2 Best Invisible Fence For Dogs In 2022


Pets are typically beloved family members for many pet owners, but the thought of leaving dogs home alone can make you worry about their safety and well-being. The number of dog attacks is rising, and the cost of dog bite injury claims also continues to climb. Besides, it is never pleasant to see an animal running away from home and getting lost on the city streets. As you can imagine, this is a scary thought for dog owners, especially as you are unsure whether your furry friend will ever come back. These things make having an invisible fence for dogs a great option in your home if you don’t have a physical fence.

If you are looking for the best invisible dog fence, we will help you by providing a list of the best invisible fences and their pros and cons. We have put together a list of the top three fences so you do not have to waste your time with trial and error.

Our Top 2 Picks Of Best Invisible Fence For Dogs In 2022

  1. Radio Fence – Overall Best Invisible Fence For Dogs, Editor’s Pick 
  2. PetSafe – High-Quality & Supreme Dog Fence 

#1. Radio Fence – Overall Best Invisible Fence For Dogs, Editor’s Pick 

Radio Fence is an excellent brand for the best fence for dogs. The company started in 2004 and has been selling various pet supplies since then. They have a wide range of dog fences, including in-ground and wireless fences. The brand also offers many other products to help you care for your pet. The company’s mission is to provide customers with quality products at fair prices so they can enjoy their pets more than they already do.

Radio Fence’s kit includes everything you need to install the fence around your yard so your dog can stay safe indoors or outside playing. It also provides everything you will need if you want to add another dog to your family down the road, like additional flags and wires that come with it by default.

In addition to their invisible dog fence kits, they also have other great products like dog houses, collars, leashes, and more. Radio Fence is one of the best if you are looking for a perfect invisible dog fence brand. The company has been in business for many years, offering a satisfaction guarantee on all their products. Another thing that makes them stand out is their fast delivery times. Thus, you will receive your purchase within one to three business days after ordering it online or by phone.


Easy To Install: Radio Fence has made it easy to set up their fences. All you need to do is follow the instructions and install the fence. The instructions are clear and straightforward so that anyone can install their fence within minutes.

Long-Lasting And Replaceable Batteries: The batteries in Radio Fence’s products are replaceable and durable. You will not have to buy new ones every time your pet runs out of power because you can just replace them with new ones.

Affordable Prices: The brand offers affordable prices for its products compared to other brands in the industry. It makes them more competitive than other brands on the market today. Their prices are competitive even though they do not compromise quality. Besides, they only focus on producing high-quality products at affordable rates. Hence, everyone can easily afford them.

Customizable Electric Dog Fence: You can customize the in-ground dog fence system to match the shape and size of your yard. It makes it easier to train your dog and helps keep them safe while outside playing on their own or with friends.

Portable System: Their invisible fence is very light and portable, making them great for traveling with your dog. You can also use them indoors without worrying about damaging walls or furniture.

Waterproof Collar Batteries: You probably think all invisible fence collars are waterproof, but this is not always the case. The brand has a fully enclosed collar battery compartment that keeps moisture out.


  • Install in a few minutes
  • Portable
  • Replaceable and durable batteries
  • Affordable prices
  • Waterproof collar batteries
  • Customizable borders


  • In-ground dog fence is not for large yards

=> Click here to visit the official website of Radio Fence

#2. PetSafe – High-Quality & Supreme Dog Fence 

PetSafe is one of the biggest producers of pet training stuff in the United States. They have been in business since 1991 and have been producing pet products since their inception. They are committed to making the most advanced designs and have created many products to help keep your pets safe and happy. The best fence for dogs is one such product that PetSafe has designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to your dog’s safety. The wireless system gives a circular boundary to help contain your dog. It works by emitting an ultrasonic signal that humans cannot hear, but your dog can when they get close to it. The receiver collar then emits a tone or vibration whenever your dog gets too close to the boundary, so they know they should not go further.

