Best CBD Calming Chews For Dogs Of 2022: Top 3 Picks For Calming Treats For Pets

Nikhil Goswami
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CBD is one of the most famous wellness supplements presently used. Several people have benefited from the calming properties of CBD. Moreover, it’s an incredible hemp plant product that has also found a niche in the pet supplements world. Pets go through numerous problems they cannot speak about unless you pay close attention to their behavior. In this case, CBD is one of the most efficient methods of treating several issues related to humans and pets alike.

CBD products have shown to offer some relief where most treatments had failed. They have helped reduce chronic pain and inflammation in arthritis because they have anti-inflammatory properties. As long as you get quality CBD Calming chews for dogs, it’s the best alternative to other CBD products. Calming chews for dogs come in different delicious flavors, and dogs happily eat them. Moreover, following dosing guidelines with Calming chews is easier, unlike with CBD oils. Similar to humans, pets, including dogs, have an endocannabinoid system that benefits from CBD gummies.

With this system, the active ingredients available in hemp help in relieving several painful symptoms. CBD products are safe for animal consumption, although FDA doesn’t have control over CBD products for pets. Thus, to get a quality product, it all depends on the CBD product manufacturer. Moreover, several veterinarians agree that offering your pets CBD products with higher THC amounts is not a good idea. Due to this, you should only get CBD products for your pets from a manufacturer that strives to make high-quality products. The producers need to source their ingredients from farmers that adhere to set rules and regulations. Moreover, they should test their elements before use and the product before market release. With these regulations, you will be able to feed your dog pure Calming chews with the recommended THC level and free from pesticides and herbicides, chemicals, and any other undesirable substances.

Calming chews for dogs need to have a THC amount that’s lower than 0.3%. In addition, CBD for dogs and other pets is a thriving market growing daily. Moreover, with any CBD products, you need to play it safe. 

Our Top Picks For Best CBD Calming Chews for Dogs

  • HolistaPet: Overall Best CBD Calming Chews For Dogs, Editor’s Pick
  • Healthy Petables: Most Recommended Organic Calming Chews

#1. HolistaPet Calming Chews – Overall Best Calming Chews For Dogs, Editor’s Pick

HolistaPet is a brand based in California that offers CBD treats for dogs in various forms. Since CBD for dogs is a developing market, and most of the brands are new in the market, HolistaPet has been there for a while. The brand makes the best products with the highest quality ingredients that attract your pets. Moreover, HolistaPet products are free of gluten and cruelty and are vegan; hence it supports pets’ overall health in several ways. This brand sources their hemp from United States farms which are tightly controlled; therefore, there is a guarantee of having safe and high-quality treats. The brand has achieved an overall rating of 4.6 out of five stars. The rating depends on numerous factors, including the variety of products, quality of ingredients, cost, user support, third-party testing, and more. Moreover, the brand uses the best technical way of extracting CBD from hemp. Usually, the plants are placed in CO2, which is on high pressure making the CO2 a solvent. After that, there is a separation of CO2 from the other plant matter after dissolving CBD plus other cannabis compounds. HolistaPet partners with independent labs to test all their stuff before market release. Independent lab results are reliable and trustworthy. Thus, you will be particular about its purity, ingredient used, potency, etc. Unlike other brands, HolistaPet CBD treats come with other extra active ingredients which help in curing specific health issues. Their product includes CBD, chamomile, L-Theanine, and hemp seeds to offer positive calming effects. Their products have CBD, Boswellia, turmeric root, and hemp seeds for mobility and joint relief. To help with the heart and immune system, their products include CBD, flax seeds, blueberries, and hemp seeds.


Dosage Guidelines: HolistaPet recommends a regular dosage of 0.25 mg and a strong dosage of 0.5 mg of CBD for every 1lb of body weight. However, calculations are complex. Thus, you can use HolistaPet’s site handy dosing calculator to save on time. You will also get detailed dosing charts for their treats, capsules, and oils. Thus, dosing differs depending on your pet’s weight. A regular dose is suitable for treating daily overall wellness and health, improving your immune function, allergies, old age, and improving appetite. Moreover, it also helps with slight stressful situations and anxiety issues, minor skin conditions, digestive problems, nausea, average arthritis, joint inflammation, and slight aches and pains. A stronger dose helps when the dog is having chronic pain relief, mobility problems, cancer-related symptoms, epileptic seizures, severe arthritis, joint inflammation, tumors, extreme nausea, vomiting, and severe anxiety.

