4 Best Dab Pens Of 2022

Nikhil Goswami

Dab vape pens have effectively replaced the traditional way of dabbing. You will agree that a portable dab pen makes it more convenient to enjoy your cannabis than the previously cumbersome and traditional techniques.

These wax vape pens use the technology that eliminates dab rigs which were once a prerequisite for dabbing. Although these pens have advantages, dabbing from the wrong pen could be harmful.

Getting your first dab pen to help you enjoy your cannabis is quite frustrating. Hence, we have outlined some stylish wax pens from reputable brands to help you make the best choice. You can also enjoy our quick start guide, which works wonders for beginners.

Our Top Picks For The Best Dab Pens For 2022

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Dab Pens Brand, Editor’s Pick 
  2. DopeBoo – Highly  Rated Dab Pens Vendor
  3. TokePlanet – Most Recommended Vendor With Countless Variety Of Dab Pens 
  4. Hollyweed CBD – Most Reputed Brand For Highly Potent Dab Pens 

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Dab Pens Brand, Editor’s Pick

Our top pick brand is Exhale Wellness because they have several exciting features. The brand makes disposable vape dab pens with the most effective juices. Interestingly, Exhale Wellness has built a reputation in the cannabis industry over time. Thus, the brand uses its many years of experience in the industry to create some of the best dab pens.

You will most likely enjoy using products from this brand because the company has perfected its practices over the years. Also, the brand takes customer feedback seriously and has built on this feedback to produce outstanding vape wax pens.

Additionally, dab pens from Exhale Wellness are attractive because the brand only uses natural ingredients in its production process. These natural ingredients ensure that your dab pens smell nice and have a rich aftertaste. Instead of the hempy and earthy aftertaste you usually experience with other wax pens, you will get a sweet and pure flavor that keeps you refreshed all day long.

The brand also ensures your safety when using its adjustable airflow dab pens by running each pen through independent third-party laboratory tests. Since the FDA does not regulate the production of these wax pens, these tests serve as safety proofs for these products. Our team discovered that these best weed vape pens did not contain artificial ingredients that could cause harm to you. Hence, they are non-GMOs, non-pesticides, non-herbicides, or other harmful ingredients.The taste you enjoy when using these wax vaporizers comes from natural terpenes and other hemp-derived ingredients.

You will enjoy several benefits when you use wax vape pens from Exhale Wellness. Feedback from many customers revealed that the dab pens helped users enjoy some euphoric feelings, which were only mild. Additionally, we discovered from the wax pen reviews that users experienced relief from pain, anxiety, and stress after dabbing from these products. Overall, we found that this brand’s dab pens and wax vaporizers boosted moods.


Synthetic-free Products: As a reputable name that produces excellent wax pens, Exhale Wellness does not use synthetics in its product buildup. The brand only utilizes the best hemp-derived ingredients from hemp plants. Each wax vape pen from the brand gives its users a five-star cannabis experience. Furthermore, you will not find more than 0.3% delta-9 THC in this product. Delta-9 THC has many effects when consumed in high concentrations. Hence, dab pens from this brand do not contain excessive delta-9 THC.

Excellent Customer-based Policies: Exhale Wellness has some of the best user-based policies that make it easier to purchase wax pens from them. The policies have helped the brand to build a strong relationship with its customers. You can enjoy discounts when you buy dab vape pens from this brand. Moreover, the brand allows you to return the wax pens you bought from the brand within 30 days of making the purchase. However, you may need to meet the criteria for the refund to get your money.

Different flavors: The wax pens from Exhale Wellness come in different flavors. The brand exposes its customers to vape wax pens with quality, tasteful flavors. Some flavors you could encounter while using this brand include Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel, Mango, OG Kush, Blackberry Kush, Pineapple Express, Cactus Cooler, Jack Herer, and Fruity Cereal. These flavors are more than you can find in many dab pens.

Different Vape Concentrates: Dab pens from Exhale Wellness come in several concentrations and are potent and effective. You pick the vape concentration that works best for you.

