodorant, face exfoliating scrub, and others.

What makes this brand stand out is the uniqueness of its formula. Unlike the other brands you will find on the market, Blue Atlas’ products do not cause irritations to the skin after use.

The aftershave helps to prevent bumps after shaving, while the vitamin C serum is the best regimen you can find to improve your immune system. If you want 24-hour freshness, you can try out the brand’s impressive deodorant. The exfoliating scrub helps both males and females to enjoy a fresh and classy look.


Vegan Products: Blu Atlas uses plant-derived ingredients to make its skincare products. The ingredients also contain vitamins rich in antioxidants and powerful botanicals from the best sources. Hence, the brand caters to individuals with dietary restrictions.

Refunds: This brand offers full refunds on its products. Once you purchase from the brand’s official website, you can return the products for a refund if you don’t like the effects on your skin.

Affordable Price: Blu Atlas uses a budget-friendly pricing system for its subscription box. You don’t need to pay much to get one box of the brand’s self-care products.

Vast Range Of Products: The brand has several products you can consider. You can use the Volcanic ash facial cleanser, anti-aging face moisturizer, Vitamin D products, eye stick, or deodorant. All these products come at an affordable price per blue bottle.

Free Shipping: You can enjoy free shipping on the brand’s beauty products. There’s a catch, though, you need to order products worth $99 or more to qualify for the free shipping. Furthermore, free shipping only applies to locations within the United States. You may have to pay additional fees if you want the product delivered to a different country.

Order Cancelation: Blue Atlas allows you to cancel your order at any point before shipping. However, you cannot cancel your order once it gets shipped. Additionally, you are responsible for return shipping costs.

Affiliate Program: Blu Atlas has an affiliate program that allows people to earn once they successfully refer customers to buy products from the brand. You will need to provide some information before partnering with the brand.

Blu Atlas asks for your personal information like name, email, and username. Additionally, the brand asks for your company and promotional information. Blu Atlas offers you 20% of the order sale amount. You can find other details about the affiliate program by visiting the page.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Excellent beauty boxes
  • Fragrance subscription available
  • Free shipping
  • Vegan
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Discounts on sign-up
  • Delivery anywhere around the world


  • No trial packages are available

=> Click here to visit the official website of Blu Atlas

#4. Kevia Style – Highly Recommended For Their Outstanding Jewelry & Accessories

Kevia Style is your one-stop shop for all things women’s fashion. The brand competes with other women’s jewelry stores like Zales, Pandora, Kay Jewelers, Brilliant Earth, and Kendra Scott. Kevia Style sells the best curated boxes you can find on the market. Its jewelry makes it easier for you to move about with confidence and class.

One good thing about this brand’s products is their good retail value. You will enjoy value for each box subscription on the brand’s website. The jewelry on the brand’s list is the stitch fix you need in your lifestyle journey. With the subscription service, you don’t need a personal stylist to look classy. The brand has a box filled with so much goodness for each new pair of clothes you want to wear.

Kevia Style also has a style quiz that helps you to pick the best gift for your family or friend. You won’t go wrong with this brand if you need throw pillow covers, printed art, or the best female-themed products. Kevia Style makes everything easy because you get to pick jewelry and products that match your existing decor.

The Journey Box set is the most popular jewelry set you will enjoy from the brand. You will get ethically-made jewelry when you subscribe to the brand’s JourneeBox. Additionally, you can customize your JourneeBox the way you want. You can pick individual designs, colors, or products for your package.


Classic New Boxes: Each Kevia Style box includes some of the best-styled products you will ever see. The classic styles on the brand make it worth your time. Unlike other brands, you don’t have to pay any styling fee when using stylish jewelry from this brand.

Rewards: Kevia Style rewards its customers with Kevia Points. You can use these points to redeem products on the website. Additionally, you can get $10 off a coupon once you gift a voucher to your friends.

