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Much like THC, CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has grown incredibly popular over the years. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, however, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. In essence, it won’t get you high. Instead, it has the potential to offer several health benefits.

Another thing, users have reported is that it can help with inflammation and pain. Alongside that, it has calming properties, which is a welcome improvement from the nervousness and paranoia that people have reported with THC. Said calming properties have sub-benefits as well. Specifically, by inducing a calmer state, CBD can potentially help its users sleep better, manage anxiety more effectively, etc.

That said, perhaps the best part of CBD is that it can be just as useful for dogs as it is for humans. You see, dogs, among other pets, have internal processes as well, and, just like humans, one of the main issues pets face is allergies. While the occasional itching and scratching might not be much of a cause for concern, a dog with allergies will likely wheeze, sneeze, and scratch every chance it gets.

By offering CBD for dogs with allergies, it’s possible to help alleviate the discomfort your pet is going through. CBD for dog allergies functions by interacting with the endocannabinoid system that every mammal has. The ECS regulates several internal processes, including the immune system. Through this interaction, CBD for dogs with allergies can assist in making life a little easier for your allergic dog.

In this article, we’ll offer a detailed roundup of products that are specifically made with CBD for dogs with allergies. We’ll list their pros and cons and even offer a few tips to help you select from the multitude of options.

Our Top Picks For The Best CBD For Dogs With Allergies:

#1. HolistaPet: Overall Best CBD For Dogs With Allergies, Editor’s Pick 


HolistaPet brand is a California-based company. This brand has a team of professionals who have a combined twenty-five years of experience in the organic food industry. Moreover, this brand has been around since 2018, and it’s an accredited brand by Better Business Bureau, meaning they are legit.

This brand aims to offer the best CBD-infused CBD oil products for your livestock and pets. In addition, the brand uses natural and organic ingredients for them to deliver safe and efficient products to customers. Their CBD products have no artificial flavors and additives. In addition, the brand utilizes non-GMO hemp grown organically in Colorado from farms that comply with US regulations.

All CBD products from HolistaPet are dairy-free, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Hence, you’ll have assurance on quality. The brand also advocates the advantages of treatments that focus on the endocannabinoid system. These signaling molecules are responsible for retaining the internal balance and controlling things like inflammation and temperature.

Products from HolistaPet promote general well-being and offer extra comfort, especially when your dog needs it. The products also have recipes from carefully selected supplements and superfoods to improve their efficiency as it supplies more nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

HolistaPet CBD dog treats have distinct formulas to support three natural remedies. They include stress and anxiety relief, joint and mobility care, and heart and immune care. Above all, a 3rd-party lab tests HolistaPet products for purity and efficiency. With this, you can rest assured that you will give your dog products with little to no THC.

HolistaPet CBD products offer an uplifting mood change after regular usage. With either of their products, your dog will enjoy the calming benefits without getting high. Your pet can take HolistaPet products orally through delightfully flavored biscuits infused with cannabidiol and other natural ingredients.


Refund and Return Policy: HolistaPet allows returns and refunds to unsatisfied customers. However, for the refunds to happen, the return request should be within the first thirty days of purchase. The brands also give an additional 15 days to contact their customer support team. Hence you will have a total of 45 days.

All users requesting a refund should first fill in a refund request form for any refund process to be successful. If the product is unopened, the brand will pay for the return shipping. With a successful refund request, it will take two to three business days for your money to reflect on your account.

CBD Product Bundles: HolistaPet has multiple bundles of CBD products. This allows customers to group several products and get nice discounts that help to save some dollars. The available bundles include 1x cat treats, 1x pet tincture, 3x dog treats multi-pack, 1x horse pellets, 1x oil combo, 3x small pet tinctures, and 3x cat treats. You can also subscribe to a plan and save 25 percent of the order.

Product Varieties: The HolistaPet brand makes a variety of CBD products for pets. You will get different CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses.

CBD products for dogs include CBD wellness dog treats, CBD dog treats + joint and mobility care, and CBD dog treats for managing anxiety. Other dog CBD products available include dog CBD oil, CBD mobility chews, CBD calming chews, CBD Capsules, and CBD shampoo, among others.

