5 Best Prostate Massagers Of 2024 (Top Reviews)


The freedom of sexual fluidity is something to be admired. Everyone wishes to have great sex, but not everyone is willing to explore anal sex regardless of the rave reviews. However, that’s understandable since anal plays are not for everyone.

Nevertheless, It’s surprising how widespread butt plugs, dildos, and prostate massagers have become recently. People have embraced sex toys, allowing their partners to use products such as prostate massagers. Some people even massage their prostate themselves using the same toys.

Reviews say prostate massages give the best orgasm. The prostate is bursting with nerve endings that lead to mind-blowing orgasms when stimulated. The prostate is inside the pelvis behind the penis and ahead of the rectum.

This walnut-sized gland improves urine flow, strengthens erections, and manages enlarged prostate symptoms. Furthermore, it’s best to stick to dedicated prostate massagers when you start. Ramming unknown objects into yourself can be dangerous and cause an embarrassing ER trip.

The anal region is not as elastic as the vagina, but it can expand to contain sizeable sex toys. Prostate massagers come in different sizes, shapes, and types. Whichever your style and preference may be, there are many options available. However, you may have to pace yourself for even a tiny prostate massager if you’re new to the whole concept.

Anal sex can be something of an acquired taste. Before you embark on the sexual journey, the best course of action is to have an open mind. Enjoying the sensation without any judgment will help you appreciate a prostate-induced orgasm. It’s best to start slowly, with your fingers, to acclimatize yourself.

Feel free to purchase a prostate massager afterward if you like the sensation. On this note, read further to know more about prostate massagers and the best brands to trust.

Top 5 Prostate Massagers For Medical Purposes Reviewed 2024

Our top picks of the best prostate massagers have qualities that make the products wildly popular. Here’s our top 5:

  1. Lovehoney: Overall Best Prostate Massager, Editor’s Choice
  2. B-vibe: Women Prostate Massager For Pressure Points
  3. Babeland: Popular Prostate Toys For Men
  4. We-vibe: Vibrating Prostate Stimulator For Couples 
  5. Lelo: Premium Quality Massager for depression 

#1. Lovehoney: Overall Best Prostate Massager, Editor’s Choice


Lovehoney‘s prostate massager is newbie-friendly and silicone-based. Also, it’s firm and sized appropriately, making it an excellent product for all experience levels. The massager offers up to thirty-four pleasure combos with a rotating head stimulating the p-spot.

The button on the base of the massager lets you control the direction of its head rotation and the speed of the internal stroke. Another feature of the inner shaft head is that it rotates in two directions: clockwise or anticlockwise. Whichever direction you choose helps maximize pleasure, resulting in a great orgasm.

The prostate massager’s base design firmly holds the massager between the butt cheeks and against the perineum. This prostate stimulator has a vibrator on the insertable portion and the base, simultaneously stimulating the perineum, butthole, prostate, and balls.

The shaft is slightly curved and is 3 inches long, perfectly placing the rotating head right at your p-spot. The product is latex, phthalate-free and waterproof. Also, the brand only ships to the USA.


Remote control: The prostate massager comes with a remote control that paces the speed of the prostate massager. You can hand the remote to your partner to remotely control it from up to 15 meters away. Furthermore, the remote control makes it easier to use the massager.

Variety of complementing products: Lovehoney offers products other than prostate massagers. These products go hand in hand with the Nexus Revo, depending on your sexual creativity and desire. These items include lubricants, lingeries, other sex toys, and bondage material. Skimming through the company’s complementing products will help you choose the best that fits your needs.

Advice section: An advice section on the brand’s website discusses issues like a beginner’s guide to prostate massagers. This section will help you understand more about prostate massagers, any associated risks, and which products go best with them.


