Best Golf Shoes Of 2022 For Every Type Of Golfer

Nikhil Goswami

Novice players often turn a blind eye to wearing the best golf shoes on the course. That’s a great mistake as modern golf shoes feature innovative elements that can make the golf footwear do more than just add comfort to the player’s experience.

From lateral stability to more traction and flexibility, these shoes help the players improve their gameplay no matter how challenging the situations are.

Plus, when the course is rough or wet, only high-quality golf shoes can help you by providing lots of cushioning while you play. No, your normal jogging shoes won’t do that on the course. Thus, finding the best golf shoes is imperative. To help you find the perfect golf shoes, we’ve rounded up a list of top picks on the market.

Our Top Picks for the Best Golf Shoes

The following are the best contenders for our golf shoes reviews:

  1. Men’s Camo MG4+ Golf Shoe – Editor’s Pick, Ultimate Waterproof Golfing Shoes
  2. True Original 1.2 – Most Chosen For Lightweight & Stability Golf Shoes
  3. Footjoy Premiere Packard Cleated BOA Series Shoes – Made With Modern Technology & Polished Design
  4. Air Zoom Infinity Tour NXT% Spiked Golf Shoe – Top Rated Golf Shoes For Extreme Comfort

#1. Men’s Camo MG4+ Golf Shoe – Editor’s Pick, Ultimate Waterproof Golfing Shoes

Men’s Camo MG4+ Golf Shoes are a product of G/Fore, one of the best golf shoe brands well-known for designing golf accessories. The shoes have a stylish design, sleek uppers, and numerous nubs on the footbed for maximum traction. They have triple-density foam cushions with a unique lattice midsole.

The shoes have a camouflaged print and a fully waterproof exterior that make the shoes last for a long time without breaking down. Also, the 3D molded heel cup provides additional support for extended playtime on the course.

The cushion is antimicrobial and removable, plus the inserts are machine washable. To clean the exterior, you can use warm water and mild soap. The shoes offer a perfect combination of style and performance in terms of comfort and traction. Good thing if you aren’t comfortable with these golf shoes, you can enjoy the free return policy of the company. You can return the shoes within 60 days, but you must ensure that the spikeless shoes are in new condition and have the original tags.


Waterproof Design: The MG4+ is a fully waterproof shoe. It protects your feet from changing weather conditions. The shoes are comfortable with or without socks as they have a soft lining on the footbed. Because of their waterproof feature, the shoes offer all-rounder performance on all golf courses.

Material: The dedicated golf shoe comprises 98% TPU/2% polyester, which offers ideal comfort and excellent traction, and inhibits odor. On the bottom, there’s a molded traction design that adds to the comfort and reduces pressure during the golf swing. The insole is removable, which adds to the durability of the shoes.

Fit: The Camo MG4+ has a slightly wide toe box with a 3D molded external heel cup. The heel cup keeps the foot locked by providing lateral support during all game stages. The shoe features a G/Fore premium triple-density foam cushioned footbed that keeps your foot warm and improves airflow for a breathable environment.

Traction: The golf shoes have a rubber non-slip outsole with sawtooth and hybrid knurled traction that helps keep the golfer’s feet firmly on the ground. Besides, the sidewall and auxetic lattice midsole keep your feet snug and comfortable even after staying long on the course with this hybrid golf shoe.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Lots of color choices
  • Super comfortable golf shoe
  • Optimal traction
  • Inhibit odor
  • Extra set of laces


  • It can feel a bit heavy when wet

=> Click here to visit the official website of G/Fore

#2. True Original 1.2 – Most Chosen For Lightweight & Stability Golf Shoes

True Original 1.2 golf shoes by True Linkswear are lightweight golf shoes with a spikeless outside. It has introduced one of the best golf shoes used by many golf pros. The stable spikeless golf shoe is manufactured to be as natural as possible; they are flexible and comfortable and mimic the design of the feet.

There are no stiff layers in the shoes, thus making them super comfortable and supportive. The inner sole is removable, and the overall design allows natural movement of the feet. The classic golf shoe allows your toes to spread naturally and provide an improved grip without compromising foot health.

