Athletic Greens Review For Beginners: Does It Really Work Or Just Another Sales Trick?

Nikhil Goswami

Many people find supplements fascinating, especially when they want to lose weight or achieve overall wellness. You must have come across tens of green superfood powders in your quest to buy a potent supplement. When people talk about vitamins and minerals, many people don’t feel excited because they believe they consume these substances in different forms. However, people get intrigued when we start talking about organic wheatgrass juice powder or organic chlorella powder.

Have you heard about Athletic Greens? While dietitians enlighten us about the convenient daily nutrition regarding green vegetables and fruits, only a few people religiously consume them. Not saying that many of us don’t use them, but how many of us eat baby tomatoes and spinach with white fish daily? On the other hand, we know that this eating habit does not happen as some influencers have made it look easier.

What do we know about Athletic Greens? The product comes as nutrient-dense greens powders that help the body take in the most relevant vitamins and minerals without difficulty. However, we have many other greens powders that can offer such nutritional benefits.

Athletic Greens includes adaptogens, probiotics, and other superfoods that make the supplement effective in its functionality. The brand created its supplement to help people take charge of their health. In addition, the brand has been endorsed by medical experts and professional athletes, which has given it a strong online reputation.

The Athletic Greens health benefits have made this supplement one of the most sought-after online. While the brand manufactures other supplements, Athletic Greens have taken center stage in its production.

The supplement comes as an easily digestible green power for athletes and non-athletes who desire a convenient way of consuming the whole-food sourced nutrients. Additionally, Athletic Greens contains 75 ingredients, which makes it a complete supplement. It has a relevant vitamin and mineral blend, raw superfood complex, antioxidants, herbs, dairy-free probiotics, alkaline, and super mushroom complex.

Since the introduction of this supplement to consumers worldwide, many people have searched for its benefits. This Athletic Greens review will discuss these benefits, who should use them, and their pros and cons.

Who is Athletic Greens Suitable For?

People want to use the latest superfoods and supplements to improve their health. As a result, we have many brands competing for your attention with their supplements. While reputable brands choose who should use their supplements, others allow everyone to consume their products.

Athletic Greens claims to be a nutrient-dense raw superfood suitable for any dietary requirements. It also promises to offer you the right daily nutritional support for your lifestyle. For example, reading some of the comments on the Athletic Greens review shows you that the supplement can boost the immune system, aid digestion, increase energy, alkalize the body, and improve gut health.

The brand claims they optimized Athletic Greens for sports people, but anyone can consume it. The product is NSF Certified for sports, which makes it effective for people who want to lose fat and gain lean muscles. The supplement is compatible with keto, paleo, and vegan diets.

Furthermore, it comes with dairy-free probiotics and is gluten-free without added sugar. Every consumer enjoys its comprehensive nutritional value, while its core ingredient, AG1, possesses the nutritional value the body needs. Each serving you consume contains at least 8 grams of alkaline nutrient-dense raw green powder. Thus, your body can easily absorb these nutrients without difficulty.

Athletic Greens offers anyone who wants a potent supplement with a powerhouse formulation a fantastic option. However, some users may suffer from side effects like digestive issues, nausea, diarrhea, and bloating. Research on this supplement has shown that some Athletic Greens ingredients may cause adverse side effects. For example, its organic spirulina can cause blood-thinning, while rhodiola may result in dry mouth or dizziness. In addition, astragalus can affect people using immunosuppressant drugs.

Therefore, you must read this supplement’s label before using it. Its AG1 contains soy-derived ingredients that can cause potential allergens. On the other hand, it has no synthetic chemicals, yeast, added salt, dextrose, sucrose, lactose, nuts, wheat, corn, or MSG chemicals.

The product comes in a green power form and tastes great when mixed. People who weigh more than 200 pounds or are highly active can take up to two servings (12 grams) to support their body’s needs. Finally, the product ensures that you receive nutrients from whole foods.

Athletic Greens: Brand Overview

Chris Ashenden started his company called the Athletic Greens with the mission to support gut health and digestive issues. He was suffering from these ailments and wanted a natural means of curing them without pressuring the body with synthetic products.

