Best Electric Kettles In 2022 : Reviews & Features

Nikhil Goswami

For whatever reason you need warm or hot water, an electric kettle is one of the fastest and easiest ways. Just plug into an electric source and switch on the kettle with water for a boiling process to begin. These electric kettles have features that make them easy to operate. They have a timer and auto shut-off features which make the appliance safe. With the best electric kettle, boiling water will take just minutes, making it a must-have appliance in a home where coffee and tea drinking is a daily occurrence.

Moreover, the best electric kettle is great for use in different places, including homes, dorms, apartments, etc., because of its compact nature. Several designs and models are available in the market to suit everyone’s performance. Using the best electric kettle, one can comfortably prepare tea and coffee, boil cooking water, rehydrate dried tomatoes or mushrooms, soften noodles, etc.

Some electric kettles are made of glass, stainless steel, or plastic. Furthermore, electric kettles have water filters, making them suitable for use with hard water. Moreover, an electric kettle quality brings all the difference in water taste. An electric kettle that’s poorly made using plastic material will add an unpleasant flavor to your best hot beverage.

People are free to choose kettles with variable temperatures or fixed temperature settings. A single temperature-setting electric kettle is suitable for people with lower budgets. If it lacks this feature, you may forget that your kettle is set to heat water, and the water inside may dry out, damaging the kettle. This can even lead to an electric fire.

Top 3 Electric Kettles For You

  1. Shenzhen Yeemoo Tech Co. Ltd: Overall Best Electric Kettle On The Market, Editor’s Pick
  2. Shopocratic LLC: Top Pick For Electric Kettle With A Transparent Tank
  3. Kinderche LLC: Most Used Electric Kettle with Level Water Indicator

#1. Shenzhen Yeemoo Tech Co. Ltd: Overall Best Electric Kettle On The Market, Editor’s Pick

This is a professional shopping store that’s available globally. Home and kitchen appliances are among the main products available at this online store. Moreover, this brand’s primary mission is to give consumers quality and safe products at an affordable cost. This brand started in 2018; hence, they have sufficient experience of what customers require. Moreover, this family-centered brand makes appliances easy and safe to use. Some of the kitchen appliances made by this brand include an electric kettle, a blender, etc. These appliances are made from the best quality materials and modern technology, making your life easier.

HadinEEon Electric Kettle is a beautiful jug kettle with variable temperature control and modern functionality and design. Moreover, one will have six options to control the temperature of the drink they are boiling. With these settings, you can retain the temperature of a drink by setting the “keep warm” function. It will keep your drink warm for up to four hours.

This electric kettle is the best addition to any kitchen and a must-have for any tea or coffee lovers. This electric kettle has a volume of 2.0L, equal to eight big cups, which is enough to make a drink for a family. The glass has markings to show water quantities at various levels.

Its ergonomic handle is of plastic material, making it heat proof so you can comfortably handle it anytime. In addition, the handle has different heat setting functions with a start button. This electric kettle has a cordless design with a 360-degree bottom, making it convenient when using the appliance. The kettle features an automatic switch-off and boils dry protection for safety purposes. This kettle has a modern design with blue illumination making it more beautiful in any kitchen.


Variable Temperature Control: This is the best electric kettle for tea drinkers and features variable heat control, making it distinct. The kettle features six variable temperatures, including 70°C, 80°C, 85°C, 90°C, 95°C, and 100°C. All these controls are on the handle, making it easy to access. These temperature controls make it suitable for making different drinks. For instance, a coffee drink is best brewed at 95°C, but tea requires a lower temperature. Moreover, boiling water is more suitable at 100°C.

Large Capacity: This electric kettle comes with a volume of 2.0L, equivalent to eight big cups or ten regular cups. This makes it suitable for a family. Moreover, the spout pours a drink without spills quickly, and its mouth opening is more expensive.

Fast and Quiet Boil: This electric kettle has a power rating of 1200W. Thus, water boiling is faster and takes about five minutes. In addition, the kettle boils water quietly; hence perfect for use in an office, living room, and any other place.

