4 Best Smell Proof Bags For Weeds In 2024

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There’s something to be said about the protection and anonymity that smell-proof weed bags grant users. It’s an important bag every stoner needs to add to their arsenal. Not only will the bag mask the scent of potent weed, but people will not scrunch their noses as you pass them by in distaste.

It allows you to carry weed around discreetly. Also, it limits the chances of losing the weed, as could happen when using thin plastic wrappers. So, if you’re seeking the best brand to purchase a smell-proof weed bag, read this article for more analysis.

Top 4 Best Weed Stash Bag

  1. SSV Storage BagOverall Best Stash Bag For Weed, Editor’s Choice
  2. RYOT Flat Pack Bag – Popular Smellsafe Carbon Liner
  3. Cali Duffle Bag Large – Durable Smell Proof Weed Bag
  4. Cali Duffle Bag Small – Excellent Odor Proof Bags For Weed

1. SSV Storage Bag – Overall Best Stash Bag For Weed, Editor’s Choice 

The SSV Storage stash bags come in different colors, from black to tan, dark brown, gray, and red. You won’t have any trouble fitting weed inside the stash bag. The odor-proof bags have two outer and inner pockets. The inner pocket is well-padded, adding to the beauty of the purse.

Purchase SSV Storage Bag from the Dopeboo online store. This way, you’re guaranteed quality that lives up to its advertisement. The bag sells for $30 on their website, a steal considering the benefit it affords users.


Portable: SSV Storage Bag is small and easy to walk around with. Its portability does not limit its function. Instead, it will help you gauge the weed amount you will have inside and not look inconspicuous in public. Ladies can fit the weed bag inside the handbag and won’t feel any weight.

Promotes Organized Living: You can easily misplace the rolled joints in your pocket, especially if you’re one to put your hand in your pocket while you walk. The SSV Storage Bag takes away chances of that happening.

Also, the joint won’t look disgruntled and haggard when you bring it out of the weed bag, as opposed to having it in your pocket.

Different Colors: The weed bag comes in four colors, giving stoners different choices. People that seek colors that will blend with their outfits won’t have any trouble getting the color they will look like.


    • Easy to carry around
    • Well-padded inner pocket
    • It comes with a zipper for added protection


    • It might be above budget for most people

=> Click here to visit the official website of SSV Storage Bag

2. RYOT Flat Pack BagBest Removable Smellsafe Carbon Liner

The RYOT Flat Pack Bag offers a discreet way for smokers to keep their stash and accessories dry. The bag locks down the weed smell from wafting from the inside bag. It has different sizes and a 2-in-1 design that amplifies its aesthetics and purpose.

It has an interior bag that is carbon lined and smells safe; smokers can use it separately or as an attachment to the main bag. On the other hand, the exterior is waterproof and smell-proof. It can withstand heavy use in any condition. The bag has a RYOT lock that users can use to contain the bag, preventing its content from falling out.


Durable Exterior: There’s no telling the situation one will find themselves in once one leaves their house. It could start raining, or you might be at a pool party, which would entail seeking shelter from the rain or shielding your properties from swimmers. With the bag, you can rest assured the contents won’t immerse in water.

Sizable: The smell-proof bag comes in small, medium, and large sizes. You can carry your weed and other tools like a lighter, crusher, or a pack of Rizla. This way, you have all you need for an enjoyable smoking session.


    • Flexible roll closure for easy loading
    • Removable smell safe carbon lined bag
    • Flexible roll closure


    • It doesn’t have different colors

=> Click here to visit the official website of RYOT Flat Pack Bag

3. Cali Duffle Bag LargeDurable Smell Proof Weed Bag

The Cali Duffle Bag is another smell-proof weed bag you can use to ward off the smell of weed. The manufacturers used activated carbon to line the bag, which helps immensely contain the weed smell.

There are three padded compartments with adjustable straps that keep cargo secure. The bag’s color is black, but the bear symbol inscription on the bag comes in different colors like white, green, purple, orange, and blue.


Good Storage Bag: The manufacturer thoughtfully engineered the Cali Duffle Bag, combining storage benefits with a unique design that makes it the perfect travel companion. The exterior dimensions are 16″ x 6″ x 8″, while the interior is 15″ x 5″ x 7″.

Adjustable straps: You can adjust the straps on the bag to fit your hand squarely or to loosen its hold, depending on how you feel. That aside, the bag has an integrated combination lock to help keep the contents safe.


    • Weather resistant
    • Activated carbon lining
    • 100% smell proof
    • Three storage compartments


    • It might not be readily affordable to most people

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cali Duffle Bag Large

4. Cali Duffle Bag SmallExcellent Odor Proof Bags For Weed

The Cali Duffle Bag Small is exactly like the previously mentioned Cali Duffle Bag. However, they vary in size. It has an exterior dimension of 12″ x 6″ x 8″, and the interior is 11″ x 5″ x 7″. Every other design remains the same, from the color to the combination lock, activated carbon lining, etc.

It works efficiently as a bag for storing weeds and stopping their scent, and it is spacious enough to hold many supplies regardless of size. Although it’s not the most affordable in the market, the Cali Duffle Bag Small will last for some time. It’s built for weather resistance as well.


