Best Massage Guns 2022 : Everything You Need For A Good Therapy Session

Nikhil Goswami

The daily grind and mental stress can often lead to unbearable body pain. In such circumstances, all you need is good therapy and massage. Here is when you can get yourself the best massage gun that the market has to offer.

You would have seen different ads running all over your feed about these massage guns. As per the multiple customer reviews, these massage guns are excellent tools to help you relax. Some even claim to help you eliminate your muscle pain permanently.

The tool can increase your blood flow instantly, thereby increasing your metabolism. Hence, all your tensed muscles can get relaxed at once.

Massage guns are best for people who have nine to five jobs. Sitting all day on a single chair often leads to various muscle aches and cramps. Hence, you use a massage gun to treat yourself once you get home.

We have a list of all the brands that sell the best massage guns on the market. You can swipe through any brand’s website and get the best massage gun. However, it is necessary to know how we made this list.

 Top Picks For Best Massage Guns In 2022

  1. Achedaway – Overall Best Massage Gun On the Market, Editor’s Pick
  2. LifePro Massage Gun – Top Pick For Amazing Quality & Design
  3. Renpho Massage Gun – Most Used Sturdy & Well Built Massage Gun
  4. Trumedic – Best Well-known & Well-loved Company
  5. Snailax Massage Gun – Most Recommended Deep Tissue Massage Gun

#1. Achedaway – Overall Best Massage Gun On the Market, Editor’s Pick

The first company you will land on while looking for a massage gun is Achedaway. No one can deny the popularity of this brand in this industry. However, the popularity of the product is due to some reasons. It has multiple features that people love. Hence, it is the most wanted massage gun on the market.

The brand is best for you if you are a health enthusiast and often find yourself physically exhausted. The company designs its massage machines, especially for such people. Even if you are a professional athlete, you can benefit from Achedaway.

The product is designed to target the trigger points of pain and relieve the tension. The main reason for its popularity is its efficiency. You can feel positive changes merely after five days of usage.

Achedaway has been medically proven to provide extraordinary benefits. It regulates your blood at an ample flow rate. Moreover, using Achedaway massage guns right after physical activity can be beneficial.


Extra Attachment Massage Heads:  Achedaway provides four types of attachment massage heads. You can use them interchangeably as per your need. The heads come as a bullet, flat, soft, and fork. All the heads are easily attachable.

You do not need any professional or extra help to put these heads. All you need to do is slide the head you need in the slot, and you are good to go. Furthermore, unlike other companies, these four attachments won’t become loose over time. All the heads remain firm in their place. So, you will not feel any problem during the massage.

Achedaway provides all the attachments to offer different experiences. You can use it according to your needs. For instance, various body parts need distinct types of tenderness and pressure during massage. Your neck needs soft massaging. However, your arms might need a little more pressure to eliminate pain.

Forkhead attachment can be used to massage your spine. People who used Achedaway commented about how it helped their spinal pain. It is best for people who have to focus on a screen continuously. Such people are more likely to develop neck pain. Hence, a forkhead is best for you if you are one of them.

Easy-to-use: Achedaway is very easy to use. The company has not added any extra functionalities or buttons to the device. Hence, it makes it very easy to understand the working of the massage gun.

You can find the power button right in the middle of the massage gun and air vents surround the button. The air vents let out the machine’s heat while it is working so that the massage gun never gets heated up while used.

Achedaway massage gun also has LED lights. These LED lights signal different modes and functionalities. So, it is straightforward to determine what stage your machine is working on. To be precise, there are five levels on which the device operates.

Battery Life: The average battery life of the Achedaway massage gun is approximately three hours. Very few companies provide such battery life.

You can get a good massage in three hours, even with acute pain. Hence, all you need to do is leave the battery on charging for a few hours and use it when it is fully charged.

Another best thing about the Achedaway massage gun is its removable battery. You can remove the battery from the device and charge it anywhere you want. So, the portability makes it worthy.

Noise: Achedaway massage guns are known to be the most silent machines. People love the company because the devices do not cause regular noise pollution. The continuous heat emission keeps the massage gun working, increasing its efficiency. So it does not produce unnecessary noise.


  • Easy handling
  • Different frames
  • Good battery life
  • Average amplitude
  • Multiple speed levels


  • A little heavy
  • Expensive

=> Click here to visit the official website of Achedaway

#2. LifePro Massage Gun – Top Pick For Amazing Quality & Design

Almost all the massage guns on the market are expensive. However, if you want a massage gun in a valuable amount, LifePro will cover you. The brand is famous for its high-quality yet affordable prices. So, you can categorize the LifePro massage gun as the best budget massage gun.

