5 Best Air Purifiers [2022]: Top Air Filters For Home


You can never overemphasise the benefits of air purifiers in the home. Those affected by seasonal allergies understand how essential air purifiers are in their homes. There are several benefits of air purifiers, and one crucial advantage is that the best air purifier can remove virus particles. Additionally, this product also eliminates odours and improve indoor air quality. In our modern days, wild smoke and various air pollution causes allergies. However, air purifiers minimise these effects.

Before you can call an air purifier exceptional or top-notch, it should clean the air in an ample space. It should not be loud and should be affordable. Moreover, if it can display the quantity of your air, it would help you see the extent of its work. You can place reliable air purifiers anywhere in the home. However, people often use these products in bedrooms to minimise allergic effects at night.

Air purifiers have a process they follow in cleaning the air. They pull air into the machine located at the base. This air goes through filters or a filter and catches pollutants of every form. Next, the filtered air is released into the room from the space at the machine top. The machine uses filters like ionisers, UV light, activated charcoal, HEPA filters to clean the air.

So many brands offer purifiers of supposed high quality, but not all are as good as advertised. As a result, it might not be easy to select the best. Do you want a complete home filtration system or an ionic air purifier? We have put together a list of four top brands that offer nothing less than the best. After several product types of research, testing, and interviews with the company workers, we chose the best available air purifiers. We also checked for the efficiency of the brand in delivery and customer service. For this reason, you can trust our list of products and choose the one that suits you the most.

After checking out purifiers based on these factors, we narrowed our list to the best air purifiers below:

Best Air Purifier Machines Of 2022: 

1. TRACS Model TM-1250 – Overall Best Air Purifier For Office & Home

2. EOS by SecureAire – Effective Air-purifying Solution To Fight Off Smoke

3. EnviroKlenz Air System Plus – Premier Home Air Cleaner For Clean Breathing

4. Alpine Air Purifiers – Customer-Proven System That Removes Indoor Air Pollution

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. TRACS Model TM-1250 – Overall Best Air Purifier For Office & Home


TRACS purifier is a unique portable air cleaning system. It is used for infection control in laboratories and some medical facilities. Furthermore, it protects people against viruses, microbes, and other particles in commercial and industrial places. TM-1250 recirculates at a very high speed to give clean air. Thus, you can use it in large spaces. This machine is equipped with standard HEPA filtration and certified ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.

This HEPA filter is the one in TRACS purifiers. The HEPA filters are first tested and certified to perform at 99.97% efficiency before being inserted into the air purifier. It has a galvanized steel frame around it that prevents warping.

Additionally, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, another technology used in the TRACS model purifier, helps to destroy microorganisms by UV radiation. Since pathogens can be too small to get trapped by the HEPA filter, the UVGI was introduced. The effects of UV affect these tiny pathogens. TM-1250 has these UV lamps that radiate the HEPA media and destroy molds and other microorganisms that HEPA filters can’t deactivate.

Owing to the effectiveness of this air purifier, lots of top institutions love and use it. Medical facilities like John’s Hopkins Medical, Cleveland Clinic, and Hartford Hospital love how exceptional this machine is. Additionally, institutions like Crescent City Police Department, Kyle Police Department, US Air Force, and United States Army, to mention a few, are all customers of TRACS air purifiers.


Recirculation Option: TM-1250 is a recirculation unit that can turn a standard patient room into isolation. This way, it protects patients and health workers from contaminated air. This machine possesses a unique airflow pattern to eradicate airborne contaminants. There is an excellent mixture of air within the room with this air purifier, and thus, there will be no dead air spots from every corner of the room.

UVGI/HEPA Combination: These two great technologies are both used in a TRACS purifier. As a result, you can be sure to have 100% clean and safe air in your room. When HEPA filters find removing viruses and interior microbial growth difficult, UV units carry out the work efficiently. Similarly, HEPA filters reduce particles that UV can’t. The two technologies in the air purifier increase its overall efficiency.

Mobility: You can transport TRACS purifiers on heavy-duty casters from one place to another. It also possesses a handle on each unit side, making navigating and moving it around easier. The air purifier is also portable, and you can use it anywhere and everywhere.

