Best Essay Writing Services In 2022: Unique Paper Sites Online


A rich essay can give you higher grades and show that you’re successful. Being unique is a valuable thing in essay writing

Your work can leave great satisfaction to the readers, and everyone who knows what a great essay looks like will notice that you did it right. We understand that your concentration may decrease sometimes, but that is not a reason to be disappointed at the moment.

Use the internet and technology cleverly and check out the best writing assistant services that can give you a helping hand at the right moment. We chose three incredible websites that provide  paper writing services.

Write your essay and then upload it. Then, these websites will show you statistics and recommendations that will spice up your sentences and make them more professional.

Whether you are an editor, copywriter, student, or an author, these platforms will give you the boost that makes your writing unique.

Your internet browser will give you hundreds of writing assistance websites, but only a few are worth your time. We did the research and prepared this article to help you choose the best writing service.

Our Top Picks of Paper Writing Services

  1. ProWritingAid: Overall Best Essay Writing Service, Editor’s Pick
  2. SpeedyPaper: Most Popular Writing Service Among Students
  3. ExpertWriting: Offers Significant College Essay Writing Service

#1. ProWritingAid: Overall Best Essay Writing Service, Editor’s Choice


This platform will help you out with grammar and writing style. It will make your writing great and grammatically correct in minutes. ProWritingAid is suitable for both Mac and Windows, so you will not face technical problems because of the software.

ProWritingAid aims to make life easier. Its team includes professional essay writers and experts specializing in natural language processing and writing technologies. The founder of this website was inspired by his own passion for metaphors and technology. He founded this platform to help everyone who needs a writing assistant.

ProWritingAid can transform your ideas into words, giving them unique power and value. The founder and the employees of this platform believe in their services and use ProWritingAid for their personal work.

This platform gives you world class grammar and writing style that will strengthen your writing and give you the chance to be your best. Besides the professionalism, ProWritingAid will make your writing interactive and fun at the same time.

Your writing will be shared when you decide. Many other writing platforms share your writings even before you finish it, which is not the case with ProWritingAid. Your privacy is above everything else.


This platform is suitable for everyone, whether professionals, bloggers, or students. If you spend much time in college essay writing, writing articles, essays, or books, ProWritingAid is what you need. The website supports Microsoft Office Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, etc.

ProWritingAid will correct your grammar and spelling, help you improve the readability of your sentences, and recommend synonyms that give more powerful meaning. It will check for poor diction and duplicate words, incorrect tenses, hard-to-read sentences, and so much more.

There is no complex process when using ProWritingAid. You only need to open the app, upload your text document and wait for the app to scan it. Then, it will show a tool panel and underline the spelling mistakes. ProWritingAid will underline style issues, weak writing, incorrect sentences, and grammar mistakes.

Every issue will be marked in a different color, so you can easily spot what is wrong with the sentence or specific word. The app will also show overused words, cliches, abstract words, duplicated phrases, and the overall readability of the uploaded text.

ProWritingAid will analyze the writing and present the findings in over 20 different reports, which is way more than any other editing assistant.

  • Prices & Discounts

ProWritingAid offers a free trial for a year. For no cost, you can get a summary report of crucial issues, 19 writing reports, and an option to edit 500 words at once. The free version will allow you to check the platform and use its services without paying a thing!

The Premium plan comes with a discounted price of $59 for a whole year. The package offers all of the free version, plus no word limitation, a desktop version, and integrations for Chrome, Google Docs, MS Word, and Scrivener. The regular price is $79, but ProWritingAid gives an incredible 25% discount.

ProWritingAid offers another package, the Premium +. This plan costs $89 per year, but you can have it at a 25% discounted price. For $66, you will be able to use everything that the Premium plan offers, plus 50 plagiarism checks per year. This option is best for academics and people who need “a whole treatment” for their writings.


  • Free plan for everyone
  • Affordable Premium plans
  • Professional grammar and spelling checks
  • Yearly subscriptions
  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • Flexible payments
  • Money back guarantee


  • The free plan allows only 500 words
  • Plagiarism checker is purchased separately

=> Click here to visit the official website of ProWritingAid

#2. SpeedyPaper:  Most Popular Writing Service Among Students


SpeedyPaper aims to help high schoolers and all students to make their writing successful. Because we all know how stressful education can be and how much time we need to spend on a single essay. SpeedyPaper will allow you to see that writing can be fun and even empowering.

This platform will give you professional support and help you do your homework easily. The customer support team is available for you anytime, and you can reach them if you face some difficulties. SpeedyPaper’s support team will respond within minutes.

