Best Pheromone Cologne For Men In 2022: Top 3 Fragrance Brands For Males On The Market


You might not look like Brad Pitt or be well-chiseled like Channing Tatum, but you can still get the ladies with one easy trick — just smell nice. Plus, what better way to reel in the ladies than by teasing their nostrils with the scent of raw, unadulterated pheromone colognes?

“Do male pheromones work, or are they just expensive perfume?” is the first concern most people would have when purchasing pheromones for men. The truth is, yes, human pheromones are powerful, and this is the simplest explanation.

Pheromones are chemical signals that all animals, including humans, emit and are used to affect the behavior of others of the same kind or species. Pheromone cologne is a product that manufacturers have developed to capture beneficial elements.

As you may have guessed, there are many different kinds of pheromone products on the market, and some of them do not work as intended.

To find the most effective male pheromones, we researched the market. We rated each pheromone perfume based on its components, strength, lasting duration, fragrance, pricing, and user ratings.

Here is the best pheromone cologne for men on the market for attracting women, developing immediate chemistry, and boosting your self-esteem.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Pheromone Perfumes On The Market 

  1. pheromoneXS – Overall Best Pheromone Cologne For Men, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Love Scent – Prime Quality Cologne Brand For Males 
  3. True Pheromones – Most Recommended & Affordable Perfume Brand For Men 

#1. pheromoneXS – Overall Best Pheromone Cologne For Men, Editor’s Pick

As a pheromone company, pheromoneXS is dedicated to producing the best pheromone products on the market, including sprays and oils. Pheromones, for the unacquainted, are synthetic molecules that can alter the behavior of people close to the person emitting them. This, of course, necessitates a huge increase in the sex appeal of the users. Xist pheromone oil for men is another product used to spark more sexual attraction and arousal in women.

Since its inception in 2011, pheromoneXS has worked tirelessly toward a single objective — pheromone formulations that are effective for the intended task for which they are sold.

No matter where they are in the world, all of this company’s customers can expect nothing less than the best possible service. All of their products come with a 45-day money-back guarantee, and as a result, you may always get a refund from this company if you are not satisfied with your purchases. 

pheromoneXS stands out from the competition due to the uniqueness and potency of each of its products. Finally, these compositions have been extensively acclaimed for their user-friendliness and ease of arrangement, unlike most other alternatives.

Pheromones that are not just for social, sexual, or alpha purposes have been sold by this company, making it the first of its kind in the industry.

There are a large number of multi-dimensional objects. End-users benefit greatly due to this since they now have access to a considerably wider range of resources.


  • Broad Selection Of Cologne Blends

They have a wide variety of goods to choose from. So, you have a wide range of options for personalizing your look and preferences. Their most popular products are Evolve, Taboo, SOB, and Naked Gun. Depending on the situation, you can choose either one of them.

  • Lasts For Up To 8 Hours

With just a spray from its aerosol can, the pheromone cologne provided by pheromoneXS gives a long-lasting scent that does not wear off that easily and will stick to your clothes just long enough to get those chicas sticking around you.

  • Certification

pheromoneXS is a BBB-recognized firm with an A+ rating. With this, this brand has consistently held up to top standards in the manufacturing of its products and is winning in the hearts of men out there and on paper.

  • Refund Policy

Refunds are only valid after a 45-day waiting period starting from the date of purchase. If you are not happy with your purchase or do not notice any advantages, you may return it and get a full refund. However, a refund may be difficult to obtain if you cannot prove that you purchased the bundle from them.


  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Large bottle sizes
  • Multi-dimensional products
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating 
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not very budget-friendly

Customer Experience

Customers have praised these products, as it seems that pheromoneXS claims to make it a priority to provide only the best, most effective, and safe products to all of its worldwide customers. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of pheromoneXS

#2. Love Scent – Prime Quality Cologne Brand For Males

Love Scent is not a standard retailer, but they provide a wide choice of high-quality products from across the world. Pheromones fragrance oils can be purchased from them, along with various other products. 

Love Scent is a one-stop shop for pheromone scents for both sexes, selling anything from women’s perfumes to men’s colognes. According to them, there are scented and unscented pheromone sprays and oils available to choose from.

