Best Shoes For Bunions Of 2022-According To Podiatrists 


You’re not the only one who has bunions right now. About a third of U.S. adults suffer from these bony lumps near the base of their big toe, a highly prevalent foot condition.

Bunions are not normally harmful but may be difficult, particularly when choosing the right footwear. They may be caused by several issues, including heredity, years of wearing poorly-fitting shoes or heels, and certain inflammatory illnesses.

It’s not always simple to find a pair of fashionable and cozy shoes when you have bunions, as anybody who has tried can attest to. We’ve developed a list of shoes that should accommodate a range of lifestyles and budgets by considering general support, pricing, and style.

Our Top Picks For The Best Shoes For Bunions

  1. Kuru Footwear Chicane – Best Overall Water Friendly Shoes, Editors Pick 
  2. Hammacher Schlemmer  Woven Stretch Comfort Shoes – Most Budget Friendly Shoes 
  3. Zappos -Authentic Shoes Brand With Wide Alternatives To Choose 
  4. Vionic Shoes Radiant Sneakers  – Most Comfortable Shoes Available In Different Styles
  5. Cole Haan Grandpro Tennis Sneakers – Recommended Shoes Brand For Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts 

#1. Kuru Footwear Chicane– Best Overall Water Friendly Shoes, Editors Pick 

Kuru Footwear Chicane designed these hiking boots to be sturdy and comfortable on and off the path. They don’t have the same aggressive sole that some of the more devoted hiking shoes have, which we believe might be problematic on longer walks, particularly when the terrain is rough or slippery. The rubber soles of these shoes are perfect for tackling a less strenuous path. Unlike most other hiking shoes, you won’t hurry to take them off when you return to civilization since they are also incredibly comfortable for going out.

The Kurus’ unusual fashion sense is one thing you immediately notice about them, and the sneakers stand out even more because of their distinctive and original style. However, you may want to know if they’re comfortable as well.

The support around your ankle and in the arch of your foot, two areas where you need it, is immediately noticeable when you put the shoes on, and unlike most other shoes, you don’t have to wear them for many days to break them in either.

Kuru is committed to preserving our natural resources, improving the globe, and taking sustainability seriously. Getting outside helps many of us refresh. Because of this, the sturdy Chicane comes with uppers made of either full-grain leather or a lighter combination of leather and mesh. With the ideal combination of breathability and protection, you can now enjoy outdoor exploration.


Comfort: The Chicanes were comfortable on the feet and fit right out of the box, but keep in mind that they tend to run approximately a half-size small when ordering a pair online.

Eco-Friendly: The company is environmentally friendly and dedicated to producing comfortable and distinctive shoes. Hence Kuru Footwear Chicane comprises either full-grain leather or a lighter combination of leather and mesh.


  • Stylish
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Free shipping


  • Free shipping only available in the USA

=< Click here to visit the official website of Kuru Footwear

#2. Hammacher Schlemmer Woven Stretch Comfort Shoes– Most Budget Friendly Shoes 

These comfort shoes feature woven, elastic uppers that reduce pressure points and ease discomfort from common foot illnesses. The stretchable uppers of these shoes expand to hug the curves of your feet. This contrasts with traditional, inflexible shoes that may cause friction, discomfort, or chafing.

This makes them ideal for those with arthritis, prolapsing toes, diabetic neuropathy, or bunions. They are slip-on shoes with elastic laces and impact-absorbing memory foam footbeds. The durable polyurethane used to form flexible outsoles has a pattern that prevents slipping.

These sneakers are a strong candidate if you place a high priority on large sizes and elastic materials. They come in five colors: black, bronze, navy, pewter, and white. Their flexible woven uppers may provide comfort for your feet if you suffer from bunions or other foot issues that cause pain. The memory foam footbed and slip-resistant outsole are further features of the slip-on type.


Eliminates Pressure Point: The Hammacher Woven Stretch Comfort Shoes feature ample cushioning. In addition, they boast a soft upper (woven), which helps eliminate pressure points. Besides, these stretch shoes can help relieve common foot disease-related discomforts.

Therapeutically Beneficial: These comfortable shoes are designed for people with bunions, flat feet, prolapsing toes or a big toe joint, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, etc.

Friction Free: These slip-on style shoes are not at all rigid. Hence, they don’t cause any chafing, irritation, or fiction. Besides, it boasts flexible polyurethane outsoles that outsource. They come in slip-resistant patterns, making them slip-free.

