Best NFL Betting Sites: Top 5 Online Gambling Sites For Football Season 2022


The excitement and rush of this year’s NFL season are what everyone is talking about. And whether your favorite team got eliminated or is still in play, you are guaranteed to be tempted to place a couple of bets once the Super Bowl closes in.

So if you are looking to increase the excitement circling around the NFL, you should consider online NFL betting. Since the latest craze, the internet is already full of countless betting services that will offer you the best odds in the comfort of your home.

But, the wide offer also includes a lot of unfair services that have very little to provide for taking your money. To help you stay away from such services and consider only the best of the best when it comes to online betting, we have scoured the internet and carefully picked out the top-rated and most reliable platforms on the market.

Best Websites for NFL Betting

  1. BetOnline: Overall Best NFL Betting Site
  2. BetUS: Best Voted Online Site for Betting
  3. MyBookie: Most Voting Options for NFL 
  4. Bovada: Popular Site for Competitive Betting Odds
  5. Sports Betting: Reliable NFL Betting Site  

#1. BetOnline: Overall Best NFL Betting Site

BetOnline is the best online place to place your next NFL bet. This platform has featured a significant presence in the online gaming and betting industry since 1991. During this extended period, they worked devotedly on delivering the ultimate excitement in online betting. Apart from the excellent betting services, BetOnline also features a top-notch account management service with professional agents to help you out with any questions, uncertainties, or issues you might experience.

BetOnline’s sportsbook offers alluring odds in major sports and leagues, including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, golf, soccer, boxing, and almost anything you could ever imagine.


  • Live Betting

If you are passionate about your sports and never miss a game of your favorite team, BetOnline offers you the best way to enhance the experience by placing live bets as you watch the big game. The live betting feature provides you with the most convenient overview of current matches and games and lets you place your bet with just a couple of simple clicks.

  • Contests

BetOnline’s contests are a great and fun way for you to experience the additional thrill and perhaps enjoy a significant win. You can buy unlimited entries to contests such as NFL Playoffs Pick’em, Perfect Parlay, Half Million NFL Megacontest, and many more. The price of an entry depends on the contest, and some contests even offer you free entries.

  • Deposit Promotions

BetOnline rewards its users for many of the payments they make. Therefore, as soon as you sign up, you can receive a 50% sports welcome bonus on deposits up to $1,000. Since this platform follows the latest trends, deposits made using major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Cardano, Chainlink, Ethereum, and Dogecoin get a 10% boost on the depositing amount. Additionally, your first crypto deposit is eligible for a 100% first-time crypto bonus.


  • Wide range of games to bet on
  • Amazing odds
  • Countless depositing bonuses available
  • Excellent referral program
  • Convenient blog featuring all of the latest sports news


  • High minimum wager of $25 via the call center, which is well compensated with the low minimum of $1 for online bets

Why Do We Recommend BetOnline?

During our extensive research, we found nothing but positive reviews on BetOnline. According to many customers and reviewing platforms, it is the absolute best choice for placing an NFL betting strategy online. Apart from NFL bets, this website features a wide range of games, including eSports, that you can bet on. Additionally, it also offers online poker and multi-hand blackjack for all of the gamblers out there.

So if you are looking to manage all of your betting and gambling in a single place while also keeping up with the latest sports news, you should definitely give BetOnline a try.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BetOnline

#2. BetUS: Best Voted Online Site for Betting

Founded in 1994, BetUS is another pioneer in the legal online sports betting industry. This platform is devoted to the safety of its clients and provides a secure online place for sports wagering for over one million users. It is licensed and regulated by the government of Curacao and only operates in fully licensed areas from all over the world. BetUS offers up-to-date odds and analysis, casino gambling, and accurate and complete relative content regardless of your favorite sport.

If you ever experience any issue or problem from using the platform, you can rest assured that responsive customer service will help you surpass it and continue to play in no time.


  • BetUS TV

If the recent NFL craze has you all excited, BetUS TV will help you keep up with the latest events. It showcases some impressive shows such as the BetUS NFL show, featuring excellent hosts and experts, including Matt Landes, Scott Kellen, and Las Vegas Cris. In their company, you will get a weekly in-depth overview of the NFL action, along with some exciting picks and predictions.

  • Online Casino

BetUS’ online casino is an excellent way to kill time while you wait for the next NFL game. It offers a wide range of exciting games, including blackjack, slots, video poker, and many table games. Suppose you are one of the many players that quickly get bored playing virtual casino games. In that case, BetUS even offers you a couple of amazing live dealer games that will help you indulge in the ultimate casino experience.

