Best CBD Infused Drinks You Can Buy In 2022


Every one of us wants to find moments of self-care, and CBD and CBD products provide a totally hassle-free and easily consumable way to alleviate the quality of our lifestyle. This incredible medicinal ingredient managed to find its way onto the beverage shelves in iced teas, coffee, cbd hemp soda, and even cbd energy drink.

We are not surprised that CBD has been bottled up, as a relaxing shot drink company with a mix of the purest parts of the hemp plant is an excellent option to make your body unwind at the end of the tense day.

Today, we will present you with the best CBD drinks list and save you some time from looking around and trying everything under the sun. There is no need for that, because we have found the best cbd infused drinks brands that already enjoy a high reputation on the market. 

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best CBD Drinks:

  1. Diamond CBD: Overall Best CBD Infused Drink, Editor’s Choice
  2. Hemp Bombs: Most Popular Brand For CBD Drinks
  3. Kleer CBD Water: High Quality CBD Products Available
  4. Buddha Teas: Most Relaxing CBD Beverages 
  5. Miraflores Sparkling: Highly Affordable Brand To Buy CBD Drinks 

#1. Diamond CBD: Overall Best CBD Drinks On The Market, Editor’s Choice

Diamond CBD is the name that skyrocketed in the CBD domain, mainly for offering a unique selection of hemp-derived products created with the highest technology and careful ingredients.

It wants to keep it short and sweet when it comes to its drink selection. They offer an amazing variety of liquid CBD goodness in the form of shots, coffee pods, tea pods, cbd soda, and powders, allowing you to feel their effects wherever you are. The biggest advantage of choosing their Chill Drink is it comes already pre-packed in totally discreet bottles.

Product Highlights

  • Formulation and effect

Diamond CBD offers you a fun and enjoyable way to take CBD on the go. The Chill Shot drink comes with about 350 mg of CBD, and it is completely free of THC, which is a good alternative to hemp oils and pills.

You can take it anytime and anywhere to feel the awesome effects of the CBD whenever you feel like you need an extra pick me up throughout the day. It is formulated with refreshed grape flavor recommended to be taken chilled for you to become even more chill.

  • Manufacturing practices

The brand supplies hemp plants from Scandinavia and Colorado, widely known as the well-recognized area for providing genuinely high-quality hemp. Diamond CBD prides itself on adhering to a non-GMO approach and strictly organic farming practices.

As usual with a reputable brand like Diamond CBD, they use supercritical CO2 extraction to create their hemp. On top of that, this product, as the rest of their range, is delivered to a third-party lab to ensure safety, potency, and quality.

  • User convenience

Diamond CBD offers you a 15-day return policy; however, you should keep in mind that you can get a refund back only if the product is unopened.

All the orders are shipped within two to five business days, and you can take advantage of the free shipping option if you spend over $100.


  • Certification of analysis and third-party tested
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free from GMO product, delivered from organically grown hemp
  • Great value for the money
  • Full potency product
  • Discount advantage


  • More expensive in comparison to other brands

=> Click here to visit the official website of Diamond CBD

#2. Hemp Bombs: Popular Brand For CBD Beverages & CBD Drinks

Hemp Bombs is an excellent CBD company that, as it is clear by their name, truly offers you products that are pure hemp bombs. The brand puts special importance on the ingredients and quality to assure their customers rip all the most beneficial compounds of this supplement.

They offer a vast line of products, but the most exciting one that is a top favorite among CBD lovers is their CBD drinks. If you are looking for an option that tastes great, is full potency, and effective, the product lives up to that image.

Hemp Bombs uses the latest innovation practices to create their CBD drink. It is made from organic hemp, devoid of artificial colors or flavors. If you are a vegan, this product will allow you to rip all the benefits of CBD most effectively.

Product Highlights

  • Formulation and effect

Hemp Bombs CBD Chill Shot includes key ingredients to promote soothing pain relief and a natural anti-inflammatory. It’s infused with 100 mg of CBD, which is a sizable dose if you have a high daily CBD need. It is designed to be taken all at once to increase your daily dose of CBD; however, you can drink during the day if you like.

It is formulated to promote relaxation when blended with other powerful ingredients like L-theanine and melatonin, significant for reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Manufacturing practices

Hemp Bombs sources the hemp from the best American farms known for growing organic, pesticide-free hemp with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

To ensure greater quality and consistency, they partnered with farmers with extensive experience in the hemp field. Moreover, the product is third-party tested, and the results are posted on the website.

  • User convenience

The best part about Hemp Bombs is they ship internationally. If you are from the U.S., you can expect your order to reach your doorstep within 5-10 business days, while international orders might take six weeks.

Every product comes with a 30 days return policy, and you can purchase them directly from the brand’s official website.


  • Formulated with organically grown hemp
  • Variety of potencies
  • Vegan-friendly formula, free from GMO
  • A high amount of CBD percent
  • THC free product
  • Natural fruity flavor
  • International shipping
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Packaging isn’t very appealing

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hemp Bombs

#3. Kleer CBD Water: Get Premium Quality CBD Water Online

Kleer CBD is a customer-oriented brand that strives to fulfill the desires of CBD enthusiasts. The newest addition to their beverage portfolio is CBD-infused carbonated water. This is a uniquely formulated drink that really benefits your health. They have partnered with the industry’s most notable CBD suppliers and experienced cannabinoid experts to create a unique product.

