20 Best Cannabis Colleges & Universities With Authorised Degrees


The cannabis industry has become a preferred alternative for job seekers! An updated job report has revealed that the cannabis industry may support more than 1.75 million jobs across the country. Moreover, the same report states that jobs created last year raised the number to six figures. The cannabis industry today has around 428,509 full-time jobs. 

The exponential growth of the cannabis industry indicates that the job opportunity in this ever-expanding industry will keep amplifying. Besides, the interest of the governing authorities in legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes will fuel this growth. However, you may need to bag some specialized qualifications to snatch lucrative and competitive employment in the canna world. 

So, only rolling joints isn’t going to help much! Instead, roll your focus to the degrees and courses that let you work as a cannabis expert. 

A Set of Data To Consider When Picking The University

Before you delve deeper into the details of weed colleges, here’s something you need to know! 

  • The growth of the cannabis education sphere is expected to elevate in the coming years.
  • You can expect a typical annual salary of $40-60k if you are a qualified graduate. 
  • The job opportunities in the industry are exponential. There has been a steep rise of 50% in cannabis jobs between January 2020 to January 2021.
  • With the legalization of marijuana in different states, the cannabis education opportunity has grown tremendously. Presently, you can find several educational institutions and universities that offer more than 75 degrees in cannabis. 
  • Without a university degree, you can join the cannabis industry as trimmers, laborers, budtenders, etc. However, degrees from recognized institutes are essential to grab better salaries and more respectable positions. 

Which Schools/Universities Are Offering Cannabis Certificates & Degrees? – 2022 Update

Cannabis consumption is gradually hitting the mainstream. With this, numerous job seekers are interested in joining the industry as professionals. Likewise, several universities have started community college training programs and degrees. Besides, many educational institutes in the United States have begun offering specialized degrees and certs. Typically, they include cannabis production, chemistry, and much more. Here’s a full list of institutions or universities that offer such courses. 

Western Illinois University

western illinois university


  • Cannabis Production (Minor)

Duration/Length: 18-19 hours

Located in Macomb, Western Illinois University is the only institute that conducts a cannabis minor course. The course includes three primary courses and ten additional ones. The primary courses assort practicum in horticulture science and cannabis production. Besides, it features three additional modules. Primarily, this course aims to teach basic cannabis biology, including reproduction and physiology. In addition, you will also learn about plant anatomy, product applications, post-harvest processing, etc. 

Pennsylvania Insitute of Technology 



  • Cannabis Horticulture
  • Cannabis Business
  • Cannabis Health Therapy

Duration/Length: 21-22 courses 

The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology college offers virtual classes for three different cannabis programs. They include cannabis horticulture, cannabis business, and cannabis health therapy. The health therapy and business certification include 21 courses. On the other hand, the cannabis horticulture sports 22 courses. 

Northern Michigan University 


  • Certificate in Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Certificate in Cannabis Law and Policy
  • Certification in Cannabis Medicine and Healthcare
  • Certification in The Cannabis Business
  • Degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry 

Duration/Length: 6 months to 4 years

Besides four cannabis certification courses, you can also join a degree program (Bachelor of Science) at Northern Michigan University. The certification courses include cannabis healthcare, business, agriculture, and law. On the other hand, the degree program covers medicinal plant chemistry. Furthermore, the course includes laboratory accreditation guidelines and entrepreneurship. 

Beal University beal university


  • Cannabis Laboratory Sciences
  • Cannabis Business Administration 
  • Medicinal Plant Sciences

Duration/Length: 20-34 months

Located in Bangor, Maine, Beal University offers a Bachelor’s degree and two associate degrees in cannabis. The Bachelor’s degree covers medicinal plant science. On the other hand, the associate degree helps you learn about cannabis laboratory sciences and business administration. 

Syracuse University 


  • Cannabis Horticulture and Agriculture
  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • Business and Law & Policy

Duration/Length: 6 months

You can acquire noncredit weed certifications from Syracuse University. It’s one of the most popular New York community colleges, and experienced industry professionals draft their courses. Naturally, it ensures the scope of earning an in-depth understanding of the particular cannabis sectors. The courses include cannabis law & policy, business and medicine, and healthcare. In addition, they include agriculture and horticulture. The duration of each course is six months.  

