5 Best Edibles for Arousal: Top Edibles For Better Sex

Suvrat Singh
Best Edibles for Arousal

Lately, people have been experimenting with different edibles for sex and arousal;, in a recent report, it was revealed that 60% of their respondents were either already using gummies for sex or were highly curious. 


I, along with a dedicated team of experts, have researched and tested 100+ edibles for sex based on their safety, potency, and efficacy & we sure are proud to present you with our personal favorites ( so say thousands of people!).  


With desire as the compass, here, we have summarized 5 best edibles for arousal. Read on to find out which edible is best for you and why. 

5 Best Edibles for Arousal - First Look


Overall Best Edibles For Sex; Editor’s Choice


Effective Herbal Formal For Better Sex


Best Gummies for Female Arousal

Overall Best Edibles For Sex; Editor’s Choice

Tired of dull sex? Or are you experiencing a lower sex drive? We have a winning solution for you – Exhale’s Peach Libido Gummies. With each jar containing 30 delectable gummies for sex bursting with the luscious flavor of fresh peach, Exhale ensures that your journey toward enhanced intimacy begins with a delightful taste sensation. Made with CBG, CBC, and CBN, these cannabinoids work synergistically to awaken your senses, work as aphrodisiacs, and subsequently increase your sex drive. These centuries-old aphrodisiacs, like oyster zinc oxide and red ginseng, help balance physical and mental aspects of sexual drive and health. 

Effective Herbal Formal For Better Sex

With a deep understanding of the intricacies of female sexual wellness, we’ve positioned Budpop #2 for its gummies for female arousal as they transcend mere indulgence to sensual awakening. Budpop’s Libido Gummies for Women epitomize a blend of nature’s bounty and scientific innovation. Their bite-sized gummies are loaded with aphrodisiacs and a special blend of cannabinoids. Besides, these gummies for sex contain ingredients like L-arginine and boron, which are believed to improve blood flow to the genital area. It also balances hormone levels in women, including estrogen and testosterone, which can positively impact sexual desire with ingredients like fenugreek and vitamin B6. Budpop’s Libido gummies not only target specific aspects of sexual health but also contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support overall wellness.

Best Gummies for Female Arousal

Next, we’ve Getmaude’s Libido Gummies for sex. Claimed as the “Rolls Royce” of gummies for female arousal by Forbes, it is formulated with a potent blend of clinically proven adaptogens and botanicals, and these passion fruit-flavored libido gummies are designed to support an elevated sex drive over time. The S7 blend, consisting of green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, turmeric root extract, and other natural ingredients, promotes increased nitric oxide production. With a focus on enhancing female sexual arousal and stimulation, Getmaude’s gummies offer a convenient and enjoyable way for women to boost their libido through a proprietary blend of Fenugreek Extract, French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, amino acids, and nutrient-rich ocean minerals, all working synergistically to increase blood flow to the vaginal area and facilitate physical arousal.

#4. FOCL

Best Gummies for Female Arousal

At #3 for the best edibles for arousal, we have FOCL’s full spectrum CBD gummies for arousal. FOCL stands as a premium solution for male arousal with their Full Spectrum CBD Gummies. Manufactured purely in the USA and meticulously formulated, these gummies offer maximum relief and support for individuals seeking heightened arousal and pleasure.  FOCL ensures that every aspect of its product reflects excellence, from sourcing premium full-spectrum CBD to employing rigorous third-party testing protocols. These gummies are rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, vitamins, and flavonoids. 

How Do Edibles Impact Sex?

Heightened Sensations

Edibles for sex containing cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN, and aphrodisiacs such as horny goat weed, red ginseng, and fenugreek extracts, can heighten sensory perceptions, making intimate touch more intense and pleasurable. These compounds interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to enhance sensations and pleasure during sexual activities.


Best Product Recommendation: Exhale’s cannabis-infused Peach libido gummies for sex. 

