Best Insurance Companies (Life, Car & Health Insurance) 2022


You have probably already insured your auto, home, and health, but should you add another insurance to the list? Have you heard about other types of insurance? Since we are powerless to prevent the unexpected from happening, we can at least get some protection. In those situations when certain things happen, insurance is here to save us in some sort of way.

In this article, you will learn more about the best insurance companies and what they offer, such as life insurance, identity theft insurance, home insurance, business and travel insurance. It will help you decide which one is right for you, and to start, you will find out what type of insurance exists and what each one usually covers.

Our Top Picks Of Insurance Companies In 2022

  1. Identity Guard: Overall Best Insurance For Identity Theft Protection Services
  2. NEXT Insurance: Best For Small Business Insurance; Guaranteed Approval
  3. Just Travel Cover: Most Popular Medical Travel Insurance Company

#1. Identity Guard: Overall Best Insurance for Theft Protection Services


Intersections Inc. founded Identity Guard in 1996 as one of the first identity theft protection companies with the purpose of helping customers protect their identities.

Identity Guard has partnerships with some of the financial industry’s biggest names, and its best-known partnership is with IBM Watson, helping it provide artificial intelligence to scan millions of articles daily to detect possible identity theft.

The company is also notable for its 47 million satisfied customers and 140,000 resolved cases of identity fraud.

Depending on which coverage plan you choose and the number of members working on your plan, Identity Guard’s price range is between $7.50 and $39.99 monthly.

Why Did We Choose It?

Identity Guard has multiple service levels and offers three plans: Value, Total, and Ultra.

  • The Value plan supplies essential protection. It scans the public internet for signs of fraud and monitors the dark web for suspicious activities with the help of artificial intelligence. You will also receive tools to secure your identity during online shopping, banking, and paying bills. Finally, the value pack includes a risk management score and an online identity dashboard. But, it does not include protection like tax refund alerts and credit or address monitoring.
  • The Total plan has the same offers as the Value plan plus additional protection against identity theft. More importantly, you will receive a monthly credit score and three-bureau credit monitoring. Also, it includes an alert for possible fraud activities such as bank account takeovers and tax refunds.
  • The Ultra plan is the most protective one. It has all the benefits of the previous plans plus monitoring of criminal and sex offenses and U.S. Postal Service address change and other futures.


  • Scans millions of articles daily to detect possible identity theft
  • Provides security when shopping, banking, or paying bills online with a safe browsing tool
  • Receive a monthly credit score to monitor possible activity on your credit file


  • Does not offer a specific computer tool package
  • Only provides annual based credit reports

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Identity Guard

#2. NEXT Insurance: Best for Small Business Insurance; Guaranteed Approval


NEXT Insurance is a company that sells business policies online. It is a startup founded in 2016 which helps its customers purchase individual business insurance policies or packages targeted to specific industries, such as construction, childcare, and fitness.

Users can also monitor their claims online and digitally access and share their insurance. Small company owners who need coverage quickly and want to handle their policies online will find NEXT Insurance an excellent fit. Unlike some other business insurance companies, NEXT Insurance manages its own claims and is AM Best independently rated.

Why Did We Choose It?

NEXT Insurance offers a variety of plans with options for purchasing separately or in bundles for up to a 10% discount. In general, low-risk enterprises, such as online publishers, may pay less for insurance coverage than high-risk ones, like construction.

  • A business owner’s policy is a combination of two components of business insurance. General liability insurance protects you and your company in situations when you are in charge of someone’s medical bills, attorney costs, or property damage. This product is available as part of a BOP or as separate insurance. The other component is commercial property insurance, which protects your business’s physical place from damage or loss, including the building, inventory, furniture, and equipment.
  • Business income insurance: This form of insurance may assist you in covering the costs of lost business income, payroll, taxes, and any other temporary expenses that may occur due to missed operations.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: In some circumstances, the firm must protect contractors. When your employees experience work-related injuries or illnesses, workers’ compensation can help pay for medical bills, lost earnings, survivor benefits, long-term disability, and other costs.
  • Professional liability insurance: This sort of insurance covers you if someone is injured due to your professional services or advice. This might include charges of business mistakes or bad financial consequences, as well as claims of carelessness and other forms of misconduct.
  • Tools and equipment insurance provides extra coverage for working equipment that might be costly or difficult to replace. This insurance may help keep your business running when you need urgent replacements or repairs.
  • Commercial auto insurance might include up to five different types of coverage: liability and comprehensive insurance, medical, collision, and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.


  • Easy online application
  • 10% discount on bundled policies
  • Online access to your certificate of insurance


  • Some specialized types of business insurance are not available
  • The digital claim process may be unfamiliar for traditional business owners who prefer paper records

⇒ Visit the Official Website of NEXT Insurance

#3. Just Travel Cover: Most Popular Medical Travel Insurance Company


Just Travel Cover is a travel insurance broker based in Northeast England. As partners with some of the world’s leading insurance companies, they have been helping people looking for insurance since 1999. Helping more than a million customers to receive travel insurgency coverage, they have become one of the U.K.’s most trusted travel insurance providers.

