Best Dog DNA Tests In 2022: Top Brands To Find Our Your Dog’s DNA For Safety


If you have recently adopted or rescued a puppy, you may not know much about them. As a responsible pet owner, you should learn everything that you can about your four-legged pal so you can understand their behavior and determine whether or not they are prone to specific health problems.

The best dog DNA tests are entertaining because they allow you to discover more about your dog’s breed mix and history, as well as the genetic imprints that form their behavior. On the other hand, dog DNA testing has a practical purpose. You can find information about your dog’s dietary needs, the appropriate weight for their breed, and any potential health risks or illness susceptibility.

You can take preventive action to potentially extend their life and increase quality of life once you get this knowledge. It makes it a fantastic present for your best friend as well as a gift for you because you get to help them stay healthy, live longer, and have more tail-wagging days with them.

While all of the DNA tests we have discussed today are great for learning more about your dog, keep in mind that not all of them are made equal. So, in order to get the best DNA test for your dog, you will need to think about what kind of results you are expecting to get.

Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Brands For Dog DNA Tests On The Market: 

  1. Embark Veterinary: Overall Best Dog DNA Test, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Wisdom Panel: Most Recommended & Affordable For Mixed Breeds 
  3. Orivet: Prime & Supreme Quality DNA Kits Available 

#1. Embark Veterinary: Overall Best Dog DNA Test, Editor’s Pick 

Embark sees genetics as a key to unlocking a healthier, happier, and longer levied future for all dogs. The Embark dog DNA test was created to connect pet parents with scientists and veterans, connecting skills to make our furry friends live better and healthier.

The brand’s devotion and commitment to developing the highest quality dog DNA test are based on genetic research outputs as well as a good customer experience, driven by this purpose.

Embark has a big breed database, and it screens for over 350 different puppy breeds as well as wolves, coyotes, dingoes, and so-called “village dogs.” When it comes to the accuracy of the results, extensive analysis is crucial.

Embark can also screen your dog’s DNA for indicators of over 190 hereditary medical disorders as well as establish if they are a carrier. On the other hand, Embark is a fantastic tool for learning about your dog’s genetic composition.

Embark Breed DNA Test Features

Now, it is possible to discover more about your pet’s ancestors and family tree. This Breed ID Kit can inform owners more about their dog’s breed, personality features, and whether or not they have any canine siblings.

Embark will check through 350 breeds in particular, and the company lists all of the dog’s breeds available, with further information about each one, including a history and a list of important statistics. The Breed ID Kit also digs up further information about your pet’s genealogy dating back over three generations.

You can also find out if your dog is a rare breed or if they are a village dog.

  • How It Works

The first thing you have to do is select one or two sets offered for purchase on the brand’s website. This changes depending on whether you have a Breed ID Kit or Breed + Health Kit. It is worth noting that the company also provides more comprehensive testing such as the Litter Package and Embark Breeder Kit box sets.

Then, you must collect a DNA sample from your dog. You can do this by swabbing the insides of your dog’s cheek, which is the simplest technique. Once you have done this, you can activate the kit on the official homepage site and ship the sample to Embark for testing.

The amazing thing about this DNA kit is that the brand identifies your dog sample with a unique ID located within the box. So, owners can monitor it through every stage of examination.

After this process, Embark will check at over 200,000 distinct steeds across your dog’s DNA to collect as much data as possible. Owners usually get their results within two or four weeks, which may be seen through their login account.


  • Tests more than 350+ breeds and 190 genetic problems
  • Provides genetic age estimate
  • Postage included
  • One account works for multiple kits
  • Fast results within two to four weeks
  • Offer Affirm as an alternative payment option
  • Discount offers if you want to test more than one pet


  • No refund option

Customer Reviews

When it comes to picking the best kit, Embark is the real deal. Given the company’s scientific history, there is no reason to be skeptical about the results of this testing. Customers stated that they had received the results surprisingly quickly.

They are especially happy with the option to find any concerning health issues that may affect their pets. Also, this kit is favored for predetermining crucial information before looking into treatments or procedures.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Embark

#2. Wisdom Panel: Most Recommended & Affordable For Mixed Breeds

Wisdom Panel Canine Breed Detection tests were developed to support and encourage ethical pet ownership by giving vital knowledge regarding pets as persons as well as breeders and shelters. They intend to achieve scientific discoveries by genetically testing animals, which will benefit and extend the lives of all pets.

