3 Best Luggage Brands For Travel Purpose (2022 Traveler Guide)

Luggage Brands

With so many options available, choosing the best luggage can be frustrating. Plus, there are never-ending features that you need to explore, evaluate and then select one that best meets your requirements. You’ll want something durable and sturdy with enough capacity to carry your valuables while you travel. However, an expensive price tag doesn’t mean that a bag is well-designed. You must consider the brand too, and lots of other features that make the best luggage brands.

Since your suitcase is your most reliable partner during travel, you must carefully make a buying decision. To help you choose one, we considered hundreds of top baggage brands to choose the best. We were able to narrow our search to the top three luggage brands, which we’ll review below.

Our Top Picks Of Luggage Brands For Every Travel Need

These are our top picks for the best luggage, followed by a detailed review in the next section:

  1. Standard Luggage – Overall Best Suitcases For Travel, Editor’s Pick
  2. eBags – Affordable & Best Luggage For International Travel
  3. Titan Bags – Most Durable & Stylish Luggage Bag

#1. Standard Luggage Co. – Overall Best Suitcases For Travel, Editor’s Pick


Standard Luggage Co. was founded by a travel enthusiast, Ryan Chong, who realized that travel gear is a must for a comfortable travel experience. The founder was experiencing an ‘exploding duffle’ issue at various spots while he traveled, and that made him realize that a lot of time is wasted if a traveler doesn’t have suitable luggage bags. He then decided to establish a travel gear brand that could help travelers embark on their journey comfortably.

The company is based in Toronto, Canada, and is a kick-starter-funded luggage brand. The primary mission of the company is to help people save money and time while traveling. Their luggage bags are designed in a way so that travelers don’t need to check their bags and pay additional airline fees.

Standard luggage has been appreciated for its high-quality luggage by various platforms, including Forbes, HuffPost, Macworld, and Lonely Planet. Their luggage items offer a complete travel system to those looking for a comfortable and hassle-free traveling experience.

The company is transparent about its products, and thus they have posted all the customer reviews on their official websites. There are hundreds of customer reviews on their page, the majority being positive. Going through the customer reviews, we found out that most of the customers appreciate the rugged and high-quality materials of the bags.

Standard Luggage Co. offers free shipping to the USA and Canada if you purchase any item through their online store. If you live outside the USA or Canada, the shipping costs will be displayed on the website at the time of checkout. The company partners with various carriers, including DHL, FedEx, Canada Post, UPS, USPS, and Hong Kong Post.


Comfortable and Efficient: The luggage created by Standard Luggage Co. is modern, versatile, and very comfortable for short and long trips. Each product is equipped with smart organization features and has numerous points of adjustability along with padded back ventilation features for backpacks. The wheeled luggage is smooth to move around as they are made up of high-quality spin wheels.

Carry-on Luggage: The best seller of Standard Luggage Co. are carry-on backpacks. These backpacks are perfect for international travel, and they are designed to meet the airline cabin rules. This is a 3-in-1 travel backpack, shoulder bag, and suitcase. Besides that, it has an expandable capacity of 35 to 40L. It has a water-resistant exterior and is a reliable partner on the go.

User-friendly Website: Standard Luggage Co. has an easy-to-use website with luggage tabs arranged on the top. You can browse through the variety of luggage options as they have a massive collection for travel enthusiasts. They have a FAQs section, too, to help the customers purchase the right luggage according to their requirements. Apart from that, they have blogs and educational resources to assist travelers in making informed decisions.

Safe and Secure Travel: The luggage products of Standard Luggage Co. contain lots of safety and security features. For instance, they have water-resistant exteriors, a safety whistle, and a rain cover to keep you and your bag safe. They are made up of rugged and durable materials such as high-quality YKK zips and rip-stop nylon. Besides that, their luggage is versatile and perfect for everyone who wants to secure their valuables with ease.

Lifetime Warranty: Standard Luggage Co. products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty if you purchase directly from them. If the product is not up to your expectations, you can return it within 15 days of delivery.


● Compact and spacious luggage

● Best carry-on luggage

● Ergonomic and flexible designs

● Number one rated travel backpacks

● 100 % satisfaction guarantee

● Lifetime warranty

● Free shipping to USA and Canada


● Few material pilling complaints

=> Click here to visit the official website of Standard Luggage Co

#2. eBags – Affordable & Best Luggage For International Travel


eBags offers a wide variety of safe and durable backpacks, bags, luggage, and tags at affordable prices. The company was created by five young guys in 1998 as a small startup brand. At that time, it used to sell only seven different brands of luggage. However, it became a giant international retailer after Samsonite International acquired it in 2017.

