Best Coffee Beans For Espresso In 2022: Top 3 Espresso Coffee Beans

Nikhil Goswami

Espresso serves as the foundation for many of the most well-liked drinks among coffee aficionados. The espresso is the foundation of your cup, whether you choose a straight black, zero milk, a plain white, or an oat milk cappuccino with brown sugar.

Understanding what you want and using the proper beans for the cappuccino you’re producing are both crucial. Best espresso beans typically range from light to dark roast, with dark being more conventional.

The process of extracting with espresso indicates sour or bitter flavors will be better. Thus, choose a coffee with a couple of these to begin with, and your final product will be better too.

In this brief guide, we shall walk you through some major aspects of buying the best espresso coffee beans.

Our Top Picks For The Best Espresso Coffee Beans

  1. Lifeboost Coffee – Overall Best Coffee Beans For Espresso, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Koffee Cult – Most Popular Coffee Brand Among Users
  3. 1st In Coffee– Highly Affordable & Recommended Coffee Bean

#1. Lifeboost Coffee– Overall Best Coffee Beans For Espresso, Editor’s Pick


Lifeboost, a whole bean coffee brand created and manufactured by coffee expert Dr. Charles Livingston, aims to differentiate itself from the pack.

How is this accomplished via Lifeboost? by farming only single-origin Coffee and only the best 0.5% of arabica beans worldwide.

Lifeboost goes above and above during every stage of the coffee-growing and roasting process, using ecologically responsible techniques at every turn. The company sources its beans from a select group of well-known Nicaraguan farms.

Lifeboost can eliminate the existence of aflatoxins that might reduce the flavor, quality, and general healthfulness of the Coffee through the various processes it subjects its beans through.

Lifeboost stops the beans from growing until they have gone through the wet method by first washing them in 100 percent pure spring alpine water. The beans are smashed to pieces after the espresso has been cleaned.

After their outer covering is taken off, they are sun-dried for several days. This eliminates any pollutants, lowers the possibility of mycotoxins, and provides the coffee time to rest, allowing deep, inner flavors to emerge from the beans.


Harvesting Process: This brand’s harvesting process makes them stand out from the rest. The growers begin by manually removing the coffee cherries and submerging them in water for 26 hours. After picking up the beans, they wash them in purified spring water before letting them completely dry in the sun’s soft rays. As a result, the fermentation is stopped, and a mechanical procedure that Lifeboost refers to as mechanical mucilage is encouraged. The growers let the beans soak in the sunlight for a month to remove their outer layer.

The Strong Taste: Lifeboost Coffee has a genuine flavor that is once powerful, creamy, and powerful without being unpleasant. Whatever dark roast kind you select has low acid content and is quite clean, and you can notice little taste on your tongue if you brew it properly. Local beans from Nicaragua have an amazing flavor profile because of the higher altitude, which helps to increase flavor.

Extras: Although Lifeboost hasn’t yet introduced a new bag style, you still have an option. If you dislike the standard pack, you may ask the company to deliver your Coffee in a vintage duffle bag. Their Pacamara Limited Collection is a combination of big Arabica beans. And Lifeboost won’t be upset if you don’t like their Coffee for whatever reason. Within 30 days of receiving it, they will refund your money. If there is an issue with the purchase, they will repay you.

Flavored Roasts: Many coffee roasters initially roasted poorer, lower-quality beans with extra effect during the roasting process to maintain low production costs when they first started to gain popularity. Moreover, flavorful roasts can be fairly challenging for many coffee roasters. To ensure that every sample of flavored espresso doesn’t only taste great but also is good, Lifeboost, however, maintains the high-quality, single-sourced beans used in all of its previous roasts.


  • Mouth-watering Coffee
  • The company provides 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Low-acid content
  • Free of mycotoxin
  • Delicious cold brew is also available


  • A bit expensive
  • No options in terms of origin

=> Click here to visit the official website of Lifeboost Coffee

#2. Koffee Cult– Most Popular Coffee Brand Among Users


Koffee Kult’s reputation is unmatched, as strong in flavor as the best coffee beans. This company is immediately identifiable thanks to its outrageous, brilliant branding strategies that deftly distinguish between the various roasts.

