Best Reverse Osmosis Water Systems of 2021 [Reviews & Guide]

Nikhil Goswami

A reverse osmosis system is a form of water filter that offers users safe, delicious, and high-quality drinking water. It uses pressure to put water through a semipermeable membrane, which rids it of impurities and makes it safe and clean for consumption.

The very best reverse osmosis systems remove dangerous poisons and chemicals such as viruses, total dissolved solids, bacteria, arsenic, and lead, plus many more.

This article will further discuss the many benefits of the best reverse osmosis system to ensure you are able to choose the perfect one for you and your family.

5 Best Reverse Osmosis System of 2021:

  1. AquaTru – Overall Best, Top-Quality & Editor’s Choice
  2. Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System – Best Performance
  3. Waterdrop Tankless – Best Tankless
  4. Crystal Quest – Best In Efficiency
  5. Home Master TMHP – Best For Well Water

1. AquaTru – Overall Best, Top-Quality & Editor’s Choice


Brand Overview

The AquaTru is just beautiful in its design. It looks like a Keurig and a water cooler combined, and the end result is spectacular. It is compact and nice if the underneath of your sink is not spacious enough for a reverse osmosis system

The unit is designed to remove a wide range of impurities and contaminants via ultra-reverse osmosis. The water you get tastes fantastic and rivals that of the fanciest bottled water you can think of.

You can store the unit right on your kitchen countertop with their easy installation process. There are simple instructions included which allow you to have the purified drinking water and great tasting water in just a few minutes.


  • Quick and easy setup.
  • It is a Four Stages Water Filtration System which ensures clean and safe water.
  • Efficient and wastes far less water than RO systems.


  • The tank on this reverse osmosis water filtration system is smaller than others we’ve seen, and one gallon of water goes fast.

Now Let’s Discuss A Few Features: 

Quick-Change Filtration: All it takes is a twist and seal to change these reverse osmosis systems. Your machine will tell you when it is time for a change. On average, it will be every six months that you require a change of filter, but this could be longer or shorter depending on your family’s usage.

Four-Stage Filtration: This unit includes a pre-filter, an RO system, a RO membrane, and an activated carbon filter. With these four stages working in tandem, you can be sure you will get nothing but the finest tasting water that’s also safe and clean. You will also be glad to know that the wastewater is diverted to a separate tank, which can easily be removed and emptied.

Storage Tank: You can always see how much water you have by looking at the storage tank. The machine takes 15 minutes to purify a gallon.

The machine itself is quite efficient compared to others we have seen. For example, other under-the-sink models waste about 3 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of RO water. However, the AquaTru system wastes less, with only 25% of the water being wasted in the process of purification.

Your purchase is protected with their one-year warranty on the unit plus a money-back guarantee on the AquaTru filters. The filters are all located inside the body of the unit. They’re all assembled when the unit arrives, it just needs to be set up then it is ready for use.

Maintenance is easy with this system. Flush with water once a week and follow the machine’s direction when it’s time to put a new filter in. This simple process will allow you to enjoy your system for the following years to come.

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2. Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System – Best Performance


Brand Overview

The Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is tankless and can provide you with clean and fresh water in just 12 seconds.

This model’s efficiency is also pretty great, coming in at a 1:1 ratio for wastewater to filtered water. With other systems, you are looking at a ratio of 1:3 or 1:4.

This reverse osmosis water filtration system is the ideal choice for people who demand an RO system for drinking water but are limited when it comes to space. This unit is beautiful in its design and features four rubber feet to keep it safely in place under your counter or your sink.

There’s no need to worry about leaking water causing an electrical hazard or rotting your wooden countertops or cupboards. If a leak is detected, the leakage protector will kick in and cut off the electricity and water supply.

The reverse osmosis water filtration stages are a happy medium, especially considering the price. You get 7 filtration stages for superb water purification, plus it removes 99% of harmful additives and particles, making the smell and taste of your water at their all-time best.

