4 Best Emergency Student Loans For Bad Credit In 2024

Shatakshi Sinha
Emergency Student Loans For Bad Credit- The Island Now

Student loans have become a necessary part of educational journeys as the cost rises for colleges and universities. But students don’t have a credit score most of the time or lack the knowledge of choosing loan options for themselves.


While federal loans are a go to, they have borrowing limits which at times can put a student’s future at stake. Online private student loans are a great way to overcome such problems. 


Online lenders provide diverse options to students looking to secure a loan for educational purposes. But choosing a lender carefully is important.


We chose our top four providers for student loans for bad credit among 20+ providers. We chose these lenders because of their reputation, low interest rates and no credit score requirements.


Let’s explore these options for bad credit for students.

Top Picks: Emergency Student Loans by Outstanding Companies In 2023

We shared each company’s traits so you can speed up your decision. We know college students don’t have time to credit check details, so that this step can save time. Check the company’s traits and jump to its review section.

Premier Lender of Choice, Editor's Favorite


24-hour payment guaranteed


Credit Score Required

$200 - $5,000

Loan Amount

Ideal For Low-Credit Individuals Seeking Emergency Student Loans


Easy lending process


Credit Score

$1,000 - $50,000

Loan Amount

Freedom or Finances? Unleash Dreams With Your Student Loan!


Simple Requirements


Credit Score


Loan Amount

Unveiling The Ultimate Pick: Top Choice For Student Loans With Bad Credit!


Simple Requirements


Credit Score


Loan Amount

Premier Lender of Choice, Editor's Favorite


  • Large lending network
  • Free-of-cost services for borrowers
  • No hidden charges
  • No extra fees
  • Simple online form


  • No services for the residents of New York or Connecticut

MoneyMutual started in 2010, offering short-term loans at reasonable terms and conditions. Traditional lenders hesitate to provide loans to people with poor credit and bad credit student loans. So, this company has started offering direct loans to everyone who needs it. They’ll charge you interest, but the rate would be low compared to banks and other loan companies.


MoneyMutual has a vast lender network and is ready to help its clients. The minimum loan is $200, making it one of the most suitable student loan companies. Repayment would be more manageable, increasing your credit scores and making you eligible for another loan.


On the other hand, this company won’t care if you have bad or no credit. For a small loan, they only require you to have an active bank account. However, you must provide proof to repay the loan if you want to take more than $1000.


This loan company has worked for over two decades and has over two million, satisfied customers. Its customers love the short-term relief takes to find the lender list, and they are all happy with how it handles its customers. With its quality services and excellent customer handling, this company became one of the best online lenders’ portals.


Their lender’s network only has people that are chosen on a random basis. Instead, they credit-check the performance report before adding them. If a lender fails to provide quality services to the customers more than thrice, the company can let it go to retain its image and keep itself suitable for all customers.


Ideal For Low-Credit Individuals Seeking Emergency Student Loans


  • Protects users data
  • Multipurpose loan available
  • The website contains helpful information
  • Extended lender network
  • Get a loan up to $10,000



  • Some lenders might ask for financial information

Bad Credit Loans was founded in 1998, making it the oldest school’s financial aid office company on our list. It aims to help all those who can’t find a large loan because of their poor credit score. For the past two decades, they have been doing this and serving millions of customers. 

The schools offer poor credit loans, and their financial aid office of advisors can guide you on repayments and credit score improvements. But the best part of the Administrator of financial assistance of this company is that you can get a quick student loan for anything, and the company will even pay on your behalf.

You just need to provide the company with a bank account and the money; they will deposit it in less than 24 hours. A student taking a small loan won’t have to provide a reason, and the company will give you extra days to repay it. 

Fill out the form on the website, and a representative will contact you within minutes. If not, you’ll be redirected to the lender’s page, and you can choose the most suitable lender.

This portal suits people who need emergency student loans doing small jobs. The minimum amount you can take is $500. Then, you can use your federal loans to repay them. 

While the company won’t ask for any additional documents after you fill out the form, the lender might ask. So do not give them anything you feel is unnecessary to get a loan. 

On the other hand, Bad Credit Loans won’t share your information with the lender, so you might have to provide the necessary information again.


