3 Best Bath Bombs For Your Most Luxurious Soak

Nikhil Goswami

Having a luxurious bath while watching bath bombs dissolve is therapy on another level. Bath bombs have cute shapes and are a combination of dry and wet natural ingredients, including essential oils, calming scents, and even flower petals.

In fact, bath bombs are a popular choice for having a soothing bath time and the most relaxing night.

They come in different scents, shapes, sizes, and colors. Bath bombs are a luxury you can afford — unless you don’t have a bathtub.

You can choose bath bombs as per your choice, pocket, and occasion. They come in all categories, regular, gift set, premium lush bath bomb — you name it.

But how do you know which one will suit you the best? Worry not; we’ve jotted down the best bath bombs.

Our Top Picks For The Best Bath Bombs Of 2022

  1. Krush Organics– Overall Best Bath Bombs, Editor’s Choice
  2. Sweet Bath– Best Bath Bombs For Stress Relief
  3. Bathorium Krush Organics– Most Popular Bath Bombs Brand

#1. Krush Organics– Overall Best Bath Bombs, Editor’s Choice


When it comes to CBD bath bombs, Krush Organics has no competition. They are the best, a top supplier of CBD-related hemp products globally. Their business is growing with each passing day, and they are spreading their roots everywhere possible.

Krush Organics’ new CBD bath bombs are the talk of the town nowadays. In addition to the normal soothing effect, it also helps relax muscles, blood vessels, and dry skin. It hydrates, moisturizes, and rejuvenates dry skin bringing life to it.

They also use lavender extensively. You will find its extracts in almost every product, especially their bath bombs. What differentiates them from other brands is their CBD extract. CBD offers an additional sense of relaxation and lets you loosen up in hot water.


Quality: Krush organics offers worldwide quality. Their all-new Krush bath bombs are proof enough. By far, it is the best bath bomb and it offers so much in one package. You can use them without any fear as their products are made of organic ingredients.

Fragrance: Krush Organics’ bath bombs come in different scents, from earthy and woody to floral and fruity. With CBD extracts infused, everything has become 10x better now.

Discounts: The best part about Krush Organics has to be their discounts. They offer hefty discounts every now and then, most of which are without advertisement.

Reviews: The reviews on the website are the picture of quality. People love their bath bombs so much that you will hardly find any negative comments.

Refund Policy: Krush Organics’ offers a refund policy that lets you exchange or refund the product in 30 days.


  • All organic ingredients
  • Hefty discounts are going on at all times
  • CBD-infused bath bombs
  • Intense relaxation
  • Muscle recovery
  • Uses lavender in every product


  • May cause coloring in the tub
  • Can be expensive

=> Click here to visit the official website of Krush Organics

#2. Sweet Bath– Best Bath Bombs For Stress Relief


Sweet Bath, a newly launched brand powered by Shopify, is your go-to one-stop for all your bath water needs. It originated from two moms who wanted to make bath time more fun and indulge in creativity in those few minutes.

Their goal is to use as few but excellent ingredients as possible. Each bath bomb is made of shea butter and cocoa, making your skin soft, glowy, and silky. The best part is that they believe in bringing forth benefits along with relaxation.

This is why their products are full of organic ingredients, are cruelty-free, and are way more reasonably priced than other bath bombs. They also offer a complete refund policy. If the product does not live up to your expectations, you can contact the helpline and get a refund or exchange the product.

They also claim that all their products are made with hands and out of sheer love. Their products also always have the most elegant packaging.


Quality: Sweet Bath offers spectacular quality to begin with. Their mini bath bombs come in cute packaging and are condensed so well. The ball looks so yummy one might just eat them. These are the best for kids as they are fun to play with. It comes in different colors, sizes, and fragrances. You can even customize them on order.

Size: As evident from the name, the mini bath bombs are smaller than the regular size and catch the eye. These are a must-have.

Colors: Sweet Baths products come in a variety of colors. And these colors then decide the fragrance of these fizzy, moisturizing bath bombs.

Customer Service: Sweet Bath offers excellent customer service. Their team is online and available round the clock. You can contact them for any problem, and they will resolve them as soon as possible.


  • Mini sized
  • Very reasonable
  • Several colors and fragrances
  • All natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Huge benefits
  • Gives a relaxing and supple feeling


  • May leave residue in the tub
  • Small bath bombs don’t suffice

=> Click here to visit the official website of Sweet Bath

#3. Bathorium– Most Popular Bath Bombs Brand


Launched in Canada, Bathorium is a company that launched its own line of bath essentials back in 2014. Their business has grown to huge heights and still continues to grow today. Among their hot-selling products are their bath bombs and bath soaks.

Their products are of premium quality and can turn simple bath time into a luxury spa experience. The best part is that they deliver their products all over the world, offer hefty discounts, and even have free shipping.

Bathorium claims that its products don’t even contain 1% of artificial coloring or synthetic scents. If, at any point, you feel the product is not satisfying, you can contact the brand, and they will ensure a full refund.

