The 4 Best Gaming Headsets For Game Lovers Of 2022 – Top Reviews

Gaming Headsets

The gaming industry has been growing for a couple of years. Back then, we used to see people using average peripherals for gaming, but things are much different now. Games nowadays are so competitive that every other player is looking to get top-notch gadgets.

Apart from a mouse and keyboard for the movement, a quality headset to listen is also necessary. Especially in first-person shooter games, hearing can help you identify the enemy’s position.

While the clear sound is necessary for every gaming headphone, other factors are also essential. A good gaming headphone must-have is a stereo to isolate the left and right sound, allowing the players to know the enemy’s position.

People are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on gaming gadgets to achieve the best results. However, not everyone has the luxury of spending such a handsome amount on headsets. So, here we are sharing the best gaming headsets having reasonable prices.

If you have spare money, wireless gaming headsets are the best. They are convenient, and no fuss of wires keeps the desk clean. However, you’ll have to improve your wire management skills if you want a cheaper option. On the other hand, virtual surround sound is another popular thing, but a true surround sound headset will cost you a fortune.

Most gaming headsets come with a dedicated driver to improve the overall experience. A dedicated driver is essential if you opt for a wireless gaming headset. That driver has a dedicated app that allows you to edit and set sound presets. These presets can help you get a much better audio experience while playing games or watching movies. However, quality headphones won’t require much tweaking, and they’ll offer top-notch audio from scratch.

One other thing is that gaming headsets should support mobile phones or tablets. The mobile gaming industry is at its peak after some famous releases. Those who can’t afford a high-end gaming PC switch to mobile or relatively cheaper consoles.

The problem with gaming headsets is their durability and comfort. While the designs in images make them appealing, there is no guarantee that they’ll be comfortable for your ears. This is why we extended our search before finalizing the best brands that offer the best gaming headset. Even if you want a 7.1 surround sound headset, you’ll find one at a reasonable price.

Best Gaming Headsets For Every System (2022 Review)

Before we started reviewing these brands, we took an additional step to mention the brands and their unique traits. This will give you a quick idea of which brands are close to your needs. Once decided, you can quickly jump to the review section and learn more about that brand. We only managed to find four brands that fulfill our criteria.

  1. EKSA– Best PC Gaming Headsets, Bought By Top Game lovers
  2. EasySMX – Best Bluetooth Gaming Headphones
  3. OneOdio – Best Headphones For Gaming
  4. Aber Luz – New Wired Gaming Headsets with Built-in Mic

#1. EKSA – Best PC Gaming Headsets, Bought By Top Game lovers


EKSA is not a renowned gaming brand, but its products are worth praising. It has been in the gaming industry for almost a decade and offers the best surround sound headphones. Their headphones are the best for close-range wireless connectivity. You can visit the washroom, grab a drink, and stay connected with your teammates.

They offer wireless headsets with dongle and Bluetooth technology. If you show interest in their wireless headset, we recommend getting ones with the dongle. However, their Bluetooth headsets are exceptional if you are a mobile gamer. They have the most variety of wired headsets, offering zero sound lag while playing games.

They offer international shipping, but the customers pay the customs charges. EKSA has physical stores in many countries to provide quick delivery to the countries near them. It takes around 10-20 days for the international shipment to arrive and three to seven days for the domestic shipment. The shipment is free if your order exceeds $45, but you’ll have to pay $6-9 for a consignment less than $45.

They have also mentioned the countries they won’t ship to, make sure to check the list before ordering so they won’t cancel it. Moreover, they have different logistics partners to offer quick shipping worldwide, so the shipping charges might get more than they mentioned.

You can return the defective product within 14 days for a full refund. However, if you won’t contact them in 14 days after receiving the parcel, you’ll lose the chance of a refund.

You must send back the product in its original packaging, with a slip, and ensure that you do not damage it. The company won’t offer a refund in case of a custom headset, but they’ll help to figure out the problem and share the solution over customer support.


24-Month Warranty: EKSA offers a 24-month warranty on all its products, but the warranty has some limitations. Unless you have a warehouse in your country, you must send the product back for repairs. The customer must bear all the charges to send and receive the product. The company also offers only a one-time free warranty for repairs. After that, the customer has to pay for repairs. However, their headsets have an excellent build quality so that they won’t break easily. Even their customers had no problems using the products for years. The only thing you might not like is the weight of their 7.1 surround sound headsets. Due to their multiple drivers, they are a bit bulky and heavy.