Just Travel Cover also works with travel agents, tour operators, health organizations, and insurance brokers as a leading insurance provider, allowing their customers to succeed in their travel aspirations with peace of mind.

Why Did We Choose It?

Just Travel understands that every customer is unique and every trip is different. Weekend breaks cover amounts that are different from the ones you need if you plan a three-month trip worldwide. Having that in mind, they adapt every travel insurance to the customer’s needs.

This travel insurance has particular offers if you require undertaking activity or if you are planning to go on a cruise during your holiday. They even provide specific cover if you have a particular medical condition, which may be difficult to find in other travel insurance companies.

Just Travel provides a variety of insurances: single trip insurance, annual, cruise, or school trip travel insurance, car insurance or home insurance, and many more. Each of them has bronze, silver, and gold options. All you need to do is choose your destination and travel ambitions so the Just Travel experienced team can guide you on what type of insurance coverage you need.


  • Provides you with peace of mind
  • Adequate coverage for medical expenses, even for pre-existing diseases
  • Takes care of repatriation cost
  • Particular offers for different traveling requests
  • Each type of insurance comes with bronze, silver, and gold options
  • Reasonable price and easy to buy online


  • Might have an age limit for some types of insurance

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Just Travel Cover

#4. Trust and Will


Trust and Will is an online estate planning platform for creating wills, trusts, and guardianships, among other documents. You will not need to download any software to use Trust and Will because it is entirely online. It is an excellent estate planning tool since it combines a wide range of services with a user-friendly design.

While Trust and Will is a bit pricey, it has the potential to deliver a lot of value to consumers. It can save you time by planning your estates with an online tool instead of seeing a financial expert.

This estate planning platform has open offices in San Diego and remote team members across the country. Trust and Will has impressive customer support, along with its data-based and design-first approach.

Why Did We Choose It?

Trust and Will is an easy-to-use estate planning tool that you can use from your computer’s browser. You will have access to various estate planning essentials when you use this service.

The platform has divided its services into three categories: Trust, Will, and Guardianship. There are other subdivisions within these, so be sure you have access to precisely what you need. The majority of them revolve around the Will plan, which allows you to establish a standard Will, a living Will, a HIPAA authorization, and a power of attorney authorization.

  • The Trust-based estate plan provides a comprehensive and complete way to protect your assets and loved ones with probate court avoidance. It includes customized and state-specific estate planning documents to endorse your children’s guardians, make a list of your assets, and define what should happen in a medical emergency.
  • A Will-based estate plan is a plan for who will take care of your children and what should happen to your assets in case of a possible emergency. It also includes customized and state-specific documents that reflect your health care wishes and final arrangements.
  • The Guardianship plan specifies who would look after your minor children, same as in the Will-based plan but without completing the whole plan. This is an excellent solution for customers who do not want to start the entire estate plan but only want to make sure their kids have someone to care for.


  • Simple user experience for anyone
  • Comprehensive estate planning services
  • Option for documents to be downloaded or mailed


  • Fairly expensive

#5. JustLaw


JustLaw is a public benefit corporation based in New York, and they have a network of over 300 independent lawyers, covering all 50 states. They believe the law is broken because of the 238 million unsolved household legal problems in the U.S. Therefore, JustLaw aims to transform how society acquires justice and the law. Their focus is on their clients, lending transparency, and affordability.

Using cutting-edge technology and led by a customer-first mentality, JustLaw delivers 24/7 access to fast and affordable justice for everyone.

Why Did We Choose It?

The experts at JustLaw can provide you with committed, caring assistance when you need a highly qualified attorney to help protect the best interests of your kids.

This team of attorneys is persistently results-oriented and focused on assisting you in achieving the solution you require to move forward in this new chapter of your life. They provide no-cost, no-obligation consultations, during which you can meet and get to know the attorney who will be handling your case as well as learn more about your choices.

You could be confident that you are getting a team with expertise, skill, and experience because JustLaw has a former guardian ad litem on-site, as well as a licensed mediator with advanced domestic mediation training.

This is a team that can help you reach your goals while preserving a low-stress, civil environment, whether you are dealing with your divorce, securing child support for your children, establishing mediation, or deciding alimony.


  • Committed and caring assistance
  • Uses cutting-edge technology
  • No-cost and no-obligation consultations
  • Former guardian ad litem on the team


  • They only have one office in New York

#6. Clarity X


Clarity X is a genetic testing laboratory believing that one size does not fit all and medications and treatments work differently in everyone. They see the future of healthcare in individualized personal medicine.

Therefore, they promote genetic testing with an easily accessible in-home option. It is an easy-to-use DNA collection kit with a painless swab designed to collect, maintain, and protect DNA samples.

Clarity X’s laboratories are CLIA-certified and COLA-accredited. Every test is physician-reviewed, helping you to find your best treatment. This way, Clarity X is fulfilling its mission to allow people to take control of their health and overall well-being by using DNA.