Safe: HadinEEon Electric Kettle has a comfortable grip that is heat resistant. The kettle has a blue LED Illumination, which indicates that it’s connected to a power source. When boiling, the water lights up to a soothing soft blue. Moreover, this kettle features an auto shut-off and boil-dry protection.


  • Fast and quiet boil
  • It has a large water window
  • Features boil dry protection
  • Features keep warm setting
  • It has a vast water capacity
  • Has auto shut-off feature
  • Made using borosilicate glass and stainless steel
  • Has variable temperature control
  • Features a calming blue illumination
  • It comes with a comfortable handle
  • It has a filter pad
  • It’s a cordless design
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning
  • Perfect design for every kitchen


  • Touching the glass leaves marks

=> Click here to visit the official website of Shenzhen Yeemo Tech

#2. Shopocratic LLC: Best with Wide Mouth

Shopocratic LLC makes numerous home and kitchen appliances using the best quality materials. Among the devices includes an electric kettle which has a transparent tank. Moreover, it’s marked in liters to allow you to boil the amount of water you require. This electric water kettle has a volume of 1.7 liters, sufficient to make a drink for your family or friend. Besides, this electric kettle consists of BPA-free plastic material, scratch-resistance borosilicate glass, and 304 stainless steel. Your water will be safe and fresh with pure tasting since no plastic part will come into contact with water.

Moreover, this electric glass kettle has a big mouth that opens to about 4.3″. This makes cleaning of limescale or any residue easier. Its handle is made using a plastic material that is heat resistant. A LED indicator light makes this kettle stylish in your kitchen. The blue light will signify when the water is ready. This makes boiling convenient even when in a dark kitchen. Nevertheless, this kettle has a cordless design. Therefore, one can comfortably move it around.

Its auto shut-off and boil-dry protection feature make the kettle safe. The power of its heating element with 1500W makes it heat water within three minutes. Similarly, these kettles operate with minimum noise, creating no inconvenience in your room or office. The product has received more positive reviews from different customers. Most of them are happy with how fast the kettle boils water, and others are glad about how safe the appliance is. Its handle is non-slip and offers a secure grip.


Saves Time: This electric kettle is fitted with a powerful heater. Thus, it would take just three to seven minutes to boil 1.7L of water.

More Stylish: This tea kettle has a modern design. It’s fitted with a LED indicator light which signifies when the water is ready. Moreover, the blue light will let you know the boil is over, even when in a dark kitchen.

Huge Capacity: 1.7L capacity is equivalent to almost 7 cups. This is sufficient to serve your family or friends.

BPA Free: This kettle model is wholly BPA-free. No plastic part comes into contact with the water as it boils. This helps eliminate the probability of BPA contamination and ensures that you will take only clean and healthy water.


  • It’s BPA free
  • Comes with a LED Indicator
  • It has a massive capacity of 1.7L
  • Features auto shut-off
  • Has a cordless design
  • Features a transparent water tank
  • Boils water fast and at low noise
  • It has a stylish design
  • Features a large mouth
  • Made with superior quality material


  • Lacks temperature settings

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#3. Kinderche LLC: Best with Level Water Indicator

This is an online store with more product varieties to choose from. You will get goods for kitchen appliances, home and garden at this store, women’s fashion, beauty and health, baby, autos and motorcycles, sports and outdoors, etc. Under the kitchen appliances category, you will get several products, including an electric kettle. Among them is an electric tea kettle made of glass and fitted with a water filter. The glass material is of the best quality, durable, and food-grade, making it safe. In addition, the glass resists scratching and scuffing. This electric water kettle has a volume of 2.5 liters, making it suitable for preparing black tea or coffee for a family.

Since it’s made using glass, you will quickly see the level of water remaining in the reservoir. Moreover, its handle is plastic, a poor conductor of heat. Thus, you will easily carry it even when with boiling water. Zokop electric kettle is cordless in design with a 360° swivel base. This makes it convenient for both right and left-handed users. The appliance has a long power cord stored by wrapping it inside whenever you need to clear the workspace.

