Best CBD Oil: Top 5 CBD Brands To Buy in 2022

Nikhil Goswami
Best CBD Oil

Over the recent years, CBD oils have gained a lot of popularity on the market due to their effectiveness. Some people use CBD oil to reduce pain and inflammation. Users also take it for improving sleep quality, while others use it for anxiety management.

No matter the reason, such products provide many health benefits,s and for that reason, they are frequently used by numerous customers. However, with so many brands that are on the market, finding the highest-quality and most effective CBD oils is very challenging.

With that being said, you shouldn’t worry. We have conducted research to find the most reliable brands whose products are tested for quality and safety and are easily accessible and affordable as well. Here is a list of our top choices for the best CBD oil that you can buy online.

List Of Top Brands For The Best CBD Oil Brands

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Oil For Pain
  2. Cheef Botanicals – Premium Brand For Hemp Seed Oil
  3. Hollyweed CBD – Famous Brand For CBD Tincture
  4. FabCBD – Variety Of Flavors
  5. Medterra – Best CBD Oil For Beginners 

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Oil For Pain

If you have been looking for quality CBD products, then you have probably heard about this well-reputed and reliable brand known as Exhale Wellness. The brand was founded by cannabis pioneers based in California who have years of experience in creating such products. Exhale Wellness is a huge advocate for products made from hemp, as the brand believes that its healing properties can provide many health benefits for the users and bring them wellness.


  • Exhale Wellness CBD Oil

One of the best products from their CBD line is the full-spectrum oil that is 100% natural. The oil is made using only natural ingredients, and it is made from organically grown hemp, which is very significant. The oil is also non-GMO, and it doesn’t contain any artificial additives and preservatives that can put your health at risk.

Moreover, the potent oil is made using a safe CO2 extraction method, and it is available in two potencies 600mg and 1200mg. What is excellent about this oil is that it is easy to absorb, and it provides quick effects of relaxation and pain relief. In order to use it, you can mix it with your food and drink or use it sublingually by putting drops under your tongue or either mix it with coconut oil.

  • Price and Usage

Exhale Wellness not only puts a lot of care, research and thoughts into creating their products, they also want to make them affordable for their customers. You can purchase a bottle of 600mg for $35.95 or get 1200mg for a price of $66.95.

When it comes to dosing the oil, Exhale Wellness recommends starting with a lower dose of 5mg-10mg no more than twice a day, especially the beginners. The right dosage also depends on your body tolerance, as some people are more sensitive and need a lower dosage.

The packaging of the hemp-derived CBD products is also very significant, although an often-overlooked factor. The bottle comes with a glass dropper bottle for easier dosing, and it is strong enough to prevent breakage. If you are still unsure about the dosage, you can also visit their website and check the dosing chart.

  • Customer Policies

That is not all when it comes to Exhale Wellness. The brand also offers free shipping on all orders across the US and a 30-days money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product. The brand also provides discounts for newcomers, so you get 20% off on your first order, but you can also subscribe to them and get 25% off, which is a great deal.


  • Organic oil made using natural ingredients
  • Comes with a glass dropper bottle for easy use and dosage
  • Effective for relaxation, better sleep, and reducing pain
  • Comes with free shipping and a money-back guarantee


  • You can find it only online on Exhale Wellness’s website

Customer Experience

The customers seem delighted with the CBD oil’s effectiveness, and they like that it is all-natural. We found many comments stating that Exhale Wellness’s product has helped them manage stress and anxiety and made them feel more relaxed during busy days. We also found many positive comments about the excellent customer service, affordable prices, and user-friendly that the brand offers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness 

#2. Cheef Botanicals – Premium Brand For Hemp Seed Oil

Cheef Botanicals is a brand that values knowledge about the effective compounds found in hemp, so they want to educate the users about the benefits of CBD products. The brand was founded by health-conscious cannabis enthusiasts with over 25 years of experience in the organic food industry, which led to creating high-quality natural products. Cheef Botanicals also believes that CBD products are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs that can cause unwanted side effects.


  • Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil

The brand offers full-spectrum CBD oil that is organic and made with 100% natural ingredients. The oil is also non-GMO, and it doesn’t contain any artificial additives and preservatives that can be harmful to your health. The oil is available in different potencies, such as 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 3000mg CBD. What is more, the oils come with a glass dropper bottle for easier dosage.

Cheef Botanicals natural oil is made with hemp extract containing full-spectrum cannabinoids using a safe CO2 extraction method. Moreover, the oil is also tested for quality and safety, which is very important for many customers. The oil is also cruelty-free, and it doesn’t contain any THC, which means that it won’t make you high but will give you relaxing effects.