Dual Subscription Options: Kevia Style has two subscription options for you – Quarterly and Annual. You can pick either of these subscriptions depending on your preference. Additionally, the brand allows you to use your bank account details for each billing cycle. You can also buy one or two bags, depending on the product.

Return Policy: Kevia Style has a 21-day return policy. However, you must return the products in resealable or new condition. Furthermore, you will need to meet its refund criteria before you can get a refund. Kevia Style does not refund shipping charges when you return your products.

Style Quiz: This brand has a quiz that helps you to obtain the best gifts for your loved ones. The quiz also allows you to pick the best subscription box for you.

Customize Your Products: Kevia Style allows you to customize your products. Furthermore, you can pick colors, designs, or products that feature in your box.

Product Cancelation: You can cancel your subscription at any time without incurring additional fees for canceling. Also, the brand allows you to skip boxes if you do not like the design or batch.

Friendly Customer Service: This brand has one of the friendliest customer services you will find anywhere. The customer service is professional and swift when attending to issues. In addition, you will get follow-up emails to ensure you have enjoyed a great product service.

Shipping: Kevia Styles only ships its products to locations within the United States and Puerto Rico. Subscribers from Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska will be charged a $10.99 shipping fee. While the brand does not ship to other international locations, you can consult customer service to see if they can accommodate you.


  • 21-day return policy
  • Affordable pricing on new releases
  • Multi-month subscription
  • Excellent starter kit
  • Best subscription prices
  • Cancel or skip boxes


  • No monthly subscription

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kevia Style

How We Made This List Of The Best Subscription Boxes? 

Tons of people in the middle of each year pick out their favorite subscription packages that they love across many categories. These subscriptions include beauty boxes, film boxes, wine club subscriptions, and coffee boxes. Our team has reviewed and gathered some of the biggest and rising brands across various categories.

You may have been looking for a subscription to make your life easier. All the things you need to keep you entertained. Our list will cut across subscription packages offering the latest lifestyle news, beauty products, movies, and more.

We found several brands offering the best subscription boxes with good benefits. However, a closer look at these brands and their subscription services showed that they did not have what it took to satisfy their customers. Nevertheless, we found genuine brands with fun and exciting packages.

Our team found selecting only the best four subscription box services quite challenging. Hence, we devised some criteria to help pick the best available boxes. We considered several factors while looking for the best subscription boxes for you.

What We Looked For?

As we stated earlier, we found several brands on the market with the best boxes. However, picking the best boxes posed a challenge since most of these brands had excellent products. We set out some criteria to help us make the best and most informed decisions. We will discuss these criteria in detail to help you understand how we arrived at our list.

Brand Reputation: Our team considered the reputation of several brands before picking our best boxes. We considered these criteria because we discovered users felt more comfortable using popular brands.

Additionally, these brands provided the best services you could find on the market. Such brands also offered outstanding products that improved the quality of life of their users. Our team favored brands with a reputation in the box industry over others. Our list contains brands with the best reputation and products.

Client Satisfaction: We checked the user review on each subscription service to determine the best boxes for customers. Furthermore, we studied the willingness customers had to patronize these boxes.

We centered on user ratings and reviews to help us calculate the customer satisfaction quotient. Hence, our team picked boxes that gave customers a return on their money.

Subscription Prices: Our team considered each service and its prices. We ensured no price was too much and that each service delivered the equivalent of the money paid for subscriptions.

In most cases, the services on our list offered much more than what is paid for monthly subscriptions. Additionally, we picked brands that offered monthly, quarterly, and annual prices. Thus, users could choose the best subscription plan for themselves.

We ensured that users received value for the money they paid for these subscriptions. How did we ascertain if users got value for their money? We visited the user review section to determine the user satisfaction quotient. We matched the satisfaction quotient with the pricing before making our pick.

Free Shipping: Most of the services on this list that had to ship out products to customers offered free shipping to their faithful subscribers. We ensured that each box offered free shipping on delivery and return.

