How To Choose The Best Dab Tool-The Ultimate Guide Of 2022 


Whether a novice or an experienced dabber, you’ll need the right tools for the ultimate experience. Picking the wrong tools is wasteful and interferes with the quality of your experience, especially when handling the sticky concentrates from the cannabis flower. Therefore, you need to understand how to pick the best dab tool before dabbing.

This article explores the preference for dabbing and why dabbing tools are essential. Additionally, it explains how to handle different dabs with these tools and what factors determine which right tool to pick.

The article looks further at different dabbing tools and what you need to focus on in your choices. With such information, you should have a stress-free selection process and a most enjoyable dabbing experience. 

What Is Dabbing?

If you’re new to dabbing, the term and other critical elements may seem confusing. Dabbing is applying extreme heat to a dab concentrate to vaporize it, thus enabling its consumption through inhalation. 

Dab rig is a concentrated mix of butane hash oil with highly concentrated levels of THC. Dabs are manufactured using butane oil to extract the THC concentrate from the cannabis plant. The result is a cannabis product with up to four times the concentration of THC as a joint.

You’ll need a dab rig, e-rig, or dab pen to perform the procedure. A dab rig has the basic structure of a glass bong, except that instead of a bowl for the flower, it has a dab nail for the dab. This nail is usually heated, then allowed to cool to the right temperature before placing a dab on it.

Dabbing relies on higher temperatures than smoking flowers to attain the necessary vaporization. Typically, smoking temperatures reach 350 Fahrenheit, while dabbing can get up to 600 Fahrenheit. Additionally, different dab types exist because of their texture differences. The applied dab extraction process determines these textures. What’s common among these solid concentrates is their sticky nature.

What Is A Dab Tool?

A dab or dabber tool is a small wand used to efficiently and hygienically scoop and place a dab on the nail. The best dab tools use different shapes on the scooping end to handle different dabs. The rest of the tool is elongated and resembles a dentist’s equipment. Therefore, a dabbing tool is a scooper, elongated handle, and carb cap combo.

Since dabs are highly concentrated and sticky, you need the best dab tool to scoop a little of them without smearing them. Additionally, the dabbing tool ensures you don’t come into contact with the hot nail.

How Do You Dab?

While different techniques, expected outcomes, and the number of accessories may modify the process, it largely remains the same. Let us look at the steps in the dabbing experience:

  • Hit The Nail

If you have an e-rig or delta-8 THC wax dabs, you need to key in the desired temperature and allow the nail to heat up. Alternatively, if you’re using a quartz nail or banger, use your torch to get it red hot. High temperatures burn off small residual particles and allow a new session.

  • Let The Nail Cool Down

Heating the nail to such high temperatures has served its purpose, but you now need to get it into the right temperature window. Typically, 450 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal, which needs around 30-60 seconds of cooldown. The range factors in different nail materials, thicknesses, and the initial temperature. Remember, higher temperatures would scorch the dab, leaving you with little to none for inhalation.

A first-time dabber needs to understand how long it takes to attain the right dabbing temperature. Therefore, you’ll need an infrared thermometer and a timer for the first few sessions. After that, you’ll quickly tell when your nail is in the right temperature window. For e-rig users, there is no need for a cooldown step since the dabbing rig heats up to the desired temperature.

  • Place The Dab And Inhale The Vapor

With the sharp edge of the dab wand, place the dab concentrate on the hot nail. Simultaneously, start to take long, slow inhalations of the vapor. You should take your time, as the dab won’t vaporize entirely at first. This duration also gives you time to savor the THC.

  • Use The Carb Cap

Cover the carb cap on the nail or banger as you inhale to preserve the heat. This ensures the nail continues to vaporize the dab, thus providing the complete experience. At the end of the session, uncover the nail so you can clear the remainder of the vapor.

  • Exhale The Vapor

It is important that you exhale the vapor immediately after inhalation.

  • Clean The Nail

There will be residue in the nail, which can change the flavor of the next dab if you don’t remove it. Therefore, let the nail cool down, then use a cotton swab to remove any residue. You’ll do a thorough job by dipping the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol.

This procedure applies more or less in every dabbing session. However, the type of dab may need a different approach. Therefore, let us look at some of these dab types for a better understanding:


Oil is probably the hardest to manage among the thicker concentrates. It is runny and easily smears, thus needing extra care and the right tools. It’s worth mentioning the viscosity of these oils differs, affecting how easily you can manipulate them. Additionally, oils are pretty flavorful, needing extra care in handling for you to experience those flavors.


Wax is the original form of dab concentrate and one of the messiest to handle. It is slightly easier to handle than oils, making it the more popular choice. However, their relatively messy nature necessitates the tools, which is why dabbing tools were invented first.


Shatter is crystallized THC with a glass-like structure and appearance. It is probably the easiest to handle dab. However, that structure also carries the brittle nature of glass, so you still need to handle it carefully. This dab version is the most potent and significantly stronger than other versions.