Low Replacement Cost: The presence of UVGI in the TM-1250 reduces the replacement costs and simultaneously increases the overall efficiency. The HEPA filter is the most expensive air purifiers unit to replace in any air cleaning device. In a HEPA-only unit, it is effortless for mold and microbial growth to occur. For this reason, you should change this filter at least once a year. However, the TRACS purifier has UVGI, which baths the HEPA filter with UV light and kills any mold or microbial growth. As a result, the life span of the HEPA filters is elongated, and they can last up to three years. Hence, the maintenance and replacement costs are reduced.

HEPA Locking Mechanism: The HEPA filter in TM-1250 is mechanically sealed to stop air from bypassing it. The thumbscrews apply pressure and compress the HEPA’s gasketing against its shelf. Thus, creating a tight seal and ensuring its maximum efficiency.


  • Portable
  • 5-year mechanical warranty
  • Quick deployment
  • 99.97% efficiency
  • Works for more than 40,000 hours
  • Removes particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Free Shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Full variable speed control


  • Items can experience longer than the standard shipping duration

=> Click here to visit the official website of TRACS

#2. EOS by SecureAire – Effective Air-purifying Solution To Fight Off Smoke


EPA and the American Lung Association once stated that, at times, indoor air could be about ten times more contaminated than outdoor air. As we take in air, we might breathe in harmful particles and pathogens. As a result, SecureAire decided to manufacture a portable air purification system that inactivates harmful TVOCs and pathogens. Hence, people will live in a safer and cleaner indoor environment.

EOS by SecureAire uses three essential components to clean your air thoroughly. First and foremost, particle coagulation takes place. To overcome the static effect of some electromagnetic forces on tiny particulates, the particles solidify and become more significant. This way, the dominant transport medium becomes air. Next, after the particle coagulation, the particles are brought by the filter by the EOS. There the filter inactivates and eliminates the particles. Lastly, filtration takes place. The EOS filter cartridge kills 99.5% of all captured particles bombarding them with positive and negative charges.

It is crucial to have clean air around these days due to the novel coronavirus ravaging the world. Moreover, the naked eye cannot see these harmful viruses, bacteria, and mold. For this reason, the only effective way to remove these pathogens and particles from your indoor air is to capture them and transport them to the device where they will be inactivated. One endearing feature of EOS by SecureAire is capturing light and tiny particles that the regular airflow can’t transport. After that, the particles like mold, viruses, bacteria are moved back to the machine where they are killed.


Low Maintenance: EOS by SecureAire is a very reliable air purifier that is easy to maintain. You do not have to be vast in using screws and pliers before changing the disposable filter. You can easily replace the disposable filter when you are notified, which is usually every twelve months.

90-Day Guarantee: For a company to readily offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, such a company would have weighted their product and certified it effective. You are permitted to use the product for 90 days, and if you are not satisfied with its performance, you can request a refund. You need to fill out a form, and if the company finds the information you submitted credible, they will get back to you.

Trusted by Top Institutions: There are the world’s top institutions that love and trust ESO by SecureAire. Institutions like St Mary’s Kids, Argonne national laboratory, and Sunnybrook health sciences center love the effectiveness of this product. The product helps kill airborne pathogens and helps maintain high-quality indoor air. Furthermore, Las Vegas Renaissance Hotel and IBM corporation are customers of EOS air purifiers.

Effective in Prevention of Disease: This product claims to inactivate 99% of the SARS-COV-2 virus within a few minutes of its capture.


  • Kills airborne pathogens
  • Prevents disease
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Eradicates pollutants and odors from the air
  • Affordable
  • 90-day guarantee


  • Not enough information available on the official website

=> Click here to visit the official website of SecureAir

#3. EnviroKlenz Air System Plus – Premier Home Air Cleaner For Clean Breathing


EnviroKlenz Air System Plus is a good air purifier with the same innovation as its predecessor EnviroKlenz Air System. The only difference is that the air purifier has UV-C bulbs that clean its internal system and offers germicidal irradiation. The components that make up EnviroKlenz are vital, and they didn’t add them just for the fun of it. Each has a critical role in the effective cleaning of your air.

