3 Best Diaper Bags of 2022

Nikhil Goswami

If you are a new mom thinking about whether you need a diaper bag, we can say you do not need one. But we also insist that you must have one, and here is why. It’s not a must-have for new moms, but it simplifies life. Sure, any bag may carry your belongings, but diaper bags are particularly designed for parents who must often visit the changing table. Diapers, wipes, a portable changing pad, pacifiers, and a change of clothing are among the items you should always have on hand. That’s a lot to lug about, but a diaper bag makes things a lot simpler. You may also discover more fashionable alternatives with extras like insulated bottle compartments and built-in USB adapters.

We examined many of the most popular mid-priced diaper bags with hundreds of alternatives to help you choose the ideal one for all your baby gear requirements.

Our Top 3 Picks For Diaper Bags In 2022

  1. La Madison Diaper Bag – Overall Best Diaper Bag, Editor’s Choice
  2. Luli Bebe Monaco Diaper Bag – Most Popular Travel Diaper Bag
  3. Luly Jade Anna Large Leather – Highly Affordable Diaper Bag 

#1. La Madison– Overall Best Diaper Bag, Editor’s Choice


Upper New York is well-known for its stylish goods, including bags and accessories. It is so adorable, very cozy, and does not in any way have the appearance of a diaper bag in a positive sense. The main compartment provides a lot of space, and we like that it includes side pockets for mom to put her water bottles in. In-person, the leather has the appearance of being of extremely good quality. This vegan leather bag has been ranked as the best premium vegan leather functional and fashionable diaper bag backpack by moms for the last three consecutive years.

The backpack has over ten pockets, including two insulated bottle pockets that may be used to preserve the bottles at a comfortable temperature. It is incredibly trendy and made of vegan leather, which is quite simple to clean. In addition, the bag can carry a lot without adding much to the total weight of your belongings. What more could a mother want out of a diaper bag?


Capacity: You could believe this bag has a limited capacity, but you would be wrong. You may not realize how much weight it can support. The inside is rather spacious and can hold a good deal of belongings. In addition, the bag is not cumbersome in any way, nor does it seem too large or unpleasant.

Comfortable: This diaper bag is comfy because of its cushioned straps and low weight. There are storage spaces in every conceivable location, in addition to a changing mat made of molded memory foam. Two straps can be attached to the stroller, allowing you to walk freely, even over long distances.

Easy to Clean: Maintenance is incredibly simple since all that is required to clean the bag is a simple wipe-down. The inside is resistant to spills and can also be cleaned with a wipe. In addition, the outside is made with high-quality waterproof vegan leather.

Versatile: You may use the bag as a messenger bag or a crossbody bag since it has adjustable straps for both styles. If you are in a rush, you can just connect it to your stroller, and you will be good to go.


  • 13 pockets for organization
  • 2 insulated pockets to keep bottles warm
  • High-quality leather
  • Easy to clean
  • Various styles
  • Two free stroller straps
  • Free shipping to the US
  • Memory foam changing pad


  • A little pricey

=> Click here to visit the official website of La Madison 

#2. Luli Bebe Monaco – Most Popular Travel Diaper Bag


Products from Luli Bebe are designed with the expectation that they would be bought by mothers who value functional beauty and utility. Luli Bebe has a youthful and energetic crew, and their primary mission is to make attractive and elegant items that cater to the ever-changing preferences and requirements of mothers and their children.

If you are looking for a diaper bag that is both fashionable and practical, the Monaco model offered by Luli Beb is the one for you. It is possible to travel long distances with all of your baby gear in tow, thanks to the design of this item, which makes it simple to carry without ever feeling bogged down or burdened. This fashionable item has a streamlined appearance that makes it suitable for various occasions, from informal lunches to upscale evenings in the town. You deserve a level of sophistication that does not come at the expense of performance.