  • Price and Usage

You can get Cheef Botanicals’ premium grade oil for a price of $24.95-$124.95, depending on the size that you want. Furthermore, you can also purchase a bundle and save 15%, which is very refreshing to see. If you want to be alerted about the products and discounts that Cheef Botanicals offers, you can also subscribe and save 25%.

When it comes to using the oil, the dosage depends from person to person, and it depends on the body’s metabolism and tolerance, the severity of the condition, and the preference. Cheef Botanicals recommends using between 0.25mg to 0.5 mg of CBD per 1 pound of body weight. They also suggest starting with a lower dosage and increasing it accordingly, especially if you are using CBD oil for the first time.

If you are still unsure about the correct dosage for you, then you can check the CBD dosage chart and guide that you can find on their website.

  • Customer Policies

Cheef Botanicals doesn’t disappoint even regarding user-friendly policies. The well-known brand offers free shipping on all orders, making the ordering process very convenient for many users. Additionally, the brand is very confident about the products it sells, so they give, but if you are unsatisfied with the product’s effects, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.


  • Made from a reliable brand known for providing high-quality products
  • Natural oil made extracted using the CO2 method
  • Available in several potencies and provides fast effects
  • The oil is tested for potency, safety as well as quality


  • You can only find the oil online

Customer Experience

There is an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from users expressing the quality of Cheef Botanicals’ oil and its effectiveness. Many users are delighted that it is an all-natural product, and they like the packaging suitable for dosing as well.

There are also many positive comments about the brand’s transparency about the products they use and sell, and many users also like that Cheef Botanicals provides educational guides, which can be very helpful for many people.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheef Botanicals

#3. Hollyweed – Famous Brand For CBD Tincture

Hollyweed is a brand founded by wellness-minded cannabis enthusiasts who saw a lack of natural products and transparency on the market. With decades of experience in the cannabis market, there is no question that Hollyweed’s products are premium quality. The brand also believes in the healing properties and health benefits of the hemp plant or cannabis plant, so they want to create products that will bring wellness to all users.


  • Hollyweed CBD Oil

Hollyweed’s oil is one of their most desired products. It comes in distinctive white packaging, and it is made using a safe and clean CO2 extraction method. The oil is all-natural and 100% hemp-derived, made out of natural ingredients. Their oil is also very potent, and it comes in four available strengths 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 3000mg.

This potent oil is infused with hemp seed oil that is rich in Omega 3,6 and fatty acids. Moreover, the oil is made from CBD-rich strains and Colorado-grown hemp. The oil also has CBD cannabidiol which interacts with your body’s ECS in order to influence many significant systems in your body.

If you want the CBD oil to stay fresh and potent for a longer time, you need to keep it in a cold and dark place. What is more, Hollyweed’s products, including their oil, are tested for quality, potency, and safety, and they are very transparent about the products they offer. Although the oil is very potent, it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects and won’t make you high.

  • Price and Usage

If this Hollyweed’s CBD oil is your choice, then you can get it for a price of $24.95 to $124.95, depending on the strength that you want. You can also subscribe to Hollyweed’s newsletter and save 25% off your purchase. Hollyweed suggests using their oil as a dietary supplement one or more servings per day by putting drops directly into your mouth or putting them into your favorite food or drink.

  • Customer Policies

Hollyweed offers several shipping options, including free economy shipping. Moreover, the shipping is fast, and the orders are shipped within 24 hours of ordering. What we really like about Hollyweed is that they are very confident about the products they produce and sell. If by any chance you are not delighted with their oil’s effectiveness, the brand also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.


  • All-natural products made to give you immediate effects
  • The oil doesn’t contain any artificial additives, and it is lab-tested
  • You can find it in several available potencies
  • Free and fast shipping for all customers on all orders and a trial period for trying the products


  • The effects may take longer in order to kick in

Customer Experience

The customers seem extremely satisfied with Hollyweed’s line of CBD products, including the full-spectrum oil. We found many positive comments about the potency of the oil as many users stated that they were able to feel the effects wanted in just a short period of time.

Additionally, customers like the packaging of the products and the brand’s informative website about all of the products they sell.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD 

#4. Fab CBD : Variety Of Flavors 

Fab CBD is a brand founded in 2005 that is focused on creating the best possible CBD products for its customers. The brand believes in the healing properties and benefits that hemp offers, so its products are intended to provide a wellness lifestyle.

Moreover, Fab CBD puts a lot of time and care into creating their line of products, and they use industry-standard manufacturing practices and science and innovation for their development.


  • Fab CBD Oil

CBD oil is one of the quickest and easiest ways of using CBD. Fab CBD differentiates from many other brands due to the flavored CBD oils they provide. You can get the natural flavor or select any other flavors available such as citrus, mint, berry, and vanilla. Fab CBD’s oil is made from organically grown hemp in Colorado and is rich in naturally occurring terpenes.