The company’s dog fences have many features to help you train your dog efficiently without worrying about getting lost or running away from home. For example, the brand has a range of wireless fences that are easy to install and use. These dog fences are designed with training in mind so that you can keep track of your pet even when it goes beyond the boundary of your property. PetSafe fence is one of the best in the industry since it has many positive reviews from satisfied clients worldwide. These reviews prove that this brand offers quality services and products at reasonable prices.


Hires Professionals To Create The Best Products: The PetSafe brand produces the best invisible fences for dogs because they hire professionals to design the best products. They research their market so they can innovate new ideas, concepts, and designs that will better serve dog owners.

Maintains International Standards For Manufacturing And Product Testing: Pet Safe maintains global standards for manufacturing and product testing. It ensures that their products are safe for both pets and humans alike. In addition to their invisible dog fences, PetSafe also makes other products such as cat litter boxes, pet doors, and indoor pet feeders, among others.

Dog Training Takes A Shorter Time: If you are looking for an easy way to train your dog without spending hours outside, this is the perfect solution. You do not need to leave your house; simply place the transmitter somewhere in your home where it will not get stepped on or moved. Afterward, you can attach the collar to your dog’s neck or use one of their harnesses if they are older or larger breeds.

Has Replaceable Batteries With A 5% Discount: The fence has a battery-operated collar and replaceable batteries, which come with a 5% discount when you buy the batteries. Thus, you can keep your system running 24/7 without worrying about replacing the batteries too often.


  • Hire professionals
  • Maintains international standards
  • Shorter training time
  • Discount for replaceable batteries


  • Inconsistent boundaries

=> Click here to visit the official website of PetSafe

#3. JUSTPET Wireless Fence – Popular For Tiny Yards

JustPet Wireless Fence is a notable brand for the best invisible fences for dogs, and it has been around for some time. Moreover, it has made a name for itself as one of the best dog fences. It has a food dispenser for your pets, which is excellent for training them to stay within the fence’s boundaries. The fence is also suitable for high containment yards, as it can keep your dog in the yard even if they run past the perimeter wire.

The brand has a lot of great things going for it. Besides, you just need to ensure that your yard matches what they offer to get maximum value from this product. It is not just about being around for a long time; it is also about having high-quality products and delivering excellent customer service. The JUSTPET Wireless Fence is also easy to install due to its sturdy design. It comes with all the necessary accessories you will use to set up your fence within minutes. Hence, this eliminates most of the hassle of setting up an invisible fence.


Best For Tiny Spaces: JUSTPET Wireless Fence works perfectly for places with limited spaces, like small yards or backyards. It will help you keep your dog safe without worrying about the size of the area or if it is too big for the system to cover.

Control Your Dog Via Bluetooth: The brand uses Bluetooth technology, so it does not require wiring. You just need to set up the transmitter around your house and ensure enough signal coverage for all areas where your dog may roam.

Created Using S-35 Technology: It is an excellent brand for the best electric fence for dogs. It is because it is designed using S-35 technology, which allows you to use your voice or text to control the dog. Hence, you can efficiently train your dog to do various commands without getting up from where you are sitting.

Monitor Your Dog From Any Place: You can monitor your dog’s behavior and activity from any site. The unit has a collar that makes training easy for the pet and the owner.

Requires Less Maintenance And Tidying: This type of fence needs little maintenance and cleaning. Hence, it makes it easy on your wallet and is not time-consuming. All you have to do is clean up after your dogs every once in a while. Ensure they do not get tangled in the wires or chew on them when they are playing around outside. Thus, you do not have any issues later or with them getting hurt by accident when playing around near it.


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Use your voice or text to control the dog
  • Monitor your dog’s behavior from any site
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Inaccurate collar distance

How We Made The List Invisible Dog Fence?

We started by researching what dog owners looked for in an invisible fence. Moreover, we wanted to know what features were most important to every dog owner and what things they would never compromise on. That way, when we did our review, we were sure that all the dog fences on our list offered everything you need in an invisible electric fence for dogs.