Student Discount: This is something you won’t see in other brands. EKSA offers students a flat 20% discount if they sign up using the Student Beans platform. You need to visit the student discount link, which opens in new tab, and create an account using your Student Beans account. Once they approve your request, you can use the given promo code to get a discount on your entire purchase. However, this discount is limited to countries with a physical warehouse. You might have to wait for the sale to get a discount if you live elsewhere.

Cross-Platform Support: Most of their gaming headsets are supported by PC, Consoles, and mobile. You don’t need to purchase a separate headset if you want to play games on other platforms. Ensure you get a headset with USB-C connectivity to enjoy the surround sound experience on your mobile. Headsets with a 3.5 mm jack are convenient but only offer stereo sound.

Custom Headsets Available: You can order a custom headset, and the company provides it at the same rate.


  • AI-powered headphones

  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Custom-tuned 40-50 mm drivers
  • Anti-spray microphone
  • Two mics for extreme noise cancellation


  • Products get pricey if custom charges are added

=> Click here to visit the official website of EKSA 

#2. EasySMX – Best Bluetooth Gaming Headphones


EasySMX was founded in 2012 and was among the first brands to bring the best gaming gadgets in this industry. Their quality services and products win customers’ hearts and reach the gaming industry’s top. They aim to provide the best gaming gear at a lesser price than their competitors. The only thing they lack is the RGB lighting on most of the headsets.

EasySMX offers multiple sales on its website, allowing customers to grab their products at much lower prices. That sale won’t be available on every product; their new products are excluded from the list. You can grab a coupon code on the website to grab a product at a flat 10-20% discount, and this discount is applicable on the entire purchase.

This brand always listens to its customers, and they make most products from the suggestions offered by their customers. So, if you have something to share, leave a comment in their suggestion section. If your advice is helpful for the company, they’ll use it to manufacture or update their new product and offer you a heavy discount on it.

Apart from the gaming headsets, you can grab many other gaming products at lower prices. They have warehouses in China, the USA, and Europe, allowing them to provide quick delivery to every continent. However, free shipping is only available for the USA; for the rest, they’ll take shipping charges based on the product’s weight. It takes around five to eight days for the product to be delivered in the USA and EU, while it takes about 10-20 days to deliver it in Asia or anywhere else.

You can return the product within 30-days to get a full refund. However, you must send back the product in its original packaging with the receipt.


Best Battery Life: Besides excellent audio quality, EasySMX offers headsets up to 40 hours of battery life. Their Bluetooth headsets can survive up to 40 hours once fully charged, depending on how you use them. Currently, they have only four gaming headsets, all of which are wireless; two are connectable via Bluetooth, while others require dongles. If you want a headset for mobile, we recommend their G3BT Bluetooth headset because of its lightweight and compact design. Additionally, due to their latest Bluetooth technology, you’ll have less audio lag while gaming.

Frequent Discounts: EasySMX offers frequent discounts every month, letting customers enjoy a discount of up to 25%. However, you’ll need to find the coupon code on the homepage to avail this discount. Sometimes the company offers a limited-time coupon code, so be sure to visit the site at the start of each month and grab the discount ASAP. The only complication with the monthly discount is that it is only available on particular products, and their headsets are sometimes not included in the list.

Products Available for Tests: You can apply on the website if you want to test gaming headsets and participate in their testing team. They’ll offer you a simple form and mention which product you want to try. The company will ship the product for free or at a reduced price. However, some products are only available in countries where the warehouses are located. Once you get the product, test it and leave a review on their website or your blog page, and the company will mention it on the website.

Bulk Order Request: If you want more than 50 products, you must fill out the bulk order form. It is an easy way to grab a massive discount on multiple products.


  • Sleek and straightforward headset design
  • Detachable microphone
  • Strong and light build
  • Multiple colors available
  • Stable connection and ultra-low-latency


  • Only four headsets variety available

=> Click here to visit the official website of EasySMX

#3. OneOdio – Best Headphones For Gaming


OneOdio started its business with one goal: to provide the best audio quality. If you can’t decide on one gaming headset and don’t have time to go through the specs, we recommend this brand as all its headphones offer the best audio quality. However, carefully check before ordering as some of its headphones are only available in bulk or multiple quantities. For this, they don’t mention the price of a single product; thus, most people think their products are expensive.

OneOdio offers its headsets at the lowest prices compared to other brands. Combine their prices with the discounts they offer, and you can save up to 50% on a single product. However, those discounts are available randomly; for each product, you cannot get a flat discount on your entire purchase.

Besides headsets, this company aims to offer premium products for replacement. If your headphones have some issues, you can get replacement parts from OneOdio, instead of relying on third-party services.

