3 Best Cat Water Fountains Of 2022 

Nikhil Goswami

Cats are picky animals that require premium affection and attention. Everything must be right; otherwise, they won’t utilize it. Even when they want water, they won’t drink it if it is not clean or fresh. This is a good step for a cat, but it becomes a hassle for the owner. Changing the water every hour is not convenient, and if you are not home, your cats will stay dehydrated unless they find another water source.

Water fountains are excellent products to solve this issue since they keep the water fresh so your cats stay hydrated. Unfortunately, finding the right water fountain is not easy, so we share the list of the best cat water fountains to help you choose the best product without doing any research.

Our Top 3 Picks For Cat Water Fountains In 2022

We found three cat water fountains that fit our criteria. Before we went into the review section, we took an additional step to share the water fountains and their unique features. That way, you’ll get a quick idea of which water fountain suits your needs the best.

#1. Laika Aqua Ultra-Quiet – Overall Best Cat Water Fountain, Editor’s Pick


LAIKA has been around for five years, offering top-quality pet products globally. Regardless of the premium products, the price tag is relatively lower than many other brands. They deal in every sort of pet product that can help make things convenient for you and your pet. This company even offers a subscription to help you save money on your orders and get exclusive rewards and deals.

The company offers free shipping over $39, but only in the USA. For international shipping, the customer has to pay for the shipping charges. Fret not; the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can return the product for a full refund. On the other hand, if the product is damaged as you open the package, the company will change it for free. These policies are applicable to international and local customers, but overseas customers have to pay shipping charges again in case of a return.

It won’t take more than three days for the parcel to reach you locally. International shipping might take 9-15 days, but you must check with the company first to see if they ship in your country. Moreover, products like food and litter might take more time if they are out of stock. The company will notify you about the product if they are unavailable on the website and you are a subscriber.

For the water fountain, you can get it with lots of filters if you believe that your cats will dirty the water quickly. With this stainless steel fountain, you can get a lower-priced filter pack. That way, you don’t have to worry about the fitting and quality of the filters.


Ultra-Silent Professional Pump: Most people have cats that sleep in their bedrooms. If you close the door, they’ll scratch it, and that sound can disturb your sleep. Keeping a water fountain in the bedroom could be helpful, but if it is loud, that will cause a lot of nuisance. LAIKA kept that in mind and created a silent water fountain that produces sound levels of 29dB, which is silent enough not to disturb your sleep. You can easily keep this water fountain in your bedroom or study room without getting affected by its noise.

Easy Operation: This water fountain comes with detachable housing, so you can easily take it anywhere. Moreover, it has an integrated pump, making it easier to install anywhere you want. You don’t need a dedicated space to keep this fountain; no special tools are required to assemble it. The guidelines are available inside the box, follow them, and you’ll assemble the water fountain within minutes. Thanks to its easy disassembling, this fountain is relatively easy to clean. Just take out the filter, rinse it with water, and you are good to go.

Four-Filtration System: The water pump has a four-filtration filter system to stop hair, debris, or other things from getting in the water. This filtration system keeps the water clean for four to five days, and you might have to wash the filter. There is also a built-in UV germicidal light; it cleans the water thoroughly, making it safe and clean for your cat. If you clean the filter on time, it can survive for months.

Smart Indicator Light: There is no need to check for the water levels frequently as the fountain will let you know with its indicating light. This also works when the filter has stopped working.


  • Auto shut-off
  • 91 oz/2.7 liters large capacity
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Easy to detach water bowl
  • Smooth water flow


  • Sanitizing light might not work

=> Click here to visit the official website of Laika 

#2. Uah Pet ZERO Wireless – Most Popular Cat Water Fountain


If you are looking for wireless pet products, Uah Pet is the best brand. They only offer wireless products, so you can take them anywhere and use them when there is no power. If your pets are fond of running water, they might not drink it if the water fountain is not running. The battery installed in their products is a life saver and offers huge timing, so you won’t have to charge these products that quickly.

This brand ships all over the USA, but only a couple of places overseas. However, the shipping time is much faster compared to other brands. Depending on the shipping method, you’ll get your product within one to five days. You are qualified to get free shipping if you purchase anything for $50 or more.

An order tracking feature on the website allows you to check the order’s current status and track it live as it starts moving from the warehouse. However, that tracking is a little slow, so you might have to refresh the page multiple times to get an accurate update. Moreover, there is also a blog section containing information about the pet’s products and how to operate them properly. If you have any issues with the product you purchased, search for it in the blog section, and you’ll get your answer.