Feetures Lifetime Guarantee: All of the shoes from Hammacher Schlemmer are guaranteed for their generic lifespan under non-commercial and standard use.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Research-backed materials
  • Employee-owned organization
  • Transparent and authentic
  • The longest-running catalog of the USA


  • Often large
  • Reduced grip

=< Click here to visit the official website of Hammacher Schlemmer

#3. Zappos– Authentic Shoes Brand With Wide Alternatives To Choose 

Scrolling through the brand’s page, you can see the flashy ‘wow’ – the simple yet powerful three-letter word everywhere. This points to how Zappos established itself in the market. Yes, it’s a “brand with the wow factor!” Not only its products but its culture supersedes the company’s offerings, and probably this is where it stands out in miles.

Their bio claims that Zappos is a service company that “just happens to sell…” therefore, it’s not tricky to judge that the brand aims to earn much more than the reputation of the average shoe retailer. They are successfully living up to this goal. The brand holds a robust customer-centric view and vision, and probably this is the thing they pride themselves on.

The brand strives to touch all the degrees of Cs – community, customer service, commerce, and culture. Zappos’s story dates back to 1999, when the threatening Y2k bug challenged people’s way of living. Zappos’ founder Mick Swinmurn took this as an opportunity. With the dream of touching the stars and the willingness to introduce something bold and happening, he established Zappos.

Swinmurn teamed up with Tony Shieh, who held the role of an investor and adviser of the brand. Tony’s contribution is undeniable in turning Zappos into one of the most known online shoe vendors.

In 2009, Amazon took over Zappos for $1.2 billion, which was when Tony launched his best seller. Zappos has moved to a holacracy model, expanding its inventory with renowned brands like Nike and New Balance.


Extensive Collection: Zappos’ collection of comforting bunion shoes includes sneakers, sandals, loafers, and more. You can simply pick up any style to pair with your attire. You can refresh their sizing with vivid colors and styles. The statement makers from Zappos may be ideal for snatching the limelight. They also have extensive choices for kids.

Sensible Discounts: Zappos respects the future and the pillar of society. They offer exclusive discounts for students, teachers, and veterinarians to show their gratitude.  You can enjoy 10% off on all Zappos orders by verifying your details.

Enriched Resources: Zappos offers an exclusive associate and influencer program. They also keep on offering lucrative jobs. All of these work as fantastic resources that can help you earn.

VIP Benefits: Zappos lets you enjoy free expedited shipping and more when you become their VIP member. Your perks may also include rapid returns/refunds, exciting reward points, etc.


  • Great discounts
  • Extensive collection for men, women, and kids
  • Up-to-date styling
  • Access to numerous brands
  • Authentic and genuine
  • Value for money


  • Huge choices make the website look overwhelming

=< Click here to visit the official website of Zappos

#4. Vionic Shoes Radiant Sneakers– Most Comfortable Shoes Available In Different Styles

Renowned Australian podiatrist, Dr. Phillip Vasyli founded Vionic. Vasyli, a passionate surfer, had the idea to create orthotic inserts using surfboard molding methods so they would hug your sole like a natural imprint, much like sand does when you walk barefoot on it.

The outcome? Unmatched comfort and support, correction of overpronation, return to natural alignment, and relief from conditions like plantar fasciitis that cause persistent foot discomfort. Vasyli’s invention transformed the market and created the framework for a brand-new type of footwear, stylish shoes with integrated support technology.

With its soft mesh style and vibrant colors, this high-tech take on a sports classic will let you start your day off energetically. We suggest always choosing shoes with bigger toe boxes or soft, flexible uppers since they reduce the strain on the pump.

The Radiant Sneaker from Vionic is ideal because of its broad sizes, soft mesh material, and integrated cushioning. The shoe is offered in three color-blocked hues: a stunning mint, a vivid gray, and a sophisticated black.

Orthotic active shoes are ideal for athletes who want to do HIT training and go for regular walks. There are several designs and colors available for Vionic active shoes. These athletic workout shoes provide you with the performance, ease of slip-on use, and comfortable fit you need to exercise without discomfort.

For your feet to become used to the new amount of orthotic comfort they’re feeling, we advise wearing your new Vionic shoes for brief periods throughout the first week or two. You’ll enjoy the appearance of Vionic active shoes, which encourage natural alignment from the ground up.


Scientifically Based Style: The Three-Zone Comfort technology in Vionic shoes uses shapes created by podiatrists and seamlessly incorporated into each pair to provide stability, cushioning, and the highest level of arch support.

Advanced Motion System Technology: Vionic’s line of athletic shoes uses Advanced Motion System (AMS) technology, which combines their orthotic with a flexible, padded outsole and a light, breathable top. Enter assistance for daily activities, recreation, and work. Enjoy the thrill of training without boundaries!

Customer Reviews: The customer reviews on this brand’s products are overwhelmingly positive. One commented, “I can wear it for hours without discomfort since it is so lightweight yet supportive. In contrast to other athletic shoe styles, these don’t make my feet feel like they’re being stifled.”

