Best Air Purifiers For Smoke In 2022: According To The Experts


Living in a big city or close to busy roads provides easy access to places and the never-ending buzz of life around you. But it also comes with a significant risk of pollution, especially by smoke particles.

From the vehicles to the companies, the world’s most developed and prominent cities also happen to be some of the most polluted, so if you are in this position, it makes sense that you would want to buy an air purifier.

You may also want to buy purifiers for smoke if you live amongst smokers or are constantly exposed to smoke particles. However, not all air purifiers are created equal, and to truly be able to breathe smoke-free air; you have to use nothing short of top-quality air purifiers. This article will reveal where you can find such products and what makes them stand out.

Our Top Picks For The Best Air Purifiers For Smoke

We selected the top four air purifiers we came about in our thorough research and testing process. Also, we have gone a step ahead to highlight one unique property of each of them that earned it a spot in this review. The products that made it into our best air purifier list are:

  1. TRACS® Model TM-1250 Industrial HEPA Air Purifier – Overall Best Air Purifier For Smoke (Editors Pick) 
  2. EnviroKlenz Mobile UV Model – Budget Air Purifier For Small Spaces Under $300 
  3. SILENT THUNDER LA-2400 v.2.0 – Top Rated Air Purifier With Highest Smoke Filtration 
  4. EOS by Secure Aire Most Reliable Brand With  HEPA And Carbon Filtration

#1. TRACS® Model TM-1250 Industrial HEPA Air Purifier– Overall Best Air Purifier For Smoke (Editors Pick)

TRACS purifiers are one of the best air purifiers and are considered portable air purifiers in conjunction with American Quality Manufacturing (AQM). TRACS has been an innovator in the air cleaner industry since 2008, while AQM has been manufacturing high-quality steel technology devices since 1995.

The combined experience of these companies birthed the evolution of TRACS air purifiers with UV-C technology. Their air purifiers are built with three important things in mind. The first is effectiveness, and the other two are durability and convenience. All their purifiers are manufactured in the USA under strict quality assurance measures.

Of their air purifiers, the TRACS® Model TM-1250 Industrial HEPA Air Purifier stands out in its design and operation. It is a great air purifier for smaller pollution like cigarette smoke to more overpowering ones like wildfire smoke. It has an excellent air purification rate of 9,025 sq ft per hour.

The TRACS® Model TM-1250 Industrial HEPA Air Purifier has a unique three-stage air purification system for maximum effectiveness.

Its first filtration stage is an antimicrobial prefilter with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value of 10. This means that it has a good particle filtration efficiency. The CarbonWeb prefilter removes gases that are too small for the HEPA filter to catch.

The second filtration stage happens with the UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) system. It kills germs, mold, and microorganisms that may be too big or small for the HEPA filter. Because of its positioning, it also helps keep the HEPA filter clean so that it lasts much longer and requires less maintenance.

Finally, its last filtration stage is its medical-grade HEPA filter that removes pathogens and smoke. This makes this unit a great air purifier for cigarette smoke and other smoke odors.

The HEPA filter of this air purifier can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns which is the hardest size of particles capturable. This makes its air cleaning system great for eliminating microorganisms.

It is convenient as you can roll it on its legs around a room and plug it into your regular outlet. Also, it is great for use in large spaces since you can control its filtration system to work at a very high speed.

Finally, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a five-year engineering warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the frame.


Hand Welded: The quality of this unit is evident from its unboxing. It is made of durable steel, and its manufacturers boast of a manufacturing standard that rivals that of the old times – the periods when hand-crafted steel lasted beyond a person’s lifetime. As a result, the frame of their unit has a lifetime warranty to assure its quality.

Unlike most air purifiers manufactured outside the US with low-quality processes, this air purifier is hand welded by professionals to provide an excellent and unbeatable finish. They have videos of their welding process available on YouTube that you can access via their website. This further instills confidence in the quality of the air purifier.

Durable: Chances are that you may never need to replace the product. You can purchase replacement filters and fix other electrical or mechanical components to keep it working in good condition.