The luggage brand offers a good variety of top-notch makes and models and is known for its excellent quality products at very reasonable prices. They stand out from the competition like Eagle Creek Luggage and Delsey Luggage because of their huge spacious suitcases and daily commute bags for travel enthusiasts. The company has shipped more than 22 million bags until now and has also been applauded by Forbes for its transparency. Besides Forbes, the company has been acknowledged by The New York Times and Insider too for its high-quality products.

eBags focuses on the form and function of each bag and makes sure that durable materials surround your valuables while offering lots of space. Their most popular products include the Mother Lode carry-on rolling duffel, Fortis Pro USB carry-on spinner, Belcourt Weekender, and Classic Slim 3 Pc packing cubes.

The brand’s official site has thousands of customer reviews that help you decide on the best luggage for your requirements. They are very transparent about their products, and thus they accept negative customer reviews too. The majority of the reviews are positive, though. eBags also offers branded luggage collections, and most of its products come with fixed-period guarantees and lifetime warranties. Besides that, the buying and delivery process is super fast and easy.


High-Quality Luggage: eBags offers first-class luggage that is not only efficient in size and space but also has balanced compartmentalization. Each product is durable and can withstand the rigors of traveling and daily use. Furthermore, their bags have good shock resistance and are perfect for assisting you on the go. Besides luggage, you can also buy high-quality accessories such as packing cubes and cooler bags.

Extensive Variety: Whether you’re looking for a carry-on bag, rolling suitcase, soft side bag, hard side luggage, checked bags, or garment bags, the company has something for you. Besides that, you can buy whole luggage sets that include 2-piece and 3-piece sets.

Affordable Prices: eBags luggage is available at affordable prices with lots of ongoing sales and clearance items. You can get decent luggage with a considerable amount of space and extra features at a very reasonable price as compared to its competitors. Plus, their products deliver excellent value for money as they are long-lasting.

Promotions and Discounts: The company offers promotions and discounts to keep the customers coming. For instance, currently, there’s a summer sale going on that is offering 30% off if you use the code ‘Summer.’ Apart from that, there are limited-time deals that help you save a lot, and you can also make use of the 15% off deal if you sign up for emails.

Shipping and Returns: The company uses multiple carriers for shipping, and they assign a page to your order that is most appropriate for a particular delivery address. Their standard shipping method takes two to six business days for the order to deliver. The return policy of the company allows you to return unused products within 30 days of the shipping date.


● High-quality and durable bags

● Fast shipping and on-time delivery

● Money back guarantee

● Easy returns

● Limited lifetime warranty

● Competitive prices


● Poor tracking information

● Some items often out of stock

=> Click here to visit the official website of eBags

#3. Titan Bags – Most Durable & Stylish Luggage Bag


Titan Bags is a German brand that offers premium and high-end luggage for all types of travelers. Their bags are not only of high quality, but they are also innovative and contain advanced features and high-end technology. The brand was created in 1983 and has been delivering top-notch luggage to its customers since. The company develops and designs all of its products in Germany.

The brand is internationally recognized, and its unique mix of design and function sets it apart from its competitors. One of their innovative products includes complex shell cases that are made of 100% pure polycarbonate, one of the most shock-resistant plastics in the world. Besides the stylish and decorative designs, their luggage items have a durable and high-quality surface structure.

The luggage bags of this brand are available according to your travel plans and requirements. For instance, if you want luggage with two or four wheels, you can find these on their website. Spinner wheels, especially four spinner wheels, are the favorite of most travelers because of their portability and ease of use. Plus, they are very comfortable to drag and are perfect for short trips. However, if you’re looking for more stable trolley bag options, you should choose the 2-wheel suitcase from Titan Bags.

The hard shell series of Titan Bags include X-RAY and X-RAY PRO that feature high-tech materials and have a minimalistic design. These bags are long-lasting and very functional. Not only that, but the company also uses an eco-friendly manufacturing process to design the most durable and lightweight luggage.

The luggage brand makes sure that its customers are satisfied to the highest level. For this reason, it gives a right to withdrawal to the customers through which you can revoke the contract within a month.


Design: Titan bags have a unique design that includes fine details and extra features. Their team includes design specialists and experts from Germany. The luggage items have a clean and stylish design, and they use high-quality plastics that make the products durable.

Extensive Collection: The extensive collection of Titan bags includes hard case luggage, soft-sided luggage, checked bags, carry-on bags, spinner wheels, and more. The soft side bags are perfect for trips on the road as they are easy to store because of the flexible design. Besides that, the durable polycarbonate material for hard case luggage is good for keeping delicate items.

Luggage Series: The company offers a series of luggage products according to their features. The series includes luggage made in Germany, hard shell bags, soft luggage, and Barbara & Titan. The Barbara & Titan is exclusive cooperation with the singer Barbara, and together they offer high-end trolleys and accessories.

Discounts and Offers: The luggage brand offers multiple discounts so that you can save on your luggage purchases. You can get a 10% discount on your purchases by subscribing to the company’s newsletter. Moreover, the company returns the payments that it receives from you if you decide to return the product within a month.

