Best Sales Tracking Software Of 2022 


Sales tracking software is invaluable when it comes to keeping tabs on your company’s sales updates. Most of the time, these resources will scour your existing website and other places for relevant data. As soon as it has all the information, you can use it to generate reports on the health of your company and the areas that need improvement.

In addition to helping you generate statistics, sales tracking tools also help you compare your present performance to that of other businesses in your field. This might shed light on your progress and reveal gaps in your strategy. Knowing this will help you make the choices necessary to implement change in your organization and increase revenues.

The need for this software created a surge in the market. Hence, choosing the best sales tracking tool online is difficult. We have created a roundup of the top three tracking software on the market.

Our Top Picks For The Best Sales Tracking Softwares

  1. Pipedrive – Overall Best For New Lead Tracking, Editors Pick
  2. Freshworks – Most Recommended Product For Sales Forecasting 
  3. Clickup – Top Rated Tracking Software To Catalog Sales 

#1. Pipedrive–  Overall Best For New Lead Tracking, Editors Pick

Pipedrive is a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) and pipeline management tool. It aids firms in organizing their sales processes and keeping track of their transactions. Pipedrive simplifies the whole process of turning a lead into a closed contract.

The solution is cloud-based making it available anytime through any modern web browser or specialized mobile application.

Pipedrive is suitable for teams of all sizes due to its strong emphasis on sales. This CRM’s simple but powerful design has attracted 100,000+ paying clients in 179 different countries. Pipedrive ensures nothing gets lost in the shuffle, freeing your staff to focus on sales rather than paperwork.

Pipedrive gives salespeople complete insight into their various pipelines. Each deal’s current status and the full list of upcoming tasks may be seen in a streamlined layout. Users may monitor the status of all tasks in their respective pipelines with the help of the activity and objective functionality.

In addition to tracking team and individual sales goals, Pipedrive also provides tools for in-depth data analysis and graphical reporting on sales activity.

You can see where each transaction stands at any time using the drag-and-drop flexibility of the Kanban-style pipelines. This enables you to add deals, revenue, projected closing date, and likelihood, then move them through your sales funnel. Due to its user-friendly interface and clear visuals, Pipedrive is the go-to sales analytics tool for any company that values efficiency.

Pipedrive’s email system is compatible with several popular providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. With Pipedrive, users may connect to many email addresses and send and receive messages from any of them.

Additionally, the system is compatible with various industry-standard CRM programs. This facilitates data exchange of user profiles, conversations, and other data.


Functionality: Pipedrive is a great choice for any business looking to deploy a CRM. The program is easy to use and can help you structure your procedures. Moreover, its robust features will be an invaluable resource over time.

Ease Of Use: Moving a transaction from one stage to the next, adding notes, arranging an appointment, reminders, and sending emails are just some of the many uses for this fantastic tool in managing your sales funnel. If we compare it to similar alternatives, this one’s UI is a breeze to work with.

Quick And Simple To Set Up: The tool relies on two types of objects—contacts and deals—to function. It’s possible to build up dependable reporting, some degree of automation, and, most importantly, effective business processes with astonishing ease.

Integrations: The software supports native integrations with several popular email marketing and lead-generating platforms. It also supports Zapier and Integromat, and its open API is just as user-friendly as the rest of its straightforward information structure and configuration. While it integrates with a wide variety of industry leaders, the product might need more third-party integration.

The Cost: The first 30 days are free without your credit card details, and the lack of integration, installation, and training expenses make up for the price of the program.

Mobile App: The Pipedrive mobile sales reps tracking app is an excellent feature. In addition to automatically recording conversations and audio notes, it also has caller ID tools that provide information about the prospect’s potential for financial gain. A straightforward visual process also makes for a pleasant user experience.


  • Lead qualification
  • Customizable
  • Affordable
  • Email notifications
  • Impressive mobile app


  • Limited analytic use of CRM

=> Click here to visit the official website of Pipedrive

#2. Freshworks– Most Recommended Product For Sales Forecasting

For comprehensive software support, organizations of any size may turn to Freshworks, a multi-product, scalable solution. Its five offerings include IT and human resources (HR) software and CRM for customer service, sales, and marketing.

The Freshworks app bundle provides a full-featured customer relationship management system for enterprises of all sizes. Customers may choose from five offerings: service, sales, marketing, human resources, and information technology.