Tested And Proven: On the TRACS purifiers website, one can find a long list of established customers of the brands. The list includes some of the most reputable establishments and hospitals that are verifiable. Furthermore, customer reviews of this unit are overwhelmingly positive wherever one finds them.

This is because the product has been proven effective by its user base. One can easily find a video of the product being tested online to see its powerful performance. This level of transparency from the production to the testing stage assures you of their products’ quality.

Three Stage Air Purification: This portable air filter works in three filtration stages to ensure that the released air is completely clean. It combines UV filtration with HEPA to provide a mix of durability and effectiveness as each system balances the setbacks of the other.

Negative And Positive Pressure: Lastly, the TRACS® Model TM-1250 Industrial HEPA Air Purifier can be set up to create negative or positive air pressure in a room. It comes with a detailed manual to guide installation.


  • Lifelong durability
  • Reasonable noise level
  • Convenient to use
  • Germicidal UV technology
  • Wide variety of application
  • HEPA filter lasts up to a year


  • High-quality production makes it on the more expensive end of air purifiers.

=> Click here to visit the official website of TRACS Model ™-1250

#2. EnviroKlenz Mobile UV Model– Budget Air Purifier For Small Spaces Under $300 

Most affordable air purifiers work with only one filtration system, but the EnviroKlenz Mobile UV Model does not. It manages to still pack the effectiveness of a HEPA filter and UV-C filtration in its portable but powerful body. This combined technology effectively filters nearly every possible microbe and pollutes airborne particles.

Like the other powerful air purifiers in our review, this product is manufactured by a dedicated team of professionals. EnviroKlenz has a mission to ensure safety and health in environments where humans assemble. This dedication is what they put into the production of their EnviroKlenz Mobile UV Model. It is designed to be a small and affordable but powerful machine for destroying airborne toxins.

It is manufactured in the US to meet high-quality standards. Its noise production is minimal, so it is not a nuisance while ensuring your air quality needs. Furthermore, it manages to be light so that one can easily carry it around. If you would rather roll it on the floor, it has wheels on its legs for that purpose.

Also, the entire product comes with a five-year warranty assuring you that you will get your money’s worth from the unit. It can surpass this five-year mark, considering its quality, if maintained properly.

Lastly, it complies with and meets both US and Canadian safety requirements. Hence, it is C-UL US certified. It is CARB certified and meets the EPA’s formaldehyde emission standards for US products.


Tested For Ozone Production: Ozone production is one of the biggest safety concerns of air filters. Ozone is an air-polluting gas ironically produced by many air purifiers. In fact, it is the major component of visibly foggy air that is a signifier of polluted air.

Some manufacturers deliberately create ozone-producing air purifiers which are harmful to human health. However, EnviroKlenz manufacturers not only excluded manufacturing processes that could lead to the production of ozone. They also tested their completed product for ozone production.

Absorptive Neutralization: The EnviroKlenz Mobile UV Model is certified to be non-ozone producing. Moreover, it uses a unique process called adsorptive neutralization to safely eliminate and destroy pollutants chemically.

Patented Air Cartridge: Apart from its H11 HEPA filter, it also comes with an EnviroKlenz® Air Cartridge that works as its primary air filtration system. According to them, it utilizes the power of earth’s minerals to effectively and safely capture airborne contaminants and microorganisms.

Third-Party Tested: Their technology is third-party tested and proven to be at least 99% effective in its claims. It is particularly great in destroying and eliminating smoke chemicals and VOCs.

Four Speed Levels: Depending on your preference, the air purifier comes with four-speed levels. Each level has a different clean air delivery rate. These speed rates allow you to customize the effect you are looking for in your room. So, depending on the level of smoke exposure you are experiencing, you can set it up to be just right.

Aesthetics And Convenience: Another eye-catching thing about the EnviroKlenz Mobile UV Model is that it has nice aesthetics and is convenient for use. It comes in white or black as per the customer’s preference. While this is not a wide range, most providers hardly bother creating color variations for their air purifiers.

