Best GPS Dog Collars In 2022 : Top 4 Pet Trackers

Nikhil Goswami

Often, dogs and pets are great masterminds of escapes using various means available. For this reason, using an effective GPS dog collar can help you keep track of your pet in case it wanders off or gets lost. This tracking system is a beautiful invention that will make your and your dog’s lives much easier.

The best dog collars have built-in GPS, perfect for dogs and pets alike. Most of these dog collars have light-sensitive sensors that can be set to detect if your dog is wearing the collar. Also, GPS technology helps you keep track of your dog’s exact movement. The collar communicates with the accompanying app, which tracks your dog’s location and the time and route of its movement.

Furthermore, with the rise in the theft of dogs, smart collars are an innovative way to keep your dog safe and well-behaved. It goes without saying that GPS pet trackers are the latest fad for pet owners. Here’s our review of the four best GPS dog collars on the market.

Our 4 Picks For GPS Dog Collars

  1. Cute Lightweight Tracker : Overall Best GPS Collar For Dogs On Market, Editor’s Pick
  2. Dogtra Pathfinder TRX :  Most Popular For Dog GPS Tracker
  3. F9 Smart Pet Tracker : Supreme Dog Collar Tracker
  4. Lizhi Case Air Tag Collar : Best Dog GPS Collar For Air Tag Compatibility

#1. Cute Lightweight Tracker : Overall best GPS Collar For Dogs On Market, Editor’s Pick

Cute Lightweight is a product that is well known for its premium and accurate tracking abilities. As its name implies, it is lightweight. However, its specifications are pretty heavyweight. Cute lightweight records and transmit your pet’s real-time location with its inbuilt GPS and GPRS fInder. It is one of the best in the market for real-time pet tracking.

This product comes with an inbuilt GPS tracker that reveals the pet’s location at any time. What’s interesting about this product is that you see every of your pet’s movements no matter where it is. This is possible when you connect your smartphone with the GPS dog tracker. Every action and every step reflects directly on your phone.

Furthermore, Cute Lightweight serves as a security fence for your dog. This means that you can set a safe parameter for your pet on your device. When your dog veers off out of the location you selected, an alarm turns on. This alert notifies you that the pet is getting out of the area. In addition, there is a reverse scenario where you are alerted when your pet goes into the safe parameter.

Cute Lightweight GPS tracker also allows you the remote listening feature where there is an option to keep in touch via audio. Furthermore, the product puts no pressure on the dog or pet’s neck. It is lightweight and allows the pet to breathe easily without discomfort. Setup and installation are effortless and require no technical specialty.


Call Back Feature:  Perhaps one of the most prominent features of the Cute Lightweight is its remote listening feature. With this feature, you can set your phone number in the GPS tracker to keep in touch with your pet wherever they go. Furthermore, this product allows you to set a callback number to the dog tracker as the pet’s guardian. After inputting the number, click on the prompt that says “sure,” and it saves the number to the device. This is optimal as a security measure to protect your dog from harm. So typically, you have set when your dog gets lost or wanders outside the security fence. Then the dog tracker sets off an alarm and automatically calls the phone number you put on the tracker. The GPRS feature embedded in the device helps cellular network communication to be effective.

GPS Tracking Function: Cute Lightweight GPS dog trackers have inbuilt tracking systems. These offer tracking accuracy to pet owners. With a high GPS accuracy, this tracker can detect the pet’s exact location up to 15 meters. In addition, not only does it detect the location, but it also details the movements of the pet. As a result, pet owners can quickly establish a pattern of wandering movement. Furthermore, it offers standard accuracy of where and how to find the pet if it goes missing.

Battery Life: Cute Lightweight dog collars use a polymer 500 mAh battery, which is durable for a dog collar. The battery life is tested and proven to last several hours depending on the alarm frequency and alerts. If you fully charge the battery, you can use it for several hours without needing a recharge. This makes its battery life one of the most potent in the dog collar market.

Premium Specifications: The specifications of the Cute Lightweight dog collar make it one of the premium products available. From GPS accuracy to GSM frequency, it is a heavyweight product that is compatible with several kinds of pet sizes. It has a GPS accuracy of 5-15M. The sensitivity is up to -165decibel, and the GSM frequency up to 1900MHz.