APMA Approved: Vionic’s shoes all bear the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.


  • Defines comfort
  • Wide range of collection
  • Scientifically designed shoes for bunions
  • Orthopedic comfort and pain relief
  • 30-day wear test
  • Lucrative reward points


  • Reaching customer service is troublesome

=< Click here to visit the official website of Vionic Shoes

#5. Cole Haan Grandpro Tennis Sneakers– Recommended Shoes Brand For Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts 

Cole Haan is one of the top luxury brands in America, with over 80 years in the industry and hundreds of retail locations here. Cole Haan, founded in 1928 as a partnership by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan, embodied artisan excellence and flawless craft.

Initially, it was a men’s shoe brand that embodied the Roaring Twenties’ spirit with exquisitely crafted shoes for the stylish gentleman. Today, Cole Haan incorporates that tradition into all its products, including men’s jewelry belts, hosiery, purses, small leather items, outerwear, eyewear, and men’s and women’s dress and casual footwear.

Also, without ever compromising the Grand.ØS principles of flexibility, cushioning, and ergonomics, Cole Haan has reduced all the extra weight of conventional court shoes. The result is an astonishingly light sneaker that you must experience to believe. The stylish leather tennis shoes from Cole Haan are among the extensive selection of footwear they provide. In addition, they include responsive cushioning and a flexible footbed to let you move easily and fashionably.


Lightweight Construction: Components and compounds are carefully chosen to weigh less to enable you to walk or run longer.

Flexible Cushioning: Each stride is comfortably padded by many layers of patented cushioning materials. Opulent luxury for your busy day.

Natural Flexibility: Intelligent engineering and design imitate the action of the foot. With little effort, the transition from heel to toe is easy.


  • Forefoot and heel rubber pods for traction
  • For comfort and breathability, the footbed is wrapped with textile
  • Leather with a hand-stained burnish
  • Grand.ØS technology embedded in the EVA outsole
  • Simple tonal stitching


  • Lacks water resistance

=< Click here to visit the official website of Cole Haan

How We Made The List Of The Best Shoes For Bunions? 

Given the ever-increasing demand for bunion-friendly shoes, many manufacturers offer a versatile range of products. However, settling for less is not a solution because bunions are serious, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. They are not a mere eyesore or a consistent source of discomfort. Instead, they are acute foot deformities.

When you don’t pick up the right shoes for bunions, it may become a significant functional disability. Considering this risk factor, we have put in an exhaustive effort before producing our vetted recommendations.

After consulting niche experts and trained footwear professionals, we learned that tight footwear, high heels, or pointy-toe shoes might trigger the onset of bunions. Hence, we decided to keep such patterns out of our list. In addition, we carefully checked the material, comfortability, and other important factors to ensure the safest choice.

What We Looked For? 

  • Brand Reputation: Not all manufacturers are equally authentic and genuine. Knowing this fact, we allegedly searched for brands that hold good reputations. They are highly admired for offering real value for money. Besides, they produce their shoes by adhering to the relevant guidelines.
  • Stretchy Fabric: All of our picks feature stretchable fabric which expands as you walk. Naturally, this ensures comfort.
  • Non-Binding Toe Boxes: To ensure your shoe doesn’t put outside pressure on your bunion, we have enriched our list with alternatives that come with a wide toe box. In addition, they boast soft interior linings. Some of them even sport breathable mesh uppers. Together, they result in ultimate comfort.
  • Wall Structure: To determine the best shoes for bunions, we carefully examined the wall structure of the suggested shoes. Besides, we also paid close attention to its pressure points. After an extensive check, we finally got the five mentioned in this guide. They boast stretch/mesh panels around the bunion area, ensuring secure flex while walking.
  • Heel: High heels are killer for bunions. Therefore, we have considered shoes with low heels as they significantly reduce the body’s weight from being pushed down intensely into the toe boxes. They never make you feel restricted in the area around the balls of the feet, nor do they confine your toes.

Buying Guide For The Bunions Shoes 

Aside from providing you with the recommendation of the best shoes for bunions, we have taken an extra step in educating you on what to look out for in such shoes.

  • Toe Box

When the big toe’s initial joint expands, the big toe turns inward and develops bunions. Your toes may get compressed, which may hurt. The toe box size should be considered while choosing shoes to accommodate bunions. Those with bunions should seek a supportive shoe with a roomy, rounded toe box that can tolerate bunion deformity.

You have the additional room you need in the roomy toe box to prevent hurting your bunions. There is never too much toe box space when you have a bunion. The first piece of advice when buying shoes for someone with bunions is to ensure the toe box has adequate space to handle the deformity. There won’t be any discomfort in the shoes if there is no pressure on the bunion.