Also, their bath bombs are cruelty-free and gluten-free. You can use their crush pack to give to your friends as a gift set. You don’t need to worry about the payment. They offer several payment methods, and you can choose anyone that suits you.


Quality: The quality Bathorium offers is beyond explanation. You will never find any flaws or defects in the packaging or the product. They are so careful, especially with their bath bombs, as they are fragile.

Fragrance: Bathorium’s scent is to die for, unlike most bath bombs. The scents are heavenly and inviting, and they also linger longer. The Pomelo Grove smells like white grapefruit, orange, and rosemary and uses dead sea salt.

Collection: Bathorium has a huge collection of bath bombs for every mood and preference. Apart from their best-selling Pomelo Grove, the rest of their collection is just as fine. Whether you are looking for moisturizing bath bombs or chill pills, they have them all.


  • Wonderful scents
  • Affordable
  • Various benefits
  • Helps lift mood and reduce anxiety
  • Brightens skin
  • Hydrates body
  • Skin feels soft
  • Wide variety of bath bombs
  • Cruelty-free


  • May leave color in the tub
  • Can be irritable for sensitive skin

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bathorium

How We Made This List Of The Best Bath Bombs?

To make this list, we began by searching the internet for the best bath bomb brands. Luckily, we landed on some famous and quality options.

We looked into each brand and evaluated their products against our standards. The brands that did not live up to our expectations were eliminated. We then surveyed the remaining brands for factors like quality, scent, ingredients, texture, and use.

Finally, we selected our top three brands that met our stringent approach. A more comprehensive insight into our considerations is as follows:

What We Looked For?

  • Brand Reputation

The first thing we looked for was the brand’s reputation. A high-end brand is always respected among fellow retailers and its customers. We read reviews and asked around. The overall response was positive, and we ensured the brands we chose were well-reputed.

  • Quality 

We checked the quality of the bath bombs each brand offers. This included checking all the bath products were cruelty-free and did not use synthetic fragrances. Our goal is to deliver a quality bath experience, and we made sure our list of bath bombs lived up to this expectation.

  • Ingredients 

Ingredients are by far the most important aspect of bath bombs. Some brands used cleansing agents. These usually include coconut oil, baking soda, flour, Epsom salts, etc. We also looked for brands that used shea butter, essential oils, and plant oils like safflower seed, olive oil, hemp seed oils, and jojoba oil for moisturization.

  • Scent 

We checked all brands for their scent to ensure you never have a boring bath again. The scent does the work of aromatherapy. Some give off a soothing feeling to let you relax in the tub, while others are stronger to re-energize you. Although synthetic scents do not have any downsides, they may irritate the skin. That’s why people with sensitive skin should avoid overly fragrant bath bombs. We made sure our top products were made of all-natural ingredients.

  • Size 

Bath bombs come in a variety of sizes. Some are big enough to suffice for one bath, while smaller ones may require two to three bath bombs for one time. So we made sure the sizes were moderate enough to suffice for each bathtub.

  • Price 

You don’t need to pay a hundred bucks for a pack of six bath bombs — that’s insane. So, to save you the trouble of finding bath bombs for less money, we listed our top three products. These are cost-efficient, use quality bath bomb ingredients and come in large quantities.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying Your First Bath Bomb

Before you go to buy your first pack of bath bombs, there are some factors you must bear in mind. Not all bath bombs are created equal, and not all are safe to use. In this ever-increasing flooding of bath items in the market, fraud and scams are on the rise.

Vendors sell cheap quality, harmful bath bombs at a lesser price. These are the kind that leaves residue and makes your skin feel allergic, red, or irritable. There’s not much harm from these, but why take the risk?

Moreover, some people buy products from other brands. Then they sell them with their own name at a higher price. This is unfair not only to the customer for being falsely robbed but to the brand also.

To avoid any problems, we’ve listed some factors that can help you make the right decision. These are as below:

  • Brand Authenticity

The first thing you need to consider is the authenticity of the brand. Good things go a long way. Some online brands and those that do not have any verification are often scam businesses. These are not authentic and do not provide value for the money.

Therefore, look for brands that are explicitly public, experienced, and recognized groups of professionals. This way, you know what kind of people you are dealing with and what to expect.

  • Quantity

Some brands sell large packs of bath bombs at high prices. But the downside is that these packs include only one frizzier. So your dreams of fizzy bath bombs might just remain a dream.

Search for a brand that gives clear product descriptions and hefty discounts every now and then. This makes the purchase absolute and economic altogether.

  • Ingredients

Look for brands that offer all-natural ingredients and moisturizing bath bombs. These include using shea butter, Epsom salt, essential oil, etc.

  • Scent

Scent matters a lot when you are in the bathtub trying to relax. Some soothing, fruity, moisturizing bath bomb scents include cherry blossom, lavender, sweet orange, dried flowers, and grapefruit.

  • Color

Shower time becomes more attractive with fun colors as you watch the color of the warm water turn the color of the bath bomb. Look for nice and bright colors like orange, lavender, baby pink, powder blue, etc. Make sure you find those that will not color your bathtub. Those might be hard to clean.