Versatility: This product retains its highly accurate GPS tracking ability in dry or humid weather conditions. The product’s working visibility is between 20 ° C to +55 ° C. In addition, it is not limited to dogs but other pets, such as cats.


  • GPS real-time tracking
  • Remote listening
  • Security fence feature
  • Callback feature
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • High GPS accuracy
  • Waterproof
  • GPRS fInder
  • Locator alarm
  • Cost-effective
  • Adjustable
  • USB charging
  • Long battery life


  • Different monitor settings

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cute Lightweight Tracker

#2. Dogtra Pathfinder TRX : Most Popular For Dog GPS Tracker

The Dogtra Pathfinder is a well-known product, especially for its expandable ability to track several dogs simultaneously. The technology produced by the Dogtra Pathfinder pet GPS tracker is very advanced. This GPS e-collar can track your dog’s precise location in any kind of terrain. The product comes with a handheld receiver that you can effectively use to monitor your pet’s movements.

Dogtra’s ability to detect location in any terrain makes it a perfect fit for dogs who particularly love to play or train outdoors. Maybe your dog loves to play in the water or swim. This dog collar makes it easy for you to locate it even amid intense activity. The product easily connects with any smartphone and serves as a Bluetooth tracker for up to 33feet.

Furthermore, this product allows you to add more than one collar to the pack. In other words, if you have more than one dog, you can track them all at once instead of monitoring them on different devices. You have the option of getting additional collars to track many dogs at the same time. These collars give you real-time tracking and have long battery life. The product is worth the purchase cost when considering the myriad of features that Dogtra Pathfinder offers.


Expandable Multi-Tracking: Dogtra Pathfinder is perfect for pet owners with more than one dog. It takes the stress of looking after multiple dogs by introducing an expandable feature for up to 21 dogs. This feature allows users to add additional collars to different dogs per time. Pet tracking, in this case, is possible with just one device. It helps you monitor the movements of all your dogs and pets with just one glance.

Security Fence Boundaries: The product has an audible fence boundaries setting that allows you to choose a boundary for your dog. If your dog crosses your set boundary, the device will automatically go off. It sends an alert that notifies you of the situation and ultimately keeps your dog safe when it is out of visibility. In addition, Dogtra Pathfinder’s technology has up to 9-mile range detection and is perfect for large areas.

Map Syncing Function: Dogtra Pathfinder dog collars are synced with Google maps, giving real-time tracking. This makes for tracking accuracy and location precision. Although you need to use a cellular network to set it up, the map is available offline. After installation, you can determine your pet’s location with an offline Google map.

WaterProof Quality: From research, we have seen that this particular dog tracker is suitable for mostly outdoors dogs. Whether they are undergoing training or just having a good time playing, the material used to produce Dogtra Pathfinder is waterproof. It will still detect the dog’s location 3 feet deep in water. This also speaks to the device’s durability.

Mobile Application: Dogtra Pathfinder has a mobile application that allows users to control the dog collar and pet GPS trackers from their comfort. All functions in the app are accessible even without cellular data. Furthermore, they are compatible with both android and iOS devices.


  • Advanced GPS technology
  • Expandable multi-tracking
  • Up to a 9-mile range
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Synced with Google Maps
  • Offline Map functions
  • Fast charging
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Track up to 21 dogs
  • Easy to install and use
  • Mobile App (Android & iOS)


  • Long antenna
  • Needs smartphone

=> Click here to visit the official website of Dogtra Pathfinder

#3. F9 Smart Pet Tracker :  Supreme Dog Collar Tracker

The final GPS dog collar on our list comes with fast and accurate pet tracking. The F9 smart is a dog tracker used on a dog’s collar built to provide pet guardians with the precise locations of their dogs and cats. If you are worried about your pet wandering off too far away from your reach, then we recommend the F9 smart location tracker. Like its counterparts in the market, it is both a collar and an accurate pet tracker all in one.

This dog tracker uses modern GPS technology to determine the location of dogs and pets. It has a four-band GSM and GPS that aids seamless communication between the collar and the monitoring device. As a result of its high specifications, it comes highly recommended by users and customers.