Product Range: HolistaPet makes products specifically for cats and dogs. They make different CBD chews to offer various benefits. They have CBD tinctures like calming chews and catnip spray. Moreover, there are others suitable for heart health or joint health. In addition, HolistaPet also has some CBD chews for horses. Cannabigerol is one of their cannabis products, which is more activating and energizing.

Shipping and Return Policy: This brand offers a pretty generous money-back policy. You will need to use either of their product for at least thirty days since it may take longer for an animal to have full effects. If you aren’t pleased with the outcomes after this time, you can request a refund. Customers will have a 15-day grace period in addition to the 30-day policy to give you time to contact the customer support team and start your refund request.

Customer Satisfaction: HolistaPet offers free shipping within the US on every purchase made and a discount of 15% to all new customers. Moreover, HolistaPet retains track of its user’s experiences with Trustpilot verified reviews, owner-recorded videos, and testimonials. At the moment, HolistaPet’s products have a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 3,541 reviews from different customers.


  • Stimulates mobility
  • Offers comfort
  • Ease digestion
  • Improves appetite
  • Promotes sleep
  • Simple to use site
  • Suitable for anxiety relief
  • Available in different flavors
  • Made using organic ingredients
  • Have various dosage options
  • It’s affordable
  • Offers best results
  • Comes with third-party lab test results
  • Uses safe CO2 extraction method


  • Some customers complain the gummies aren’t effective
  • There are complaints that some treats are too hard

=> Click here to visit the official website of HolistaPet

#2. Pet Hemp Company Soft Chews – Top Rated Calming Chews For Mobility

Two brothers, Jesse, and Josh Berger are the founders of Pet Hemp Company. The idea of forming this company came after Woody, their loyal pet, died. These two brothers recall the way Woody suffered a benign tumor which made his life and that of the whole family difficult as they stared at him suffer. The two brothers searched for medication alternatives, including CBD soft chews. Astonishingly, CBD helped out Woody recover her lost appetite and, at the same time, eased her pain meaningfully. Moreover, with the use of CBD soft chews, Woody would sleep comfortably every night and be active during the daytime. After Woody passed away back in 2019, the two brothers got inspired by Woody’s experience to assist pet owners in understanding and having access to top-quality CBD products to save their pets whenever they are suffering. The family decided to start Pet Hemp Company in loving memory of Woody, and they have incorporated Frankie and Woody into their packing design. The brand makes the best quality CBD products that offer incredible joy to families and pets. Consumers trust their CBD soft chews since they are of high-quality ingredients, tested by a third-party lab, and have a balanced and dependable dosage. Pet Hemp Company not only makes CBD products for dogs but also for cats and horses, with a good range of products to select from. These CBD chews are soft, making it easy for one’s pets to chew.


Product Range: Pet Hemp Company makes CBD products for dogs, horses, and cats. The product comes in different varieties, which are still of the best quality. The brand has two types of dog calming chews which include repair and relax. Relax gummies help in relieving anxiety and stress, while repair helps in decreasing joint pain and offers enhanced mobility support. Moreover, both of these varieties come in three potencies which include 600, 300, and 150 mg. Furthermore, every pack has at least 25 treats. In both varieties, they are free from chemicals and preservatives. Moreover, relax type is available in either Green Apple or Peanut Butter flavor, while the repair variety comes in Pumpkin Spice or Cinnamon flavor. Customer Support Team: Pet Hemp Company has a friendly customer support team. The support is always available to answer every query which you have. All one needs is to send an email whenever you have a question or suggestion, and the team will get back to you. Moreover, you can also make a call or pay a visit to their offices. Since this brand’s mission is to introduce the best quality CBD products for pets, they provide a discount of 30% to every new customer. Return Policy: Pet Hemp Company offers a refund to customers who aren’t satisfied with the outcomes the product provides. However, purchasing their products guarantees you brand new, original, and authentic packaging. If you have any problem with the product or results, always reach out to their customer support to start a refund process. The brand offers thirty days of 100% money-back assurance. In addition, the brand offers you an additional 15-day on top of a 30-day return policy to give you sufficient time to contact their user support team for a refund process to start. Product Safety: An independent lab carries out all lab tests for Pet Hemp Company products. The test results are available at their official site. The test helps to check the product’s potency, residual solvents, pesticides, hard metals, etc. Moreover, the brand sources its hemp from authorized hemp cultivated in the USA. Their CBD dog treats are vegan-friendly, free from preservatives, gluten, animal by-products, wheat, low THC levels, and free of artificial colors.