When it comes to design and build quality, the LifePro massage gun does not disappoint. If you look for review articles on the internet, you will find people appreciating LifePro for the quality it provides.

LifePro massage guns do not come in a typical gun shape. The company has molded the product to make it easier to hold and handle. Moreover, you can apply necessary pressure more easily through these new shapes.

LifePro massage gun comes in a box. The company has designed the case to perfectly protect the gun from wear and tear. Moreover, every necessary attachment has a separate room inside the box. The massage gun box is easy to handle and carry anywhere you want.

LifePro massage guns efficiently compete with all expensive brands. Although the product’s price is not high, you can find all the valuable features in the LifePro massage gun. You can easily regard the LifePro massage gun as one of the best massage guns.


Percussion: LifePro gives you a variety of frequencies. The company provides a range of five different massaging frequencies. The scope varies from 20 Hz to 45 Hz. The selection is good enough for your percussive therapy.

You can also adjust the frequency to high if you have muscle aches and need a deep tissue massage. However, if you want a soft, tender massage on your back, you can select the minimum percussive therapy option.

Ease-of-use: Unlike other companies, LifePro believes in simplicity. This is the reason why the company has made the gun very easy to use. You can understand all the functionalities merely by reading the manual once.

The gun comes in designs that are most straightforward to hold and handle. Hence, all you need to do is to point the gun face at the area that needs a massage. After this, press the power button. The power button is located right under the scope of index finger placement.

Once you start the gun, you can manage the speed accordingly.

Lightweight: The LifePro massage guns come in the lightest weight possible. The maximum weight of the device does not exceed 2.5 lbs. So, it is effortless to manage and hold the device.

Some companies in the market stuff their guns with unnecessary features. Hence, additional functionalities make the guns heavier. LifePro believes in keeping the product straightforward. As a result, it does not increase the weight by more the 2.5 lbs. You can continue your massage for hours and won’t tire your hand. Also, the massage gun won’t feel heavy on the body part you are massaging.

Battery: The battery life of LifePro massage guns leaves its customers surprised. LifePro massage gun’s battery life is more than usual guns’ average period as the gun will keep on working efficiently for six hours.

So, you can charge the gun once and use it uninterrupted for six hours straight. No other company in the market can work for so many hours.


  • Different massage heads
  • Different percussion therapy modes
  • Amazing battery life
  • Easy to handle and hold
  • Lightweight


  • Average build quality
  • Loose heads and frames

=> Click here to visit the official website of LifePro Massage Gun

#3. Renpho Massage Gun –  Most Used Sturdy & Well Built Massage Gun

You will surely come across Renpho massage guns if you search for the best massage guns. Like other companies, the Renpho massage gun comes in a box with all its essential components. The pack provides a complete package of a well-built massage gun to release your muscle tension.

The Reno R3 massage gun comes in two colors – black and blue. No matter what color you choose, you will get some impressive features.

Renpho R3 massage guns are small and lightweight. You can carry the gun easily anywhere you want. The zipped packaging makes it look chic. So, if you are an athlete and need an instant massage after physical exercise, the Renpho R3 gun is best for you.

The product has a pair of LEDs that indicate different functionalities. For instance, one of the LEDs shows the battery level or percentage. You can charge your device according to the light’s color. The other LED lights indicate the status of the massage.


Performance: As far as the performance is concerned, customers have yet to complain about anything. First, the product’s small size and light weight make it very portable and easy to carry. It is what customers love about Renpho R3 devices.

Besides this, the wide range of percussion or frequencies leaves good room for selection. You can select any frequency according to the severity of the pain.

The amplitude of the device is also impressive. The massage gun leaves the impact of the vibration deep in the bones and flesh. Hence, no matter how deep the pain is, you can find relief through the Renpho massage gun.

Multiple Frames and Heads: Renpho, like other brands, provides a nice variety of different massage heads. All the frames are designed to compensate for different types of body pains.

People who do self-massaging find the diverse collection very helpful. It is because you can use distinct massage heads on the body parts as per need.

The best part is that all the heads are easiest to put. The frame is designed so that the head remains firm in its place. Most companies skip paying attention to this part. Hence, the components of the massage gun become loose soon after usage. So, the device undergoes wear and tear under such circumstances.

However, Renpho gives the best value for money. As it charges a handsome amount for its services, it provides the best quality.

USB Port: A feature that is missing in most of the massage guns is a USB port. Renpho has rechargeable batteries. The best part is that you can recharge the device using any USB cable.

You do not need to rush for its special charger. Any USB cable portable with the device can go. This feature makes the Renpho massage gun easier to carry.

For instance, you can charge the device while traveling in your car. Or, if you are working somewhere, you can leave the machine on charging until it is ultimately charged.