Rosin is the most affordable dab since it only needs heat and pressure to manufacture. It is also the most popular dab and allows for maximizing the appeal of low-quality cannabis. Rosin ranges between a sticky shatter and thick oil, thus needing tools to handle.


Crumble is a solid form of concentrated oil that is a result of whipping the oil during manufacturing. The result is pieces that make dosing relatively easy and convenient. It may also end up as fine dust. It all depends on the whipped amount.  

Factors To Consider When Picking Dab Tools

Dab Pens tools are necessary for handling sticky, runny, and often messy and highly concentrated dabs. Additionally, the high temperatures during vaporization make dab tools critical safety instruments.

 Therefore, you must be keen on which ones you pick when shopping. You need dab tools made of premium materials capable of withstanding high temperatures. Additionally, the tools need to fit your specific needs and last a long time. Here are the critical factors to consider:

  • Stick To Quality Materials

High-quality materials determine the longevity and usability of dab tools. Therefore, aim for quality materials that are heat resistant. Here are some excellent material choices for your dab tools:

    • Glass: A glass dab tool looks fantastic and allows for customization during manufacture, further adding to their appeal. However, they need careful handling as the glass is brittle. Fortunately, they’ll last longer and preserve their looks under such care.
    • Quartz: Quartz dab tools have excellent thermal efficiency, though they tend to lose heat fast. Fortunately, they are durable and popular because of their ability to preserve the dab flavors.
    • Ceramic: Ceramic is durable and has a unique overall look while preserving heat the longest among dabbing tools. However, ceramic doesn’t preserve flavor as well as quartz but manages to outdo metal tools.
    • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is the most durable dab tool material, rivaled only by titanium. Therefore, you’ll have a reliable tool for your dabbing needs for a long time. However, being metal, stainless steel doesn’t preserve flavors as well as other materials.
  • Check The Dab Tool Style

Different dab tool styles suit different dab types. Therefore, you need to pick yours depending on what kind of dab you intend to partake in. Here are different types of dab tools:

    • Scoops: Scoop dab tools are suitable for sticky dab concentrates such as waxes and crumbles. They also work for crystalline concentrates such as CBD and THCA. Think of the scoop as a small spoon, making it possible to collect and carry the right amount of dab. Some scoops have a sharp, flat edge that allows you to cut dab crystals for better dosing.
    • Tool and Carb Cap Combo: A carb cap helps you regulate airflow for a better dabbing experience. This tool and carb cap combo allows you to scoop and control that airflow using one tool. Therefore, you’ll have less gear while ensuring an efficient dabbing process.
    • Blades and Paddles: Blades and paddles are a cross between a flat tool and a scoop, making them versatile items. The scoop bit helps collect the concentrate, while the lightly sharp edge helps cut larger dab pieces. Therefore, you can use blades and paddles on various dab viscosities.
    • Dab Tool Kits: The right dab tool kit comes in handy for versatility or when you’re uncertain. It has a wand with an end that attaches to different ends. Therefore, it’ll help you handle different dab viscosities through its scoops, picks, paddles, and blades.
  • Check The Dab Tool Portability

Portability affects the ease of use, convenience, discretion, and ease of transportation. Some dab tools are great to use but have such long stems it’s cumbersome carrying them. In addition, some have many attachments that make them inconvenient to carry around. Therefore, check how portable the dab tools are before settling on them.

  • The Versatility Of The Dab Tools

In the interest of efficiency and portability, single-use dab tools are slowly losing popularity. A dab tool that doubles as a carb cap is preferred, as others perform more than one purpose. 

Which Dab Tool Is Right For You?

  • Understand The Tool’s Functioning

Such understanding relates to understanding what you need the tool for. A dab tool helps you collect and place the dab concentrate on the nail without making a mess and in the right measure.

Therefore, you need to know how to use it comfortably and accurately. The viscosity of the dab will help you narrow down your choices, as will the ease of cleaning the dab tools. Additionally, the durability and quality of a dab tool affect your choices.

  • What Dabbing Rig Do You Have?

Ideally, your chosen dab tool should match the rest of your dabbing rig. Besides uniformity, they must be made from the same material or as close as possible. You need to ensure such uniformity if you have a custom-built dabbing rig.

Uniformity affects compatibility, as seen in the width of the carb cap on the dab tool in relation to your rig’s nail. Furthermore, due to different temperature sensitivities, a metallic dab tool may not work well with a glass dabbing rig.

  • Consider The Concentrate

The dab concentrate is a primary consideration when selecting the dab tool. Its viscosity and ease of handling directly affect your dab tool choice. For example, a shatter and an oil dab need different dab tools since the latter is runny while the former is solid. Other design considerations include a need for a sharper edge when handling the shatter but a deeper scoop for the oil.

  • Your Preferred Hit Size

The larger the preferred hit size, the larger the dab tool you’ll need. The idea is to collect and place enough dab concentrate per hit for efficiency and hygiene. You could get one that allows for accurate and consistent dosing. An example is one with a deep scoop.

