4 Best CLA Supplements For Weight Loss 2022


CLA, also known as a conjugated linoleic acid supplement, is a body weight loss supplement. This best dietary supplement works by helping your body use excess fat as energy. As a result, you will also be building your muscles. Such supplements come with a higher linoleic acid content, omega-6 fatty acids, which are majorly found in oils including safflower, dairy products, and beef.

Unlike other kinds of fat, which clog arteries and increase inflammation, CLA offers several health benefits, including increasing metabolism, aiding muscle synthesis, decreasing cholesterol levels, decreasing belly fat, boosting immunity, eliminating cancerous tumors, decreasing insulin concentrations, and acting as an anti-inflammation.

This supplement also helps reduce the production of lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that absorbs fat and stores it. The CLA amount you can consume depends on your diet and maybe other supplements you take. Moreover, you can consume this supplement together with your everyday diet.

Our Top Picks For The Best CLA Supplements 

  1. Puritan’s Pride CLA Tonalin: Overall Best Supplement For Body Shaping, Editors Pick 
  2. BulkSupplements CLA Softgels: Top Rated Gluten Free Supplement Brand 
  3. Redcon1 CLA: Most Affordable Brand That Promotes Lean Muscle Products 
  4. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals CLA: Highly Recommended Vendor With Numerous Supplement Varieties 

#1. Puritan’s Pride CLA Tonalin: Overall Best Supplement For Body Shaping, Editors Pick 

CLA Tonalin from Puritan’s Pride brand is among the best conjugated linoleic acid supplements available. This brand has been in operation for more than 40 years, and hence it’s one of the trusted brands.

Moreover, this brand is fully operational in the supplement marketplace, and they manufacture several supplements with vitamins, herbs, minerals, plus other additional nutrients for pets and people. Several other brands operate under Puritan’s Pride. These include Perfectly Pure, Aromappeal, Myology, Puritan’s Pride Pet, Biorganic Life, Herbal Authority, and Puritan’s Pride Fitness.

Puritan’s Pride is the best in not overdosing their vitamins above the higher daily limit. Moreover, this brand’s user support lines give several methods of getting into contact with them. You reach them through an email, phone call, or live chat.

They make all their products using natural ingredients, making them safe for human consumption. In addition, all the supplements from Puritan’s Pride are manufactured with great care, using the best quality ingredients. They inspect and test the ingredients more than 15 times before manufacturing starts.

This product is from safflower oil and helps support different dieting goals. Other ingredients available include gelatin, natural caramel color, and vegetable oil. The ingredients are in rapid-release softgels, which release the ingredients quickly into one’s system.

You can use this supplement with a daily workout program and reduced calorie diet. Other supplements from Puritan’s Pride, besides CLA Tonalin, include Myoleptin and Super Strength Myoleptin.

A bottle pack of CLA Tonalin comes with 90 softgels with a potency of 1000 mg. FDA regulates Puritan’s Pride supplements, and vitamins close. The brand also works together with the Council that’s Responsible for Nutrition.


Discounts: CLA Tonalin comes with different deals. You can subscribe to a plan and have a discount of 5%. Moreover, you can purchase one and receive two free or purchase two and receive four free. Above all, the brand offers free shipping to orders above $30 with a subscription plan. You can also earn points as you make a purchase. For every dollar you spend, you will earn 10 points.

Moreover, you can redeem these points for your next purchase and save some dollars. Else, you can get a bonus gift or donate to charity. If you plan to take the same supplements and vitamins, you need to get them in bulk; take advantage of the auto-ship program to save. Nevertheless, you will also get a 20% discount with email sign-up.

Shipping And Return Policy: On domestic shipping, you will get free shipping only to orders above $49.00. Moreover, with international shipping, the cost differs depending on the destination and weight of the package. The brand offers reliable and fast shipping. Puritan’s Pride offers a 90-day guarantee. The brand allows opened or unopened returned products for any reason to get an exchange or your money returned. The return should be before 90 days.

Best Quality: Puritan’s Pride complies with the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. GMPs define standards for dietary supplement manufacturers and need manufacturers to assess the identity, purity, strength, plus ingredients of their products.

