Best Delta-8 Gummies for Sleep In 2024: Top THC Brands On The Market 

Nikhil Goswami

Cannabis has been used to help people sleep for decades. Several US states have rich histories regarding farming hemp plants, like Colorado, Rhode Island, etc. However, not everyone responds well to delta-8 THC ‘a psychedelic potential, particularly in large doses. Sleep deprivation is a common issue nowadays. Our busy schedules often continue to burden the brain way past bedtime.

Finding that middle ground between work and rest is hard. Thus, anxiety quickly morphs into insomnia. That is why it’s so important to reduce your daily stress levels. To do so, people often use various full-spectrum CBD edibles and sleep gummies. These aromatic chewies act similarly to traditional sleeping pills.

However, taking delta-8 THC gummies is much more pleasant and has almost no negative side effects. This is due to their healthy and sugar-free formulas. Also, most of these items refrain even from corn syrup. As for their effects, delta-8 THC gummies aid you when falling asleep in a natural manner. Plus, taking them once per day is a good way to combat anxiety and sleep disorders.

To clear the air, we’ve compiled a list of the best delta-8 THC gummies that can help you sleep at night.

Our Top Picks For The Best Delta-8 THC Gummies:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-8 Gummies For Sleep, Editor’s Pick 
  2. BudPop –  Most Prime & Potent THC Gummies On The Market 
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Most Recommended & Affordable Delta 8 THC Gummies 
  4. Diamond CBD – Premium & Supreme Quality Weed Gummies Available 
  5. 3 Chi – Most Popular & Top Rated Delta 8 Gummies 

#1.  Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta-8 Gummies For Sleep, Editor’s Pick 

Exhale Wellness makes a solid impression by making the best hemp-based vegan and organic items CBD edibles. Many prefer their delta-8 THC gummies and cite them as excellent value for money. Also, many take them to avoid staying awake at night or to deal with some recurring pain.

On a related note, this brand has a robust business plan and reliable customer service. They have a modern website full of useful info with an intuitive UI. In addition, the firm provides third-party lab results. They also practice a 30-day money-back guarantee. They will provide a full refund if you are dissatisfied with the items. So, ensure not to overstep those limits if you intend to ask for your money back.


Exhale Wellness’s delta-8 gummies are both organic and potent. Each gummy contains around 25 mg of delta-8 THC. Also, you can get them in jars of either 750 mg or 1500 mg. Furthermore, the gummies contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, which is the legal limit.

They’re fruit-shaped gummies, and each one has a distinct taste. These delta-8 THC gummies include no artificial colorings or flavors. There are apple, grape, strawberry, orange, and pineapple flavors available. Their potent effects may assist in relaxation and pain relief. It is recommended that you use them before going to bed to help you fall asleep faster. Exhale Wellness offers a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your order.

A third-party laboratory tests each batch of products. During such screening, the materials are tested for potency and pesticides. Exhale Wellness also makes the findings of each test report available on its website. Exhale Wellness produces high-quality hemp-based edibles to help with your mood and brain activity. This firm is a pioneer in the delta-8 cannabis market. Aside from gummies, they also make effective CBD oils and flowers by adding delta-8 cannabis extracts.


  • Entirely natural ingredients
  • High-quality
  • Fruity tastes
  • Lab-tested products
  • Effective for physical pain
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • Only available in the US

Customer Feedback

On the Trustpilot website, Exhale Wellness boasts over 2,700 5-star ratings. Hundreds of satisfied clients swear by their natural solutions for stress relief, chronic pain, and sleep problems. Hundreds more have been pleasantly surprised by the great customer service they provide. => Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop – Most Prime & Potent THC Gummies On The Market 

BudPop is a popular brand that sells top-tier CBD items, including lab-tested delta-8 gummies, carts, and flowers. Since its formulas and flavors are unique and well-balanced, the brand has a large fan following. BudPop makes it simple to learn about the goods, their legal status, and any possible side effects they may have. This brand’s delta-8 gummies are the most potent gummies available.