  • Students get 20% off on purchase
  • 100 days return policy
  • 100% waterproof and submersible
  • It provides external and internal vibration modes
  • Easy to clean up


  • Only ships to the USA

=> click here to visit the official website of Loehoney

#2.B-vibe: Women Prostate Massager For Pressure Points


As our runner-up for the best prostate massager, B-vibe offers a quality massager for your sexual pleasure. The brand’s Rimming Plug Petite gives rims your butthole while securely plugged inside you. It comes in three colors, teal, black and purple, with a portable thirty-meter radius remote control.

The Rimming Plug Petite anal butt plug is a smaller version of the brand’s famous Rimming Plug 2. Furthermore, the rotating beads on the plug base feel highly natural. It has seven rotation patterns and six rotation and vibration intensities.

B-vibe offers help to individuals that visit the site with no idea of what to purchase. They will walk you through their product portfolio, detailing what each does and suggesting a product that fits you best. Furthermore, the brand makes its prostate massager with safe materials.

However, the massager is splashproof but not submergible. This is a downer because it makes cleaning a bit challenging. Like Lovehoney, B-vibes offer a variety of products that help enhance sexual exploration while only shipping to the USA. If you’re abroad and wish to buy the product, you will have to purchase from resellers at higher rates.


Travel-ready: The brand’s prostate massager comes in a small size of 3.9 by 10 cm and will fit into your travel box. It’s a handy product to have around. When fully charged, the product can last up to four hours. So, you can use it on vacations for hours before it needs charging. There’s also a battery indicator that will inform you when the battery is low.

Bonus packages: B-vibe offers a 20% discount for first-time orders on their platform. Subscribe for their newsletter, and you will receive a free guide to anal prostate play with a 20% coupon code that you can use online. Simply input your email address on the field provided to get started.

Comprehensive FAQ: The FAQ answers any possible question regarding the product, shipping, and bonuses. If the FAQ isn’t offering enough information, the brand has an anal academy on the site. This section provides more comprehensive information regarding prostate massagers.


  • It has a unique beaded neck
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Rims the outside while vibrating prostate massager inside
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • It comes in a variety of colors


  • They do not ship outside the USA
  • Not completely waterproof

=> click here to visit the official website of B-vibe

#3. Babeland: Popular Prostate Toys For Men


Babeland opened its first store in 1993, offering top-quality sex toys. Since then, the company has maintained the quality of products they stock up on from different brands. The various prostate massagers from multiple brands on their online store are all premium in their category.

The web exclusive Bruno prostate massager is a standout. This product has two powerful motors at the base, and the tip has eight different pressure settings. It’s sleek, black in color, and designed to stay in place once inserted. However, the product comes without a remote, limiting the number of experiments you can do with it.

However, Babeland stocks up on massagers with remotes having powerful speed and excellent vibration. Visit their website to finalize your choice. That aside, the brand gives a bonus of $5 if you join their mailing list. Moreover, they offer free discreet shipping for orders above $69.

Note that once you place an order, you won’t be able to cancel or change it after it has shipped. If you don’t need the product anymore, mark the box with “return to sender” and send it back. The company will charge you a 20% restocking fee.


Customer service representative: If you’re lost on choice and want to know more about a product, you can chat with a representative who will guide you. The customer service representatives reply immediately during working hours. Furthermore, if that option fails, you can send an email or call their customer care line to speak with someone who’ll help.

Physical shopping stores: It is often more exciting to get the feel of a product in your hand before purchasing it. Babeland is one of the leading sex toy stores that stock up on various products other than prostate massagers. So, if you need to shop physically or speak with an expert, visit their outlet. Also, you can place an order for curbside pickup if you seek anonymity.

Order lookup: You can look up your order to know its status on the brand’s website. Input your order number in the field provided, and the website will display the information. Note this feature works for orders placed after February 26, 2018. If you do not have your order number, follow the instructions provided on the website or contact customer service for help.