Details Safety: The brand takes great pride in securing your details. They use Secure Socket Layer technology to encrypt the details you use when you place an order. The details sent from a browser are encrypted and securely sent over the internet. The brand uses Geotrust as its provider for SSL certificates.


  • Great discounts available
  • Supports healthy body composition
  • Sourced from safe ingredient
  • Filled in rapid-release soft gels
  • Free from the artificial flavor, preservatives, sweetener, and gluten
  • Supports dieting goals
  • Contains body shaping and toning formula
  • Offers 90 days guarantee
  • Effective ingredients


  • The soft gels can leak

=> Click here to visit the official website of Puritan

#2. BulkSupplements CLA Softgels: Top Rated Gluten Free Supplement Brand 

BulkSupplements is the brand behind this CLA softgels and other products, including HMB, Sodium Hyaluronate, Garcinia Cambogia, Orotic Acid, Theobromine, etc. The company is located in Henderson, Nevada, and this brand supplies its dietary supplement to hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and consumers. Moreover, all their products are in grams and metric tons, and you can quickly get them at their official online store. The company ships any order they will receive before noon the same day.

BulkSupplements manufactures its products at FDA-registered, NSF Certified, and cGMP facilities. They have over 70 professional employees who offer products and offer the best customer service to the customers. Since community wellness is essential, this brand follows all government regulations and health codes.

Moreover, they test every product that they manufacture with the help of a 3rd party lab before they release it to market. Thus, consumers will get assurance that they will get safe and quality products for consumption. In addition, BulkSupplements uses any vetted and reputable US-based independent labs.

They have a dedicated customer support team available the whole week from 0730hrs to 1600hrs. You can contact them through phone calls, live chat, and email. Combining these conjugated linoleic acid supplements with a healthy diet plus workout will assist you in attaining your goals.

That is, you will be able to manage your weight gain and build lean muscles with natural ingredients. Moreover, you will also be able to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. BulkSupplements sources its ingredients from safflower oil. Each softgels contains 1000mg of CLA, free from dairy, added sugars, and soy.

BulkSupplements allows a return of unopened products and should be within 30 days to get a complete refund. Remember, wholesale quantities aren’t eligible for a return policy, and the brand doesn’t allow a return for any opened products.


Regulates Cholesterol Levels: Conjugated Linoleic Acid supplements BulkSupplements are from natural ingredients and help maintain cholesterol at healthy levels. They get their ingredients from the best quality safflower oil. You will get about 1000 mg of CLA in every softgel.

Discounts: You can get conjugated linoleic acid supplements from BulkSupplements at a 5% discount when you subscribe to their plan. In addition, you can also sign up to their newsletter and get 10% off. The brand offers free shipping to all orders above $59.

High Quality: Since the manufacturing process of every product from BulkSupplements follows the cGMP Standards. This guarantees the best, highest quality packaging, manufacturing process, holding operations, and labeling. In addition, the company has hugely invested in an in-house lab for testing their products at different manufacturing stages. Moreover, they also test their final product with a third-party lab before releasing it to the market. Their products are free from dairy, added sugars, and soy. Their qualified professionals always produce the best quality products and offer superb customer service.

Convenient Softgels: Soft gels from BulkSupplements are simple to swallow since they are small. This makes them the best addition to every diet.

Supports Weight Management And Increase Muscle Mass: On top of consuming these best quality conjugated linoleic acid supplements, you need to exercise and take a healthy diet to get maximum results. This natural supplement will also help you in building lean muscle.

Customer Reviews: This conjugated linoleic acid supplement from BulkSupplements has a review of 4.8 stars with 4,597 reviews. This shows that several customers are pleased with their results after using this supplement. Consumers are glad that the supplement helps in preserving their muscle mass.