And that they wouldn’t charge extra for returns. We also ensured that services that made it to this list had guaranteed return policies customers could leverage. You could leverage these policies if your got didn’t sit well with you.

Categories: In our research to pick out the best boxes for users, we found several categories which could interest users. Additionally, we discovered that several brands had different categories they specialized in. While some brands provided cat toys, others offered candy club and blue bottle coffee subscriptions.

Other people love subscribing to the book of the month, while others love Bespoke Post and its products. Ultimately, we favored brands with diverse subscription categories. Such brands allowed users to make varying choices that could satisfy their wants. The brands on our list have exciting categories used in our daily lives.

Subscription Benefits: We considered the benefits you could enjoy while subscribing to these boxes. We looked at brands with the best benefits like free shipping, discounts, and other things.

Our team also ensured that you could cancel your subscription at any point without issues. Additionally, we picked brands that could allow you to skip your subscription without any penalties. Ultimately, we came up with the list brands we have included on our list.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Subscription Boxes

Picking the best subscription box is the stitch fix you need to enjoy your life. However, getting the best packages could prove tricky. It could even be tough if you do not have any boxes to consider. Additionally, it could be more frustrating if your past boxes did not meet your expectations. Don’t worry if you belong to this group of people; we understand how frustrating it could get.

Consider many things if you want to commit to a subscription box. As a new or potential subscriber, getting the best return on your monthly subscription should be your top priority. You need to keep an eye out for services and boxes that will give you a lot more for a lot less. Every subscription service is willing to work with you, so you are at liberty to select the best from the many.

Our team understands how tricky picking a good subscription box is. Hence, we have compiled a detailed buying guide to help you select outstanding subscription packages from a potential list on the market. You must follow this guide if you want to enjoy the best services.

  • Leverage Reputable Box Subscription Services

The best way to enjoy good subscription services is to leverage popular brands. These brands have built a reputation for providing the best services over time. Additionally, customers trust these brands because they have excellent track records to back up their products. Hence, it is easier for customers to patronize these brands than unpopular brands.

  • Monthly Subscription Box Duration

You need to consider the duration of each monthly subscription plan you desire. There’s no need to subscribe to a quarterly plan when you need a monthly schedule. You need to pick a box service that will give you the best services.

Each month you’ll receive your box containing your preferred products if you choose a good product. However, if you pick a brand that only ships four times a year, you will not enjoy such monthly benefits. We have selected several brands that offer different subscription plans on our list. You can pick any of these brands depending on your preference.

  • Cost Of Subscription

Subscribing for bad service or box could mean money wasted. And to avoid this, you need to be very intentional about which service you subscribe to. It will also help to consider monthly subscription prices that don’t rattle your finances.

It would be best if you always took a little fraction of your income to spend on subscription packages. With that in mind, you should have a budget to work with. Anything over your budget shouldn’t be considered.

  • Always Get Value For The Money You Spend

As you already know, many subscription services are available today, giving you the best service and return on your money. The best way to know which subscription service is the best is by checking the user reviews.

The user reviews are always a go-to place to know if a service or box is a good bet. Unfortunately, not all boxes offer free trials, but to compensate for this, most services have a 14-day period where you can request a refund if you aren’t satisfied with their services. As a general rule, always ensure you’ll receive value for the money spent on these monthly subscriptions.

  • Consider User Reviews

User reviews are a great way to know if a box subscription works. Thus, you need to read through each brand’s customer review section before selecting your box. Always check for the three-star rated comments; that’s where the real information lies.

You should consider patronizing another brand if your preferred brand has more negative than positive reviews. Additionally, you should check for brands with good user ratings. These ratings are the user satisfaction quotient. A high positive user rating means a high satisfaction quotient. Hence, you should always go for brands with higher user ratings.