Before Ashenden started his company, he tried using other products available, but he didn’t enjoy the results. He used New Zealand as his headquarters and ensured every product passed through TGA, NSF, and GMP-registered facilities. Ashenden wanted people to have control over what happens to their health.

Since Athletic Greens launched its superfood supplement in 2010, it has grown to become one of the best on the market. Its solid reputation has attracted the interest of professional athletes and health gurus, who have always recommended the supplement to consumers due to its nutritional health benefits.

Ashenden formulated the supplement as a green powder. People who have read health content online can easily come across this supplement. Many health influencers have spoken highly of this supplement, especially because of its body’s natural detoxification process. Who wouldn’t want to have a natural detoxification with a supplement? In summary, Athletics Greens offers you complete nutritional insurance.

Ashenden understood that we have many greens powders on the market with similar functionalities, he offered his product in single-serve pouches and bags of 30 servings. Therefore, it makes it more preferred than other greens powders. The product has a well-detailed nutritional label that helps you understand what to gain when you consume it.

In addition, the brand exhibits a higher level of transparency in what its product can do and its side effects than most competitors. The digestive enzymes work better when you consume this supplement first thing in the day. You can consider eating after consuming this supplement.

Athletic Greens Pros and Cons

Despite what brands tell us about their products, organic products often cause side effects. We checked online reviews and discovered that the supplement might not come innocently as we once believed. However, these temporary side effects stop after a short time. We have listed the pros and cons of this supplement.


  • NSF Certified for Sport
  • Packaged as travel packets and pouch
  • Suits any dietary lifestyle
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Powerful organic ingredients
  • Free of allergens
  • Available on Amazon and the brand website


  • Expensive
  • Autoship program enrollment
  • May cause side effects
  • No scientific proof

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How Do Athletic Greens Work?

Whether you are a business executive, student, athlete, stay-at-home mum, or astronaut, you will always find reasons why you need supplements. Dietary supplement awareness has increased over the years because of junk availability and reduced time to prepare good meals at home. Also, most developing countries struggle to feed their citizens, which has created a huge rift in balancing diets. Moreover, people who have the opportunity to eat good meals may still lack some of the nutritional health benefits.

Today, you can meet a registered dietitian, and they may advise you not to replace green vegetables. If you cannot always buy fresh vegetables, consider using Athletic Greens. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have found it scary to use in-person therapy or gyms. With food shortages in most parts of the world, many people who want to achieve optimal health purchase Athletic Greens. Since greens powder can easily get absorbed by the digestive tract, introducing people to these products has become less stressful.

For instance, burdock root powder, bilberry fruit extract, organic apple powder, and organic barley leaf powder are rich in vitamin C and A, which fight free radicals and reduce inflammation. We have benefits of Athletic Greens, but before we talk about them, we should introduce you to how this product works.

How to Use Athletic Greens

The company recommends that you mix 8 ounces of water with a scoop of the supplement. If you want an effective result after consumption, use it on an empty stomach and take your breakfast later. Meanwhile, some people prefer to use smoothies, milk, or juice to mix the raw superfood complex.

However, you must not use highly acidic or hot liquids to mix the dense raw superfood complex. Such a mixture affects the efficiency and integrity of Athletic Greens ingredients. While the brand recommends consuming at least one scoop daily, you can take at least two servings if you want some significant life stressors to reduce. When you open the package, you must refrigerate the green powder and finish it within 90 days.

The Proprietary Blends

Athletic Greens’ proprietary blends contain natural ingredients; however, the supplement does not qualify entirely as an organic product. The brand formulated the product with non-organic and high-quality organic ingredients. Currently, we don’t have clinical studies on this supplement, but some studies have shown that nutrient-dense natural extracts from vegetable powders and green juices positively affect health.

Moreover, consuming greens powder for weeks can improve your cholesterol level, while chronic illnesses are reduced because of its antioxidant potential. Many consumers claim that Athletic Greens have improved their mental clarity, energy, and gut health and maintain healthier nails, hair, and skin.

