Best Delta-8 Black Friday Deals 2022

Deepanshu Bedi

Forget about the electronics and cool gadgets you can get off Black Friday sales. Do you know you can leverage these deals to get enough discounts on your delta-8 THC products?

There’s more! You could even get gifts just for shopping for delta-8 products this holiday season. One question that must be revving through your mind is how to go about these deals.

Well, that’s exactly why we have outlined these best delta-8 THC Black Friday deals. Stick around and discover the best Black and Cyber Monday deals from the top delta-8 THC brands.

Our Top 4 Recommendations For Delta-8 THC Black Friday Deals

  1. Exhale Wellness – Avail 30% OFF Storewide On High-Quality Delta 8 & CBD Products
  2. BudPop – Flat 30% OFF On CBD Products & Shop Delta-8
  3. Cheef Botanicals – CBD Products At BOGO Offer
  4. Hollyweed CBD – Get 35% OFF On Delta-8 & CBD Products

#1. Exhale WellnessAvail 30% OFF Storewide On High-Quality Delta 8 & CBD Products

For various reasons, Exhale Wellness takes the top spot on our Black Friday sales list. Over time, the brand has developed an enviable cannabis company that helps people enjoy weed consumption’s joys. Interestingly, the brand’s cannabis products are as good as its reputation.

Exhale Wellness uses a formula that speaks of excellence and devotion. Sourced and produced by scientists with many decades of experience, Exhale Wellness is a brand you cannot ignore when looking for potent cannabis products to enjoy while using your shopping holiday discounts.

Perhaps Exhale Wellness is this good due to the years of experience obtained from user ratings and experience. But the major thing to note is that the brand has near-perfect delta-8 products that make you enjoy every bit of the money you spend on them. A resounding characteristic of products from Exhale Wellness is their ability to offer a potent and smooth high. Another attractive feature is that the brand leverages only natural ingredients to make its delta-8 products. Thus, you will enjoy a rich-tasting delta-8 flower product every time you decide to use this product.

Does Exhale Wellness offer any Black Friday discount? Very much so, once you add hemp-derived cannabinoids to your online shopping cart, you will enjoy several discounts from the delta-8 brand. You also don’t have to worry about free shipping and other policies because Exhale Wellness is the customer’s choice for all things holiday shopping.


Discount Code: Exhale Wellness offers discounts on your first purchase. All you need to do is insert your email, and the brand sends you a personalized discount code. With this code, you can enjoy a 20% discount on purchases you make on Black Friday. Interestingly, the brand offers special CBD Black Friday deals on its online store. You get special discounts from the brand when you buy CBD oil or other products like vape pens and CBD gummies.

Quality Ingredients: Unlike other brands, Exhale Wellness maintains its quality and quantity. The delta-8 and CBD brand produces high-quality CBD and delta-8 products that do not contain synthetics. It is worth noting that Exhale Wellness only uses the best-sourced hemp components to make its CBD oil tinctures, gummies, and delta-8 products. Since Exhale Wellness only uses quality ingredients, you will enjoy a thrilling feeling when using its vape liquids, pens, or CBD products. Additionally, Exhale Wellness strictly adheres to the production guidelines set by law. In that light, Exhale Wellness’ products do not have more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

Excellent Policies: Exhale Wellness is one of the brands with user-centric policies that always work well. While the brand has the highest quality product available, the user-centric policies also draw users to its sleep gummies and other products. The brand’s highly competitive nature ensures that you enjoy products of high potency anywhere in the world. First, you will enjoy an awesome money-back guarantee that allows you to return your CBD and delta-8 products at any point within 30 days of purchase. Also, you can enjoy its baked goods while applying a promo code for discounts or free products.

Customer Service: Exhale Wellness is as interested in its service mode as it is in its products. Thus, you will encounter professional customer service agents trading on their online store.

Excellent User Ratings: Users rate these hemp products as one of the best on the market. Exhale Wellness has enjoyed truly remarkable patronage over time, and its users only have good things to say about the brand and its products. You can head over to Exhale Wellness’ website to see how customers feel about its high-quality products.