THC University 

THC university


  • A total of 9 courses 

Duration/Length: Approximately 150 hours 

This institution is a viable alternative for those looking for a cost-efficient option. The university offers exclusive training of around 150 hours. This training helps you learn about various cannabis subjects. The cost of the course is all-inclusive. There are a total of nine modules. Each module contributes to an intensified understanding of different areas like cannabis business and bud tending. Additionally, it includes Colorado and Washington-specific safety guidelines, etc. 

CSU Pueblo



  • Cannabis Biology and Chemistry 

Duration/Length: 4 years

Situated in the vivid lands of Colorado, CSU Pueblo is a public institution. This city university offers a single degree program. It lets you acquire the Bachelor of Science (cannabis chemical and biology) title. The course includes cannabis growth and physiology. In addition, it includes the practical application of the substance and its pharmaceutical implications. Furthermore, the course helps you learn about the primary biological and chemical principles of different cannabis fields. 

This course caters to individuals looking forward to building up a career in cannabis biophysics, science, or biochemistry. Career opportunities include food and agricultural scientist, chemical technician, environmental researcher, etc. The program is, however, a little expensive. 

Saint Louis University 



  • Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutic Management 

Duration/Length: 12-credit course 

The online graduate certificate program of Saint Louis University includes four different courses. It covers the areas like health implications and management with medical cannabis and the history of medical cannabis. Additionally, it includes cannabis entrepreneurship and cannabis pharmacology. 

Trichome Institute


  • Cannabis For All
  • Cannabis Consultant Training
  • Extraction and Concentrates Fundamentals
  • Cannabis Interpening

Duration/Length: 5-12 hours

Owned by certified cannapreneur Max Montroac, this Denver-based institute has enjoyed an uplifting ride of popularity since its inception. By joining this institute, you can attain their exclusive online marijuana classes. The offered courses include general cannabis education and cannabis interpening. In addition, it deals with extraction and concentrates and consultancy. You are free to purchase these courses as a bundle or individually. 

Typically, these courses aim to provide you with the right business training. However, you can use these certifications while applying for a standard job in the cannabis industry. You can also join Trichome’s exclusive cooking with cannabis course. It’s a joint venture of the American Culinary Federation and the institute. This course is meant for professional chefs looking to brush up their cooking skills with the new-age cannabis infusions. 

Holistic Cannabis Academy



  • Holistic Cannabis Practitioner

Duration/Length: 31 modules

This female-owned and operated academy houses a team of experienced and adept industry experts and practitioners. The holistic cannabis academy offers a comprehensive cannabis practitioner program. It’s composed of 31 modules. These modules boast four different courses.

Overall, each course helps you learn a multitude of cannabis-specific topics. They include the endocannabinoid system and herbal synergy. In addition, you can learn about cannabis benefits and history. Furthermore, you will study industry networking, business building, and benefits. Typically, this course caters to aspirants trying to establish themselves as cannabis entrepreneurs or practitioners. 

SUNY Morrisville



  • Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics 

Duration/Length: 15-credit course

This institute started its exclusive medical cannabis science and therapeutic program in 2019. This is a 15-credit course. Typically, it’s useful for students pursuing degree programs in natural science, agriculture, and horticulture. 

Lake Superior State University 


  • Cannabis Business
  • Cannabis Science
  • Cannabis Chemistry 

Duration/Length: 2-4 years

The Lake Superior State University (Michigan) conducts three degree programs in cannabis. They include cannabis business (B.S.), cannabis chemistry (B.S.), and cannabis science (associate). You can expect to kickstart your career as a quantitative analytic manager upon successful degree completion. In addition, you can also work as business development or chemistry/biochemistry leader.

Minot State University 


  • Medicinal Plant Chemistry 

Duration/Length: 4 years

Minot State University is highly admired for its outstanding teaching standards. Furthermore, it offers thoughtful curriculum design and high-tech facilities. You can consider joining its medical plant chemistry program (B.S.). It features a duration of four years. When you bag your degree, you can join high-paying jobs like cannabis technicians, scientists, etc. 

Cleveland School of Cannabis


  • Cannabis Processing
  • Industrial Hemp & CBD
  • Horticulture
  • Dispensary
  • Medical Applications
  • Executive Program

Duration/Length: 225-450 hours

This well-known and prestigious weed institute has two campuses. They are located in Cleveland and Columbus. The institute offers classroom, self-paced, and live online programs. Generally, these programs include six different certifications. In addition, you can also join its web-based medical course. The institute focuses on comprehensive learning. Naturally, it ensures a conceptual understanding of the subject. Though they are value-driven, the courses boast a sophisticated price tag. 