Wisdom Panel has its canine DNA test using the world’s largest breed database to identify over 200 breeds, kinds, and variations of dogs. They would also undertake drug sensitivity testing to tell which veterinary medicine is likely to affect your dog negatively.

Wisdom Panel has two types of tests on disposal — the Essential and the Premium option. The ability to access the health results is the key distinction between the solutions.

Wisdom Panel DNA Test Features

The Wisdom Panel’s Essential Dog DNA test can give you the opportunity to look through your dog’s history and future. This kit will let you learn about their lineage, medical complication risk, and genetic susceptibility for various qualities, allowing you to get to know them in ways you never could before.

The test uses a doggie DNA database to assist you in figuring out which of the 360 breeds, kinds, and variants their forefathers originated from and trace the lineage back to its grandparents.

This kit will tell you about any potential risk for certain health issues during several standard medical procedures, as well as whether your dog will be able to handle certain medications. It will inform you about the genetically predetermined optimal weight range, allow you to learn more about their health, and make you more prepared for what comes next.

  • How It Works

Wisdom Panel’s dog DNA test kit is one of the most straightforward and simple to use. First, you have to activate your test using the simple ID on the side of the box, and then you swab your dog’s inner cheek and let it dry for a couple of seconds. After that, all you have to do is put the swabs in the plastic envelope included in the kit and submit them through your nearest mailbox.

At the same time, you will also create an online account that you can use to view the results later. The most crucial thing is to handle the final swabs with care since there is a potential risk of contaminating the DNA sample if you drop them, especially if there are other pets in the house.

To activate your kit online, you have to enter the sample ID supplied to you. You can also do this by visiting the business website. There is a link there that says, “Activate Kit.”

You can monitor the progress of the test online, and the results will be available for around two to three weeks. When your report is ready to see, you can check your test results by logging into your account at Wisdom Panel’s official website.


  • Covers over 99% of the 350 breeds, kinds, and variants available
  • Two swabs with a replacement if one becomes damaged
  • Testing for over 200 canine health issues
  • Excellent customer care team available at all times
  • Variety of website resources about canine DNA tests
  • In collaboration with the animal rights organization


  • No option for relative finder

Customer Reviews

The Wisdom Panel is reasonably priced, and its presentation is highly professional. It does not come with any fluff or filler, and the results are profound. If you have a rescue dog and want to know about its breed, this test will give you all of the necessary info.

According to the clients, breed determination is reliable and also provides a wide range of genetic disease health testing. Wisdom Choice’s dog DNA test is praised by many canine organizations, winning several prestigious awards.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Wisdom Panel

#3. Orivet: Prime & Supreme Quality DNA Kits Available 

Orivet is a renowned genetic testing company that provides a wide range of genetic testing services to breeders, veterinarians, and pet owners all over the world. Orivet has established globally recognized procedures and programs for member bodies, breed clubs, and associations.

Their objective is to provide individualized breed-specific treatment to protect your pet’s health and well-being. Their foundation lies in the belief that each pet is unique and possesses its own sets of characteristics, behaviors, and genetic health requirements.

The Orivet dog DNA test kit is a new DNA kit that tests dogs for genetic disorders and predisposition.

Orivet Breed DNA Test Features

Orivet provides a variety of DNA tests for cats and dogs. There is a simple DNA identification test and a more in-depth DNA identification test. The test identifies your dog heritage, and it can also provide you with a customized life plan with lifestyle, health, and nutritional recommendations to ensure a full life.

Orivet is one of the few brands on the market that provides highly specialized genetic services that are typically suited to the specific demands of nearly every dog or cat breed. They have a large selection of genetic kits. The basic dog breed identification test is pretty good and provides a lot for $85, which is quite average.

  • How It Works

This canine DNA test not only helps you avoid future health problems, but it also saves you money on vet and lab bills.

Many additional pet owners of adopted or rescued dogs with unknown medical and genetic histories are thankful for this DNA test’s amazing tailored report on their pets, as well as the company’s exceptional customer care and internet accessibility, according to many other pet owners.

After receiving your Orivet test kit in the mail, doing the test is pretty straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Inside the box, there are two swabs sealed in a plastic wrapper. The swabs have long handles and can be easy to manage.

All you have to do is roll each one inside your dog’s mouth for about 15 seconds before putting the info back in the cardboard to dry for a few minutes. Then, you can slip them back into the wrapper.