This brand currently offers wireless gaming headsets, but they are bringing a premium wired headset in the near future. Their gaming headsets have Bluetooth connectivity, so you might not get as good performance on a PC than a mobile phone. However, one thing you’ll love is the design and color pattern of their headset. It is black overall but has red foam on the speakers and at the bottom of the headband. Quite a striking combination that instantly catches the eyes.

The company offers quick shipping within two days in the USA and Hong Kong. However, other countries might have to wait for ten days to grab their delivery. The product might take more than 45 days in most countries to deliver.


1000mAh Battery: Since no RGB lighting is available on this headset, it can survive up to 110 hours after one charge. This is the best option if you want a quality Xbox wireless headset at a reasonable price. The company will provide the charging cable inside the box, but you can use any type-C cable to charge it. The charging time varies based on the charger you use. It might take up to five hours for the battery to charge completely. Thanks to its intelligent charging, it will stop getting power once it reaches 100%; thus, you can charge it overnight without worrying.

Extended Boom Mic: OneOdio gaming headset has an extended boom mic for better clear communication. However, you’ll need to attach it using the 3.5 mm connector if you want to use the mic with the headset. There is also a built-in mic, but that won’t work for PC games, only for consoles or mobiles. While some people find it a hassle to use wires, this microphone spreads clear quality audio even in a noisy environment. It is a perfect option if you are on call with someone in a crowded place. But still, if you want wireless headphones with a quality built-in mic, check out their Fusion series.

Giveaways: If you want to win a premium quality headset for free, participate in their monthly competition where this company offers one headset to their lucky customers. The best part is that they disclose the headset they will give the winner, making it a fierce competition. You can visit their giveaway section to learn more about the giveaway.

Multiple Payment Option: This company allows customers to pay using eight different methods instead of sticking to credit cards only.


  • No “today’s best deals” section
  • Budget gaming headset
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Boom mic won’t capture background noise


  • No wired headsets
  • Require boom mic for better communication on PC

=> Click here to visit the official website of OneOdio

#4. Aber Luz – New Wired Gaming Headsets with Built-in Mic


Aber Luz is a relatively new brand compared to the others we mentioned on the list. They aim to provide products to the customers to make them happy. Yes, this is their goal, to make their customers happy with quality products and the best customer service. They have a physical store only in Hong Kong, where you can grab their products any day of the week.

The best part of this brand is its products with lower prices compared to other brands. They only have two gaming headphones, which might not be more like gaming headsets because of no RGB or LED lights. However, they are available in multiple colors, and their sound quality and comfort are unmatchable. The company kept the classification simple; one headset is wired, while the other is wireless. What makes their wireless headset remarkable is the wireless microphone.

What is even better is that a wireless microphone is not a cheap quality one. It has intelligent noise cancellation to remove the shrill and only allow human voices to go through it. There are dedicated software that will enable you to tweak the mic settings to make it better.

The wired headset has a mic attached to the wire with a button to turn it on and off. Compared to the wireless mic, it is better, but you have to keep it close to the mouth to offer quality audio to the listeners.

You can get the product within two to three days in Hong Kong. It takes around two to six days for the company to process the international order and about 15-20 to deliver it. You can expect your order to arrive a month after placing it, and the customs charges or tax is for you to bear.


Affiliate Program: If you have a gaming channel where you post your gaming sessions, this brand can help you earn. Apply for their affiliate program and share the given link on your page or channel. If anyone purchases the product using your link, the company will give up to 35% commission. The more you sell, the higher the chances for you to earn more and get bonuses. Aber Luz offers monthly payments to all its affiliate members, so there won’t be any waiting even if you made a little money from the sales.

Money-Back Guarantee: If you change your mind after purchasing the product, you have 15 days to return it and get a full refund. However, you must return the product without damaging it, and if the tags or stickers are on it, do not remove them. Repack it in the original box and send it back with the original slip. Fill out the return form and read the terms and conditions before returning it. If the company approves the return, they’ll credit you the money. However, if the return fails, you can get back the product after you pay for the shipping, and once again, you’ll have to clear the customs charges.

Best for Portable Consoles: If you play games on your mobile or a Nintendo Switch, the wireless headset from this company is an excellent choice. Its lightweight and foldable headsets are easy to carry in your pocket, and with their excellent battery life, they can survive up to 10-15 hours of gaming.

Dedicated Buttons: Instead of using software or cable buttons to control, these headsets have dedicated buttons on the side. You can pause/play, fast forward, pick up a call, or disconnect and change the volume using them.


  • 33 feet transmission distance
  • 180 hours standby time
  • Built-in volume control
  • Built-in mic


  • Less battery life compared to other brands

=> Click here to visit the official website of Aber Luz

How We Made This List Of Best Headsets That Pro Gamers Use?