In order for the oil to be effective, it needs to be very potent, so the brand offers three potencies to choose from: 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg CBD. That their products are of great quality can be determined by the shelf-life. Their CBD oil has a year-long shelf life, and it contains less than 0.3% THC.

The oil is made to assist you in managing daily stress, and it also helps with easier recovery after intense workouts. Moreover, Fab CBD’s oils are recognized to make you relaxed and calm but at the same time improve your focus throughout the day. The oil is also safe to consume because it is pesticide-free, and it doesn’t contain any herbicides and chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

  • Price and Usage

Fab CBD also wants to make their products affordable so that you can purchase their oil from their website for $19.50-$64.50 depending on the potency you select and the quantity that you want. The company very often has sales for their products as well as discounts, so make sure to keep an eye on them.

When it comes to using the oil, Fab CBD recommends starting with a lower dosage, for instance, half a dropper once a day for a whole month, and see how you will feel. If you feel the need to increase the dosage, you can start using half a dropper two times a week. You also have dropper measurements for easier dosing, which is very convenient.

  • Customer Policies

As a reliable brand, Fab CBD offers fast shipping. The shipping is free for all orders above $99, and there is also a 30 days return policy. If you purchase products separately, they must be in their original form in order to be eligible for a return. We also like that the brand values education about CBD products, so you can visit the blog on their official page to find many useful articles on different topics related to hemp and CBD.


  • Natural oil made using clean CO2 extraction method
  • Their oil is available in several flavors and potencies
  • Made from a trustworthy brand that donates to charities
  • High-quality product that is also affordable


  • No major cons about this brand

Customer Experience

According to the reviews from customers, Fab CBD is one of the most reliable brands on the market. The customers like the variety of flavors the brand offers, and they are delighted with the brand’s transparency about all the products they sell.

We also like that the brand’s website is very informative about the products, and the site is also easy to use and understand. Many users also like the packaging as well as the potency of Fab CBD’s oil.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Fab CBD 

#5. Medterra : Best CBD Oil For Beginners 

Medterra is a brand that is focused on delivering the best CBD oil for affordable prices. The brand’s products are created from industrial hemp using safe extraction methods and following strict guidelines.

Moreover, Medterra’s products are tested for potency and quality as well as consistency. The brand’s main goal is to destigmatize the usage of hemp-derived products as they believe in the efficiency and the effects they provide.


  • Medterra CBD Oil

Medterra has a wide range of products to offer, and they provide isolate CBD oil as well as full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils. Their isolate CBD oils are unflavored but available in several strengths per bottle, such as 500mg, 1000mg, 3000mg, and 6000mg. The oil contains an active ingredient known as cannabidiol and organic MCT oil.

It is suitable to use during the day or at night, and it is intended to reduce daily stress and discomfort as well as improve the quality of your sleep. What is more, the combination of CBD with MCT oil is good for both your mental and physical well-being. Additionally, Medterra has an ultra broad-spectrum CBD oil that contains a combination of CBD and other cannabinoids but no THC.

It comes in several flavors, such as citrus, strawberry mint, and an unflavored option. It is intended to make you balanced and calm and comes in three available strengths 1000mg and 2000mg. The brand also offers a full spectrum CBD, but it also contains THC, and it is suitable for relaxation, recovery after exercising, and for well-being. It has two distinctive flavors: chocolate mint and citrus, and is available in four strengths to choose from.

  • Price and Usage

Medterra doesn’t disappoint even when it comes to pricing. You can purchase their isolate CBD oil for $55.99 or get the broad-spectrum oil for a price of $64.99. The combination of CBD and THC is much costlier, with a price of $89.99.

When it comes to usage, Medterra recommends using 1 full dropper one or more times a day or as recommended. The oils also come with a dropper that has measurements for even more accuracy. However, you must use the oil regularly to get the maximum results possible.

  • Customer Policies

The brand offers fast shipping on their orders, and the rate is determined according to the product’s weight which you can find on the details page. To receive a refund, you need to contact Medterra within 30 days, but the products must be in their original form and unopened.


  • The brand offers isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum products
  • The oils are effective for relaxation, better sleep, and easing discomfort
  • CBD oils made from powerful and natural ingredients
  • High-quality products for very affordable prices


  • The website is not very easy to navigate

Customer Experience

Plenty of users expressed that Medterra’s oils have helped them relieve pain and aches and also helped them feel much better. The customers also like the available potency options, and they like that the oils are both pure and effective.

People also like that they can select products on the site according to the benefits they need, and they are delighted with the brand’s transparency about the products they create and sell.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Medterra 

Things to Take into Consideration When Looking for the Best CBD Oil on the Market

As mentioned, CBD oils have been much needed on the market, so there are many brands that you can find online that sell some of the best CBD oil. The brands on our list are reliable and highly rated by thousands of customers. However, if you are struggling to make a choice, here are some factors that you can take into consideration in order to find the best product for you.