CBD and CBN work together to help you fall asleep. Aside from aiding you with sleep, these gummies can also dull pain and enhance your mood. These high-quality delta-8 gummies comprise only pure components. So, they are devoid of solvents, animal byproducts, pesticides, etc.


BudPop’s delta-8 gummies offer a blend of CBD and CBN to help you get a restful sleep. Furthermore, the company’s products and procedures are vegan-friendly and GMO-free. BudPop gummies are tested by a third party at an FDA-approved facility. The gummies contain no THC, toxic substances, chemicals, or other potentially dangerous residues.

They acquire organic hemp from the United States, as do the other top brands on our list, and employ the CO2 extraction method for purity. They make the gummies in various flavors like Strawberry Gelato, Blue Dream Berry, and Watermelon Zkittlez. Aside from the good taste, people take them to find respite from pain and boost their mental focus. The Strawberry Gelato gummies have 336 five-star ratings and contain 25 mg of delta-8 THC per serving, making them very beginner-friendly. BudPop suggests taking no more than two gummies within six hours. Also, they recommend taking them just before going to bed. On the other hand, avoid these products while you operate heavy machinery.


  • Reputable brand
  • Full spectrum CBD
  • Desired effects
  • Affordable price
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Quality hemp
  • Delicious flavors


  • Some products have artificial sweeteners

Customer Feedback

As previously stated, BudPop’s hemp-derived product range is supported by over 1,000 excellent customer reviews. Many customers have used their gummies for pain relief and relaxation. Similarly, they liked the gummy’s exotic flavors and lingering effects. As for the first-timers, they applaud the 20% discounts BudPop provides on initial orders. Lastly, the fast shipping time is another focal point. => Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#3.  Hollyweed CBD – Most Recommended & Affordable Delta 8 THC Gummies 

Hollyweed CBD is popular for a variety of CBD products. However, their delta-8 gummies are their newest hit. To derive them, this company solely employs high-quality US hemp. Next, they cut no corners when using the most advanced extraction methods to create delta-8 THC. Also, Hollyweed CBD continues to innovate and earn new loyal fans. Their delta-8 gummies comprise only natural ingredients and do not include added sugars, flavors, or colors. Plus, some variants are better for dealing with pain, while others support all brain activity. Otherwise, there are also the full spectrum delta-8 gummies for anxiety and deep sleep. Staying true to its goal to educate, Hollyweed CBD shares some of the know-how on its website. They aim to provide for all users by mixing proper compounds in the right proportions. So, these vegan gummies may benefit all consumers, particularly those who desire healthier lifestyles.


Users of Hollyweed CBD delta-8 gummies report stronger immune systems and increased sleep quality. Also, they recommend taking these gummies at the same hour every day. The hemp source and active component in their delta-8 gummies is a broad-spectrum CBD extract. This type contains cannabinoids and phytonutrients. Trace quantities of THC are incorporated in the gummies to help you get a good night’s sleep and deal with pain. The natural flavor and 0% gelatin content of these gummies enable you to enjoy the tangy, refreshing taste of strawberries. As such, taking these as a form of meds is not a hassle like with actual pills. Third-party testing assures that Hollyweed CBD gummies are free of toxins and contain full-spectrum delta-8 CBD. Heavy metals, pesticides, and mycotoxins were all found to be absent in the gummies during testing. Hollyweed CBD is one of the forerunners of the pro-cannabis movement. To raise public awareness, they’ve created numerous ads and campaigns. Also, their modern website is filled with valuable articles on the best ways to take CBD and delta-8.


  • Purely organic and vegan
  • High-quality hemp
  • Wide range of flavors
  • Various potencies
  • Free shipping
  • Educative blogs
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Only available online

Customer Feedback

Hollyweed CBD is a well-known and reputable brand on the market. Over the years, they’ve created a slew of edibles that aid in sleep and relaxation. Thus, customers like the wide range of options and high-quality ingredients. Also, they applaud how any cannabinoid found in these items enriches their overall efficacy. => Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD


#4.  Diamond CBD – Premium & Supreme Quality Weed Gummies Available

Diamond CBD has a reputation for excellent quality in the delta-8 industry. This renowned firm started back in 2015 and quickly earned a hefty fan base. This team comprises scientists and medics committed to creating safe and natural products for all customers. This massive corporation evolves even in 2022 and keeps on creating new methods and better products. Diamond CBD has one of the most comprehensive product lines available in various flavors, potencies, and sizes to offer something for all tastes. Aside from CBD products, the company also offers a wide range of delta-8 and delta-10 goods. They have their goods evaluated by third-party labs to guarantee that the components in their products are of the greatest quality. These tests look for allergens, heavy metals, and pesticides. Later, the company displays these results and COAs on the website. Also, they provide clear labels on all items, allowing you to examine what you’re about to ingest. However, most of these products are gluten-free and vegan-friendly.


What we like most about Diamond CBD is that they have many flavors to choose from, but their prices are also quite fair. For example, their packages of 900 mg delta-8 content offer a fair value for money. To make them, the brand uses premium hemp extract and natural terpenes for long-term benefits.

Diamond CBD’s R&D team stays committed to delivering a diverse selection of hemp extracts and high-quality products. From new technology and a safe and clean extraction approach to product packaging, the company puts a lot of thought and care every step of the way. They also employ eco-friendly practices and get their crops from Colorado. Thus, all their stuff is non-GMO and safe. Diamond CBD puts great importance on quality assurance. Thus, its products are tested by a third-party lab.

Diamond CBD’s prices range from fair to extremely pricey, and the quality is undeniably worth the cost. If you spend more than $100, you will get two days of expedited shipping, which is also super fast. If you are dissatisfied with the products, you have 30 days to return them. Furthermore, if you register on their site, you will get a 70% reduction on your purchase, which is unusual for such firms. On top of that, Diamond CBD often offers discounts on all goods.


  • Affordable and effective
  • External lab testing
  • Wide range of flavors
  • Vegan
  • Full-spectrum
  • Made from the pure hemp plant
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Most discounts are only for registered users

Customer Feedback

The BBB’s 3.5-star rating demonstrates that Diamond CBD’s products are well-liked and trusted by its customers. Those who have experienced it have also commended the variety of options available. Furthermore, Diamond CBD’s delta-8 gummies are famous with clients due to their environmental and GMO-free dedication and the extensive testing that builds confidence. Also, many describe taking them to ease up on pain, stress, and everyday anxiety. => Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD


#5.  3Chi – Most Popular & Top Rated Delta 8 Gummies 

3Chi is a leading distributor of delta-8 in the USA. 3Chi stands out from other big players due to the low prices of its items. The firm has been active in the delta-8 market for 15 years, provided they’re familiar with what fans are looking for. Recently, they expanded their popular lines of delta-8 gummies. However, they haven’t changed how they got the primary resource. So, they continue to collaborate with experienced US hemp farmers. Also, independent labs have verified the quality of their items. Their hemp-derived delta-8 gummies have uplifting effects, zero artificial additives. On top of that, they come with very competitive prices, too. If you’re just starting with delta-8 gummies, try taking half a gummy to ease into it. Do not take more until your body has developed a tolerance. To avoid the worst side effects of THC, it is recommended that you wait at least 90 minutes between each dose. Like other delta-8 gummy brands, 3Chi utilizes third-party testing to ensure their safety. However, some of their products contain both natural and synthetic tastes and colors. Therefore, check the labeling before confirming your purchase.


Everything made by 3Chi has a delta-9 THC content of less than 0.3%. As such, these items are potent but also 100% federally legal. The company has an easy-to-navigate website that details its products and also serves as a learning resource for newcomers. If you’re interested, head to the blogs section. Their fast shipping policy means you may have your order in as little as one to four business days. Also, you have ten days from the date of your online purchase to request a refund or exchange. The brand has put its delta-8 THC gummies to external testing to ensure their safety and purity. Once the batch passes such scrutiny, the brand moves on to the next step. In that way, they take no chances before placing an item for sale. As for their shelf life, it is best to keep these gummies in the fridge and not at room temperature. That method assures their efficacy in the long term. The 3Chi delta-8 gummies are packaged in a mylar bag to prevent damage during delivery. At the same time, this allows you to keep them secure when on the go.