Kleer CBD uses emulsion technology to convert the thick oily raw material extracted from the cannabis plant to transform it into a water-soluble format. The beverage comes in a clean and specific flavor profile suitable for every time of the day. It is packed in 12 cans with 12 oz each.

This is an especially interesting option for users who want to count the number of calories they put into their body. It contains no artificial sweeteners and makes it perfect for any diet like keto, paleo or vegan and weight loss.

Product highlights

  • Formulation and effect

You can forget about the coffee jitters and hangover headache since this sparkling cbd infused water is here to boost your mood and give you what you need with no crash. It is THC free and gives a mellow high to balance your body needs. It carries the potential to enhance memory, improve relaxation and the immune system, relieve muscle pain, and increase sleeping quality.

Kleer CBD uses the highly reputable SoRSE Technology, widely known for its 150 years of product development. It is remarkable for protecting a safe, stable, and homogeneous mix of integrating cannabis oils into commercially available consumer-packaged goods.

  • Manufacturing practices

Kleer CBD Sparkling water comes in three distinctive flavors to give you a total blast of deliciousness. Berry Blast expression layers a natural blueberry/strawberry. Its balanced sweetness without saccharine emerges a candylike taste, with some of the terpenes flavoring peaking through.

The CBD hemp extract amount is on the light side having only 25 mg of full-spectrum hemp-based CBD. The composition is completely natural, non-GMO, and the effect is described as mildly relaxing.

  • User convenience

Shopping at Kleer CBD is convenient and hassle-free. Moreover, they have exceptionally user-friendly customer service, which is attentive to your questions.

The product is available for online sale with shipping included in its price. You can take advantage of the subscription plant and get your favorite beverage for a discounted price. Along with the exceptional price range and delivery methods, the brand offers a 30 days money-back guarantee to return the product in an unopened condition and get a refund.


  • Made from organic hemp
  • 3 flavor options
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • Vegan friendly
  • Third-party tested
  • Created with SoRSE Technology
  • Free shipping
  • Subscription discount
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Only for online sale

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kleer CBD Water

#4. Buddha Teas: Most Relaxing CBD Beverages & CBD Tea

Buddha Teas is a brand that refers to itself as creating the teas of enlightenment. The company is based in San Diego, CA. Even though their name is Buddha, it has nothing to do with Buddhism. However, they contain an aspect from it, mainly restoring the body’s harmony.

Buddha teas offer a splendid amount of teas, making it ideal for everyone with a refined taste. They are all designed to activate specific chakras, alluding to the brand’s spiritual aspects. And the best thing about them is they are infused with CBD.

This brand uses only natural ingredients in the composition of tea. You can enjoy it even more in combination with natural flavors. The best thing about Buddha Teas is that they are shipped internationally and their price range is incredibly affordable.

Product Highlights

  • Formulation and effect

Buddha Teas puts a significant emphasis on the ingredients they are using. The trash is made in an eco-friendly growing process that is kind to the environment and the body. Their composition consists of 0% THC, allowing you to enjoy them anytime without feeling you might get high.

Their most popular options are Burdock root tea, Chaga tea, Chai tea, Chamomile flower tea, and Dandelion root tea.

  • Manufacturing practices

Buddha Teas is devoted to the philosophy that nature carries the cure for everything. That is why they are especially strict when it comes to formulating their products. The hemp is grown organically, and professionals supervise each step in its cultivation.

The brand has a USDA certification; they are non-GMO and free from toxins and artificial colors and flavors.

  • User convenience

Considering the fact that there are not many brands that produce CBD teas on the market, Buddha Teas sells the product at the price of $1.66 per tea bag or $0.33 per CBD, making them an incredibly affordable option.

Their idea was to boost the health benefits of tea with CBD to help the body achieve the ultimate state of calmness. They are a great option having the potential to soothe and relax the upset stomach, initiate sleep, and provide some mild symptoms for pain and inflammation.


  • Great selection of CBD teas
  • Each tea comes with 15 mg of CBD
  • USDA certified tea plants grown in an organic environment
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Affordable price range
  • International shipping


  • Sometimes the orders get delayed

=> Click here to visit the official website of Buddha Teas

#5. Miraflores Sparkling: Best Value Brand To Buy CBD Water For Beginners

Miraflores is a CBD-oriented brand known for its organic manufacturing and sustainable farming. They have managed to capture the pure components of the hemp plant to provide superior flower cbd oil for formulation. Miraflores described their cbd infused beverages with the phrase “refresh the way you relax’’.

However, they offer much more than just relaxing; they have a lot of health benefits to bring to the table too. Each blend has its series of healthy nutrients to help the body to feel less tense after a workout or a rough day at work, providing much-needed balance.

Miraflores’ infusion includes a surprisingly broad-spectrum list of ingredients, 35 mg of hemp extracts, vitamins, and minerals.