The golf shoes have a 100% waterproof upper with a neoprene tongue, making it easier for the golfer to play in wet conditions. Plus, the antimicrobial insert keeps the foot free of sweat and odor. The spikeless shoe is designed for maximum grip and balance on the outside and inside, so you’re not distracted while playing.

The manufacturer offers a 30-days money-back guarantee for those unsatisfied with the purchase. Overall, True OG1.2 are one of the best spikeless golf shoes for playing golf.


Scratch-Proof Upper: The golf shoes feature a 2-year waterproof and scratch-proof upper that allows the golfer to wear them on rough and wet courses. Besides that, the leather construction and wrinkle-resistant materials add to the overall durability of the shoes.

Zero-Drop Design: True Original 1.2 features OG 1.2, a zero-drop design that allows the feet to sit naturally on the ground. The idea is to keep your feet as natural as possible while you play. The unique design keeps the heel and toe at the same level so that you feel you’re walking barefoot.

Design: The golf shoes feature ‘bulletproof’ alternative leather with perforated leather on the sides to help during the golf swing. They have a wide-toe box and a sock-like liner; overall, the design is simple and minimalistic. The shoes are available in three colorways: Chambers gray, pure white, and white/black saddle.

Comfort: True links wear is famous for comfortable shoes. Though OG1.2 isn’t the most comfortable shoe from their lineup, they are several ounces lighter than most of the golf shoes in the market. The excessive cushioning makes it a super comfortable golf shoe without compromising breathability.


  • Excellent stability and comfort
  • Good support and traction
  • Perform well in wet conditions
  • Durable upper
  • Easy to clean
  • Stylish design
  • Waterproof bootie construction


  • Zero-drop feel may be a bit convenient for some

=> Click here to visit the official website of True Linkswear

#3. Footjoy Premiere Packard Cleated BOA Series Shoes – Made With Modern Technology & Polished Design

Footjoy Premiere golf shoes are manufactured by Fairway Golf USA, a famous shoe manufacturing company. The collection is inspired by Frederick Packard, the company’s founder and shoe pioneer, well-known for introducing innovative technologies for shoe manufacturing. The Packard collection features Pulsar low-profile Cleats by Softspikes, which enhance grip and traction on the course.

The golf shoes are suitable for those who demand the highest level of stability and grip in the form of spiked shoes. These shoes have a classic design and offer matchless performance on the course. The upper is made of leather, and the overall material is soft and supple yet durable.

The in-shoe feel is comfortable and plush, and the fit is slightly loose. The company also offers a ‘playable guarantee’ which allows the customers to return the shoes within 30 days and get a refund.


Ortholite EcoPlush FitBed: The Ortholite EcoPlush FitBed technology makes these golf shoes more comfortable and stable. This technology provides optimum traction on all surfaces regardless of the conditions. The spiked design offers more grip, so the golfer doesn’t expect to lose their feet while playing.

Guaranteed Waterproofing: The shoes feature excellent waterproofing to maximize performance on the course. Plus, there is a 2-year warranty for their waterproof feature. These shoes are perfect if you play primarily on wet courses or in rainy weather.

Enhanced Stability: The FootJoy traditional golf shoes feature Estane TPU, which provides enhanced traction, yet they are super comfortable because of the material used in manufacturing. Besides that, soft and comfortable microfiber linings improve comfort and feel.

High-Quality Material: The Footjoy Premier shoes have a luxurious look and feel. They feature supple sheepskin linings. The collection also features pebble grain leather and detailing in the quarter and the vamp. The saddle area consists of a croc print accent with a natural leather welt. Plus, the contrast stitching gives a unique overall look to the golf shoes.


  • Stunning design
  • Superior grip and stability
  • Modern technology and sleek design
  • Waterproof warranty
  • Soft and supple
  • Suitable for all types of courses


  • The outsole may collect dirt and debris

=> Click here to visit the official website of Fairway Golf USA

#4. Air Zoom Infinity Tour NXT% Spiked Golf Shoe – Top Rated Golf Shoes For Extreme Comfort

Air Zoom Infinity by Nike offers superior breathability without compromising fit and comfort. The shoes are lightweight and well-balanced and are perfect all-weather golf shoes. The foam-padded collar makes them comfortable and cozy, and the heel’s padding provides more traction in their Achilles heel. Besides performing well, the shoes are aesthetically appealing too. The knit upper, spiked outsole and beautifully laced design make them a perfect pick for golfers who demand looks and performance.