  • Fair practices
  • Clean extraction methods
  • Effective plant-based compounds
  • Fast shipping
  • Industry’s pioneers
  • Detailed lab results


  • Strict refund policy

Customer Feedback

Consumers like the fast-acting nature of these gummies. Several buyers have commented on their quality, sweetness, and ability to reduce anxiety. Also, they found their shapes attractive and fun to chew. However, several complaints were voiced about the company’s customer service. On that note, some users described finding their return policies to be fair. => Click here to visit the official website of 3CHI

How We Came Up With Our List Of The Best THC Brands For Delta 8 Gummies For Sleep?

We have evaluated the delta-8 gummies market extensively. We considered several factors, such as the business’s track record, ratings, customer feedback, laboratory findings, hemp sources, etc. This led us to create stringent guidelines for all featured brands.

What We Looked For?

  • The Brands’ History: Many companies try their hand at making delta-8 gummies. Some of them are well-known for the high quality of their products. On the flip side, there are also those with very outdated PR policies. Thus, we conducted in-depth analyses of all popular delta-8 brands. At the same time, we favored the names with proven track records. When opting for well-known labels, you won’t have to fret about receiving a product of inferior quality. Plus, they employ a sizable customer support team to handle all queries on time.
  • Ratings and Comments From Real Users: A product or company’s credibility may be largely determined by its users’ reviews. Therefore, this was one of the top priorities of our research. However, we didn’t stick only with the official website. To form our opinions, we dig deeper into many online forums. In that way, we slowly trimmed the list down to the best five brands. When compiling the ranks, we also examined the feedback of prominent delta-8 users and experts.
  • Hemp Source: The most prevalent hemp source is the Cannabis sativa plant. However, no CBD or delta-8 item has been approved by the FDA for daily usage thus far. Yet, the 2018 Federal Farm Bill regulated their legal status, as long as they have less than 0,3% THC. As for the most popular farms, companies often opt for places like Colorado, Oregon, etc.
  • External Testing: Credible businesses will have their products tested by impartial labs to ensure their quality. Then, they share the findings so anyone can inspect the product’s quality. Such an open approach increases patron trust. Publicly available, third-party test results are available for all of the brands we have selected.
  • Price: The prices were another factor we considered while creating our ‘best of’ list. A thoughtful business would provide discounts and sample packs to its customers. In addition, if you invest in a high-quality product with long-term advantages for your health, you may save money in the long run.

Main Factors to Consider When Buying Delta-8 Gummies

There is an abundance of delta-8 brands and products on the market. If you’ve never bought such edibles before, it’s important to do your homework. To stay on the safe side, it’s important to compare their production and extraction methods. Also, the best items undergo rigorous scientific testing. In the following section, we have compiled a list of the most crucial factors to consider while searching for delta-8 gummies.

  • The Hemp’s Origin

The origin of the hemp directly affects the gummies’ quality. Industrial hemp might easily get contaminated by the soil or its surroundings. Then, if the brands work with such plants, the final outcome will not be as pure. In worst cases, hemp products might even pose a risk to the consumer’s health. This is why only organic hemp, which is rigorously tested for purity and effectiveness, is used by the industry’s leading manufacturers. So, keep away from companies that use non-organic hemp or don’t disclose where their hemp comes from. As a rule of thumb, favor the companies that work alongside proven US hemp farms

  • Extraction Methods

Although alternative extraction processes are effective, carbon dioxide is the cleanest and safest. Supercritical CO2 extraction is the norm among respected businesses in today’s market. Solvent extraction is also potentially useful, but it can turn hazardous. Also, it is not 100% eco-friendly like the CO2 method. Hence, we recommend favoring the brands that use this most advanced extraction technique.

  • Objective Lab Testing 

Independent scientific research is the gold standard for making educated purchasing decisions. A lab test may reveal a substance’s composition, efficacy, and concentration. In light of this, you should avoid dealing with companies reluctant to share such data. Misleading information in the laboratory test is as terrible as false claims on the company’s website.