We looked at each product case-by-case basis and considered some important factors. We also took into account customer reviews from verified buyers and sellers. Hence, you can be confident in purchasing one of these fences for dogs. They will work well for your needs without breaking the bank or causing issues after purchase.

What We Looked For?

  • Installation: This is the most crucial aspect of any invisible wireless dog fence. If it is complicated to set up as the physical fencing system, it may not be worth it as it requires professional installation. However, if it is too simple and easy to set up, this can be a sign that the product is not excellent either. We only opted for invisible fence brands with an easy installation and a helpful training period program. Moreover, we wanted to avoid future problems with the system or components.
  • Battery Backup: We also looked at battery backup, whether it is easy to replace, how much it costs, and the battery life. We wanted to ensure that the battery would be reliable and last you a while instead of needing to replace it every few months. Moreover, we found out that most invisible fences for dogs have a backup battery lasting for quite some time before you get a new one.
  • Waterproof Collar: A waterproof collar is another feature we considered during our research for the best brands. You do not want to worry about your dog getting wet when the rains arrive or when he decides to take a dip in the pool. Waterproofing ensures your dog can enjoy his time outside without worrying about getting soaked or the collar coming off while playing around in a puddle.
  • Durable Collar: Durability is a top priority for dog owners, and it is no different when shopping for an invisible wireless dog fence. Whether your dog is just learning to use the fence or has been using it for years, you want something that will withstand the test of time. We only included brands with collars made of durable materials to ensure durability

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Electric Dog Fence: Buyer’s Guide

When you keep your dog in the yard, you always want to ensure that he cannot get out. It is especially true if you live in a city with lots of traffic. Invisible wireless dog fences are a great way to keep your dog safe while you are away. You can install them in your backyard or around your property, and they will keep your dog within the designated area.

Invisible dog fences come in different styles, with some being more effective than others. To find the best invisible dog fence for your home, consider these factors:

  • Area Coverage

If you want to determine the size of your yard, it is essential to know what kind of area you want to cover. You will probably need more than one transmitter and receiver collar if you have a large yard with many acres. For example, if your backyard measures about three acres and you want pets safely contained within the space, you will need an extra transmitter. It is in addition to the ones included in some systems.

Some brands design containment systems for small apartments or homes without yards; others are built with larger properties in mind. These can vary significantly based on how much land they cover at once. Before purchasing any device or accessory that will help keep your pet safe while outdoors on their own, make sure its coverage matches the outside space. Hence, they will not get lost while exploring.

  • Static Correction Levels

When looking for the best electric dog fence, it is essential to consider how adjustable the static correction levels are. Some fences have just one static level, on or off, while others have several different flexible options. The ability to adjust the static correction level allows you to choose a setting that works well with your particular dog and its temperament. If your pup is stubborn, set the static correction level higher than someone whose dog is more sensitive and may feel distressed by harsh corrections.

If you have stubborn dogs who will not respond well even at low settings, an adjustable fence with high levels might be necessary for the valuable training.

You can use the containment systems with a sensitive pup who needs extra care and attention. You do not need to shock them to make them comply since the adjustable invisible fencing can help them stay in place without hurting them. It will give them comfort as they train without having any adverse effects from an overly-intense correction from their collar.

  • Number Of Dogs In The System

The number of dogs will determine how many collars you need to purchase. If you have one dog, using a single collar system is easy. But if you have multiple dogs, it is wise to buy multiple systems and divide the collars among them. For instance, if two dogs are in your household and are both of similar size, buying two kits with two collars each will not be excessive. However, if they are different sizes or ages, it might be necessary to fit each dog with separate collars rather than sharing one.

  • Surge Protector

Surge protectors are necessary for any system, and you should include them in your budget. If a power surge occurs, the dog collar will engage, and the dog will receive a small electric shock. The surge protector protects your investment by preventing damage to your pet’s invisible fence wire or transmitter. It also keeps them completely safe from electrical shocks caused by power surges.