These spiked golf shoes are not very spacious but are still very breathable and have more traction as compared to spikeless golf shoes. At first glance, they’ll look like your ordinary running shoes, but when you wear them, you’ll know they are designed especially for golfers. The shoes are made of premium materials, including mixed textiles, that make them look stylish. The Nike Air Zoom Infinity also features Nike react technology, consisting of a durable and lightweight foam that offers a smooth and responsive ride.


Dynamic Response: By dynamic response, the manufacturer means the superior comfort and flexibility the shoe provides. The material in these shoes supports and hugs the foot and provides extra comfort during playing sessions. Plus, the collars are plush and padded, which prevents the heel from slipping while the golfer moves.

Optimal Grip: The traditional golf shoe has two spikes on the heel and two on the forefront. These grips together provide exceptional stability and traction on different types of golf courses. Besides that, a secondary integrated traction design in the sole enhances the grip so that the golfer can play confidently during the golf swing.

Breathability: Nike Air Zoom Infinity shoes feature Air Zoom units that allow you to perform like a pro because your feet feel more powerful. These units are stitched on the upper instead of the foam, making them more breathable than other shoes. Because of the Air Zoom units, the shoe feels comfortable and breathable and provides extra bounce.

Lightweight: The comfortable golf shoes feature a Flyknit design, making the shoe lightweight yet supportive. This type of textile or mesh improves the airflow in the shoes to keep the environment dry and comfortable. The design gives a stretchy feel to the shoes and is good for those golfers who don’t like stiff shoes.


  • Super breathable
  • Additional cushioning for comfort
  • Reduced heel sleep
  • Integrated traction for grip
  • Supportive and stable
  • Lightweight
  • Revamped outsole


  • It can be a bit snug for some
  • It might cause a slight rub on the heel

=> Click here to visit the official website of Nike

How We Made This List Of Best Golf Shoes

Our golf shoe ranking methodology includes evaluating several top brands in the market. We researched to find out which golf shoes perform the best in different types of conditions. Plus, we read hundreds of customer reviews for the best ones and analyzed their performances to rank them.

Then, we established criteria to check which golf shoes are of the best quality. To do so, we looked into various factors such as comfort, materials, durability, and brand image. After removing numerous brands that didn’t meet our criteria, we decided to review only four top-of-the-line products in the golf shoe market.

What We Looked For?

We looked for the following factors in the best golf shoes:

  • Brand Image: To choose the top golf shoes, we also paid attention to the brand image. We have selected only reliable and reputable brands that manufacture high-quality shoes for all purposes. We also read their reviews to find out that most customers are satisfied with their golf shoes’ quality.
  • Materials: One of the most important factors we looked into was the materials used to design the shoes. Leather is the most popular and sturdy material for shoes. Polyester is a popular alternative, too, and is good for durability.
  • Durability: The shoes we have chosen have a waterproof lining and additional protection to improve the player’s experience. These shoes are engineered to handle rough terrain and withstand the wear and tear of regular use. The golf shoes are scratch-proof and wrinkle-resistant too.
  • Returns and Refunds: We also looked for brands that offer returns and exchanges to their customers if they aren’t satisfied with the purchase. These brands are committed to providing excellent customer satisfaction at all levels. Hence, they have sound return and refund policies for those customers who want to return the shoes if they aren’t comfortable with them.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Golf Shoes?