  • Helps in burning fat
  • Improves muscle mass
  • Promotes heart health
  • Boosts one’s immune system
  • Helps with inflammatory disease
  • Free from soy, added sugar, yeast, and dairy
  • Value for money
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol level
  • Simple to swallow softgels
  • Made according to FDA and cGMP Standards
  • Effective and non-GMO ingredients


  • Free shipping to orders above $59 only

=> Click here to visit the official website of BulkSupplements

#3. Redcon1 CLA:  Most Affordable Brand That Promotes Lean Muscle Products

A1Supplements is one of the fastest-growing supplement brands in the sports field. Their products, including Redcon1 Protein, are accessible to over 80 countries. This brand specializes in manufacturing lifestyle supplements and sports nutrition. Moreover, the brand is located in Miami, Florida.

The main aim of starting this brand was to offer the best source of supplement products and details. The brand also aimed to offer the biggest supplements store for easy and quick shopping at affordable prices.

A1Supplements has the best customer service representatives who seek you out in any issue you may experience. You can also contact them to give instructions when you need to return a product. The company allows product returns but at the expense of the customer. Moreover, the product returned has to be in perfect condition and unopened, and the return request should be within 30 days from purchase.

This brand also manufactures muscle builders, amino acids/BCAAs, post-T workout/recovery, creatine supplements, pre-workout, and intra-workout supplements. Redcon1 CLA is available in softgels form; a single pack contains 90 counts. The correct dose of CLA consumption helps one maintain lean body composition. Moreover, you will also decrease the urge to eat unhealthy fats, and Redcon1 will burn the calories which already exist.

Moreover, Redcon1 CLA supplementation will help consumers improve their lean muscle mass, support healthy energy metabolism, and increase fat loss. The manufacturer recommends taking two servings on either training or non-training days. Moreover, you should consume the supplement 30 minutes before taking your meal.

The brand sources CLA from safflower oil, making it effective and of the best quality. A1Supplements official site is simple to use and operate. All the products are well organized and categorized according to brand, sports nutrition, protein, health and wellness, diet, and lifestyle.


Extra High Potency: Redcon1 CLA offers 1000 mg of CLA in every serving of one softgels. Moreover, this supplement will support your healthy body weight management naturally. The non-stimulating conjugated linoleic acid in Redcon1 is non-GMO and comes from safflower. Furthermore, this product’s manufacturing process is at cGMP-certified facilities.

Science-Backed: The effectiveness of CLA used in the supplement is clinically approved to work. The trial shows that CLA helps you reduce body fat mass. In addition, CLA supplementation also helps in promoting lean body fat decrease. However, you should combine this supplement with some workout programs and a calorie-controlled diet. The supplement has a pure non-GMO CLA supplement formula that helps you lose weight by reducing body fat and boosting lean metabolism.

Deals And Sales: A1Supplements offers their customers many money-saving deals. Firstly, they have a promo, multi-packs, clearance supplements, coupons, and bogos. Secondly, they offer a 15% discount when you use code SUNNY15. You can sign up to get email-exclusive deals.

Dosage: The manufacturer recommends a dosage of two servings, whether on a non-training or training day, 30 minutes before taking any meal. Moreover, you can take these supplements together with a silencer or double tap.

Customer Support: Redcon1 customer service is available to assist you with any issues about the product from Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. You can call them, text, email, live chat, or send a query through the contact form. You can also contact them when you need to return the product. Remember, the product has to be in its original packaging and unopened.


  • Helps in maintaining lean body composition
  • Reduces the craving to consume unhealthy fats
  • Burns existing calories and fat
  • Promotes lean muscle mass
  • Supports healthy metabolism
  • Friendly customer support team
  • Allows product return
  • Improves the immune system
  • Made with effective and non-GMO ingredients
  • Value for money


  • Has no reviews yet
  • Strict return policy

=> Click here to visit the official website of Redcon1

#4. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals CLA: Highly Recommended Vendor With Numerous Supplement Varieties 

The Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals brand started in 2001 and presently has over 20,000 dietary supplements. Some include anti-aging formulas, vitality, bone health, vitamins, heart health, nutritional supplements, skincare, etc. Several clients like the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals brand because of its fast delivery.