Not Bulky: It does not come with any extra attachments that could make it less bulky without significantly improving its effectiveness. All of its goodness is in its portable, lightweight body. In addition, its body is made from durable steel that is easy to clean and maintain. All these make this air purifier a very convenient one to use.


  • Great for allergen control
  • Can remove smoke particles from the air
  • Removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Lightweight purifier
  • Does not produce ozone
  • Has safety certifications


  • Its lightweight frame might be subject to wear and tear

=> Click here to visit the official website of Enviroklenz

#3. SILENT THUNDER LA-2400 v.2.0– Top Rated Air Purifier With Highest Smoke Filtration  


The Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Living Lightning™ Alpine Air is one of EcoQuest’s products that ensures you breathe fresh air. Ecoquest International is the brand behind the Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Living Lightning™ Alpine Air and many other products that could benefit you.

They have 25 years of experience in producing air purification products. Over the years, they have improved their products in different areas. They aim to make indoors safer and ensure you live a healthy life.

The Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Purifier is one of the best air purifiers on the market today. It has better features than the average air purifier, making it more efficient for use. This purifier is made to look elegant so that it won’t negatively affect the appearance of your house but enhance its beauty.

The good thing about this product is that it was specifically made for the indoors, so it performs its function to the maximum. It can cover up to 2400 square feet while working efficiently. In addition to trying to ensure good performance, they also make sure it is a durable product by putting several features in place.

Firstly, it is made of stainless steel body parts, reducing corrosion and increasing the product’s lifespan. Therefore you won’t need to replace it after a short period.

Another feature that increases its durability is its acrylic cabinet. It won’t separate or easily get damaged if it mistakenly gets hit or falls. The quality will also be the same as time goes by.


Risk-Free Purchase: The Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Purifier comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, you do not need to fear testing out this product because if you find fault with it or you are not satisfied, it can be returned. They are focused on ensuring that their customers are pleased with the product.

Usage Procedure: It has a very easy procedure to use. All you have to do is put it on, and you can start enjoying fresh and pure air. The manufacturer’s website also has a video that can teach you how the Silent Thunder LA-2400 v.2.0 Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Purifier works and how it can help you.

Enhanced Parts Performance: This air purifier might have similar parts to other purifiers, but they have consciously made theirs better than average. For example, it has a separate oxygen control where you can turn the O3 sanitizer off. It also has a high-intensity germicidal UV light with a photocatalytic filter to help against germs.

Silent: It was made specifically for indoor purposes, and you wouldn’t want a device that would be disturbing you. An air purifier making one sound can cause noise pollution while trying to solve air pollution. With this in mind, it works silently while still being able to perform its function efficiently.


  • It has an elegant appearance
  • Works quietly
  • It kills germs
  • Comes with a free bonus gift
  • It has an affordable price
  • Helps eliminate bad odor


  • They do not ship to California because it doesn’t meet the city’s requirements

=> Click here to visit the official website of Alpine Air

#4. EOS by Secure Aire–  Most Reliable Brand With  HEPA And Carbon Filtration

EOS by Secure Aire is one of the mid-range air purifiers that pack a lot of value and reasonable affordability. It has a very sleek look that makes it a classy addition to your home or whatever space you choose to use it in. Furthermore, setting up this premium air purifier is extremely easy.

It has no technical setup requirements or software installation setups. Therefore, you can easily set this up in any location you desire.

Although it is relatively small, it performs very well and can be used in spaces of about 1000 square feet. It can provide as much as 600 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of clean air, which is better than many other air purifiers can deliver.

Furthermore, the EOS by Secure Aire purifier has many safety features to ensure its durability, and its safety features also make it much easier for you to use. Its Particle Control Technology (PCT) system comes with safety controls, circuits, and system diagnostics for the unit’s electronic components.

Also, the filter has a panel safety switch for filter replacement – the system turns off safely to accommodate changing the filter. Its entire operation system allows it to effectively remove odors, smoke, VOCs, gases, harmful pathogens, and other allergenic particles in the air.