Dosage: HolistaPet dog’s CBD products are available in different forms. For example, there are sweet flavored biscuits infused with cannabidiol and other naturally occurring active ingredients. Your dog needs to take these products after every 4 to 8 hours. For correct dosing, it’s recommended to give one treat having 5mg of CBD to a dog weighing 10lbs.


  • Offers comfort
  • Improves appetite
  • Eases nervousness
  • Promotes sleep
  • Eases digestion
  • Improves mobility
  • Helps in controlling inflammation and anxiety
  • Improves dog’s general health
  • Offers refund
  • Has a variety of products
  • Product bundles are available at a reduced cost


  • No international shipping

=> Click here to visit the official website of HolistaPet

#2. Pet Hemp Company CBD Products: Most Recommended & Affordable CBD Brand For Dogs


A family dog known as Woody inspired the start of the Pet Hemp Company. Woody was a gray-haired dog that lived for thirteen years and was often referred to as mayor because of its calmness with other animals. Woody had a cat known as Frankie as its best friend. The two played together, even though Frankie weighed 12 pounds and Woody 90 pounds. Two brothers named Jesse and Josh founded this brand after losing Woody, who was their loyal pet.

As Woody grew old, he began developing issues with walking since he had a giant benign tumor in his hips. In addition, Woody lost appetite slowly and had liver dysfunction. He got treatment, and the doctor prescribed some medication.

With time, Woody’s energy decreased since he lost his appetite and ate little food. He also struggled to get up more often than not because of increased pain. All the medications prescribed by the doctor didn’t work. However, CBD treatment reportedly helped Woody get better with an increased appetite. Besides, CBD also helped in easing pain noticeably, which made him sleep comfortably every night and walk with a little less discomfort. This gave Frankie joy since her play partner was able to play with her again.

In 2019, Woody died, which made the whole family sad since everyone loved him. After their experience with Woody, the two brothers decided to help other pet owners by assisting them in understanding and having access to premium CBD products for their pets.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that their brand started in memory of Woody, and they incorporated Frankie and Woody into their packing design. The growth of the brand offers this family joy since they help pets and families have access to quality CBD products that improve their well-being.


Refund Policy: Pet Hemp Company offers a refund to customers who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their purchase. The brand also guarantees every customer an authentic and brand new product in original packaging. However, if you encounter any problems, always reach out to their customer support team to process your refund request. The refund request should be within thirty 30 days. The brand also gives customers a grace period of 15-days; hence you will have a guarantee of 45-days.

Product Varieties: Pet Hemp Company manufactures a variety of CBD products for pets and horses. These include CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, and CBD treats. On tinctures, we have CBD oil for dogs, cats, and horses. With CBD treats, you will get dog treats, cat treats, and soft chews.

Beyond its product, the brand takes the extra step of offering educational resource links. These include articles on dog medication, dog breeds, cat care, horse breeds, dog food, home remedies, cat breeds, dog care, dog holidays, CBD research, and cat holidays.

Easy-to-Navigate Site: This company has a simple-to-use site. On their menu, you can shop by product, and you will have a list of the products they manufacture. Alternatively, you can shop for a new pet, and you will be able to choose from their range of cute dogs, cats, and horses.

Shipping Policy: Pet Hemp Company offers free economy shipping to every client at checkout. In addition, the brand also provides quickly paid shipping choices during checkout. This is more suitable for orders that are sensitive to time. Before making payments, you’ll see your shipping cost. There, with knowledge of the price, you’ll have the choice to select the best option for you.

Discounts: The Pet Hemp Company regularly offers discounts that can go as high as 40%.


  • Friendly customer support team
  • Publishes reports from third-party lab tests
  • Has a diverse range of products
  • Sources hemp from US legal farms
  • Has no THC
  • Free from gluten, wheat, preservatives, and artificial colors
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Made with natural and non-GMO ingredients
  • Reduces pain, anxiety, and inflammation


  • Relatively expensive
  • No worldwide shipping

=> Click here to visit the official website of Pet Hemp Company

#3. Healthy Petables: Most Popular For Prime Quality CBD Products On The Market 


This is another brand that makes the best quality CBD products for pets. Among the products from this brand include CBD Dog Treats for Mobility Care and Joint Pain. They are very effective for relieving joint inflammation because they have anti-inflammatory properties designed to assist with stiffness.