Athletic Greens Ingredients

To help you understand how the supplement works, you should look at the Athletic Greens ingredients and their benefits. The supplement contains 21 vitamins and minerals you can consume in one serving. In addition, it contains vitamin C, E, zinc, and other nutrients. Some of the ingredients in the greens powders include alkaline pea protein isolate, organic spirulina, wheatgrass, inulin, milk thistle seed extract, green tea extract, ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea, and broccoli flower. A registered dietitian can recommend spirulina because of its functionality in the body.

The supplement’s super mushroom complex offers you plant-based antioxidants equivalent to twelve servings of vegetables and fruits consumed daily. Among the ingredients, organic spirulina has been shown to act with antiallergic, antiviral, and anticancer effects.

The dairy-free probiotics improve a healthy immune system with the support of Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus. Some plant antioxidants and extracts like cocoa bean polyphenol extract and green tea leaf extract have proven to reduce anxiety and stress. The supplement contains vitamin K2, which improves cardiovascular health and bone.

Finally, the supplement contains super mushroom complex like shiitake mushroom powder, reishi mushroom powder, and astragalus root extract. These ingredients ensure consumers experience stress reduction, a healthy immune system, and better sleep patterns.

Benefits of Using Athletic Greens 

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified for Sport verifies the use of AG1 because it does not contain banned substances by athletic organizations. You can find the seal on its products, which shows that an independent lab tested and verified the label claims and ingredients on the supplement.

Athletic Greens powders help improve optimal nutrition, including consumers’ wellness in four areas: gut health, immunity, energy, and neural and brain function. When you take one scoop of AG1 (12 grams), you enjoy 2 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, 50 calories, 6 grams of carbs, and vitamins C, D, and other minerals. We have listed some of the benefits of using Athletic Greens.

  • Ingredients Benefits

The green tea extract benefits the liver, heart, and brain health. In addition, many researchers claim green tea extract can reduce weight loss in long-term consumption. The ashwagandha root extract, when safely used, can reduce stress in the consumer, while slippery elm bark powder can improve healthy cholesterol and aid weight loss.

Further, alkaline pea protein isolate can increase protein synthesis in the body. Green powers have these ingredients, which make the product a superfood supplement. Organic alfalfa powder can slow glucose absorption and control prediabetes and diabetes conditions. Therefore, people who cannot get their hands on citrus bioflavonoids extract or green powders use organic alfalfa powder. Citrus bioflavonoids extract buffers against oxidative stress and modulate consumers’ metabolism.

Finally, the brand carefully selected these ingredients to produce the most potent superfood supplement. However, if you cannot afford this product, you can consider using some alternatives on the market.

  • Exercise Recovery

With this supplement, you can enjoy a fast exercise recovery by reducing inflammation. In addition, it contains ingredients that can reduce inflammation, swelling, and redness and fight oxidative stress. Its nutrient-dense greens powders provide an optimal performance after a workout.

AG1 contains a high amount of zinc and vitamin C that can help you benefit from a quick workout recovery. Further, it has minerals required for improved energy levels. For example, vitamin B ensures the cellular level enjoys increased energy metabolism. Also, dense natural extracts contain an ingredient, ashwagandha, that can improve energy levels.

  • Aids Digestion

The supplement contains digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and other ingredients that promote digestive health. Taking Athletic Greens on an empty stomach helps the digestive enzymes to work on inflammation in the gut. Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum come from dairy-free sources, suppressing the pathogens in the stomach. As a result, good bacteria have a healthy environment in the body. In healthy infants, you can find Bifidobacterium bifidum in large quantities, which improves their overall health.

However, you may suffer some potential side effects from probiotics, like the disruption of gut health. You can reduce bloating by drinking water and consuming fiber-rich meals.

  • Boosts Immunity

Greens powders like reishi mushroom powder and shiitake mushroom powder improve the immune system. Further, they reduce inflammation in the body. Athletic Greens contain nutrients and other minerals required for energy production and proper metabolism. When you use the supplement, you experience improved energy level, focus, and nutrient absorption.

