Best Lace Front Wigs In 2022 For The Makeover You Want

Nikhil Goswami

The hair-care and cosmetics industries are two of the market’s fastest-growing fields. Furthermore, experts are expecting the demand for these products to rise even higher in the near future. For people who like to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, it is essential to look the part. Moreover, social media has become an important part of our everyday lives; hence has become even easier to keep track of all the new fads in the fashion world.

However, these latest looks and makeovers will likely take a toll on your natural hair and skin. So, selecting the right products to preserve your natural hair while serving the purpose is essential, and it is one of the reasons people prefer wearing wigs. You do not need to worry about curling irons and other harmful heating methods to style your hair.

People in the entertainment industry, like actors and models, often use wigs to avoid heat-styling methods. Wigs can also help you try out different hairlines and hair lengths. Moreover, they can benefit your hair by promoting hair regrowth. Once you have decided to get a wig, it could be tough to choose one. There are hundreds of options for wigs in the market. Lace front wigs are currently the most popular of these as they promote comfort. Since wigs are often itchy and difficult to manage, people avoid using them. However, you can avoid all the discomfort with lace front wigs and gain a more natural look.

Although, while shopping for these wigs, there are several factors you need to consider. Before buying a lace front wig, you should consider its brand, material, durability, etc. It could be intimidating to remember all of this if you are new to wigs. Hence, we listed the best lace front wigs for you.

Top 3 Lace Front Wigs For You [2022]

  1. Dolago 1B/27 Ombre – Overall Best Lace Front Wig On The Market, Editor’s Pick
  2. Morein #613 Virgin Hair – Top Rated Brand For Hair Treatment 
  3. Chia V Hair Classic Full Lace Wig – Most Recommended & Authentic Hair Transplant Treatment 

#1. Dolago 1B/27 Ombre – Overall Best Lace Front Wig On The Market, Editor’s Pick

Dolago is one of the leading companies when it comes to hair products. The company offers various choices, from lace wigs to hair extensions. Moreover, the brand is trendy across all social platforms. With over 28,000 followers on Instagram, it is clear that the company has delighted customers. Dolago was launched in 2012 and is currently located in Qingdao city in the Slondang Province in China.

Furthermore, according to the website, the area is the world’s most extensive manufacturing base for human hair wigs and extensions. However, the brand’s wigs are also available for sale in the United States. Dolago has another warehouse and office in the U.S. to ensure quick delivery and efficiency.

This trendsetting firm aims at self-care and wants to help each woman that “pursues change and beauty, find herself”. The company entered the real hair market in 2013 and has been flourishing. You don’t need to worry about product quality as Dolago has 15 years of experience backing them with skilled makers. The Dolago 1B/27 is one of the brand’s more popular products. This wig ensures comfort and gives the user a natural hairline with a realistic look. Further, the wig has pre-plucked lace with no baby hairs, allowing room for density variation.

Over 4,000 customers have used this product and rate it with a full five stars on the company website. While most users were very pleased with the Dolago 1B/27, there were some rare complaints about the wig swelling up. The company insists on washing the wig with care to avoid such issues.

Lastly, the company also focuses on reducing manufacturing and delivery costs. Hence, using money-saving methods, it provides you with products that are highly suitable for your budget.


150% Density: The Dolago 1B/27 has a unique 150% density feature, giving you a thicker and fuller look. Generally, the average human has a hair density of 120%, and most human hair wigs mimic the same. However, the Dolago 1B/27 has an increased density which makes the product suitable for those with larger heads. This feature also allows the wig to frame your face very nicely.

The biggest issue with wigs is the uniformity in density across all areas, which gives them a very artificial look. However, the 1B/27 ombre not only focuses on giving you a more natural look but also makes you more comfortable. Since the hair is denser, it should make the wig itchier and make you sweat more, resulting in a bad smell. However, the material of the wig cap allows your scalp to breathe and makes your head feel light and free. The hair around the front is less dense, increasing the further you go.

Wide Variety of Colors and Styles: The firm also provides the user with several choices in the wig’s color and style options. You can choose a hair length between 10-16 inches. Moreover, the wig has an ombre style that saves you from dying your hair and damaging it.

Baby Hair Coverage: The Dolago 1B/27 Ombre has baby hairs around the wig’s edges to make it more realistic. Even if you can’t tame your hair, this human hair wig uses pre-plucked methods that perfectly frame your face.

No Intermediaries: The company has warehouses and offices in the United States. Hence, it does not use other agents and shipping companies. Moreover, Dolago avoids all intermediaries to cut any unnecessary costs. Due to this cost-efficient policy, the company provides human hair lace front wigs at the best rates.