This electric water kettle boils water in less than five minutes; hence it’s fast and efficient. Besides, its automatic shut-off feature offers extra safety to you and the appliance. It also helps in saving energy because the moment it reaches boiling point, the device breaks the power supply. This quick boiling electric kettle has a large opening at the top to allow you quickly pour water into the kettle without any issues. Moreover, the glass is calibrated in liters to enable you to boil the exact amount of water you need. The minimum amount is 0.5L, and the maximum amount is 2.5L.


Guaranteed Safe Checkouts: You are guaranteed safe payment methods; hence no worries about your banking details. You can pay through visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, etc. Immediately after your order is verified and authorized, you’ll get a confirmation email, and order preparation will commence immediately.

Customer Support: This brand has a friendly customer support team available and ready to help. If you have any queries concerning an order, you can reach them through an email, a phone call, or an address. You will get the guidance you require within minutes. Nevertheless, one can contact the support team via the brand’s social media pages.

Simple to Use Site: This company has a user-friendly site that is easy to navigate, even for new visitors. Products are arranged in categories; hence you can easily trace the same appliance or product you need. Moreover, one can use a search function to get the exact product you need. To complete an order, you need to log in to your account and add the number of products you need for checkout to your cart.

Safe Electric Kettle: This kettle is clear glass, making it simple to see the remaining water level. Moreover, its big pouring spout makes it possible to have spill-proof pours. With a mesh filter, you will always have clean water for consumption. Besides, auto shut-off, overheat, and boil-dry protection make it safe to use this kettle. Its handle is comfortable and made using plastic material which is a poor conductor of heat.


  • Has a comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Features a 360° rotation base
  • Comes with a large pouring spout for spill-proof pours
  • Has a mesh filter
  • Made using the best quality borosilicate glass
  • Features auto shut-off and overheat protection
  • Guaranteed safe checkouts
  • Friendly customer support team
  • Lightweight design
  • It’s calibrated
  • Features LED Illumination


  • No temperature settings

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kinderche LLC

How We Made the List

Since several models and brands make quality electric kettles, choosing the best becomes challenging. More upgraded models with improved features make water heating fast and more effortless. Kettle capacity and power are significant considerations when looking for the best electric kettle. User-friendliness and other features, including intelligent controls, make an electric kettle best for everyday use. The material used in making these kettles, including stainless steel and glass, will keep your water fresh and free from taste. We gathered several kettles made of glass and stainless steel and tested them to get the best.

What We Looked For

  • Brand’s Reputation: We first chose all well-known and reputable brands. We chose brands that have been manufacturing quality electric kettles for more than five years. This ensures that their product meets the required standards and is safe for use.
  • Smart Features: We chose products with advanced features making them more effective and safe when using the kettle. We only chose brands that make kettles with an auto shut-off feature and have a timer setting. This guarantees safety to your appliance and yourself.
  • Material Used: We also checked the material used in making the kettle. An electric kettle is made from glass, stainless steel, or plastic. However, we eliminated all the brands that used plastic material. The reason is that most of them leave behind some smell and taste. A kettle made of glass or stainless steel will keep your water fresh and free from unfavorable taste.
  • Boiling Speed: Another significant factor we considered is how fast the kettle will boil the water. We tested every kettle on time required to boil one liter of water and the time it takes to heat the minimum amount. We selected those that need less time. Averagely, it requires about five minutes to boil one liter of water.
  • Power Efficiency: An excellent electric kettle should help in saving energy. We measured the energy consumed to ensure that we will offer you the best electric kettle that requires less power to boil water. We only selected those brands that require less power and time to boil water. Moreover, we chose brands with higher capacities making it convenient when preparing coffee or tea for a family.
  • Noise: Most electric kettles make a lot of noise when boiling water. We selected kettles that operated at a very low noise that didn’t cause a disturbance.

Buying Guide

Buying the best electric kettle for beginners is quite challenging, especially when you have no idea what you are searching for. However, with the guidance of some features, you will get products that suit your needs.