Design features: Other than explicitly mentioned features, you can find several small handy things with Renpho.

If we start from the weight, the company has designed the device to a maximum of 24 oz. Besides this, the plastic finishing is fine and gives the device and cover a stylish look.

The company has designed a soft rubber handgrip to increase the grip and make the device handier. So, anyone can help themself in self-massage.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Portable and handy
  • USB port
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Expensive
  • Low stroke length

=> Click here to visit the official website of Renpho Massage Gun

#4. Trumedic – Best Well-known & Well-loved Company

You will find a list of products of Trumedic if you search the company name on the internet. It is one of the most famous brand names in the industry. The company has a vast product line and specializes in selling massage devices. You can find Trumedic massage chairs, massage guns, and many other devices.

As far as the Trumedic massage gun is concerned, you won’t be disappointed by its performance. The company maintains its name in the market by providing high-quality and the best services. People love and prefer Trumedic over any other brand for massage guns.

There are multiple reasons why people love and trust Trumedic. One of the reasons is that it is an old and experienced brand. Any new customer can easily get attracted to its history of success. Secondly, the company does not let its customers down. Here are some most robust features of the Trumedic massage gun.


Extra Quiet Performance: Trumedic massage guns’ best part is that it does not make unnecessary sounds. There are very few companies in the market that can design a technology that does not make any sound.

Most massage guns produce the sound of heat emission. Although the sound is not loud, it can be irritating. Other than this, a regular massage gun makes low humming sounds.

However, Trumedic massage guns are proved to be ultra-quiet. You can test the device before purchasing, and the product’s performance will surprise you.

Customizable Motor Speed: Trumedic provides a variety of rates for its users. You can adjust the speed and vibration of the device according to your need and want.

For instance, you can increase the speed if you have sore muscles requiring high vibration. The massager will start working in a continuously high rate motion.

However, you can lower the speed if you want to relax while massaging. The massage gun will start pressing and massaging your specific body part at a minimum rate.

Interchangeable Heads: Trudmedic can not miss out on the most common yet essential feature. The device comes with several heads that can fit into the frame.

Different parts of the body require distinct pressure and vibration frequency. You can not massage every detail with the same force and frequency. Trumedic understands the need. Hence, the package comes with multiple heads.

You can fix any head according to the part you are going to massage. For instance, if you have acute pain in your neck, choose a soft head and keep the frequency average. This way, the delicate parts of the body won’t get hurt.

However, you can use a mildly sharp speed and a heavy head for back pain. It will press you back correctly and eliminate your pain.

Brand Transparency: Trumedic is a large chain that produces different products. Hence, the brand has to keep its name maintained in the market. For this purpose, the company makes sure it provides all the transparency its customers need.

Trumedic does not hide any details from its customers. For instance, it is open about its manufacturing, warranty, features, and many other things.

The company has an official website and domain to increase transparency and customer engagement. You can visit the website and learn everything about the brand.

Moreover, purchasing the Trumedic massage guns directly from the official website is effortless. You do not need to go from one place to another in search of authentic and branded Trumedic massage guns.


  • Brushless motor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Interchangeable heads
  • Extremely quiet
  • High rate of performance
  • Customizable speed
  • Intensity settings
  • Tension release


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

=> Click here to visit the official website of Trumedic

#5. Snailax Massage Gun – Most Recommended Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Finding a company that gives you more brands at a low price is often difficult. When it comes to massage guns, the problem even becomes bigger. However, Snailax is one of the few brands that are generous about the features they provide. Hence, with Snailax, you can find everything you are looking for at a minimum price.

Snailax has proved itself in multiple medical areas. Doctors recommend the Snailax massage gun for aching muscles. The brand tends to provide ultimate deep tissue relief. Moreover, this quality massage gun helps you by increasing blood flow.


Lightweight and portable: Most necessary feature of a massage gun is its weight and portability. Heavyweight massage guns make it very difficult to handle and hold. Snailax makes sure it masters this area.

Hence, the company designs its massage guns weighing 1.7lbs. Such a lightweight is easy to handle and carry. You can place the massage gun anywhere on the table or on your work desk. If you feel neck pain, you can instantly use it, even during work hours. The massage gun is designed professionally to accommodate any situation.

Noise-free: The motor used inside the device is of high quality. Hence, it does not produce heavy metallic or machine sounds during working. You won’t hear any extra noise once you turn it on.

The only sound the device will produce is heat emission. The heat emission vents keep the device cool and the motor working. Hence, Snailax can provide a pretty noiseless percussion therapy experience.

Battery Life: The company uses Lithium-ion batteries inside the massage guns. These are the latest batteries known for their long life and efficiency.