Freedom or Finances? Unleash Dreams With Your Student Loan!

CashUSA is relatively new compared to all others, but it is the most popular loan provider in the USA. The rest of the companies offer student loans to anyone, even if they are not a permanent resident of the USA. 

This company only offers loans to those living in the USA for more than an academic year and has provided some value to the country. The easiest way to get a loan from this company is to grab a friend who is also a permanent resident of the USA. 

The company won’t check who is taking the loan and how they’ll use it if the amount is small.

The idea behind CashUSA is to provide an average American with a small loan of $400 on the same day. They charge the exact APR as many other companies, but you can request the lender to reduce it. 

The online form is easy to fill out and takes only three steps to meet the lenders. First, you fill out the state; the website processes it and shows you the best lenders based on your requirement. If you can’t find a suitable lender, you can manually check the lender’s list to see if someone is available. 

Sometimes lenders exhaust their resources and stop showing themselves on the list. So you can wait or choose the next best lender and bargain the terms and conditions.

The minimum amount you can get is $500, and the maximum they offer is $10000. However, you can ask the lender to increase or decrease the amount, but the terms might also change.


Unveiling The Ultimate Pick: Top Choice For Student Loans With Bad Credit!


  • No early payoff fees
  • Simple and flexible repayment terms
  • Obligation-free rates offered
  • Loans are available for up to $35,000


  • Some lenders charge an origination fee

This platform is the best for you if you want a considerable amount quickly. Personal Loans was founded to provide vast credit loans at reasonable APRs. You can get a loan of up to $35,000 if you have enough income because this company doesn’t care if you have a credit score.

While most companies have a fixed APR based on the amount, this company keeps changing it. The APR increases as your principal amounts get smaller, but you can talk to the lender so they won’t treat you this way. 

The websites mention that the minimum amount is $1000, depending on the lender. However, they can offer you a smaller, more suitable loan if you agree to the terms and conditions.

While the lenders will provide the loan no matter where you are in the USA, you should inform your bank about the loan. In simple words, if you get a loan of $35,000, your bank might keep the money on hold until you clear its source with them. However, you’ll have to do it once, as the next time, they’ll know the source and its reasons.

The best part about this company is that it doesn’t interfere with your spending. You don’t have to provide a reason for the loan, just follow the procedure and get the money as soon as possible. 

The entire process is simple and free of cost; fill out the form and wait for them to find you a lender. Once done, talk to the lender, agree to the terms and conditions, and get the money.


How We Made This List For Emergency Student Loans

Here, we compiled a list of companies that offer emergency student loans with poor credit scores. However, remember that these companies only connect borrowers and lenders. 

The terms and conditions might differ, so read everything before choosing. The best part about these companies and lenders is that they can help you pay your federal student loans on your behalf.

Most students are already getting a student loan to go through their studies. These emergency student loans can help them overcome sudden expenses. On the other hand, federal loans can be a good option since the federal government provides leniency in tuition payment extensions. 

But with already due payments, you might need more than federal aid from the school’s financial aid office. At such times, choosing a private loan company is better.

In most cases, students won’t require more than a couple hundred dollars, and private lenders don’t hesitate to offer such a small loan. Personal loans have relatively lower interest rates than payday loans or credit cards. 

Moreover, most lends can provide small personal loans on the same day or within 24 hours. These loans are suitable options for students as they not only have to wait to get money, but the interest or other charges are low enough to pay quickly. 

Higher interest rates and charges are the most significant issues in getting a loan with poor credit. So our priority was to find lenders that won’t charge high-interest rates. Another thing we looked at is that each lender should offer different loans.

Their minimum credit score requirement is below 500, considered a poor credit score, so you should be okay with getting a loan. Most federal student loans come with leniency in repayment, so they won’t affect your credit score. 

We also checked for private loan lenders that wait to report your performance to finance bureaus right after the due date. We last checked the deposit time and the lenders we chose; all pay within 24 hours max.

What We Looked For:

A student can’t afford to pay lots of interest on the loan, which is why the federal government offers them loans at low-interest rates. However, you cannot get a small quick student loan from the federal government. 

