Apartments for No Credit Check 2024- Where to Get Them & Best Deals

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For people shopping for an apartment with no credit check, the importance of having good credit history has been drilled into their heads. 

It is no secret that searching for an apartment for rent with no credit check can be downright draining. 

But did you know that 42% of Gen Z people don’t know their credit score? As the old saying goes, knowledge is half the battle. 

Thankfully, we’re here to help you. Apartments with no credit check are out there, and we will tell you where to find them. 


Keep on reading to learn more about apartments for no credit checks.

Why Do Landlords Typically Require A Credit Check to Rent an Apartment?

If you’re in a hurry: They get a credit check to determine if the applicant can pay the rent on time every month. Simple as that!

However, there’s more to the story than you might think. For example, what shows up on an apartment credit check? It’s critical if you’re shopping for an apartment with no credit check

Apartments with no credit check look at a renter’s credit history and check out their credit card balances and bank records. The credit check apartment also displays any outstanding payments and loans.

The purpose behind obtaining this credit check is simple: the higher the credit score, the more likely you are to pay the rent at the scheduled time.

When you go to apply for an apartment with no credit check, here’s what you can expect to be asked about: 


  • Your full legal name
  • Past and current employers
  • They’ll usually ask for the last two years for former and current addresses. 
  • Social Security number

Many folks are curious about the minimum credit score needed, which drives the need for apartments with no credit check.

The average score for a renter in the USA was 638. The credit scores you’ll require will depend on where you currently reside and the individual landlord’s policies.

FICO indicates that having a score of 650 or higher is ideal for renting an apartment.

Now, let’s talk about hard and soft pulls in apartments with no credit check. 

A soft pull will not bring your low credit score. You typically do a soft pull when checking out your low credit score, getting pre-approved for a credit card, or when an employer runs a background check.

Meanwhile, a hard pull will affect your poor credit score. Does it occur when you apply for a credit card, submit rental apps, sign up for a new phone contract, or get an auto loan?

How to Get An Apartment With Little or No Credit Score?

Try to Get An Apartment From An Individual- But Watch For Scams

Many management firms and big-city complexes will ask you to submit a credit check. Thankfully, some independent owners permit renting without establishing credit history. 

Mostly, such landlords will ask you to demonstrate proof of income stability. Ensure you rent apartments that fit your limit, even when approved for something more upscale or larger. 

Be mindful of ads saying “no credit is checked”  that seem way too convenient. Rental scams are common, says the Federal Trade Commission. 

Here are some signals that your listing may be a giant scam:


  • The landlord or owner demands a first month’s rent payment or security deposit even before you can see the dwelling or sign a lease. 
  • The rental owner indicates they’re traveling overseas but have an employee working for them to get you into the apartment. Never send funds overseas; be wary if you can’t view the unit before signing. 
  • The payment method is a wire transfer. Wire transfers are equivalent to cash, and there’s no recourse to get those funds returned.

Say You’ll Move In Immediately

If an apartment is empty, it’s not ideal for owners. They must cover the utilities and foot the mortgage on the place minus rent reimbursement.

Thanks to this, you could potentially score a unit without much credit history and move in immediately to an apartment with no credit check.

You should also check move-in specials when looking for an apartment for rent with no credit check. 

Move-in specials for apartments with no credit check attract renters’ attention and get applicants to sign up.

You can check for deals on apartments with no credit check that offer a first month rent-free, offer no or low-security deposits, or show other “free” offerings like water or cable. 

Just remember that landlords are humans as well- they need to make money and you need a place to live.

Contact the landlord and make a deal if you’ve seen an apartment vacant.

Demonstrate You’ve Got Savings or an Income

Not having established credit can give a landlord the wrong idea. They might think you’re irresponsible.

However, you can still get approved. You’ll need to demonstrate that your paycheck is constant and can pay the rent on an apartment without a credit check.

The idea is to limit rental expenses on your apartment with no credit check to lesser than a third of your after-tax pay.

So, if you make $3500, look for apartments that cost about $1100 or less. Remember, average rent rates continuously increase, so if one must deviate from the guidepost, we get it. However, it’s an apartment with no credit check, which you can genuinely afford, we recommend.

Consider getting a letter from your bank that shows your savings, if you have any. The idea is to prove you can cover many months of rent payments with those funds.

Pay A Few Months’ Rent Upfront As A Security Deposit

Building off our last point of showing your savings, you can also take the “put your money where your mouth is” approach to getting an apartment for no credit check. Offer to pay the first few months of rent to demonstrate your commitment.