  • Resources

Newcomers looking to enter into betting or gambling can make good use out of BetUS’ educational resources. This betting platform will help you find out all there is to know about how to bet online and get you up and running with the rules and regulations of online betting. They will give you a close insight into the odds behind each sport and even help you control your gambling if you happen to encounter any issue or become addicted to the game.


  • Multiple payment options available
  • Excellent loyalty program
  • Online casino is easily accessible
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Latest rotation schedules available for download


  • Limited range of slot games in the online casino

Why Do We Recommend BetUS?

BetUS is the ultimate choice if you are looking to play an occasional game in an online casino to calm your nerves before a big match. This top-rated betting platform features excellent odds in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, and even martial arts and horse racing. Given the excellent terms and wide range of games for both betting and gambling, it is indeed the ideal platform that will handle all of your needs during the NFL rush.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BetUS

#3. MyBookie: Most Voting Options for NFL 

In the middle of this NFL fever, we could not help but mention MyBookie as yet another excellent platform on which you can quickly place your next bet. MyBookie offers you the most straightforward approach towards live betting and the ultimate sportsbook with anything that you will ever think of betting on. MyBookie never fails to provide its users with the ultimate bonuses and promotions, so if you are ready to earn some exciting prizes, hurry up and sign up for the platform.

MyBookie, or probably your next bookie, features a wide range of games for you to play and bet on and will provide you with anything from NFL and NBA to blackjack, boxing, MMA, golf, and horse racing.


  • Mobile Betting

If you are always in a rush and often do not have enough time to catch the game, let alone sit in front of a computer to place a bet, MyBookie will meet and exceed your needs when it comes to mobile betting. The betting platform is conveniently packed in a mobile app that will help you place a bet at any time and any place.

Apart from straightforward betting, you can also choose to receive notifications and daily updates on any important games and never miss an NFL event again.

  • VIP Experience

MyBookie ensures each customer gets to enjoy the ultimate VIP online betting experience. To do so, this brand is very cautious at picking out only high-skilled professionals that get to work on improving an already fantastic platform.

However, if the platform ever fails to supply your needs or expectations, MyBookie’s customer service is available for help 24/7 and will not hesitate to assist you with any issue that you might have. To provide you with the ultimate comfort, you can choose to contact customer support by phone, email, or live chat.


  • Live betting is available and features live odds
  • Online slots, table games, poker machines, and Las Vegas-themed games are available
  • Chance to bet on racing, including daily horse races and Kentucky derbies
  • Mobile app
  • Countless bonuses and contests for additional winnings


  • Withdrawal fees are slightly more costly compared to other betting platforms

Why Do We Recommend MyBookie?

If you are passionate about the NFL but also want to keep up to date with other leagues and sports, MyBookie is an excellent choice for your preference. This betting platform offers you an endless list of available games for you to bet on tha has additionally leveled up by featuring some fantastic games in the online casino.

MyBookie will also help you keep up with the latest sports events by featuring the games and matches that you should not afford to miss during the week.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MyBookie

#4. Bovada: Popular Site for Competitive Betting Odds

Bovada is another betting platform that might be your potential best buddy during the NFL fever. Your new loyal companion will help you keep track of all NFL games, events, and news in a single place. In addition to this, Bovada also offers you an extended history and analysis of featured teams and players to help you make a well-informed bet.

Apart from NFL, Bovada also lets you bet on basketball, hockey, UFC and MMA, tennis, and many other sports. If you prefer casino games, it also features an amazing online casino featuring live dealer games that will bring the gambling excitement closer to your home.


  • Big Betting Simplified

If you are in a constant rush, Bovada is just what you need, as it offers the most straightforward approach towards online betting. The platform is pretty intuitive to use, and signing up for it will take you less than five minutes. By filling out a simple form that requires some basic information, you can quickly join Bovada free of charge. After signing up, you get a generous welcoming bonus on your first deposit, which you can later use to place a bet and win by choosing from the wide range of sports events that Bovada offers.

  • Referral Bonuses

If you happen to have any friends that share the same passion towards NFL and betting as you do, both of you can earn some significant bonuses. For each successful referral you make, you can get up to $3,750 in welcome bonuses and exclusive access to sports events, rewards, and prizes. At the same time, your betting buddy can get up to $100 on cash deposits, plus an additional $25 if they use Bitcoin.

  • Responsible Gambling

Bovada takes the well-being of its customers very seriously and insists that all players abide by the principle of responsible gambling. Therefore, they make an extra effort to ensure that all gamblers are of legal age before opening an account and offer some valuable tips for all adults who intend to bet and gamble on the website.