SpeedyPaper’s writing department is built of specialists who analyze every piece of writing and do their best to make it a high-quality paper. Your paper will be edited and styled to high standards. These services are available at reasonable prices, which will be further detailed below.

SpeedyPaper offers 50% to 100% refunds if there is a mistake or any other issue with the order. The refunds are detailed on the website, so you can check them and see what SpeedyPaper offers. The platform guarantees that it delivers 100% original texts at the specified time. If the company breaks any guarantee, you can get a 100% refund.


This platform offers services for writing essays to meet every students’ educational needs. The website upgrades and expands its services and makes the writing perfect. It takes four simple steps to use the platform.

You should provide the paper information and details, then check the price. If the price suits your finances and needs, you can continue with the payment and wait for your unique paper. Your perfect paper can be done in minutes.

The academic writing options include essays, cover letters, homework, articles, critical analysis, and thesis proposals. SpeedyPaper offers other services, like proofreading, editing, problem-solving, marking, rewriting, paraphrasing, questions and answers, and multiple-choice questions. You need to select the desired service before paying for the editing.

The registering process is simple and quick. It requires your email address, phone, and password. You can also register on the website by using your Facebook account. You can set the deadline and some extra features if needed.

Once you select the topic and text details, you can continue with the payment process. The editor will send you an email notification once your paper is ready. If the paper matches your expectations, you can download it in an editable form.

  • Prices & Discounts

The price depends on the paper type, topic, features, and deadline. There is a chart that shows the prices per page, so you can easily calculate how much the paper will cost you. SpeedyPaper offers some free features, so you can check and select them without paying additional fees.

The prices start as low as $9 per page. This price is for high schoolers and has a deadline of 14 days. The shorter the deadline, the higher the price. The page is calculated as 275 words. The deadline can be as low as 6 hours and a maximum of 20 days.

Papers for undergraduate and master’s are higher by a few dollars, but the price remains affordable. Customers who return for more and order more papers receive discounts and special offers. SpeedyPaper also offers special limited discount codes, so stay alert and check for the discounted coupons on the website.


  • Fast-responding customer support team
  • Free paper revisions and affordable prices
  • Deadline management
  • Fast paper delivery
  • Original papers with excellent quality
  • 50% to 100% money-back guarantee


  • Some writers need more time to research the topic
  • Some customers felt the papers did not meet their expectations

=> Click here to visit the official website of SpeedyPaper

#3. ExpertWriting: Offers Significant College Essay Writing Service



This website is prepared for every challenge. The platform has over 500 professional writers who can help you with every subject and difficulty. The platform is happy that it has 0% non-unique content. With a success rate of over 97%, we can surely say that ExpertWriting is a website worth trusting.

The website offers a calculator on the home page, so you can choose the paper form, topic, pages, and features and see how much it will cost you. The features are paid additionally, as well as for shorter deadlines.

ExpertWriting offers a 100% money-back guarantee in specific cases, fully described in the refund policy on the website. If you paid twice for a paper by mistake, the support center will fix it immediately and refund the money to your account.

The support team is fast-responding and prepared to guide you on how to order a paper on ExpertWriting. If you face any difficulties and need extra information, customer support will kindly answer all your questions in minutes.

ExpertWriting offers standard writing services for affordable and manageable prices. You can order everything, from a standard essay to an advanced business plan and other complex theses.


ExpertWriting offers you five academic levels, high school, college, university, master’s, and Ph. D. the higher the academic level, the higher the price for the essay. Depending on the degree, you can choose the type of paper you want to order.

The website gives a vast paper type list, so you can find the specific type you need. ExpertWriting can provide you with standard essays, argumentative, bibliography, article reviews, assessments, biographies, book reviews, business plans, creative writing, dissertation methodologies, formatting, editing, narrative essays, lab reports, homework, paraphrasing, theses, etc.

Once you choose the academic level and paper type, you can set the deadline, which starts from 3 hours and can be at most 14 days. ExpertWriting promises that your work can be done in the predicted time since its writers are experienced and educated professionals.

ExpertWriting offers free revisions on all papers. The writers can check your writing and mark the words and sentences you should correct. This writing service writes from scratch and provides academic proofreading, professional text editing, and problem-solving services.

You can choose an English writer or stay on the random option. If you opt for the random choice, ExpertWriting will connect you to the best available writer at the moment.

  • Prices & Discounts

The prices are not specified because they are determined by multiple factors, like the academic level, deadline, and type of paper. The cheapest option is an essay for high school with a deadline of 14 days, and it costs $10 per page.

The same essay will cost $14 for a 7-day deadline or $20 for a 1-day deadline. Ph. D. papers are significantly higher and begin with a price of $24. Once you choose your preferences on the calculator, you can add some extra features.