EnviroKlenz air cartridge helps remove toxic and offensive odors, particles, pathogens, and chemicals. It uses military-grade Enviroklenz technology. Before this feature was added as a component of this purifier, it was independently tested and certified to remove about 99.9% of viruses (0.025 microns). It could also kill bacteria, both gram-positive and gram-negative. Additionally, the air purifier has a HEPA filter. This feature captures harmful microorganisms, particulates, and specks of dust.

Apart from the air cartridge and HEPA filter, the EnviroKlenz air system plus possesses a four-speed blower. The blower provides a quiet and complete airflow within the room. The low speeds are almost silent as they work, while the medium and high speeds settings ventilate and clean the room at a bearable noise level. Another feature is the UV-C lamps. These lamps are in twos, and they offer additional cleaning of the system’s internal space and irradiate germicides. Lastly, the indicator lights allow you to know when these UV-C lamps need replacement.


Earth Minerals Utilization: It is no news that anything natural has thus the power that can’t be imitated in manufactured products. EnviroKlenz recognized this fact, and for that reason, the company patented earth mineral technology. It used earth minerals to capture and kill harmful airborne viruses, bacteria, allergens, and particulates. Interestingly, this machine does not have toxic chemicals, fillers, or masking agents. As a result, it is 100% safe to use around your children, family, and pets.

3-Stage Filtration Process: The air cartridge first removes 99.9% of the harmful dust, airborne particles, chemicals, and pathogens. Next, the H13 HEPA catches dust, allergens, and particulates at an efficiency of 99.9%. Finally, the UV-C bulbs germicidal bulbs offer internal unit cleaning.

Over Two Decades of Operation: Over two decades ago, some research scientists developed EnviroKlenz. They used the same technology the US military used to combat dangerous industrial chemicals and toxic chemical warfare. As a result, you can be sure that this air purifier is the solution to reducing and eliminating your airborne problems.

Third-Party Tested: Scientists tested and used EnviroKlenz on various occasions. Fortunately, the results were all favorable and impressive. At first, the machine was tested on Coliphage phix174, and it was proven to remove the harmful particle at 99.9% in two hours. The device could also effectively remove Staphylococcus epidermis at 99.9% in about eight hours. Third, the Enviroklenz air purifying solution effectively removed Hydrogen sulfide at 99.9% in 4 hours. The molds and fungus were not left out as the air purifier successfully killed them at 99%.


  • The USA made
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 5-year warranty
  • Bacteria and Virus removal
  • Allergen trigger control
  • Trusted by top institutions
  • Impressive customer service
  • Fast and free shipping


  • Products cannot be shipped to some places

=> Click here to visit the official website of EnviroKlenz

#4. Alpine Air Purifiers – Customer-Proven System That Removes Indoor Air Pollution


EnviroQuest International is a top-notch company that developed the Alpine Air purifier. The company is committed to enlightening people on the dangers of contaminated indoor air and providing solutions to inhaling polluted air.

The company is a source of exceptional indoor air purification technology. Its aim is to give the users great air purifiers for healthy living because it understands the importance of breathing pollutant-free air. Over two decades of research, experience and hard work developed Alpine air purifiers. For this reason, the product is highly sought-after, despite its newness to the market.

You can get small stunning units of this air purifier for your home and office. Identically, there are large industrial units for business establishments. Not only is this air purifier designed for the benefit of all institutions regardless of the size, but it can also be purchased at a very reasonable price. Alpine is a technologically advanced air purifier that offers you more than your money’s worth. It is no wonder why Alpine is very effective and efficient as the developers’ mission is to improve people’s lives worldwide. This way, they can breathe clean air indoors and reduce the risk of battling asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions caused by polluted indoor air.

Most times, customers do not want to buy products that are difficult to repair once they get faulty. EnviroQuest International recognized this problem, and they provided a solution for you concerning faulty Alpine living air purifiers. There are lots of issues related to repairing these air purifiers. First, the repair cost is high due to the scarcity of parts. Second, the warranty period after repairs is just 3-6 months which depends on the unit problem(s).