Excellent Thread and Battery Life: Vape pens from Exhale Wellness have a 510-thread battery and charger that enhance your vaping experience. The product has a long battery life, allowing you to enjoy your wax vape pen without worrying about charging.

Free Shipping: This brand offers free shipping services when you buy vape pens from them. Exhale Wellness delivers your wax pen respective of your location. However, you must make orders worth $50 or above to enjoy this free delivery feature.


  • Portable
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Highly potent
  • 30-day refund policy
  • High-quality vape pens
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Safe CO2 extraction method
  • Free economy shipping


  • No shipping for international locations

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. DopeBoo Wax Pens– Highly  Rated Dab Pens Vendor

DopeBoo prides itself on being the “best online smoke shop.” Headquartered in Chicago, the brand ships its vapor-quality dab pens around the globe. The brand has several wax dab pens you can consider when patronizing them.

First on the list and the best dab vape pen from DopeBoo is the Pax 3 by Pax. According to the brand, this compact wax pen is a dry herb vaporizer with a third-generation design. The wax dab pen has a unique, fuss-free design that ensures consistent cloud quality. Additionally, the pen-style vaporizer has an excellent shape that makes it easier to carry around without issues. Also, the dab wax pen contains only natural ingredients.

The brand’s best-selling vape pen is Atmos Jump Vape Pen. This wax vaporizer has remarkable value and is the “go-to” option if you want a cooling pull that barely produces the vapor when you use it. If you are a private vaper that does not want to get your business in public, you can use this vaporizer even in public without drawing attention to yourself.

Moreover, the Atmos Jump has a powerful 1200mAh battery that increases the use time. Traveling vapers can also use this wax atomizer because it has long battery life. The device has a heating chamber made of steel and a carbon fiber body that outclasses other wax dab pens.

The brand also has portable wax vaporizers like the Vicod 5G Second Generation. This portable device has a dual function. The vaporizer pen has an OLED heating element that lets you digitally control your dab pen or wax vaporizer. Additionally, you will enjoy a five-year warranty when you buy this product.

The brand also has desktop vaporizers you can use to enjoy your vaping experience. One of its best-selling desktop vape pens is the Arizer V-Tower. The device is called the most potent whip-style vape because it sends you to skyscraping heights.

DopeBoo has other attractive dry-herb vaporizers you can consider if you want to enjoy smoking weed without any issues. The brand’s wax vapes make it easier to enjoy cannabis without problems. You can choose any of the brand’s products and enjoy top-quality vapes.


Different dry-herb concentrate pen choices: DopeBoo has several categories of vape pens you can consider when looking for the best concentrate vaporizer. The dry-herb vaporizers can come in desktop vaporizers, portable devices, or other vape design options. You can choose the best design for you, and then you will vape away!

All-natural Ingredients: This brand has natural ingredients in its formula. DopeBoo uses dry-herb ingredients in its wax dabs. Hence, you will not find any harmful substances when you consume wax atomizers from this brand. Additionally, each concentrate vape pen undergoes third-party laboratory tests to ensure its safety. Thus, you can use these weed pens without worrying about your safety.

Relatively Affordable: Although some vape pens cost a fortune, you can get wax dabs from DopeBoo for relatively lower prices. The brand does not charge much for its wax vaporizers. Thus, you can enjoy weed pens with the best temperature settings without breaking your back.

Different Flavor Options: This brand has several flavor options you could consider when buying its wax atomizers. Each category of vaporizers has its flavor choices. The various flavors make it difficult for you to get bored while vaping from this brand’s vapes.

Free Shipping: You will enjoy free shipping for every wax atomizer you buy from DopeBoo. However, the brand will only offer free shipping when you buy a stylish wax pen worth $25 or more. Additionally, the brand only offers free shipping for locations within the United States. You will also pay additional fees if you choose a faster shipping method.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: You will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you buy any dab tool from this brand. If you do not love your dab tool, you can send it back and get a full discount. However, you must send the dab pens and wax vaporizers unopened and unused to qualify for the refund. Additionally, the brand applies a 10% restocking fee to your returned wax vape. You will get the full refund after everything gets calculated and deducted.