  • Free shipping is available
  • Available all over the United States
  • No extra charges like state taxes
  • Return and exchange policies
  • Lets you select a hairline of your preference
  • Low price range


  • Website is unimpressive and cluttered
  • Tends to swell up if not washed carefully

=> Click here to visit the official website of Dolago

#2. Morein #613 Virgin Hair – Top Rated Brand For Hair Treatment 

Morein makes realistic-looking human hair wigs and hair patches. Firstly, one of the company’s greatest strengths is its high experience, and this firm has more than six years of solid manufacturing skills in this field. The company promotes quality and avoids synthetic wigs, and Morein’s human hair lace front is one of its bestsellers.

Further another benefit of buying from Morein is its flexible return policy. The company makes sure that its customers are always satisfied, whether it is during sales or after-sales. Morein ensures that if a customer is not content with the product, they can return it to the company within 7 working days. While this policy is “no questions asked”, the shipping fees may apply.

Moreover, if the firm ships the ordered item to the wrong address, the customer does not need to worry. In such cases, the company gives you the option of resending the parcel or offering a refund. Similarly, the firm takes full responsibility if the wrong item is received. You must inform the company of the error within one week, and the company will order a refund after verifying your request. The firm will take the same action for any item that does not meet quality standards.

Morein prioritizes its customer’s ease of use. So, whether you have a problem with the product size, color, or style, the firm only asks for a picture of the parcel and product. They will resolve your issue after a quick verification. However, Morein requests the customer to keep the item in its original condition till a refund or exchange is made. Canceling an order is also no hassle for the customer as Morein gives the customer a reasonable time window so that they can cancel their order easily. These friendly policies to facilitate customer satisfaction ensure the company’s success.


Customer Rewards: Morein is a company that rewards its customers for buying its products and supporting them. Morein offers many incentives to the customers to earn various rewards. First, you can get a $10 bonus for a short review with a picture of you using Morein’s wigs on Facebook. For posting a fast 30 to 60-second review on Instagram, Morein offers its customers $20. However, the video must get 500 views. Further, a YouTube post of at least 2 minutes can earn you up to $200.

Comfort and Ease-of-Use: The #613 Virgin Hair is designed to provide maximum comfort to the user. The transparent lace allows the product to fit any skin type easily. Moreover, you can tint it to suit darker skin tones better. The human hair lace front also has adjustable straps that outmatch synthetic wigs.

Quality Check: The main reason for the firm’s excellent reputation is its strict quality control system. Each product of the company is sure to satisfy the demand of its customers with top-quality wigs. Further, to maintain the high quality of its products, Morein has a strict inspecting system in place. Every product is checked for the highest quality before the company ships it. Moreover, this feature allows the company to enjoy increasing skills every year. As a result, their reputation in the market has also skyrocketed.

Chat With Advisors: Another feature that makes Morein one of the top companies in this field is its quality customer service. Since the company offers a wide range of products, it could be tough to navigate the website. So, the company offers chat support where you can talk to its customer care officials. The chat support team is highly efficient and polite, and they will answer all your doubts and help you make the best decision.


  • Excellent customer rewards that can earn you extra money
  • Effective return policy
  • Over six years of manufacturing experience
  • Helpful chat support
  • Adjustable straps
  • Transparent lace for all skin types


  • Very costly products
  • Shipping fees apply on returns

=> Click here to visit the official website of Morein

#3. Chia V Hair Classic Full Lace Wigs – Most Recommended & Authentic Hair Transplant Treatment 

Chia V is a company that makes natural-looking hair systems using HD lace. An HD lace wig is a particular type of hair system that uses natural or synthetic human hair. Further, this special lace wig is tied by hand to create a sheer lace base. HD lace also called a Swiss lace cap, is invisible when attached to the scalp. This cap gives the human hair lace front a natural look, making it hard to tell apart from regular hair. Therefore, these lace wigs are the first choice for most people. Chia V uses human hair to make these more durable and easier to handle than synthetic lace wigs. They can be washed, dried, styled, or colored. You can use an HD lace wig in daily life under any situation.

These Classic Full Lace Wigs, made by Chia V hair, are made from 100% Cambodian natural human hair. Moreover, these wigs come in various sizes and offer a perfect fit according to head size. The most common sizes are 12-18 inches. Further, HD lace wigs also come with an elastic band. If you still have trouble with the fit, you can also use clips to secure the wig in its place and give it a more natural look.

These wigs have a density of about 150%, which would give you a thicker and fuller look. Moreover, Chia V offers hair wigs in various colors. From medium brown to auburn, there is a variety of colors offered to suit everyone. You can select a color to fit your natural hair and skin tone. Medium brown lace wigs are currently Chia V’s bestsellers.