Furthermore, it can detect location in various conditions, no matter where the pet wanders. One of the amazing things is that this pet tracker helps you keep records of the locator sports trick within three months. This enables you to establish a pattern, if any, and guard against future occurrences. In addition, it alerts you within minutes of your dog going outside the security fence.


Pet GPS Locator: F9 smart pet uses an activity and location tracker that detects the precise location of pets. The GPS accuracy ranges from 5-20meters, and its sensitivity measures up to -157decibels, which is pretty much decent.

Fast And Accurate Tracking: The F9’s WiFi and GPS technology make it easy to track the location of pets in minutes. In the event your pet gets lost or wanders away, you can find them in no time upon alert.

Multiple Location Feature: F9 Smart Locator uses various positioning methods as a tracking system on its devices. It combines the potency of GPS (Global Positioning System), LBS (Location-Based Service), and AGPS (Assisted GPS) in its operation. This helps it give you the precision and accurate positioning of your pet per time.

Security Fence Boundaries: The electronic fence feature allows you to set limits and boundaries on the device. The spaces included in these boundaries are typically safe places for your pet that is near in proximity to you. Whenever your pet steps outside the fence indicated in the locator, then you are quickly notified.


  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • WiFi Accuracy
  • Four-band GPS, GSM system
  • Multiple location tracking
  • Sport trick recording
  • Real-time alerts
  • Fast charging
  • 4-5 days standby
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile use


  • Unavailable in some countries
  • Uses Nano-sim card

=> Click here to visit the official website of F9 Smart Pet Tracker

#4. Lizhi Case Air Tag Collar : Best Dog GPS Collar For Air Tag Compatibility

Lizhi case GPS dog collar is one of the best collars on the market. This GPS tracker is accurate and perfect for your dog, especially if your dog is not yet used to a leash. It also is an ideal fit for dogs and pets fond of straying away.

Lizhi Case is soft and easy to put around your dog’s neck. In fact, it wouldn’t even know it wears a tracker. If you have a dog that protests when wearing an accessory around its neck, you might want to try Lizhi Case.

A fantastic feature of this GPS dog tracker is Lizhi Case’s compatibility to Apple Air Tags. Air Tags are renowned devices that locate the precise location of people,other  devices, or properties. Whether you are using an iPhone or Android device, as a pet owner, you can easily track your pet with Lizhi Case.

The Air Tags are a great way to monitor your pet’s location and find them if they veer off. We recommend this brand if you already have an air tag or are thinking of getting one. Its compatibility with Air Tag serves as a GPS tracker without extra effort.

Furthermore, this GPS tracker brand comes with a protective case and is made of liquid silicone. In addition, the dog collar has a very smooth surface that gives your dog a comfy feeling while wearing it. It could easily pass off as a decorative piece because it comes in the form of a bow tie. You get to protect your dog while adorning it with style. Who doesn’t love a cute and well-protected dog? Also, you can take it a notch higher by choosing a color that suits your dog or one you love. With Lizhi Case, there are many colors to choose from depending on the combination you like.

Lizhi Case comes at a very effective cost and scores very high in durability. The product is easy to install without technicalities. Furthermore, you can install and charge it quickly without removing the case.


Versatile Product Range: Lizhi Case is universal as a GPS pet tracker. This is because you can use it to track your cat, backpack, handbag, or any other belonging. Moreover, with monitoring pets, the product can adapt to any weather condition. If your dog wanders and falls into a pool of water, the protective nature of the casing protects the tracker. In this case, the GPS tracker will still detect its location. If you are afraid of your dog or pet getting lost, this is a protective feature that comes in handy.

Air Tag Compatibility: The launch of Lizhi cases comes as a relief to Air Tag owners. The case holder of this product is exclusively designed for pet tracking. All you need to do is put the Air Tag in the holder and let your dog wear it. As a result, the risk of losing the Air Tag reduces significantly. In addition, it is easily expandable, depending on the size of your pet.