Freshworks’ free plan is ideal for consumers on a tight budget since it has all the features small companies need. Additionally, the setup process for Freshworks only takes around 48 hours; in contrast, implementing most of the competition’s offerings may take considerable time.

However, compared to its rivals, Freshworks offers fewer opportunities for personalization. Salesforce and HubSpot could be better suited for users who need to make significant modifications to the user interface or develop specialized custom fields, such as bigger enterprises.

However, despite the lack of customization options, we think Freshworks is a great all-around software package for small businesses.


Affordable: Freshworks is an effective system at an affordable price. It’s unlike other CRMs in that it provides extensive assistance in human resources and information technology.

Convenience: Moreover, its setup process is really simple. The Freshmarketer product is only one example of several prepared for immediate use. Compared to other CRMs, Freshworks may be live within 48 hours, while this may take several weeks for other solutions.

Personalization: It has a growing app store of over 650 products and good personalization features. However, businesses with extensive customization requirements may do better with CRMs that provide a wider range of options.

Customer Assistance: All levels of the product have to access assistance by chat, phone, and email around the clock. Users at the enterprise plan level and above can access a dedicated account manager. As a result, Freshworks’ premium customers get better service, while those on the free and growing tiers continue to have easy access to the platform’s extensive resources.

Ease Of Use: Overall, Freshworks has something for everyone owing to its comprehensive suite of apps. Its items may be set up and used in a short amount of time. You may use them for a broad variety of purposes, and the amount of customization available is enough.

In addition to its scalability, Freshworks provides a generous free tier with all of its offerings. Due to these benefits, we think it’s the best sales lead tracking software for customers on a tight budget or enterprises who value the speed of implementation and little configuration.


  • Easy to set up
  • Convenient use
  • Various products HR and IT support
  • Impressive free plan
  • Easy scaling


  • Limited customization

=> Click here to visit the official website of Freshworks

#3. Clickup– Top Rated Tracking Software To Catalog Sales 

ClickUp is a cloud-based project management solution that achieves a fine balance between offering just the proper amount of features and making sure it’s both affordable and easy to use. It allows teams to define and share objectives, prioritize tasks, and get progress updates on projects.

ClickUp is one of the finest project management software solutions available. It allows your teams to manage everything in one platform, including chat, tasks, documents, and objectives and is very configurable. Regardless of the size or nature of your organization, you will find its range of excellent and cost-effective productivity tools, extensive customization options, and cross-platform compatibility invaluable.

ClickUp simplifies time management by providing customizable time tracking options that let you stay focused on your job while also improving your time management skills. You may get a better handle on your work hours with the help of this application by keeping track of them and using features like estimations, notes, and reports.

In addition, you may adjust the amount of time recorded, add or remove hours to see how much time should be recognized as an expense on invoices, and mark taxable time to see how much time should be recorded as an expense on invoices.

ClickUp is among the few project management software programs that offer customers a well-functioning mobile app. It allows users to get work done, check for critical updates, assign tasks, and so on at the touch of a screen, which is crucial in today’s world when access is required 24/7.

The app’s clean design and simple controls make it simple to add new tasks, share information with coworkers, and coordinate activities from anywhere.


Customization: ClickUp’s ability to be customized to specific needs is one of its strongest selling points. Thanks to this online software, you may modify it to fit your needs in terms of workflow, business strategy, preferences, and more. Hence, ClickUp is among the most adaptable options, allowing teams from various sectors to choose a structure that best suits them.

Communication: Successful projects result from effective cooperation and communication among sales teams, neither of which should be difficult. Yet many organizations have difficulties in this area, particularly due to the rise of remote workers. ClickUp shines in communication and contact management as a whole.

Features: ClickUp’s extensive capabilities make it easy for groups of any size to communicate and collaborate in real-time with anybody, anywhere in the world. ClickUp allows you to accomplish anything from talking with coworkers to editing documents with them to sending and receiving emails. The application allows everyone on the team, whether in the office or working remotely, to be in constant contact and on the same page.

Pricing: ClickUp provides some of the most reasonable and inexpensive prices on the market yet provides many useful features. Signing up for ClickUp’s free plan is a great way to become acquainted with the service and everything it offers.

The system is suitable for one-person operations and expanding businesses, as users may choose a price plan that best suits their current and future requirements.