As a result, the company came up with a solution that is a win-win situation for the customers and them. You can trade your old alpine air purifier at a significant cash discount for a brand new one. Instead of spending money on repairing or changing parts of your old air purifier, you can get a new one in exchange. With this program available, many people around the globe are all after this outstanding product.


3-in-1 Guarantee: You can purchase any Alpine air purifier without worrying about anything. The company takes all the risks. You can use their exceptional machine for a whole month without finalizing your purchase until you are 100% satisfied with the work. Once you are happy with how effective the machine works, you can keep it. However, if you are not pleased with the results within those 30 days, you can request a refund and return the air purifier. Additionally, for those who decide to keep the machine, you have a 3-year parts warranty covering it. Within the warranty period, you enjoy free repair of your appliance.

Special Bonuses and Discounts: The company offers exceptional and free bonuses. You can purchase one air purifier and save some money instantly. You enjoy a certain amount of discounts from Fresh Air LA-3500 V2.0 to the all-in-one alpine travel kit. Moreover, various alpine air products have spectacular functions, shapes, and sizes. The company offers a beautiful variety of products, and you just have to make your choice.

Very Effective: An alpine air purifier is a must-have in your home because of its effectiveness. Customers were asked in a separate survey of their experiences with the air purifier, and about 98% of the responses were positive. They testified that the machine could reduce dust, particulate matter, tobacco smoke, odors, mold, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mildew, and several other pollutants. This way, they were free from frequent migraines, insomnia, asthma, and other respiratory issues.


  • Fresh air in fifteen minutes
  • Affordable
  • 3-year parts and labor warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Shipping bonuses
  • Special free discounts
  • Customer satisfaction


  • Products are only available in the USA, Canada, LA, New York, Houston, and Philadelphia

=> Click here to visit the official website of Alpine Air Purifiers

How We Made The List Of Home Air Purifier:

When selecting air purifiers, it is vital to choose carefully and wisely. Some machines release ozone which irritates the lungs. We extensively researched the benefits and features of the brands on our list before we put them together.

What We Looked Out For

  • Size: Before selecting the air purifiers for our list, we watched out for their sizes. We came across brands that offer various sizes. Therefore, you need not bother about what will fit your home as there were those for small spaces like offices, dorm rooms, and kids’ rooms. Also, there are sizes that are appropriate for living areas like an enclosed living room or master bedroom. More are also for large halls like combined living and cooking spaces and those with cathedral ceilings. The sizes of these purifiers affected the prices. Generally, the larger the space it occupies, the more expensive the air purifier. While it is right to purchase small purifiers for small rooms, you can also go for bigger ones because you can run your machine at the speed you want.
  • Air Changes Per Hour: Categorizing air purifiers by their air changes per hour (ACH) helps overcome problems during rating. Many manufacturers offer square-footage ratings because it is easy for customers to take their room’s dimensions. This way, they can pick the right purifier. However, if you compare rooms of different ceiling heights, there might be a mistake. For this reason, ACH is the most effective as it gives room volume. Hence, a clear and accurate view of the machine’s capability.

Furthermore, during our testing, we decided that four ACH was the minimum for an air purifier to circulate clean air for each room size adequately. The maximum air volume determines our calculation for the four ACH minimum as the air purifier can move when increased to its highest setting. You can use such high settings in extreme pollution states. For instance, when there is smoke from a nearby fire accident, you can increase the purifier to the highest setting. However, most purifiers get too loud in this setting. Therefore, we choose brands that clean and offer little noise.