Convenience: This bag is very helpful for moms who are always on the go and carrying a variety of items for both themselves and their children. Since it is lightweight yet sufficiently large, you can transport everything from diaper changes to food, regardless of where we go. Whether you’re a parent or a grandma, you probably find that you’re always carrying many things for yourself and the children in your care.

Stylish: Because you are a mother, it does not mean that you have to forego your sense of style. The new Monaco diaper bag is sophisticated, clever, low-key, and high-end; it is a one-of-a-kind item in the world of elegant and contemporary baby gear.

Practical: Monaco is a great option for any event, whether a casual get-together or a more formal affair, because of its portability and durability. The Monaco diaper bag has opulent gold hardware and a lovely quilted front pocket.

Spacious: This bag is perfect for a baby shower gift. It has many carrying options, including a shoulder bag, a tote-style diaper bag, and a crossbody bag. Additionally, a foldable changing pad is included in the purchase of the bag, ensuring that you will never be without one.


  • Vegan leather
  • A shoulder strap that clips into the stroller
  • A changing pad
  • The outside is impervious to any kind of stain
  • Can clean the inside with a simple wipe
  • A front pouch that closes magnetically
  • nine separate compartments
  • Crafting with elegance


  • Costly

=> Click here to visit the official website of Luli Bebe

#3. Lily Jade Anna Large Leather – Highly Affordable Diaper Bag


If you’re considering buying a Lily Jade diaper bag, you’ve probably already come to terms with the fact that, although a leather diaper bag is undeniably stunning, it’s also an investment. Selecting the appropriate bag is essential.

Lily Jade bags are top-notch. Their full-grain leather bags are very supple and spare no expense in their production.

You can tell that the Lily Jade bags you’re considering are an investment since they are of such superior quality. Lily Jade creates bags built to endure a lifetime, with useful features during and after a parenthood transition. Amazingly, it will fit many of your essentials because of all the dedicated and practical inner compartments. It has insulated bottle holders that will help keep the bottles warm.


High-Quality Materials: New York-sourced, high-quality leather is used to create each bag, and each style is completely one-of-a-kind. Lily Jade’s bags are one-of-a-kind since they’re made from full-grain tumbled leather. The leather on most handbags is stamped and sanded to make it seem like it was tumbled, but not on Lily Jade handbags.

Details: You can tell that much care was taken in making this bag because of all the subtle details. So that you never have to worry about the edge paint peeling or cracking, we’ve tucked all the leather on the bag’s handles, straps, and pockets.

Durability: The Lily Jade tassel’s leather is durable enough to be used on both sides. The bag’s stitching has been strengthened in its corners and other heavy-use places to ensure its durability during the baby’s first decade and beyond. This bag inner is strong and sturdy, so it won’t shred or tear even after many uses.

Style: The bag comes in a variety of sweet, warm shades. You can use this bag even after your motherhood period has ended, and you can carry the bag as a backpack or a messenger bag.


  • High-grade leather
  • Beautiful shades of colors
  • Functional
  • Easy to carry and clean
  • Durable
  • Convenient for various styles and occasions


  • Expensive

=> Click here to visit the official website of Luly Jade Anna

How We Made the List Of The Best Diaper Bags?

Many parents like having a specific place to put their baby’s necessities. Modern diaper bags are designed with convenient compartments and straps to make toting all that stuff simpler. There’s no one “best” baby diaper bag since manufacturers make so many different styles. However, we have created our own checklist to select the top three diaper bags for moms. Here is what we looked for when selecting the best diaper bags. For health purposes, you can have the best humidifier for babies.

What We Looked for?