For starters, the included faucet is made free from lead. A cool LED light turns on when the faucet is being used, perfect for night use. It’s made from quality brass and is plated with chrome.

Now onto the filtration. The pre sediment and carbon block filter is awesome as it removes the larger particles in your water. Rust, sand and chlorine, chloramines, and other chemicals are no match for this filter.

Next comes the RO membrane. We found this filter to be larger and much more efficient compared to other RO systems. It measures 15 inches tall and 4 inches wide, providing a complete water filtration experience.

The carbon block filter is the next part. It’s made from coconut shells and puts healthy minerals back into the water, thereby getting rid of bad tastes, odors and minimizing acidity.

Now one thing that may concern some buyers is the unit’s lack of tank. On one hand, it is nice to get your water freshly made at the time you want it, but not having that ready supply of water could be a drawback.

Granted, it only takes 12 seconds to fill up a cup of water.  The short wait time is thanks to the booster pump that is built-in. It gives the machine optimal pressure, quickening the RO process and filling the glass in a short period of time.


  • It offers 7 stages of filtration.
  • Water is made on-demand- it tastes great.
  • Design is slim, compact, and great for people limited on space.


  • This reverse osmosis water filtration system does not have a tank- you need to wait for your clean water to be produced.

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3. Tankless Reverse Osmosis System by Waterdrop – Best Tankless


Brand Overview

On a budget and limited on space but still want great tasting water? The Waterdrop Tankless Reverse Osmosis System may be most suitable for you. It is the most affordable option out of the many on our list. The price does not define the quality of the system, as it’s reviews are at a perfect 5 stars.

It begins with composite filter technology. Here, filters work in tandem to ensure your water is clean and the filtration process is efficient.

It begins with the Sediment PP membrane, which gets rid of the really big particles. Next, the activated carbon block removes even more. The second Sediment PP membrane gets rid of the even smaller particles. Lastly, the reverse osmosis membrane and the activated carbon block help rid the water of any more impurities but also add in beneficial minerals and reduce acidity.

As with our other Waterdrop system, this one is tankless. With the tankless system, your water will be delivered to you in real-time, taking about 12 seconds to fill a standard drinking glass. Indeed, this unit’s water flow is superior compared to others, boasting a water flow rate of 400 GPD. Water flow is always stable with this unit.

The unit measures in at just 14 inches high and 6 inches wide, so it can fit right under your sink or wherever you’d like it with ease.

Installation is relatively easy, but if you’re not a big DIYer, you may wish to have a professional assist you. You will need to drill a hole and install an adapter onto your home water tubing to connect to the RO system input water tubing and wastewater tubing. You will need electricity for this system.

This reverse osmosis water filtration system is excellent for everyone, regardless of where you live. If you are drawing water from a well, it is advised that you opt for a pre-filter, one that can handle particles measuring 5-10 μm.


  • Beautiful budget RO system without compromise on quality.
  • Small in size and saves space.
  • It takes just 12 seconds to enjoy pure, delicious water.


  • Not recommended to connect to an ice maker or refrigerator.

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4. Crystal Quest RO Bottleless Water Cooler – Best In Efficiency


Brand Overview

With many people working from home, the demand for fresh, clean and tasty water at arm’s reach is going up. You can choose cartridges that filter out nitrate, fluoride, arsenic, or even a cartridge that serves as an ionizer, oxidation, and mineralizer.

Crystal Quest features a built-in water filtration system. The unit also utilizes ultrafiltration technology. When it comes to the ultrafiltration process, a very small membrane, sized for .2 microns, is able to partially clear micro-organisms without wastewater to reduce the TSS (total suspended solids).

Without this technology, some TSS is going to remain in that drinking water. Indeed, this is why the reverse osmosis water filter, which is included, really matters.