Lastly, the EOS by Secure Aire packs one of the best air purifier performance features in a small body. It is small enough to be placed on a countertop or tabletop; therefore, it does not necessarily become a major distracting feature in whatever room you place it in.


Particle Coagulation: The smart air purifier uses a unique technique called particle coagulation to attract pollutants into its filter to be destroyed. This system is based on the fact that some harmful air particles are too tiny to be affected by airflow. Therefore, they remain suspended in the air, unable to enter the purifier.

The EOS particle control system conditions these particles to coagulate and bond with each other, increasing in mass. This process goes on until these particles can now be transported by airflow into the filters. With this unique technology, all forms of air pollutants can be moved and filtered regardless of size.

Replaceable Custom Cartridge: The filtration system of this air purifier consists of a SecureAire cartridge. This cartridge is responsible for killing trapped pathogens in the prefiltered air before the clean air is released. This cartridge is designed to be replaceable, and you can purchase replacements from the manufacturers.

Tested For Precision: According to the manufacturer’s website, tests prove that this filter cartridge can filter the air that goes into it with up to 99.5% precision. It works by creating an energy field that creates oxidative stress for the microbes and kills them.

MERV 15 Filtration: Its replacement filter has a high-efficiency filtration rate with a MERV rating of 15. This means it is very good at trapping particles of minute sizes and difficult-to-capture micron sizes.

Case Studies: Another great thing about this air filter is that it is developed based on science-backed statistics. A short visit to the manufacturers’ website will reveal many analyses to support their clean air theory. They aim to improve workplace members’ mental performance by improving their air quality.

Furthermore, there are links to case studies conducted by SecureAire that prove the air purifier is effective. While many manufacturers claim their products are tested based on lab-controlled experiments, third parties tested this product more practically. This solidified its place for us as a great air purifier for smoke.


  • Electrically enhanced performance
  • Safety features
  • Option to reverse payment within first 90 days
  • Powerful but silent fan
  • Easy setup
  • Great for smoke particles, allergens, and microbes


  • It cannot be used effectively in very large spaces

=> Click here to visit the official website of EOS Secure Air

How We Made This List Of Best Air Purifiers For Smoke? 

We underwent a thorough research process to develop an objective list of quality products. We filtered out the best from a list of many products considering various factors. Because we understand that effectiveness is the number one criterion for purchasing such products, we made that our priority.

Through testing, research, and rating scores, we deciphered the products that were top performers. Some products came with fancy features but did not perform when it mattered, and we promptly identified those and knocked them off our list. Our technical team narrowed down the most crucial elements in an air purifier, and we shortlisted products that fit the bill.

As we carefully downsized our list of products from a considerably long one to a top four list, we made a definitive list of criteria. These criteria were the basic standards we set for our devices, and we chose the four that met these most perfectly.

What We Looked For? 

Below, we briefly highlight some specific features we looked for in the air purifiers we picked.

  • Clean Air Delivery Rate:

    This is a standard for measuring the effectiveness of an air purifier. Generally, the higher the CADR, the better and faster the unit is at filtering air. It is usually measured in Cubic Feet per Meter.

There is no objectively perfect rate, but we considered this in combination with things like the speed levels of the unit, its size, and the area it can cover. The devices we selected have good Clean Air Delivery Rates, particularly for smoke which is a major focus of this article. However, their CADR for allergens and dust is also very high.

  • HEPA System:

    According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers, it has the highest filtering efficiency. It is better than MERV ratings 1-16. HEPA filter stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter. It is widely used in quality air filters. Hence we searched for filters that come with this technology.
  • UV-C Filtration System:

    Products that combine HEPA and UV-C air purifier filters tend to last much longer than ones that use one. HEPA filters on their own are excellent for filtering the air. However, this technology has one drawback: HEPA filters may get dirty very fast due to accumulated dirt.