The company only operates on weekdays, so make sure to order before Friday so they process and ship it the same day. That way, you’ll get it by the next business day; otherwise, you must wait for the next business day to arrive for the processing.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its products except for food and litter. Feel free to return the product and get a full refund, which might take two days.


Rechargeable With USB: This water fountain comes with a 5000mAh battery and lasts up to 120 days after a single charge. You can charge this fountain from a laptop or PC if you want, but the recommendation is to use a power adapter for fast charging. You won’t get a power adapter in the box, but you’ll get the supported cable. Since this water fountain runs based on your cat’s water intake, the battery life might vary based on how much time your cat drinks the water. If you have multiple cats, one charge might last for 30 days. You can charge this while it is running, so there is no need to turn it off while charging.

Wireless Pump: This is one of the tested cat water fountains that run smoothly despite having a wireless pump. The battery is strong enough to provide the water pump with enough power to keep it running and doing its job. Thanks to its wireless technology, you can take, use, and place it anywhere you want. Moreover, it is silent, so it won’t interrupt your or your pet’s sleep even when the pump is running.

Extra-Large Tank: Typically, you can get up to 2liter of water in such compact size water fountains. However, this water fountain allows you to fill three liters of water in it. Be careful as filling it to the top will start spilling the water everywhere. The best you should do is to fill it with 2.5liter of water so the pump won’t spill water outside while running.

Antibacterial Material: Its filters won’t allow the dirt to get inside and build up. Moreover, the material is also anti-dirt, ensuring that your pet gets safe water in every sip.


  • Best for light sleepers
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Simplify pet parenthood
  • Place it anywhere
  • Motion-activated and timer mode


  • Charging problem is a hassle if you have more cats

=> Click here to visit the official website of Uah Pet

#3. Colorful Cake – Highly Affordable Cat Water Fountain


This is more of an aesthetically pleasing drinking fountain that lives up to the company’s name. Happy & Polly is the brand behind this product, and they specialize in creating cute and fun-looking products for pets. After all, your pets need something entertaining; this company offers one of the best-looking pet water fountains. You can find every pet toy on their website, and every one of them offers a different look. Don’t worry; its products perform much better than their looks, so you can expect them to be worth your money.

One good thing about this brand is the payment methods. You don’t have to rely on credit cards to purchase stuff. Instead, you can use PayPal, Google Pay, and other paying mediums for purchases. Depending on your platform, the company might offer you a discount or something free with your purchase.

Another thing you might love is the 20% flat discount on early bids. Every time they update the inventory, the customers have the option to call for early bids. Not only will that get you the product faster, but you can also enjoy it at a lower price.

This company operates in different geological zones, and the shipping charges differ for each zone. In countries with local stores, the standard shipping is free over the order of $69, and for expedited shipping, you must pay $20. If you order from overseas, there is no free shipping as you have to pay $50 for standard and $100 for expedited shipping. For pet fountains, the company takes around five days to deliver them, but for other products, they can take up to ten days. Based on your shipping choice, international orders can take 12-30 days, but it can take more time if the products are unavailable in stock.


Double Filtration System: This product comes with only two filters instead of multiple filters to clean the water. However, one filter uses activated carbon and ion exchange resin to clean the water thoroughly. The second filter has foam that stops hair, dirt, and food particles from getting into the water. Since these filters take lots of power, this filter can’t run on batteries, so you are bound to provide it power all the time. But the good thing is that it shuts down when the water is clean, but keep the water running so your pets can easily drink it.

Dishwasher Safe: This water fountain is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble; you won’t even need the manual for that as there are only four steps. Whenever you want to wash this fountain, disassemble it and put it inside the dishwasher. The company states that this product is dishwasher safe, which means you can put it with other dishes and plates, and it will come out clean. On the other hand, if you don’t have a dishwasher, just rinse some water to clean the water bowl. You can also clean the filters with water and let them dry before using them again.

Smart Power-Off: This is the best feature of this water fountain among all other cat drinking fountains. Apart from shutting down when it runs out of water to keep it safe from burning, you can activate the timer to shut it down as your cat sleeps. This will help save energy, and right before your cats are up, this fountain will start running again to provide clean water to your cats.

Super Silent: Staying at 40 decibels when running, this product is super silent, but we won’t recommend changing its place frequently because of its power supply.