Why Did We Choose It?

Pharmacogenetic testing is a process to determine how the body responds to certain medications by testing an individual’s genes. Since genetic material determines how the organism operates and responds, DNA, as the genetic material-carrying molecule inside the cells, is most responsible for this process.

Pharmacogenetic testing is drug-gene testing because it studies the genetic difference in drug-metabolizing genes. This kind of testing could help answer some of the medical practitioners’ questions, including, “Why is this drug not working for my patient?” and “Why is my patient having severe side effects when others can tolerate this medication without issues?”.

Genetic testing may be the guidance when patients have already tried several medications and none seem to work. They will help the doctors determine the proper medications based on the patient’s genes and medical history. Genetic testing occurs when standard therapies fail.

One of the pharmacogenetic testing’s main roles is in cancer treatments. They can answer why some drugs work better for some patients while having no effect on others with the same cancer type. Pharmacogenetic testing could develop personalized therapies based on the patient’s test results.

Pharmacogenetic tests can also be helpful in the treatment of other diseases like hypertension and atrial fibrillation and for finding the right antidepressants, analgesics, ADHD, anxiety, and other medications for the patient.


  • Determines appropriate drugs and dosages
  • Advanced screening for disease
  • Improves the treatments
  • Easily accessible in-home option
  • Easy-to-use DNA collection kit with a painless swab


  • High cost

How We Made This List of the Best Insurance Companies

We researched what other types of lesser-known insurance companies existed and tried to find out more about them and what kind of coverage they offer. After that, we reviewed and selected the best companies for every type of insurance. On the way to choosing the best insurance companies, we consider a few factors listed below.

Online Availability

Nowadays, most insurance providers support online quotes, which makes it easier for the customers to find the best coverage for the right price without walking for miles. Online availability may also include online bill pay and claim reporting, 24/7 customer service, online notifications for policy changes, and billing questions accessibility.

Financial Strength Ratings

We considered the company’s rating from at least two or three agencies before adding it to our list. Also, we were only looking for ratings from independent agencies because companies very often highlight the higher rating from one agency and hide the lower ones from another agency.

Complaint Ratios

We had our focus on the complaint ratio as well. If the customers’ complaint ratio was 1.00 and the ratio for the company we were considering was 2.00, that was a red flag. Also, we looked at the complaint trend report to realize whether the company’s complaints lately have been decreasing or increasing.

Policy Options

All companies sell different types of policies. Some of them have various options, while others are focused on a specific product. We were looking for those fulfilling our expectations and will provide appropriate coverage for your personal or business needs.


We compared multiple insurance quotes from different carriers and compared their prices. That helped us to find the best insurance companies at affordable prices. Sometimes, lower prices can mean less coverage. Additional policy features can influence the cost, but prices should not vary that much regarding the same product types.

Available Discounts

Many insurance companies offer special discounts for particular people or specific situations, which depends on the company’s nature and its kind of policy. Some of the discounts can be for the whole family, groups, associations, or corporations participating.

How to Choose the Best Insurance Companies

Estimate Your Insurance Needs

How much do you contribute to the family’s income, and how many people are financially dependent on you? The answers to these questions should assist you in determining the amount of coverage you require. Consult an insurance agent who can provide you with information on the insurance options and assist you in determining your insurance requirements.

Compare Insurance Policies

Before buying insurance coverage, first, you must consider its policy. You should check the administration, the premium, and fund management fees and how much they will cost you. Always compare similar kinds of products before deciding which one is best for you. Before making your final decision, make sure you have carefully read the fine print.

Choose Affordable Coverage

After estimating your insurance needs, calculate how much it will cost you in annual premiums terms. Check if you can afford to pay premiums for the entire policy term before purchasing the insurance. If you have greater insurance needs, the premium pack may be more cost-effective in the long term.

Analyze The Future of Your Insurance Policy

To comprehend the more delicate elements of your plans, seek the assistance of your insurance agent. Exclusions, or occurrences that your insurance policy does not cover, are crucial. Know them before you get the insurance coverage so you and your dependents will not be unprepared when the time comes.

Check the History of the Insurance Company

You get an insurance policy so your insurance company will pay the promised benefit or benefits in the case of need. Check the insurance firm’s claims payment percentage, just as the insurance company examines your insurability. It will not take long to look up an insurance company’s claims history online. The insurance provider may have denied some of the claims, but you should investigate the reasons for the reaction.

Final Verdict: Top Most Popular Insurance Companies

Health and car insurance companies are the most common, and these are types of insurance you must have. But, there are some other types of insurance that give you the power you do not have to protect your family, life, or business when the unthinkable happens.

Choosing the best insurance company is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You should consider the insurance company’s history and reputation, as well as its beneficial payouts. In order to make the right pick, you should also inspect the insurance provider’s coverage capacity, general accessibility, and the number of riders available.

Picking the right insurance may be a long and challenging process, but having one will give you peace of mind. You will be prepared for the worst while expecting the best with the proper insurance.

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