  • Amazing bonuses and rewards
  • Hot poker tournaments
  • Guides and tips for online sports betting
  • Top-rated brand supported by its customers
  • Mobile betting


  • User interface can be pretty confusing at times

Why Do We Recommend Bovada?

Bovada is an excellent choice for anyone that is after the thrill and excitement of the current NFL craze. This platform lets you place an instant bet on your favorite team regardless of whether your device of choice is a personal computer or a mobile device. If, besides the convenience of betting on the go, you still do not manage to place a bet before the big game starts, Bovada also offers you the comfort of live betting with the best possible odds that are constantly updated.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bovada

#5. Sports Betting: Reliable NFL Betting Site  

Last on our list of the best NFL betting platforms is Sports Betting. This reputable online betting platform offers you the options of sports betting, race betting, live betting, and an excellent range of online casino games. When it comes to placing your next NFL bet, Sports Betting offers countless innovative options that you have to take advantage of if you want to earn a significant win.

The company has suffered some severe drawbacks in the past but has managed to get back on its feet and excel more than ever. By doing an excellent job, it managed to get featured as a great service on news and platforms such as CNBC, FOX Sports, Yahoo Sports, National Football Post, Covers, and many more.


  • Year-Long Bonuses

If you are looking to get the ultimate VIP treatment, get ready to claim the countless bonuses that Sports Betting has to offer you. First in line is the welcoming bonus, which gives you an extra 50% on your initial deposit. Next comes the reward for life, which is eligible on all deposits between $50 and $4,000 and earns you an additional 25% of your deposit. Once you decide to install the mobile app, you will get a $50 bonus for making your first mobile sports bet.

The list can go on until infinity, but we believe you get the point — almost every action you make on the website might make you eligible for a significant bonus.

  • Betting Limits

Sports Betting is quite flexible in terms of betting limits, meaning you might not even notice that there are any. The minimum bet amount is as low as $1, while the maximum limit varies between games and ranges from anywhere between $500 for most games up to $25,000 for betting on the super bowl spread.


  • Unlimited range of valuable bonuses
  • All gambling in one place, including betting, online casino, and poker games
  • Mobile-friendly app
  • Live betting available
  • Wide range of popular and less-known games to bet on
  • Multiple payment methods accepted


  • Limited odds on specific sports

Why Do We Recommend Sports Betting?

If you are looking for a decent platform to make a couple of bets while watching the national football league, Sports Betting might be just what you need. The platform offers excellent coverage for mobile devices and will allow you to make a live bet within seconds without missing out on the game.

The only downside to Sports Betting is that it has had a couple of setbacks in the past, but all past issues were made amends after the reputable BetOnline acquired Sports Betting back in 2012.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Sports Betting

Finding the Best NFL Betting Website for Your Preference

We feel for you if the recent NFL rush has you all excited. And if watching all of the games has you tempted to place a couple of bets on your favorite teams, but you do not know how to choose the perfect betting platform, we have you covered. Finding a reliable betting service can be pretty challenging if you do not know what to look for. That is why we have carefully put together a list of things you should consider before picking out the perfect service for your convenience.

Available Games

Before you start looking for a service, make sure you have your priorities straight. Think about what you would like to place a bet on. Some services will offer you only the most basic games of betting on the outcome of a game, while others will allow you to get into more details of the match and bet on your favorite team or even player. With the different services offered, you should think about what you are going to bet on, and after you have made up your mind, you will be able to find the best service in no time.

Mobile Application

A mobile-friendly application is the ultimate convenience for everyone looking to place a couple of NFL bets every now and then. It will let you place bets on the go, as most betting platforms provide a straightforward process for making a bet. However, not all of them feature mobile support. Apart from betting on the go, mobile-friendly apps will also let you place a bet during commercial breaks, as all you will need are just a couple of seconds to pull out your phone and make a couple of clicks. This way, you are guaranteed never to miss an important part of the game.

Live Betting

Another essential feature that is also very convenient to have is the chance to place a live bet. Live betting can be a game-changer if you often forget to place a bet before the big game begins. Additionally, live betting will also allow you to increase your chances of winning by being able to change your opinion and top up your previous bet if you see that things are not going great for your current favorite. Many reputable services offer some amazing odds for live betting that you are guaranteed to take advantage of if you constantly follow every NFL game.