Many consumers want supplements that can keep them healthier and help them achieve their lifestyle needs. For example, sports people want supplements that can improve their immunity without dangerous or banned substances. AG1 stands out regarding organic and potent ingredients.

  • Improves Liver Function

Athletic Greens contain several ingredients that can reduce tissue inflammations in the liver, including protecting the body against fatty liver problems. AG1 contains organic chlorella powder with provitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc, including astragalus.

The ingredients help in maintaining a healthy immunity against diseases. In addition, its antioxidant property helps the brain, liver, intestine, and kidney. AG1 maintains a hormonal balance and ensures that the body does not suffer any inflammatory-related ailment. The organic chlorella powder lowers blood fats in the liver and reduces liver disease.

  • Aids Nervous System

The supplement aids the nervous system by offering consumers the nutrients required for adaptogens or neurotransmitters to improve cognitive function. Also, it contains antioxidants that can reduce brain inflammation.

Greens powders have rosehip responsible for antioxidant activities in the body. In addition, it contains a high amount of vitamin C, polyphenols, and carotenoids that reduce weight loss and protect the central nervous system. When you use Athletic Greens, your nervous system’s neurotransmitters absorb the essential nutrients for cognitive function. Also, it can reduce inflammation.

  • Supports Hormone Function

People who use this product experience better hormone functionality. For instance, it can balance stress and reproductive hormones. You can use this supplement to correct your hormonal imbalance, especially if you have spoken with your health expert.

Who Should Refrain From Athletic Greens? 

Is drinking Athletic Greens worth it? You can find many articles online on slippery elm bark powder, carrot root powder, ginger rhizome powder, licorice root powder, or organic spirulina. While many websites claim that greens powder is for everyone, you must talk to a medical professional if you have an underlying medical issue. The brand did not create the supplement for people under 18 and did not recommend breastfeeding or pregnant women to take it. Before these people start taking Athletic Greens, they should talk to a medical professional.

We must tell you that Greens powders contain a high level of vitamin K that can cause problems for people with blood clotting challenges. Also, you should be careful if you use blood thinner medications because the supplement has no information about vitamin k on its product. Although we need vitamins and minerals for different purposes, some can work against certain medications. As a result, if you use any medication, including vitamin D, you should consult with a doctor. For example, the supplement contains some nutrients that contain more than the recommended daily value.

We have a few things you should know when drinking Athletic Greens. Firstly, the brand stated that some consumers might experience disruption of digestive health. However, the experience does not last long for the person, which is why the brand wants you to stick to the recommended dose.

Secondly, Athletic Greens have side effects associated with their ingredients. While some users may experience fatigue, constipation, bloating, and bowel movement changes, we have listed some other adverse effects. Spirulina may cause difficulty in concentration, nausea, sweating, and headache. Some consumers may experience upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea associated with ashwagandha. Then, Rhodiola rosea can cause headaches and irritability.

Meanwhile, we don’t have any clinical report that has supported the numerous claims of Athletic Greens. We mentioned that green juices and vegetable powders have health benefits because of their nutritional support.

Tips to Start Taking Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a nutritional drink anyone can use to improve their health. Many Athletic Greens reviews recommend that you mix your supplement with cold water. Athletic Greens taste better when you use cold water or juice, especially for people with a sweet tooth.

We recommend consuming this supplement on an empty stomach for effective absorption at least 15 minutes before eating your first meal. When you mix the greens powder with 8 to 10 ounces of cold water, you must shake the bottle before consuming it.

You must store the supplement in a refrigerator and consume it within nine months. Before taking Athletic Greens, you should evaluate the brand reputation, price, quality, and effectiveness.

  • Quality 

You must consider the quality of the dietary supplement before you consume them. Also, the Athletic Greens worth depends on its quality and its ingredients. We have listed some benefits you enjoy when you take this product. The product has several micronutrients that make it very effective.

You don’t have to worry about its quality because it uses organic plant-based components with no artificial sweeteners, added sugar, or artificial colors. Unlike many competing green powders, this supplement has a third-party testing report and seal to prove some claims.