Other great features of this reverse osmosis water filtration system include the stainless-steel hot and cold-water tanks. Stainless steel is an excellent material that lasts for years and is also what many professional kitchen tools are made from. There is a hot and cold power switch that can be utilized for different purposes such as hot tea or a cup of cold water.

At first, you may think this water cooler is too big, however, according to its dimensions it is certain that you can place it in your kitchen, home office, or family room.


  • You can finance the cooler interest-free.
  • It weighs just 45lb and is easy to move around.
  • Your purchase will help a Nicaraguan or African family enjoy clean water for a year.


  • The website did not include specific installation instructions.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Crystal Quest

5. Home Master TMHP RO System – Best For Well Water


Brand Overview

Here we have a great all-in-one kit, complete with a faucet upgrade option, too. You can purchase the chrome model for no extra cost, or you can pick one of the other beautiful options, all of which are fairly priced.

Appearances aside, this filter works hard. For starters, it is EPA registered and is approved to kill, suppress or inactivate the growth of fungi, viruses, and bacteria in water purification devices. If you live in the country and operate on well water, the redox filter media does a great job of getting rid of dissolved iron up to 1 ppm. It is a KDF85 iron filter.

Filter changes for this particular model are very easy. No wrenches are needed, and you change it every 2,000 gallons or just once per year, whichever comes first for you. This filter will provide you with great tasting and satisfying water.

The secret lies in the 9 stages of filtration, plus the UV sterilization, purification, and mineral enhancement, which makes it clean, safe, and delicious to drink.

There are also a few optional accessories included that some of you will undoubtedly spring for. For example, antimicrobial tubing inhibits polymer slime and biofilm growth that causes degradation of materials, poor taste, and bad odors.

It is a non-leaching tube and is treated without silver or triclosan. The additive included is integrated into the tubing, which guards it against discoloration, microorganisms, and foul odors.  You simply select this as you purchase the system, and they will install it for you with no additional assembly required on your part.

A refrigerator connection kit is also available. You can have your spigot mounted directly on the fridge for easy water access and ease of access when making lemonade, teas, or mixed drinks.

An item that may be more convenient for big families or lots of guests is the “Fast Flow RO!” kit. It differs from most “fast flow” kits because it boosts the flow of the water from your spigot instead of refilling the reserve tank faster. This feature is included in your purchase.


  • 5-year warranty
  • NSF approved
  • Can be DIY installed


  • The tank does not have a huge footprint but is rather bulky.

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Do You Need A RO System?

We highly recommend a reverse osmosis system due to the many benefits it can provide for your water and health. The Vermont Department of Health mentions that contaminants in water are basically invisible. You often won’t be able to see, taste, or smell toxins in your water.

Your water can be affected by the plumbing of your home as well as the plumbing leading to your home. Therefore, Vermont suggests that you test the water for lead if you are using public water such as living in the city. If lead is present, a reverse osmosis system may be necessary for you to help remove that.

On the other hand, some people get their water from a well and feel that an RO system is pointless. However, the EPA points out that human activities and naturally occurring sources can contaminate private wells. The article also mentions the many contaminants that can occur as a result of regular human and animal activity.

For example, those living in the country may have big or small farms. Animal waste, fertilizer, and even organic chemicals can all make their way into the well water.

It is evident that we do not test our well water often. For some, it’s every year and for others they test it years after buying their home. It is not worth the risk and is much more convenient to invest in a reverse osmosis system.

Why RO System Is A Necessity?

We reviewed and approved products that we believe are definitely worth considering installing the reverse osmosis system in your home for many reasons.

  • Your Water Is Cleaner and Safer After Using A Reverse Osmosis System

There are so many impurities in our water, from harmful contaminants, sediments, chemicals, and much more. These impurities are a danger to our health and can cause your water to have a bad odor and taste.

The water you get from the reverse osmosis system is even better than bottled water, which can help you save money by filling up your own vessel each day instead of investing in tons of bottled water.