Lastly, Chia V makes wigs that come in 4 styles. You can get straight body waves, loose waves, deep curls, and kinky straight hair.


Available All Across the U.S.: Product availability is essential while shopping from online websites. Several companies display all products and let you browse. However, they do not permit you to place an order because they do not ship to your area. Chia V Hair ships its products to all states in the United States. Although, if some products are unavailable in your region, the website informs you before you read about them.

Quick Shipping and Delivery: Usually, it takes Chia V one to two weeks to ship out its orders. This response time is in place because the company does not make its products in bulk. Moreover, each hair system is crafted individually and manually, ensuring product quality. The company sends a tracking number to the customer when an order is shipped, making it very easy for the customer to track their order.

Refund Policy: Chia V has a good refund policy. If the customer is unsatisfied with the product, they have 30 days to return it. However, the only condition that applies for a refund is that you should not have used the product. You need to return it in the same condition you received. This is due to health and hygiene laws. If you meet these requirements, you will get your refund within a few days or return.

The company also replaces damaged or defective items instantly with no questions asked.


  • Uses 100% real Cambodian hair
  • Helpful refund policy
  • Wide availability
  • Quick response between order and delivery
  • Wide variety of colors and styles
  • Live track of the product


  • Not much information available about the brand
  • Very costly product

How We Made This List

There are over one million wig-making businesses across the world. You have wigs of every color, suitable for every skin color, and of all lengths. Furthermore, wigs can help you save time. If your hair is not presentable in the mornings, you can use a wig instead of taming and styling it. Unlike natural hair, you can style your wig the previous night according to your preference.

Moreover, lace wigs can help cover up your baby hairs that may interfere with your hairstyle. These various benefits have resulted in a higher demand for lace wigs worldwide. This steady increase in demand caused hundreds of manufacturers to open all across the United States.

Learning about these products could be tricky since little information is available. So, this wide variety of wig choices could highly confuse some users. Hence, our team personally examined several different lace front wigs.

We selected these wigs by measuring them against several standards to test their quality. Moreover, before choosing any product, we factored in critical features like uniformity, material, perks, etc. Every product on our list has unique benefits, and we shortlisted them from a large selection after reviewing them intricately.

What We Looked For

  • Uniformity and Density: The first thing we looked at in all our lace wigs was their uniformity, density, and hair distribution. One of the most significant issues with wigs is how artificial they look. Moreover, people usually avoid wigs because their hairlines appear so uniform that it is unnatural. The average human head has a hair density of 120%, and most wigs follow that. However, the human hair wigs on our list can be suitable for all hair-type requirements. You can find higher-density wigs as well as thinly woven ones here.
  • Machine Wefts or Hand-Tied: Our product recommendations include both machine and hand-tied wefts. Both these methods have unique benefits. While hand-tied wefts prevent shedding and promote durability, you can not cut them. These wefts are woven by hand and are much slimmer than machine wefts. Moreover, since machines require a certain quantity to braid, the wefts are thicker and do not last as long. However, machine wefts are more helpful with adhesives as they are easier to avoid due to their size. Lastly, handmade wefts do not thin very fast either. So, you should select them for simplicity and durability.
  • Offers and Guarantees: While product quality and price are our primary concerns, we also looked for other perks that may benefit you. Companies often offer extra perks like combo packs and refund policies to attract users. The products on our list are not only top-quality but may also benefit you with added benefits.

Moreover, looking for refund policies and trial guarantees for products is very important. When a brand offers to return or exchange your product in case of dissatisfaction, it shows that they are confident. Users are usually satisfied if a company trusts their product and enforces such policies.

How to Select a Lace Front Wig

This article gave you a list of the top lace front wigs in the United States. However, selecting a lace wig for you might still not be enough. You have various choices available, and all these choices have something unique to offer. So, choosing a single contender is not very easy. However, you can make this choice faster by carefully assessing your needs. You should start by listing all your requirements first. Then, use that list to compare the features of these products against your needs. We created a buying guide and listed some things you should look for in a hair wig before buying it.

  • Authentic Companies

One of the first things you should look for before purchasing a human hair lace front wig is its founding company. Several scammers in the market are committing fraud with their low-quality products. Hence, conducting a background check on the company is crucial for verifying its legitimacy. You can also try to learn more about a firm’s goals and core values. This would give you an idea about its founders and their authenticity.

Aside from all these points, it would help if you looked for firms that deliver what they advertise. Most companies hold back information about their product’s cons. Moreover, they overstate the product’s benefits too. This kind of propaganda is considered a false advertisement. Hence, looking for companies that are honest about a product’s benefits and drawbacks is vital. It ensures the firm’s trust in its manufacturing process and items.