Beyond that, the CBD products from Healthy Petables contain pure, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly ingredients. In addition, the brand seems to have a special commitment to making products that help in improving the general health of an animal and make it feel whole.

The Healthy Petables brand demonstrates this by being transparent in its processing method, location, ingredients, lab results, etc. This has increased the number of customers that trust the brand, leading to an increase in sales.

The founders of this brand are a group of people that love pets. They would bring their dogs on outdoor adventures. However, as their pets got old, their health conditions deteriorated. With time they found out that CBD compounds help in improving dogs’ health conditions. They began by mixing their own CBD supplements, which offered a significant difference in dogs’ mobility, moods, and energy levels. This pushed them to start a brand that’s devoted to making CBD products from non-GMO, all-natural, and organic CBD products.

The brand started its operations back in 2019. Since then, they have helped several dogs and cats to feel calm, soothed, and healthier. They make several varieties of CBD products for pets, including wellness dog treats, joint and mobility care treats for anxiety, etc.


Product Safety: All CBD products from Healthy Petables use natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, making them safe. Moreover, they use the CO2 extraction method, which doesn’t involve the use of chemicals. Before they release their CBD products to the market, a third-party lab tests them for purity and potency level. The results of the test are published on their official site with all the elements found and their percentage level.

Refund Policy: Healthy Petables’ products come with a refund policy of 30 days. This is sufficient time to know if the product will work for your pet or not. If unsatisfied with the outcomes, you should contact their customer support team to start the refund process.

Quality Hemp: Healthy Petables gets their hemp from farms in America that adhere to farming rules set. They grow their hemp free from pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizer. This ensures that the harvest will be clean and of high quality.

Delivery/Shipping: It takes one to two days for your order to be processed. The standard shipping period takes a maximum of five days once your order is processed. In addition, the brands offer free shipping, and users can choose quick shipping by paying a few dollars.


  • Improves dog’s general well-being
  • Offers calming effect on nerves
  • Promotes healthy appetite and weight loss
  • Improves dog’s digestion
  • Relieves discomfort related to everyday activity
  • Boosts joint and bone health
  • Helps in supporting mobility and joint flexibility
  • Supports quality sleep
  • Offers 30-day refund
  • Made with natural ingredient
  • Third-party lab test


  • Takes time for the effect to show

=> Click here to visit the official website of Healthy Petables

How We Made the List Of Best CBD Brands For Dogs?

CBD products offer several benefits to dogs’ bodies, including improving their general health. However, if you must enjoy the benefits of CBD for dog allergies, you need to give your dog quality products that are free from gluten, dairy products, etc. To come up with brands that offer these products, we first made an unbiased list of selection criteria to help us define the standard quality for CBD products. We eliminated brands one by one based on the service offered, product quality, product benefits, and other things.

What We Looked For?

  • Ingredient Source: Pets deserve the best quality CBD for dog allergies. Therefore, we only selected brands that source their products from farms with safe farming practices. Specifically, we didn’t want any products that were grown with pesticides, toxins, and chemicals. Owing to the stringent rules in place on American farmers, we favored brands that sourced their hemp from the USA.

In addition to that, we favored organic manufacturers over those that used artificial materials in our recommendations. We eliminated all products that used chemical preservatives, coloring, flavors, and any other fillers. All the products that remained on our list had natural or organic components only, and every other ingredient in them was beneficial.

  • Brand Reputation: We chose brands that had been in the industry for a while since they have experience and know what customers need. Moreover, we selected brands that offer a refund, are transparent about their manufacturing process, and disclose their physical location. A reputable brand should also list all the ingredients on the package label.
  • Third-Party Lab Test: This is the primary way that a customer can have the assurance that they are purchasing a safe and effective product. Independent labs are trustworthy since they are not affiliated with the brand and don’t have any reason to manipulate the results. You will know what the development of the product entails, among other things. Only brands that took their products to independent labs for testing remained on our list.
  • Quality: Product quality determines its potency. The extraction process is a strong indicator of the quality of CBD for dog allergies. We only choose those brands that extracted CBD from a hemp plant using the CO2 method. This method uses advanced technology, which guarantees that you will get pure and potent extracts without adding unsafe solvents or using very high temperatures.