Reports: ClickUp’s sophisticated in-the-moment reporting features simplify creating, retrieving, and modifying reports. You may use the tool to learn more about your team’s efficiency by examining their calendars and learning about the projects they are working on, the deadlines they have missed, and the tasks they have done.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Effortless communication
  • Advanced customization features
  • Real-time reporting
  • More than 15 view modes are available
  • Excellent mobile app


  • Requires a learning curve

=> Click here to visit the official website of Clickup

How We Made The List Of The Best Sales Tracking Softwares? 

We have analyzed stand-alone sales monitoring platforms and those integrated into customer relationship management (CRM) to determine the pros. Our team also developed other benchmarks.

Next, we evaluated and assessed each product to arrive at the top three software. Most customers prefer to utilize a platform that provides powerful, cheap monitoring capability. Therefore price and core features are the most crucial areas we have considered when selecting the right sales tracking software. The best sales tracking software should meet your needs, which include how intuitive its interface is and how well its more complex features work.

What We Looked For ? 

Features Of Sales-Tracking: In an ideal world, the sales team monitoring software you use would keep tabs on useful indicators. The more information your software gathers, the better.

You’ll be able to increase your sales team’s productivity thanks to enhanced reporting and analysis. While many other metrics might be useful, our sales monitoring software will accurately record crucial indicators.

Customization: On average, just 20% of your actions produce 80% of your outcomes. Most of your sales probably come from a small number of prospecting channels. The issue is that most individuals don’t bother to examine and identify the origins of those leads.

To better allocate resources, you may see, for instance, that a disproportionate share of your sales originate from leads created via email marketing and devote more time and effort there. Hence, this software will help you to customize your search and data.

Conversions Tracking: No matter how well your sales force performs in terms of conversion rate, you may still be unable to turn a profit if your revenue per sale is insufficient.

You can use this indicator to identify issues in the sales process, such as an upsell that reduces sales of the main product and lowers revenue per sale.

Pricing: You should ensure that the program you use is worth its price. Since tracking software requires renovating subscriptions, you will need efficient tracking for every penny you spend. The programs on our list are affordable, convenient, and worth the cost.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Sales Tracking Platform

  • Sales Performance Tracking

The finest sales monitoring software can provide you with a wealth of lead information. However, it should also keep tabs on your daily, weekly, or monthly efforts to connect with your leads. In other words, your sales monitoring technology should record your sales activity.

Sales representatives may benefit from this software feature since it makes it simple to see when you last approached a lead, the method of communication you used (phone, email, text, etc.), whether you received a response or not, and how many times you’ve contacted them overall, and more. The sales strategy that successfully closes the business may be adjusted using the information provided.

Activity tracking is also helpful for sales managers since it will help them assess their sales representatives more accurately, be a better coach, and develop a data-driven sales strategy.

  • Tracking Key Sales Metrics

Getting fresh leads is usually a top concern for salespeople. As a result, the sales monitoring software you use should make it simple to get crucial data for each lead in your pipeline. You’ll specifically want to know: who are your leads? What are their names, the names of the businesses they operate for, and what sectors they operate in? Do you know which one of your items they’re considering or how much money they have to spend? The better, the greater you know about your leads.

How did they find your company? Did they find your business via an organic marketing plan and then contact your sales team for further information? You can develop a more successful sales plan when you know how your connection with a lead got started.

Knowing which pipeline phase each lead is in at any time allows you to concentrate your efforts on the leads that are most likely to result in a sale while nurturing prospects who aren’t ready to make a purchase. Make sure your chosen sales tracking software enables you to maintain thorough data on your referrals to have the necessary resources to complete transactions.

  • Forecasting Sales

Predicting future sales figures is known as sales forecasting. Businesses often use sales predictions to guide critical business choices, anticipate future sales cycles, and allocate resources effectively.

However, it’s not an exact science, and businesses get into trouble when they make bad forecasts. Invest in a sales monitoring tracking software that will enable you to see past and present sales data for your whole salesforce and anticipate future revenue based on those figures with some degree of accuracy to help prevent erroneous sales forecasting.

Knowing your customers, especially how wide a client base you can reach, is another need for accurate sales forecasting.

  • Reports Of Loss

You should keep track of any possible failed agreements, sometimes known as your losses. The exact reasons you’re losing transactions (or the primary rivals you’re losing deals to) may help you better your selling strategy and ensure that you don’t repeat the same errors in the future, even if looking at and studying these figures may be unpleasant.