    • Easy to use
    • Soothing and calming effect
    • Potent sleep gummies
    • Outstanding return policy
    • Decent Black Friday discount codes
    • Relieves pain
    • Useful for relaxation


    • Black Friday sales only apply online

Special Offer

Exhale Wellness, the high-quality hemp company, is providing all CBD & Delta-8 enthusiasts seeking for a fix this weekend the finest price this Black Friday: 30% Off Storewide.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop – Flat 30% OFF On CBD Products & Shop Delta-8

Like its counterpart Exhale Wellness, BudPop has some interesting discount sales on Black Friday. As a major CBD brand, the company produces quality products that meet the expectations of many. But why not? BudPop has scientists with a combined experience of three decades under their belt. Hence, it is easy for the brand to produce outstanding CBD and delta-8 products without fuss.

In truth, BudPop has not been around for as long as many major CBD brands on the market. The brand only made its debut in the CBD industry in 2021 but has become a household name for delta-8 and CBD lovers. What is most intriguing about this brand is the many fantastic flavors you get to enjoy every time you opt for its CBD Black Friday Deals. You can either patronize any of these breathtaking flavors for special effects. These exciting flavors from BudPop leave you fully satisfied and ready to face the day’s challenges. After enjoying the CBD and delta-8 products from BudPop, you will certainly refer someone to try out their products.

The highlight of this brand’s services is its Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals. BudPop has customizable coupon codes for vape cartridges, gummies, and oils for each customer who dares to visit the website. What about the safety of BudPop’s products? The brand is so safety-conscious that it only uses top-tier ingredients to make its products. We found the user reviews helpful in confirming the legitimacy of products from BudPop.

As per user reviews, BudPop has some potent CBD and delta-8 carts products that work wonders. Additionally, users noted that BudPop has a fast shipping process that only takes about three to five working days to deliver your goods. Users loved that getting their BudPop products to ship internationally did not take forever.


Excellent Billing Process: BudPop has a discreet billing system that helps you to enjoy your entire order without getting found out. Once you checkout, the brand provides your order summary and ensures it does not include the detailed product description on the label or billing receipt; instead of seeing things related to CBD and delta-8, the brand bills you as a company and does not include these details.

Flavor Options: With BudPop, you can choose between Grape Runtz, Blue Dream Berry, Watermelon Zkittlez, or Strawberry Gelato vape carts. For its delta-8 flower sale options, you can consider the Nothern Lights delta-8 hemp flower or the Tangie delta-8 infused hemp flower. Although all the flavors pack a punch, most users prefer the Strawberry Gelato flavor. You will enjoy a refreshing feeling after using these flavors.

Stylish Design: BudPop is as innovative as it is effective. The brand has a beautiful design for its cartridges and gummy packs. If you love aesthetics, you will experience love at first sight when you see the products from BudPop.

All-Natural Ingredients: It is common to see delta-8 and CBD brands using synthetic ingredients to flavor or mask the hempy flavor in their products. Well, not with BudPop. BudPop goes for an all-natural formula that does not need artificial substances. Although the brand uses natural components, you will not notice any hempy flavor when using the product.

Potent: BudPop uses the hemp flower to give potency to its products. According to the brands, there is 800mg of delta-8 per 1 mL of the product.

Promo Code: You can leverage BudPop’s delta-8 products to get free products or discounts per purchase. The brand sends customizable codes to its customers for easy shopping experiences. Additionally, the brand helps customers save money by giving discounts on subscription purchases.


    • Many delta-8 products to consider
    • Potent delta-8 flower
    • No delta 9 THC
    • Quality hemp used
    • Outstanding product stock
    • Excellent Black Friday sales deals
    • Free shipping to U.S locations


    • No trial package

Special Offer

Budpop is having a huge sale of quality products at 30% off. This Black Friday score a deal on the best CBD & Delta-8 products.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#3. Cheef Botanicals – CBD Products At BOGO Offer

Cheef Botanicals stands out when considering brands with Black Friday sale discounts. This brand is located in the Green Apple and actively participates in all things delta-8. Today, Cheef Botanicals is one of the most reliable brands offering loyal customers Black Friday discounts.

There’s not much to say about Cheef Botanicals because its vegan ingredients and outstanding CBD Black Friday sales do all the talking. One thing you must not forget about this brand is the quality it attaches to its products. That, too, is at affordable rates. Cheef Botanicals is one of the delta-8 brands with the most flexible pricing system. You can easily obtain quality delta-8 gummies, vapes, and oils for as low as you can imagine. Alternatively, you could opt for the brand’s full-spectrum CBD oil products with outstanding benefits. Whichever product you decide to settle for, Cheef Botanicals will certainly give you the most thrilling effects.