Showing up to the office with the cash in hand can be a game-changer if you wish to get an apartment with no credit check. When you pay two to three months ahead of time, you mitigate the fear of you not paying.

This is a fantastic approach to getting a quality apartment for rent with no credit check. Just ensure that your efforts are documented from start to finish, and everything is in writing so you’ll receive your deposit back once your lease term has ended.

Get References And Provide Them

Reference letters go a long way when an apartment with no credit check. You can obtain reference letters that provide insight into your character from teachers, employers, professors, or other leaders such as your pastor or volunteer committee leader.

These references are a great way to demonstrate your good qualities as a renter and could help you get into an apartment with no credit check. They are a great way to showcase your honesty and hard work and to show you are somebody who isn’t going to stiff the landlord on their monthly rent.

If you lived with a family member and paid rent to them or lived in another apartment elsewhere, get a reference letter from those people. They can vouch for your ability to repay the rent and keep the place in good condition.

Volunteer To Go One Month At A Time

Doing a shorter lease term helps the landlord know they don’t have to renew you longer if you aren’t making timely rent payments. You know you’ll be on time with the rent every time, but starting with a shorter lease term can prove you’ll demonstrate timeliness and punctuality when paying the rent. 

You may be wondering what a month-to-month lease is regarding apartments for rent with no credit check.

It’s easy to understand—it is merely a rental contract that lasts 30 days. Most lease agreements regarding no-credit-check apartments are yearly and may come with an automatic renewal unless the landlord or tenant offers notice of non-renewal.

Many month-to-month agreements require the landlord and renter to post a 30-day notice, which varies based on local laws.

Month-to-month rental agreements are applicable in several scenarios. Some long-term leases provide a month-to-month option once the original has been satisfied. Such an option is helpful when tenants agree to sign up for a new lease but do not plan to.

Enlist A Roommate Or Co-Signer With High Credit

If you cannot get an apartment with no credit check using the above methods, seek help from close family members or friends with excellent credit. You can ask them to be your co-signer.

This approach is good but can be tricky. 

You don’t want to ruin the relationship with this person just for an apartment with no credit check.

The individual who helps you out will be responsible for your monthly rent if you don’t pay it on time.

You might also find a roommate who can help you out. If your flatmate has excellent credit, your chances of scoring the apartment will exponentially increase.


This approach is the most difficult of them all. Getting turned down for apartments with no credit check is hard, but ruining a relationship with a friend or family is worse. Do all you can to keep your promise to pay the rent payment on time every month.

Fill Out An Application For A Secured Credit Card

These card types tell users to deposit cash once they’ve opened their accounts. The deposit matches the limit of the card. If you were to put down $300, that is your credit limit because it fits.

The finest secured credit card permit users to upgrade their account to an unsecured charge card that won’t ask for a deposit. Make sure you research these cards thoroughly before you apply. 

Unsecured cards are what most folks think of when they say “credit cards.” Unsecured just means you don’t need to put down a deposit to get approved. 

Secured credit cards work just the same as unsecured cards. You can use that card to make in-store or online purchases. You will get a statement once the billing cycle has ended.

You will also get charged interest on your purchases if you fail to repay the balance at the end of every month. 

Unsecured cards are better; you might apply for one as your score improves. The interest rates and fees are lower for unsecured cards, and their credit limits are higher. 

A higher credit limit is better for your credit utilization ratio, and such cards often have points and other rewards you can earn.

This is an approach that will require you to tread carefully. You won’t want to use the card; it is just a way to reduce credit utilization, increase your score, and generally provide benefits from the high credit availability.


You are essentially becoming an authorized user on the credit card. You get added to the account via the primary account owner. Anyone can be added as an authorized signer as long as they meet all age requirements.

For instance, the primary user might add their college student loans to the account so they can use the card to pay for books or food while at school.


Check with who owns the card to verify that a fee won’t be assessed. Some cards may issue a fee for adding an authorized user. If that is the case, offer to cover the fee since the cardholder is helping you out.

This type of credit builder loan is one you get from a bank or credit union. It holds onto your total amount, and you repay it over time. When the loan has been repaid in full, you’ll get that lump sum.

That loan will help you establish on-time bills and accumulate the money you can put toward a savings goal or emergency fund.

You may see them called “fresh start loans” at some banks. They are usually carried by smaller financial outfits such as community-based banks or credit unions.

Keeping up with payments on these loans is important as it demonstrates your ability to handle on-time payments easily.

You cannot access these funds until you’ve completely repaid your loan, which is indicative to the credit bureaus that you can make payments on time. 