  • Dog’s Size

The size of your dog is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an invisible wireless dog fence. You can easily use a small collar if your dog is small. However, if you have large dogs, it will not work with the same type of collar used in smaller dogs. Dogs that weigh more than 30 lbs are better off using a medium or large-sized collar for their invisible fence systems. Thus, you will need multiple dog collars if your dogs are of different sizes.

  • Your Budget

When looking for the best invisible dog fence, your budget is one of the most critical factors. You should choose a system that fits your price range and upgrade later if needed. You can get a great quality system at a reasonable price if you research and find out which brands are reputable and reliable so that they will last longer than cheaper alternatives.

Many people make the mistake of buying cheaper products thinking they will save money, only to find out later that their dog damaged their collar or transmitter. It happens because it contains less sturdy materials such as plastic or metal. If you want to start with something basic to test whether this will work well before investing more money into increasing their comfort level, this might be an option worth considering.

FAQs Regarding Pet Fences

How Do You Install An Invisible Dog Fence?

Installing an electric fence for dogs is relatively simple but requires time and patience. First, ensure you choose the correct collar size. Use a collar with at least two prongs if your pet is an adult. If they are still growing, look for one with three prongs. For puppies under 20 lbs, get a collar with two prongs and one prong for each additional 10 lbs up to 50 lbs. Consider picking a proper fence wire length for your yard. Use a measuring tape to determine how wide your yard is and how far away from the house you want the fence line to be. You will also need to know how many wires you will require based on how many dogs you have. To install your fence, set up the transmitter, connect fence wire, test the dog’s collar, create the boundary, and ground the system.

What Is The Cost Of An Invisible Fence?

The cost of an electric dog fence depends on what type of system you want and how much area you need to cover. Some models cover only one room, while others cover acres of land. Once you have chosen the kind of electric fence system you need, you can compare prices between several companies until you find one that fits your budget. Also, the number of collars required matters a lot. Most invisible fences come with a standard collar, which you will have to replace after some time. The average price of collar replacement is about $30.

If you have a large property, purchasing a wireless transmitter that can cover more than one acre may make sense. Wireless transmitters can cost anywhere from $300 each, depending on the brand and features. An invisible wireless dog fence usually comes with an installation kit that includes everything needed to install the system. However, if you do not know how to install it yourself, you will need to hire someone who does, which is another expense.

What Do I Do If My Dog Runs Through The Fence?

If your dog is a runner and has figured out how to get through the invisible fence, there are a few things you can do. The first thing you should try is to increase the level of correction. It will generally have the effect of making the dog less likely to run through it. However, some dogs are stubborn, and an increase in correction levels will not affect them.

If this does not work, you need to ensure that the collar is tight enough on your dog’s neck, so it does not come off during a run through the fence.

You can also try switching collars if your current one is not working well enough. You can take them back to training school if none of these options work. Hence your dog learns the basics again. They might have forgotten how to respond well when they hear the warning tone or see their owner get upset for breaking through the fence.

Can My Dog Pass Through The Invisible Dog Fence?

Most people get an electric fence to keep their dogs safe in their yard and out of danger. However, your dog can run through the fence and into the street if you are not careful. Two things could happen if your pet approaches and passes through an invisible fence. Your dog could become injured, or they could escape from your yard completely. If this happens, you will likely replace your equipment and purchase new collars for your dogs at once. Hence, it can be expensive.

How Do The Invisible Dog Fences Work?

Invisible fences use a radio signal to warn your dog as they approach the boundary wire. If they cross that boundary, they get a correction that feels like electric shocks, stopping them from going further. The system has an option to add a collar that beeps and vibrates when the dog gets close to the boundary wire. It can help teach your dog where the boundaries are when you first set up your invisible fence. The range of these systems varies depending on the manufacturer and model, but it is usually at least a few acres. Some of them have multiple collars so that you can keep track of multiple dogs at once.