Did we forget to mention that Cheef Botanicals uses only naturally-derived hemp flower in its extractions process? After years of trial and error, Cheef Botanicals derived a potent formula that comprises only natural ingredients and can help you enjoy the benefits of cannabis without side effects. One advantage of using Cheef Botanicals is that you can enjoy CBD Black Friday and delta-8 Black Friday Sales.


CBD-Infused: Cheef Botanicals infuse CBD into all its products. Hence, you will typically enjoy quality oils and gummies from the brand since it only boasts quality.

Varying Concentrations: Cheef Botanicals considers all its users. Hence, with this brand, it is easier to start your cannabis experience. Cheef Botanicals provides different concentrations at varying discount sale rates this Black Friday. You can opt for the lowest concentrations (300 and 750mg) or the higher ones (1500 and 300mg) if you enjoy highly potent products.

Great Manufacturing Techniques: You must wonder how Cheef Botanicals has stunned the market with its products. One of the reasons the brand has remained atop its cannabis game is because of its manufacturing techniques. Cheef Botanicals leverages quality practices in searching for and obtaining its ingredients. Additionally, the brand applies unique and efficient manufacturing techniques to brew its products.

Quality Flavors: There’s nothing more special than enjoying a flavorful cannabis product. Unlike other brands with hempy tastes, you will enjoy five tasty flavors when you patronize Cheef Botanicals. When you decide to leverage the benefits of cannabis, you can always count on Cheef Botanicals to give you a great-tasting product.

Free shipping: another thing you can enjoy from Cheef Botanicals this Black Friday is the free shipping feature. However, you must reside within the United States to actively participate and enjoy this free shipping feature from Cheef Botanicals. Additionally, you must purchase cannabis products from the brand to access free shipping.

Discount Code: Cheef Botanicals has discount codes for its CBD Black Friday sales. You need to take note of the sale dates if you want to enjoy discounts on disposable vape pens, CBD gummies, CBD oil tinctures, and other products from the brand.


    • Vegan gummies
    • Four varying concentrations
    • Natural and organic
    • Free shipping
    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • Quality products


    • No free international shipping feature

Special Offer

This Black Friday, Cheef Botanicals is offering a BOGO deal. Try all of their high-quality CBD products made with organic ingredients at a discounted price.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheef Botanicals

#4. Hollyweed CBD – Get 35% OFF On Delta-8 & CBD Products

Hollyweed CBD’s name gives everything away. Interestingly, Hollyweed CBD is one of the major CBD brands you will encounter on the market. Although Hollyweed CBD is a renowned CBD brand, the company also produces some pretty decent delta-8 products that actively compete with other top brands in the industry.

The delta-8 gummies from Hollyweed CBD have helped many users to obtain the full benefits of cannabis without the dreaded side effects. Hollyweed CBD ensures its products remain potent by producing pure, additive-free cannabis flowers from hemp plants.

Hollyweed CBD leverages natural compounds, including terpenes and natural hemp extracts, to manufacture its products. Unlike other brands, Hollyweed CBD keeps it natural by using naturally-derived compounds to flavor its products. Interestingly, the brand has several flavor combinations you can leverage to enjoy your delta-8 shopping experience. You can choose from potent flavors like Pineapple Express, Jack Herer, and Sunset Sherbert, to mention but a few.

Hollyweed CBD cares about your holiday season shopping as much as they care about your safety. As such, its platform will offer several attractive holiday season sale dates. Additionally, the brand ensures safety by subjecting all its finished delta-8 and CBD products to independent third-party laboratory tests.

These tests reveal the product’s efficacy, including the safety guarantees for each product produced by Hollyweed CBD. Thus, you can easily enjoy quality without compromising safety. Hollyweed CBD steers from harmful substances by using less than 0.3% delta 9 brands THC in its formula.

The concentration of the delta 9 THC used by Hollyweed CBD is enough to offer a smooth high without compromising your health. If you want to enjoy the best Black Friday deals for delta-8 products, Hollyweed CBD is your first stop for an exciting experience.


Great Satisfaction Quotient: You will typically enjoy more effects when using vape pens and cartridges from Hollyweed CBD. The brand offers about 900mg of its potent cannabis to its customers. Hence, you will enjoy quality and quantity in one Hollyweed CBD product.