If you are looking for the best way to increase your betting balance, always look for exciting bonuses. A lot of betting platforms offer very appealing bonuses on signing up, but also long after you place your first bet on the website. And as you get more experienced and become a loyal customer, the bonuses and prizes tend to become even higher and better. So if you still have not found your next best betting service, hurry up and do not miss a chance to acquire some fantastic bonuses.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

While searching for the best platform, make sure you check out the website’s cashier system. Most services will let you deposit money using major credit and debit cards, but if you are looking to make a direct bank transfer or use Google Pay, Apple Pay, or PayPal, you might need to dig a little deeper.

You should also check out the procedure of depositing and withdrawing money if you are looking to place quick bets. In this case, you would want these processes to be pretty short and straightforward.

Another critical thing to look for while checking payment and withdrawal methods is the fees you might be charged. Make sure you are well aware of any fees that you will be charged while betting by finding the most reliable platform that is transparent about all charges.

NFL Odds

After you have narrowed down your choices, make sure you also compare the NFL odds featured on different platforms. Simply pick a couple of games and see what different websites have to offer you — it is as easy as that. If you notice that some website offers you much better chances of obtaining a more significant win, then you have found your lucky choice.

And if you happen to stumble across a website that does not feature its NFL odds publicly, that is probably a proper red flag for you to stay away, as reliable platforms are always transparent about what they have to offer.

Minimum Deposit Amounts

Another important thing to keep an open eye on is a website’s minimum deposit amounts. Regardless of how alluring a betting platform can look, make sure their minimum deposit requirements match what you currently have to spend on online betting. And do not let exaggerated bonuses trick you into depositing more than what you can afford just to earn a bigger bonus that might not be as easy to acquire as it seems.

Fast Payouts

The whole point of betting is being able to cash out your winnings to celebrate while you are still euphoric from placing the right bet. That is why you should also make sure your next betting platform offers the quickest cashout times, or at least what you would be comfortable waiting for.

Additional Games

If betting on the national football league is not your only gambling passion, you should also look for additional games from the best service. Apart from NFL, many betting services will also let you bet on other games, while some even include games of poker, horse races, and online casinos on their platforms. So if you are into some of these things, make sure the service you are about to sign up for checks off all of your necessities.

Responsible Gambling

After you have found the best platform for your preference, the most important thing that is left is to gamble responsibly. To be responsible about your funds and not end up risking more than you can afford or have, the best practice is always to have a specific budget in mind. By planning out your budget ahead, you will become more cautious about your next bet and ensure you do not spend all of your funds on compulsive decisions that will cost you a lot.

If you ever experience that you start to become addicted to betting, do not hesitate to ask for help, as many of the websites we have reviewed above offer excellent support for people with gambling problems.

Advantages of Online NFL Betting

If you are looking to bet on your favorite NFL team or make the big game even more interesting, online betting is the ultimate convenience that you have to try out. Although traditional bookmakers offer countless perks and benefits, we believe online betting has already taken over and provides premium comfort to modern times.

So if you would like to find out whether online betting is the right choice for you, read through the following perks of live gambling, and consider what fits you best.


In terms of working hours, conventional betting shops seem to keep up with online betting, as many of these facilities tend to be available 24/7. However, online betting is by far more approachable than traditional bookmakers. It lets you place a bet from the comfort of your own home without the need to locate the nearest bookie and travel. Additionally, most online betting platforms offer you the chance to bet on the go, which can never be topped by conventional bookmakers.

Live Betting at Home

With recent events changing the way we live, many people now find watching their favorite game in a crowded space repulsive and prefer to follow the big match in the comfort of their homes. Online casinos offer them an effortless way to place a quick bet without leaving their house or missing more than a minute of the game.


If you are looking to compare the odds offered by different services, online bookies let you explore unlimited options within just a few minutes. In contrast to this, comparing the offers and odds at conventional bookmakers will require significantly more of your time and effort.

Broad Payment Options

Online betting platforms often accept various payment options that include credit cards, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, conventional bookmakers are very likely only to accept cash and credit cards.

FAQs About NFL Betting 

Q1. How much money can you make by betting on the NFL?

It depends on a lot of factors, including the amount of money you bet, the odds that are offered, and your knowledge to place the right bet. To increase your chances of winning big, make sure you find a betting platform that features the best odds and works on getting as much information as possible before you decide to place a bet. Increasing your stakes is not something that is a recommendation since by raising the stakes, you might be up for a more significant win. But, you are also in play for a more substantial loss.

Q2. What is the best practice of keeping up with the latest NFL events?

If you are passionate about the NFL, your best way of keeping up to date is to make a schedule and watch all games in real-time. But if time is not on your side, you can always try to keep track by reading up on many sports news platforms or watching that news on the television.