  • Reverse Osmosis System Removes Harmful Viruses, Bacteria, and Contaminants

Take a look into this information from the CDC which states that reverse osmosis systems are highly effective in removing viruses such as norovirus, Hepatitis A, enteric, and rotavirus.

You will also be able to effectively remove bacteria like shigella, e.coli, and salmonella, among others. Protozoa such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium are also able to be removed.

Chemical contaminants such as copper, radium, magnesium, phosphorus, and arsenic, plus many others, can be reduced or removed altogether with a reverse osmosis system.

  • Great for Those with Compromised Immune Systems

For some people, pure drinking water is necessary for their diet. For example, parents need purified water to mix formulas for newborns. Many parents are concerned about fluoride and prefer their children to consume pure water with no harmful additives.

On the other hand, cancer patients are immunocompromised and will benefit from clean, purified water to avoid possibly becoming more ill.

  • Feel Great About Offering Water to Your Family and Guests

With a reverse osmosis system, you and your family or guests can enjoy high-quality drinking water straight from your own household. The reverse osmosis water system will provide you with water that has great taste and smell along with no extra cost of bottled water.

  • OK For CPAP Users

Distilled water is the best choice of water to be used in the humidifier chamber for CPAP users. If you or a family member uses a CPAP machine for sleeping, distilled water is the best choice of water to be used in the humidifier chamber.

If you find yourself out of distilled water for situations like this, an RO water filter can deliver you with fresh water from your tap right away.

RO water is acceptable, although you should always use distilled water (more often than not, your CPAP owner’s manual will call for it). However, it is comforting to know that you can still get the sleep you need even if you are out of distilled water.

Do not make this a habit, the longer you go without changing the filters of your RO system; the more contaminants are let through.

  • They Are Not Bulky

Reverse osmosis systems are sleek and futuristic-looking. They are not bulky and will look clean and tight wherever you place them in your home.

For example, the Water Drop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System has four feet which help it stand up neatly under your sink and features a tankless design to save space.

  • They Are Affordable

Many individuals seem to think that they cannot afford an RO system. Similar to other household appliances and tools such as refrigerators and generators, RO systems come in many shapes and sizes. These vary the prices of all your different options.

There are options such as a whole house system or systems simply to enjoy clean and safe drinking water that you can purchase.

For example, the Crystal Quest water cooler system featured in our product reviews is a beautiful, inexpensive and tasty way to enjoy pure drinking water for you and your family.

Is the Reverse Osmosis System Worth It?

Every household is different meaning not every home needs the same whole-house filtration systems. Although these systems function the same way, the inclusion or exclusion of extra filters will have an impact on the type of contaminants a filter removes from your water flow.

Regardless of how many filters the reverse osmosis water system makes use of, there are several factors to consider as you shop.

How Do I Choose a Reverse Osmosis System?

  • Water Flow

Each whole house water filtration system will generate a different amount of filtered drinking water every minute. Due to all the water coming into your home is going to be filtered, this will be the same amount of water that reaches your toilets, appliances, showers, and taps.

Smaller homes could get by using a water filter that can do about 10 gallons a minute, but bigger houses with more activity probably cannot. If you know your home uses a lot of water at the same time- for example, dishes being washed while another family member is taking a shower – you should purchase a system that can manage decent water flow.

  • Filters

Different filters will keep out varying contaminants. Depending on your initial water test results, you should pick out a unit that will effectively remove contaminants present in your water. For example, if your water is contained by heavy metals, look for a unit that has a copper-zinc mineral filtration system. If bacterial contamination is what interferes with your household’s water supply, look for a UV filter.

Which Type of House Water Filter Should You Get?

This depends on the initial test results of the unfiltered water that currently flows into your home, as well as the consumption needs of your household, plus a few other factors that we will go over now.

  • Filters’ Longevity

This is an essential feature because most of the whole house systems for sale do not require a lot of maintenance work. However, changing the water filters should be done regularly to ensure your system is doing its job properly. Not all of the filters that your system can utilize have the same lifespan.