  • Heel Height

When looking for shoes to accommodate bunions, you must also consider the heel height. Bunions often prevent ladies from wearing high shoes. The great toe joint and foot’s ball will experience extreme pressure if the heel is excessively high, putting more strain on the bunion and causing severe discomfort.

However, keep in mind that everyone’s ideal heel height is different. Finding a heel height that doesn’t hurt is of utmost importance.

  • Width

Bunions might also get worse if your shoes are too thin. There may probably be discomfort if the shoe is small and the material does not expand or conform to the curve of the foot. If you have a bunion, you should avoid wearing narrow shoes since this may increase pressure and exacerbate discomfort.

The best way to tell whether a shoe is too small is to put it on and feel how it fits. You may feel pain or discomfort in the toe region if the shoes are excessively tight. The best method to ensure you receive the right width is to have your feet measured by a professional, but be sure to let them know if you have a bunion so they can consider it.

Check the size chart and customer reviews before making an online shoe purchase to understand how the shoes will fit you. Some companies furthermore include broad widths, giving you the additional space required to accommodate a bunion.

  • Materials

It’s important to consider the materials used while choosing shoes to support bunions. Stretching some textiles might be more difficult, and synthetic fabrics might not breathe as well.

It is advised to wear broad shoes made of mesh or cloth since this might relieve pressure on the bunion. The finest materials for bunions and other bony prominences can stretch and conform, and the ideal materials are those that can stretch, like mesh and soft leather.

Additionally, we advise wearing shoes made of forgiving materials. Flexible materials that conform to the bunion and relieve pressure include soft leather, mesh, and neoprene. Plastic and other rigid materials have little flexibility, and thus they will immediately inflame and hurt.

  • Shoe Designs

If you have bunions, there are several shoe styles you should stay away from. It would be best to avoid high heels since they increase pressure on the foot’s ball and may exacerbate the discomfort from bunions, particularly those over two inches high.

Also, remember that certain shoe designs tend to be narrower than others. Ballet flats, high heels, and flip-flops without proper arch support are all undesirable footwear choices.

We advise anything with a big toe box and flexible materials as the finest types of shoes for bunions. Bunion sufferers should generally wear casual or sports shoes, and this is because lace-up shoes often feature a broader toe box and, in some cases, numerous widths. They will also provide a cushioned footbed and arch support.

You may avoid bunions by wearing the right shoes, and they can also be made less painful if you already have them. Be sure to speak with a podiatrist or other medical expert to receive an accurate diagnosis of foot discomfort.

  • Test Them Out

To choose which pair is most comfortable for you, try several. Several bunion-friendly shoes are everything but orthopedic. Even though it may feel like your alternatives within those restrictions are constrained or orthopedic-looking, we advise trying on shoes to see how they make you feel before buying them. Comfort is so individualized and arbitrary. The ideal choice for you is to be able to try on as many pairs of shoes as necessary.

FAQs Regarding Bunion Shoes 

What Sandals Are Best For Bunions?

Well, it completely depends on your preferences. For example, stick to the covered design if you want to hide your unsightly bunions. However, you need to consider a few generic and technical factors. The goal should be picking up a sandal that helps address bunion-related foot pain and discomforts. Besides, the sandal must be a low heel. Moreover, sandals with medium and wide widths are recommended for bunions.

Do Cold Trigger Bunions?

Yes, it does! Cold weather can turn your feet cool. This may eventually trigger the discomfort caused by inflamed bunions. Furthermore, the bony growth may turn even more pulsating, causing tremendous pain. Therefore, you should always pick up shoes made from warmer fabric to keep your foot warm, ensuring comfort.

Can You Run With Bunions?

Of course, you can! However, bunions may be exacerbated by your running. They won’t trouble you much initially, though. This is where good bunion-friendly running shoes come into play. Their ample cushioning, wide toe box, and stretchable fit help you avoid severe discomforts like swelling, toe pain, foot pain, restricted movement, etc.

What Can Worsen Bunions?

Bunions can worsen when you wear tight or too small shoes. They crowd your toes together, putting pressure on your big toe. In addition, shoes with pointy toes and high heels also force your toes together. These can trigger unbearable foot pain, inflammation, and other complications if left unattended. Therefore, always ensure to wear bunion-friendly shoes to keep things controlled. In case you have symptoms of arthritis, consider consulting your doctor and following the recommended treatment.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Bunion Shoes To Consider? 

Bunions may be genetic, or you may develop them out of the blues. Excessively flexible ligaments and abnormal bone structure may also cause bunions.In such situations ensure to eat a healthy -well balanced diet. You can also try certain supplements including Vitamin D,C and A. Whatever it is, if you have got bunions, be a little careful. Remember, wrong shoes can trigger the discomforts associated with bunions. Hence, invest in buying bunion-friendly and go pain-free.

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