Best Delta 9 Brands: Buy THC Oil & Delta 9 Gummies In 2022


Meet the most popular cannabinoid in the world — delta-9. How does it feel knowing that you have something so great to help you stay relaxed throughout the whole day? Amazing, is it not?

However, this is only the case if you buy your favorite delta-9 products from the top, most reputable brands. But luckily, we have done the research and are here to bring you the top three brands you can trust.

So, choose your delta-9 brand and take over the new adventure that it has to offer.

List of Top 3 Delta-9 Brands (2022)

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-9 Brand on the Market, Editor’s Pick
  2. Delta Extrax – Popular Brand for Tasty Delta-9 THC Gummies
  3. Mr. Hemp Flower – Trusted Delta-9 Brand for Variety of D9 THC Products

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-9 Brand on the Market, Editor’s Pick

Exhale is a hardworking company that is on the top in this industry. All of their products are legal and nothing breaks the law when it comes to this brand. They don’t see it as something they must do to profit. Everything they do, they do it with passion.

Exhale is known for only using organic and natural ingredients for all of its products. It’s based in Los Angeles, and compared to other brands they offer the most potent line of Delta 8 products. Their partnership with Colorado adds to the quality of the hemp, which is used in everything they make.

Their website is a big plus because it contains a lot of information that is useful, and you won’t be confused when you’re scrolling to their page because everything is in the right order. You can also get a 20% discount on your first purchase ever. The products are fully described with a lot of details that you may want to know.


Exhale is quite known for their THC and CBD products and have very high standards when it comes to it. The Delta 9 gummies are very potent and contain only two or one milligrams of THC. The gummies are good for everyone especially for vegan people because they don’t contain animal gelatin in them. They’re more euphoric than the regular CBD gummies and will give you double the enjoyment. Those gummies start as a broad spectrum CBD.

Delta 9 oil has healing properties for the user. The oil is made by extracting CBD from hemp using the CO2 extraction method. The effects that you’ll get by using the oil are like no other. You find yourself feeling more relaxed than ever. So if you truly want to have the experience to remember, this oil is for you.


  • Third-party lab tested
  • Different strengths available
  • THC+CBD blend
  • Options for potency
  • Vegan-friendly


  • Only available on their website

Customer Experience

This brand only gets 5-star reviews. Not only will it reduce the anxiety you face daily, but some customers claim that these Delta 9 products help them with Covid stress also and sleep problems.

There is also a quiz on their website that will make you decide faster about what you need and want, which is found very helpful for everyone that wants to try the Delta 9 products but doesn’t know where to start.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Delta Extrax  – Popular Brand for Tasty Delta-9 THC Gummies 

Delta Extrax is a premium brand that is well trusted and has a big catalog of different products that they offer. Everything on their website is eye-catching and they have something for everyone. They follow the law and strict rules about production. Delta Extrax targets a big audience by helping them understand more about CBD and its benefits.

They’re honest about everything, starting from the hemp source to critical components of manufacturing. In the process of producing the products, they don’t use any harmful ingredients that may cause any unwanted side effects.

They are partners with Kaycha Labs and Desert Valley and provide the most detailed reports on their products. DE is completely focused on creating the most potent Delta products with the perfect proportions for the compound. If you’re their new customer, you can enjoy the many discounts and codes just with the registration of your email.


This brand only uses the minimum amount of ingredients in the Delta 9 gummies. They come in a few exciting flavors that attract a lot of people to try them. Each pack contains 10 gummies, except the Sweet Slices gummies which contain 20 gummies. It can take up to 2 hours until the effects kick in. Here is the list of the flavors for the gummies–

  • Kiwi Mixer
  • Guavaberry Fruit
  • Wild Cherry Chronix
  • Green Apple Chronix
  • Sweet Slices
  • Blueberry Citrus Burst

Delta 9 THC shot has notes of blue raspberry slushie flavor with a little bit of hemp. It’s good for faster results that you want to experience. This shot is an on-the-go drink that works as a booster for your mental health. You should consume only one or two bottles to achieve the desired effects. Shake it well before consumption.


  • Excellent for beginners
  • Vegan friendly
  • Independent lab testing
  • A detailed description of the products


  • There isn’t free shipping

Customer Experience

Delta Extrax has a variety of positive feedback when it comes to its products. There are also comments about the effectiveness of constant consumption of Delta 9. People love the creative flavors of the gummies which are really interesting in taste.

They also report that they experience the effects as soon as they consume the products. So, while you choose this brand, you also choose fast-acting products without unnecessary waiting.