Different Payment options: Titan Bags offer a wide variety of payment options which include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and others. Besides that, you can also make payments using credit cards, instant bank transfers, through an invoice, or make payment in advance. The payment flexibility allows you to choose any platform to purchase luggage with ease.


● Best trolleys and suitcases

● One month right of withdrawal

● Super fast shipping method

● Secure payment methods with multiple options

● Free shipping for orders over 49.99 euros


● Not very durable

=> Click here to visit the official website of Titan Bags

How We Made The List Of Best Luggage Brands That Will Last Long?

To compile the list of the top three luggage brands, we conducted thorough online research. We strictly evaluated each brand on aspects like reliability, durability, and overall quality of the luggage. To make sure you get the best options, we had strict criteria for determining brand loyalty and reliability. Some of the factors that we considered for choosing the best luggage include weight, size, packing capacity, consumer tests, and ease of packing.

We also read hundreds of customer reviews for numerous products to know about the customers’ perceptions regarding each brand. The customer reviews were also beneficial in helping us determine the pros and cons of each product, so we could find the right luggage brand. After reviewing and evaluating multiple options, we compiled this list of the best luggage brands.

What We Looked For

To help you understand our selection criteria, we have outlined the main factors that we looked for while choosing the best luggage brands:

  • Weight and Size: There are certain measurement restrictions for traveling through common airlines, which should never be ignored. While choosing the best luggage, we made sure that each brand follows the measurement standards of the majority of the airlines.
  • Convenience: Some suitcases can require a lot of effort to unzip and pack or unpack stuff. The luggage that we have chosen is very convenient to use because they’re easy to open and close. Plus, they have accessible compartments for improved user experience.
  • Warranty: Luggage is not a small investment, so you must buy something that can last for several years. Thus, we have chosen luggage brands that offer lifetime warranties against artistry and defects in materials.
  • Multiple Luggage Options: The brands that we chose offer a wide variety of suitcases and carry-ons. This way, you can easily pick one according to your requirements. Whether you want an expandable travel bag or a rolling suitcase, these brands have it all.
  • Transparency: Our top picks for best luggage brands are transparent about their products and services. They have lots of customer reviews on their websites, and the majority of them are positive. Moreover, they offer a satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Best Travel Luggages: Buying Guide

As fun as it is, traveling can become worrisome if you don’t have the correct travel gear. Whether you’re looking for a carry-on suitcase, garment bag, spinner wheels, or any other travel accessories, you must first research and thoroughly evaluate the features. Good luggage can last for many years. Thus, it is crucial to choose one that is durable and long-lasting.

Low-quality luggage or one that doesn’t meet your needs can make travel extremely difficult. If you’re wondering how to choose the best luggage, we’ve explained the factors that you need to consider before buying one. Consider the following points to choose the best luggage:

  • Type of Luggage

Before buying a suitcase, the first thing you should consider is the type of luggage that meets your requirements. Decide whether you want hard-side luggage, soft-side luggage, carry-on luggage, laptop bags, soft-sided bags, garment bags, or weekender bags. Rolling luggage is comfortable if you plan to move around with your luggage a lot, plus your stuff is heavy.

For having luggage with you while you’re on the plane, you should choose carry-ons as they meet the exact dimensions according to the requirements of the airlines. The carry-ons include backpacks, duffel bags, and small rolling suitcases. Hardside luggage is more suitable if you want something that is waterproof and durable. Softside luggage is more flexible and soft and can adjust anywhere by taking up less space.

  • Design Elements

The second most important thing that you should consider in luggage is its design. When it comes to traveling, most of us overpack, which results in difficulties traveling. The design also includes the weight and size of the luggage, which you must consider. There are full-size cases and cabin cases, which you should choose according to the type of stuff you want to pack in them. Imagine how the weight and size will impact your travel.

Besides that, you must know that airlines have specific requirements and restrictions when it comes to the weight limit. Thus, the lighter the luggage is when it’s empty, the more holiday stuff you’ll be able to pack into it. Some of the best lightweight luggage weigh around 3 kg when they are empty.

  • Materials

Luggage is made up of a variety of materials which include ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, and polypropylene. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll have to buy sturdy and durable luggage that withstands the rigors of frequent traveling. Polycarbonate is the most durable and strongest plastic for luggage. It is resistant to shocks and cracks, and the good thing is that it isn’t heavy. ABS is flexible and scratch resistant, but it is not lightweight and not as sturdy as other materials.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option that doesn’t compromise sturdiness or durability, polypropylene is your choice. The material is solid yet cheap but is heavier than other materials. For frequent travelers, polycarbonate is the best choice. Nylon is easy to clean and is durable too, but there are very few color options available for this material.