  • Usability: Diapers, wipes, and a couple of bottles are the minimum you’ll need to carry in a baby bag. A big enough one will accommodate extra diapers, clothing for change, milk bottles, hand sanitizer, snacks, and your charger if you are the type who loves to be prepared for everything. That’s why we thought to include bags that are big enough to accommodate you and your baby’s stuff.
  • Pockets: A diaper bag with many compartments is preferred by most parents. There are insulated compartments to keep baby’s bottles cool, a place to store dirty burp rags, and a place to store your phone or tablet in some baby bags. These bags have enough pockets to help you carry all your essentials.
  • Straps: Many diaper bags come with stroller straps that allow you to quickly and easily connect the bag to the stroller’s handlebar. This helps you walk around freely when you’re out with your baby.
  • Cleaning: You may want a bag that is either machine-washable or can be easily wiped clean since newborns, and everything in their proximity, may become nasty. Hence, the bags on our list are made of leather and easy-to-clean materials.
  • Style: You don’t have to sacrifice your style over convenience. That’s why we have recommended chic bags that can go with your style and let you be that chic mama.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider When Buying Diaper Bags

While shopping for a diaper bag, you will find thousands of items claiming to be the best out there. However, a diaper bag is a perfect balance between style, convenience, and affordability. Below is our buying guide for diaper bags.

  • Appearance and Functionality

While practicality is important, some mothers may not feel comfortable carrying a bag that advertises its contents as a diaper bag. Many options are available, although they don’t all resemble a baby diaper bag. On the move, parents may choose from various fashionable and functional diaper bags, including handbags and backpacks. The best diaper bag backpack combines a chic design with practical features.

Aside from time, space is another crucial factor. If you’re looking for a diaper bag, be sure it has enough room for your stuff and your baby’s necessities. You probably won’t want to add a handbag to your already heavy load, so look for something that can double as a diaper bag and a tote. Investing in a diaper bag organizer is a fantastic idea for minimizing clutter and efficiency.

  • Materials

The straps shouldn’t cut into your shoulders, so look for broad and cushioned ones. Look for a bag that has completed seams that have been strengthened. Seams that can withstand several items of washing without fraying are a must. A rivet or zigzag stitching should strengthen the bag at stress spots. Choosing hardware that will endure, such as metal or plastic zippers with thick pulls, is important. The best kinds of zippers have big teeth and big pull tabs. The last thing you need is for your belongings to slip out of your diaper bag because the bag tipped over or an angry toddler kicked it. The odds of your belongings being dry are increased by using a bag with a flap that closes over the bag rather than an open tote with simply a zipper.

  • Changing Pads

The rectangular changing pad included with most backpacks is foldable, compact, and easy to clean. Many pads may be stored in a separate compartment, which is convenient since it keeps the pad clean and tidy and makes it simpler to locate. The pads vary in softness, but you can always purchase a new one if you need one. Some styles include a pad that can be detached from the bag and utilized as a standalone changing station.

  • Handles

A diaper bag should have long enough handles to sling over one’s shoulder but short enough handles to prevent the bag from dragging on the ground when carried like a briefcase.

Straps that are extra wide or cushioned provide additional comfort. Freeing your hands with a backpack, messenger, or sling-style diaper bag is much easier. The straps that go over your shoulders should be able to be adjusted on any backpack. Some models have an additional sternum strap that links the shoulder straps together at mid-chest.

  • Fabric

Modern brocades sit alongside glazed, coated canvas as two of the hundreds of fabric options available for designer diaper bags. The exteriors may be as eye-catching as you want, but you should always go for durability. You should choose a diaper bag made of a material that can be easily cleaned by wiping it down, whether it is the interior or the outside. If you reside in a frigid region, you should avoid carrying anything in a vinyl bag, and they may break in cold weather.

  • Color

Baby colors or pastels and light-colored designs are still available from certain brands. However, stains and grime are less noticeable in dark colors. It would be preferable to easily identify its contents or any similarly bright inside color.

  • Storage

The wallet-like internal and exterior zipped pockets may hold frequently used items like baby wipes and clothes.

Diapers, towels, sanitizer, and other necessities may be stored in the bag inside clear vinyl, textile, or mesh compartments. Your baby’s formula and snacks will stay warm and dry in the insulated compartment. Ensure your baby’s and your water bottle fit before investing in a diaper bag with bottle compartments. To protect soiled diapers and food from touching, pockets are essential.