However, if you do not prefer switching between many platforms and websites, many betting services will offer you to place a bet and follow the latest events in a single place. Reputable betting platforms often feature blog posts with recent happenings, and some even offer you the chance to see some fantastic NFL dedicated shows featuring professionals in the field.

Q3. How can I place the correct bet?

Since no one can predict the future, there is never a good answer to that question. Still, many common practices include keeping up with team and player statistics to calculate who has the best chances of winning. Additionally, you can also try to follow up on more experienced individuals and watch a couple of NFL shows that often feature picks and predictions. And sometimes, simple luck is all that it takes for you to place the right bet and cash out a significant win.

Q4. How fast can you place an NFL betting online?

Generally speaking, most betting platforms are pretty easy to work with. Signing up for a platform usually takes no longer than five minutes, and you will take about the same time to deposit money into your account. After you are all set, you can place your first bet within an additional five minutes, based on the simplicity of the platform and your knowledge of it. After you get accommodated with your new betting environment, placing a bet should not take more than a minute of your time.

Q5. How much money can you place on a single NFL bet?

This depends mainly on the platform that you choose to use. However, many services are particularly flexible when it comes to maximum bets, and some do not even have a specific limit in place.

With this in mind, the best person to determine the maximum wager is probably yourself. And you should never rush into compulsive decisions and risk significant amounts of money on a single bet. Although the excitement and the positive outcome can be pretty alluring, betting with high wagers can lead to financial troubles and even initiate a gambling problem.

Q6. Can I join a couple of different betting websites?

Yes. But if you take the time and consideration into scouting for the absolute best website to fit your needs, you really do not have to. Still, if you think that exploring multiple options might help you find the most lucrative platform for betting on the NFL, you can definitely try out a couple of different websites and find out which works best for you.

Q7. Is online betting safe?

Yes, as long as you place your NFL bets on proven betting platforms, it is safe to gamble. A couple of factors you should look for are safe and secure payment methods that abide by the industry standards and privacy policies that satisfy your needs.

Additionally, you will also have to put a minor effort into keeping your betting accounts safe. Standard practices include using a strong password, avoiding storing your account details on public computers and devices, not wagering while under the influence of alcohol, etc.

Q8. Is NFL online betting legal?

The overturn of PASPA in 2018 opened the door for individual states to legalize NFL games online gambling. So although placing bets at live sportsbooks is still not federally legal, a lot of states allow this type of gambling, and many have introduced some sort of bill that legalized sports gambling.

However, there are still a couple of states that are nowhere near to regulating sports gambling. These include California, Hawaii, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, and a couple more.

Q9. Are there any common NFL strategies?

Yes, with the latest NFL rush, many people started developing strategies and sharing them with the world to try out.

  • Play with Your Head and Not Your Heart

The first and most important strategy or tip is never to bet with your heart. Controlling your emotions and avoiding rushed and compulsive decisions is something you should practice if you want to prevent unnecessary losses.

  • Pay Attention to the Game Location

A team that plays on its native field is considered to have better odds at winning. Additionally, a lot of people believe each team has a couple of lucky stadiums on which they hardly ever lose. So, another good strategy would be to do some research about the stadium in correlation with the teams and add that weight to your decision.

  • Check Out Any Injury Reports

Since football is the ultimate team game, any minor injury to a player can shift the whole balance of the team. Therefore, you can also try to keep up with injury reports and practice attendance to ensure the status of all players and find out what role they will be playing in the next big game.

  • Monitor the Betting Lines

Another common practice towards making the right bet is following betting lines throughout the week. As many online bookmakers feature favorable NFL odds way ahead, you can try to keep track of any changes and take advantage of them. If you notice that any odds have significantly decreased, that is probably due to some change and might be considered a green flag to place a bet.

  • Diversify Your Bets

Playing different games has proven to be very profitable for many players. You can significantly maximize your success if you choose to bet on the NFL money line, spread, and game totals. That is why it is essential that you always know your alternatives and search for new exciting games.

Conclusion: Best NFL Betting Site For You

As the end of the national football league is starting to approach, more and more passionate fans begin to experience the joy and cheer of the big games ahead. And a great way to spice up an already existing and anticipated game is to place betting odds on the favorite.

NFL live betting is also an amazing way for not-so-passionate fans to get their glimpse of the excitement and buzz around the national football league without favoring any team.

So, whether you are looking to make a win on your favorite team’s big game, or just a simple way to pass your time and get into the NFL spirit, online gambling can be a thrilling occupation that is guaranteed to bring you a lot of fun and even some profit. If we have managed to get you excited about it, we suggest you take another look at the services we have reviewed above and remember to be responsible with your gambling.

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