  • You can purchase gift cards
  • Xrated movie collection on the site
  • Some products are USB rechargeable
  • Variety of brands to choose from
  • Sleek silicone designs with different sizes
  • Physical stores


  • Orders once shipped cannot be canceled

=> click here to visit the official website of Babeland

#4.We-vibe: Vibrating Prostate Stimulator For Couples


We-vibe Vector is an excellent prostate massager for couples. The shape is in C form, and both the head and base stimulate both the prostate and perineum individually. It has ten vibration speeds, the most on our list, and three control options. You can control the massager from its base, mobile app, and remote control.

The box comes with a magnetic USB cable, instructions manual, remote control, and a 2ml We-vibe lube. Also, it comes with a soft storage bag for traveling.

It’s easy to fit the prostate massager back in the box for storage. Furthermore, you can position the We-vibe Vector inside you and ensure it’s secure before remotely powering it on. Simply hold down the left arrow for five seconds, and the prostate massager will turn on.

Another fancy feature the We-vibe Vector has is that it remembers your last vibration mode. The massager automatically picks up at the same pace when you turn it on, and it leaves you to decide if the speed is okay or you need to increase it. Further, the vibration volume isn’t loud. You can wear it anytime for great spontaneous sex.


App-enabled: This is one of the best features of the We-vibe vector. The app allows you or your partner to control the speed and vibration of the massager remotely. It enhances the experience you have with the massager. Also, it is a better alternative if you need some distance between you and your partner, instead of relying on the remote control distance, which is only 3 meters.

Chargers and replacement parts: The site sells replacements if the charger or remote control goes missing. It makes it easier to quickly acquire the parts you need for the prostate manager and get on with your pleasure. Be aware the price and cost of shipping might make buying from the website a bit pricier.

Discreet packaging: We-vibe ships the product in plain brown paper with no details regarding what’s inside. This shields the buyer from prying eyes, allowing them to enjoy the product without worrying about the neighbors’ thoughts. Also, the brand ships its orders with the Wow Tech group.


  • Multi-language instructional manual
  • It has low power alert
  • Two years warranty
  • You can control the massager using the base button
  • Free 2ml We-vibe lube


  • They do not ship outside the USA

=> click here to visit the official website of We-vibe

#5.Lelo: Premium Quality Massager for depression


Lelo is your one-stop-shop for innovative intimate sex prostate toys with a luxurious feel. The brand has over 200 patents, with 17 million products sold in 160 countries. Furthermore, they cater to people that know that sexual satisfaction transcends gender, age, race, and sexual orientation.

With over 300 employees and offices in the international market, Lelo makes it easy to access their anal sex toys & other products. Their prostate massager “Billy” has a single motor with six vibrating settings. Also, they produce it with ABS plastic or silicone with a matte finish designed for comfort. When charged fully, the massager can last up to four hours.

Its noise level is at 50db, which is still considerably loud compared to the We-vibe Vector product that has no sound. Its length is 6.9 inches, with the insertable length at about 3.9 inches, which is part of what makes it a viable product for beginners. Furthermore, the toy is firm to the touch with no bendable features.

The design has a flange that separates the insertable portion and the control panel. The flange’s design makes it impossible to insert the entire length of the massager inside yourself, saving you a trip to the hospital.


Stylish and sleek design: The product has a luxurious feel and comes in a deep blue color. Its shape and size can comfortably accommodate all experience levels. The product has a velvety feel, and it’s latex, hypoallergenic, and phthalate-free, making it a safe product to insert into yourself. Also, take time to learn the controls before using the massager.

10-year guarantee: The prostate massager has a ten-year guarantee and one-year warranty. If the product stops working within a year of purchase, the brand will replace it without charging you. On the other hand, they will offer you a 50% discount on your next order if the product becomes faulty 2-10 years after purchase. Note the warranty may not apply if you purchase the product from other retailers and not directly from the company.

Order tracking: If you’re impatient and seek to know when your order will arrive or where it is at the moment, you can track it using the order number. Once the brand ships your product, they will email you the shipping details with a link that you can use in tracking the order. Furthermore, if the link is broken, visit the webpage of the delivery company and input the tracking number manually.