Typically, small loans come with a very high-interest rate, but these companies are generous enough to help the students. You might need to check multiple lenders in these companies’ networks to find the most suitable one.

You’ll pay back the loan in installments. Typically, every installment has to be made within 30 days or affect your credit score. However, your credit score will increase if you pay within the grace days. We checked each company to confirm the flexible payback period.

Since we are talking about emergency student loans, we only chose companies offering loans within or less than 24 hours. If you are lucky, you might get the loan on the same day

There are meager chances of your request rejection, so the only thing that takes time is loan processing. Moreover, you have the option to choose how you want the loan.

Usually, companies charge extra fees for offering a bad or no credit loan. This significantly increases the overall loan amount that you need to repay. While searching for emergency student loans, we ensured that our choice of companies wouldn’t charge more than the interest rate.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lender for Student Emergency Loan

Here are some factors you should consider to get an emergency student loan. Of course, only some lenders are generous with emergency aid, and they might trap you in complicated terms.

Every online loan provider has hundreds of customer reviews and other trusted review portals like TrustPilot. So if a brand catches your eye, learn about it before proceeding. 

Always choose a lender that offers the best terms for the amount of your facing financial hardship. Usually, lenders always tell you to get more money so you’ll have favorable terms but do not fall for this trap. 

They might offer you promotions or lower interest rates on higher amounts, but you must remember how to repay the loan. So always opt for companies that can quickly provide the required quantity without complicating things.

Since we are talking about money, it is better to check the customer reviews of a company first. Most companies have customer reviews mentioned on their website; some show it when you fill out the form. 

Moreover, check those reviews full of details about the company and its lenders. Don’t believe the positive reviews if there is only one word written in the feedback or no feedback.

First, you must check if the company charges for filling out the application. You might need to complete the application multiple times; a free-of-cost application would be better. 

So, if you are at a website with a difficult-to-follow online form, leave the website and look for another one. There is no need to spend several minutes filling out a state when you can easily find brands with simple shapes that won’t take more than a minute.

Read the terms and conditions properly to spend time on something. For example, while signing the contract, most people facing financial hardship need to read them thoroughly, and in the end, they face complications. 

These terms might contain hidden charges, an increase in APR, or anything else that can facilitate the lender while putting more burden on the borrower. Make sure to spend time on the terms and clarify everything with the lender before proceeding.

FAQs: About Emergency Student Loans For Bad Credit

Getting a loan from a credit union is much better if you don’t want to pay fees or lower fees than traditional loan institutes. However, such partnerships will offer private student loans for students, which come with the same terms and conditions as the bank gives. 

Most private lenders offer a student loan within 24 hours if the amount is low. Although, you should watch out for the high-interest rates these private student loan lenders might charge. It is better to check multiple lenders to find the most suitable one; instead of seeing the first lender and starting your contract with them.

The companies we mentioned in our article offer student loans with zero or poor credit scores. They are mainly concerned with how you’ll pay it back. Most students can use their federal loan to repay their private lender loan, while others can take another loan to repay the previous one. 

The interest rate has nothing to do with how quickly you get a loan. It mainly depends on your credit score and your installments. The interest rate will increase if you choose more time to repay the loan. You can bargain with the lender to reduce the interest rates, so you won’t pay a considerable sum while returning the loan.

An emergency loan won’t take more than a day to reach you, but that also depends on the lender. You might not require a considerable sum as a student, so lenders are comfortable depositing money on the same day. However, if the amount exceeds $5000, you might have to wait more than two days to get the loan.

The quickest way to get a student loan is to keep your credit score good and find a reputable company. With a good credit score, most companies won’t pay attention to other stuff and provide you with a loan. The next step is to fill out the online form and wait for approval. 

Conclusion: Can I get a student loan immediately?

Students always require loans or financial aid suddenly. Loan options like emergency student loans for bad credit help in getting finances balanced quickly.


They can help you get a loan from $200-$35,000. However, as you increase the loan amount, they might require you to show them proof that you can repay the loan easily.


Among our mentioned lenders, we suggest going for MoneyMutual. They offer reasonable rates and authentic lenders that can help you get a loan securely.


We also recommend checking all of them and comparing their lenders to see which offers the most suitable terms and conditions.

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