  • Checks dog DNA against a large number of genetic mutations
  • Available reports after ten days of reception of the sample
  • Highly comprehensive basic tests
  • Life plan for your pet
  • Health risk classification
  • Excellent customer service


  • More expensive than other brand’s options

Customer Reviews

Orivet’s DNA test is one of the best DNA tests. It is a smartly-designed and simple-to-use test kit that allows you to learn about your pets’ genetic composition at your own home. It has for us started on Amazon, and tons of positive customer reviews suggest that this test kit is one of the best options on the market.

This product is beneficial to more than just dog owners, as dog breeders in various facilities have also used it. Breeders claim to use it as a technique to guarantee the best possible breeding batch.

How We Made This List Of The Best Dog DNA Tests? 

Since it all depends on what you want from your dog’s DNA and how much you are willing to spend, we have evaluated various preferences that each dog’s DNA test includes like breed results, exams, free veterinarian assistance, related finders, and more.

We have done careful research and especially looked for those brands that offer deals and promotions. There is a lot to learn about your dog that can bring you closer to them more than ever, and this is the criteria we have included while making our list of the best dog DNA test options on the market.

Depth of the Test

What makes you want to test your dog’s DNA if you now know all of the answers to every question? We have decided to include those brands that give a detailed examination. However, if you are interested in the breed of your rescue, a simple test will be enough, and a lot of brands on our list include that offer, too.

However, suppose you want to learn about potential health concerns, genetic abnormalities, and carrier status. In that case, you should acquire a breed DNA test that includes that kind of data in its study.

Fast Results

The majority, if not all, canine kits promise to deliver the results in two to six weeks, and we have narrowed down those brands that offer speedy results. If you are in a hurry and do not want to wait long, some brands also offer speedy options for an additional cost.

Estimated Precision

When it comes to picking a dog DNA test, the most crucial element to consider is the accuracy, especially if you want to find out the future health issues that your dog might encounter. Some brands claim that their tests are approximately 100% accurate, while others are considered to deliver 90% of accuracy.

Buying Guide: Factors To Keep In Minde Before Buying The Best Dog DNA Test

Detects Potential Genetic Health Threats

Breed identification and discovering possible disease-causing mutations are two types of DNA testing for potentially connected dogs. A DNA test that identifies a dog’s breed makeup may indicate a higher risk of certain problems arising in the future. On the other hand, tests for particular genetic variants are included in some over-the-counter dog DNA test kits.

Some breeds contain unique mutations, and it would be a bad idea to test for known mutations that can cause some illnesses. Given the wide range of causes, prognoses, and therapies for visual disorders in dogs, finding the mutation that causes PRA can be an important step in forecasting what the future holds for a specific dog.

According to some veterinarians, knowing the dog’s mixes of breeds might encourage the need to be aware of illness issues known to affect specific breeds.

Gives You Profound Knowledge About Your Dog’s Breed

Breeders and owners can use DNA tests to learn more about the breed involved in producing a litter. This aims to alert owners to the possibility of hereditary health issues and, as a result, build a preventative health care plan to minimize costly veterinarian expenditures.

While contemporary medical discoveries have helped to reduce many traditional canine health issues, such as parvovirus, modern breeding has created a new difficulty for dog welfare.

For example, syringomyelia is a degenerative disorder as a result of the breeding of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with a neotenous domed skull. This condition is caused by a cavity in the development of the skull.

In a recent study of 50,000 German Shepherd dogs, researchers have discovered that one out of six died from musculoskeletal diseases, with over 15% dying from incapacity to stand.

Get a List of Potential Personality Traits

In recent years, the area of canine genetic research has expanded, resulting in the identification of a number of genes related to coat color, size, and personality traits. While a dog may appear to be of one breed, looks can be deceiving.

DNA testing may disclose the specific breeds that make up your pet’s genetic makeup, which can provide you with a lot of information about what to expect from your dog’s behaviors. Then, training methods can be modified to match your pet’s demands.

Since a dog’s personality determines its capacity to do such a task, knowing the breed qualities in the mix can help determine if the pet is fit for specific occupations. There are a handful of breeds that the Animal Welfare ACT bans.

Help in Rehoming 

Because of their appearance, certain breeds have a harder time finding new homes than others. DNA testing may be quite beneficial to rescue organizations in terms of promoting dogs that otherwise may be overlooked for adoption based only on their appearance.

Finding Your Lost Dog

Also, in some cases, DNA testing can be used if your dog is lost. That can be applied in tracing microchipping information like collars and tags.