Stockton University 


  • Cannabis Studies (minor and certificate)

Duration/Length: 5-6 modules

Stockton University is a New Jersey-based institute. It offers a minor and full certification program. The minor ones cover six different topics. It includes cannabis cultivation, law, etc. The institute provides you with the opportunity for self-paced learning. Besides, you can pursue the course online. 

Aside from these individual subject-based certifications, you can also join the university’s minor cannabis studies. They include five modules – internship preparation, medical marijuana, cannabis law, etc. The fifth module is, however, optional. 

Oaksterdan University 


  • California Regulatory Agencies
  • The Economics Behind Cannabis Horticulture
  • The Business of Cannabis
  • Raising Funds for Cannabis Business Arcview
  • Bud Tending Certification
  • CBD and Hemp (Science, Market Trends, And Regulatory Landscape)
  • Cannabis Pain
  • The Opioid Crisis
  • Advocacy
  • Commercial Extraction and Manufacturing

Duration/Length: 2-180 days

Considered the first cannabis university in the US, Oaksterdan was established in 2007. This cannabis college has set a different academic rigor associated with cannabis learning from the beginning. The institute offers digital cannabis classes. They include subjects like bud tending, business, horticulture, advocacy, etc. You can join either of its self-paced or live semesters alternatives. The university offers approximately 50,000 alums. In addition, it boasts detailed curriculums, certifications, project-based learning, etc. 

Cannabis Training University


  • Bud Tending 
  • Cannabis Business Plans, Resumes, and Jobs
  • Marijuana As Medicine 
  • Cannabis Laws And Regulations
  • Dispensary Operations
  • Marijuana Delivery
  • How to Grow Marijuana 

Duration/Length: 6-21 lessons

When it comes to mentioning the most reliable and well-rounded weed institutes in the U.S., the Cannabis Training University deserves mention. It offers an extensive range of courses. The best part is that all of them are available online. Besides, students can also buy them in bundles. This certification helps you add more to your professional eligibility. 

University of Rhode Island


  • Cannabis Studies Certificate

Duration/Length: 3-credit courses (4)

This university offers exclusive online certification in cannabis studies. The course includes four 3-credit modules. Each module helps in developing a clearer idea about the industry. Furthermore, they help you grow primary natural production analysis and separation competencies. Eventually, it contributes to the understanding of secure product manufacturing and development. Moreover, you learn to understand the medicinal abilities of cannabis. 

Colorado Cannabis School


  • Intro To Living Soil 
  • Apprentice Grower 
  • Cultivating Cannabis 101 
  • Cannabis Medicine 
  • Cooking 
  • Hydroponics

Duration/Length: Not specified

Though the institute hasn’t been able to catch the limelight yet, it offers several beginner-friendly cannabis courses. According to the institute’s website, it started with the vision of dispelling the era-old weed myths. The institute is living up to this promise with simplified cannabis education. You can avail this course digitally. 

Olive-Harvey College


  • Cannabis Dispensary Operation Specialist

Duration/Length: 6 core modules

Olive-Harvey is located in Chicago. Also known as City Colleges of Chicago, this institute offers a well-rounded certificate program in cannabis dispensary operations. The subjects that this certification course covers include customer service operations. Furthermore, it covers areas like dispensary operations. If you are aiming to establish a cannabis dispensary or you want to join an existing one as an employee, you can consider pursuing this course. 

Cannabis Degrees vs. Cannabis Training School Certifications

Now that you know about the top cannabis institutes in the U.S., it’s time to explore a few other related lanes. Like conventional college degrees and institutional certifications, cannabis degrees and school certifications also differ. 

Figuring out the differences between these two is imperative as it helps you to choose the right alternative. In addition, it’s also worth keeping in mind that walking with cheaper alternatives is always tempting. However, to justify your investment, you should always consider exploring different courses and compare them minutely to figure out what could actually work. 

Read on and discover how university marijuana degrees and cannabis school training certificates differ. 

  • The Duration of The Course

The course duration is one of the most common differentiating factors when comparing cannabis training school certificates and university degrees. Typically, universities offer associate/master’s or Bachelor’s degree programs. The associate programs are two years, while the bachelor ones are four years. 

On the other hand, the training school certifications may feature a wide range of duration. Typically, it depends on the school and the subjects your course covers. You can find courses ranging from six days to six months. 