It’s also a backup plan for the lender servicing your loan, who is taking a vast risk if you lack experience with lending products or credit. 

Rent reporting companies can help you obtain credit reports reflecting your rental payments. Consider the tool Experian Boost, which lets your utility and rent payments count toward boosting your credit score.

The idea is to ensure all payments are made on time so you can get the credit you deserve and increase your score.

Knowing how this works is like understanding what a tradeline is. A tradeline is a word that credit reporting companies employ to learn about each account that appears on your credit report.

Information from every tradeline, like available credit and payment history, is used to determine your credit score.

Creditors like utility companies, landlords, and credit card companies aren’t required to report payments to the major bureaus. Many small business lenders and lenders might not do this because it costs them a fee.

Yet, if you are late, some landlords and companies will still report them. If a collection agency picks up your rent debt or utility funds, it will likely appear on your credit score.

Start Monitoring Your Credit Score

Companies can help you begin monitoring your credit score for free. Consider Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. They can help you with credit monitoring at no charge.

When you sign up for an account there, you can stay on top of your score. An updated report about your score is sent to you every 30 days.

You can also get alerts when changes to your account take place. You can learn about suspicious activities on your account, for example.

Experian can also help you get credit for your utility and phone bills. Experian Boost is the premier service for people wanting apartments with no credit check.

Credit monitoring works by watching your daily credit activity and checking for any changes you might connect to fraudulent activities.

It will send you alerts if there is a suspicious action or change in your credit. That way, staying on top of your financial and personal data is simple.

Credit monitoring is essential because you can learn where inaccuracies in your credit report lie, which might result from stolen identity. It could negatively impact your score as a result.

Impacts on your credit may cause higher loan interest rates or outright loan rejection. Watching the changes in your credit report could grant you the time needed to fix any issues when searching for an apartment with no credit check.

You can check on your credit once a year by going to Experian will check the report for you daily, and you can get alerted to any changes.

Monitoring your report for identity theft is also possible. You can learn about inquiries from lenders you never applied to, accounts you don’t recall opening, and other fraudulent red flags. You can easily learn what steps to take to fix it.

Credit monitoring will not hurt your credit score either. It will not cause a hard inquiry to affect your score. And when you gain access to your report, it is called a “soft inquiry,” which will not reduce your credit rating because it isn’t part of the scoring rubric.

FAQs- About Apartments For No Credit Check

A score that is less than 620 can make renting very hard. If that sounds like you, take steps to increase your credit score. 

You can start by renting from an individual landlord (with the promise to pay the first three months, plus presenting them a few reference letters) and use “starting over loans” to help rebuild your credit.

Most renters seeking apartments with no credit check have at least a 670 score. You can find an apartment with many scores, but the best renters have at least a 670 score. It is markedly easier at that level to get an apartment as it demonstrates financial responsibility. 

Your age does not play a role in your credit score. The ages of your accounts matter, however. The older the account holder, the older the accounts are and the higher their credit rating.

It’s thanks to the lengthy payment history of these accounts. Usually, as adults reach retirement age, their debt lessens, which increases credit ratings.

You can ask a friend or family member to allow you to move in. Remember, this is not a freeloading operation.

You will create and sign a contract that tells your family member or friend you will pay rent each month. You will clean up after yourself and help as needed- mowing the lawn, purchasing household supplies, buying pizza for everybody once a month, etc.

You can determine your Public Service Loan Forgiveness eligibility by clicking this link. It will take you to the website to learn more.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness is for public servants such as sanitation workers, public school teachers, police officers, state hospital employees, and so on.

Having no credit is better than bad credit, but both can prevent you from reaching various opportunities.

Folks with no credit history may have trouble getting quality credit cards. Meanwhile, folks with bad credit have a difficult time getting apartments, hence their search for no-credit check apartments/apartments for rent, no credit check.

Conclusion- Can You Get An Apartment With A Credit Score Of 500?

Apartments for no credit check are not hard to find. It just takes a bit of creativity, a little ingenuity, and hard work. You can find a no-credit-check apartment, it will take time.

Apartments with no credit checks are everywhere. You’ll just need to know where to look first. Apartments for rent with no credit check are a great way to find a place to live, work, and play.

Locating the best apartment for you will be a matter of doing a little work. Ask for reference letters from people at your job, school, or volunteer/religious organizations. Ask for letters from folks you’ve previously rented from.

Demonstrate your ability to pay by offering the first three months upfront or by verifying your savings account via a letter from your bank. The conventional way to rent does involve a credit check, but a landlord wants to make money above all else. Good luck!

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