The extras include a plagiarism report, which is an additional $10, an abstract page for an additional $15, a high priority paper feature for an additional $15, etc. These services are not included in the basic calculator, and you can add them additionally.

ExpertWriting gives a 5% discount on the first order. You should find the code on the website and enter it at checkout.


  • Self-service paper features
  • Manageable prices
  • 5% discount on the first order
  • You can choose the writer’s preferences
  • Vast paper type list
  • Over 500 experienced writers employed


  • Additional features increase the order’s price

=> Click here to visit the official website of Expert Writing

How We Made This Essay Writing Service List:

Trusted Platforms

Writing a quality essay can be difficult, especially if you lack time and motivation. Because many people choose writing service platforms, we decided to do a quick review of these websites’ usage. We saw the statistics and noticed that many people use these services every day.

Because you might be one of them, we prepared three incredible platforms that offer quality papers and excellent editing tools. These websites are the top three most visited and highly reputable platforms, based on the latest statistics we found. Trusted by millions of students and professional writers, all three offer satisfactory services and quality essays. The satisfaction rate was high, which was the first thing that impressed us.

Various Paper Types

Getting deeper into our research, we noticed that some platforms lack choices and limit their services. These three platforms were rich in their offers and gave vast features and paper type options for their customers. Having a varied choice can help both you and the writer to understand the paper’s topic and structure. Being specific in your paper’s needs additionally increases the writing quality.

You can customize your essay by sharing the topic, structure, editing tools, plagiarism check, and many more. These platforms give you specific paper characteristics, like various types of essays, advanced business plans, thesis, biographies, etc. If you have already finished the paper, you can send it for a spelling check, grammar check, or a full revision, so the writers can proofread the text and mark the issues.

Great Features at Cheap Prices

You can choose whether you want an original text written by a professional writer or just a grammar or plagiarism check. These features are added to most platforms but are affordable. All three services will kindly review your already written text and underline the poor sentences, duplicated sentences, recommend word synonyms, check the spelling, grammar, structure, and more.

Each feature is paid and additional, so you can easily choose the things you want to be inspected in the paper and pay only for the chosen options. The first brand allows you to use all features by paying a yearly subscription. No matter which platform you choose, the writers will do everything you want to make the paper perfect and unique. Some writing assistance websites even do a plagiarism check and fix the plagiarized parts.

Satisfied Students and Professional Writers

Besides all the good things we encountered on the platforms, customers’ testimonials were a crucial and determinant factor in our research. We value what other people experienced, and we took their recommendations as criteria for this research. The market is pretty flooded with scammers, and we saw many scammed customers. Intending to avoid those platforms, we took the feedback seriously.

We checked the website’s verified customers’ testimonials but also the reviews on other review platforms to ensure that the website shared real and accurate testimonials. In this article, the three platforms we choose have a success rate of over 90%, which points out that the websites offer what they promise.

Quality Papers

While checking the testimonials, we saw that the customers were pretty satisfied with the papers they ordered. This points to the fact that the platforms do what they promised and provide their clients with the best writing possible. High schoolers were the most satisfied group of customers, noting that their essays and homework got high grades. The papers followed the structure the customers set previously, which is the main thing that keeps the platforms’ ratings high.

This criterion made us narrow our list and choose only three platforms since there are dozens of good but not that perfect writing assistance websites. You can try these platforms on your own and see that the writers do their best. It is best to be specific about what you want because the writers can not read your mind virtually.

Manageable Deadlines

People who know how hard it may be to write a challenging essay that requires deeper research and statistics will understand how much time is required for a single page. Because the platforms offer relatively short deadlines, you need to understand that nothing can happen in a few hours and be of the highest quality. These three websites offer multiple deadlines but ask you to be responsible for your requirements.

If you are not in a hurry, it will be good to allow a week, or more so the writer can extend the research and make your paper successful.

Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Paper Writing Service Online

Check the Price

When you search for the best writing services, hundreds of platforms will appear. Before choosing one and entering the payment method, you should research the chosen platform. You can also select multiple websites and compare them, so you can see which one offers the best services and features for an affordable price. Some platforms even give a free trial with basic features, so why not give them a try?

Other websites require calculators to calculate the expenses for a specific paper type. It will be good if you need it once, but if you need writing assistance often, you should search for monthly subscription plans. No matter which platform you choose, ensure that the price matches the essay writer service and features. Before determining if the price is suitable, check multiple factors, like the features, quality, deadline, and what other people have experienced.