Multi-Flavored: Hollyweed CBD houses several exciting and tasteful flavors. The flavors offered by this brand always ensure you get an enhanced cannabis experience. Also, you will typically enjoy a rich, flavorful aftertaste that lingers long enough to give you a perfect all-day euphoria.

Customer-Centric Policies: Hollyweed CBD has many user-friendly policies that ensure you enjoy a good shopping experience. For example, Hollyweed CBD has a 30-day return policy you can leverage to return your products.

Excellent Sale Dates: Hollyweed CBD offers discount codes even after Black Friday sale dates. You can get discounts for bulk and subscription purchases. Additionally, new users also get coupon codes for registering with the brand.

Environmentally Friendly: Unlike traditional cannabis smoking, the vape cartridges from Hollyweed CBD have a unique technology that allows you to smoke your weed without disturbing your neighbor. Additionally, the technology preserves your health and keeps the environment clean.


    • Quality and quantity guaranteed
    • DEA-approved
    • Several flavor options
    • Third-party lab approved
    • Highly potent


    • Not available in all U.S locations

Special Offer

All cannabis enthusiasts are invited to visit Hollyweed CBD where they are providing 35% off on their CBD and Delta-8 products this Black Friday, get a terrific deal for yourself.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

How We Ranked Our Delta-8 THC Black Friday Deals Brands

With Black Friday around the corner, several brands usually take advantage of the holiday season to sell off their goods. While discount sales characterize this season, you could get scammed while trying to get good deals for your delta-8 THC products. We set out to find notable brands with top-tier deals for delta-8 THC lovers. Ultimately, we found several brands that offered discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We noticed that some of these delta-8 THC brands did not offer the quality we had hoped to find. Additionally, some of these brands only collected their clients’ money without delivering packages. Hence, we sidelined such delta-8 THC brands and focused on those offering discounted quality products.

One would think it would get easy after isolating the fake delta-8 THC brands. However, we found several other genuine delta-8 THC brands with Black Friday coupons that promised the best Black Friday deals. Our team had to derive a viable means to pick out the best brands with outstanding deals for you. We outlined some features each delta-8 brand must possess before listing them in our roundup.

Features We Considered In Our Delta-8 Brands

We considered several features in our delta-8 products before listing them in our review. These features helped us to select the best deals for delta-8 products:

    • Brand Reputation: We considered reputable brands when trying to pick out the best deals for your Black Friday sale. We discovered that most people felt more comfortable patronizing delta-8 THC brands they had previously patronized. Also, we discovered that such brands were much less likely to offer fake products. Visiting the websites of these renowned brands, we discovered that these brands offered quality deals. Hence, we favored these brands over lesser-known delta-8 brands.
    • Coupon Codes: Our team considered delta-8 brands with coupon codes ahead of those that did not offer such coupons. We found that reputable brands had coupon codes you could leverage to enjoy Black Friday delta-8 sales. Each coupon code had a different offer. Hence, we picked the delta-8 THC brands with the best coupons.
    • Quality: We also value quality as much as we do discounts. We decided to include brands with quality delta-8 products to help you enjoy value for the money you spend. Our team discovered that some brands offered excellent discounts for their delta-8 products. However, these brands did not have quality products. We ignored such a brand and favored a brand with quality delta-8 products and wonderful discounts.
    • Satisfaction: There is no need to pay for a delta-8 product if you do not enjoy it. Hence, we only picked delta-8 products that guaranteed satisfaction to their clients. We leveraged user reviews and ratings to determine which brand offered outstanding products. Ultimately, we discovered that the brands on our list had higher satisfaction guarantees. In our roundup, we ranked delta-8 products with higher user ratings and more positive ratings. We did not include delta-8 products with negative reviews and low user ratings.
    • Policies: Our team scouted for delta-8 brands with exciting policies and offered you could enjoy. Such delta-8 brands understood the importance of the holiday shopping season and Black Friday coupon codes. Ultimately, we found brands that offered Black Friday coupon codes and other discounts you could enjoy. The delta-8 THC brands we have listed have the best policies you can leverage to enjoy an exciting shopping experience.
    • Safety: Since the FDA does not regulate delta-8 and CBD products, we ensured to pick safe brands that would not harm you. Such delta-8 brands leveraged natural ingredients sourced from the best farms within the United States. Additionally, we ensured that these delta-8 brands subjected all their products to independent third-party laboratory tests. You can trust the brands on our list because they performed thorough quality assurance tests on their finished products.
    • Pricing: We also considered the pricing for each delta-8 product before including it in our roundup. Our team noticed that although some brands offered discount codes, their products were still relatively expensive compared to other quality products. In such a case, we did not include such products as they were clearly not a perfect fit. Our team also considered the price-per-serving ratio to determine how expensive each product was. Ultimately, we picked delta-8 THC products with better price-per-serving ratios to feature on our list.