  • Weight

Determine the bag’s empty weight; if it weighs 3 pounds, packing it with diapers and other necessities would be a significant burden. It’s probably a good idea to carry more than one bag, with a larger one reserved for extended journeys and a smaller one for day excursions.

  • Various Styles

The diaper bag backpack is now one of the popular diaper bag designs. They can contain a lot of baby gear, have many compartments, and are easy to organize. Plus, they still have a dad-friendly aesthetic, so guys may feel confident wearing them. You can carry all your day’s necessities in a backpack without straining your arms, shoulders, or back.

A crossbody diaper bag is a great option if you like classic looks. There are separate compartments for you and the baby and several more pockets, and it’s not hard to locate what you need in an emergency because of how large they are. The main drawback is that carrying on one shoulder might become heavy and awkward if you overstuff your messenger bag.

A stylish diaper bag tote is a must-have for every new mom or dad because of its convenient size and several compartments. A handbag would be a better comparison than a backpack or messenger bag. It’s worth noting that compared to the choices mentioned above, a tote bag offers less storage and might be harder to arrange. However, it is enough for short excursions, such as those to the grocery store or the in-laws’ house.

Choosing a favorite design is impossible when you have a changeable bag. Fashionable and functional, the convertible diaper bag is a top pick for first-time and experienced parents. The great thing about this tote is that you won’t need to upgrade to a new design soon. Even better, Pops won’t feel self-conscious about carrying it about town. All parties benefit from this approach.

  • Price

The budget you set up for a diaper bag is another crucial factor to consider. For $40-$90, you can get a top-notch bag. But there are luxury diaper purses that cost more than $300. Don’t forget that budget-friendly diaper bags may be just as stylish as high-end designer options and may even come with extra essentials. The diaper bag you choose will receive plenty of usage since you’ll use it daily.

FAQs Regarding Diaper Bags

Can any bag work best as baby diaper bags?

Yes, technically, but what’s the point? You could simply pack the baby’s necessities in any bag and leave the house. But do you honestly believe you can hold a wriggling newborn, redirect a curious toddler, and keep everything you need from spilling out of your bag into the street? Put simply, no. A general-purpose bag won’t cut it for carrying all the gear you need to care for your children.

What makes a diaper bag special?

Backpacks are useful because they allow you to carry more without straining your back. The trapezius muscle becomes fatigued and sore because the bag is always slung over one shoulder, even if it is light. Thus, this may cause headaches, neck discomfort, and arm pain. However, the backpack might leave you uncomfortable if you choose a low-quality bag. This is because manufacturers often release versions with very thin straps. The straps being too loose or the bag being carried too low on the body are other frequent mistakes while using a backpack. The ideal height for a backpack is across the chest.

Packing too much into your backpack will be too big and uncomfortable to carry with you. But it can always be attached to the stroller.

What characteristics distinguish a backpack diaper bag from any other kind of bag?

While diaper bags and standard backpacks contain pockets and sections, a diaper bag features special pouches for things like baby bottles and wipes. A quality diaper bag is your best bet if you care about organization and appearance.

What exactly is a daddy diaper bag?

Everything a father needs to take care of the kids while maintaining his sense of style is neatly organized within a daddy diaper bag. It’s made from sturdy fabrics that won’t break the bank or fade in the sun, so it’ll still look brand new on your child’s first day of school. Moreover, it’s roomy enough to store your belongings alongside the baby’s necessities.

Is it possible to carry diapers in a regular backpack?

It’s quite OK to retrieve your old college bag from the depths of the closet, give it a good shake, and then stuff it full of diapers and baby formula. It won’t be as useful, though, and won’t allow you to keep things in order. And remember that order is your friend when it comes to raising children. For example, if your three-year-old is sleepy and wants her love, you had best make it immediately or face a volcanic eruption on your hands. To prevent these kinds of embarrassments, it’s helpful to have a diaper bag backpack that can hold everything you need.