  • HEPA Certification: A true HEPA filter removes about 99.97% airborne particulates of 0.3-micron diameter in each sweep across the room. All the air purifiers we chose are HEPA certified and very effective in their work. In addition to HEPA filters, some air purifiers have ionizers. We did not disqualify such purifiers, nor did we particularly search for this feature. These ionizers impart the air molecules that pass through the machine with an electric charge. The air molecules then stick together to form larger particles that settle out of the air. While this is a good feature, it increases the purifiers’ power consumption.
  • Third-party Testing: We ensured that the picked brands had all undergone lab testing. This testing is to check the overall efficiency of the air purifiers. The third-party testing reports are always posted online, preferably on the company’s website. This way, people who want to purchase the products will check through the information online and know what they are getting into. Although there is a misconception that air purifiers do not need lab testing, it is imperative to ensure that air purifiers undergo a thorough test. During the tests, issues or glitches attached to the machine are discovered and tested.
  • Ozone: This is a big no for air purifiers. We dismissed all those that relied on ozone to purify the air supposedly. Ozone truly breaks down pollutants as it is highly reactive. However, it isn’t wise to use a pollutant to reduce pollutants. For this reason, we bypassed all purifiers that used ozone.

Buying Guide: Air Purifiers For Surface & Air Purification

We researched and mentioned the top brands offering the best air purifier. However, before making any purchase, you should know what to look for in your new product. While shopping for an air purifier, there are certain factors you should consider. Below are some of them:

  • Brand Reputation

The reputation of manufacturers matters a lot in purchasing products. To be sure of buying top-notch products, you can certify the brand’s reputation by checking through its website and going through the customer reviews. Most times, customers bear out their minds in the review section. They tell of their experience with the product and give tips for better outcomes. Brands with more positive reviews can be considered. In contrast, you should bypass brands with more negative customer reports.

  • Cost of replacement filters

It is a general rule to replace filters or clean the ones vacuumed every six months to a year for pleated filters. For activated carbon filter, it should be every three months. Most of the air purifiers on our list have an indicator light that shows when to change or clean the filter.

  • Certifications

There are specific labels or certifications that an excellent air purifier should have. One of the labels you may see is the AHAM verified seal. This indicates that the appliance has been tested and certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. Additionally, the CADR rating of an air purifier is critical. It shows the volume of filtered air an air purifier can produce at its highest speed setting. Machines with CADR of above 240 were rated excellent, while those with under 60 CADR were rated poor.

  • Room Size

Once an air purifier has AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) verified seal, the approximate room size on the package can be trusted. However, those with only claims from manufacturers might not be true. It would help if you also sized up your air purifier before purchasing. Some models suitable for large rooms work well at a lower speed.

  • Noise

Before purchasing your air purifier, ensure you can live well with it. You shouldn’t only be after how well it performs. Since air purifiers should be running at all times, they should be quiet enough not to cause distractions. You can check the package or website listing of an air purifier to get how many decibels it operates on. To minimize the noise of this machine, you can run it at high speed when you are out and at a low rate when you are at home. Identically, you can purchase one meant for a larger area to still work fine at low speed.

  • Warranty

If you want to buy an air purifier for long-term use, ensure you check the warranty to avoid unnecessary problems or issues in the future. Before you make the final purchase, have no choice but to discard or purchase a new one. For this reason, you must purchase products covered by a warranty.

FAQs About Air Purifier:

  1. Do air purifiers work?

Yes, air purifiers work. Air purifiers use filters to remove particles and then circulate the cleaned air back into the room to clean the air. This way, the indoor air quality is Improved, and you can breathe easily. Those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions should find air purifiers with (HEPA) High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters very helpful. This is because they remove fine particles from the air. Although not all cleaners are that efficient in removing these harmful particles, the ones on our list all meet and surpass the high bar of efficiency.

  1. Do air purifiers protect against COVID-19?

Air purifiers with HEPA filters capture particles of small sizes, down to the size of viruses like COVID-19. Most air purifiers manufacturers claim that their products remove over 99% of particles in the air, including viruses of 0.3 microns. However, the rate at which droplets containing Coronavirus are transmitted from person to person has not been explained in detail. For this reason, it is better to obey the laid down guidelines for COVID-19 protection. This entails getting vaccinated and wearing masks.

  1. Do air purifiers protect against smoke from wildfires?

Smoke contains microscopic particles that can cause several health issues ranging from itchy eyes to respiratory diseases. While people passing by are not entirely affected by the temporary smoke or bad air, those inside or enclosed are exposed to greater danger if the wildfire smoke comes in. Fortunately, HEPA filter-equipped purifiers filter out large particles that could cause concerns. The machine also filters out the offensive burning smell.