At times, you can choose a filter that handles 100,000 gallons, or you might even find one that can handle 1 million gallons that works for the same system. It all depends on what you and your family need in terms of water supply. Search for one in your budget but still meets your filtration requirements.

  • Household Water Usage

The amount of water your home uses is definitely something to consider. It seems ideal to choose the most affordable option, however, if your home uses a great deal of water, you may have to change out the filter every month.

Due to this, the cheaper reverse osmosis systems may end up being more expensive because you are changing it so often as opposed to investing in a more expensive water filter that does not require much maintenance on your end.

Alternatively, if you choose a filter that lasts longer than five years when your home does not utilize a lot of water, it can result in it getting clogged and failing to function properly. Be sure to find the balance between your home’s water consumption and the filter’s lifespan in order to get the most value for your dollar.

  • Microns

Depending on your home’s initial water test results, you will need to select the correct micron rating as you shop for the filter. The best result will stop anything greater than .35 microns.

As you probably guessed, these filters are a bit more pricey than the ones that stop only the stuff bigger than 1 micron. A micron is 1/1000th of a millimeter, which is very tiny. If your source is not a highly contaminated one, a filter that handles .35 micron might be too excessive for your needs.

How much is a reverse osmosis water system?

Wondering what maintenance tasks you will have to complete once your RO system is installed? Wondering if you can handle the installation of a reverse osmosis water system on your own? We’ve got your answers.

The good news is that these reverse osmosis systems are not tough to install on your own, but if you’re not very handy or you aren’t experienced in doing a lot of DIY projects, it’s probably better to call a professional for assistance.

Here’s the Basic Rundown of How to Install A Whole House Water Filter:

  • Start by turning off the main supply and be sure to drain off the system.
  • Pick out where you want your RO system to go and mark it off. Be sure you note the measurements of the filter and confirm it will fit in the space you desire prior to purchasing. Keep in mind that the filters will be taken in and out of the system, so check if the space you want to install is hassle-free.
  • Cut the pipe with a pipe cutter.
  • Install the compression nut, plus the brass/plastic fittings as per the manufacturer’s directions. Be sure that you utilize Teflon tape when it comes to the fittings.
  • Install the filter, now making sure the “in” and “out” ports are facing the correct directions.
  • Turn off the inlet valve of the filter, and now turn back on your main supply. If there are no leaks, turn on the inlet valve. Verify there are no leaks.
  • You have now completely installed the whole house water filtration system. Whenever you need to change out that filter, turn off the inlet valve and use the included wrench to remove the filter.

Changing the Whole-House Water Filter: How To

Here is a maintenance task you will have to do on a regular basis to ensure your system is doing its job of keeping contaminants and bacteria out of your water. Depending on the RO system you choose, how you change your filter is going to vary, but here is a basic rundown of what that job will look like.

  • When it is time to change the filter, switch off the inlet valve of the water filter.
  • Utilize the wrench that came with your system to unscrew the filter, keeping a bucket at hand so you can catch any water that drips.
  • Clean the filter’s insides using a dry, clean cloth.
  • Now insert the new filter and use the wrench to tighten it up.
  • Switch the inlet valve back to the “on” position.
  • Let your water run for at least 10 minutes after the new filter has been installed so it can activate before tasting the water.

Conclusion – Which Reverse Osmosis System Is Best?

Reverse osmosis systems offer much more than just great-tasting drinking water. They offer you the chance to feel confident, safe, and secure about the drinking water your family is consuming.

Who can benefit most from the clean, safe drinking water you will bring? Whether you are mixing water with baby formula, pouring your pet a clean dish of water, or taking care of an elderly parent or grandparent, you will feel positive about having this system in your home.

The top two best RO systems for us are AquaTru and Waterdrop RO System. Along with the prices on these reverse osmosis systems being as competitive as they are and being easy to maintain, everyone can enjoy them and the benefits they bring.

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