  • Improves joint and mobility
  • Promotes brain wellness
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • It’s vegan and grain-free
  • Manufactured in the USA, where quality is of great concern
  • Offers rapid and free shipping
  • Offers excellent discounts and deals
  • Made using natural and organic ingredients
  • Third-party labs test their products
  • Available in different varieties
  • Offers a 30-days return policy


  • More innovation required
  • A bit pricey

=> Click here to visit the official website of Pet Hemp Co

#3. Healthy Petables – Most Recommended Organic CBD Gummies

Healthy Petables is another reputable brand that makes the best quality calming chews for dogs. The brand’s logo is designed to outline the words “heal pet,” as its brand name suggests. Moreover, this brand uses vegan and organic ingredients which are non-GMO. Every hemp used by Healthy Petables in making their CBD products is obtained from American-grown hemp that’s federally controlled. Hence, you will be confident of its safety. Before the release of the products to the market, the brand uses independent labs to test for quality, potency, and purity. Therefore, with the third-party lab test results, you will have an assurance of getting top-quality and safe products. Healthy Petables calming chews come with extra active ingredients that are beneficial to better health. The calming variety has chamomile, CBD, hemp seeds, and L-Theanine to have a calming effect. This variety is available in apple and peanut butter flavors. Moreover, the joint and mobility variety has hemp seeds, CBD, Boswellia, and turmeric root. It’s available in either cinnamon or pumpkin spice flavor. Lastly, they have heart and immune variety. This variety comes with hemp seeds, CBD, flax seeds, and blueberries. This variety is available in either sweet potato or blueberry flavor. Other ingredients help in relieving inflammation and pain and improve good health. Healthy Petables products don’t have as many reviews as Pet Hemp Company and HolistaPet, but the little they have are all five stars which reflect their effectiveness, safety, and quality. The brand offers a money-back guarantee of 30-days. Therefore, if you have any issues with the results provided by either of their products, you can contact their user support team to get a refund. Healthy Petables uses a CO2 extraction method to get CBD from hemp.


Shopping Experience: Healthy Petables’ has a simple-to-navigate site. With this, you will move straight to the exact CBD dog treats you need. Moreover, their site has a simple drop-down menu that lists every product. Thus, you will not have to move around different pages to get what you’ll be looking for. In addition, on the product page, you will get more helpful details and a simple check-out process.

Products Safety: Healthy Petables utilizes organic, vegan ingredients and non-GMO. Moreover, they source their hemp from US farms since the farmers adhere to the set regulations assuring safety. In addition, independent labs test all their products to ensure they are free from any harmful chemicals and they are potent. The independent lab also tests the level of THC, which should be below 0.3%. All products from Healthy Petables are free from cruelty, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

Product Varieties: Healthy Petables makes CBD products for pets. Thus, you will find products for cats, dogs, and horses. These CBD pet products come in several flavors which are appealing to pets. The available flavors include peanut butter, apple, cinnamon, blueberry, pumpkin spice, and sweet potato flavor. In addition, there are CBD pet treats with unique ingredients to offer a calming effect, heal joints and mobility, and for improving your heart and immune condition.

Return and Shipping Policy: Healthy Petables has a return policy that’s within thirty days. Thus, if a customer is unsatisfied with the outcomes of their products, they need to contact their support team to start a refund process. Moreover, the brand also offers excellent discounts to new customers. After doing your shopping, the brand offers free shipping within the US.


  • Offers 30 days money return
  • Manufactured using natural, organic, and non-GMO ingredients
  • Improves general health and comfort
  • Ease nervousness
  • Ease digestion and improves appetite
  • Promotes quality sleep
  • Improves mobility
  • Available in different flavors
  • Third-party lab tests the products
  • Simple to use site
  • Offers free shipping


  • A bit expensive
  • Some lab results show higher CBD content, unlike what’s on the label

=> Click here to visit the official website of Healthy Petables  

How We Made This List Of The Best Calming Chews For Dogs?