Koffee Kult has been roasting since 2011 and is situated in Hollywood, Florida. They source beans from over 50 nations and then dark roast them to perfection. Furthermore, this brand is making great Coffee to satisfy the global caffeine cravings of coffee lovers.

They only dark roast Arabica coffee from Africa, Central, and South America, and Indonesia. It typically roasts coffee in tiny quantities, taking care to weed out any impurities or mutations and guaranteeing that only the best coffee beans are used.

Before every batch of Coffee is processed and transported, they hand-select all of the freshly roasted beans, maintaining taste subtleties and growing each batch properly.

Koffee Kult supplies a substantial amount of Coffee for the bulk of southern Florida’s coffee shops and espresso cafes, roasting roughly 30lbs of beans on average. Why, then, are so many people obsessed with Koffee Kult?

There are various causes for this. The company’s main objective is to supply unique, original artisan coffee to cafés and coffee lovers worldwide.

Koffee Kult has a wide range of goods that coffee enthusiasts may use. Everyone has options from a selection of roasts, blends, gifts, and products! This brand provides a wide range of distinctive coffee roasts.


They Know Their Beans: It takes a lot of research and creativity to make the ideal cup of Coffee for you. Their high-quality beans can come in handy for everything from a robust, black espresso to a fruity, light French press. They travel the globe to deliver the finest espresso beans to their roasting facility. But they won’t purchase from just anybody, no matter how wonderful the Coffee is. They establish connections with the farmers. They require equal pay for women on the farm. Additionally, they guarantee that the farm employs environmentally friendly practices.

Wide Range Of Options: Choosing a coffee to purchase may appear challenging. Titles like Ethiopia Natural Yirga Cheffe Koke and Guatemalan Huehuetenango may seem utterly foreign. How can you tell which one you’ll recommend? We can be certain of one point. They use 100% specialty-grade arabica beans in all of their coffee drinks. The maximum you can hope for is that. They are choosing what degree of roast to purchase is the first decision you must make. Others want their beans roasted to the verge of the scorching, whereas others like a milder, almost grassy flavor.

Coffee Roasted In Small Batches: Freshness is important when referring to Coffee. Use the grinds as soon as possible after grinding them. However, utilizing the beans as quickly as possible after roasting is also crucial. Freshly roasted coffee swiftly oxidizes and loses flavor and fragrance when exposed to air. Along with losing their fineness, old beans may have a salty flavor. You don’t know how long Coffee has been hanging around when you purchase it at the local supermarket. Since freshness is crucial, Koffee Kult directly publishes each bag’s roasting date and “best used by” date. Lighter roasts are often richer but more acerbic. Darker roasts can provide more flavor and lose their sharpness, but they can also become sour.

Organic Sourcing: One of the things about Koffee Kult that stands out more than anything is the taste level. Koffee Kult promises to offer Coffee that is obtained safely. However, the Coffee does not truly adhere to organic coffee standards. This may concern people who value their Coffee’s organic and ecologically friendly aspects more than anything else.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Overall great quality
  • Organic bean sourcing
  • Pocket friendly
  • Low in caffeine


  • Only available online

=> Click here to visit the official website of Koffee Cult

#3. 1st In Coffee– Highly Affordable & Recommended Coffee Bean


If you are looking for an economical yet reliable brand for your coffee cravings, 1st in Coffee will be a perfect fit. This brand isn’t only a bean maker or grower. In fact, you can get everything from espresso machines, beans, coffee packets, and other coffee-related stuff on their website.

They are a relatively new entrant in the market, but they have gripped the market pretty well. Moreover, their website also has a great collection of grinders and other accessories to make your coffee-making journey a breeze.

Some people don’t like to visit multiple places to buy multiple items. Therefore, 1st in Coffee thought of them and brought everything under one roof.

Being a new entrant, you can expect lower prices than the competition and better discounts and promotions. All of your favorite brands are available at 1st in Coffee.


Super Automatics: Picture being able to make an espresso, cappuccino, or latte with the touch of a single button. You can achieve it using 1st in Coffee’s Super Automatic espresso equipment! These automatic espresso machines include a mill, an espresso machine, and a milk mixer; all three appliances are mechanized so you can create your drink with a single button push.