Furthermore, the brand’s professional services make the best quality products. VitaSprings.com supports 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, which protects clients’ personal information. With this, the brand will guard all your valuable information as you send it across the Internet.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals ships their orders in 1 to 2 working days. Moreover, the shipping fee is calculated depending on the product’s weight. In addition, this brand has dedicated network support which works on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 12 PM to 8 PM Eastern Time.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals brand accepts checks, major credit cards, and money orders to pay their orders. Nevertheless, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals allows products return which should be within 30 days after shipping. Always contact the customer support team to help you with the return process.

CLA supplementation used in making this supplement is from safflower oil which is free of stimulants. Thus, you can easily take other diet products. These diet pills come with a fast-absorbing soft gel. The CLA active compound in this supplement is 1,000 mg.

The manufacturing process of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals CLA-1000 is in the USA under the guidelines of GMP, which guarantee supplement quality. Consuming the correct dosage of this CLA supplementation will help you manage weight minus any unwanted calories.

Combining CLA-1000 with proper diet and regular exercise will assist you in achieving a lean plus healthy body. The manufacturer recommends you consume 1 to 2 softgels with breakfast, lunch, and supper meals. Else, you can consume as directed by a nutritionist or physician.


Shipping And Return Policy: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals ships its diet pills all over the country but at a small fee. However, there is free ground shipping on orders above $59. Moreover, this brand allows product return within thirty days after purchasing the product.

Remember, you cannot return opened diet pills. Unlike other fat supplements, CLA 1000 is available at a more affordable cost. Moreover, it’s available in different packages for consumers to purchase according to their necessities.

Directions And Dosage: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends consuming at least 3.2 g of CLA daily. This is why you need to consume one of two softgels daily in the morning, lunchtime, and evening hours. You should consume this both on training and non-training days.

In addition, this supplement is suitable for both obese postmenopausal women and men. One bottle of Hi-Tech CLA 1000 will serve you for 30 days when consuming three softgels daily. This CLA 1000 comes in a small-sized soft gel capsule that consumers can swallow conveniently and quickly.

Promotes Fat Loss And Lean Muscle: Conjugated Linoleic Acid is among the best-selling products in the sports nutrition industry because it’s suitable for building lean muscle and fat loss. This supplement is suitable for both women and men.

With the use of CLA 1000, you will improve your general appearance and the way your body feels. The form of linoleic acid is under the Omega-6 category, and it helps in supporting cardiovascular health, overall health, and glucose metabolism.

Best-Quality Ingredients: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals CLA 1000 is from Safflower oil which contains CLA naturally. This supplement doesn’t contain synthetic ingredients, which may cause health issues to the consumer’s body, and it’s free from any side effects. The manufacturing process of CLA 1000 with organic components is in the U.S. under FDA-registered and GMP-certified facilities.


  • Promotes fat loss
  • Prevents fat storage
  • Develops lean muscle
  • Improves immune system
  • Fights free radical damage
  • Better muscle definition and tone
  • Assists in achieving dieting and workout goals
  • Allows product return
  • Assists in controlling blood lipids levels


  • Unsuitable for pregnant and breastfeeding moms

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

How We Made This List Of The Best CLA Supplements? 

There are numerous conjugated linoleic acid supplements available on the market. Therefore, when we were finding the best products to place on our list, we had to have a plan. We listed all the products that were on the market at that moment.

We also had to come up with different reasons why you must consume CLA supplements. Moreover, as we were researching the best CLA, we had to consider your muscle gains. To get the best product, we had to follow the criteria below.

What We Looked For? 

  • Ingredients: Conjugated linoleic acid supplement is from different brands; hence they contain different ingredients. We chose all products containing natural and effective ingredients when making our list. That is, ingredients that were backed with scientific claims. Moreover, we ensured that the ingredients on the products on our list were an in effective amount. We eliminated products with filler ingredients unless that ingredient contributes to increasing the effectiveness or quality of that product.
  • Dosage Recommendations: The dosage recommendation was also excellent before making our final decision. We chose those products that had the correct quantities for all their ingredients. Consuming higher doses of this supplement can lead to side effects, including inflammation and insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, and heart disease, and lower doses aren’t sufficient to function as required.
  • Brand Reputation: We chose brands that were transparent about their manufacturing process, their ingredients, and those that had operational customer support. Moreover, we ensured that we selected brands that manufactured their products in a cGMP and FDA-approved facility. This assures that the product is of the best quality.
  • Possible Side Effects: With supplements, side effects are inevitable at other times. However, this doesn’t mean something is wrong with the product since other consumers may not experience it. Moreover, we had to check the customer review section and see if customers had any complaints concerning the supplement’s ingredients. We only selected conjugated linoleic acid supplements that no one complained about; of course, they had to have a higher rating.

 Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying CLA Supplements 

A newbie may find it hard to select the best CLA supplementation with several brands available on the market. Below are some things to consider when buying the best conjugated linoleic acid supplement.

  • Branding

When choosing the best CLA supplement to buy from the market, you should evaluate the best brand. Various sellers market various kinds of brands. Therefore, you must understand and differentiate them to make the appropriate choice. A brand that offers the best quality products plus the best quality products and the perfect choice to go with. In addition, manufactures-quality conjugated linoleic acid supplements will always have time to answer your inquiries, offer a refund in case the products arrive damaged, and fix any problem.

  • CLA Freshness

CLA is in the form of essential fatty acids, and fats react very fast with oxygen. The reaction which happens converts the molecules to fat. Moreover, oils heated at very high temperatures oxidize and change from rancid to poisonous.

This oil comes packed in sub-quality capsules, which leak in some air. Moreover, at other times, during the manufacturing process, the air may leak into the oil. Consuming rancid oil is very dangerous, and it can increase the risk of blood clotting and heart disease.

Always go for products that have a manufacturing date and are made at facilities that are NSF Certified and GMP facilities. In addition, you can check third-party lab test results.

  • CLA Source

CLA supplements aren’t from CLA that’s available in foods. It is extracted chemically from various oils high in linoleic acid. This can be from sunflower, safflower oils, or soybean. Nearly every CLA supplement is sourced from safflower oil. Maybe there are some best-quality supplements sourced from beef; if there are, they may be costly to extract and manufacture. However, choose a CLA supplement made with non-GMO, and have guaranteed least amounts of CLA supplementation of at least 70%. However, the product shouldn’t have any artificial additives or proprietary blends.

  • CLA Amount

You need to be careful with the CLA amount in the selected supplement. Moreover, you shouldn’t get confused with the number of ingredients available. For instance, some best conjugated linoleic acid supplements on our list come with 1250mg of ingredients. With this, 80% is CLA.

Therefore, you will get a dosage of CLA to be 1000mg. Depending on how you consume your CLA supplement, you may be required to check the total amount of CLA per softgel.

For instance, a CLA supplement with 1000mg may have three dose capsules. This means every capsule just consists of about 333mg. It’s sometimes annoying to consume three capsules at a go. However, if you will space out your CLA dosage all through the day, it’s a good idea to consume three capsules in a day per dosage, unlike taking one big capsule.

  • Fillers And Additives

Always avoid supplements containing fillers and additives since they do not benefit your health because they have no nutritional value. Furthermore, these ingredients can cause some allergic reactions. Thus, you need to be very careful. If possible, go for supplements that have no fillers or additives.

  • Customer Ratings

You need to look at the customer’s feedback section before deciding. From here, you will understand if the product is effective or not, if it has any side effects, etc. This will offer an outline of what to expect if you purchase the same product. The product reviews section gauged customers’ general satisfaction with a particular product.

  • Dosage Recommendations

It is essential to understand your required dosage before buying any CLA supplement. The CLA isomers in these supplements are in huge quantities, unlike what’s available in beef and dairy products. Therefore, taking massive doses increases the risks of having side effects, including inflammation and insulin resistance. One can eat it with your diet; your actual dosage depends on your requirement. The best daily dosage should be between three grams and six grams. And most minor dosages can increase depending on your body weight and composition. Moreover, always consult your doctor for proper guidance.

  • Cost

Performance and cost are other important factors to consider to get the best CLA supplements. Several brands are getting into the conjugated linoleic acid supplements market. This means that you will have more options to choose from for performance and quality. Remember, the most costly best CLA supplements don’t necessarily mean that you have the best decision for yourself and your cash. Several low-cost models give comfort and the best performance.