Why doesn’t there seem to be any gender-specific variation in diaper bags?

Many fathers dismiss the idea of carrying a diaper bag until they’re stuck in a lengthy queue at the post office with a grumpy child and no snacks. You’ll need a method of transporting all the necessities for a child’s health and happiness. Truth be said. Most males will not be seen dead toting a pink-flowered, over-the-shoulder baby bag. Most men will resist carrying a diaper bag, even if it is the most well-designed and well-organized one in all of fatherhood. Instead, they’ll resort to the trusty brown paper bag.

Diaper bags for men aim to be fashionable, practical, and high-quality. Diaper bags for men are designed with the dad in mind, with specialized sections, zipped pockets, slots, thermal-lined coolers, and more.

Where should I put the baby’s formula in my diaper bag?

Put just a portion of the formula container in the diaper bag. To begin with, there is likely insufficient space. And second, there are better methods to keep your infant fed while traveling. Invest in a powdered formula dispenser that allows for regulated dosing. Put some water in bottles in the bottle section of your diaper bag. Then you just shake the container with the pre-measured powder and finish.

How many diapers do babies need daily?

Your baby may need up to three hundred diapers in his first month, assuming he uses 10 to 12 diapers daily. Diaper accidents may decrease once your infant has been here for more than a month. Generally speaking, infants between the ages of one and five months old will use eight to ten diapers daily. As a general rule of thumb, you should prepare enough for one to two days to cover short excursions. Depending on the baby’s age, you should change the diaper every two hours, so keeping 10-12 on hand is plenty.

So, what are the qualities of a good diaper bag?

Features useful for parents set a diaper bag apart from a standard tote bag or backpack. When picking up a diaper bag, keep the following in mind:

A changing pad may be found in a special compartment of many diaper bags, and this helps you locate what you need quickly and keeps filthy items from spreading throughout the bag. Most diaper bags include a dedicated compartment for a separate changing pad purchase.

The organization is essential with a diaper backpack. These days, most handbags include compartments designed to hold cell phones, and some even feature slots for laptops and tablets. Put wipes, pacifiers, and other regularly used items in pockets that are easy for your kid to reach. Make sure there are enough compartments to keep clean and soiled objects apart from food and diapers.

Most diaper backpacks include an insulated pouch for storing cold items like bottles and snacks.

Standard features of diaper backpacks include separate compartments to hold bottles. However, if you want to ensure it fits in the pocket, carry a bottle or water bottle with you.

How can I wash a diaper bag and a changing pad?

Typically, soapy water is all needed to clean a diaper bag manufactured from polyester or cotton. On the other hand, if your diaper bag is made of leather, you may need to use specific care items. To be safe, check the care instructions written inside your bag before washing it.

If you’d rather not use toxic chemicals, you may just clean the area with soap and water. Cleaning the portable changing pad is as simple as pouring a little quantity of mild detergent onto a tissue towel or cloth and rubbing down the surface. Pay special attention to the tush and bum regions, so the pad is clean before the next diapers change.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Diaper Bag Brand?

The greatest diaper bags are always a must-have for parents, but good luck finding a stylish one online without going crazy. The rabbit hole of disappointing alternatives is enough to have even the most dedicated buyer scrambling, what with the oversized messenger bags and the goofy crossbody totes that are hardly baby-friendly. If you are concerned about your baby’s  security, then you can have a look at the best baby monitor.

Therefore, what features should a great diaper backpack have? It should be large enough to store all your baby gear, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing since you will use it for years. You’ll want a bag that can multitask as a purse, diaper bag, snack bag, and milk cooler. The ability to be able to wash it in a washing machine and be resistant to water is a plus. And if you’re very fortunate, that convertible diaper bag will also be durable enough to use for future infants.

Since there are so many factors to consider when purchasing a diaper bag, we created a buying guide to keep in mind the most important things to consider while selecting your best diaper bag.

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