Huge Variety Of Appliances: The scent of freshly made Coffee drifting through the home is one of the best ways to say “good morning,” and 1st in Coffee has it for you. What Coffee bean grinders are ideal for you? Finely ground Coffee is unquestionably the finest option for a cup of espresso at home. Additionally, once you have perfected the skill of brewing the ideal cup of espresso or Coffee, you might want to try to produce specialty drinks like cappuccino and latte.

Free Shipping: If you are worried about the products’ shipping costs and overall price, relax because 1st in Coffee provides free shipping on all orders above $75. Free shipping helps to bring down the price of their already affordable products.

Responsive Customer Service: Just drop an email in their mailbox, and they will respond in a blink and solve your query. Apart from that, the customer support team of 1st in Coffee is pretty professional and knows what they are doing. Furthermore, if you have any complaints about their product, their team is still very quick to respond, and they will be more than happy to offer you an exchange or return for your product.


  • Free shipping
  • Affordable
  • 30-Days return policy
  • Huge variety of appliances available
  • Responsive customer support


  • Long-term reliability is a question mark

=> Click here to visit the official website of 1st in Coffee

How We Made The List Of The Best Espresso Coffee Beans?

To your surprise, there are dozens of espresso vendors in the market. But, which one to choose? Which one provides the best value? Which one provides the top-quality beans? All these questions are extremely necessary to answer.

So, to make this list, we must go through several selection procedures. This list isn’t any random one you can just pick from the internet.

Instead, we put our hearts into the selection procedure to bring only the best brands for you. That’s why only three brands are on our list because the others couldn’t match our criteria.

What We Looked For?

So here are all the points:

  • Freshness: Remember that espresso beans are an organic product; thus, their freshness matters the most. The whole of its taste and richness lies in its freshness. Stale coffee beans are in no way near the fresh coffee beans. Therefore, we picked only those brands which provide fresh coffee beans to the market.
  • Packaging: Although you may think it isn’t the most crucial aspect to consider. But, the packaging is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when making a purchase. The ideal packing is leak-proof since it will keep the best coffee beans from browning. Additionally, we tried to verify all the information and features listed on the box to obtain the greatest price. To help you make an incredible purchase, we tried to learn about the roasting date, certification, and varied tastes offered.
  • Type Of Roast: If you’re new to the world of Coffee, you should be aware that several roasting methods are available. When coming up with this list of best coffee beans, we ensured they were an espresso bean or a dark roast. The espresso dark roast may be the best option if you want a great cup of espresso daily.
  • Brand Reputation: Brand reputation was also one of our biggest considerations while compiling this list. We know that a premium brand would never compromise on their quality for a few bucks. That’s why we only chose the espresso beans from the best brands. We looked at multiple online and social media platforms to gather enough information about a certain brand. We only picked the brand with enough positive reviews and feedback on the internet.
  • Price: The pricing of a product might not bother some people. But, we needed to pick the best budget and value-to-money product. We came across several espresso beans, which ticked all the boxes. But, their price made no sense. Therefore, we had to exclude them from our list with a heavy heart.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying Espresso Coffee Beans

Several criteria need to be considered when searching for the best espresso beans. If it is your first time purchasing espresso coffee beans, you should pay close focus on the following:

  • Freshness

Every day is excellent for a freshly packed coffee bean. Always select the most recent wrapping if you can choose between Coffee packaged last week and Coffee packaged last month.

In this manner, the Coffee’s flavor and freshness are preserved. Never purchase Coffee if the roasting date is not printed on it, and you’ll undoubtedly get duped. Espresso beans are an important crop.

Thus, if it is too old, it will undoubtedly be low quality. So, before making a purchase, look closely at how fresh the coffee grounds are.

  • Packaging

Although it may not be the most crucial aspect to consider, the packaging is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when making a purchase. The ideal packing is leak-proof since it will keep the coffee beans from oxidizing.

Additionally, attempt to verify all the information and features listed on the box to obtain the greatest offer. To make the greatest purchase, try to learn about the roasting date, accreditation, and varied tastes offered.