  • Extra Features

When purchasing luggage, you must keep the versatility and functionality of the product in mind. Luggage with handles on the top are very convenient and practical. Moreover, extra handles are always helpful; for example, towing handles are also very comfortable. Most of the best travel bags contain telescopic handles that add to the ergonomic design. Besides that, some suitcases have organizational systems and USB charging ports too.

  • Security

To keep your possessions secure, you must invest in luggage that has locks equipped with TSA (Transport Security Administration) features. If you’re traveling to the U.S, your luggage must have a red TSA logo. These locks have a universal master key that only American airline security can access. However, if they can’t open the lock, they have the right to damage your luggage to check the items inside it.

Besides that, other security features include built-in luggage scales, tracking and alerts, anti-theft protection, airline compatibility, cable ties, and straps. Cable ties are sometimes available as travel accessories with luggage and are a low-cost alternative to locks. However, locks are the best option as they prevent splitting the zipper.

  • Storage

Luggage may or may not have internal pockets, but let’s agree that these pockets are convenient. Whether it’s hard-sided or soft-sided luggage, you can get integrated pockets and big compartments that allow you to put lots of stuff. For example, you can put a laptop in a pouched compartment and garment sections to keep your outfits separated from each other.

There are external pockets, too, for keeping those items that you want to access constantly. If you wish to store lots of stuff in your luggage, consider expandability. Luggage that features expandable panels is quite useful as they expand to increase the packing space. Such types of suitcases are worth considering, especially if you often come across last-minute souvenirs and gifts.

Durable Luggage Brands: FAQs

Is hard or soft luggage better?

Choosing a hard side or soft side luggage depends on your travel preference and packing style. There are pros and cons to each type of luggage, and choosing one depends on your requirements. The soft side bag is lighter than the hard side counterparts, which makes them more portable. They are flexible, and you can squeeze them anywhere without worrying about the space available. On the other hand, the hard side bags are more durable and resistant to wear and tear and shocks. The hard side luggage is waterproof and weather resistant too.

What size of luggage should I consider?

Again, it depends on the type and amount of stuff you want to carry with you while traveling. Carry-ons are very lightweight and portable and are good for keeping with you if you want to check the items or keep them in the cabin. If you want checked bags, consider something between 25 and 29 inches long. Most airlines charge a fixed fee per bag, so it is better to have a larger bag than to have more luggage. However, a bigger suitcase will also be heavier, so you must consider the weight too.

What makes the luggage durable?

A suitcase made up of durable materials like polycarbonate, polypropylene, or aluminum is durable. However, if you’re considering soft side luggage, you must consider the quality of the fabric and stitching. Apart from that, 4 spinner wheels are less durable than the 2 rolling inline wheels. Spinner wheels easily stick out and then come out of the mainframe. Also, wheels add to the overall durability of luggage; big wheels with rubber are better than small wheels made up of plastic. Zippers also contribute to the durability of luggage; YKK is the most durable zipper brand. The best luggage brand will include all high-quality components in the luggage.

Is travel luggage expensive?

Yes, travel luggage is expensive. However, if you’re a frequent traveler, investing in expensive high-quality luggage will pay off later. If you go for a cheap bag, you’ll have to replace it soon, and that will double the cost. Whether you choose hard side luggage or a soft side one, consider the overall design, materials, and construction. Plus, you should go for more reliable and well-known luggage brands such as the one we reviewed above

What is the best color to choose for luggage?

Luggage is available in a variety of colors and patterns. There are leopard prints, striped patterns, metallic solids, and many more options to choose from. As a general rule, black luggage shows less wear and tear as compared to other colors. It basically hides the scratches and marks. However, it is the most common luggage color, too, so if you’re considering something that you can spot easily, change your mind. If you want luggage that is easier to spot, consider a bright color or a unique pattern that defines your taste and personality.

What extra features should I consider in the luggage?

You can compare lots of luggage and see their interiors and exteriors. Lots of pockets and compartments are suitable for storing different types of stuff in one place. There are suitcases that have plastic waterproof pouches that allow you to keep leaky lotion or shampoo bottles or wet clothes. Besides that, organization systems are really handy if you want to avoid mixing up your stuff.

Which is the Best Brand For Luggage? – Wrap Up!

If you’re shopping for the best luggage, we’d recommend going for the most durable and practical ones, like the ones that we have reviewed in this post. These luggage brands cater to different fields and sectors and can meet your requirements with a variety of options. When you’re shopping online, look for retailers that offer returns just like eBags and also offer a warranty.

The best is to sign up for emails and newsletters of these top luggage brands to see what they have to offer. Luggage can prove to be a significant investment, but the sales and discount offers by the best luggage brands can help you save a lot. In this guide, we have reviewed luggage brands for every type of traveler. We hope that this extensive guide has given you relevant knowledge of which type of luggage best meets your needs.

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