Product Highlights

  • Formulation and effect

Miraflores CBD drinks are meticulously designed and tested with flavor to ensure potency and consistency from the first sip to the last. The line boasts high CBD content with 35 mg of full-spectrum hemp flowers to uphold the body’s natural balance.

They are a perfect blend of all-natural flavors, minerals and vitamins A, C, and D, with two delicious flavors: Tuscan Blood Orange and Peach Ginger.

  • Manufacturing practices

The company produces the hemp from Colorado, which receives nourishment from the sun and is fed by Rocky Mountain spring water. They use natural fertilizers to produce high-quality hemp through stringent CO2 extraction to preserve the nutrients efficiently.

  • User convenience

With Miraflores, you can ensure that shopping for CBD products is safe and reliable. The brand offers a 30 days money-back guarantee on all their products. Moreover, they have a free shipping option all around the U.S.


  • Certified organic products
  • A large variety of CBD drink selection
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Shop products by function
  • Full-spectrum CBD extracts
  • 30% discount with subscribing
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping


  • No international shipping

=> Click here to visit the official website of Miraflores Sparkling

How We Made This List Of The Best CBD Drinks?

It is not always easy to spot a genuine CBD brand. Frequently they come with the best marketing that can convince consumers to buy their products, only for them to end up with something that doesn’t perform as well as it promised. When we created this list, we considered various factors to distinguish the genuine quality brands from those faulty ones.

Price of the product

The price itself does not determine how good the product is; some CBD drinks come with sky-high costs that don’t add to what they deliver. A good cbd infused drink should have a reasonable price according to its size and potency.

We prioritized brands that do not inflate their prices, but we have included a few of those that sell exceptional quality products with a somewhat higher price than average.

Customer policy

The customer policy of any brand is a key factor in deciding whether you should trust them or not. Many of the brands we offer guarantee satisfaction on all products, helping shippers not to waste their money on things they don’t like.

A relevant thing that we looked for was a free shipping option and ethical practices like cruelty-free production and transparency when it comes to the manufacturing process.

Brand reputation

Customer reviews are the most reliable testimony of whether the brand is worth more than any marketing copy. The brand we have featured on our list has overall favorable reviews and high praise in the publication.

This information is precious when it comes to CBD products. If the brand is not transparent enough about the kind of practices it uses, then the chances are they have something to hide. We have only selected those brands that are pretty open about their work and take pride in sharing their philosophy.

What are the Health Benefits of using CBD Drink?

Each CBD variant carries a different potential, and sometimes you should try them all to see which one works the best for you. When we are talking about drinks mainly, they come with various advantages, including:

Convenient packaging

They are easy and convenient for consumption. They already care about the right dose of CBD, meaning you do not have to measure and cut to find the one suitable for you.

CBD drinks for every mood

Whether you enjoy a cbd tea or coffee in the morning, need an extra energy boost in the afternoon, or an alcoholic beverage in the night – these CBD drinks have you covered as they all come in each of these variants. This means that you can have your cbd beverage at any time of the day for whatever function you need it.

Health benefits

Some studies claim that these cbd beverages can aid in the battle against chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. Also, they are low in THC, meaning you won’t feel that psychedelic effect that other products of this type are known for.

FAQs Related To CBD Infused Drinks

How many cannabinoids are there in CBD drinks?

In most cases, CBD drinks contain no more than 2-5 mg of cannabidiol per 500 ml. Even though many users ultimately take at least 20 mg a day, others feel happy with what 10 mg does for them. CBD drinks are used as a “treat” rather than a method of consumption, so if you usually drink a certain beverage, for example, a coffee, you sure will enjoy the experience.

Are these CBD drinks legal for use?

CBD drinks contain the lowest amount of THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a component found in the hemp cbd plant, and unlike CBD, it has the potential of getting users high. The Farm Bill in 2018 gave CBD products a legal status only if the THC percentage is below the 0.3%. This is the lowest amount that keeps the user-health safe from addictions.

How often should I take these CBD drinks?

Many users take one to two bottles a day; however, if you are a beginner user, you should stick with the lowest dosage possible to see how your body reacts. After building a certain tolerance level, you can increase the dose and take them during lunch or supper. Generally, you should consider the type of condition you are using CBD to support.

How long does it take to feel the effect of these products?

Taking an oral form of CBD, you might expect to feel the effect after about 30 to 60 minutes. This is because it takes much more time for the active ingredients to pass through the stomach into the small intestine, where they can be absorbed.

Firstly, CBD gets absorbed into the lymph fluid and then travels near the heart, where it finally enters the bloodstream.

Conclusion : Which Is The Best Brand For CBD Drinks?

Slowly but surely, CBD has found its way into our lives, and for many good reasons. These hot wellness components have become the main star in many bath bombs, gummies, and health remedies for their remarkable soothing and relaxing effects.

These CBD infused drinks are fun to drink if you’re not into vapes or edibles. Plus, they’re a convenient option to take on the go. Experts say this is the safest way to supplement with CBD; however, before you start using it, be sure to consult your doctor and consult your doctor first.

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