  • Type of Roast

If you’re unfamiliar with the field of Coffee, you should be aware that there are several roasting methods on the market. When buying coffee beans, try to ensure they are an espresso or a dark roast.

The espresso roast may be the best option if you want a great cup of espresso every morning. The filter roast is ideal for making Coffee by hand. A mild caramelization of the espresso roast creates a milky, pleasant cup of Coffee.

Therefore, select the roast type based on your preferences and the type of coffee preparation you want. The flavor of the filter roast is stronger and more acidic. So be careful when selecting the roast.

  • Single or Mixed Origin

Not all types of Coffee come from the same single source, and some coffee beans come from various places worldwide. You should be ready for a robust, delicious, and elegant cup of Coffee if you want to drink just Coffee from a single point of origin.

Mixtures are another excellent choice, although they work best when making milk-based Coffee. It doesn’t matter if the Coffee comes from a single source or several sources; your decision will rely on your particular preferences.

  • Origin Selection

Various origins of coffee beans are mentioned on the box you receive when you purchase them. Coffee is an agricultural crop that only requires one processing facility.

The flavor and quality of the Coffee are significantly influenced by temperature, moisture, soil characteristics, and climatic circumstances.

The African beans, on the other side, have a rich and deep fruity flavor. Additionally, coffees from Central American locations have sweet and bright tastes. So, pay attention to the flavor and aroma that you want, and buy your coffee beans properly.

FAQ’s Regarding Espresso Coffee Beans

What are some tips for enjoying espresso coffee beans?

Following are a few points to be careful of to achieve the greatest results from your choice of espresso beans. You must already own a high-quality espresso maker, but that should be evident. Duh.

A very small grinding is necessary for good espresso machines, so make sure you use it. A quicker extraction rate provided by finer grinds allows for further compensating for the lower brewing heat by balancing the flavor.

One way to tell if your espresso is crushed sufficiently thoroughly is to watch the crema, the gold coating on top of the mug. Use a coarser ground if your crema is thin or contains too many big bubbles.

Automatic espresso makers with built-in grinders need to allow for a change. You must ensure that the filter basket is properly tamped and that the grinds are as fine as possible. When you draw a shot, tamping impacts how quickly the water goes through the puck.

For the grinds to be packed tightly enough just to recover correctly, you need 30 pounds of pressure; with less pressure, the water passes through as well rapidly.

A pre-infusion phase should be there with every high-quality super-automatic espresso machine you use. Pre-infusion serves the same purpose as a pour-bloom by moistening the coffee grinds and releasing the CO2 trapped there during roasting.

Pre-infusion, however, also aids in controlling the flow rate through the grinds in espresso; as the grinds expand when wet, the water flow is slowed, resulting in a more thorough extraction.

Which are the popular Coffee growing regions?

The world’s coffee-growing areas all have distinctive tastes. Every coffee crop has its temperature and soil (similar to a vineyard), although each area often offers unique flavors and aromas:

A wonderful option for DARK ROAST is Sumatra. Even with the darkest French roast, the gritty, mushroom flavor created by the wet hulling method employed there is present.

You could enjoy Sumatra coffee if you enjoy the smokey flavor of a Portobello mushroom grilled over charcoal.

Furthermore, MEDIUM ROASTS are a common setting for South and Central American coffees.

These coffees typically feature more fruity and flowery flavors and sharper acidity. You can make a fantastic shot of espresso using beans from Colombia or Guatemala by using a fine grind and paying attention to the temperature in your espresso maker.

On the other hand, Africa offers rich delicacies thanks partly to the soil and climate and the dry-processing technique, which involves leaving the coffee beans to dry in the sun.

The resultant Coffee has stronger DARKER FLAVORS due to this concentration. Espresso is sophisticated and well-balanced when it has notes of fruit and dark chocolate, notably in Ethiopian Coffee.

Indonesian Coffee is renowned for its robust, rich flavor and well-balanced acidity, as well as for the tingling that its volcanic soil imparts to the taste. Indonesian beans have the substance to produce excellent espresso shots even at a medium-dark roast.

Single-Origin Or Espresso Blend? Which One Is Better?