  • Durability

The manufacturing process of the best conjugated linoleic acid supplements and their ingredients determines their durability. Always choose the best quality conjugated linoleic acid supplements which can withstand wear, damage, and pressure. Moreover, choose a supplement that has a sleek design and durable package to move with it anywhere.

FAQs Related To CLA Supplements 

What Is CLA?

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is an omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid naturally found in meat, milk, and vegetable oils. Moreover, you can get CLA naturally from some foods though CLA consumption is also a suitable option. However, the supplement replacement CLA received from the diet is not recommended.

What Are The Dosage Instructions For CLA Supplements?

To get the maximum benefit of a CLA supplement, you need to consume the recommended dose at the right time. Moreover, following the manufacturer’s guidelines is the best way to get the correct dosage. It’s also important to consult your gym trainer or doctor before taking any supplementation.

An average dose ranges from 3g to 6g daily, which is safe with positive results. With a weight loss goal, you must take a minimum dose of 3000mg daily. However, always be careful not to exceed your dose to above 6000mg/day. Consuming conjugated linoleic acid supplements with an empty stomach can make you feel nauseous.

Therefore, you can consume it with a meal. Moreover, CLA supplements help control fat absorption when consumed together with a meal. Those who wish to improve their workout performance can take conjugated linoleic acid supplements 2 hours before starting their workout session.

Is CLA Supplement Harmful?

No. CLA isn’t harmful as long as you are consuming the recommended dosage. Overdosing for a long time can lead to long-term side effects, including liver damage. Moreover, consuming massive doses for a short period can lead to lightheadedness, stomach upset, and nausea. A new consumer of this supplement may also experience these effects, but within a few weeks of continuous use, your body gets used to it.

Is A Combination Of CLA And Carnitine Good For Humans?

The effects brought by this mixture differ from person to person. L-carnitine helps burn belly fat, improves your workout performance, and supports weight management. So people who wish to lose weight can consider it as one of the best weight loss supplements.

L-carnitine has the same advantages as CLA, and you get a mixture of the two in other supplement brands. This mixture should be more effective in assisting the consumer in burning belly fat and achieving a healthy weight.

What Are The Advantages Of Taking CLA Supplements?

These supplements help in boosting one’s metabolism system. Therefore, you will eliminate your fats very fast and comfortably. Other benefits of consuming conjugated linoleic acid supplements include supporting your immune system, reducing fat mass, promoting bone mineralization, improving glycogen resynthesis, and reducing triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Moreover, it also helps in increasing one’s lean muscle mass and decreasing food intake.

How Does CLA Supplement Work?

CLA supplement to assist you in losing weight by burning fat and increasing your cellular metabolic processes. Although CLA is in fat form, it assists you lose body fat.

Does CLA Supplement Increase Testosterone Level?

Yes. Consistent consumption of CLA isomers will increase testosterone levels, which is another great advantage for men who suffer from low testosterone. Moreover, you will also have more stamina and strength during the workout. However, women must manage their testosterone levels since it can cause acne, voice deepening, frontal balding, etc.

What’s The Best Time To Take CLA?

The best time to consume conjugated linoleic acid supplements is when taking any of your meals, including breakfast, lunch, or supper. You will get the best results when you consume this supplement with food. Therefore, you should consume conjugated linoleic acid supplements before or during your meal.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Brand For CLA Supplement? 

CLA is an essential fatty acid available majorly in beef and dairy products. Some health benefits attained after consuming conjugated linoleic acid supplements include excess fat loss and weight loss, making this supplement the best ingredient to add to your meal. Choosing the best-quality supplement will help you achieve your objectives.

Moreover, besides taking this supplement, you need to consume the proper diet and have an active lifestyle for the best results. Before choosing one, always have an overview of a supplement’s ingredients, customer reviews, brand, etc. Always stick to the recommended dosage since overdosing on conjugated linoleic acids can lead to fatty liver and other problems like insulin sensitivity.

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