Easy Installation And Charging: Installing the Lizhi Case is straightforward and easy to do. Even if it is your first time using one, you can get it done without referring to a manual or guide. Also, this product is made to serve the vast population of pet owners in various walks of life. As a result, there are no issues of technicality involved during installation. Furthermore, charging is easy and only takes a few minutes. In addition, you can charge the devices with the case still intact.

Premium Quality: This product is made with liquid silicone and has a very smooth and soft surface. The materials used in its production make it durable and resistant to scratch. This does a great job in ensuring the safety of the Air Tag and, consequently, your dog. In addition, it is very cost-effective, and you can get one for less than $20.


  • GPS dog tracker
  • Airbag compatibility
  • Silicone material
  • Easy installation
  • Fast charging
  • Soft and comfy
  • Durability
  • Waterproof
  • Wide locator range
  • Can be adjusted


  • Suitable for 0.8-1 inch collars only

=> Click here to visit the official website of Lizhi Case

How We Made The List Best GPS Tracker For Dog

Compiling our list of best GPS dog trackers, we extensively researched the currently available brands. This included both popular and unpopular brands. At the end of this first research stage, we had a long list of products and brands, so we had to trim it.

To restrict the list to tested and proven products, we devised a list of conditions products must satisfy. The requirements included GPS accuracy, brand reputation and battery life. In addition, we regarded durability, water resistance, and tracking range.

After checking all products against these conditions, we selected our top 4 GPS collars for this article. In the following paragraph, we discuss these vetting requirements in detail.

What We Looked For While MAKING The List Of GPS Dog Collar

The products in our list had to satisfy the following requirements to make it into the list.

  • GPS Accuracy: We checked the GPS accuracy of all the products listed to ensure that they gave precise pets’ locations per time. Also, we looked at the GPS technology used by these products to gauge whether they are wise choices.

We included only dog collars that use current and up-to-date tracking systems on their devices. Furthermore, the products listed in this review give users real-time location and use maps.

  • Brand Reputation: Another factor we considered in this selection is the brand reputation of product manufacturers and vendors. We selected brands with products that are effective and make good on promises on value. Furthermore, we went on a deep dive to ascertain that the products in this list are tested and proven efficient. Finally, we also looked at customer reviews to check the reputation of the products and brands.
  • Battery Life: We looked for dog collars with long-lasting batteries that pets can use for at least 8 hours. We went through each product and enlisted those with higher battery capacity. In addition, we looked at the charging pace of the device. We made sure to include devices that are fast in charging.
  • Water Resistance: We know that most dogs often love to play outdoors where there could be water, so we had to consider this factor. We looked for waterproof dog collars. This way, you can detect your dog’s location even when they are in humid environments. This factor also speaks to the device’s durability. Generally, dog collars that are made of waterproof material are more durable than ones that are not.
  • Tracking Range: We looked for dog collars with a comprehensive tracking range. In a situation where a dog moves out of the security fence and wanders far away, you can still locate and retrieve it. Most dog collars on our list can track pets up to 3 miles away. Next,  the pet owner gets an automatic alert when it crosses a set boundary.
  • Cost And Pricing: Finally, we looked at the pricing of every product on our list. We went for dog collars that were cost-effective and not unreasonably pricey. When considering the features and benefits of the products in this list, their prices are very cost-effective. Depending on your budget, you can get a collar from the lower or higher end of the spectrum.

Things To Consider When Buying Dog GPS Collar

When buying a GPS dog collar for your pet, there are various factors to consider. This is important because the ultimate reason for purchasing this is to guarantee your dog’s safety. Consequently, you should look beyond sales mottos and nice slogans when choosing which collar is best for your dog. You should pay attention to the following factors when shopping for a GPS collar for your dog.

  • GPS Accuracy

We assume the primary reason you are buying a GPS dog collar is for GPS tracking. In this case, you should always go for a dog collar with high GPS accuracy. In other words, the collar you buy should be able to provide you with the precise location of your pet in real-time.

We recommend Air Tags or, generally, collars that with in-built GPS and Map synchronization. Most products on our list offer a very high level of GPS accuracy, with some recording the exact movements of your pets. You can check for this specification by looking at the specification of each product on the sales page before buying.