Numerous customer testimonials abound, they offer a diverse selection of pheromones, many of which have been shown to have positive effects on the body. The Love Scent company/manufacturer is based in Eugene, Oregon, in the U.S.

Customer self-esteem is boosted by the company’s pheromone products, and some of its online advertisements are part of a strategy to influence others’ perceptions of your appearance and how you feel about yourself.


  • Wide Range Of Products

As a result of their resale business, you may choose from a large variety of items. NPA, Liquid Trust, Alpha 7, the Edge product line, and Impi Red are the company’s best-selling items. To discover more about these products, check out our reviews.

  • Shipping

In terms of delivery, they promise to get the merchandise out immediately, and they have a variety of additional alternatives available (including next-day shipping). For each buyer’s privacy, all shipments should arrive in simple, unmarked packaging. 

  • Customer Service

Customers may reach Love Scent’s customer service department, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions they may have and to give any extra information they require about their goods.

A “range of support elements” is also mentioned by Love Scent as a benefit of using pheromone colognes, including advice on meeting new people and improving existing relationships.

  • Refund Policy

A complete refund is available if you do not like the product or it does not work for you under their return policy. For any correspondence or returns, they provide us with their official address, stating that they offer a full, complete 100% money-back guarantee that includes shipping expenses.

Yes, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. But to get your money back, you would have to return one of their pheromone colognes within eight weeks of purchasing it and apply for a 100% refund to your bank account.


  • Free shipping on orders of $75 or more
  • International shipping offered
  • One of the most diverse product lines on the market
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • They do not manufacture their pheromone cologne

Customer Experience

There have been evaluations from people all across the world, and they appear to like the company’s quick shipping, the range of items available on their website, and the excellent customer support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Love Scent

#3. True Pheromones – Most Recommended & Affordable Perfume Brand For Men 

TrueALPHA is a pheromone oil with no odor. The product’s lack of smell makes it a cunning tool for attracting female attention. Your true sensuality may be shown, and you will be the most gorgeous guy in the room, thanks to its unique formula. 

Many customers say that using the product makes them appear more attractive to women, which makes them want to spend more time with them. It is time to step up your dating game with the help of the True Pheromones’ Complete Attraction Package. Sprays and oils, as well as pheromone colognes, are all included in this collection. Depending on your date’s personality, you may mix and match these items to increase the probability of her liking you.

Other popular varieties with the True Pheromone brand include TrueINSTICT, TrueJERK, TrueOPENER, and TrueSEXINESS. There are several testimonials from former customers stating that these products perform as they should.

In fact, for every True Pheromone product, there has only been favorable feedback from people reporting its effectiveness, that it has a nice fragrance, etc.


  • Proper Usage

The only way TrueALPHA may be detected by the noses of close females is to be applied on the skin where it is most likely to be detected. These are excellent places to begin: behind your ears and around your neck. The oil can stay on your skin for eight to ten hours if applied correctly.

TrueALPHA is ideal for men who want to attract more women while maintaining their natural scent. It is easier to get to know and have fun on dates with women who have used the product because they will trust you more naturally.

  • Effectiveness

Using TrueALPHA’s odorless oil will not affect how women see you, but it may heighten their sexual interest in you. There are particular emotional reactions in women to the oil’s extra-strength content. In addition to an improved mood, one gets a feeling of security and confidence due to these emotions.

TrueALPHA offers a money-back guarantee if these outcomes are not achieved.

  • Ingredient Composition

Natural pheromones, including androstenol, androstadienone, and androstenone, are abundant in TrueALPHA’s exclusive blend. It is considered that these compounds pique women’s interest by convincing them you are an alpha male and a desirable companion.

Pheromone blends like these might make women more receptive to you and make you appear more manly.


  • Large size is long-lasting
  • 60-day return policy


  • Expensive

Customer Experience

Among the available products, TrueALPHA appears to be one of the most successful in assisting men in commanding the attention and respect of their counterparts of the other sex. Some men who have taken this substance claim it has helped them express themselves in social situations, despite not all men feeling this way. Although TrueALPHA may help you attract more women to the party, it does not appear to work for all men.