Form Deeper Connection

The best gummies for sex have calming properties. For instance, CBD-infused gummies can help reduce anxiety and stress, fostering a deeper emotional connection between partners. These edibles for sex create a more intimate atmosphere conducive to meaningful connection.


Best Product Recommendation: Getmaude Libido gummies for female arousal are well-suited for promoting a deeper connection during sex.

Relaxation of Mind and Body

The best edibles for arousal, as the ones we’ve listed, contain a blend of cannabinoids and natural aphrodisiacs like fenugreek extracts, horny goat weed, and others that can induce a state of relaxation, alleviating tension and stress that may inhibit sexual performance. 


Best Product Recommendation: Dame’s Desire Gummies, gentle euphoria and soothing effects help users let go of inhibitions and fully enjoy the moment.

Increased Blood Flow

Edibles containing natural aphrodisiacs like Horny Goat Weed and Red Ginseng can enhance blood flow to the genital area, promoting arousal and improving sexual function. These ingredients stimulate circulation, leading to enhanced sensitivity and sexual responsiveness.


Best Product Recommendation: Exhale’s Peach Libido Gummies for arousal

Improved Sexual Stamina

Certain edibles, such as those containing ingredients like Oysters, are rich in nutrients that support sexual health and stamina. Oysters, for example, are high in zinc, essential for maintaining hormone levels and supporting sexual vitality.


Best Product Recommendation: Exhale libido gummies enriched with Oysters can help improve sexual stamina and endurance, allowing for longer-lasting and more enjoyable intimate sessions.

Dosage and Timing Considerations

Start Slow:

Begin with a low dosage, especially if you’re new to edibles or have a low tolerance. Start with half or a quarter of the recommended dose and gradually increase as needed. 

Wait for Effects:

After consuming edibles for sex, wait at least 60-90 minutes before expecting the full effects to kick in. Edibles typically take longer to take effect compared to other methods, like smoking or vaping.

Observe Impact:

Pay attention to how your body responds to the edible. Note any changes in mood, sensation, or arousal levels. Everyone reacts differently to cannabinoids, so it’s essential to tune in to your body’s signals and adjust your dosage accordingly.

Consider Individual Sensitivity:

Factors such as metabolism, body weight, and individual sensitivity to cannabinoids can influence the effects of edibles. If you have a particularly high or low tolerance, adjust your dosage accordingly.

Timing Matters:

Plan your edible consumption for a time when you can fully enjoy the effects without distractions or time constraints. Avoid consuming them on an empty stomach, which can intensify the impact. 

Stay Hydrated:

Drinking water before and after consuming edibles can help mitigate any potential dry mouth or dehydration caused by cannabinoids.

FAQs About Best Edibles for Arousal

Many have reported that cannabis can alleviate inhibitions, allowing them to connect more deeply with their partner and explore new dimensions of pleasure. However, this is the case when you adequately follow the dosage and timing guidelines because as they say excess of anything is harmful. 

When searching for the best edibles for sex, it’s essential to consider factors such as the THC and CBD content, as well as the presence of any additional ingredients like aphrodisiacs or mood enhancers.

Certain smells, such as lavender, jasmine, vanilla, and ylang-ylang, are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities that can increase female libido by promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing mood.

It depends on individual preferences and experiences. Some people prefer edibles for providing a more prolonged and subtle effect, enhancing relaxation and pleasure during intimate moments. Others may prefer the immediate effects of smoking or vaping cannabis flowers, which can offer a quicker onset of sensations. 

Concluding on the Best Edibles for Arousal

Now that you’ve reached the end, it’s time we let on our personal favorite – Exhale’s Pteach Libido Gummies. With its expertly crafted blend of cannabinoids and natural aphrodisiacs, Exhale offers a comprehensive solution to heighten sensations, relax the mind, and revitalize libido. 

Its balanced formulation, including Delta-9 THC, CBG, CBC, and CBN, ensures a pleasurable experience without overwhelming effects, allowing users to relax and be fully present with their partners.  


However, it is advised to experiment and try other products to find the best edibles that suit your preferences. 

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