#3. Mr. Hemp Flower – Trusted Delta-9 Brand for Variety of D9 THC Products

If you want clean and fresh hemp, Mr. Hemp Flower is what you need. This brand works directly with US hemp farms. They are based in North Carolina. Mr. Hemp Flower has a big variety of choices such as hemp cigarettes, CBD flowers, etc. This is a company that goes to the end when it comes to delivering high-quality products.

When you decide to purchase from Mr. Hemp Flower, you’ll get some good deals and a 15% discount. They have a great selection of products and even better prices. Not only do they test their products, but they test again just to be sure of the safety of the products.

Their website is easy to use, and there you can find all the promotions and discounts. Even if you log in with your email, you’ll get a discount. If you spend over $100, Mr. Hemp Flower will give you free shipping, a sweet treat from them.


Even though there aren’t many Delta 9 products offered, their gummies are absolutely to die for. The gummies are packed 10mg of premium Delta-9 THC. They taste just as amazing as they look. There are currently two flavors available–Blue Raspberry and Watermelon. You can find sizes such as from 5 gummies in a pack to 30 gummies in a bottle.

The gummies are lab tested and safe for consumption. You can take the gummies wherever you want. They’re good for a long day and even for the night. You should start with just one gummy and wait at least for an hour before you consume more. The gummies are made from all the organic ingredients and are perfect for vegans because they don’t contain animal gelatin.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • US hemp
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • All their products are lab tested


  • No international shipping

Customer Experience

People love these products which are made from all the natural ingredients, as their potency and efficiency are guaranteed. Customers also love the fact that Mr. Hemp Flower offers refunds without any questions asked. If you’re unsatisfied with the product, you can easily return it and get your money back. Also, all the lab tests of the product are available and up for discussion, so you’ll know what you get without any confusion.

How Did We Make This List Of Delta 9 THC Brands? 

You can find many brands that offer the same products, but how can you be sure that what you get is a product of high quality? That is why we are here today to recommend the best brands that offer the best Delta 9 products. Here is the list of factors that we considered to be the most important thing while choosing the products–

Brand’s Reputation

The chances of getting scammed are high, especially because of newer brands on the market who only care about profiting and nothing else. That’s why it’s important to spend some time researching each brand.

The more experience the brand has, the better. The brands we choose are reputable and their products are good and easy to purchase from their website.

Hemp Source

Hemp source is the most important thing because it’s related to the safety, potency, and purity of the products. All of the hemp plants are produced in licensed farms in the US. They don’t contain any allergens, contaminants, and high quantities of Delta 9.


Aside from hemp, the ingredients of the product are also important. Certain additives, preservatives, carrier bases, etc. may cause allergic reactions. They can be very harmful to both your health and pocket. That’s why all the brands that we chose don’t contain any of these ingredients.


When it comes to the potency of the product, everyone needs to feel its effects. That’s why we only included the brands that offer natural, pure, potent, safe, and federally compliant products. The more potent the product, the better.


While the cheaper stuff can’t always be considered as a better option, neither do the expensive things which are bad for your wallet in the long run. Saving money is always in trend, and taking care of your mental health will always be the number one priority.

The brands that we previously talked about have products at an affordable price and are good for you. Looks like a win-win situation!

Customer Reviews

Behind every great company, some people leave good reviews about them. When people are satisfied with the service and quality of the products, they’ll leave a few good words for other people. A company that cares for its customers, it’s a company worth trying. So make sure that the company you’re choosing has loyal and satisfied users behind.

Third-Party Lab Testing

A company that is honest about its product testing is equal to a good brand. There should always be available reports of the product testing for anyone to see. If a company doesn’t have lab tests available, it’s best if you avoid it and find another one that can provide you with everything.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying Delta-9 Products

The market is filled with many Delta 9 products, so it’s a challenge to choose the best of them. Always avoid picking random products without knowing their background. To avoid ending up with a product that is bad and potentially harmful to your health, you should consider the factors below.

Hemp Quality

If you want to know if your product is good, you should be aware of hemp. More precisely, you should know all the details about where the hemp was farmed, proceed, and extracted. Because of its natural growing conditions, it may contain some toxins and pesticides. That’s why, always be careful when it comes to these types of products.

Extraction Technique

A brand that legitimately sells Delta 9 products knows that hemp must be extracted naturally. Because of that, you should always look for extraction procedures that can tell you more about the safety of the product. Check for harmful chemicals, flavors, preservatives, additives that can potentially harm your health.

Natural and Organic Ingredients

It is well-known that Delta 9 gummies do not contain only hemp extracts. The primary goal when you look for what type of gummies to buy should be the ingredients that those gummies are made from. You have to make sure that the product is made from 100% organic and natural ingredients. For all its amazing taste and flavor, gummies should always be checked if they contain artificial coloring. When the ingredients are all-natural, the product would be more effective.