Three Storage Compartments: It has a 3-part storage compartment to hold your supplies efficiently. Depending on your choice, you can compartmentalize the contents, putting weed in one, your lighter in another, and the Rizla in the other. It helps keep one organized, knowing where every supply is located without searching for it.

Combination Lock: As far as fancy goes, the lock on the bag hits the mark. It keeps the content of the bag secure from people, provided they do not have the lock key. It’s an efficient way of accounting for the weed, knowing you’re the only person with access to it.


    • Thick padding
    • Plastic handle and adjustable shoulder strap
    • Combination lock


    • Most people might find it expensive

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cali Duffle Bag Small

How We Made The List For Smell Proof Weed Bags?

We created a list of smell-proof weed bags in the market and drew a set of rigorous guidelines to streamline the list. We used criteria like size, exterior design, durability, etc. So, we thoroughly researched the brand and product, removing brands that did not meet our criteria until we were left with the best four smell-proof weed bags.

What We Looked For Before Choosing Smell Proof Weed Bags?

We sought brands users can use inexplicably without complaints. The purpose was to stop the weed smell, so we ensured the bags brought that to the table before anything else. Here are other criteria we used;

    • Durability 

We ensured the bags have durable materials with features to keep the weed fresh and not cave in from weed moisture and rough use. There’s no telling how carefully the user will use the smell-proof bags, but other than cutting up the scent-proof bags or setting them ablaze, credible manufacturers build the weed bags to last.

    • Online Purchase 

We also looked for brands that users can purchase weed-smell-proof bags from without difficulty and ensured the smell-proof bags on our list offered such a service. All you have to do is add the product you want to your cart, choose the quantity you want, and you will get directed to checkout with shipping information.

    • Data Protection

Making purchases online has its ups and downs, especially for people that trust the wrong platforms. We sought brands that offered the best data security to prevent users’ information from being stolen and sold to third-party sites. Feel free to shop with the brands on our review.

    • Customer Reviews

The worst thing that can happen is for you to buy a smell-proof weed bag and find it ineffective. Therefore we reviewed some of the customer reviews to ensure that the manufacturers were selling exactly what they were advertising.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Smell-proof Weed Bags

Many products promise optimum weed smell protection, but some do not live up to said promises. So only purchase weed-smell-proof bags after doing due diligence.

It’s a secure way of ensuring you’re getting your money’s worth in the product you end up with. Here are some criteria to use before purchasing;

    • Safety 

Ensure the bag has a dependable lock mechanism before purchasing. The lock could be a zipper, customized company lock, or combination lock. Whichever it is, ensure it’s enough to keep the content of your bag safe to prevent losing items while you’re on the move.

    • Durability 

It’s a foregone conclusion that you would want to purchase a bag that would serve for a long time. It wards off the worry of purchasing another bag for a long time. So, ensure the bag is built to last with a tough exterior as well as thick interior paddings.

    • Weather Resistant 

There’s no telling where you will end up with the bag. But it pays to be in the clear when it comes to rainfall and the weather. So check if the bag is built to withstand water and harsh weather without caving in.

    • Color 

If you seek varieties, go for brands that offer more than one color of weed-smell-proof bags. This way, you won’t be forced to purchase a color you do not want.

    • Size 

Check the bag size to ensure it’s small enough to walk around with and spacious enough to contain all your supplies. You do not want to purchase a weed-smell-proof bag and end up with a large bag that will fit your entire wardrobe.

    • Price

Remember that all you want is to mask the smell of your stash, not to go broke. So factor in the price of the bag. If the one you want is out of your budget, consider going with something cheaper that will still be as effective.

FAQs For Smell Proof Bags For Weeds

Do Smell-Proof Weed Bags Work For Weed?

Yes, weed stash bags are completely smell-proof. Smell-proof weed bags contain activated carbon and odor-absorption technology between the inner layer and the exterior shell of the bag.

What Are The Best Smell-Proof Bags For Weed?

We’ve listed four of the best smell-proof bags for weed on the market in this article; SSV stash, RYOT flat pack and Cali Duffle bag. Overall we recommend the SSV stash bag. However, it might cost more.

Are Skunk Bags K9-Proof?

There are mixed reviews on the efficiency of skunk bags. While some claim that they mask the smell, their efficiency lasts only about 6 months. Therefore, make sure to go for a bag with activated carbon to mask the smell.

What Container Blocks The Smell Of Weed?

You can use Ziploc bags, mason jars, or vacuum-sealed bags. However, smell-proof stash bags, like the ones listed above, are also effective, discreet, and easy to use in public.

Conclusion: Do Smell Proof Weed Bags Work?

Smell-proof stash bags are a great alternative for cannabis users to store and ward off the smell of weed on their person. They can put it in their pocket or their backpack for easy access. Also, they come in different colors so you can choose the color that best fits your style.

The most important thing is that the stash bags are child resistant, durable, water-resistant, etc. Furthermore, sheck your state laws before purchasing weed bags to avoid trouble with the law while walking with weed.

The stash bags come in different sizes, so check the dimensions before ordering one. Sometimes, bags are more significant in reality than their pictures portray them online. Additionally, ensure to purchase weed bags with locks to prevent losing the contents of the bag.

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