  • A rubber plug covers the charging port preventing lube from getting in it
  • It takes about 2 hours to charge
  • Secure payment platform
  • It comes with a satin pouch and warranty registration card in its packaging
  • Free shipping with discreet packaging


  • It’s not waterproof or submersible

=> click here to visit the official website of Lelo

How We Got Our List Of Prostate Massagers?

Before figuring out the best prostate massagers, we made a list of some of the top brands offering the product. Next, we streamlined the list by pitting the brands against each other. We passed each product through various filters, including durability and warranty criteria. We removed the products that fell short, keeping the five best brands that provide quality products for their users.

What We Looked For

To make an unbiased list of credible prostate massager brands, we considered the brand’s history and other services they offer. In addition, we removed companies with poor website interfaces or unsupportive customer support. Here are other areas we kept in mind.

  • Companies Reputation: There’s an ever-increasing number of companies making prostate massagers and other sex toys. However, some are better than others in terms of their experience and the quality of their products. To ensure we only list quality brands, we looked into the history of the companies to help us decide. The brands we ended up with all have good records with credible reputations.
  • Product Size and Shape: A prostate massager needs to come in different sizes that accommodate all experience levels. This way, beginners wouldn’t have difficulty inserting the massager because of the girth and length. Also, we checked out the product’s shape to ensure it’s aesthetically pleasing and functional. No item on this list has a design that would cause the user any unwanted discomfort.
  • Price: Good quality prostate massagers are not particularly cheap. However, the prices differ from brand to brand. So, we brought in brands with relatively reasonable prices that won’t dent your wallet.
  • Excellent Features: We checked the functionality of each prostate massager to ensure it has features that will give users a good time. We paid particular attention to unique features, including base control, varieties of vibration settings, and a hypoallergenic, phthalate-free design. Some have extra benefits like free lube on your order, app control, and a silky satin pouch for traveling.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Every brand aims to ensure customer satisfaction. We checked reviews to know what users think of the prostate massagers while avoiding brands with fewer and bot reviews. All the companies on this list have rave reviews with excellent ratings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Prostate Massager 

A good quality prostate massager will massage your internal walls and stimulate the prostate. Also, it will tickle your perineum and aid you achieve a more intense orgasm like the brands mentioned above. The prostate massager will come with a USB charger, remote control, and instructional manual. Here are factors you should consider before purchasing a prostate massager

  • Production Material

The best prostate massagers to use are those made with skin-safe silicone or medical-grade materials. These massagers will be hypoallergenic and easy to clean, even if they are not entirely waterproof. Also, the material used in production will tentatively slide in with the aid of lube and not cause friction or allergic reaction.

Stay away from prostate massagers that have phthalates which is a chemical some manufacturers use to improve a product’s flexibility. Phthalates are toxic, and you might develop rashes due to their use. So, before ending up with a prostate massager, check the brand description to know the materials used in its making.

  • Manufacturer

Consider the manufacturer of the prostate massager before making your decision. Different companies produce prostate massagers, and each wants to be at the top of the market, making them create high-quality products. However, some companies are profit-oriented and do not bother with the quality.

Though it’s best to get from established brands for product quality assurance, some other lesser-known brands put out quality products, too. So, do due diligence before purchasing, and research everything from companies reputation to customer satisfaction.

  • Massager Functionalities

We’ve already established the functions of a prostate massager. It’s up to you to find a product that helps stimulate your prostate effectively. Be on the lookout for functionalities like silicone-based head, remote control, dual-motor functionality, and perineum massager. Further, check the noise level of the massager.

Some massagers are noisy, but some have lower volume. We-vibe is a prostate massager with minimal to no sound, and you can use it spontaneously without drawing attention to yourself. So, consider these functionalities before purchasing.

  • Discrete Packaging

Let’s establish something; nothing is wrong with having your prostate massaged. But, we understand privacy and doing things under the radar. So, if you wish to avoid prying eyes, check the shipping method the brand favors and opt for brands that offer discreet packaging to protect your privacy.