Finding the appropriate calming chews for your dog or pets is difficult since there are several CBD brands. Hence, determining the best brand needs extra attention. We researched numerous brands available in the market. We followed the given criteria to get the best quality, most efficient, and tastiest CBD in every bite. For your pup’s health, we selected only the best products to help their ailments and maintain good health. We checked for purity, additional ingredients, potency, flavor, price, and more. We eliminated any product with less-than-stellar elements from our list.

What We Checked For?

  • Quality of Hemp: Your dog or any other pet deserves the best quality products. Due to this, we stuck with a US-grown product made using hemp. The main reason behind this is that American hemp farmers adhere to numerous rigorous rules and regulations, unlike in other countries. Thus, hemp that’s grown and sourced from US farms is more likely to be free of chemicals and toxins.
  • Dog-Friendly: The calming chews are specially for canines; hence the manufacturer needs to consider keeping your dogs’ needs. Moreover, we chose products with ingredients that are efficient and safe. In addition, the quantity of every element guarantees maximum dosage for excellent results.
  • Natural Ingredients: Besides having organically-sourced hemp, the other ingredients available in these gummies should also be entirely natural. We only choose CBD companies that don’t incorporate any artificial coloring or flavors in their products. Moreover, we ensured all the brands on our list utilize only natural and organic components when making their products.
  • Clear Guidelines: All CBD treats should have clear guidelines concerning the commended daily dosage. Thus, we selected those brands that clearly explained the amount of CBD available in a single CBD dosage. This will help in preventing an overdose.
  • Flavors Varieties: If your dog does not like the CBD gummies’ they won’t eat them; hence, it will not be helpful. We choose brands that offer varieties of flavors that your dog will enjoy. Various flavors available include chicken, bacon, sweet potato, peanut butter, pumpkin spice, etc.
  • Third-Party Lab Test: Test results from independent labs are very significant when selecting a reliable CBD product and brand. With lab results from third-party labs, you will be assured that the product has high-quality x content and is free from any chemical and other dangerous compounds, including heavy metals.
  • Brand Reputation: Another important factor we considered is the reputation of the brand. That is, for how long has the brand been in the market, and if they offer a generous return policy? We only selected brands with reasonable policies and those that have been in operation for a while. Moreover, we also choose brands that are transparent about their manufacturing process, their location, and ingredients.
  • Cost: Dog gummies are available in different shapes, sizes, flavors, and prices. To be sure that you will get high-quality products at the correct price, we selected CBD brands that offer several discounts like free shipping, bundle pack, etc. In addition, we also considered the quantity-to-price ratio. We selected the calming chews that provided value for your money.
  • User Reviews: User reviews help understand what other customers say about a particular brand and product. We chose brands that had higher ratings with more positive reviews. Moreover, we also considered how the dog reacted to the gummies.

Buying Guide For Beginners: Factors To Consider When Purchasing Best Calming Chews for Dogs

There are several options of calming chews for dogs available on the market today. Moreover, with the best quality calming chews with the flavor that your pet enjoys, you will help it improve its general health. To get safe and effective calming chews for your dog, you need to check on a few significant points.

  • Hemp Source

The first thing to check out when buying calming chews is where the brand sources its ingredients from. Best quality hemp must be free from pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. US farmers grow the best quality hemp since they adhere to all set cultivation guidelines. In addition, hemp should be non-GMO.

  • Extraction Method

Secondly, check on which extraction method the brand uses to get CBD. The safest extraction process is the CO2 method. This process doesn’t involve the use of harmful chemicals; hence there will be no chemical remains. All the brands on our listing use the CO2 extraction method. Thus, their CBD products are always safe and clean.

  • Lab Tests

Always purchase products that have approved potency and it’s composed of purely natural ingredients. Moreover, go for the CBD brand, which works together with an independent lab for product testing. Likewise, every lab test result should be available at the brand’s official site. You need to check on various batch reports to confirm the same, and this will assure you of getting pure and safe CBD pet treats for your pets. A COA is the only way you will be sure that the calming chews you are purchasing for your pets are effective and safe since you will get all the content available plus its level.