Discounts: You will enjoy a 10% discount for each wax vape you obtain from this brand. DopeBoo also has other deals you can access when you buy more than one vape pen from its online store.


  • Easy to use
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Better than most wax dab pens
  • 10% discounts
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Dry-herb vaporizer
  • Best pen for wax vaporizers


  • Only accessible for online purchases

=> Click here to visit the official website of DopeBoo

#3. TokePlanet–  Most Recommended Vendor With Countless Variety Of Dab Pens 

TokePlanet has several cannabis products and accessories you could use to enjoy your weed experience. You can find any dab rig you need if that is what you need to enjoy your cannabis experience. The brand has a glass mouthpiece, grinder, bongs, and vaporizers.

One thing you should note about this brand is that it does not produce vape pens. Instead, the brand sources the best dab pens from different vendors and sells them on its website. You will find the best wax pen for any kind of vaper on this website. Additionally, the brand has a good dab rig design that works with most wax pens.

There are many wax pens vaporize concentrates you will find with this brand. The brand sells a G pen connect or vaporizer with excellent battery life and a great heating chamber. Alternatively, you could purchase The V2 Tri-Use vaporizer kit, which comes in different colors. The V2 vape pen works as an oil pen and a dry-herb pen. The product has three different interchangeable adapters that make it easy to switch between oil pen and dry-herb pen while using this G pen.

This versatile, handheld vaporizer has a 5-click power system (on/off) that prevents you from accidentally controlling the power inside your pocket or as you enjoy your best wax vape pen. Dab pen reviews from this brand show that the product is the best for wax vaporizer lovers. Additionally, the oil vape pen has temperature settings you can easily maneuver while enjoying your weed.

The concentrate vape pen also has some accessories, including a micro USB charger, cleaning brush, skillet tool, and a silicone jar for proper storage. Another remarkable product you could use is the Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer kit. One outstanding feature of this oil vape pen is that it can serve all your smoke needs. The vaporizer has four different temperature settings for easy temperature adjustments.

Also, you can utilize the 15-second preheat mode option to ensure you get the best smoke from your heating element. Also, the adjustable airflow makes it easier to consume cannabis for new vapers. The G pen connect has a dual quartz atomizer tank, a glass mouthpiece, an excellent heating element, and other features that make this brand’s dab pens work well while smoking weed.

When considering this brand, you can utilize several other products on the wax pens list. Each concentrate vaporizer you pick from the brand will offer the best cannabis effects.


Different Vaporizer Options: This G pen connect has several options for its dab pen or wax vaporizers. You can use a desktop or tabletop vaporizer, dry-herb vaporizer, E-liquid vaporizer, or portable vaporizer. Whichever concentrate vaporizer you choose, this brand offers the best deals and the most potent effects.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Each disposable vape from this brand has a top-tier satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like the effects of your concentrate vaporizer, you can return the product and obtain refunds. However, you may have to qualify for a refund before getting it.

All-natural ingredients: TokePlanet uses natural ingredients in its e-liquid vaporizers. Hence, the brand’s pen for wax vaporizers does not contain harmful ingredients that could negatively impact your health.

Relatively Affordable: Dab pens cost less when you patronize TokePlanet. Each premium oil pen from the brand comes at an affordable rate. Interestingly, the products have the most potent effects, unlike some dab vape pen options you will find from other brands.

15% Discount: You stand to enjoy a 15% discount on your first wax pen order from this brand. All you need to do is to provide your email, and the brand applies the discount to any dab vape pen of your choosing. The 15% discount is like a sign-up bonus for its new customers.

Free Shipping: TokePlanet ships any wax pen you buy for free to any location within the United States. Your delivery will take about five to ten business days.