Electric kettles can either be cordless or corded. In a corded design, the power supply cable is permanently attached to the kettle, while with a cordless design, it comes with a 360° swivel base that’s detachable, making it convenient when in use. Moreover, depending on your preference and budget, either of the two designs is good. The cordless design with a swivel base is the best choice for left- and right-handed users, though it’s a bit costly. The electric kettle on our list has an additional design calming light, making it a perfect and attractive design for use in every kitchen. Moreover, choose the kettle with capacity marks to help you prepare the correct amount of tea or coffee.


An electric kettle that has a filter offers better convenience. This helps prevent particles from getting to your cup, giving you a safe and healthy drink. Moreover, the best kettle is that whose filter is removable. This makes cleaning fast and easy. Some electric kettles feature a limescale filter; hence you will have water free of limescale. This helps in improving your hygiene for better health.


The best electric kettle is that which has a well-designed spout for easy pouring. Moreover, the mouth should be wide for an easier water refill and a hustle-free cleaning. Kettles with variable temperature settings at the handle make it easy to operate. Keep warm feature makes it possible to retain water temperature within a given time. Thus, one can heat the water in advance and do other things before using the water. In addition, a water level indicator lets one see the quantity of water available at any time. Different electric kettles are remotely controlled. One connects by using a smartphone.


With any appliance that you will buy, safety comes first. The device needs to be protected from dry boiling, and the user needs to be protected from burning, electric shock, etc. Choose an electric kettle with auto switch-off features when the water boils since one may forget, and the water may evaporate, all leading to burning or fire. Moreover, choose those electric kettles with handles that are resistant to heat to protect your hands from burns. The best electric kettle should be free of leakage at the base and the lid.

Power Rating

Power consumption mainly determines the heating speed of an electric kettle. A kettle with a higher power rating heats up fast, and this will helps in saving time. The kettles we have on our review have a higher power rating; hence they will boil water within a few minutes for better convenience. Most of the kettles in the market have a power rating of 1500 watts. With a 2L electric kettle capacity, the power rating shouldn’t go below 2000 Watts for efficiency.


The water capacity is another essential feature to consider. Most electric kettles come with a volume of about 2L, equal to about eight cups. However, for portable design, you can choose the kettle which suits your requirements. In addition, the kettle size is also determined by the amount of space you have on your countertop. A small-capacity electric kettle can hold any liquid between 0.5L to 1L. This makes it best for use by people that lives alone or two.

Material Used

Electric kettles come in different hues and styles. Electric water kettle can be made of glass, stainless steel, or plastic. Moreover, more models make use of all of these materials. The water reservoir is made of glass, the heating area is made of stainless steel, and the handle is made of plastic. Moreover, remember each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel material is strong and doesn’t rust, making it durable.

Electric kettles made of glass are more aesthetics. Other people would prefer to have plastic models since there are a variety of colors to choose from. Moreover, plastic electric kettles are less expensive and insulate heat better than glass and steel. On the contrary, some plastic kettles will leave an unfavorable smell and taste to your drink, making it unsuitable for several people.

Heat Setting

The most advanced electric kettle model can heat water within five minutes. In addition, they are cordless; hence the kettle sits at its base, plugged into a socket, making the kettle more convenient.

The temperature for heating water differs depending on the purpose intended. Water meant for cooking must boil at 100°C, water meant for brewing coffee can heat to about 90°C, and water for preparing tea can heat to 80°C. Thus, an electric kettle with an adjustable temperature setting makes it easy to set the required heating for convenience. Most kettles have a temperature setting ranging from 40°C to 100°C. Hence, you’ll select the ideal temperature which adapts to your needs. Moreover, other kettle models come with preset programs.

Reputable Brand

Choose a brand that has been in the market for a while since it will give an assurance of getting quality and effective product.

Matching Other Small Kitchen Appliances

It’s always good to choose an electric kettle that matches your toasters, jug blenders, coffee maker, etc.

Noise Electric Kettle Makes

Though this may be hard to determine before using the kettle, you can get some idea from the customer review section. Most people will comment on their experience with the product giving you an overview of what to expect. An electric kettle which makes a lot of noise is unsuitable for use in an office or your living room when having visitors.