There is no way to check the sound quality of a headphone before you purchase it. However, factors like sound driver size can be helpful. On the other hand, gaming headsets should have a solid build, as people often throw them when they rage while gaming. It should have soft ear cups that won’t put force on your ears as it causes pain. Since you’ll be playing games for a long time, hard earcups can cause headaches.

A lightweight headset is also necessary so that it won’t cause pain in the neck and the final thing is the price. Gaming headsets are expensive, so we only choose those available at cheaper rates without compromising the quality.

What We Looked For 

  • Driver Size and Quantity: The driver size of a gaming headset is 20-50 mm in diameter. A bigger driver produces stronger sound waves, meaning you’ll hear the sound more clearly if you have a headset with a 50 mm driver. On the other hand, a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound headset must have 5-7 drivers to mimic the true surround sound experience. A typical stereo headset only has two drivers; thus, it costs less. We opt for 40-50 mm driver-size headphones for the best sound quality. If you want to save money, a 40 mm headset is best; otherwise, a 50 mm headset is what you should purchase.
  • Build Quality: Typically, headsets are made from cheap plastic that breaks if you drop the headphone. Additionally, extendable headsets are great, but most of them get stuck and would eventually stop working if you apply force. If you are spending lots of money on gaming headsets, they should be free from such issues, which is why we chose the headsets with the best build quality so they won’t have any performance issues. You can twist these headphones, throw them, or handle them vigorously and they still won’t cause any problems for a long time.
  • Comfort: If you plan on having prolonged gaming sessions, your headsets should be comfortable. They should not cause any pain even if you play games for hours. We opted for lightweight headsets with soft ear cups for additional comfort. However, breaks between gaming sessions are recommended to avoid stress on the eyes and ears.
  • Price: With so many features, a gaming headset will get expensive. So, we chose brands offering quality headsets at reasonable prices. They won’t be cheap, but they won’t cost you a huge fortune

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Headset

Choosing a gaming headset is not complicated, but minor problems can cause you the match. So, checking for everything before deciding on a product is better. Here are some factors you should consider while buying a gaming headset.

  • Wired or Wireless Gaming Headset

You first must set your mind on how you are comfortable with your headphones. Do you like headsets with wires, or do you want your station to be free from the wires? Nothing beats the quick input from a wired headphone, but you are free to roam around the house with a wireless gaming headset.

Long ago, wireless headsets had long delays in inputting sound, which caused people to react slowly and die in the games. Nowadays, wireless headphones have close to 1ms latency, allowing people to hear the sound as soon as it is created. On the other hand, wired headsets have better mics, but most people prefer to use an external mic with their gaming setup. All these factors play an essential role in your choice, so be clear about what sort of gaming headset you want before looking for other factors.

  • Your Gaming Platform

When it comes to gaming, most people prefer a gaming PC because of how convenient it is. However, some people like to play on Xbox, PlayStation, or portable consoles. A headphone with a 3.5 mm jack connection will work on everyone, but its lack of software won’t allow it to provide top-quality performance.

On the other hand, surround sound only works with USB connection headsets with their dedicated software installed. Get headphones exclusively made for consoles if you want to enjoy surround sound on your console. It is better to get a stereo headset with a 3.5 mm jack or USB-C connectivity for mobiles since mobile games are not optimized for surround sound.

  • Noise Isolation

Poor noise cancellation can ruin the gaming experience. While playing competitive games, you don’t want to be disturbed by any external noise. This is why companies make such headphones so that they would not allow you to hear anything except what is coming from the speakers. However, that is not the case with every headset, as some offer better noise isolation than others.

If you have a separate room where you engage in deep gaming sessions, a headset with extreme noise cancelation is what you want. However, choose a headset with mild noise cancellation if you play games just for fun and want to listen to what others say. Noise cancellation is important, but you have to decide how much of it you want. A headset with thick cushions cancels more noise than a headset with light cushions.

  • Microphone

Some gaming headsets have an external mic that detaches or moves up, while some have built-in mics. You can choose a mic based on how you want to play or if you use the headphone for more than gaming. A detachable mic is the best option if you want to use your wireless headsets while exercising, but if you receive a call in between, you can’t use your headphones to talk.

On the other hand, a built-in mic would be better for talking, but it won’t work if there is dust covering it or you tried talking low or loud. Built-in mics are designed to receive specific frequency signals, which might not function correctly if you scream or whisper. Another thing to check is if you want an omnidirectional mic or one that listens to sounds from one source. Omnidirectional mics are better for games, while unidirectional mics are better if you want to record music.