  • Customer Feedback

You may find what you need to know about a product in the comments section. Thus, ensure to spend some time combing through the opinions. At the same time, you might find out how well the brand handles customer service issues. So, if you like to return an item, it’s wise to check the ratings and reviews of authoritative sources. Similarly, you can even post queries of your own and look for some more clarification. However, pay little mind to inflated reviews and commercial-like epithets.

  • Dosage

You may need a gram scale to define the exact dose of one gummy. Plus, you’ll have to determine the daily amount optimal for your weight and body type. So, start with a smaller dose if your body isn’t up to it. After all, delta-8 doses vary from person to person. However, the consensus among users is that it’s best to start slow and build up. You may find the concentration on the back of the product label.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Delta 8 Gummies For Sleep

1.  How long does the effect of delta-8 sleeping gummies last?

The health benefits of the gummies often kick in within an hour and may last as long as seven hours like other cannabis edibles. Within half an hour, you will start to feel relaxed and gradually fall asleep. Delta-8 THC produces a psychotropic impact by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. However, your weight and CBD tolerance level do have an impact on this. You may gauge your body’s reaction to the gummies by taking them carefully.

2.  Can consuming delta-8 gummies cause me to fail drug tests? 

Delta-8 gummies include small amounts of THC, although this is not significant. As such, they’re legal for daily use. Delta-8 gummies may help you regulate your sleep cycle and stay asleep overnight. However, THC is still considered a drug. Thus, its presence in the urine and blood might cause you to fail a drug test. So, we advise you to avoid taking any delta-8 gummies before an upcoming drug test or take full responsibility.

3.  Can you fall asleep after eating too many gummies?

Eating too many gummies at once is not wise since doing so might impact your health. If your doctor has prescribed a certain dosage, take it exactly as directed. Don’t venture into overstepping those limits by yourself. Instead, schedule another visit if you feel like the dosage is too low for you.

4.  Are there any risks if I take the gummies for better sleep?

Even if there are some drawbacks, they aren’t exactly alarming. However, before consuming the gummies, you must know about the potential side effects. Also, stop taking them if you note any form of hardship. You should also contact your doctor if you are experiencing any medical emergency. The fact is that everyone’s response is different. So, if you consider using gummies, you should talk to your doctor first.

5.  How about the safety of delta-8 CBD?

Delta-8 CBD products undergo several stages of diagnostic testing in the lab. This asserts the effectiveness and safety of the product. There have been no reported adverse effects from using CBD. Although cannabidiol (CBD) products are generally safe to use with other medications, there are a few exceptions. Hence, you should do some research before taking them as treatment.

6.  Can I get high after using delta-8 gummies, and would that put me to sleep?

Delta-8 gummies won’t get you high; doctors wouldn’t recommend them as a sleep aid if they did. However, delta-8 gummies provide calming and soothing effects. That’s why they are so popular these days.

7. To what extent can I use delta-8 gummies without breaking federal laws?

Delta-8 CBD products often include a trace amount of THC (less than 0.3%) found in the cannabis plant. This is considered legal in most US countries. However, if a product has a THC concentration of 0.3% or higher, they are illegal at the federal level.

8.  When should I eat my delta-8 gummies for better sleep?

Get your delta-8 gummies in around an hour before bedtime, like with most hemp products. In general, it might take up to 30 minutes for the gummies to take effect.

Conclusion: Best Delta-8 Gummies for Sleep On The Market 

Long-term effects of sleep loss might slowly add up if you neglect the importance of getting good rest at night. In time, the effects might impair your work capabilities and cause you to make crucial mistakes. Delta-8 THC sleep gummies may have various medical benefits as traditional THC. They bind with cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system to produce calming effects. In that way, they can promote a healthier sleep cycle and better mental health. Those seeking a fresh and effective sleep aid can benefit greatly from these sleep gummies. In this article, we’ve presented the five best choices you should consider. However, before taking any hemp product, make sure to consult a medical professional. Even if delta-8 THC gummies can’t cure any illness, you shouldn’t mix them with other meds.  

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