Hence, you can expect the device to work for six hours straight without interruption.

Once you have charged the device fully, you won’t need the charger for six to seven hours. Hence, it increases the device’s portability. One other benefit that Lithium-ion batteries provide is their ability to work for years. Most of the batteries swell if overcharged. However, the Snailax battery will automatically cut the power once fully charged. So, it won’t soak and swell even if you leave the battery on setting for hours.

Recommended For Pain Relief: Snailax massage guns are highly recommended if you have sore muscles. The massage gun is capable of relieving deep pain. The percussive therapy with Snailax is terrific as you can enjoy the massage for six hours.

People in review sections comment about how Snailax helped them with deep tissue massage. Hence, the massage gun is a complete package.


  • Versatile
  • Noise-free
  • Long-life battery
  • Lightweight
  • Handy
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • Not available in some countries

=> Click here to visit the official website of Snailax Massage Gun

How We Made This List

Our team did keen research before compiling the list of the best massage guns. The task is complex as every brand has to be judged on specific standards. To avoid problems, our team generated criteria on which every company is measured. The company that best fits the criteria is recommended to readers.

Here are some key features that we noticed in every brand. Evaluating each of these is necessary before adding any product to the list.

What We Looked For

  • Amplitude: The amplitude of a massage gun means the amount of vibration and power it can provide. The more the gun amplitude, the deeper and more potently it will hit and move. It is essential to understand the amplitude of a massage machine. It is because not everyone can handle higher amplitude massage machines.

Athletes and people who are physically active prefer guns with a greater amplitude which they can find with a deep tissue massage gun. However, a layperson might feel the vibration is too strong to handle. Hence, we need to see if the brand added to the list provides machines for an average person.

  • Weight of the massage gun: The second most necessary factor to consider is the weight of the massage gun. However, some brands provide amazing machines but make them too heavy. It results in multiple problems.

For instance, if the massage gun is heavy, your arm can tire soon. Also, the machine might feel too heavy on the part you are massaging.

So, we ensured the massage guns we added to our list were lightweight and easy to handle, such as a mini massage gun. Conclusively, the user can massage themself correctly and for a considerable time and transport easily like in a gym bag.

  • Warranty: Users tend to look for a warranty before investing in machinery like a massage gun. We especially looked for the companies that provided a reasonable period of guarantee. The warranty helps if the product shows any unwanted or premature defect.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Massage Gun

Before purchasing any massage gun, make sure you check out the factors mentioned below:

  • Warranty

Almost all massage guns come with warranties. However, it is necessary to ensure it before the purchase. If the company is not providing any warranty, you can skip the product.

Machines like massage guns can often undergo wear and tear during traveling. Hence, it is necessary to take considerable action and avoid any wastage of money.

  • Interchangeable Massage Heads

Massage guns come with interchangeable massage heads. These massage heads are essential during self-massage.

Some brands provide a good range of massage heads; others might give you only two to three frames.

It is better to go for the companies that provide more massage heads. Such devices will help you cure more areas of your body.

  • Speed Settings

Every human being is built differently. So, not everyone can bear the same pressure and speed of a massage gun.

For instance, athletes might need to operate their massage guns at the highest intensity. However, an ordinary man might find it a bit too harsh.

Hence, always check for the speed settings before purchasing a massage gun. Check if the product has a variety of different speeds.

FAQs About Massage Guns

  1. What is the best massage gun in the industry?

It might depend on the factor you prioritize while purchasing a massage gun. For example, if you want a massage gun with different speeds, your choice might be a different one than the one that comes with multiple attachments. Furthermore, if you need a lightweight massage gun, you may put a separate company in the best position.

However, to answer this question, we have made a list of all the best massage guns on the market.

The list mentioned above contains complete and thorough details of every brand. Each brand is worth buying, and you will find value for money.

  1. Do massage guns work? 

Massage guns can be beneficial for every human being. Whether you are an athlete or not, massage guns are best for you if you have physical or muscle pain. It is an excellent investment, and people are satisfied with this technology.

However, make sure you purchase it from the right place. Buying your massage gun from an unauthentic brand can waste money. Furthermore, make sure you read multiple articles suggesting the best massage gun companies.

Moreover, you can review different brands by searching them on the internet. You will find various forums where experienced customers review how they found the product.

So, skip it if you find too many negative reviews about a product. Always go for the brand that has the highest number of positive comments.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Massage Gun For You?

You can undergo various circumstances when your body might be suffering from muscle soreness. It is the situation when you need a massage gun. Massage guns are easy to handle and the best way to relieve pain.

Before buying any massage gun, make sure you review each brand thoroughly. An easy way to do so is to give a quic

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