  • Curriculum

Cannabis degrees help develop a more comprehensive and intensified understanding of the subject. Moreover, these courses from recognized universities allow you to focus on topic-specific learning. Besides, they also introduce a scope of learning that goes beyond cannabis. Naturally, it helps you retain an expansive and all-inclusive learning experience. Therefore, if you are planning for more skill-specific careers like cannabis scientists, professors, production supervisors, etc., university degrees may help you the best. 

Contrarily, the cannabis training school certification courses are to the point. Hence, you can’t expect a similar intensity of cannabis and non-cannabis learning from these short-term courses. However, pursuing these courses from reputed training schools adds value to your professional profile. Furthermore, they don’t feature bank-breaking learning costs. 

  • Authenticity 

A two or four-year degree program at a recognized university will always outweigh the authenticity of the short-term cannabis training school courses. Hence, the universities score more in the trustworthiness and legitimacy factors than the training schools.

However, that doesn’t mean the training school programs are worthless. Several weed training schools offer updated cannabis courses and well-rounded modules. What’s more, well-known industry experts design the said courses. Naturally, it points to the value-driven approach of such courses. However, you should always verify how legitimate your chosen institute is. You can figure this out effortlessly just by going through the online reviews and alums’ testimonials. 

  • Career Scope

Investment in advanced education is always worthy and meaningful. After all, education determines how fruitful your career can be. Given this, when you acquire a degree from a prestigious university, you can expect high-profile jobs in the industry. For example, you can start your career as a grower, scientist, research fellow, or technician. 

On the other hand, if you are more interested in taking your existing cannabis career to the next level, you can turn to the certifications. If you are not in the rat race of grabbing a premium job, these certifications can also help. With these certs, you can join the industry as a budtender, customer support executive, and much more. 

  • Price

Price plays a significant role in differentiating between a university cannabis degree and a training school cert. University degrees are mostly classroom based. Besides, they include a more enriched curriculum and more rational modules. Therefore, it’s pretty obvious that university degrees will have a higher price tag. 

On the other hand, the training school certificate courses are more subject-specific. Besides, they are of shorter duration. On top of this, you can pursue these courses online. Hence, they are more cost-efficient. 

Understanding The Common Weed Colleges and Certifications

You may come across innumerable alternatives while searching for the best fit canna course. This may overwhelm you, and reaching the right decision may look challenging. Thus, to eliminate this confusion, you need to learn about the most common degrees and certifications in cannabis. 

When you decide to join a comprehensive two or four-year cannabis degree program, you may find different subject alternatives. This includes, but is not limited to, cannabis chemistry, medical plant chemistry, cannabis science, and cannabis production. Apart from these degree programs, you can find various certification programs. The best part is, you can acquire most of these certs online. 

Moreover, you can use them as professional or educational achievements. Typically, you can find marijuana certifications like cannabis cultivation, dispensary operations, and law. Furthermore, you can also join courses like cannabis management, manufacturing, and extraction, cooking infusion, general cannabis studies, etc. 

Jobs That You Can Expect to Land With A Cannabis Degree/Certification

The skyrocketing growth of careers in the marijuana industry is already in buzz. Surprisingly, the incredible growth of the industry is outpacing tech. In 2017, the job market witnessed a whopping 445% rise in cannabis job listings. It was way higher than tech (254%) and healthcare (70%). The number clearly discusses the opportunities you can expect to grab after completing your canna degree or certification. 

Several cannabis businesses have amended their employee benefits policy to attract more employees. In addition, more room for job advancement has emerged. Salary ranges, however, depend on your qualification and expertise. Entry-level jobs offer above-typically payscale, though. The following section mentions some possible positions to give you an idea about what to expect after acquiring your canna education. 

  • Budtender

You can consider this profile a counterpart to a bartender. Typically, the job of a budtender revolves around the idea of understanding the customer’s requirements. In addition, the individual is responsible for offering flawless customer service. 

As a budtender, you may need to help consumers with rational strain suggestions. Besides, you may need to guide them with consumption methods and consumer safety. Generally, the salary of a budtender ranges from $12-16 per hour. 

  • Dispensary Store Manager

A dispensary store manager typically looks after the little operations of marijuana companies. Usually, the job role includes inventory management and supervision of daily operations. Besides, a dispensary store manager may need to interview, hire, and train dispensary staff. Needless to say, this job profile requires diligence and leadership qualities. 