You may more accurately predict your sales figures for a certain month, quarter, or year by looking at your losses when it comes to predicting.

  • Win Possibilities

Do you know how many transactions you’ve completed so far this year? How about the current quarter? Make sure the program you pick will enable you to rapidly access information on closed prospects and new sales before engaging in sales tracking software.

Knowing which transactions you were successful in closing and the sales techniques you used are important information, as discussed above since they demonstrate the influence of your sales operations and the involvement of certain salespeople.

You should review your winning opportunities in the same way that professional football coaches examine replays of prior games to figure out which plays performed best for them in the past. By doing so, you may identify the most successful sales strategies you have access to and use them more often.

  • Reports From Funnel

Do you find it difficult to maintain a healthy sales pipeline? Do certain funnel points routinely get blocked with leads? If so, sales monitoring software could well save your life.

Your software should help you monitor how close your prospects are to a sale, what’s preventing prospects from moving further down your pipeline, and which sales approaches prove to be the most successful. Many sales tracker systems let you examine each segment of your funnel in real-time.

If you learn best visually, you could think about spending money on sales monitoring software that will let you keep track of prospects in a pipeline. Later in this book, we’ll go into more detail regarding various sales tracking systems.

  • Conversion Rate

Creating fresh leads requires time. You can generate more money without working unreasonable hours by turning more of your current leads into paying customers.

Increasing your conversion rate is one of the most efficient strategies to enhance sales. A good sales monitoring tool will calculate conversion rates for each salesperson on your team, as well as by lead source and other factors. Then, you may examine these indicators to see how you might do better.

Sales managers may also see which salespeople have the best conversion rates, examine their selling strategies, and learn how the most successful team members regularly complete transactions. The salespeople having trouble may then be given this information.

  • Median Selling Price

The revenue per sale indicator calculates your business’s typical profit each time a transaction is closed. Generally, the higher this figure, the better, as long as you can continue to complete transactions at a steady pace.

The income per sale is extremely helpful if you sell many product tiers or provide numerous upgrades. You may evaluate your effectiveness (or that of your team, if you’re a sales manager) at upselling clients or chasing the most valued accounts by examining your income per sale. For that reason, it is considered as one of the best accounting software.

FAQS Regarding Sales Tracking Softwares

 How Do Tiny Firms Keep Tabs On Sales?

It is a common difficulty for many firms, especially small ones, to lose track of sales. Small companies that succeed often have a system for monitoring revenue and expenses. Although this procedure has several stages, it all begins with figuring out how much money each product or service makes in gross profit. Keeping an eye on the gross margin is only the beginning.

The pace at which a company retains its customers is an area that often gets neglected. Customer retention measures how committed clients continue to use your products and services over time. By monitoring client retention rates, you may discover which advertising strategies are most successful at bringing in new consumers and keeping the ones tracking already have.

How Do Sales Software Tools Function?

Sales tracking software aims to facilitate the collection and monitoring of sales data for businesses. The program records various sales aspects, including the buyer’s information, the total amount paid, and more.

Moreover, it can track which goods are the most popular and which should be phased out owing to low demand. This program’s time-saving, business-enhancing, and revenue-boosting capabilities make it an indispensable resource.

How To Monitor Consumer Spending?

Keeping tabs on consumer purchases may be done in several ways. An online shop powered by a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce is a typical example. You may make new goods and get client data with the help of this program. Orders, shipments, and returns from customers may then be monitored centrally. You might also use your website’s Google Analytics account.

Your site’s traffic, user behavior, popular search terms, and more may all be analyzed this way. Taking images of the contents of each shipment and sharing them on social media with a hashtag is another option for keeping track of physical goods sold via an online business.

Which Program Works Best To Monitor Sales?

It’s not always easy to tell which new software will be the most useful for your company. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. When you’re dealing with various companies, things become tricky. What works well for one company may not be suitable for another.

Conclusion: Which Is The Most Effective Sales Tracking Software? 

There are numerous kinds of sales tracking software available from tax softwares to accounting softwares.However, the ups and downs of a sales job may be emotionally exhausting. The highs and lows of life are inevitable, but there are steps you can do to make them more manageable. You can, for example, use one of the sales tracking software options we have suggested.

Superior lead management, salesperson activity monitoring, sales forecasting, and metric optimization (including per-sale income) are all possible with the aid of quality sales tracking software. However, these benefits are contingent on your team selecting an appropriate tool.

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