Safe and Guaranteed Checkout: This brand has a safe and guaranteed checkout system for its best wax pens. The brand allows you to pay for your dab pen through a secure payment platform on the brand’s official website. You can pay with MasterCard, PayPal, VISA, or other trusted payment options.


  • Free shipping
  • Excellent wax pen options
  • Secure and guaranteed checkout
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Ceramic plate atomizer
  • Relatively affordable
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Does not have products made by the brand

=> Click here to visit the official website of TokePlanet

#4. Hollyweed CBD–  Most Reputed Brand For Highly Potent Dab Pens 

Hollyweed CBD has the best wax pen options you will find. The brand has compelling dab pen varieties that have helped it to build a reputation in the cannabis industry. Products from Hollyweed CBD have enabled users to attain some pleasurable cannabis experiences. Each dab pen from Hollyweed CBD potentiates because the brand only uses delta-8 from hemp plants. In that case, you will not find synthetic ingredients in whichever wax pen you pick from Hollyweed CBD.

This brand uses natural compounds like terpenes and organic hemp extracts during its wax pen manufacturing process. Furthermore, the flavors you enjoy when you dab on your wax pen come from exotic extracts and strains of naturally-derived terpenes. Each dab pen has natural flavors like Pineapple Express, Jack Herer, Sunset Sherbert, and others.

Hollyweed CBD also ensures the safety of its products by subjecting each dab pen to independent third-party laboratory tests. You will typically find the results of each laboratory test on the brand’s official website. If ever in doubt, you can visit the brand’s official website at any time to confirm the content of your dab pen. Additionally, the brand does not use more than 0.3% delta-9 THC when producing e-liquids for wax pen vaporizers.

The concentration used by Hollyweed CBD is enough to offer mild euphoric effects without causing any harm to your body. Note that these wax pens are not legal in some states within the United States. You cannot use any dab pen from Hollyweed CBD or any other brand in Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Alaska, Delaware, Colorado, or Rhode Island. Additionally, you cannot use your wax pen in Utah, Montana, or Mississippi.


Potent Dab Pens: Each dab pen from Hollyweed CBD has a powerful concentration. This concentration allows you to enjoy more cannabis as you dab from your pen.

Different Exciting Flavors: Hollyweed CBD is home to some of the best wax pen flavors on the market. These dab pen flavors enhance your cannabis experience because they leave you refreshed and wanting more. The rich aftertaste you get after using your dab pen comes from natural ingredients.

Customer-centric Policies: Because this brand cares about its users, you will find many customer-centric policies when using its products. One such example is the refund policy which allows you to return your dab pen if you do not like the effects. The brand allows you to return your products within 30 days after purchase.

Discounts: Hollyweed CBD offers discounts to users when they buy products from the brand. You will get discounts as a first-timer looking for the best dab pen to buy from Hollyweed CBD. Additionally, you will enjoy more discounts when you purchase bulk pens from this brand.

Lab-Tested: Hollyweed CBD ensures you enjoy your dab pen while remaining safe. Hence, the brand subjects all its finished products to independent third-party laboratory tests. The brand has the backing of the DEA, which means you can use these products without any safety concerns. You can find the results and endorsement by the DEA on the brand’s official website.

Excellent Customer Service: Hollyweed CBD has one of the best customer services you will find with any dab rig or dab pen brand. The customer service of this brand has a unique professional outlook, allowing them to serve their customers better.


  • Multiple flavors
  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Third-party lab tested
  • DEA-approved
  • Best dab pen choice


  • Not accessible in some U.S. locations

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

How We Made The List For Best Dab Pens? 

Our team considered many factors while picking the best dab pens on the market. We ensured that every single product in this roundup met these standards before adding them to the list. Our team went through a rigorous process, so you don’t have to. We, however, didn’t make this roundup with our knowledge alone. We also sought out the views of several professionals in the industry before making our final picks.

What We Looked For? 