  • Extraction Director

This is one of the most high-paying cannabis jobs. To join the industry as an extraction director, you must hold plant genetics or pharmaceutical formulation degree. Generally, the job role includes looking after the process of refining and manufacturing active cannabis components. 

Usually, extraction directors supervise facility designs, compliance standards, and laboratories. Additionally, they may also take care of sanitation and hiring. Moreover, these professionals are responsible for guaranteeing the safety and consistency of the cannabis extracts. Typically, the annual salary of an extraction director ranges from $80-200k. 

  • Chef

When you get a certification in cannabis culinary, you can step into the industry as an edibles chef. Indeed, this job role brings a horizon of possibilities along with it! Typically, companies employ an edible chef to develop creative edible and gummy recipes. Furthermore, an edible chef holds the responsibility of supervising edible production. 

As a canna chef, you must be aware of the recommended CBD and THC dosage. This job lets you celebrate your affinity for making mouthwatering chocolates, bakes, and beverages. Talking about the average salary, you can expect an annual salary of $150,000. 

  • Cultivation Supervisor

This is one of the most demanded job roles in the cannabis industry. Almost every cannabis company employs an adept cultivation supervisor or director. The professional must possess exceptional cloning, pest management, nutrition, and planting skills. In addition, a cultivation director must also monitor production-related activities. 

To work as a cultivation director, you must hold a degree in horticulture or botanic. Furthermore, an experience in potency and plant health is also essential. Usually, the salary of a cultivation supervisor or director ranges from $47k to $300k. 

  • Trimmer

This is an entry-level opportunity. Usually, a trimmer is responsible for preparing harvested products. In addition, they may need to cut flowers from the plant. Furthermore, they may also need to manicure the buds. Besides, a trimmer may also look after the recording of inventory data. Typically, the earnings of trimmers range from $11-14k. 

  • Consultant

After receiving a graduate certificate in cannabis control, you may join the industry as a consultant. Typically, consultants earn very well. However, the job role demands a familiarity with the industry’s complexities. Besides, you must be aware of the latest legislation changes and their impacts. Any professional consultant of other industries can acquire the cannabis control certificate. Consequently, they can participate directly in this ever-growing domain.  

  • Botanical Specialist

The job role of a botanical specialist is similar to that of cultivation directors. Typically, cannabis growth operations involve extreme sophistically. Moreover, they need to meet strict guidelines, which Botanical specialists are responsible for. Furthermore, they need to manage warehouses. In addition, they may supervise planting, trimming, harvesting, etc. Additionally, they may also need to take care of the supplies and supervisor training. As a botanical specialist, you can snatch access to a career that pays you more than $100k. 

  • Extraction Manager

The job role justifies the job title! As a canna extraction technician, you will oversee the extraction process. You may need to part in various cannabinoids by employing extraction methods like CO2 or butane. Generally, you can expect an annual salary of $75k-125k.

Do You Essentially Need A Cannabis Degree For Joining The Industry?

Well, the answer is two-dimensional. To clarify, you may or may not require a cannabis degree to join the industry. Practically, it depends on the job profile you are looking for. For example, if you aim to work as a chemist or bio pharmacist, you must hold an associate’s or Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. The degree has to be relevant to the job profile. The same applies to the job roles like growers, cultivation directors, botanical specialists, extraction directors, etc. 

Furthermore, profiles like consultant, dispensary operations manager, etc., require a relevant cannabis certification. Nevertheless, you may find the degree or certification charges high if you are on the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder. Granted, you may receive government funding or loans. 

Nevertheless, the financial obstacle can still be the villain. This, however, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to join the industry. Indeed, you can’t expect a hopping $100k salary, but you can surely celebrate your interest in marijuana. You can join the industry as a trimmer or budtender without a specialized certification or degree. Furthermore, you can go for apprenticeships. Typically, they consider people from all backgrounds. Hence, you get a chance to learn and grow. 

Conclusion: What Is The Best Weed College In The World?

The ascendingly flourishing cannabis industry contributes significantly to the nation’s economy by creating new jobs every day. Naturally, it promotes the development of a sustainable ecosystem free from the threats of unemployment. Therefore, if you aspire to become a part of this space of unique possibilities, nurture your dreams! 

Therefore, if you want to secure a high-paying cannabis job, bagging a degree is essential. So, make up your mind and choose the course and university that suits your interest. However, always choose to walk with legit and authentic learning centers or universities. Surely, this will help make your venture successful. 

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