  • Return Policy

Go for brands that allow product return. With this policy, you don’t have to worry that you will have wasted your money if the product doesn’t work as intended. A return policy will allow you to get a refund of your money if the product outcome doesn’t please you. Remember, the return request should be within the days stated by the brand. The brands on our list offer 30 days return policy.

  • Potency

Before making a purchase, you also need to check if the CBD product offers strength proportional to the pet’s body weight since the weight plays an essential role in determining its effect. Moreover, dog CBD treats and gummies come in a specific dose which helps in alleviating your dog’s discomfort. Always serve your pet the required dosage as stated by the manufacturer. Moreover, if it’s the first time your dog takes full spectrum CBD products, you need to give it a smaller dose and check its reaction with time.

  • THC Amount

A higher THC level is dangerous to dogs as it is to humans. When in a higher amount, it can easily lead to paranoia, breathing problems, depression, lethargy, and unregulated bladder movements. To prevent this kind of effect, always go for CBD dog gummies whose THC level is below 0.3%.

  • Coupons and Other Deals

Going for brands that offer free shipping and discounts will help you save some dollars. All the brands on our review provide free shipping in the US. Moreover, they also have deals to welcome new customers. With others, you can subscribe to a plan and get their calming chews for dogs at a reduced price.

  • Additional Ingredients

There are calming chews formulated to help with a specific use. This can include offering a calming effect, improving wellness with minerals and vitamins, muscle recovery, joint and mobility, heart and immune, etc. You need to check out the additional natural ingredients added to the calming chews to help achieve what they promise. Chamomile and Melatonin are more popular healthy ingredients available in CBD soft chews to aid in sleeping. In addition, apple cider vinegar, superfoods, and multivitamins are more valuable for mixing your CBD experience with significant nutrients and supplements.

FAQs About Calming Chews For Dogs

  • How long will calming chews require to work for a dog?

For short-term advantages of a CBD chew by your pet, the amount of time taken for visible results depends on your dog’s size and the amount of food taken some hours before consuming the CBD soft chews. Similar to every other ingested substance, a full spectrum CBD chew will go directly inside your pet’s stomach. At this point, the digestive system breaks it down. As these breakdowns and digestive processes occur, cannabinoid absorption occurs into the bloodstream. After absorption, it’s when CBD effects start to be felt and functional in an animal. As said, the time taken for the effects to be visible depends on how much CBD is consumed, your dog’s size, and the amount of food available to your dog. Typically, one should expect to get results from consuming CBD between five minutes to sixty minutes. Moreover, CBD chews for treating chronic pain or any other long-term state; it may require about one week, giving room for CBD to accumulate in your pet’s system. Additionally, the advantage of CBD when treating cancer is that it helps minimize the adverse effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

  • What’s the correct dosage for Calming Chews for dogs?

Different dogs have different CBD dosages. The dosage depends on the dog’s weight and the way their bodies react to CBD consumption. For instance, a giant canine needs a more potent dose, and dogs with higher metabolism require multiple but smaller quantities. Moreover, before you give your dog these gummies, you should determine their proper dosage. After that, just feed your dog for 30 days continuously, and you should pay to be attention to every reaction. If there is no visible effect, you ought to consider raising the dosage or the number of chews. Moreover, you can always serve these gummies after meals, after walks, or at any convenient time. In addition, one needs to pay attention to the time your dog consumes calming chews and make it consistent and regular time during the evening or day.

  • How will CBD assist my dog?

Similar to humans, cats and dogs come with an endocannabinoid system that benefits from CBD products. The system enables active ingredients available in hemp to assist in relieving several symptoms. In addition, give your dog CBD dog gummies to help them heal several conditions that your pet is suffering from, and they can either chronically or occasionally. The conditions include stress and anxiety, average to severe pain, arthritis, joint pain, chronic inflammation, and digestive issues. Other many benefits of CBD soft chews include cardiac benefits, appetite stimulation, anti-nausea effects, anti-cancer benefits, and anti-anxiety impact. Nevertheless, other dog owners say the product helps in treating seizures. Moreover, it’s good that you talk to your pet’s vet before you start treating it using CBD products. Remember, pets are like humans biologically. Therefore, CBD products will affect dogs in a similar way it does to people. Thus, it’s always good to follow dosage guidelines well to avoid potential side effects.