  • Your Frequency Of Dabbing

The more frequently you need to use the dab tool, the more durable it should be. For example, stainless steel dab tools are the best for regular dabbers. The glass tools or quartz ones are best for more careful and less frequent dabbers.

  • Price

The material used to make your dab largely determines the price point. Metallic ones, such as stainless steel dab tools, are the most affordable. In contrast, ceramic ones and glass dab tools are more expensive but add a touch of elegance.

  • Expected Versatility

Your dabbing environment, habits, and if you dab frequently determine how versatile you need the dab tool to be. Ideally, you don’t want to use too many components if one tool can perform several tasks. Additionally, you may want to consider dab tool kits for diverse capabilities in the same package.

  • Flavor Preferences

The dab tool you use affects the dab concentrate’s flavor intensity. Therefore, you need a dab tool that interferes the least with flavor. For example, an inert material used in the dab tool consideration ensures no such flavor interference or alteration. Therefore, quartz, ceramic, and glass are ideal, while metallic options interfere the most. You only need to handle the former options with care.

Benefits Of Dabbing

While there are several ways to consume cannabis concentrates, dabbing is among the best. For example, you can add the dab to a joint, but the experience may not be as rewarding. Let us look at some of the benefits of dabbing:

  • Purity Of The Concentrate

Dab concentrates are often purer than other cannabis compounds and products. The processing ensures a high THC content, great for a lasting and profound intensity. Dabbing allows you to receive that concentration in the most potent and pure form.

  • No Smoke

Dabbing is a smokeless process, especially when using electronic dabbers like a portable vape pen. Therefore, you’ll save your respiratory system from the harmful effects of smoke, such as lung cancer and throat complications. Additionally, you won’t be a source of irritation and annoyance to those around you.

Furthermore, the smokeless nature adds an element of discretion and convenience to the exercise. You can enjoy a dab hit without drawing too much attention.

  • Preservation Of Flavors

A dab tool and dab rig allow you to vaporize the dab concentrate at a suitable temperature. This way, you’ll release all the flavors in the cannabis product and enhance the dabbing experience. Additionally, a carb cap allows you to regulate the temperature and concentration better, further enhancing the experience.

  • A Fast Hit

Dab concentrates, as the name suggests, are highly potent. They deliver a hefty dose of THC and other cannabis compounds as needed. Additionally, dabbing vaporizes the concentrate, delivering it in the fastest absorbing option available; inhalation. Therefore, you have a fast and effective solution to accessing your THC dose for addressing symptoms or other needs.

  • Efficiency

Dabbing is the most efficient method of accessing a cannabis concentrate. Features such as the carb cap on the nail or banger ensure the concentrate vaporizes at an ideal temperature. Additionally, the nail’s heat ensures that the entire concentrate vaporizes, thus enabling you to consume the terpenes and enjoy the flavors.

  • Allows For More Innovation

The clever way that dabbing works continues to encourage more innovation in the cannabis world. The elegance of this solution and the popularity among dabbers makes the industry produce the best dabbers.

  • Cleanest Cannabis Consumption Method

Besides being smokeless, dabbing is a clean and neat process. You only need a blow torch or not if you’re using electronic rigs. Therefore, you’re saved from having to wrestle with a grinder or clean up flower crumbles afterward. Additionally, dab concentrates are less pungent than flowers. You can carry your dab concentrates without offending anyone or drawing too much attention.

  • A Clearer High

Most dabbers report experiencing a clearer high than when they smoke cannabis joints and other methods. This is attributed to the purity of the concentration, leaving you with a clearer buzz. In contrast, smoking joints leaves you with a foggy and sleepy mind. Part of the latter experience could be due to smoking other plant components other than the intended THC. That composition thus leaves you feeling drowsy.

The Downsides Of Dabbing

Perhaps the biggest concern with dabbing is its resemblance to consuming crack. Using a glass dabber and a blowtorch does little to improve the cannabis image. However, looking past the image, you’ll find it’s one of the most efficient cannabis product access solutions.

Another concern is the complex and costly dab concentrate manufacturing process. For example, the process entails using solvents such as ethanol and propane that have to be separated from the final product. The addition and eventual separation is a tough job. The best solution is to use professionally-produced dabs that cost more but are safe for consumption.

Furthermore, there’s the danger of consuming too much THC. As the dose is potent, a beginner may not understand when they’ve taken too much. Fortunately, the worst you can feel is discomfort, and nothing fatal. Nonetheless, caution and patience are vital to addressing this challenge.

Conclusion: Selecting The Best Dab Tool Is Difficult? 

Choosing the best dab tools requires understanding the dabbing process and how your preferences apply. There are many dabbers in the market, such as glass dabbers, titanium dabbers, etc. This article helps you identify what’s most suitable by focusing on critical selection factors such as the quality of materials. In the end, you’re left well informed to know what makes the best dabber for your needs. 

Dabbing is seen as one of the best ways to consume cannabis products. It combines the speed of assimilation in inhalation with the intensity of a dab concentrate. This article also outlines some more benefits of dabbing and addresses some drawbacks. You only need to set up the proper dab rig and dabber tools to enjoy the process.


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