  • Ease of Use

Beginners tend to be nervous about prostate massagers, so choosing one with a difficult control will make the experience less pleasant. Go for products that are easy to use with remote controls. This is because it’s hard to get to the base of the prostate massager to control the massager, especially if it’s a solo endeavor.

  • Warranty and Guarantee

Go for brands that offer warranty and exchange of products after purchase. Most brands offer up to one year warranty and will exchange the product if it gets damaged like the ones mentioned above. Also, some offer up to 10-year guarantees and will give you a discount on your next purchase, like Lelo. Furthermore, these brands include the warranty card on their product packaging.

  • Pricing

Do not go for a product because it’s affordable because it might not live up to expectations. Most products are expensive because of the production cost, from their silicone base to dual-motor functionality. So, compare prices between credible companies and choose the brand that offers better pricing.

FAQs About Prostate Massagers

Q1.How often should I clean my prostate massagers?

Ensure to clean the prostate massager after each use. Note some massagers are not waterproof or submersible, and cleaning such massagers with water might cause damage. So, check the instruction manual to know the cleaning method the massager favors and if it’s submersible.

Generally, to clean the prostate massager, use antibacterial sold on the brand’s website. In the absence of that, you can wipe or wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap. Ensure water does not get into the charging panel if the product is not submersible. Furthermore, dry it with a lint-free towel.

Q2.How do you store prostate massagers?

Some prostate massagers come with storage containers. The product’s box has fittings inside that allow you to put back the product the exact way it was after use and put it away. However, if you want to discard the box altogether, store the prostate massager in a clean and dry space, like a closet and bedside drawer.

If you live with people and do not wish for them to see the prostate massager, you can put it in a travel box you rarely touch. Also, you can hide it in your favorite hiding place, known only to you. But ensure water doesn’t get to it. Consult the owner’s manual if confused for more detailed information.

Q3.How should I insert my prostate massager?

Insert the massager slowly and carefully and ensure the head curves up with the base touching your perineum. Most people feel more comfortable inserting the massager while on their back with their legs spread apart. In addition, do not force the prostate massager in. There’s no pleasure in that. Stop if you feel pain or frictions, and let your body relax before continuing.

Q4.What should I do if my prostate massager stops working?

All good things come to an end. If your prostate massager stops working, check if your warranty covers it. Further, send it to the company if the warranty is still on to get a new product. Ensure not to use the device if it’s broken to avoid injuring yourself. To prevent the prostate massager from damaging, follow the instructions on the manual carefully and use the massager only as directed.

Q5.Do I have to use lubricants with prostate massagers?

Yes, you have to apply lubricants on the prostate massager to take away the chances of friction while inserting the massager. The lubricant you favor should depend on your skin and the material used to make the massager. We recommend using water-based lubricants since most prostate massagers are silicone-based.

Do not use oil-based silicone. Though it’s a great match, it leaves stains that are difficult to watch off in some cases. Apply a good amount of lubricant on the prostate massager and your rectum before guiding the device inside. Furthermore, stop and apply more lubricant if there’s discomfort and friction.

Final Words: Where To Find The Best Prostate Massagers Online?

If you and your partner are looking for something exciting to try in the bedroom, anal play is an angle you can explore. Prostate massagers offer a different kind of prostate stimulation that intensifies climaxes, especially those that prostate massage your perineum simultaneously.

People often neglect the perineum during sex because they are unaware it’s an erogenous zone. With the aid of a double motor massager, the perineum will get the attention it needs. Furthermore, before purchasing a prostate massager, read reviews to understand more about the product from the user’s experience.

It’s one of the best ways to determine if a product is good or bad—however, look out for brands with reviews that do not match the product description. Also, determine the vibration speed you need before settling on a product, and it will aid you in making a faster buying decision.

Contact the brand’s customer support if you’re confused about anything. Do not forget to apply lots of lubricant to the prostate massager and your rectum. Also, If you feel any discomfort, stop and apply more lubrication before continuing. It will help take away the friction.

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