When it comes to playing on the green, there are a few rules which every golfer must follow. No matter the rules, having a best-value golf shoe is very important for a perfect time on the golf course. With so many options for golf shoes on the market, there’s no doubt that you can get confused if you want to pick one. Thus, we have jotted down a list of factors that you must consider to choose the best golf shoes:

  • Spiked vs. Spikeless

You must first consider whether you want to go for a spiked or spikeless shoe design. Spiked golf shoes provide a lot of traction and grip on wet courses. These shoes also offer more support and stability. If you choose spiked shoes, make sure that the spikes are made of plastic, as golf courses gradually disallow the metal spikes as they ruin the golf course. Spikeless golf shoes have a simple design; instead of spikes, these shoes have small rubber lugs on the bottom that provide traction. These shoes are more comfortable and lightweight since there are no spikes. However, spineless shoes don’t provide much traction compared to spiked ones, especially on wet courses.

  • Material

One of the most popular materials used for golf shoes is leather. Leather is durable and comfortable, and shoe designers use it to add more strength and beauty. Some golf shoe manufacturers add additional protection, such as waterproof lining, to the leather material without compromising their breathability.

If you’re more concerned about the protection of your shoes, you must choose a pair with additional waterproofing materials such as Gore-tex. If you want to look for affordable golf shoes, you can consider shoes made of synthetic material, a cheaper alternative to leather. For instance, non-porous polyester is a lightweight and flexible synthetic material used for manufacturing shoes.

  • Right Fit

Look for golf shoes that have all the signs of a perfect fit. To test the fit and comfort, you must wear golf shoes and walk. You must feel no pain or pressure while walking, and there must be around half an inch of room in the forefront. Besides, your feet must not slide around the shoes; if they do, they are loose for your feet. The perfect golf shoes will provide a snug-fitting midfoot and heel.

  • Lacing System

The lacing system of shoes has evolved a lot, but the traditional lacing system is still very popular because of the easy custom fit they provide. There is a Velcro fastening that allows easy fitting. Another popular lacing system is the BOA system, similar to a snowboarding or ski boot. This lacing system provides a secure tightening system with the help of a tightening dial near the back of the shoe. Shoes with this lacing system are more expensive.

FAQs For Best Golf Shoes

Should golf shoes be according to skill level?

Yes, golf shoes are also according to the skill level of the golfers. However, the most significant factors that improve the performance of the shoes are comfort, traction, and fit. As a golfer, you must consider your feet’ construction, weather conditions, and golf swing speed because these factors also impact performance. For most golfers, comfort is the top priority, no matter their skill levels.

Do expert golfers use only spikeless golf shoes?

Expert golfers use spiked and spineless both types of shoes. It all depends on personal preference and comfort level. Plus, some golfers want more traction while others don’t; hence the choice of spiked and spikeless golf shoes is accordingly. If you choose between spiked or spikeless shoes, you must consider your comfort instead of choosing a style that a pro wears.

What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant golf shoes?

If the shoes are water-resistant, they can withstand water and rain without damaging their materials. Thus, a pair of golf shoes must be water-resistant as this feature makes the shoes more durable. On the other hand, waterproof shoes are designed especially for golfers who play on wet courses or where there is a lot of rain. Waterproof shoes are also more expensive as there are additional waterproofing linings to keep the shoes protected from water. These shoes are essential for playing in wet conditions as they keep the feet dry and help the golfer play without being distracted.

Are athletic shoes better or formal-styled ones?

Golf shoes can be more athletic styled, fancier, or both. More athletic and sporty shoes are made of flexible and lightweight materials and have a casual style. These shoes resemble running shoes you can wear anywhere else, not only on the golf course.

On the other hand, the fancy ones such as Ecco shoes are heavier and designed especially for the golf course. Since athletic shoes are more comfortable, lightweight, and flexible, we recommend choosing them, especially if you’re a beginner. Great skechers golf shoes are manufactured to be athletic and fancy and keep a balance between the features.

Conclusion: Which Is The Choice For Best Golf Shoes?

There’s a massive collection to look for when searching for the best golf shoes. The best golf shoes we’ve reviewed in this post are comfortable, well-cushioned, and fit nicely because they move naturally with your feet. These shoes will not break down even after hundreds of rounds and provide enough traction.

In the end, you’ll want golf shoes that you can afford and allow you to play comfortably on the green. We hope this comprehensive golf shoe-buying guide will help you choose the best golf shoes that will help you enhance your game.

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