Refund Policy

Many websites offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the final paper. Other websites give a 100% refund only if you pay twice by mistake. However, if this is your first time searching for writing services online, choose the platform that offers a full satisfaction guarantee. That way, you will ensure that the brand believes in its quality services and will return the total paid amount if the paper does not meet your expectations.

Websites that offer multiple refunds for various cases usually refund half of the paid amount or less if you are unhappy with the paper. Check also the reviews that say more about the refunding process.

Customer Support’s Response

Being new on these platforms may be challenging, especially if the platform is not precisely described and lacks some essential information. Almost every writing assistance website has a customer support center available 24/7. Keep in mind that the customer care department works to answer all concerning questions of the clients, and you can freely send them emails or calls.

The main thing we are talking about is their response. How fast they respond will point to how well they follow deadlines. Some platforms may offer fast and responsible support, but this may not be reality. You can also check this in the reviews of former or current clients.

Customer Experience

All factors bring you to the actual experiences written and described by the customers. These people are individuals who need writing assistance or just paper checking and editing. Customers who paid for the services and got what they asked for might not be successful every time.

Some customers might be wrong. Some may be right. You need to read their testimonials and issues they faced on the specific website. Sometimes they might be wrong about their dissatisfaction because they were not precise in the description. If there are more positive reviews than negative ones, then the website may be good to use. However, everyone has individual needs and expectations so the satisfaction may vary.

Additional Features

Writing from scratch can be just plain text and nothing else. You may face issues with grammar, plagiarism, and even spelling. If you get in a situation like this, the website requires additional fees for extra services like plagiarism check, editing, and revision. To avoid these issues, you should carefully read what the chosen subscription offers so you will know upfront what to expect.

To avoid dissatisfaction, you should search for the additional services and features the chosen website offers. That way, you will know that you should pay more to get the perfect paper with 0% plagiarism and writing mistakes. The additional features might help you if you need a professional paper, and you can order them.

FAQs Regarding Paper Writing Services Online:

Are the writers qualified to provide the customers with quality papers?

Not every platform shows information about who the writers are and how they are employed. Sometimes education may not be the essential factor for being a writer, while sometimes it might happen that your text is written by a really inexperienced writer who faces trouble researching the required information and converting it into a paper.

Some platforms may note the professionalism of the writers on their websites, but that is not always described in detail. Some writers may be qualified for the job they do but on specific topics. Even the most experienced writer may face difficulties writing an architecture essay or a medical school essay.

What kind of papers do the essay writing company provide?

This depends on the website and its services. Some websites offer only editing and grammar checks, while others will write the whole paper from scratch. Those who write the entire essay on the topic given by the customers offer multiple paper types.

You can find many types of essays, like analytical, argumentative, cause and effect, compare and contrast, definition, evaluation, expository, narrative, persuasive, and reflective essays. Besides the essays, you can request other paper types, such as bibliography, business plan, article review, biography, book review, assessment, case study, coursework, critical review, critical study, creative writing, dissertation methodology, homework, lab reports, presentation, speech, multiple choice questions, etc.

What if I am not satisfied with the paper quality?

If this is the case, then you should request a refund. If you think that your guide was precise and contained all the essential topics for the article, but you get a poor-quality paper, you can request a full refund. Trusted platforms will know their professionalism and quality and will kindly refund the total paid amount if the paper is really of bad quality. Besides the refund, you can request a paper revision, so the writers and proofreaders can make the corrections.

Some websites do not refund money if you are not satisfied, and some refund but just a part of the funds. However, you will know how the website works and not return there again. You can also write your experience in the review section to warn others.

How to ensure that the writing platform is not a scammer?

Trusted essay writing service companies inspect their websites. They test the support team, check the reviews’ accuracy, and accept both positive and negative testimonials. The first thing that points out that the platform is a scam will be all the positive reviews on the website. If there are no negative reviews or average reputations, the website may share fake testimonials.

Platforms that value their customers will give a 100% satisfaction guarantee and unique content. Even customers who got unsatisfying essays can write positive feedback because of the refund services and customer-friendly support team. Scam platforms may hide negative reviews or publish fake ones. Still, there are hundreds of review websites where you can find what other people experienced with a specific company that is not allowing them to write a review on their official website.

Conclusion: Best Writing Services & Trusted Platforms

Writing assistance websites can be a real helping hand at moments when you need an essay or homework quickly. You can manage the paper type and additional features and choose extra services to get a unique and quality paper.

Trusted platforms will do their best and give your essay to the best essay writer. You can ask for revision and corrections if the final paper needs some extra boost to be the best.

Be precise and tell the writer what you need, so he can have specific topics to stick to during the writing. Quality writing services can be affordable for everyone’s budget.

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