  • It will not disturb you and your pet
  • Created using non-toxic and harmless materials
  • It has enough weight so cats won’t overturn it
  • Discounts available on bundle
  • Perfect for 1-2 animals
  • Available in multiple colors


  • The material is not durable
  • Won’t run without direct power

=> Click here to visit the official website of Colorful Cake

How We Made This List Of The Best Cat Water Fountain Brands?

Regardless of how well you train your pet, they can’t differentiate between the good and bad stuff. So, when choosing the best cat water fountains, we set criteria that suit both cats and their owners. Owners would like the best value for money, while cats would love something entertaining, offering fresh water daily. As we started researching the cat water fountain, the price was the first thing we kept in check. So, every fountain we choose is not expensive but offers multiple features. Cat water fountain is beneficial for your cats, and you can also have a look at CBD cat treats.

The second thing we checked was the water fountain size. A small water fountain is typically suitable for a cat, but if you have more than one cat, you’ll need a bigger one. However, big water fountains were expensive, so we stuck with small ones. Despite their small size, they are perfect for two or three cats.

Water capacity is the next feature we checked in the cat water fountains. The final thing to check was the noise. All the cat fountains we chose are silent, so your cats won’t run away when they turn on automatically.

What We Looked For?

Price: Managing a cat’s expenses is difficult, especially when you have more than one cat. You must get their feed almost every week and keep an eye on them all the time. Plus, more cats means more litter which is another increase in the expenses. So, when we looked for cat fountains, we checked the ones built solid and offered many features but at a relatively lower price. Your cats tend to fight, and sometimes they damage the water fountain, so having a cheaper one is better.

Size: A big water fountain is easy to place if you have lots of space at home. However, most people live in small apartments, so a small water fountain is an ideal choice. On the other hand, big water fountains are expensive and require more water and maintenance. So, we chose the small ones since they are cheap, easy to carry, and you can place them anywhere. They are also dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean them. Moreover, we also chose the ones with stainless steel frames so they won’t get dirty or rusty quickly.

Water Capacity: Cats don’t drink lots of water, but they need fresh water, plus pets love to drink running water. Moreover, a water fountain can remove the hassle of changing the water daily. We chose water fountains that can easily support 2 liters of water so they can stay clean for a long time. However, always clean the water fountain once a week or follow the instructions on the label. That way, you’ll keep the filter clean.

Noise: Silent water fountains are preferable, so your cats won’t panic when the water fountain automatically turns on to filter the water. This is why we chose cat water fountains with silent motors.

Buying Guide: Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Cat Water Fountain

When it comes to buying something for your pets, you should be more considerate about their health and convenience. Pets living an easy life would never go near something that is not easy to use. Choosing a cat water fountain might look easy, but one wrong choice and you might have to purchase it again. Here are some factors you must remember when purchasing a pet fountain to facilitate your purchase.

Stainless Steel Model

Cat water fountains are available in plastic, metal, aluminum, and stainless steel bodies. While you can save money on a plastic body, it won’t be durable, and plastic doesn’t go well with water. Metal bodies are solid but can’t stand the water and get rusty quickly. Aluminum bodies are light and easy to carry but not that durable. Even a little catfight can break it. So, the best option for you is to get a stainless steel water cat fountain. That’ll save you money, get you a durable and strong fountain, and have less chance of getting rusty. The ones we mentioned above feature a stainless steel frame.

Quiet Pump

Pumps are like motors that push water to keep it running. As the motor runs, it makes some noise. Cheap cat fountain pumps will create loud noise, disturbing your and your cat’s sleep. Since most pumps activate automatically when some motion is detected or feel like the water is getting dirty, a loud pump going off at random times may startle everyone. So, when you are looking for cat fountains, look for the one with the quietest pump. The sound a pump makes will be labeled in its specifications; ensure it is lower than 60 decibels but not lower than 20 decibels. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell if the pump is running or not.

Low Maintenance Model

This might require lots of research, but getting a model that won’t require lots of maintenance is better. Getting one that requires cleaning once or twice a week is preferable to the one that requires daily cleaning. Moreover, the filter should also require fewer cleaning sessions in a week, preferably only one. On the other hand, repairing and replacing broken parts should not take lots of time. Once your pets drink from the fountain, they won’t drink from a cup or a bowl. So, it is better to find car fountains whose parts, especially filters, are easily available.