=> Click here to visit the official website of True Pheromone

How We Made The List Of Best Colognes For Men On The Market? 

We gathered a list of the most well-known pheromone cologne producers for men as a precondition for creating our guide. Following that, we created a set of exacting requirements for our businesses to follow.

After conducting an extensive study on both the companies and the products they provide, we excluded the majority of the brands from consideration. There were just four left, and they all satisfied our rigorous criteria. Our appraisal of each product was influenced by brand image, consumer feedback, testimonials, and other factors. Verified customer reviews, literary works of pheromone cologne writers, and vetted experts in the industry were the factors considered.

It is hard to know where to begin when it comes to pheromone colognes. It takes a lot of time and effort to put together a list like this. However, we were able to provide just the best pheromone cologne products available on the market.

As a result, you may rest assured that you will be satisfied with any choice you make from our selection.

Provider-to-Customer Services

The relationship between manufacturers and the consumer, in this case, is one to take note of. If the provider of a service or a product does not have a well-meaning and healthy relationship with their consumers, it can lead to bad reviews and poor ratings. Therefore, thoroughly researching their customer service is essential. 

If the company’s customers are pleased, it is safe to assume that its products are of great quality. A company’s lack of concern for its customers is a sign that it is not a true business name. Customer service is a top priority for the four companies featured here.

The Company’s Reputation

When establishing a top brands list, the most important consideration is the brand’s reputation. Having a good reputation for a long time indicates the company knows what it is doing.

All of the companies we have presented to you today have a long history of excellence, so you can be sure you are getting the finest.

Customer Feedback And Experiences

Putting each pheromone cologne through its paces is the best way to determine if you can trust it, and we do this by reviewing user evaluations for each of the items on our shortlist. We used third-party blogs, social media, and each brand’s website to gather information.

Each user’s experience is now distinct, and we wanted to know how consumers felt about various brands. As such, we were able to identify the top male pheromone cologne manufacturers due to this experiment.


We only showed you products whose warranties we were confident you would be satisfied with. A 365-day return policy is employed by the vast majority of these firms. If you are not happy with any of their products, you can return them within this period and obtain a full refund, or you may swap that product for another one from their collection.


It was important to us to present you with companies that are not only affordable but also offer high-quality products. It was tough to create an opinion on them because they did not have a great money-back policy or a list of ingredients, making it difficult to decide.

Cheaper solutions may look enticing if you are on a limited budget, but bear in mind that they are often of worse quality. A product with high-quality ingredients and many positive customer reviews is more important than the lowest price.

Buying Guide For Beginners: Best Pheromone Cologne For Men

Now that you have seen our picks for the best cologne pheromones, we would like to provide some tips on what to look for when making a purchase.

Real Customer Evaluation

Before buying pheromone smells to attract ladies, look at what others have to say about them. If there are many more favorable than negative reviews for a product, you will probably like using it.

But, do not only focus on the good things people have to say. Whether a product has faults that can be ignored or problems that are too critical to overlook will be revealed by unfavorable customer feedback.

Brand’s Reputation

To begin, it is important to think about how well the brand has been received in the past. If the firm has a great reputation and a long history of producing pheromone cologne products, they should be effective. A brand’s social status might be revealed by the way they rise through the ranks.

Taking the reputation of the brand into consideration before you make purchases is important, as it would easily help you filter out the below-par products and leave you with better options, having already eliminated the low-bar options.

You should generally steer clear of a brand if it has too many bad reviews or rumors concerning its quality.


A product’s effect on women is based on the pheromones used and how they work together. You may be more attractive to women when you have certain pheromones in your body. Others may make women feel more at ease around you, too. Women like these pheromones because they make them want to be with you. Ingredients contained in pheromone cologne include:

  • Androstenone is a steroid hormone that most alpha males produce, but not all of them. It may show confidence and make women want to date you.
  • Beta-androstenol, also known as the “icebreaker” pheromone, may make women more open to a man’s advances.
  • Androsterone, when inhaled, may help people feel happier and more sexually excited.
  • Alpha-androstenol is a hormone that may make women feel attracted and safe. Androstenedione has the same effects.
  • Oxytocin is thought to make people feel happy.
  • Epiandrosterone is thought to make women think of a man as young and strong when they see him.