Buying Guide For Beginners: Factors To Consider Before Choosing A CBD Brand For Your Dog

There are numerous choices of CBD products for pets available on the market today. CBD products and the market are unregulated, and this can easily lead to scams and fake products that are dangerous to humans and pets alike. Thus, you need to check out some factors which will help you evade fake and low-quality products.

Third-Party Lab Test

A reputable brand that makes quality products takes their products to an independent lab to test how pure and efficient their products are. They check if the product has pesticides, heavy metals, microbial impurities, herbicides, etc. Afterward, they post all the results on their official site. With accurate test results, you will be able to easily determine which CBD product is best for your pets.

Extraction Method

The extraction method used typically determines the quality of CBD products. CBD extracted using the CO2 method is of the best quality, and the process doesn’t use any dangerous solvent. As such, you needn’t worry about safety. In addition, CO2 technology doesn’t use very high temperatures. Thus, before choosing products from a particular brand, you need to check the method they use to extract CBD.


Several things determine the quality of a CBD product. Among them are the extraction method and hemp source. Hemp from US farmers is of the best quality since it’s free from pesticides, herbicides, non-GMO, and grown organically. Therefore, before buying any CBD for dog allergies, check where the brands get their hemp. Moreover, the kind of climate where hemp is produced and the experience that the farmer has in that business also play an important role.

Users Review

Customers’ reviews will help you understand if the product is effective, if it has side effects, and the way the brand relates with its customers. With these details, you will be able to determine which CBD products best suit your dog. Always go for products that have a higher rating and more encouraging reviews.

Product Types

The three standard products you’ll come across when buying CBD oils or any other type of CBD for dogs with allergies include CBD isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate has had every component of the hemp plant apart from CBD itself stripped off. This type of product guarantees zero THC, making it a favorite among certain CBD users and pet owners.

Broad-spectrum products are a slightly processed variety of CBD that have a THC level of 0.3% or less. Broad-spectrum products host other cannabis plant components, offering an ‘entourage effect’ that intensifies the CBD experience.

Full spectrum CBD refers to the less processed version and has more original plant components. Full-spectrum CBD offers the most potent entourage effect. CBD fans that need the most out of CBD products consume full-spectrum oils. Similar to the broad-spectrum, full-spectrum CBD also has a low level of THC (0.3%).

Size Variants

CBD oils come in different sizes, which include 150mg, 600mg, 300mg, and 1500mg. However, 1500mg is not very common. That said, you should buy just enough that you wouldn’t have to order refills every couple of weeks.

The major thing to look at when trying to decide between sizes of CBD products for dog allergies is the consumption quantity of your dog. If your dog requires a lot of CBD owing to its larger size, buy bigger sizes of CBD oils. Otherwise, stick to smaller sizes.

Brand Reputation

Only buy products from trustworthy brands. That is a company that discloses its location, is transparent on ingredients, CBD extraction method, etc. You should also consider those brands that offer product returns and refunds. Return policies will give you a chance to test if the product provides the effect it claims. If not, you can make a return request to get your money back. Brands with user support are always the best since you will have your queries about the product they offer answered.


Quality CBD products, especially CBD oil, aren’t cheap. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get good value when on a tight budget. There are monthly doses that are cheaper. Moreover, brands in our review have affordable products, and they always have discounts on their products.

That said, you can look out for and buy a bundle package that will save you a few dollars. Whenever you can, opt for brands that offer free shipping to save more. In addition, check the lab outcomes and cross-compare to be sure that you will receive a fair shake on dosage.

FAQs Regarding CBD for Dogs With Allergies:

Q1. Are our CBD products safe for my pet?

The best quality CBD oil is safe for consumption by most animals. Veterinarians recommend it as a low-cost substitute for other medications because CBD oil for dogs has promising outcomes.

That said, you still need to adhere to the dosage given by the manufacturer or veterinary doctor. If it’s the first time, give your dog a low dosage of CBD for dog allergies and increase it gradually with time. Otherwise, your dog may experience some side effects, including falling asleep, having diarrhea, or vomiting. If, however, your pet develops a chronic illness, you need to consult your veterinarian before giving it CBD oil.