Wireless or Wired

If you have lots of cats, a wired model would be better so you can keep it fixed and your cats won’t knock it over. However, getting a wireless cat fountain is better if you have one or two cats and they tend to sleep with you or have their beds in a spare room. That way, you can keep the fountain in their room, and they don’t have to move and run around the house to drink water. However, you must train your cats to know where the fountain is. Otherwise, your cats might start drinking water from taps or toilets.

Type of Filters

Here is the thing that companies won’t tell you about the filters. If you use tap water, the filters will get dirty more quickly as tap water has lots of iron and minerals. In comparison, the filters can survive for a long time if you use spring water in the fountain. While you won’t find this information on the products, companies have special filters for each type of water. They’ll mention a piece of slight information about their filter strength, so make sure to find that and see if that filter is good for the water you’ll use. Moreover, always purchase spare filters because they have a high chance of getting damaged during the wash. It would be even better to purchase the spare filters while you buy the fountain.

Customer Reviews

Always check for customer reviews of products you are purchasing online. These reviews contain factual information about the product and how it works in real life. The water fountains we chose have above 4.5-stars ratings, meaning they managed to win the hearts of many customers. From these reviews, you can learn about the issues you might face while installing and operating the fountain for the first time.

FAQs Regarding Cat Water Fountains

Are cat water fountains that useful?

Getting a water fountain should be your priority if you want to remove the hassle of changing your pet’s water daily, plus ensure that water is clean and safe. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to check the water fountain, but you don’t have to check it daily. Smart water fountains have LED indicators to warn when water levels are low, or the filter needs changing. On the other hand, your cats will get clean and cool water because of these fountains. However, we recommend getting one with low maintenance to avoid going through any trouble in case of damage.

Should I get a flower fountain for my cat?

If you like to add a flower-shaped fountain to your collection, you should get a flower water fountain. Your cats don’t care about the shape or size of the water fountain. They only care about water and a silent water fountain so they can stay relaxed. Since we didn’t mention a flower fountain in the list above, we recommend that you get Catit Flower Fountain. Its 2.0 version has the best features you would love to see in a cat fountain. Its flower design allows a smooth water flow, and it can easily hold up to 3 liters of water without spilling it. However, the water level indicator is a loud noise coming from the pump, which your cats might not like.

What is the best cat water fountain to get?

There is no particular answer to this, as every cat fountain has something unique. What you can do is check your water source, the number of cats you have, and how easy it is for you to maintain the water fountain. This will give you an idea of what pet fountain is more suitable for you. If you still can’t decide, choose one from our list as they are the best water fountains for one or two cats. If you have five to six cats, you might need more pet fountains, as the biggest fountain can only serve four cats at once.

Do vets recommend cat fountains?

Vets are also concerned about your cat, so they recommend cat fountains instead of using a regular bowl. Cat fountains can help provide your cat with safe and clean water. Plus, it keeps the water running, and your cat will enjoy drinking it as animals love running water more. Running water will attract your cat more, and it will stay hydrated and healthy. However, vets won’t recommend you a water fountain; that choice is yours to make. If you are new to this, make sure to check our buying guide to get an idea about getting a cat fountain.

How often should you change the water in the cat’s water fountain?

That depends on the filter installed in the water fountain. You can also follow the instruction manual that comes with the product. On average, you must change the water every week, and if you use tap water, it is better to change the water and clean the filter after four to five days. For convenience, get a water fountain that is easy to detach, so you can clean it using the dishwasher. However, if you don’t have a dishwasher, clean the fountain and the filter with water and make sure to dry the filter before installing it again. Keep an eye on the filter’s color; if it changes to yellow or black and won’t turn white after cleaning, it is time to change the filter.

Is stainless steel better for cat water?

When we were searching for the best car water fountains, we realized that the best companies chose to make their fountains with stainless steel. Since it is frequently used in medical and cooking equipment, it is safe to assume that stainless steel is the best material for cat fountains.

Conclusion: Which One Is The Best Drink & Splash Cat Water Fountain?

Cat fountains are simple yet handy devices to help your cat stay hydrated by offering clean, cool running water. We shared three of the best cat water fountains, each offering a unique feature compared to the others.

These water fountains have smart options like auto shutdown on low levels. On the other hand, they are silent enough to keep in the bedroom and won’t disturb your sleep. Make sure to check your budget and requirements before choosing a cat water fountain.

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