  1. Are air purifiers harmful to me?

Air purifiers do not serve as a cure-all for all air-related issues. Of course, these air purifiers are helpful, but they shouldn’t become your sole health security. Air purifiers should not keep you from vacuuming regularly or opening your window while frying to allow fumes to dissipate. Some air purifiers utilize ionizers to attract particles and make them larger. These cleaners are ending up produce ozone in the process. If you want to purchase an air purifier with ionizers, ensure it meets the CARB requirement (California Air Resources Board). For pest, use the best pest control available at affordable prices.

How do I maintain and operate an air purifier?

The exterior of these air purifiers requires minimal cleaning. However, the HEPA filters that trap the gaseous pollutants require regular cleaning. The filters should be cleaned or replaced every few months, whether made of fiber, paper, or mesh. Some filters can be reused, but they should be maintained meticulously.

To clean your indoor air effectively, you should run the machine every time you home. Although all the air purifiers on our list are certified UL-safe, you should be mindful of fire hazards, as they are also electrical devices. While using air purifiers, ensure that furniture, curtains, or objects do not obstruct the airflow to the machine.

Do air purifiers increase or decrease oxygen in the room?

No, air purifiers use fans to blow the air inside the room through the internal filter, trapping the airborne particles floating. However, the process does not affect, add or decrease the oxygen level in the room. It does not affect the original composition of air in the room.

Are air purifiers loud?

There is some model of this machine that is loud. Similarly, the loudness of a purifier depends on the operating speed of its fan. Once the toxic particles get removed from your air, the fan rotates slower and becomes quieter as it works.

Where should I put an air purifier?

It is best to put an air purifier in a room equal to or smaller than its actual rating. If an air purifier can clean the air effectively in a space smaller than or equal to180 square feet, you shouldn’t put it in a large living room. It would also help put it in the open, where the device would not be blocked from airflow. You should put it near the doorway or in vents for consistent airflow.

What are the best air purifiers for allergy and asthma sufferers?

Those who suffer allergy or asthma need proper air filtration in their homes. Why? It is effortless for triggers of these health conditions to find their way into your homes. Purifiers with HEPA filtration are the most effective for this type of person. The machines remove up to 99.97% of your air allergens of up to 0.3 microns.

What do CADR and ACH stand for?

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. This acronym indicates the air purifier’s volume of cleansed air given off. It has three measurements for pollen, dust particles, and tobacco smoke. You should note that the greater the CADR number, the faster the machine filters the air.

ACH stands for Air Changes Per Hour. This shows the frequency in which an air purifier purifies the air. If an air purifier has an ACH rating of 4, it means the machine filters your indoor air thoroughly four times per hour. We recommend air purifiers of five or six ACH to have maximum air filtering. However, it should be six or eight for people with asthma and allergies.

Concluding – Are Air Purifiers Worth The Money?

The best air purifiers are vital types of equipment that help to improve and clean the air around you and your family. Not only does it clean the air, but it also protects people with health issues from airborne pollutants that are trapped indoors. People who do not have any particular health problem have peace of mind that the air they breathe in is filtered and safe.

There are purifiers, but not all are exceptional. Markedly, you can trust all the brands on this list. They contain a HEPA filter that plays a significant role in cleansing air. There are certain features of air purifiers that determine the price. For example, the size of the purifiers. The larger the units, the greater the cost.

Do you know there are about five times more pollutants indoors than outdoors? This is due to the restriction inside a house or room. Notably, smart air purifier help reduce pollution, thereby allowing you to breathe easier. As mentioned earlier in the article, those with allergies use machines with HEPA filters. Particles in the air can cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks. With the help of air purifiers, the air becomes clean and safe.

With the several benefits of this product, families, hospitals, and institutions cherish it highly. As a result, many fake dealers are springing up here and there, seeking to dupe innocent people and make money. To avoid scams, you can choose one of the air purifiers on our list, and if not, you should follow the buying guide to purchase the portable air purifier.

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