  • Aesthetics

Most gaming sessions are done indoors, so headphone looks are mostly neglected. However, if you are paying some money, why not look for a headset with a better look? Gaming headsets should have controllable RGB lights and a sleek look. Bulky, thick headsets are suitable for noise cancellation, but they look ridiculous on the head. Ultimately, it is all about your preferences, but we recommend getting a lightweight and compact headset so you won’t feel its weight on your head.

  • Replacement Parts

Ordering a headset from an international vendor might get you good hardware, but its spare parts are not easy to find. You don’t want to send back the product to such a long distance for repair. So, it is better to look in your local market and check for a quality headset so it can be repaired easily.

Mostly, headset cushions are damaged after prolonged usage so you might need the same size additional cushions. Ordering them from overseas will take weeks for them to arrive, and people are not generous to wait for this long. We are not discouraging you from purchasing from international vendors, but your local market is the best for repair and maintenance.

  • Brand Reputation

Here is the thing, most websites use fake images to promote their products, and some won’t provide an image credit to the picture they use. You cannot confirm whether the posted product is real or fake. Choosing brands with prolonged gaming accessories experience is better so you won’t get scammed.

  • Customer Reviews

Check for every product review the customers give as they contain valuable information in making a decision. Almost every gaming product you’ll find on online brands has a customer review, and most of them have reviews on YouTube, where you can learn about them in depth. Reviews and comparisons can help clarify the confusion if you are confused about multiple products.

Gaming Headsets FAQs

Are gaming headsets worth spending money on?

If you want the best gaming experience, you need to get a gaming headset. Gaming headsets are much different than your music headphones because of their build and working. Music headphones are made to provide even the slightest sound coming from the audio/video track, while gaming headphones can identify where the sound is coming from in the game. You can use a music headset for gaming, but it won’t help isolate the enemy sounds, and you can’t pinpoint your enemy’s location. However, gaming headsets are best for FPS games; for most MMORPGs, you can use any headphone you want.

How do I choose a good gaming headset?

Many factors play an important role while choosing a good gaming headset. We have shared the buying guide above; you can take a look and get help from it. However, if you want a quick answer, headphone driver size, durability, and noise cancellation are the essential factors in offering quality sound. Besides these factors, you should also check for comfortable cushions, lightweight and compact design, and the microphone support it provides. Do not opt for a surround sound headphone, as most games don’t offer an authentic surround sound experience.

Why are gaming headsets expensive?

An average headphone can help you watch movies and listen to songs, but the audio quality won’t soothe your ears. Moreover, cheap headphones have a tight grip on the head which causes headaches if you use them for a long time. People who game for more than four hours cannot afford to use a headphone that causes pain since the effects get permanent with more usage. Gaming headsets are made with soft and premium cushions that fit your ears perfectly, and the grip on your head is not strong, so it won’t hurt your ears. The cushions are grippy so the headphone won’t slip, and the drivers inside headsets are big, offering loud and clear sound.

Can I use a gaming headset for work?

As long as your gaming headset is lightweight, you can use it for work. However, we recommend not using headphones while working; you might end up listening to songs and get distracted from your work. However, a gaming headset can enhance your experience if you have a meeting. You can listen to your co-workers without interruption with a quality mic and noise cancellation headphones. But if you are inside the office, you better not use headphones with noise cancellation as you might not listen to what others say.

Can you use a gaming headset for phone calls?

That depends on your headset, as some have supported mic for calls, while others still use your mobile mic for calls, making the gaming headset useless. However, if you are on your PC calling someone, then the gaming headset will provide an immense listening experience. The extended mic with gaming headsets will improve your audio quality for others, allowing them to listen to you clearly. You must get headsets with 3.5 mm audio or a USB-C connector, or they should have Bluetooth connectivity. Otherwise, you can’t use them for mobile calls.

Are gaming headsets suitable for call centers?

Call centers do not need gaming headsets because purchasing such expensive headphones for hundreds of people will cost a lot. However, if you own a gaming headset and work in a call center, you should take it with you. The audio quality you can get from your gaming headset cannot be matched by the earphones offered by your call center. Although, make sure that your headphones won’t require additional software to work at the optimum condition, as your manager might not let you install them on a call center’s PC.

Final Words: What Is The #1 Gaming Headsets?

Gaming headsets can offer a convenience that a regular headset can’t. Despite being expensive, they are worth every penny. However, quality gaming headsets at reasonable prices are not easy to find. So, we shared the best gaming headset at lower prices, read their reviews, and see which suits you the most.

We also shared some critical factors to facilitate your purchase of a gaming headset. If you ask us to recommend one, you should choose the gaming headset from OneOdio, but if you want to talk with a loud and clear voice, EasySMX has the best headset.

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