Q2. Between CBD and THC, which is best for a dog with allergies?

THC is also a cannabinoid, and it’s derived from the cannabis plant. However, unlike CBD, THC offers strong psychoactive effects. Therefore, your dog can get very high results after consuming it. Giving dogs products with THC can lead to marijuana poisoning with symptoms like drowsiness, vomiting, confusion, nausea, anxiety, episodes of agitation, paranoia, and a faster heartbeat.

Q3. How do CBD products for a dog with allergies operate?

CBD for dog allergies generally interacts with the endocannabinoid system to offer health benefits and alleviate discomfort. However, before giving your dog a CBD product, you need to check with your vet first. CBD element is a natural remedy, plus it assists with different health conditions and allergies with responsible use. But, when possible, professional advice is always a good thing to have.

Q4. Can one give a pet CBD oil to a human?

Dogs shouldn’t consume CBD products meant for human consumption and derived from marijuana plants. Moreover, they shouldn’t take CBD oils that have high THC content, usually more than 0.3%. Even with products specifically designed for dog allergies, always follow the dosages given correctly.

Q5. How can I know that a dog’s CBD product is working?

CBD oil operates differently depending on the dog using it. Some pet owners say they see noticeable results after thirty minutes of first dose consumption. Others report some positive effects after a whole week of daily supplementation. The difference in timelines can be attributed to product quality, the dog’s condition, or some genetic factors.

That said, there are three signs which show that a CBD product for dog allergies is improving a dog’s life. Firstly, you will see increased movement in the form of readiness to stand up and heightened agility. This is because stress and inflammation are movement inhibitors and CBD helps to alleviate them.

Secondly, you will notice an improvement in interactions. With pain being under control after consuming CBD for dog allergies, your dog would be more positively inclined towards social interactions and much less irritable.

Thirdly, you will notice symptoms disappearing and an improvement in the dog’s immune system. The symptoms include aches, seizures, dry dog skin allergies, pains, and panic attacks.

Q6. Will CBD products interact with the present medication that a dog is taking for allergies?

CBD inhibits the enzyme cytochrome P450(53) and affects the metabolism of some prescription drugs. You should consult a vet professional to learn about possible drug interactions.

Q7. What’s the number of treats that are good for my dog to consume daily?

The number of treats to offer your dog depends on their CBD tolerance as well as their weight. As a general rule of thumb, larger dogs need more CBD than smaller dogs. However, other factors also contribute to this, including the dog’s metabolism and the potency of the specific product you purchase. The best piece of advice we can offer is to start small and increase gradually.

Q8. Can CBD products be addictive for my pets?

CBD oil doesn’t create any physical addiction or dependency in dogs. Nevertheless, it is important for pet owners to use CBD products specially made for dogs. This is generally going to be a broad-spectrum CBD oil product that has no THC but can still offer the entourage effect.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Brand For CBD Products In 2022? 

Dog allergies are more common among the modern variety of canine companions. For clarity, allergic reactions are overstated immune responses caused by mast cells. Even though it’s not a life-threatening state, they affect the dog’s health, hence the need to visit a veterinarian. The main types of dog allergies include environmental allergies, food allergies, flea allergy dermatitis, or contact-induced allergies. CBD is a natural and safe alternative to recommended treatments for dog allergies.

Dogs with allergies can take CBD products in different forms. These include CBD tinctures, CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD tablets, CBD softgels, and CBD dog treats. Moreover, there are also topical CBD products which include CBD lotions, CBD salves, CBD balms, and CBD creams. All these work well to help manage your dog’s allergies.

Some options for administering CBD products to dogs include directly feeding the product to the dog through the dog’s mouth, through dog food and CBD mixture, dog treat and CBD mixture, and a CBD oil treat.

CBD dosage for dogs depends on their weight. As a general rule of thumb, for every kilogram of the dog’s weight, you need to give a dosage of about 2mg of CBD. That is, a dog weighing 30 pounds (13.6kg) needs about 27 mg of CBD. However, one should start giving their dog a low dosage and slowly increase it as the dog’s body builds tolerance.

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