But when a device uses a HEPA filter with a UV filter, the UV filter breaks down any dirt that accumulates on the HEPA filter keeping it cleaner and enabling the filtering system to last much longer. Both help with a better level of filtering since one can catch air contaminants that the other did not. For this reason, filters that combined these two features stood out for us.

  • Ozone:

    Many home air purifiers for smoke produce ozone which ironically is a component of the foggy air that characterizes polluted cities. Some manufacturers deliberately produce units that release this chemical because they claim it helps with purification.

Although some of these claims are partly true, the health implications are much worse. Therefore, the best air purifiers for smoke don’t produce ozone. We made sure to choose only products that do not produce ozone.

  • Brand Reputation:

    Although not an obvious criterion, purchasing online implies that one has faith in the seller. To help you trust the sellers of the products you may buy, we only went for manufacturers with a solid reputation. We considered how long they have been producing air purifiers, their mission in the industry, and how well-known or used the products are.
  • Customer Reviews

    : We also looked at customer reviews to get the opinion of users concerning these brands. Our shortlisted brands are dedicated to providing their users with the best air quality possible.
  • Area Covered:

    We considered variety in this factor. We understand that your needs might be for a high capacity or lower capacity cleaner, depending on the square feet of your space. So our shortlisted purifiers fall into different ranges, from the modest ones to the ones that can work for extremely large areas.
  • Cost:

    For the best air purifiers for smoke, their costs vary considerably. We have a budget air purifier and middle and higher-end purifiers on the list. This way, we ensure that you find something that suits your budget and living situation needs.

Buying Guide 

Before buying an air purifier, below are a few things you should note. They would help you make the right choice.

  • Filtration Method

Different filters come with air purifiers. Some are more common than others, a few are considered unsafe compared to others, and there is also the matter of maintenance.

HEPA filters are common as one of the best filters for efficient air filtration. They are great for removing particles from the air and great for pet dander. However, they may not be the best with odor.

On the other hand, activated carbon filters are great for odor removal and smoke particles but are not the easiest to maintain. An activated carbon filter would have to be replaced much more frequently than other filters. There are also UVGIs that kill bacteria and harmful microbes via UV light.

Ozone generators are another type of filter with a bad reputation for being unsafe. However, manufacturers of this kind of air purifier claim their products do not produce enough ozone content to be unsafe. They also claim that ozone is great for removing things like mold from the air.

You must understand the filtration systems of different air purifiers. This will enable you to make the right decision depending on your specific air quality problem. Some air purifiers combine one or more filters into their system for more effectiveness. Some of our recommended purifiers fall into this category.

  • Replacement Filters Cost And General Maintenance

Having a budget before purchase is essential. It will help you limit your search when searching for products. But it is crucial to also factor extra costs into the budget. Most filters need to be changed every few months or years, and depending on the type of filter; it may be fairly often.

Some purifiers for smoke also come with filters that can be cleaned or vacuumed. But this might not be so easy to do. You must consider the ease and cost of maintenance of any air purifier you plan on getting. One might have an initially expensive upfront cost, but it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Noise

Air purifiers work with fans in them. As such, they usually make noise. Some are noisier than others; usually, the bulky and large ones produce more noise. The noise may be very disturbing if you want to use an air purifier in your room or a small space.

Also, if you have pets, children, or other people that may be affected by the noise, it is better to go for more quiet units.

Some air purifiers have silent modes that make their performance more stealthy yet effective. You should also consider the speed control levels to reduce the fan speed in case you need a quieter performance.

  • Quality vs. Cost

Although not always the case, several times you will find that units made with more quality materials cost more. An air purifier made from hand-crafted and welded heavy-duty metal is bound to cost much more than machine-crafter lightweight purifiers. However, the first one will likely last much longer than the latter.

Certifications may also make a product more expensive. If a product has a lot of prestigious certifications, it is a mark of its quality hence the higher cost. Therefore, if you don’t have a large budget, you might find yourself torn between choosing a quality and an affordable price.