How To Select The Best Delta-8 Brand For Black Friday Discounts

The cannabis industry has expanded tremendously in the past ten years. Nowadays, it is common to find several cannabis brands on the market. Interestingly, each cannabis brand promises the best deals for its delta-8 products. On closer examination, you will discover that some of these brands do not offer half as good products as they usually promise. Hence, selecting a promising delta-8 product that can offer the best benefits becomes difficult.

We understand how challenging it gets to find an outstanding delta-8 product to enjoy during the holiday season. It is even more challenging since most brands portray their products as the best and usually back it up with mouth-watering deals. If you are not careful, you will end up with unworthy delta-8 products because you need to enjoy some discount sales. On that premise, our team has crafted this detailed buying guide to help you select a great delta-8 product worth every penny you spend.

    • Always Read Customer Reviews

The first and most important rule for buying online is to read customer reviews. These customer reviews will typically save you from making the worst mistake of your shopping career. Instead of buying products based on sentiments, dropping by the user reviews section is always a good idea. If you see more negative comments in the user reviews section, avoiding such a delta-8 product is better. Additionally, you need to pay attention to these reviews if you have allergic reactions.

You will find user experiences relating to allergies, if there are any. Also, you can compare the user ratings to see if the delta-8 product you chose has a good user experience rating. It would be better to pick another product if you notice low user ratings on a delta-8 product.

    • Leverage Reputation

While it may sound cliche, purchasing your delta-8 products from reputable brands is better. These brands usually build a reputation with clients in the cannabis industry. We noticed that such reputable brands usually offer higher-quality delta-8 products. Hence, it would help if you always leveraged these renowned brands when buying your delta-8 products. You can compare reputable brands on various fronts to determine the best option. Ensure to check for potency, safety, and user reviews. Keep emotions and sentiments aside, and you will end up with a delta-8 product worth every penny you spend.

    • Safety First

We implore you to consider the safety-first approach when scouting for good delta-8 products to enjoy. Although some brands have rich delta-8 products, their ingredients come from questionable sources. Purchasing your delta-8 products from such brands with questionable sources would be bad business. For instance, purchasing a delta-8 product from a brand is not a good idea simply because it is highly potent. Such brands may have delta 9 THC in high quantities. Consuming delta 9 THC in high quantities may lead to death or other severe health complications.

Always consider delta-8 products with less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Alternatively, you can avoid brands with delta-9 if you do not need the entourage effect. Ensure that the delta-8 brand has readily available results for third-party lab tests. Since the FDA does not regulate these delta-8 products, that is the only way to know if you are buying a good product.

    • Make Price Comparisons

It would help if you compared the price of each delta-8 product to select one that matches your budget. Although delta-8 products offer several outstanding benefits, it is not worth spending an entire fortune to acquire them. You can compare prices by comparing the price-per-servings ratio on these delta-8 products. You can get this ratio by dividing the total price by the number of servings available in one product container. It is best to pick another delta-8 product if you notice that the one you chose has an extremely high price-per-servings ratio.

    • Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

You need to understand that some delta-8 brands offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales while others do not. Suppose you want to enjoy Black Friday discounts while shopping for delta-8 products. It is best to consider delta-8 brands with these shopping deals in place for you. We combed the internet to look for delta-8 brands that offer such services. Ultimately, we found the delta-8 brands we have listed in our review. These delta-8 brands offer the most exciting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals you could wish for. You can revisit our review or head over to each delta-8 brand’s website to see the available deals you can leverage.

    • Look Out for Brand Policies

Brand policies will help you enjoy a better shopping experience when looking for highly potent delta-8 products. Some brands have customer-centric policies. Such policies include longer Black Friday sale dates. Once you can leverage longer sale dates, you will enjoy every discount code you obtain from these brands. Additionally, you can leverage brands with longer return policies.

The return policies show the brand’s confidence in the products it creates. Usually, most reputable delta-8 brands offer a 30-day refund period fo their products. You can also find brands that offer as long as 60 days money-back guarantees. While the money-back guarantee is essential when purchasing your delta-8 products, you must ensure to compare the other features of the products before settling.