FAQs About Electric Kettles

  1. How can one clean an electric kettle naturally?

One can use lemon juice or vinegar to clean an electric kettle naturally from limescale. You need to put equal amounts of vinegar and water inside the electric kettle when using vinegar. Allow it to settle for about one hour. Boil the mixture and then pour it out. You need to fill up the kettle halfway with water when using citric acid. After that, you can add 10ml of citric acid, boil the water, and empty the kettle.

  1. Is it recommended to leave water inside an electric kettle?

Yes, you can leave water inside an electric kettle, but this shouldn’t go beyond one week, although nothing wrong may happen. However, depending on your water source, some microorganisms may start forming a biofilm that’s heat treatment-resistant. Moreover, another issue associated with leaving water inside an electric kettle for long is it causes a quick build-up of limescale. Due to this, you will need to clean the kettle more frequently.

  1. Why should one buy an electric kettle?

This kettle offers a fast and safe boiling alternative making it suitable for people that have a busy lifestyle. The electric kettle’s primary function is offering hot water, which is required in the kitchen. The appliance is fast and economic hence value for money. Moreover, electric kettles come in different designs, sizes, models, etc. Some are made with plastic material, others with heat-resistant glass, and others with stainless steel.

  1. Is an electric kettle suitable for boiling milk?

It’s not advisable to boil milk using an electric kettle, especially when the lid isn’t removed. The reason is milk has water, fat, and protein which makes it boil at different temperatures, unlike water. Thus, the in-built auto-shutoff feature in electric kettles will not work since the temperature will be low to trigger this feature. Moreover, because protein and fat in milk separate from water, the pressure created causes the milk to spill on every side of the electric kettle. This can lead to a dangerous electrical shock.

  1. Do electric kettles consume a lot of power?

Most electric kettles have an average power rating between 1,000 Watts and 1,500 Watts. Moreover, most electric kettles utilize the same electricity as a standard home microwave. Thus, the electric bill won’t increase drastically when using an electric kettle.

  1. Should one reboil an electric kettle?

One should avoid reboiling an electric kettle too often. However, if you are using deionized or distilled water, you are free to reboil as required. When using regular tap water, which has some gases and minerals including arsenic, nitrates, and fluoride, reboiling water can make these contaminants more concentrated. However, though it’s not a huge health issue, it’s best to reboil water only once.

  1. What are electric kettle prices?

An electric kettle is among the kitchen appliances meant to be used for a long time. It’s not a product to be changed frequently for any reason. Thus, the user is recommended to buy the best, highest quality product within their budget. In addition, the kettle prices vary depending on several factors, including the material used in making the products, water tank capacity, design, and other technical features.

Through comparison, selecting the best appliance with the required quality within the price range is easier. Moreover, the products offered vary in cost since it’s from different brands and made according to the styles and needs of the users.

  1. What is the appropriate water temperature required for coffee or tea pour-overs?

The best water temperature for green or white tea is 170 and 180 degrees. Moreover, the temperature should range from 200° with black or green tea. When making a pour-over coffee or French press, the best water temperature should be 200°. Moreover, always check the temperature of the water before consumption to prevent scalding.

Conclusion : Which Electric Kettle Should You Use?

An electric kettle makes it easier to prepare a coffee or tea as you relax with other people. Moreover, electric water kettles are also a kitchen decor and a suitable take on essential kitchen tools. A modern electric kettle is simple to use as it has an intuitive user design. All you need is to fill the reservoir with water and press the start button. Within a few minutes, your water will boil to give you an opportunity to prepare your favorite drink. Moreover, an electric kettle with a cool-touch exterior lets one pour hot water comfortably minus scalding yourself.

Furthermore, cleaning up these electric kettles is made simple. The kettles have a wide opening that allows you to scrub the dirt off. The electric kettles in our review are available at a cost-friendly manner; hence you can quickly get one for your kitchen necessities. Moreover, these kettles have filters; thus, you will always have clean water to drink or make your favorite drink. When purchasing the best electric kettle, always consider the capacity and power, which determines the boiling time and the material used. With marked kettles, you will always have the exact amount of water you require to boil at a given time. Safety is also an important feature when selecting an electric kettle. Go for a kettle that has an auto switch-off feature and boil-dry protection. Those with a timer setting make the best choice.

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