Is An Invisible Dog Fence Safe?

Invisible dog fences are generally safer than physical fences when used correctly. You are better off choosing an electric fence system that uses high-frequency radio waves instead of low-frequency electric wires. There is no risk of shock from anything in your yard besides your dog wearing his collar and crossing the boundary line. The shock is not a punishment; instead, it is an incentive for your dog to stay within the confines of the yard.

Moreover, it is not harmful, but it is enough of a surprise to make him think twice about crossing the boundary again. If you choose a non-wireless dog fence, you risk getting shocked by touching an energized wire. Still, your dog may step on one while wearing his collar and thus, cross over.

Can An Invisible Dog Fence Harm My Dog?

Invisible fences are designed to keep your dog safe in a specific area. However, they can cause harm if misused. The most common concern is that an invisible fence will hurt your dog if they run into the buried wire. While this is true, it is not as common as people think.

Invisible fences are made from a wire between 1/4 and 3/8 inches. It would help if you buried it underground, so it is not visible. The only time you might see a little bit of the wire is when it comes up through the grass or around trees, but even then, it will not be very noticeable unless you look carefully for it.

Do Invisible Dog Fences Work?

An electric dog fence works pretty well. However, it is essential to remember that your dog will only respond to the boundary if trained properly. Invisible fences work by emitting a signal from a collar worn by the dog. It is designed to shock the dog when it crosses into the forbidden area. The shock can be mild or severe depending on the collar and how long it is left on.

The best way to train your dog with an invisible fence is to start with a small garden or yard where they can play freely without escaping. Ensure there are no obstacles in their way, like trees or bushes, and ensure there are no holes in the fence through which they could squeeze through and then get stuck. Make sure you close all gates, too, so they do not escape through one of these.

Can My Neighbor’s Invisible Electric Dog Fence Affect Mine?

If your neighbor has an electric dog fence installed in their yard, then there is a chance that their electric signal could interfere with yours if you have one too. It happens because the electrical signals cannot pass through metal wires or pipes. Thus, if there is another fence near yours with metal pipes inside of it, then it could cause problems.

What Are Some Of The Best Invisible Dog Fences?

The three brands discussed in this article are the best invisible dog fencing system. They are worth it for their sturdy construction, easy setup, and reliable performance. Moreover, they come with a transmitter that sends signals to your pet’s collar. It also comes with an underground wire that keeps them safely within the boundary of your yard. Their receivers have different adjustable levels of stimulation. These get more intense as the dog approaches the perimeter of your yard. You can also adjust how far away from the transmitter they need to be before they get a warning tone or shock. So, the dogs get only as much correction as they need to learn the location of the boundaries.

Can An Invisible Electric Fence Interfere With WiFi?

If you have a wireless router, or other wireless devices, in the same room as your electric fence transmitter, interference can occur. Both devices use the radio spectrum to send and receive information. Invisible electric fences use radio waves of over 800 MHz. These frequencies are on the low end of the spectrum and may interfere with other low-frequency devices in your home.

The severity depends on how strong each device’s signal is and how close they are to each other. If the signals from both devices overlap, there may be some problems. However, if they do not overlap, you should not experience issues with your electric fence working correctly.

Conclusion: Which Are The Best Dog Fences?

Hopefully, you learned a thing or two about the best invisible dog fences on the market today. Besides, many factors go into choosing the right invisible fence for your dog. If you want to keep your dog safe and secure in your yard, consider any of our three top picks.

An invisible dog fence is the best for dogs that are difficult to train or require extra attention. They are safe and humane, giving no pain or harm to your dog. Moreover, they aid in training dogs by providing a second set of eyes while learning their boundaries.

Whichever extreme dog fence system you choose will play a valuable role in helping guide your dog. Hence, keeping your furry friends safe while they enjoy their space and learn when they are outside their comfort zone.

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