Our team considered several things when looking for the best dab pens to offer quality to users. While we found several reputable brands, it was quite challenging to pick out the best. Hence, we outlined specific criteria to help us select the best products from several wax pen options available.

Please note that our roundup is friendly to both old and new users of dab pens. Each brand listed has accommodation for both old and new users. In addition, all the brands listed are reputable, trustworthy, and safe, making their products equally safe. These products are a safe bet for everyone. Below are the factors we considered while making our roundup:

  • User Review: The user review is perhaps the most crucial section in selecting a product. The user reviews helped us determine which products met the users’ expectations. We value the users’ opinions because they have already tested these products and know all the benefits and disadvantages of shopping with any brand.
  • Production Methods: We kept an eye out for brands that subjected their products to third-party lab tests and favored them over others. These lab tests determine if the brand’s products are safe for consumption. All the cartridges in our review checked this box as they used the proper production techniques to create their products. Furthermore, these brands had very high ratings from third-party tests, which means they are safe for enthusiasts.
  • User-Based Policies: All the brands on our list have different customer-centric policies to ensure the best possible experience for each user. These policies include discounts, money-back guarantees, and many others. You could leverage these policies to compensate for the lack of trail packages.
  • Ingredients: Our team considered the ingredients used in making these products. We ensured that all the ingredients used came from natural sources and did not contain harmful substances. Furthermore, our team checked each product to ensure they did not import their hemp.

We favored hemp from the U.S. because it underwent several quality control checks. People looking to cut corners imported their hemp. Such products did not undergo strict quality checks and could contain harmful substances.

  • Certificate Of Analysis (COA): We favored products with Certificates of Analysis in our roundup. These certificates came from independent third-party laboratories. We picked products with COAs because we could vouch for their safety. Thus, the products we have listed in our roundup come from reputable brands and are safe for consumption.
  • Brand Reputation: Our team preferred brands with good track records in the cannabis industry. We preferred such brands because they thrived in the industry and built trust with their customers. As such, customers felt more comfortable patronizing them. We also found that such brands offered more potent products than their counterparts. However, we also considered up-and-coming brands with promising vape carts.

Buying Guide: Factors To Remember Before Buying The Dab Pens

If you are a newbie to the industry, you should never forget that delta-8 and delta-9 are pretty similar, though they have different side effects after usage. Both compounds can make you high; however, one is safer than the other. The side effects of delta-9 are illegal worldwide as it causes more harm than good. Its side effects could lead to death, so it is better to steer clear of brands using high concentrations of this compound in creating their products.

While its counterpart delta-8 has many upsides, a wrong mixture of these products could land you on a hospital bed. Hence, getting genuine products cannot be emphasized enough as your health and safety are paramount. With this in mind, we have collated a buying guide to help users, both old and new, obtain dab pens on the market. This buying guide applies to all brands selling delta-8 cartridges. Hence, you can use this buying guide whenever you want to purchase a cartridge from any brand.

  • Purity

Reputable brands make use of pure delta-8 extracts to create their pens. Thus, you won’t find any artificial substances in the formula of their products. However, to give the best experience, the best companies add CBD to their chemical formula to regulate the effects of delta-8. One of such effects is the tendency delta-8 has to make a user “high.” This combination is accepted and approved if you want such a product. However, ensuring that these products don’t come with unacceptable compounds is paramount.

  • Quality

To obtain potent effects when vaping, you must ensure that your vape pen comes from quality ingredients. It would be best to consider your cartridge’s efficacy, efficiency, and safety. You need to check the purity of your desired vape cart by looking through the third-party laboratory results. These third-party results inform you if the product has any harmful substances which may harm you. Most reputable brands display these lab results on their official brand website. It will help to consider another brand if your desired product does not have these results.

  • Color

It would be best if you didn’t purchase dabs with strange colors in their e-liquids. These colors can make you doubt their distillation, cleaning, or production processes. It will help if you do not buy purple, green, or brown colors. Most reputable delta-8 THC brands use transparent colors like light pink or champagne in their dabs. You can see clearly with these colors.