  • Is there any difference between a pet and human CBD products?

Several calming chews products are non-toxic for both pets and humans. Moreover, one may be confused about which gummies humans can take because there are product labels stating, “calming chews for Dogs.” Don’t worry since this is a marketing strategy because several calming chews are similar. This means they will operate well with both humans and animals. However, dog calming chews for human is marketed to be consumed by human, and they will mark them. Moreover, calming chews meant for pets undergoes more stringent guidelines. Moreover, CBD products are suitable for everyone. Human beings can eat pet calming chews that are of same similar ingredients and are available in the same concentrations. On the other hand, pets can also consume calming chews which are suitable for human use. However, a more stringent testing process is required to guarantee safety as assessed by the Federal Drug Administration. FDA requires all CBD products to adhere to their stricter labeling rules. These guidelines are there for a reason; hence if a product isn’t approved, the pet owners shouldn’t purchase it.

  • Are our calming chews safe for dog consumption?

Generally, calming chews are safe for animal use. However, you need to buy from a reputable manufacturer who uses quality and safe ingredients when making broad-spectrum CBD oil products and other cannabinoids. Likewise, you shouldn’t give your pets more doses than suggested since you will be intoxicating more THC amounts. Feeding your dog low-quality calming chews and dog treats may lead to some side effects. These may include dry mouth, reduction in blood pressure, a light-headedness feeling, and more others. Moreover, the best CBD oil for dogs can also lead to drowsiness when taken in higher doses. However, with the best quality products and consuming the correct dosage, all these concerns won’t occur. Always buy from manufacturers who source their ingredients from farmers that adhere to set guidelines. In addition, purchase from brands that test their product using a third-party lab to ensure that it’s efficient and safe. Through testing, you will also know the level of THC in a particular product. Feeding your pet with impure calming chews and CBD oils which have higher THC level, and contains chemical residues from unwanted chemicals, including pesticides, may lead to severe damage to their organs. Always consider either of the three listed products if you’re searching for calming chews to assist your pet in alleviating symptoms of arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain, or epilepsy.

  • Can my dog be hurt when he chews CBD gummy?

Generally, if CBD chew purity is high, then there may be little or no risk of your dog experiencing any immediate and adverse effects. During clinical trials, the only thing found in the bloodwork of the dogs that was somewhat notable was an increased presence of alkaline phosphatase in the blood of pets that were consuming CBD versus those that were not. Although the long-term effects of increased alkaline phosphatase in the livers of dogs are still under research, there are some indications that when the liver becomes damaged, it can potentially leak alkaline phosphatase into the bloodstream. This could indicate liver disease or bone disorders.

  • How to know if a dog is suffering from joint or mobility problems?

Elderly dogs, overweight dogs, or dogs having arthritis will make it clear when they are in discomfort or pain. Moreover, the most apparent symptom when a dog is having joint pain is a change in activity level. The time you will recognize that your dog hasn’t been up for quite a long and is not playing its regular games or has a hard time getting upstairs or onto furniture. It’s more likely to be having a painful joint or suffering from mobility problems. More common symptoms show that a dog is having joint pain is difficulty getting up and licking the joints, which is probably painful. Other includes limping in their limbs, yelping as it jumps, and swelling around their joints.

  • Can calming chews make my dog high?

calming chews and hemp seed oil for dogs don’t get your dog or any of your pets high since it’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Thus, it’s safe and governed by rules and regulations to guarantee its safety for pets.

Conclusion: Best Calming Chews For Dogs Of 2022

The CBD industry has had extensive success for several reasons. The best calming chews for dogs helps in reducing dogs’ anxiety, reducing inflammation, decreasing pain, and improving dogs’ general health. In addition, CBD soft chews for dogs are of different flavors to taste great; hence your dog will enjoy the bite. When finding the best CBD dog treat, including CBD calming chews, you need to consider ingredient source, product potency, the extraction process, cost, additive ingredients, etc. Remember to stick with the recommended dosage since a higher dosage can lead to adverse effects. The correct dosage depends on the dog’s size. The three brands in our reviews make the best quality products using quality ingredients. Moreover, third-party labs do product testing, assuring the consumer of product potency and safety. Always give your dog the best quality CBD soft chews.

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