Lasting Duration

Who does not want a long-lasting, high-quality scent? Before making a purchase, take into account these considerations. Make sure the one you have chosen gives you enough time to get to know the woman of your dreams.

Using high-quality cosmetics, especially oil-based ones, appropriately may extend their wear time on the skin by up to ten hours. Pheromone perfumes for men, for example, may be applied to dry skin and pulse points to extend the scent.

Cologne’s Scent

Pheromones are available in both unscented and scented varieties. There are no extra smells with unscented products. Depending on the maker, unscented products might be completely odorless or have a musky aroma.

To keep their distinctive aroma, men who use scentless pheromones can wear them alone or in combination with their preferred fragrance. Perfume may be used to cover up any unpleasant aspects of the product’s inherent aroma.

Regular perfume can no longer compete with the aroma and potency of men’s scented pheromone cologne. It is up to you to choose the appropriate pheromone smell for your personality from various options. The smell is not an issue when it comes to a scented pheromone’s potential to attract women.

Return Policy

Men’s pheromones are sold at a higher cost. The cheapest options may tempt you if you are on a tight budget, but keep in mind they are often of bad quality. The quality of the product’s ingredients and the number of good customer reviews are more important considerations than the price.

In addition, only buy products that come with a refund policy. If the pheromone scent does not live up to your expectations, you have the option of returning it.


Because they give you a wealth of possibilities, you must choose which one best matches your needs and will be your major usage. You may use them in several ways, depending on your position, which is stated as follows.

  • Increase Your Dates by a Significant Margin

Pheromone products are designed to attract women’s attention and compel them to take a second look at you if they would have passed you by otherwise. Rekindle your romance with your partner or seize her from another man.

  • Acquire the Confidence and Respect of Others

Furthermore, the pheromones you generate will convey to your coworkers and friends that you are deserving of the attention you desire, improving your self-esteem. Others will see your sincerity and aggression, and they will treat you appropriately.

  • A More Favorable Initial Impression

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of first impressions. High-quality pheromones can dramatically increase your chances of meeting the woman across the bar. The combination of an appealing personality and an enticing message has a huge impact.

  • Increase in Social Standing

Pheromones can make both men and women perceive you as more manly, authoritative, and self-assured than you are. Other people will flock to you for reasons other than your smell if you have established an internal sense of these qualities.

FAQs Regarding Pheromone Cologne & Perfumes For Men

Q1. What Are Human Pheromones?

Compounds that humans and other animals produce to influence the behavior of others around them are known as pheromones. Pheromones are not known to be created outside of sexual activity by scientists. When it comes to attracting and communicating nonverbally, these chemicals are crucial.

Q2. How Effective Are Pheromone Perfumes?

The majority of pheromone perfumes contain either plant-based pheromones or animal-secreted pheromones, despite the fact that some brands use synthetic human pheromones.

According to a number of scientific studies, pheromone sprays can help people perceive you more favorably by making you smell good. Female sexual responsiveness can be improved by using pheromone sprays, cologne, and perfumes on a woman.

Moreover, your love life may be greatly influenced by using the best pheromones. If you want to attract men or women, you can use them as a love language. You may be able to connect with others in a way that you could not have otherwise.

However, pheromone products are not a panacea, and they cannot change the way you look or act.

Q3. What Are The Types of Pheromones?

There are four kinds of pheromones, each serving a specific function. One of the strongest connections between physical beauty and the immediate response elicited by a releaser pheromone is this: signaler pheromones transmit a multitude of personal data, the most critical of which is the user’s genetic makeup.

During puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy, primer pheromones are crucial. Slower than pheromone release, they affect how hormones are stored in the body. Last but not least, modulator pheromones assist in the coordination of body activities such as sweating and ovulation.

Q4. How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your Pheromone Cologne?

The success or failure can be determined by where the pheromone fragrance is placed. Use the product on the pulse spots on your neck, wrists, and ears. Your scent is dispersed by the heat generated in these places.

Make sure to read the product’s instructions before taking it. Between one and five sprays are common recommendations. Men and women are turned off by the overwhelming scent of excessive cologne.