  • Know What You Want

Knowing what you want is as important as the subscription box itself. Picking the wrong box could lead to a waste of money and a loss of interest in such products. If you don’t find the services you want in a particular brand, it is better to move to a new brand that may have such services or products available. Always ensure that all the tools you desire are in the subscription you pick.

  • Be Aware Of False Marketers

False marketers are roaming the box streets. Always verify the benefits these brands advertise before committing to any service. Verifying information saves you from getting scammed. In addition, always ensure to purchase your products from reputable merchant sites.

These sites offer secure payment platforms to help you make your payments. Some brands even allow you to use your bank account to make payments. Using such brands will help you avoid false marketers.

  • Check For Hidden Charges

Some brands have hidden charges on subscriptions. Always ensure that you do not subscribe to such plans. Subscribing to such plans may lead you to spend more money than anticipated, which is not good. Interestingly, you could encounter hidden charges, including styling fees, membership fees, personal stylist fees, etc.

  • Ask Questions

You must ask questions to get the best out of any box you subscribe to. You can leverage the customer service department of the box you want to patronize to ask your questions.

It is better to get issues resolved before spending money on products that you may not like in the end. Thus, always ask customer service for clarification before making any purchase. It will save you a lot of stress, time, and money.

FAQs Related To Subscription Boxes

Which Is The Best Subscription Boxes To Consider?

There are several excellent boxes you could consider. However, always ensure to patronize reputable brands with the best box subscriptions. Such brands will save you from spending money on products you do not like.

It will help to compare brands and their products before committing to any box service. We have included some of the best boxes in our roundup. You can consider these brands for a head start. These brands have excellent products that will ensure you enjoy the best time while using them.

Which Box Category Should I Consider?

There are several box categories to consider. You should always go for a category that gives you a sweet tooth. Such categories make you happy and will leave you satisfied. If you love reading, you could consider a brand that has a designated subscription for readers.

Each month you’ll receive tasting notes for the month’s book, among other things. Alternatively, you could buy a fashion box or any additional subscription that catches your fancy.

How Much Do These Boxes Cost?

The price of each subscription depends on the brand and the service they offer. Tech boxes charge quite an amount to deliver their products to users. Fashion and lifestyle brands also charge some money to get these products. However, the price of each product depends on the brand you patronize.

Can I Get Discounts From These Brands?

You can get discounts on your subscription depending on the brand you patronize. The discounts could range from 5-20%. However, not all brands offer discounts on their subscriptions.

Hence, you must consider reputable brands willing to offer discounts. You can also consider brands with reward systems and referral bonuses. You can leverage these benefits to get more value for your money.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Subscription Box To Try? 

We have considered the most outstanding boxes in our review. These boxes offer the best products and services. We also discovered several categories to consider when looking for a subscription box that suits your preferences.

Our team outlined the factors we used to pick the brands on our list. We mentioned that these factors became necessary as we found several boxes on the market. After careful consideration, we chose the brands we listed in our roundup.

Cratejoy has the best subscription you can consider. However, it is worth noting that the brand is only a platform linking marketers to their clients. Thus, the brand does not have boxes of its own.

Although Cratejoy does not have boxes, the brand has a platform with a diverse category of boxes you could consider. Hence, it is easier to pick your products from genuine marketers.

We also included Breo Box, an excellent quarterly subscription brand with the best tech boxes. You can leverage this brand to get the best tech boxes if you are a tech enthusiast.

Alternatively, you could go for Blu Atlas if you want skincare boxes with the best routines. Blu Atlas has skin, hair, and fragrance boxes you could consider. Lastly, we included a men’s jewelry brand you could consider if you want inspiring styles. Kevia Style has some of the best products on the market.

We also included a detailed buying guide to help you pick the best box. You can leverage our buying guide to obtain the best services on the market.

Additionally, you can review our list and determine which brand best matches your desires. You can ask the brand’s customer service for clarification if you have any questions. Always ensure that you pick a brand with desired products, or you will waste money for no reason.

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