    • Check the Ingredients List

The best way to enjoy your cannabis experience is with great ingredients. Some delta-8 brands do not use quality ingredients to produce their vapes, oils, or gummies. It is best to avoid such delta-8 brands and only focus on those with quality ingredients. Additionally, some delta-8 brands do not publish the ingredients used in their formula. In that case, knowing what the brand used to produce its delta-8 products becomes challenging.

Try as much as possible to avoid such delta-8 brands because they cause harm to your body. If you have allergies, check on the product’s leaflet to find the ingredients and cross-check if you are allergic to anything in the delta-8 product list.

Avoiding any product containing ingredients your body does not welcome is best. Some delta-8 brands use coconut oil or other substances for their oil. You can buy your products from such delta-8 brands as they will not harm you. You can also patronize delta-8 and gluten-free CBD brands that care about your health.

    • Flavor Options

Having a wide selection of flavors to consider is one of the best feelings you can ever have as a cannabis enthusiast. Always consider brands with several flavors to help you enjoy a less boring time while consuming cannabis. You mustn’t buy all the flavors of delta-8 products you see. You can start with one or two flavors and then warm your way into buying others. Ultimately, you will find a flavor or flavors that you love. You can then stick to purchasing such flavors that catch your fancy.

FAQs For Delta-8 THC Black Friday Deals

What does it mean to participate in a black Friday sale?

A Black Friday sale is during the shopping season (usually November or December) when you can purchase goods at discounts. You can obtain delta-8 or CBD products for cheaper rates during this period using coupon codes or other applicable discounts. You can either leverage Black Friday coupon codes or Cyber Monday sales if you want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis at lower rates.

Do all delta-8 brands have black Friday deals?

Not all delta-8 brands offer Black Friday Coupons for you to use. Because the brand does not have a Black Friday sell-off does not mean it is not a good delta-8 brand. However, it is better to leverage good brands that sell their cannabis at discounted rates this season to save money for other expenses.

Even if you do not use cannabis products, these delta-8 products could be a great gift to your loved ones. You can buy these delta-8 products for your family, colleagues, and friends to show them that you care.

Which delta-8 brands offer the most exciting black Friday deals?

Several delta-8 brands have outstanding deals on Black Friday sales you can leverage. However, you must not purchase your delta-8 products simply because a brand has mouth-watering discounts. Instead, it would help to compare the discounts with the delta-8 product quality.

If you discover that the delta-8 product lacks in quality, it would be best to look for a new delta-8 product. You can start by considering the delta-8 brands and products we have reviewed on our list. These brands have outstanding Black Friday deals to match the quality of their products.

Is it safe to purchase delta-8 products from black Friday sales?

It is safe to buy your delta-8 products from reputable brands if these reputable brands offer discounts on Black Friday sales; even better! However, it would be best if you did not patronize unknown brands because they offer exciting discounts on Black Friday.

Instead, it would be best if you always drew comparisons between the discounts offered and the product quality. If you find out that the brand offers a lower-quality product with great discounts, you should probably not purchase the delta-8 product from them.

Final Thoughts: Top Brands To Consider For Delta-8 THC Black Friday Deals

Black Friday sales are here again, and we have taken out time to explain how you can get the best deals from cannabis brands this year. In our roundup, we have included the top brands that offer quality delta-8 products at affordable rates. Interestingly, these brands also have Black Friday coupon codes you could enjoy while shopping for new and exciting delta-8 products.

We listed Exhale Wellness as our top pick because the brand has a variety of delta-8 products you can leverage to enjoy the quality benefits of cannabis. However, you can also leverage the other delta-8 brands on our list, as they all provide quality effects and outstanding Black Friday deals. If you need flavor variations, you can check out the delta-8 THC capsules products on our list. These products offer various flavor choices you can leverage for a better cannabis experience.

Our team has also included an entire section on how we picked the delta-8 brands with the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. You can read through the section to help you understand how we picked our products without bias. Additionally, we included a detailed buying guide and a “how to” section to help you pick out the most exciting brand with quality products and good discount deals.

It is best to carefully review the delta-8 products on our list before picking a particular favorite. Once you have made up your mind, you can head to the brand’s official website to enjoy the best Black Friday deals on all delta-8 products.

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