  • Pet Size

We often see dog owners overlook this simple yet important factor. You should check the size specifications of the collar you want to buy to see if it suits your dog’s size. While some sizes are available in the product description, others are adjustable. We recommend you go for one that allows your dog the space to breathe without latching on its neck. Also, one that isn’t too loose doesn’t fall off easily.

  • Tracking Range And Battery Life

You should purchase collars with a comprehensive tracking range if your dog wanders too far away. A product that uses modern advanced GPS technology can track a pet’s location for as far as 3 miles. Furthermore, consider the battery capacity of the collar you want to buy. Go for the ones that charge faster, are long-lasting, and have stronger capacity.

  • Water Resistance

Some dogs are known to be escape artists, and you can never tell where they will go next. For this reason, you should purchase a water-resistant dog collar. Most products on this list can adapt to dry and humid weather conditions when tracking your pet.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

At the end of the day, you have to choose a collar that you can afford. Your dog deserves protection whether it is on the low or high price spectrum. Go for a dog collar whose price is worth the benefits without being extravagant.

FAQs Regarding Dog Tracking Device

The following are questions we often get concerning dog GPS trackers

Q1. What Is The Best Dog GPS Tracking Device?

The best GPS tracking device for your dog ultimately depends on its needs at the time. In other words, your dog’s behaviors and habits largely influence what will be the best option for it. Moreover, our top 4 list includes only the best GPS tracking devices on the market. They cover all your tracking needs with several premium qualities. Browse through our list to see the reviews of each, and you will find the best for your dog.

Q2. Why Should My Dog Have A GPS Collar?

There are various reasons you should get a GPS collar for your dog, and it is mainly for safety. Recently, there have been reports of dog thefts which is scary. GPS collars help track your dog’s location per time as a safety strategy. Furthermore, it enables you to find your dog quickly when they wander far away from you.

Q3. Do Dog Trackers Need WiFi To Work?

Although many dog trackers do not require WiFi to operate, you may need WiFi to monitor your pet’s movements on your computer or phone. The majority of trackers transmit data via a cellular network or Bluetooth. However, some hybrid trackers may not be Bluetooth trackers and also use WiFi. Ultimately, it depends on the kind of product you buy.

Q4. Are GPS Dog Fences Effective?

GPS dog fences are effective when used the right way. Wireless dog fences are generally dependable. Standard wireless dog fences are the most reliable for tiny, square-shaped yards of less than an acre. Unlike cellular, GPS is always available everywhere and is more precise due to the lack of a patchy signal. It automatically corrects your dog’s location, making his boundaries and position more precise.

Q5. Do I Need To Download An App To Use A GPS Dog Collar?

It solely depends on the type of tracker you are using. To receive your pet’s tracking data, some trackers will ask you to download an app and maybe pay a monthly fee. However, tracking trackers that employ handheld devices will not require you to download an app. Furthermore, some trackers will simply provide you with data via email or text.

Q6. How Do Dog GPS & Activity Trackers Work?

Radio, cellphone, or GPS technologies are dog GPS trackers’ primary technologies. Radio-enabled trackers find your pet via radio frequencies. A transmitter on your dog’s collar transmits a signal to your transmitter that tells you where your pet is and how far away it is. GPS and activity trackers for dogs function by sending a call from a worn device, such as a collar or tag, which you may then pick up. The device you use to track your dog will determine how you do so. Some trackers allow you to track your dog using your phone, while others need you to use a handheld monitor.

Conclusion: Watch Your Dog With Dog Tracker!

Considering the enormous task of watching over your dog while doing many activities, a GPS dog collar is a sure call. Accurate Pet trackers allow you to see your pet’s whereabouts via an app, which will notify you if he ventures outside the established fences.

This way, even if you can’t keep a constant eye on your pet, you’ll know the moments when it is up to no good. When you’re traveling, and also when you’re moving to someplace, using a dog GPS collar monitor is always a fantastic idea.

Furthermore, with a GPS pet tracker, a lost pet will not be on your list of concerns or worries. Our list of best GPS dog trackers is a product of careful research, and our reviews give you a wide range of options to choose from. Lastly, these dog GPS trackers for dogs are usually comfy and waterproof, so your dog’s collar is safe. Above all, dog GPS trackers give you and your dog the best safety experience.

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