FAQs Regarding Dog DNA Tests

Q1. Why is it important to take a DNA test for your dog?

For most people, the only reason for taking a DNA test on their dog is to simply tell other people what kind of breed their canine is. It can act as proof that your costly dog is the true unbreed that you initially paid the price for. Many of these DNA tests can tell you crucial information about its ancestors, too.

You can get a test to find out whether or not your dog’s genetic composition includes a breed. As we have previously said, the most important component of dog DNA testing is the genetic mutation/health check that guarantees your dog does not have any possible concerns.

Having said that, we believe that the strongest reason for taking a dog’s DNA is to screen for genetic abnormalities. Embark and Wisdom Panel both provide a version that analyzes breed information and a limited number of health issues. On the other hand, DNA My Dog sells genetic screening tests in packs of 100.

Q2. How do DNA tests actually work?

All of the dog DNA kits we have reviewed work in the most basic way. First, you have to register the kit, then collect the DNA by swabbing the inside of your dog’s cheek pouch. You have to swab as much saliva as possible for the laboratory technician to have the right amount of material to work with.

You will get the best results if there is not a lot of food residue or if the dog does not bite the swab. This technique is similar in all of the services, except Embark, which appears to be more high-tech with their cotton sponge placed into a stabilizing solution fluid for transit. The rest include cotton swabs that you can let dry before sending them back.

You can check the final data on the site, which you can also print and save. This is useful for taking it to the veterinarian. With DNA My Dog, you do not need to apply for an account. Instead, you simply have to register a kit with your name and email address, and the company will send you a message with the results attached.

The time you are going to get your results will vary. Some brands claim it can take up to seven days, while with others, it is up to eight weeks. However, the overall estimated time will not take longer than 21 days.

Q3. What can my dog’s DNA test tell me?

You can get reliable findings as long as you follow the instructions included in the test sample. But, it largely depends on the data interpretation. These tests can give you a lot of entertaining and intriguing information about your pet, which is why vets advise using the information carefully.

The breed information should be used for entertainment value, and you should never make any life-changing decisions based on the results of these tests unless you completely understand the meaning. After a profound consultation with a veterinarian, the disease’s gene should only be acted upon. To understand another hidden perk is the possibility to find out which genes your dog carries. You can find out which of them are the dominant ones and get to know your dog’s hidden features.

Same as human DNA testing, these results can help you connect with your ancestors and build a family tree. The DNA tests from Embark also include access to the canine-related finder, which allows you to connect to other dogs that have the same DNA as your dog.

Q4. Is it possible to register a dog using a DNA test?

DNA testing can assist you in getting your dog formally certified as a pure breed with the American Kennel Club, but this process is somewhat more complicated and strict. You have to buy an AKC-approved DNA test kit for being evaluated as eligible throughout the AKC.

Furthermore, DNA tests are conclusive on their own. In order to find out whether a dog test is suitable for breed registration, it has to be used in conjunction with the dog’s parentage if it is known. Due to the uncertainties about the dog’s breed status, in certain situations, the AKC might be provided a conditional registration in certain situations. However, you have to contact the AKC directly to get more profound information.

Q5. Which DNA test kit is the best one?

What dog owners might value the most is the assistance various tests provide in comprehending the results and the consequences for their dog’s health. As a result, two of the tests we have reviewed can stand out from the crowd.

Embark and Orivet include further counseling to assist you in understanding your test results and will allow you to ask questions from a qualified specialist. These tests can also assist you in finding crucial information about your dog’s health.

While dog DNA testing is an imperfect science, it is highly possible for a test to help you learn useful information about your dog. Meanwhile, it can also increase your capability to give them the support, care, and medical attention they require to live a long and happy life.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Brand For Dog DNA Testing Kits? 

Herding, retrieving, aggressive habits, and physical characteristics all have a lot to do with the breed and history of a dog. You might not even know what breed your dog is if you have rescued one. Dog DNA test options will answer all of the crucial questions about your pet’s genetic heritage, and it will give you all of the necessary resources you need to keep your puppy happy and healthy.

If you want to learn about your dog’s genetic history, for example, Wisdom Panel will be a suitable option for you. However, you might be better off with one of the other tests on our list if you want to discover about their genetic background as well as what health issues they might be vulnerable to.

Also, keep in mind that getting the most costly DNA test will not guarantee that you will get a superior evaluation. The fees of the first two tests in our reviews are drastically different, yet, they will provide you with nearly identical results.

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