Certificate of Analysis

Each Delta 9 product should be properly lab-tested. Before you purchase the Delta product, you should check for the certificate and QR codes.


It doesn’t matter how good of a product is, you can’t enjoy it if the brand doesn’t ship to your state. Due to the restrictions of each state, some THC products can’t be shipped because it’s not allowed. You can check the product’s website to be sure that the company can send the product to where you are.

Another important thing is if the company offers free shipping. Free shipping is good if it’s allowed after a certain amount is spent on their website. Also, you definitely would want the product to be on your porch as soon as possible. So make sure that the brand offers fast shipping on your doorstep.

Product Variety

Always choose a company that offers a variety of products and flavors. They all should be at an affordable price. There should be optional sizes and potency available. In the selection process, these are important facts to consider.

Ease of Purchase

Always check if the website contains all the important information. Another fact to consider is how easy it is for you to purchase the product. Complex and difficult navigation to the site is no fun. You can even change your mind about purchasing the product, if you’re facing difficulties purchasing it. That’s why online presence is an important fact too.


The price of the product should always contain the ingredients, potency, quality, and hemp processing methods. It doesn’t have to be too expensive for the product to be good, but no good comes from cheap products because they’re unreliable. To decide easier you can compare other brands in the pricing and see for yourself.

Customer Reviews

Spend some time reading the reviews of the users to decide whether the product is worth trying. There are many experiences shared that can help you learn more about the products than the company itself. Always keep in mind that even if you see a few poor reviews, that doesn’t mean that the product is bad.

FAQs: Delta-9 Products

Q1. Will delta-9 get you high?

Delta 9 is the most popular of THC products and is known for giving psychoactive effects, which means that you’ll get a little bit of high by using them. It’s not likely for you to experience any side and unwanted effects, but if by any chance you do, they’ll be short and disappear quickly.

Q2. Can you travel with delta-9 gummies?

You certainly can travel with them in the original package. There usually aren’t any problems if you carry them in your carry-on or your checked luggage. Just to be sure you can check your airline’s policy–whether you’re allowed to carry snacks or food.

Q3. What are the benefits of delta-9?

While using Delta 9 you may experience the many benefits that it has to offer. Here are some of them–

  • Improvement in your lung health
  • Nausea relief
  • Stress reducer
  • Serotonin booster
  • Manage PTSD Symptoms

Q4. What are the effects of using delta-9?

  • Recreational effects give you the benefit of the high but differently, for it takes you in a euphoric state of mind.
  • Sedation; which means that you’ll get over your sleeping issues.
  • Intoxication, which is not the same as alcohol intoxication; just makes the user feel happier without being aggressive.
  • Athletic Enhancement; which means that you’ll get the benefit of a painkiller, and you’ll see improvement in your recovery after working out.
  • The entourage effect; since Delta 9 contains both CBD and THC, it can help people with chronic pain.

Q5. Can you vape, smoke, and ingest delta-9?

The answer is yes.

The traditional way that is known to everyone, is smoking the flower in a pipe, or just by rolling it. There are also other products available from where you can consume the Delta 9, such as lollipops, gummies, tinctures, concentrates, etc.

Q6. Do you need a prescription to buy delta-9 products?

After the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill, you do not need any prescription for any Delta 9 product. You can purchase them online and no one will ask you to provide any prescriptions or medical cards before they sell the product.

Q7. Are delta-9 gummies addictive?

If you only take the recommended dose of the gummies, you don’t have anything to be worried about. A lot of brands formulate the gummies to be helpful and not addictive. They have many benefits as we talked about before, such as improvement in your sleep, making you feel more relaxed and calm. While there is still a chance that you will get addicted if you use over the recommended dose, if you’re using them rationally there won’t be.

Q8. What is the recommended dosage for delta-9 gummies?

Delta 9 is twice as powerful as CBD. Because of that, the recommended dose is anywhere between 5mg to 30mg. If you want to increase the strength, always start small and then add to the dosage carefully. In case you’re new in the world of Delta 9 products, avoid consuming high amounts of the product. You can also monitor the effects, so you can find the dosage that perfectly works for you.

Final Words

Delta 9 is a great way to enjoy your days off or parties with your friends. It will make your nights more interesting and memorable. While deciding what product of Delta 9 line you’d like to get, it’s always good if you do some type of research and even consult your healthcare provider for a more professional opinion.

While we only mention the best brands for Delta 9 products, it’s always welcome to have a second opinion. With the brands that we choose, you can be sure of the potency & safety of the product. The choice is completely yours, so make sure that you make the right one.

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