Hemp Source 

As it can be seen, CBD oils are sourced from hemp. With that being said, the hemp must be of good quality to be effective and safe to use. For that reason, it is essential to look for products that are sourced from organically grown hemp on US-based farms. If a brand doesn’t provide information about the hemp they use, then you probably want to look for another brand.

Additionally, it is important to check the complementary ingredients as well and make sure that the oil is all-natural and doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients which are unsafe. If you are looking for variety, then you can also check brands that offer variety, such as unflavored or oils that come in several different flavors.


CBD oils are available in many different potencies to choose from. With that being said, the oil needs to contain enough CBD to be effective and provide you with the effects that you desire. Therefore, you need to look for products that are potent enough and select the strength according to your preference. If you are a beginner, it is suggested to start with a lower dosage, such as 10mg, and use it for some time, and then start to increase according to how you feel.

Lab Testing

Whether the products are tested or not is a very significant factor to consider. This is because third-party testing includes testing the products for quality, safety, and potency. Also, if a brand has provided lab test reports on their site, you can check the hemp source, ingredients used, the oils strength, and other valuable information. If a brand doesn’t provide lab testing reports on its website, then it is not a good sign.

Type of CBD Extracts

There are three types of CBD extracts available on the market. However, before you choose a product, in this case, CBD oil, you need to be more familiar with them. The full-spectrum extracts contain several cannabinoids, oils, and terpenes, and some can even contain THC, while the broad-spectrum extract contains all these compounds but without THC amount. On the other hand, isolates contain only pure cannabidiol without additional compounds and THC.

Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews

The reputation of the brand on the market can tell a lot about the products it offers as well as the customer policies they provide. If a brand is well-reputed and has years of experience in the industry, then it is a positive indicator of the quality of its products. In addition, we suggest reading medically reviewed articles from customers to see the other user’s experience with their oils and other products.

Although products can work differently for some people, hearing the honest opinions of others can help you in making the right decision significantly. You can also look for feedback from a variety of reliable sources and even social media to read as many experiences as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Oils

What are some of the main benefits of using CBD oil?

Studies have shown that CBD oil provides plenty of health benefits, and people are using it for different reasons. CBD oils are recognized to provide benefits such as chronic pain relief, anxiety, and PTSD relief, and they also help with depression.

Additionally, such a product is used for reducing seizures and inflammation as well as improving heart health and digestion. People also use it for relaxation and for quality sleep, especially people dealing with insomnia.

If you do research on CBD oils, you will also find out that these products are commonly used to treat various conditions such as neuropathic pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and many others.

How does CBD oil work and does it make you high?

The way CBD oil works is by interacting with your body’s receptors known as CB1 and CB2 in the endocannabinoid system, that are responsible for regulating the neurotransmitters in your body, and it is connected with health.

Since these marijuana derived CBD products don’t contain more than 0.3% THC, they don’t have psychoactive properties and won’t make you high but give you the effects that we previously mentioned. However, if you want to travel with CBD oil, you need to check the laws in your state, as in some states, CBD oils are illegal.

Is CBD oil safe for you to consume?

As long as the oil is good quality and natural, made from organically grown hemp, then the product is safe to use as it is approved by the drug administration. However, you need to follow the recommended dosage from the manufacturers or determine the right dosage for you according to your body tolerance and not exceed it to avoid any side effects. If you are unsure whether CBD oil is safe for you to use, you can consult a healthcare practitioner to be safe.

How do you use CBD oil?

One way you can use CBD oil is to use it sublingually. How this works is by putting a drop with the bottle dropper measured to your body tolerance. Then, you need to wait at least 30 seconds and swallow the drop.

Another way of using it is to mix CBD oil with your favorite drink and food. However, the absorption rate by doing so can be reduced. Nevertheless, whether you are using CBD oil for the first time or you are an experienced user, you need to know the right dosage, which depends on your age, weight, metabolism, and other factors.

Can CBD oil affect drug test results?

Since CBD oils contain less than 0.3% THC, the standard drug tests don’t screen for CBD, and itmakes CBD legal according to the Farm Bill. However, there are some CBD products that contain traces of THC, which can affect the drug test, and for that reason, you need to be aware of the oil that you use before taking a drug test.

Final Thoughts

Given these points, we can determine that CBD oils Or CBD tinctures are very effective and they provide many benefits. Therefore, many companies compete on the market to produce high-quality ones for their buyers. However, you need to make sure to select a reliable brand that is recognized for providing safety to use and potent nonprescription CBD products.

Natural CBD oil can make you feel both calm and relaxed after a stressful day, relieve aches and discomfort and make you feel healthier overall. Now that you are more familiar with some of the best CBD oil that you can purchase on the market, select the one that will work the best for you and start your wellness journey today.

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