Q5. What Are The Benefits Of Using Pheromone Cologne?

Your scent will increase if you use cologne regularly. For those who want to go one step further, a pheromone perfume claims to enhance sexual desire. 

Moreover, a high-quality pheromone fragrance may attract males as much as women. Apart from that, people will perceive you as dominant and make a positive impression when they see you out in public.

Q6. When It Comes To Pheromones, What Is The Difference Between Them?

A product’s effect on women is determined by the pheromones it contains. There are two types of pheromones: those that enhance your sexual attractiveness and those that make women feel more comfortable with you.

Q7. What Are The Differences Between Pheromone Oil And Pheromone Spray?

Oil and water-based pheromones are available. Although there are significant distinctions between the two approaches, they are both effective. Pheromone oils, for example, remain on the body for a long time after application. This is because water-based products, especially those containing alcohol, evaporate more quickly.

A cologne pheromone spray, for example, may require more skin contact to have the intended effect. Pheromone oils require a lower dosage since they contain fewer components and a higher concentration of active molecules.

Finally, the aroma of oil-based pheromones is more pleasant and natural. Any pheromone product you purchase should have high pheromone concentration and low fillers before you buy it.

Q8. Can You Try Using Raw Pheromones For Guys As A Pheromone Cologne?

When using this substance, it is possible to have a placebo effect. If the ladies are not attracted to the fragrance, it will not make them interested. Pheromones can boost interest, but they will not function if there are not any to begin with. On the other hand, the cologne might provide the wearer with a huge increase in confidence, which can be a good effect. The attraction is then created by confidence.

Q9. Unscented Or Scented — Which Pheromone Cologne Should You Use First?

You must decide what pheromone product is best for you, but start with an unscented one and work your way up. It is important to know how each product smells before applying perfume to judge how successful it is in attracting ladies.

It is, therefore, possible to put on an unscented pheromone, cologne, or perfume. Buying a perfume is a big investment, and you do not want to discover that you and the other women around you dislike it.

Q10. Why Do Males Need To Purchase Pheromones?

Utilizing pheromones may assist you in strengthening your relationship and attracting females when you are available. The best pheromones can positively influence other men’s perceptions of your confidence and ability to handle yourself.

Q11. Are Pheromone Colognes Available For Ladies?

The use of pheromone cologne is not restricted to men only. Women can also have a bite of these wonder perfume bottles; so to answer this question, yes, pheromone colognes for women are available for purchase, and they are just as potent as the men’s versions are. 

Men find ladies more attractive at any time of day or night when they have a few droplets on them. Women may use them to have more fun, flirt, and have intimacy with men.

Q12. Can Pheromone Colognes Be Used Every Day?

When utilizing any product regularly, you should always exercise caution. Typically, males like to utilize them for special occasions and activities (maybe only on weekends) to improve their dating life.

Q13. What Role Do Human Pheromones Play?

Human behavior can be influenced by natural pheromones, which is why men’s pheromone cologne attracts female admirers.

Unlike basic human pheromones, which reproduce and increase on their own, male-specific pheromones do the opposite. These glands create pheromones in both men and women, and they are ectohormones or substances that originate outside the body and originate in the pineal and pituitary, thyroid, thymus, and other glands.

Ectohormones are emitted via your skin, particularly in areas where you sweat the most, such as your armpits. Later, when they spread through the air, they are inhaled by other people.

Conclusion: Best Pheromone Cologne For Men In 2022

When it comes to attracting attention to yourself and your style, cologne is a fantastic tool. With pheromone cologne, you may boost your self-esteem and brighten your day in a variety of ways. Pheromones are thought to be important only in the context of animal species, which is not the case.

Naturally, all humans are capable of producing pheromones, which is a basic strategy for wooing a female. Wearing the best pheromone cologne for men, on the other hand, can help with issues with the opposite sex because it is usually not recognized.

As the foundation of every man’s ability to attract potential mates, they realized that well-made human pheromones can also serve as a tool for reconnecting and strengthening relationships at home.

Whether you are looking for a subtle, seductive scent or something bold and more noticeable, there is a wide range of pheromone colognes that you can make selections from. So, take good advantage of these powerful ingredients, and let them do their job.

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