When it comes down to it, always try to find a middle ground. It is better not to get deceived by cost or irrelevant certifications. Judge the quality of the product objectively. Then, make a reasonable purchase based on your assessment.

  • Warranties

Nothing puts a buyer at rest than purchasing a product with a few years warranty. Producers of quality products can usually guarantee their product’s durability for a certain period.

Try to purchase from such sellers with warranties of over a year on their products at least. This assures you that you will get value for your money before anything goes wrong with the product. However, read sellers’ warranty terms and conditions so that you do not lose on both sides.

  • Money-Back Guarantees

Similarly, money-back guarantees are a great way for you to test a product without committing to using it permanently. You can check out products with 30-days or more money-back guarantees, which will give you a chance to get an actual feel of the effectiveness of a product without a permanent commitment. Make sure to check the seller’s return policy before purchasing to be on the safe side.

FAQs About Best Air Purifiers For Smoke 

Where should I place my air purifier?

The consensus is that you should place your air purifier somewhere it is unobstructed. This way, it can take in and filter enough air to work efficiently.

Aside from windows or driveways may be ideal places to place your air purifier, and you can also place it in the corner of an open room.

Will my air purifier cure my allergies?

Air purifiers cannot cure allergies. They are not made to treat anything, including asthma.

However, if they work well, they may reduce the severity of the symptoms if your issues are triggered by unclean air. At the very least, they would prevent your symptoms from getting worse.

How do I know if my air purifier is effective?

The easiest way to know is by having an air quality indicator in the space where you are using the purifier. Some purifiers come with this feature, but the majority don’t.

You can use the device to check the quality before you start using the purifier and watch for improvement after you start using it. You should also watch out for quality drops.

Another way you can tell is if any of your respiratory symptoms are clearing up. If you used to find it difficult to sleep because of air quality, an improvement in your sleep might indicate that your air purifier is doing its job.

Should my air purifier be on all day?

You can safely leave your air purifier on every day. They usually do not consume much energy, and if your purifier is energy efficient, it will be perfectly fine to leave it on daily.

The longer you leave it working, the cleaner the air that would be in your immediate environment.

Even if you don’t want to leave it on all day, you can leave it on for at least half a day to maintain an unpolluted environment. If your air pollution is an ongoing problem and not something that comes and goes, leaving the cleaner on is your best bet.

Can air purifiers make my allergies worse?

Air purifiers are not supposed to make your allergies get worse. In fact, they are not supposed to trigger any adverse respiratory effects. Rather, they are supposed to do the opposite, so if you find that they are worsening your allergies, something is wrong.

The first thing you should do is confirm that your air purifier is not generating ozone. If it is, that could be the problem, and you would have to stop using it. It could also be that your filters need cleaning. If they are not properly maintained, they may not be able to do their work of cleaning the air effectively.

Can an air purifier work as a substitute for an AC or fan?

An air purifier is not a cooling device by any standard. The fan in it does not provide enough pressure to have a cooling effect on the entire room it is working in. It simply removes contaminants from the air in the environment.

If you need a cooling effect, running a ceiling fan or air conditioner in the same room as your air purifier is perfectly fine. The only downside is that your fan may blow air away from your air purifier, making it less effective.

Conclusion: Do  Air Purifiers Work For Smoke? 

The best air purifiers for smoke are not necessarily the most expensive but the ones that are built for efficiency and durability. Many air purifiers for smoke do not do the job they claim to be able to.

And for people constantly exposed to smoke particles for one reason or the other, buying these products is a pain. They waste money, spoil quickly due to bad quality, or are completely ineffective at their job.

For this reason, we decided to make a comprehensive review list. Our objective list above appraised the best air purifiers for improved indoor air quality. So if you are asthmatic, allergic to cigarette smoke, or simply trying to reduce air pollution in your vicinity, this article is for you.

Beyond using air purifiers, practice other preventative measures to protect yourself from smoke. And if you have any health challenges, consulting medical personnel should be your priority.

Consider a more permanent lifestyle change. Doing this, in addition to using your air purifier, may give you the best results.


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