  • Size/Shape

The size you choose makes an economic difference. With a bigger one, you wouldn’t have to use too many bath bombs, while the scenario might be otherwise with smaller ones. However, the shape doesn’t matter much. It depends upon your choice whether you like sphere-shaped bath bombs, hearts, donuts, flowers, or unicorn-shaped bath bombs.

  • Reviews

Make sure to check the reviews of each brand before you choose them for your final purchase. Reviews tell all about a brand that their website doesn’t. If there is a maximum of positive reviews, that should serve as a green light. Otherwise, turn away then and there.

  • Price Tag

You want a lush bath bomb, but that doesn’t mean you go over your budget. Look for fizzy bath bombs in an affordable price range. We’ve listed some above for you.

FAQs Related To Bath Bombs

What is a bath bomb?

The bath bomb is a small, often ball-like figure that is colorful, powdery, and immensely relaxing. These are made of dry and natural ingredients like essential oils, baking soda, Epsom salts, bath oil, citric acid, etc. Furthermore, it can easily fit your palm.

It is a fun way to enjoy your bath and take some self-care time. The bath bomb dissolves rapidly in the water, soothes you, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturized. It also lets your mind relax and unwind in the hot water tub.

How to use a bath bomb?

That’s simple. You just need to pop in the bath bomb after the tub is filled and you’re ready to jump in. The water should be warm, though, and the warmth depends upon your preference. It can be mildly warm or slightly warmer — just enough to not burn you.

So, to use your bath bomb, fill half the tub with water and put the bubble bath under running water for a second or two. Then drop it in the water, watch it fully dissolve, and spread colors everywhere.

The last step is to jump in yourself. Leave your worries aside and enjoy 30 minutes of pure relief, relaxation and fun. Meanwhile, your skin will heal and moisturize.

Are they easy to break?

Bath bombs can be really sensitive, especially if they are not well baked or are kept near moisture for a long. They will break upon the lightest touch. Otherwise, they will break like a normal powder soap would break.

How long can you retain a bath bomb?

You can keep a bath bomb intact for at least six months after its manufacture date. Other than that, store the bath bomb in an airtight box or sealed package. This will protect it from excessive moisture and help retain the scent for longer.

All in all, it’s best to use the bath bombs soon after their production. The earlier, the better.

How does the bath bomb stick together?

The bath bomb is soaked into witch hazel after it has been formed. This helps keep the elasticity and strength intact.

Are bath bombs and bubble baths the same thing?

Bath bombs are made of citric acid, baking soda, and sodium bicarbonate. As the citric acid and baking soda dissolved in the water, it gives your skin a soft, silky touch. It also includes various essential oils, plant oils, and natural scents like lavender.

Can you DIY bath bombs?

Yes, you can. It’s very easy and quick. Simply combine baking powder and citric acid. Add in your favorite essential oils and shea butter. Then add a hint of witch hazel to make the shape solid and keep the consistency perfect.

Remember to use witch hazel instead of water. Water makes the bath bomb frizzier, and the intense relaxing feeling does not last long then. Lastly, put your bath bombs into their mold and let them dry and take up the shape. And then tada! Your bath bomb is ready.

Do bath bombs have a robust scent?

Yes, even the mildest bath bombs have a strong scent that can be heavy for people with sensitive skin. Even though they smell great, they might not be so great for your body. You can try bath salts instead; they offer a muscle-relaxing shower experience.

Is it necessary to use it as a whole?

It is recommended to do so. You might be planning on using the bath bombs by dividing them into halves, but that isn’t going to work. The bath bombs are soft and breaking them into two pieces can result in multiple pieces.

This way, the pieces of bath bombs dissolve rapidly, and you do not get to experience the relaxing feeling.

How are they so fizzy?

The citric acid and baking soda determine the fizziness of the bath bomb. As they touch water, they react, and the bomb begins to dissolve. This is the part where the oils, scents, and benefits begin to appear.

How should I store my bath bomb?

The right way to store bath bombs is to keep them sealed in airtight plastic bags in a cool and dark place. This keeps them away from moisture and doesn’t let them dry.

Can bath bombs be bad for sensitive skin?

While bath bombs are not irritating, they should not be used if you have broken skin. The scent and essential oils may cause a reaction. Therefore, it’s better to know what suits you and then use it.

How long until the bath bomb dissolves?

A good bath bomb requires somewhere around five to seven minutes to dissolve completely. However, the time can vary depending upon the temperature of the water, the quality, and the consistency.

Conclusion: What Are Good Brands For Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can customize the one you want, whether a gift set or simple body care. Bath bombs are inexpensive, easy to use, and a fun way to get some quick therapy. A Sunday night is incomplete without a warm bath with rainbow-colored bath bombs swirling inside.

Even though the internet is brimming with different bath bombs, finding the right one can be difficult. So, we have listed some of the best bath bombs around to make the search easier for you. Make sure to sift through them and select the one that matches your personality.

Happy Bath Bombing!

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