  • Manufacturing Process and Quality

Making lace wigs is an intricate process. Hence, you should find out how the company produces its wigs. Many companies mention their experience in the industry on their official websites. So, you could also get more information about the makers and their skills. From our list, Dolago has had the most experience making lace front wigs and is one of the oldest companies.

  • Comfort

Many wigs can cause you discomfort or even damage your hair. Some wigs have improper hairlines that may cause trouble with your baby hair while using hair glue. Moreover, if a wig does not have proper weaving, your scalp may not get enough air, causing excessive sweating and a bad smell.

  • Synthetic Hair or Human Hair Wig

You should be wise while choosing human hair and synthetic lace wigs. While synthetic wigs are often cheaper, they do not permit many hairdos. So, choose a human hair wig if you want to heat-style your hair and change its look.

  • Friendly Interface

It is often difficult for those unfamiliar with technology to shop from online websites. Hence, these brands need user-friendly websites that make it easier for customers to shop and browse.

  • Additional Perks

While a firm’s product quality should be your main lookout, you can also search for companies that offer other bonuses. You can earn some extra benefits and use the product to its full potential after knowing about them. Several online platforms that provide programs and referral policies can help you save or earn money.

FAQs About Lace Front Wigs

  1. Is human hair better for lace front wigs or synthetic?

Human hair is much better for heat styling. Usually, synthetic wigs use monofilament fiber that keeps the curls and styles steady. However, if you want to change it often, the wig will give you trouble. Using heat and curling irons to tame synthetic hair will damage the wig and cause thinning. So, you can choose synthetic products if you need a specific look. But human hair will give you much better results if you want to wave or curl it often. However, they are so expensive that you could buy two synthetic systems with different styles instead of the former.

  1. What is the difference between lace front and full lace wigs?

You can attach lace front wigs to your head using an adhesive only on the front area of your hairline. The front area means the hairline that runs along the top of your forehead. Meanwhile, you need to glue full lace wigs all around your head. They use a 360 degrees adhesive and provide more liberty with styling. Hence, you can use the full lace wigs for several hairstyles that are not viable with lace front wigs. For example, lace front wigs do not allow you to make up-do and high ponytails. However, they are more effective when you want a more natural hairline.

  1. How can you tell if someone is wearing a wig?

You can tell if someone is wearing a wig by looking at their hairline. This is the easiest way to tell if somebody’s hair is natural. First, you can start by observing the person’s natural hair and roots. Next, you can see if it looks artificial and whether the roots and baby hairs match with the rest. So, if you are wearing a wig, masking your hairline is the best way to make it look subtle.

  1. Does a wig prevent hair growth?

The answer is no. Wearing a wig does not affect your hair growth in any manner. Instead, it could actually help with healthy hair regrowth. If the wig is of good quality and lets your scalp breathe, it could protect your hair from outer pollution. However, if you do not care for your hair under the wig properly, then it could cause damage to your natural hair.

  1. Can you make ponytails in lace front wigs?

Making a high ponytail in lace front wigs is difficult because the lace only sticks to the top of your head. So, it could often be annoying if it’s windy and you need to get the hair out of your face. However, you can still tie your hair on lace front wigs with lower ponytails and side braids. Since the hair will be lower and cover your neck, the lace will not be visible.

Conclusion: Your Best Options For Lace Front Wigs

There are several hundred options in the market when you purchase lace front wigs. Some products might be more comfortable than others but may look tacky. Others may be to your liking and appear natural but may not be as durable. Hence, you need to be careful while selecting an option. Looking out for these minor details may be tricky if you buy a wig for the first time. So, we made a list of the best lace front wigs to ensure that you only use the best products. Our team personally reviewed the various options in the market and selected these three top contenders. Reading through our detailed reviews of each product should make your decision easier.

However, one more step remains before you make your final choice. There is no correct answer to what the best product is for you. So, there are several factors that one needs to take into account before buying lace wigs for themselves. But before making any choices, you should fully assess your needs. Once you do that, you can measure each product against several standards like price, makers, comfort level, coverage, etc. You should ensure that you find a product that fits your budget but not compromise on quality for it.

Conduct a quick background search for the company to verify its authenticity as several scammers exist in the market. You can read about the selection process more thoroughly in our buying guide for lace wigs.

Lastly, with these fancy lace front wigs, you can avoid worrying about hair damage and change your look daily. With these, you can also save a lot of time washing your own hair and styling it in the morning. So, go through our product reviews and select the best lace front wigs for you today.

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