A skilled coffee roaster can adjust the flavor of espresso by blending. An espresso machine’s quick boiling period and cooler temperatures benefit a coffee firm that knows how to blend a range of coffees for optimal results.

Fruity, earthy, acidic, harsh So while single-origin Coffee is a terrific way to fine-tune your taste for the flavors you enjoy, mixes frequently have a benefit when it comes to espresso.

The sort of coffee tree wherein the seeds have derived is the subject of the first inquiry regarding blends.

Robusta beans are harsher and contain more caffeine, which might benefit espresso. For this reason, certain espresso mixes contain minor percentages of Robusta beans (20–25%).

Robusta beans offer advantages if you’re searching for a boost because they contain more caffeine than other beans.

Espresso Beans VS Regular Coffee Beans- What’s The Difference?

For espresso, the majority of single-origin beans would be horrible options. Dark roast beans are preferred for producing traditional espresso, or at the very least, a darker-medium roast. Furthermore, dark roast beans, arabica beans, and espresso machines make the best trio.

Blonde roasts are promoted as excellent espresso beans as well. Simply said, medium and light roasts that you enjoy in pour-over, drip, or other coffee makers run the danger of being sour when used in espresso.

Espresso demands a dark roast to make up for this. However, some coffee roasters choose to save money by utilizing less costly arabica beans since a dark or espresso roast may cover up the taste of inferior robusta beans.

Whole Beans VS Pre-Ground Meals- Which One Is Better?

You may well have observed that every bean on this list is offered for sale whole. What’s the connection, though, considering that many of these goods also come in pre-ground varieties?

Freshness makes the largest impact. Despite your best efforts, if your beans are already ground, they won’t maintain the same freshness even if you check the roast date on them.

We advise purchasing whole beans for all types of Coffee, including espresso, and spending money on a good grinder to ground the beans just before use.

Additionally, by crushing your beans, you may maximize their flavor. Fresh grinds may help compensate for inferior equipment, particularly if you want to ensure that you still get an excellent cup with love from espresso.

You can crush in tiny groups if you want to do your crushing but don’t want to do it every time you prepare espresso.

What’s The Role Of Roasting?

The roast duration may affect your beer as much as the source and grind. So, when looking for beans, it’s crucial to know what you’re looking at.

At its inception, every coffee bean was comparable: green, wet, and naturally scented soil—however, the beans’ look, aroma, and flavor change after roasting.

These beans offer a wonderful option for dark roasts if your system is prone to clogging from their oils, and if you’re new to espresso, these well-balanced taste beans are a great choice for a novice.

The medium roasts, which are known for their earthy flavor characteristics, produce the beans that are the driest. Avoid using these beans if you want to make the greatest espresso possible since they will likely result in a beverage that lacks a rich, robust flavor.

How To Grind Coffee Beans For Espresso?

To utilize coffee beans in an espresso maker, you must finely grind them. To make an espresso shot, makers utilize hot water under pressure to extract soluble components from coffee grinds.

Since the water may push through the packed basket of ground coffee, the force makes it possible to grind coffee beans finely for espresso machines. You must first fine-tune your espresso machine before deciding how fine the coffee should be.

Here, you must measure your single dosage before timing how long it takes you to obtain a 40g shot of espresso. Reduce the ground size if the duration is considerably shorter than 30 seconds.

What Is The Best Blend For Espresso Beans?

Most often, espresso coffee combines different sources or areas of origin. This ensures that espresso coffee may quickly get the body and harmony it requires by mixing a few different coffees.

Choose an espresso mix with a deeper body and heavier flavor characteristics like milk chocolate or caramel if you’re trying to prepare a milk-based espresso beverage like a latte or cappuccino.

If you often drink espresso or long black and don’t want to add milk to them, you can choose an espresso blend that has more delicate flavors like a flower, lemon, or fruity overtones. Moreover, the espresso blend is also a favorite of coffee enthusiasts.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Espresso Coffee Bean Brand?

While any kind of bean is fine to make a nice shot of espresso, there are a few characteristics you must seek to produce the greatest espresso.

Firstly, avoid low roast coffees since they seem to age more quickly. Furthermore, search for a good Robusta and Arabica bean combination for superb tastes without compromising a lovely crema.

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