  • Effectiveness 

You can read consumer reviews online if you have doubts about the product’s effectiveness. The first-hand information you receive from consumers can help you double-check the advertised claims. Moreover, AG1 works effectively in supporting exercise recovery and immunity, reducing inflammation, and improving digestion. Athletic Greens can work on different people and support their body functions because it works gently on the digestive system.

Athletic Greens product works highly effective on the body because of their ingredients and careful formulation. Thus, you don’t suffer from acid reflux because the body digests it easily. This does not mean that some consumers may not suffer adverse side effects. You can enjoy improved energy levels, good digestion health, brain function, natural detoxification, and a balanced blood sugar level.

  • Product Price 

You must know that Athletic Greens does not come cheap and costs more than other green powders on the market. However, we recommend that you should shop for the Athletic Greens website. When you shop on the website, you enjoy subscription and discount offers.

Meanwhile, you may spend more depending on your location or other factors. Though AG1 is a superfood that works effectively, you must consider your budget before using the product. You can check the product’s alternative if you want an affordable dietary supplement.

  • Brand Reputation 

To buy a product, you should consider the brand’s reputation. The quality and safety of what you consume depend majorly on reputation. Since we have spoken about quality, you must not ignore the brand. Also, AG1 has good customer retention, positive reviews online, and a quality product.

The brand has been here for over a decade, meaning it has more to lose if it does not meet the consumers’ needs. Also, the competition is keen, and every reputable brand wants to impress its consumers.

  • Dose

While Athletic Greens taste great, you should not take more scoops than necessary. You can read the amount you need for a day on the label. Beginners must not consume more than one scoop, but it can increase if they don’t suffer any side effects. However, you must talk to your doctor if you have an underlying health ailment. Some ingredients may not work well in your system. As a result, only use the stated dose on the label.

Where To Get Athletic Greens and Guarantees?

If you want to buy Athletic Greens, you should consider using the official website. The products used to be sold on Amazon; however, you may not find the product on that platform again. Consumers may buy travel-sized pouches or use the monthly subscription for supplement needs. Meanwhile, the products come expensive, and if you want to buy this supplement, you can consider waiting for discounts and promotional offers.

We recommend you consider using the one-month subscription to help you decide if you want to continue with the product or change other greens powders. If you don’t like AG1, you may return the product.

You have a 90-day money-back guarantee if you buy from the Athletic Greens website. Consumers who are unsatisfied with the product can talk to Customer Happiness within these 90 days. However, it must happen on the first order to begin the process of refund, which happens within seven working days.

Conclusion: Is Athletic Green Really Worth Buying? 

With the number of dietary products on the market, you may want to try different options because of their numerous health benefits. We don’t recommend that you buy products that lack safety measures. The Athletic Greens powder offers consumers a solid blend of superfoods and antioxidants. Furthermore, Athletic Greens’s safety measures include using organic ingredients that you may want to try. On the other hand, the brand has some unverified claims, like offering consumers convenient daily nutrition.

You must know that taking one scoop of milk thistle seed extract, spinach leaf powder, or AG1 may not offer you the necessary nutrients that the body requires to maintain optimal health. If you want an affordable dietary supplement, you may not buy this product. Thus, it has some selective consumers who have become loyal to the brand because of AG1’s numerous health benefits.

However, if you can afford this product, you would have a good source of adaptogens, minerals, and vitamins. Athletic Greens taste good because you can mix them with the juice of your choice. Regarding enough information on its ingredients, the brand may not impress you because of the sketchy data on these ingredient quantities.

Like many dietary supplements, AG1 can interact with some medications. As a result, you should talk to your doctor and a registered dietitian to help you decide if you need the product. AG1 does not work like a magic potion and requires patience before you enjoy its full benefits. It might help to include it in your diet and exercise if you want a fast result. We believe that Athletic Greens is worth its hype online. The NSF seal can justify its costly nature, while its plant-based ingredients can give you more reasons to consume it.

Despite the product’s great offerings, many sports people try AG1’s one-month subscription to understand how the product works before they can continue. You may be tempted to use this product with the number of consumer endorsements, health experts, and professional athletes. Finally, if you don’t like AG1, you can return it for a refund.

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