  • Ingredients

As old or new users of delta-8 THC wax dabs, you always need to check the ingredients contained in your desired product. Also, you must ensure that you do not buy products that contain certain harmful substances. One such example is delta-9 THC in high concentrations. It would help if you did not patronize a brand with more than 0.3% delta-9 THC in its formula. To help you determine the safety of these ingredients, always refer to the results of third-party laboratory tests.

  • Always Leverage Dab Pen Reviews

The user review section is as important as the user ratings for these products. These reviews and ratings give you first-hand information on how these dabs could affect you. Before buying the product, you must always consider vaporizers with glowing user reviews in the product comment section. Additionally, you need to determine the user satisfaction quotient by comparing the user ratings on each product. A higher user rating means a higher user satisfaction quotient. You must always consider products with higher user ratings if you want to enjoy your vaping experience.

  • Consider Brand Reputations

The reputation of a brand also helps when purchasing these wax pens. You need to consider the brand reputation to help you make informed decisions about the best wax pen for sustainable vaping. Most times, buying from unknown brands may lead to certain risks, including health hazards and duping. You may get duped if you patronize untrusted brands.

Such brands may end up selling products that are not potent and may not offer the satisfaction you desire. Most reputable brands have secure payment platforms to help you obtain their products. Because these brands have built a reputation in the industry for a long time, they often produce better products.

  • Compare the Price Per Serving

The price-per-serving ratio helps to determine your satisfaction quotient. You need to compare the prices of each product on the market and the quantity they offer. You can obtain the price per serving ratio by dividing the total cost of the dab vape pen by the quantity. Next, compare the unit price per serving to see which product offers a better satisfaction quotient. It is always better to go with products based on the quality and satisfaction quotients.

  • Always Do Research

Research is an essential component to consider when buying your dab pen. You must compare several products before deciding on the best option for you. Instead of prioritizing a product based on hype, you should look at its features and offerings. Additionally, you must read the customer reviews section to determine if these products have any harmful effects. Ultimately, you will emerge with a better choice worth every penny you spend after doing some research.

FAQs About Premium Quality Dab Pens 

Does federal law prohibit the sale of wax pens?

Dab pens are federally legal. However, some states reserve the right to prohibit the sales of vape pens and vape carts within their jurisdiction. It would help to always confirm the status of vape pens in your locality before buying any vape pen or cart.

How should I store my dab pens?

You can always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to understand how best to store your wax pens. Since manufacturing processes differ, using one brand’s storage instruction for another would be wrong. However, as a general rule, it would help to keep your vape carts away from direct sunlight.

How do dab pens smell?

The smell of dab pens depends mainly on the product you obtain. Some products have different flavors that provide refreshing aftertastes. Users of such products will not experience the earthy or hemp smell associated with using traditional smokes. Instead, they will smell like strawberries, lemon, or other flavors used in producing their dabs.

Where can I get the best dab vape pens?

There are several exciting vapes on the market. However, not all these products offer the best effects. Our article has outlined some of the best brands with exciting and top-tier products. You can use these products to enjoy your vaping experience. Other products you could use include the Yocan Evolve Plus, Pen Roam, Dabber Stella, Yocan Evolve Plus XL, and Linx Hypnos Zero. All these products offer high-quality vapes that will satisfy your desires.

Conclusion: How Can I Find The Best Dab Pens? 

We have considered the best dab pens in our article. Our roundup covers some of the best brands in the cannabis industry. Our top pick, Exhale Wellness, has some of the best vapes you could use for an exclusive cannabis experience. If you need a solid product that helps you to obtain the best and most potent benefits, you must consider Exhale Wellness.

We also included DopeBoo and TokePlanet, two notable cannabis brands with exciting vapes. These brands have quality pens for beginner vapers. If you want to enjoy the thrills of vaping without any side effects, you can use these brands because they have good temperature settings that will help you to maneuver your way.

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